Gas for Sale Source: J.



Ria Manoe: Images of Indonesia

A young photographer’s parents discover and donate a valuable collection of photos

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Immigrant from Makassar

Grant for development, organization, subject access and preservation
Source: S. Kelly

Use & Users
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Primary - Members of Indonesian expatriate community in Chicagoland Secondary - Indonesians, students, scholars, photographers, those interested in culture, arts, Asia In time, the images will offer users a time capsule
Source: J. Erickson

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Greater Chicagoland Indonesian Cultural Center Exhibitions Flickr: used for interactivity
Source: T Tham

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Based on Categories for the Description of Works of Art (CDWA) Lite Controlled vocabulary based on Getty Research Institute Recommendations
Source: S. Kelly

Subject Access

Cataloguers will use

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Faceted Application of Subject Terminology (FAST) Getty Research Institute Vocabularies

Focus on Art

Users provide Folksonomy


All digital photographs

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Source: J. Strahl

Migrate to servers Transfer to TIFF Convert to DNG

Storage Issues

Slide photos used with permission from A. Colleville, S. Kelly, J. Strahl and T. Tham

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