LBS watch phone
(Model L / Model S)
Before using, please read this manual carefully. Check whether there is any damage on the product appearance and any accessory missing. If any question, please contact your distributor directly. It uses resistance screen, so please use fingernail or pen to touch to decrease the touching area for higher accuracy.

1. Appearance

SOS: Press 3 seconds to trigger SOS alarm

To use the location service functions properly, GPRS service should be subscribed and APN setting be set correctly. Consult your Call Center of mobile operator to obtain the APN setting including APN name, user name and password as appropriate. If any website can be opened, that means the APN is set correctly. Model S has the Menu of Positioning ( Model L dose not. ) while

Power /Quit: Long press 3 seconds to turn on or off. Short click to return to the main manual or hangs up a call. Position record (model S): Record the current location and send it to the server(If allowed the server to record location information). Speed dial (model L): Dial the preset speed dial phone number.

Mute / Down: Switch between the silent and outdoor mode. Move down when in secondary menu.



2. Quick start guide

2.4. Select in main menu

Slide to left or right in main menu to page down/ up. Click any icon of the main menu to enter the corresponding secondary menu.

2.5. Exit to the main menu 2.1. Power on/off
Long press the power key to turn on or turn off the mobile phone. If there is prompt “Insert the SIM card” after turning on, please check whether the SIM card is installed correctly.

In any interface, press Quit key to return to the main menu.

2.6. Set APN

2.2. Make a call
In main menu, click the icon “ ” to enter the dial panel. After inputting the phone number, click “ ” to make the call.

Modify the APN name, user name and password of the data account named as Default in the Data Account menu of Setting menu.(You could consult the Call Center of your mobile operator to obtain the GPRS APN setting. Normally, user name and password are empty). New data account could also be added(a data account means a set of GPRS setting).

2.3. Pick up a call
When ringing, click “ ” to pick up a call. Click “ ” to reject a call. Click Mute key to silent the ring, Re-click Mute key to reject a call(press Quit key also to reject a call).

2.7. Use SMS to query location

Send SMS ”L 666666” to the mobile phone to inquire location (“L” is the flag of query SMS. 666666 is intial query password, which could be changed through the web portal).



3. Detail menu function
3.1. Phone

In the inbox and outbox, the received and sent SMS could be viewed and deleted.

3.4. Bluetooth
3.4.1. Power Turn on or off the mobile phone Bluetooth function. 3.4.2. Visibility Set the Bluetooth device visible, which is used for pairing. 3.4.3. My device Select, link and authorize the searched Bluetooth device. Change the link type, set default Bluetooth headset device etc. 3.4.4. Search audio device Actively search whether there is any Bluetooth device nearby. 3.4.5. My name Edit the name of this device, used in displaying in others’ Bluetooth device when matching.

Dial phone numbers and press “ ” to make ” to enter the Call Records a call. Click “ menu to view or delete the call records. Click ” to enter the Contact menu. Long press “#” “ to switch between the silent and outdoor mode. During dialing or answering, Mute key or Hand Free key are all available.

3.2. Contact

Search, add, delete or edit contacts.

3.3. Messages

Creating, reading, sending and receiving SMS. Users could select different input methods through the Option menu when editing a new message. After finishing edit, input a phone number and send SMS.

3.5. Multi-media
3.5.1. Audio player


Play music in mp3 format in the directory of My music in T-flash, support Stereo 2.0. 3.5.2. Video player Play videos in 3gp format in the directory of Videos in T-flash. 3.5.3. Camera Shoot photos in JPG format in the directory of Photos in T-flash. 3.5.4. Sound record Record voice and store in WAV or AMR format in the root directory in T-flash. 3.5.5. Image view View the stored photos. 3.7.2. Bookmarks Record the favorable URL. 3.7.3. Recent pages 3.7.4. Offline pages 3.7.5. Input address Input the webpage address and surf internet. 3.7.6. Service inbox 3.7.7. Settings Profiles Create, select(activate)and edit profiles which is used to surf internet. Every profile includes a name, a homepage and a data account etc. The default activated profie is “defaultprofile”. New profile could also be added or other existed profile be activated. Brower type Connecting type Clear cache Clear Cookies

3.6. Game

Intelligent puzzle game is available.

3.7. Internet

3.7.1. Homepage Browse the homepage of current activated profile.

3.8. Calendar 8

3.9. Utilities
3.9.2. Alarm 6 time alarms are supported. If the alarm is not set, there will be no alarm icon on the information bar. 3.9.3. Stopwatch secondary menu. The secondary menu supports simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, Arabic, Persian, German, Russian, French, Indian, Spanish, Portuguese, Latin and Indonesian (may little difference in specific versions). 3.10.4. LBS server settings Set the positioning server domain name and port number. Caution: The domain name and port number shouldn’t be changed, unless you receive the clear notice from the administrator, or you can not connect to the server. 3.10.5. LBS parameter Inputting the advanced password, you can view the parameter settings of the positioning service. 3.10.6. View LBS log View the system log of positioning service, just for specific malfunction recovery. 3.10.7. Security settings Confiure the mobile phone security setting, phone lock and change the security setting password. Note: This password is for the mobile phone

3.9.1. Calculator




Pen calibration

You have to adjust the touch screen when the reaction to pen click is incorrect. 3.10.2. User Profiles Select a user profile for ring mode from: general, meeting, outdoor, indoor, Bluetooth. 3.10.3. Phone settings Time and date: Due to that many positioning functions are relevant to time, advanced password(the initial advanced password is 888888) is requested when setting the time , date and time zone. Language: Set the language of main menu,


itself, which has no relation to the LBS query password and advanced password. 3.10.8. Data account Create, edit and delete GPRS data account, including APN name, username and password etc. Note: The mobile phone use the data account which is selected in the current activated profile in Settings menu of Internet menu to access internet and LBS server. 3.10.9. Restore factory settings Input the password, and then restore factory default settings. the frequency in which the mobile phone initiates to access the LBS server. E-center: Contact with Management plsystem administrator to through text message for usage assistance. E-SMS: Communicate with personal web portal through Super SMS. E-Group 1: Conduct text communication with the administrator of Group 1. E-Group 2: Conduct text communication with the administrator of Group 2


When the user account is valid and the mobile phone is online, you can send to or receive Super SMS from the Management platform , the web portal, E-group 1, E-group 2 through this menu via internet. Note: Because this Super SMS is based on GPRS, it will consume little GPRS traffic. There will be a little delay between the mobile phone and the web portal, and the delay depends on



Note: Only Model S has this function. 3.12.1. My location

Positioning (

Model S)

When the user account is valid and the mobile phone is online, the mobile phone opens a webpage showing a map in wich the phone’s current location will be indicated. 3.12.2. E-Friend Search location After inputting a E-friend’s mobile phone number,


the query password, you can search the E-friend location. After about 1 minute, a webpage is opened and the relative location and distance between E-friend and the mobile phone will be indiated. Note: E-friends are persons who have watch mobile phones. They can query each other’s relative location through query passoword. The Last location Opening a webpage showing the location of Efriend which is queried successfully last time.

4. Other LBS functions

4.1. Use SMS to query location

If the positioning function is on, sending a location query SMS to the mobile phone in form of L+ password (for example “L 666666” or “l 666666”) will be replied in 2 location SMS only if the inputted query password is correct or the sending phone number is authorized, otherwise the query SMS will be regarded as normal SMS. The query password and authorized phone numbers could be modified through . All authorized mobile phones can query location without putting query password but only “L” in SMS. Replied SMS examples:


Note: 1. The symbols of “GSM” in received SMS stands for being positioned by using GSM cellular tower locations while “GPS” for being positioned by using GPS signal. Time means the time of being positioned. The default map size is 512*512, the scale of map is 14. You can change the corresponding numbers in http link in SMS1 to adjust the map size and scale. If the mobile phone receiving several query SMS from a same phone number during it obtains location information for the last query, it will reply in SMS only 1 time. If the mobile phone’s positioning function is off, it will not reply to the query SMS(except SOS alarm). If the mobile phone is power off but in the time segment in which the positioning function is on, it will reply in only SMS1 but no SMS2 when next time it is power on.

2. Open http link in SMS1, you can obtain the mapwith location (it is the sole Easy Map function of Management platform). Example as below:


4.2. Timing report

If the positioning function is on, according to the pre set time points, the mobile phone sends


SMS1 and SMS2 to the pre set mobile phone and server( if allow the server to record location information). You can set maximum 5 reporting time points and 2 phone numbers to receive timing report SMS. The flag characters in SMS are “TIME+1/2/3/4/5”. and sent to server and to the timing report phone numbers. The flag characters in SMS is “PLACE”.

4.5. Location record (Model S)/ Speed dial (Model L)

4.3. SOS alarm

No matter whether the positioning function is on or off, long pressing the SOS key for 3 seconds will trigger the SOS alarm and the watch phone will automatically send SOS SMS (in the form of similar to SMS1 and SMS2) and circularly dial SOS phone numbers 3 times, until it is answered. At the same time, on the web portal there will be audio and visual alarm displaying immediately. The flag characters in SMS are “SOS”.

If the positioning function is on, press “R” key of Model L, the current location information will be recorded and sent to server. For model S, it will dail the pre set phone number(the number could be modified through web portal).

4.6. Dual mode E-Fence alarm (Model L)

4.4. E-Handover (Model L)

If the positioning function is on, according to the pre set time points, handover places and handover errors (the allowed line distance to the handover places). The mobile phone check if it is in the appointed place at that moment. The checking result is recorded as success or failure,

If the positioning function is on, according to the pre set time segment, area (it is a round geographical scope, which is determined by the central point coordinates, radius and error ), the mobile phone can check if it enter or leave that area and accordingly send checking result to timing report phone numbers. Note: There will be some intervals for the mobile phone to obtain the location information, and it is less than the periodic location update time (the initial periodic time is 30 minutes), the E-fence


alarm maybe delay or doesn’t take place (if though the mobile phone used to enter or exit the set area, but at the checking moment, it comes back to the preset area, there will be no alarm in this situation).

5.Other system functions

4.7. Periodic location update

If the positioning function is on, according to the pre set periodic report frequency, the mobile phone will automatically send location information to the server (if allow the server to record location information), which can be found in the history track. This kind of periodic location update information will not be prompted to the user. Note: In all above Clause 4 functions, the SMS those failed to be sent will be stored in cache and will be re-sent when next time sending other SMS successfully. The SMS in cache will be disposed when power off.

5.1. Positioning Functions ON, OFF and OFF in Time Segment

By setting the parameters, you can turn on/off the positioning functions or off in time segment. When the positioning function is off, the mobile phone disconnects and not sends any information to the server. (Exception for SOS alarm)

5.2. Mobile phone Function ON, OFF and OFF in Time Segment(Model L)

By setting the parameters, you can turn on/off the mobile phone function or off in time segement. When the mobile phone is off, you can not call or answer any call, but it doesn’t affect the positioning function.


5.3. The Maximum Call Duration (Model L)
group administrators. Note: homing takes effect only after the mobile phone and group account are select each other in both two sides.

Whenever calls come to the maximum time, the mobile phone will hang up automatically and the user has to redial.

5.4. Turn OFF the Game (Model L)

5.7. Authority Control

According to the pre set parameter, game is enable or disabled.

5.5. Turn OFF Internet (Model L)

According to the pre set parameter, Internet is enable or disabled.

Query password: The password is used in location query SMS. If the password is incorrect or the sending phone number is not in authorized phone number list, the mobile phone will not reply to query and the received location query SMS will be regarded as normal SMS. The initial query password is 666666. Advanced password: When modifing the time/ date or view the positioning parameters in the mobile phone or modify positioning parameter or user info in the web portal, the advanced password is requested to input or login with. The initial advanced password is 888888. Save location: Allow or forbid the server to save locations. User can change all of them through User Info menu in web portal.

5.6. Campus Network / Enterprise Network / Group Network

You can select at most two homing group accounts. In the period of positioning on, the homed group administrator can view the mobile phone’s real-time location and part of the positioning parameters, but can not modify its positioning parameters. Through the E-group 1 and E-group 2 menu in E-assistant, the mobile phone can communicate separately with the corresponding


6.2. Current position- update

portal function
User can login web portal to check the current user’s location information and history records, modify the user information, edit positioning parameters and make text conversation with the mobile phone.

Click the update button, the system will send a request to the mobile phone for the current location information and update the information on the map. If the user is offline, the system will send request when the mobile phone is online next time. Click the current position button, the last location information in the server database will be displayed in map (if allow the server to record location information).

6.3. E-SMS record

6.1. User login

Communicate through Super SMS and view the Super SMS records with E-center, the mobile phone, Group 1 and Group 2.

With IMEI number (dial*#06#, you can get the mobile phone’s IMEI number) or account name, query password or advance password, you can login web portal Management platform. parameters can not be modified and viewed unless login with advanced password. The account name could be set by users themselves through the web portal once.

6.4. Track log

The log of all history tracks.

6.5. SOS alarm

The log of all the SOS alarm information.If there is any alarm not released, the web portal will continuously flash and beep as alarm prompts.


6.6. E-Handover log (Model L) 6.7. E-Fence log (Model L)
the current positioning service parameter. After Save&Send button clicked, the system will send out the changed positioning service parameters to mobile phone automatically. If the positioning status parameters are changed by user or the validity period parameters are modified by system administrators, the mobile phone will prompt “Important parameters modified, need reboot”. Detail parameters show as below: 6.10.1. Turn on or off E-fence function, including the time segment, repeat, longitude and latitude of the central point, radius, and GSM/GPS positioning error. 6.10.2. Turn on or off E-handover function, including repeat, GPS/GSM positioning error, 2 handover time points and places (time should be set in order). 6.10.3. Turn on or off timing report function, including 2 timing report phone numbers, repeat, and 5 timing report time points (time parameters should be set in order) 6.10.4. Mobile function parameter (Model L) Timing report parameter (Model L) E-handover parameter (Model L) E-fence parameter (Model L)

The log of all the electronic handover results.

The log of all the electronic fence alarm.

6.8. System event (Model L)

Displaying all critical system events recorded, for example, failures of SOS call. Click upload button, the system will request the mobile phone to send back the system event log. The mobile phone will delete the local records which has already been sent to the server.

6.9. User information

The validity, contact person and language used in location SMS etc, and enabling or disabling the server to record location information. The validity period is 1 year, which starts from the first successfully connection to the server.

6.10. Positioning service parameter 25

Login with advanced password, you can edit

Turn on or off mobile function, including repeat and 2 off time segments (time parameters should be set in order) 6.10.5. Turn on or off positioning function, including positioning singal type, repeat and two off periods (time parameters should be set in order). In the automatic positioning mode the mobile phone preferentially uses GPS signal for positioning and then GSM celluar tower loctions if no GPS signal. 6.10.6. Set SOS alarm number, authorized query number, the maximum call time. Turn on or off the game, internet surfing. Note: When the account is expired, you can not login the web portal and modify the above location service parameters. But you can still use the SMS location query and SOS alarm (limited to obtain 5 times/month location information in map but no any in text if expired). Authority control Positioning status parameter

We are will do its best to provide loca tion service, but dose not guarantee it for expired users.