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so please don't make any request for such books in this Thread! ------------------------------------------------------------C and CPP Books : The C Programming Language------------ by Brian W. Kernighan, Dennis M. Ritchie C Programming: A Modern Approach -----------by K.N. King C Programming in 12 Easy Lessons --------------by Greg Perry C for Dummies Vol. I ----------------------------by Dan Gookin C for Dummies Vol. II -----------------------------by Dan Gookin ---------add your book here----------------------------Core Java Books [Java SE] : Murach's Java Programming ------------Joel Murach , Andrea Steelman Effective Java 2nd Edition ----------------Joshua bloch The JAVA prog language-------------------Gosling,Ken Arnold,Holmes. Java How To Program ----------------------Deitel Thinking in Java--------------------------Eckel Java Concurrency in practice------- Goetz,Bloch,Holmes,Lea,Tim,Bowbeer Java Puzzlers - Traps, Pitfalls, And Corner Cases---Joshua Bloch, Neal Gafter Head First Java------------------------Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates Java the complete reference-----------------Herb Shildt Beginning Java - Java 7 edition--------------Ivor Hortons --------------add your book here--------------------Mobile/Embedded Development Books [Java ME]: J2ME - Complete Reference--------------James Keogh Java ME Game Programming--------John P. Flynt and Martin Wells Wireless Game Development in Java with MIDP 2.0-----Ralph Barbagallo -------------Add your Book Here----------------------Enterprise Java Books [Java EE]: Real World Java EE Patterns Rethinking Best Practices Head First Servlets and JSP Head First EJB------------Kathy Sierra, Bert Bates Black Book-----------------dreamtech J2EE -The Complete Reference -----Add your Book Here-----Frameworks Related Books: Apress.Spring.Persistence.with.Hibernate --------Manning ------Manning

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