Influences for our film sequence

Many films influenced us, however 2 films stood out for us and inspired us as a group the most, Paranormal Activity 3 2011 and The Pact 2012. The main reason why Paranormal Activity stood out the most was because for a modern horror film they used classic conventions throughout the film. However, the elements and conventions we used were similar for example the innocent girl. The antagonist was inspired from this film and helped me, as the director and our group to visualise what it would look like.

However, „The Pact‟ links with our production and can also relate to our character (Lily) as she gets attacked and is using a theme of Supernatural as well as Horror. She is using white make-up which is just like using talcum powder just like our antagonist character. This was another inspiration of mine and thought the girl played a key role, so it helped me decide what gender it should most likely be. Especially on how perfect she should look in a specific scene with my production. Also, the storyline was appealing to me as it helped me choose the plot, which was “doors never be opened.” So this linked to our production showed a game never to be played. I found this very appealing as it attracted a lot of audience which should mean our production would be hit. I knew this story would fit in perfectly with our target audience.

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