Rob's Guitar Coaching

Terms and Conditions
My Commitment to the Student
   To provide you with a well-rounded musical education, based on your goals, and to do so in a fun, productive learning environment. To act professionally and be reliable at all times, and to be on time for your lesson. To notify you at least 24 hours in advance if the teacher must cancel a lesson, unless it is an emergency situation due to illness or accident.

Student’s Commitment to the Teacher
To be on time and prepared for your lesson. (Rob recommends a minimum of 1/2hr practice, 4-6 days a week). To notify the teacher at least 24 hours in advance if you must cancel a lesson, unless it is an emergency situation due to illness or accident. 

Lesson Rates (Please highlight/circle)
'Lesson by Lesson' Three Month Contract** Six Month Contract** Annual Contract** $60 per hour unreserved weekly slot $55 per hour *Save $60 $50 per hour *Save $240 $40 per hour *Save $960

*Compared to equivalent 'Lesson by Lesson' rate. **All Contracts may be paid monthly or in full. Note: Family members or friends may sit in on the first two lessons without participating. After this they will be required to participate with an instrument of their own at no extra charge.

When Payment is Due
  Payment is due at the first lesson of the month. One excused absence allowed per three month term. 24-hour notice is mandatory. You will receive a make-up lesson for the excused lesson subject to the teacher's availability. There are no “make-ups for a make-up”.

Cancellation Policy/Make-up Lessons

Withdrawal Notice/Holidays
 Two weeks notice is required before taking holidays or quitting lessons.. There are no lessons on any public holidays. I take a two week break over Christmas.  If a student misses two scheduled lessons in a row without advance notice, the student will be removed from the teacher’s schedule AND will forfeit that month’s payment. To resume lessons, the student must register as a new student at a cost of $20. AGREEMENT I have read, received a copy of, and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this contract for private music instruction through the Rob's Guitar Coaching. I also understand that there will be no refund of money paid up front, quarterly or monthly. I fully understand that Rob's Guitar Coaching is an independent agent and that failure to abide by this contract will result in termination of this agreement and membership will be revoked immediately.

__________________________________ Parent/Student (Name and Signature) __________________________________ Robbie Chambers
Robbie Chambers 87 Baden Street Joondanna

___________________ Date ___________________ Date
0424 658 864

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