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Korea in (1300-1800)

korea was a country with alot of mixes customs, ideas, cultures, etc. Some examples that korea mix chinese influences was political models, confucianism, and buddhism. Korea was rule by a dynasty, the Yi dynasty ruled for more that 5th centuries (1392-1910) the it means the same Choson. One of the choson founder's goals was to eliminate the power of the buddhist church, the consequently, buddhism was no longer supported by the state, temple lands were confiscated, and Choson established confucianism as the state Religion. The caracteristics of these dynasty was by strict social division according to status and ocupation. In 1472 the age that people marriage were in men 15 years to 40 and to womens 16 years to 30. In 1592 an army of Japanese military invade and took the capital with 160000 people. These invasion end because China help korea, the Ming Dynasty was ruling China. The war caused alot of devasted. In 1627 and 1636 Manchus invade korea, that was a nomadic people from continent Asia they force the koreans to

the confucianism was the practice religion of koreans. The economic development and change grow by agriculture and the population grew in 7 million by 1750. the basic ideas of confucianism was on proper social relationships.pay a tribute to the King of the Manchus.com. then they invade China in 1644. When these invation end the Yi dynasty maintain the power that they have but koreans abandone some customs or modified.htm .easia.edu/main_pop/kpct/kp_choson.columbia.google.mx/books? id=WJtMGXyGlUEC&printsec=frontcover&dq=korea+history&hl=es&sa=X&ei=Ca 2QUOCKGoXI2AXHtIDIDQ&ved=0CDEQ6wEwAQ#v=onepage&q=korea %20history&f=false http://afe. http://books.