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Market Size
• As per the survey, Nokia retained

Market Share
9% 2% 2% 3% 3% 3% 4% 5% 6% 38%

its leadership with 38.2 percent
share. • Revenues are Rs. 11,925 crore in 2011-12 • • • JV with HCL info systems . 51% share holding in that JV Distribution partnership with HCL

Nokia Samsung Micromax Blackberry Karbonn HTC



• Nokia has 15 manufacturing plants throughout the world and they have approx 120000 employees all around the world. • • The company owns R&D centers in Japan and China. . Hyderabad. Nokia have started its process in India in 1994 and have their offices in major cities like New Delhi.Company profile • The company established in 1865 having its foundation in Finland. Kolkata. and Bangalore. • They are targeting all class of people by releasing different kind of mobiles with different features. Mumbai. Chennai.

They have come 2006 up with Wi-Fi mobile which is called Nokia communicator 2006 Increased its number of customer care centers and caters to rural India with vans staffed with sales reps Mid 0f2006 2004 2000 . which allows it to Nokia Company has manufacture and sell low-cost joined with phones Malayalam Manorama to launch first India’s vernacular News.Nokia’s Footprint The first ever GSM call in India was made on a Nokia 2110 mobile phone on its own network . Nokia entered India 1995 1994 Nokia Company released first mobile with Hindi menu Nokia set up a manufacturing facility in India.

and the UK. The tagline can be seen both literally and figuratively.128m Brand rating AA Enterprise value $14.288m Value / market cap 35. It's headquarters are in Espoo.9% . Republic of Korea. Finland. Germany. Mexica. Nokia products are available in over 160 countries. India. China. 2012 brand performance Brand value $5. Brand elements: Nokia have used the tagline "connecting people" since the 1990s.Brand Profile Brand Presence: Nokia manufacturing facilities in Brazil. Finalnd. Hungary.

Sales Organisation structure Regional GM(one each N-E-W-S) Regional sales manager (3-4 in every region) Area general manager Area sales manager Sales force .

Distribution Process Nokia Chennai factory Nokia Mother Warehouse. Gurgaon HCL Distributor Re-distribution Stockist Supplier (RDSS) Retailers .

Via Nokia’s own stores called the Nokia priority stores. .There are three main distribution channels used by Nokia are as follows Using the medium of distributor to superstockist to retailer who sells it to the final consumer. Via organized retail channels like Mobilestore .

Using the medium of distributor to superstockist to retailer who sells it to the final consumer Nokia Manufacturing unit HCL Distributor Super stockiest Retailer Consumer .

Via Priority center Nokia manufacturing unit Nokia priority center Consumer .

Via organized retail store Nokia manufacturing unit HCL Distributor Organized retail outlet consumer .

Dahisar Central Bombay South Bombay Mira road – Dhanu Kalyan (RDSS MD) .Distribution in Mumbai Bandra .

Nokia mother warehouse Gurgaon >5000 rs .Mumbai RDSS MD MD RDSS city MD Retailers retailers retailers Customer .imported China(smartphones) <5000rs – Chennai HCL Regional place Panvel .

Retailers segmentation NBR’S Platinum (10 Lacs a month NPD’S (30 – 50 Lacs a month) Gold (5 Lacs a month) Benefit – products are distributed to them 7 days before the product is launch in the market .

Route Planning Gold Diamond SM1(50) Platinum SM2(50) NPD Sales force SM3(50) SM4(50) SM5(50) Records are tallied Payment is collected Delivery of the product is done Order is taken by salesman order details are filled up Order detail sheet is given to RDSS Order is processed Cash is submitted .

. 250/5 = 50 • If the salesperson visits a particular store 3 times a week (alternate days) then. 50/3 = 17 approx* • So the salesperson has to visit 17 outlets daily on an average. • 250 outlets are to be covered in totality of that area : then.PJP • There are 5 salesmens in the area that we visited.

A target sheet is given to the salesman within the first week of the month & incentives of the sales person is depended on this.Reports generated • Month till Date Report – This report is generated to see how much stock has been sold compared to previous month . If within 15 days 40% of target is achieved then some incentives is provided. This report is generated for dealers Dealers name Outlet type location RDSS name Salesman name Sku puchased till date Sku amount Total value Total Volume .

achievement is calculated on this bases .• MIS Report .this report is been generated for RDSS . Models Opening stock Purchases Sales Closing Amount • DSR Report .

• • • • HCL – 7 days RDSS city – 5 days RDSS MD – 4 days and MD – 3 days. Anything below this number of days would be replenished immediately to avoid stock out.HCL says that how many days stock should be maintained in each level of distribution in the supply chain which are as.Stock Norm for different level of distribution • At every level of distribution a minimum amount of the stock has to be maintained. This stock norm is given by Nokia • Stock norms of Nokia. .

HCLI collects the goods from mother depot in Gurgaon and supplies regional head in Mumbai in Panvel it is then supplied to 5 RDSS across Mumbai. sometimes even quicker.Distribution Coverage • HCLI being the first level intermediary between Nokia and dealers. . • HCLI agents or company agent deliver the ordered mobile sets to RDSS within 4hrs of receiving orders. Mother depot maintains stock capable of catering to at least 7 days of demand in its covered territory. • In turn. RDSS ensures the delivery of goods within 4 hrs of the order made.

. making quick deliveries does not prove to be hard. As each RDSS is given a small geographic territory. The small delivery time and close-knit relations with RDSS allows dealers to even order the mobile pieces as and when customer walks in demanding the handset. • Although territories are geographically small.• Night time orders are delivered next day morning. the number of retail stores in each zone make them commercially attractive to operate in.

Payment terms • It allows a very small credit period to the RDSS which in turn squeeze dealers. giving them equally small credit period. . the power Nokia has in market and demand for Nokia phones makes it imperative that dealers carry Nokia mobile -phones in their stores. • RDSS are allowed a credit period of 7 days. • Although dealers moan about the short credit period. which in turn give dealers 3-5 days credit period or no credit at all.

Samsung and LG offer 15 days credit period. Nokia has tighter norms compared to its rivals. compared to Nokia’s 7 days. Samsung and LG offer double the credit period offered by Nokia. . • The payment is done through RTGS by distributor to Nokia.• Again on this front.

hired by company directly • • • Salesman and team leader training takes place Theme based promotion across all Nokia priority stores Social Media Hype .New Product Launch • 20 promoter for new product launch .

How do they fight competition .

Learning's • What it takes for a product to reach the consumer • • • Importance of customer relationship Different payment terms Schemes provided by the company to the retailers • Retaler segmentation .


Distributer details Name : Nirmit Changothia Phone No : 987446644 .

Thank you Name Anjana Patel Kunal Modi Mitesh Jobanputra Shreyas More Roll No 14 45 48 72 .

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