Prepared By:  Darpan Singh Saini  Gunjan Gupta  Harmandeep Singh  Harshit Garg  Inderdeep Singh  Jhankaar Aggarwal

expected to attain 5th place in next 10 years Aviation sector in India handles about 2.Industry Overview    India is the ninth largest civil aviation market in the world.000 aircraft.200 airports and deploying 27.5 billion passengers across the world in a year Moves 45 million tonnes (MT) of cargo through 920 airlines. using 4. .

63 million passengers during the corresponding period of previous year  Revenue on the domestic network increased by 33 per cent during April-August 2012 period as compared to the same period last year. presenting an increase of Rs 531 crore  The passenger traffic has grown at the rate of 17-18 per cent in the last few years  Fleet of the commercial airlines is expected to touch approximately 1. as against 39.82 million passengers during January-August 2012.Market Size  The domestic airlines carried 39.000 aircraft in 2020 .

which continued to earn profit.The Darker Picture Except the low-cost airline Indigo. all the other airline players faced tough times .

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