LESSON PLAN – TIENG ANH 10 Unit 10 – CONSERVATION Period 5: Language Focus I.

Objectives: In this lesson, students will recognize the difference between the sounds /b/ and /p/ and then practice them in words and sentences review passive formulae, transitive and intransitive verbs; then use active and passive voices in sentences

II. Language content Vocabulary items containing either the sounds /b/ or /p/ BE + PAST PASRTICIPLE in some basic tenses S + Vi S + Vt + O -> S + Be + PP

III. Techniques Games: Stop the Bus, Telephone Numbers, Passing the Ball, Lucky Star Minimal pairs: Recognition Drill, Repetition Drill Group work

IV. Teaching aids Computer, projector, board, markers, a ball

V. Time: 45 minutes VI. Procedures 1. Pronunciation Stages Warm-up (5’) Presentation (5’) Practice (5’) Teacher’s activities Game: Stop the Bus Minimal Pairs /b,p/ Recognition drill -> Repetition drill Game: Telephone Numbers Students’ activities

2. Passive voice Stages Teacher’s activities Pre- activity (5’) While-activity (5’) Post-activity (5’) 3. Active voice or passive voice Stages Pre- activity (5’) While-activity Teacher’s activities

Students’ activities

Students’ activities

(5’) Post-activity (5’) HOMEWORK .

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