Latar belakang: Socioeconomic status still shows the tendency of someone health status, particularly stroke.

Stroke remains one of the life-threatening diseases in some countries. Stroke mortality rate in Indonesia for all ages was 15.4% which continuously increased every year and became the number one killer. Tujuan penelitian This study aims to determine the relationship between socioeconomic status by type of stroke in hospitals Margono Soekarjo. Metode : The study design was cross sectional, with 87 stroke patients who came to the neurology clinic and ward at RSUD Margono Soekarjo during January 2011-April 2012. All interviews were based on questionnaire. The question about family income per month, type of stroke, and stroke risk factors were included. Analisis data :Data were analyzed with Chi Square tests using SPSS for Windows 15.0. The results showed the incidence of ischemic stroke occurred in 66 participants (75.9%) and hemorrhagic stroke in 21 participants (24.1%). High socioeconomic status found in 21 participants (24.1%), moderate socioeconomic status in 26 participants (29.9%), and low socioeconomic status in 40 participants (46%). Hasil : Chi Square test showed significant p-value = 0.225 (p> 0.05) and CI 95%, which showed the relationship was not significant. It can be concluded that there was no relationship between socioeconomic status with type of stroke in RSUD Margono Soekarjo.

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