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MUSIC FADE IN INT: CLASSROOM - EVENING AALLIYAH (16) and her friend LAYLA (16) are in the classroom packing up. They leave the classroom and begin to walk down the corridor INT: CORRIDOR - EVENING AALLIYAH and LAYLA are both looking at their phones until they reach the end of the corridor LAYLA Bye AALLIYAH See you tomorrow

LAYLA then leaves through the double doors; AALLIYAH begins to walk down the corridor but hears voices behind her. She stops and looks behind her but there is nothing there, she carries on walking and then hears the same voices again and stops but this time she’s more frightened than the before MUSIC FADE IN AALLIYAH slowly turns around and begins to walk towards the lift, as she approaches the lift she opens it and sees a girl crouching on top of a dead boy. The girl slowly turns her head towards AALLIYAH and AALLIYAH starts to walk back and as she turns to run, the girl appears in front of her, she quickly turns around the other way and the girl appears before her again. AALLIYAH looks at the girl and maintains eye contact as she walks back into the lift, as the lift closes; INT: LIFT - EVENING She takes a deep breath but then the girl appears behind AALLIYAH and grabs her. FADE OUT


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