Malayalam proverbs

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Aana Vayil Ambazhanga. ആആ ആആആആആആ‍ ആആആആആആആആആ. o Literal:a small fruit in an elephant's mouth. o Translation: Too small an amount for a very large need.  English equivalent : Ariyethra? Payar anjaazhi. ആആആആആആആആ? ആആആആ‍ ആആആആആആആ. o Literal :How much rice you have? I have enough beans. o Translation: Getting wrong answer for a question asked  English equivalent: Answer to the point Ariyaatha pillakku choriyumbol ariyum. ആആആആആആആആ ആആആആആആആആആ ആആആആആആആആആആആആആആ‍ ആആആആആആ. o Literal:The ignorant child learns when it itches. o Translation: If people don't realise the magnitude of a problem, they shall do so the hard way; as it hits them. (gist)  English equivalent: Aanakaaryam Pareyumbol Aano Chenakkaryam? ആആആആആആആആആആ ആആആആആആആആആആആ‍ ആആആആ ആആആആആആആആആആആ? o Literal: When you are discussing about elephant don't talk about yam matters. o Translation: Do not bring up small issues during major problems.  English equivalent: Araante ammakku pranthu pitichaal kaanaan nalla chellu. ആആആആആ‍ആആ ആആആആആആആആ ആആആആആആആആ‌ ആആആആആആആആആആ‍ ആആആആആആ‍ ആആആആ ആആആആ. o Literal: If somebody's mother goes mad, it is a good scene to watch. o Translation: It is always enjoyable to make fun of others tragedy till it actually hits you.  English equivalent: Aadariyunnuvo angadi vaanibham. ആആആആആആആആആ ആആആആആആആ ആആആആആആ? o Literal: Does the goat understand the butcher market trade Aadukidannaduthu pooda polum illa. o Literal: An action has been done without leaving an evidence. Aarku badha koodiyalum kozhikku kidakkaporuthi illa. o Literal: No matter who ever is possesed,the chicken is the one who suffers. o Translation: Arukkum munpu pidakkalle. o Literal: Don't wiggle before u're slaugtered. o Translation: Keep Patience.

pinnem chadiyal chattiyolam. o Trap made for some one. Literal translation : Fearing a rat don't burn your house. • o  • English equivalent : Don't overreact. o chakkinu vechathu kokkinu kondu  means in a delama • • D Chaghati Nannayal Kannadi Venda If you have a good friend You don't need a mirror E • Eliye pedichu illam chudaruthu. ആആആആ ആആആആആ ആആആ।  English equivalent : Chakkikotha Chankaran. o Bengali equivalent: ആ)ആആആആആആആആ. G Gathikettal puli pullum thinnum Literal: Even a tiger will eat grass in extreme conditions H .B • Brahmavinaano aayusenu pancham? o literal translation:Does God have limitation of age? C • Chakkinu Vechatu Kokkinu Kondu.In past days Svarna kept Ezhava from many feets.It shows the bad habits . o Made for each other. Ezhavan Eechaku Thulyam . but got trapped someone else o Bengali equivalent: ആആആആആ ആആആആ ആആആആആ ആആആ.ആ)ആആആആ ആആആആആആ ആആആആആ ആആആആ ।  English equivalent : chemmeen chadiyal muttolam.

I • Ikkare nilkumbol akkare pacha o The other side of the river is greener. o Literal: Even for a crow. . (translation)  English equivalent : • • Kurangande kayil poomala.When you are doing a work you feel it is very hard and the other works are very easy. alannu kalayanam. അളന കളയണം. Kurangu kaiyile poo malai (Tamil o  English equivalent : • • • Kakkakkum than kunju pon kunju. will it become a crane (trans)  English equivalent : kupayil kalanjalum. o Literal: Unity is strength. its own baby is a treasure o Translation: Own creations will be invaluable.  English equivalent : The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence Ikyamathyam mahabalam. o Barking Dog Seldome Bite. o (It is like giving a garland to a monkey).  English equivalent : Kattullapole Thoottan patoo.  English equivalent : • J K • 'Kaakka kulichaal kokku aakummow:? o If crow baths. even though it may not be so for others. • o Even waste should be measured and discarded. o For example:.  English equivalent : Kurakkunna Patti Kadikkilla. • കപയില‍ കളഞാലം.

Moothavarude vaakum muthu nellikayum aadhyam kaykum. o You cant reap a cucumber if you sow a pumpkin. Or "Among illiterate people. Minnunnathellaam ponnalla. pinne madhurikkum. (trans) o The original proverb in old Malayalam is thus: *Moothavar chollum muthu nellikka. • Maththa kuthiya kumbalam mulakimo. at first they may sound sour. • • We seldom recognise the value of people near to you**  English equivalent : Familiarity breeds contempt. later it will be sweet. • o An elders advice is like gooseberries. Literal meaning: The jasmine shrub in your front yard has no fragrance. monkey got a garmond and he destroys it. aadhyam kaykkum pinne madhurikkum. at first sour then sweet. the one-eyed is the king. if we got any chance we will think it is not good L M • • Muttethe Mullakku Manamilla. the one-eyed man is king". o Our behaviour also depends on the company that we have  English equivalent : • . മറെത മലലക മണമിലല. (trans)  English equivalent : • Mookilla Rajyathu Murimookkan Rajavu."  English equivalent : In the land of the blind. a half-literate is a scholar.  English equivalent :As u sow so u reap Mulla poompodi eetu kidakkum kallinum undaam saurabhyam.kurangande kayyill poomala kittiyathu pole. o Obey what the elders tell you. o (In the land of people with no nose. the half-nosed man is King) o Similar to "In the land of the blind. o  • English equivalent :All that glitters is not gold.

N • • • Nadukadalil chennalum naaya nakkiye kudikku.  English equivalent : O • • • • Odunna pattikku oru muzham munpe o throw a stone ahead of a running dog to hit it Onam vannaalum Unni pirannaalum korante kumbilil kanji thanne. With differences. however unsightly and offensive. (Malayalam) o (During the traditional Kerala Martial arts practice. (English equivalent) Orumayundenkil Ulakkamelum kidakkam. o . the layman gets served his gruel in a tiny container. allenkil Kallarikku purath. hence you are what you do. o Be it Onam. (English equivalent).  Shameless people are not bothered by anything. be it the birth of a child. a dog will only lap water. Divided we fall. not drink it. Poor people remain poor. even a mountain can be moved.  English equivalent : Nanam illathavante aasanathil aalu kilichaal athu avanu oru thanal aayirikyum. o If a peepal tree grows out of a shameless man's butt. Othillenkil Malannu Veezhum. (English equivalent).  English equivalent : Nallathe ariyo nayike. o Literal: What does a dog know about the good things.  You do what you are. o English equivalent: Laying pearls before swine. (trans)  Whatever be the occasion. there is no advantage for poor people. you would fall flat. • • United we stand. o Even if you take a dog to the middle of the ocean. the trainee is either flinging himself at the chest of the instructor or landing outside the arena o Dabbling in extremes is not helpful Othu pidichal malayum porum. it will be a shade for him. (Gist) Onnukil Aashante nenjath. o Translation: Someone who can't understand can't appreciate. Literal meaning: With combined effort.

Pen chollu kettavanu peruvazhi aadhaaram. Pinnem Chankaran Thengel. o Praise the somebody upto gain. o (Like a dog that gets a whole coconut. you can complete anything. but blindly agrees to her wishes. Pala thulli peru vellam. Pen budhi pin budhi Swantham pallu kuthi natikaruthu dont show our personal status Pazham chollil pathirilla o Old sayings contain no hollow grains  Proverbs were made with high wisdom Puthan Achi Pura Puram Thukkum" • • • • • • • • • • • .P • • • • Paashaanatthil krimi. sinner goes to hell o (It's a hell wherever a sinner goes) o Said of those who seem to have all the bad luck. o (He who listens to a woman will end up on the street--that is. o Eat slowly. saying this person can survive in poison so is very poisonous himself) Palam Kadakkuvolam "Narayana Narayana" Palam Kadannal "Korayana Korayana". (trans)  take your time.) o Used in the event of someone getting something that they cannot use. you can eat even a palm. o Many drops of water make a large water body  English equivalent : Little drops of water makes the mighty ocean. o Still repeating the same type of mistakes. Papi chellunnidam paathaalam. then afterdisregard him. he will be reduced to begging in the street. Pattikku muzhuvan thenga kittiyathu pole. Payyethinnal panayum thinnam. o Worm of the poison (so used to address someone inimically.) o Said to any man who is so enamoured of a woman that he does not bother to use his own judgement. Poathinoadu vedham oadheettu karyam illa.

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o (Don't forget the head when applying oil to your body) o Should always remember the things (favour done to us) in priority  Don't forget the past U • Undaal Ksheenam thendikkum. S sampathu kaalathu thai pathu nattal apathu kalathu kay pathu thinnaam! T • • • Thanikku thaanum. Thala marannu enna thekaruthu. o Literal: Excessive washing to get fair. lead you to your destruction) . purakku thoonum. o This is what you say when things turn out fine under circumstances expected to be harsh. o (The patient wanted milk and the doctor prescribed milk). o When Head (elders) are present. may result in white splotches on the skin (i. Thala Irikkumbol. leucodermia)  Overdoing something will result in an unwanted consequence. Vinasha kale viparetha budhi. vaidyan kalpichathum palu. o "Even a beggar will get tired after having food" It means . o When your destruction is near. V • • velukkaan thechathu paandaayi. tail should not wag (let them decide). your thoughts and actions will also fail you (i.e.R • Rogi ichichathum palu.having more food will make him tired. o Similar to the saying that while you cries nobody will accompany but while you laugh thousands will be there with you.even if the person is a hardworker or the one who never rests.e. Valu-attaruthu. o In need you will have help from your side only as if a pillar is helpful for a shaking home.

bakshanam kayikan jeevikaruthu shooniyamaya kudam kooduthal shabtham purapeduvikum X Y Z • വിത ഗണം പത ഗണം-.വിതില‍ പിഴചാല‍ വിളവില‍ പിഴകം!! o As you sow.• • • • Vaadi Prati Aayi.[പിനീട് കാണവം ഉണാകിലല. വരനെതലലാം അവെനന ോതാനം. W nira kudam thulumbukayilla ananyan pokuna villaku allikathum jeevikan bakshanam kayiokuka. പിെന മധരികം. കാണം വിറും ഓണം ഉണണം. അതിപഴോതാളം അഹങാരമെണങില‍ അദികിെലാനം വിളങാ ഗരതവ്ം. ഓണവം ഉണാകിലല!. By Vineeth o Literal: Doctor tried all the medicine. ഒരതെന തെന നിനചിരനാല‍.ോകാങണിയോമ പിചെകാട. o Literal: plaintif became the culprit Vadi Koduthe Adi Madikkuka. so will it in yield contribution by Marshal: കണത പറഞാല‍ കഞികിടിലല. പാലിക! . (trans) – If it faultered in seed. o Literal: Get hit by the stick you provided Vaidyan kalpichathum roogi itchichedum paal. Vaidyan Oothi Oothi Pilla Keninju Keniju. so you reap. still no result on the kid. vaidya hEliddU haalUanna. മതവര‍ െചാലലും മത െനലലികായം ആദയ്ം കയം. ോപാോര പരം?] ചകിന െവചത െകാകിന െകാണ! ശീലിചോത. o Literal: What doctor prescribed and what patient wanted were same o Kannada equivalent: rOgi bayasiddu haalUanna.

(Velukkan thechathu pandayi) When talking. coconut fell. (Kaakkakku Than Kunju Ponkunju) Market fail Mother's back. (Attaye pidichu Methayil Kidathiyaalum Athu pokum Kuppa kuzhiyil) Miser hold umbrella at midnight. (Angaadiyil thottathinu Ammayude purathu) Silent Cat Breaks Pot. (Veliyil kidanna paambine eduthu tholil idaruthu) Onam come or Baby born. (Adi thettiyaal aaneyum veezhum) Friend of Eeenaampechi is TreeDog.tharumbol thinnanam) Give elephant. (Aana koduthalum aasha kodukaruthu) If Crow bath. When given. golden baby. porridge for KORAN still in leaf. (Mindaa Poocha Kalam Udakkum) Sand leaning man took girl. (Palathulli peruvellam) .k. hear. for crow. (Eeenaampechi-kku kootu marapatti) In desert one Tree green. (Mannum Chaari Ninnavan Pennum Kondupoyi) Centipede if put on mattress goes to garbage. eat. (Moangan irunna naayudey thalayil thenga veenu) Different drop big water. but not hope. (Onam vannaalum Unni pirannaalum. (Marubhumiyil oru marupacha) Sitting to moan. dog's head. (Paraymbol kelkkanam. Koranu Kanji Kumbilil thanne) Own baby. (Alpan Ardha Raathriyilum koda Pidikkum) Foot wrong elephant will also fall.Pazham Chollu a.a Banana Talk Whitening applied becomes white scars. become crane ?? (Kaaka kulichal kokku aagumo??) If needed jackfruit on root grow. (Venamengil chakka verilum kaayikkum) Snake on fence on shoulder no put.

then sweet kaanam pona pooram ketariyano .Life licked by stray dog. (my mum uses this a lot) moothorade vaaku nellikka. (Randum kayyum kanakkum thannae) gati ketta puli pulum tinnum . (Janala thurakkoo. (Evidae Oru pullum nadakkilla) Dont spit. (thupparuthu . climbing on the head & jumping. . beating's the silent cat that breaks the pot. mutatthe mullekkyu manam illa . understanding people will suffer.why do you have to hear about the festival when you're going to see it youself? kaatu kozhikkendhu sankranthi .what does the wild bird in the forest know about the sankranti festival? minda poocha kalam odakkyum . (Vadi koduthu adi vaangi Open the window. (Venda. don't want thinking.the words of elders are like the gooseberry: bitter at first. aadyam kayakkum pinne madhurikkyum .the jasmine in your own yard has no fragrance. let the airforce come bad times a tiger will eat grass too. kaatu shakthi aayi varrattae) No Grass will walk here.venda ennu vicharikkumbo thalayil keri chaadunnu) Stick gave. how many ponds see?? (Kokkethra kulam kandirikkunnu) Don't want. (Jeevitham nayanakki) Crane. thaazhae nikkunnavar anubhavikkum) Both are Hand and Arithmetic.