Character Profiles

Protagonist – Lucas Caine
Lucas Caine is a character of many mysteries but isn’t the most powerful protagonist of all time. Lucas mentally is a very weak protagonist who is half hearted about his actions in the opening sequence. The facial expressions displayed by Lucas convey his emotions of being scared and unsure of his actions. Common protagonists are known to be careless and heartless with confidence in their actions. Lucas Caine’s appearance doesn’t give too much away about his actions which is an advantage to be sly and secretive.

Unknown Character (Masked)
This masked, unknown antagonist is very difficult to speak for as we only see him in a section of the opening sequence. His has is covered with a tight plastic back but we are able to see his black skin through his ruff white shirt. His actions show that he is very scared and not weary of his surroundings as he has many attempts to move and escape of the chair. The innocence of this character highlights the protagonist’s character. I am not able to say much about this character as he has no dialogue or general facial appearance in the scenes he is part of.

Antagonist – Unknown Character
This unknown character, who enters the end of the scene with a Mercedes Luxury car is a trained killer agent. His presence on arrival to the scene caused deep tension which built a suffocating atmosphere with suspense. At this point the editor changes the music to a more “Grimey” sound in the car which connotes roughness and possible danger. Only half of his face is shown which also causes suspense in which drags the audience in.

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