Project Proposal for activity based German learning




Target Group VI- X


Reading Club

Reading the available additional German short novels, newspaper etc followed by Group discussions, Book reviews and presentations on the same

Students will gain interest in German, extra knowledge and confidence

ResourceVI, VIIReader books by Felix and Theo level I VIII, IXReader books by Felix and Theo level II X– Reader Books by Felix and Theo level III, German Magazine- Deutsch Perfekt

Visual aidslearning with help of seeing videos, short movies etc

Videos from You tube, short movies and short videos will be shown to students followed by discussions, activities like enactments etc based on same

Oral activities

Activities such as enactments, Role plays, Dialogue Making, Partner work, Team work

It will help the VI- X students to adapt themselves to the fluency of Germans better, will help them to know the culture of Germany and also will increase their interest in German language Students will VI- X gain interest in the language, such activities

ResourceFollowing CDs and DVDs Wir live  Planet  Genial  Politi Bongo

ResourceResource books Spielend Deutsch lernen  Resource book

GeographyLearning about Geography and Culture of Germany and German learning countries

Reading Articles about Germany and German learning countries, watching Videos, reading updates from Internet and enewspaper

will also help the students in improving their fluency in German and students will be able to adapt themselves to real life situations in Germany Students will get a broader idea about Germany and its culture which can help them in future once they go to Germany

Ahlcon International


Resource Books  Germany  German Cities  Politibongo  Karlchen und Adler  DVDs  Bilderbogen DACH  Politi bongo Resource Wir plus  Alles Klar  Planet II and III

Extra practice of listening exersices

Students will be provided with extra exersices based on listening German

E-learningbeing active on paschnet website

Students will be active on the paschnet website and will read more, post their writings and comments on the website and stay connected with

It will help the VI- X students to adapt themselves to the fluency of Germans better, will help them to know the culture of Germany and will make them capable of interacting with Germans It will help the VI- X students to go global- they will gain confidence in the language and will also get a chance

ResourceWebsite: paschnet.de A Newsmaker group will be formed by students where students will make news of all the German activities in school and the best will be posted on paschnet

German learners around the globe

Local Visits to places related to Germany

Visit to local places related to Germany for eg. Showrooms in Delhi of various German brands, international book fairs, Max Mueller Bhavan etc

to interact with German learners all over the world Students will gain interest in German, extra knowledge and confidence



Preparation of International Exams of German

Participation in International Exams of German

Creative learning, learning with PPTs etc

Making of German charts, German PPts etc

Interview training

Taking and appearing in mock interviews in German

Enacting a cultural play in

Students will in-act a cultural play in

Good students shall be given extra practice for the international exams which will serve as a good platform for them Students will get a chance to club their knowledge of German with creativity and showcase their capabilities. Students will develop confidence in speaking German and facing outside interviews and will gain extra knowledge. Students will develop


VI, VIIAnnual visit to Max Mueller Bhavan, interaction with teachers and tour of max Mueller Bhavan library VIIIAnnual Visit to International Book Fair IX, XVisit to German Companies/German brand showrooms VII,VIIIFit in Deutsch I IX, XFit in Deutsch II


 Topics like Germanyits Culture , Famous personalities of Germany etc  Topics related to academics


Taking up situations like –  Interview for a Scholarship  Interview for admission in college  Interview for a job  Interview for school headgirl/head boy Previously performed cultural plays-




Extention Services

Sharing best practices in-house and outside school

confidence in speaking German and the cultural play will help them in learning the Indian culture and values better Students will get a chance to showcase their talent and their fluency in German language which would also help them in developing their confidence and would lead toward their personality develpoment

 Ramayan (Session 2010-11)  Discovery of India (Session 2011-12)


Previous showcaseThe play,,Ramayana’’ was performed by our students at a Training Session of German teachers conducted by INDAF and PASCH. This session was attended by about 85 German language teachers teaching in different schools and colleges in Delhi, NCR.

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