Helen looked up at the rain drenched sky as you both stood under the extended roof of the coal wharf off of Meadow Row she had on her dark blue raincoat with the hood which was over her head and her thick lens glasses enlarged her eyes as she peered out looks like it’s in for the day you said pulling your coat around you to keep out the chill just as well I didn’t bring my doll Battered Betty she said she hates the rain you stared out at the downpour

it seemed endless why does it have to rain on a Saturday? Why not a school day? you said Helen took off her glasses and wiped them on a small white handkerchief you watched her as she wiped them her small hands at work the glasses being cleaned and cleared you look pretty when you’re wet you said she looked at you do I? she said sure you do you said but not otherwise? she asked you looked at her as she put on her glasses again

well you look prettier you added staring once more at the rain no one’s said I was pretty before she said they usually call me four eyes or horsey teeth well you’re pretty you said shyly not wanting to get in too deep a horse drawn coal wagon went by as you both stood beneath the extended roof the horse trotting along in the puddles on the cobblestones the driver staring sternly into the pouring rain you wiped raindrops from your nose and flicked them into the air

am I really? she asked gazing at you the hood of her coat framing her face yes you said and your teeth are fine don’t worry what others say and she put her arm under yours as you looked away.

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