Jo, My Gosh!


Signed, Sealed, Delivered Ornament Template
For both ornaments, you’ll need:
-2 sheets of different colored felt

-scissors -gold/yellow embroidery thread -black embroidery thread -needle -pen or marker

1. Print the template out (preferably onto cardstock). Cut out the stamp and the envelope patterns separately. 2. Trace the envelope pattern two separate times on felt and cut out. 3. Stack both felt pieces and carefully line them up. Using at least 3 single strands of yellow embroidery thread, stitch boarder of the envelope. (The stitch marks on the template are just a suggestion). 4. Trace the stamp pattern on a different color of felt once. Using yellow embroidery thread and long stitches, stitch the stamp onto the envelope 5. Using black thread and long stitches, embroider a post mark and address. Use the template for detail placement. 6. To add a hanger: Stitch a small loop of embroidery thread. You can attach a metal ornament hook to the loop. Or, using basting stitches, stitch a 4-inch piece of ribbon onto just the back piece of felt to create a large loop that could slip over a tree branch. 7. Hang on your Christmas tree and admire!

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