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Histopathologic tissues

Histopathologic tissues

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Overview of pathologic tissues.
Overview of pathologic tissues.

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Study of Pathologic Tissues

Cellular Damage and Injury

• Degeneration
– Injury accumulation of metabolites

• Infiltration
– Accumulation of metabolites


Amyloid d. Substances responsible for producing hyaline degeneration may be classified.Hyaline Degeneration -regressive change in cells in which the cytoplasm takes on a homogenous. It is a form of protein coagulation. Mucin b. -the term HYALINE is used in a purely descriptive sense to characterize the physical appearance of the alteration in the cell. Glycogen . glassy appearance. according to their chemical reactions and gross and microscopic appearance of tissues. into: a. usually an indication of severe cell damage. Colloid c.


Zenker’s Degeneration of Musculus rectus -hyaline degeneration -accumulation of lactic acid due to bacterial toxins -striations become loose .

Parenchymatous and fatty degeneration of liver .

Parenchymatous degeneration of kidney .

Hemorrhagic infarct of lung -caused by an embolus which damages the endothelium .

Hemorrhagic necrosis of the liver – usually caused by a lung problem .

Atrophy • “wasting” • Physiologic Atrophy – Atrophy of thymus and lymphoid tissues during puberty – Sexual organs and brain – Senile atrophy • Pathologic Atrophy – Vascular – Pressure – Starvation or Hunger – Atrophy of disuse – Exhaustion atrophy – Endocrine atrophy .


Granular Atrophy of Kidney -caused by chronic interstitial disease .

accumulation of lipofucsin .Brown atrophy of the liver.

Infiltration .

Fat accumulation .

Von Gierke’s.Glycogen storage disease I. absence of G6Phosphatase \PAS stains the cells bright orange .

Anthracosis of the Lung Accumulation of Carbon .

Hemosiderosis of liver Hemosiderin in Kupffer cells .

Malarial melanemia of spleen Hemozoin crystals .


Normal versus Hypertrophic Prostate .

Hyperplasia of Leydig cells .

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