Statue of Liberty says Press One With all due respect do any other countries press one I doubt

it America has become so passively correct replaced assimilation My old Kenmore air conditioner 1 page English instruction kit Assimilation has been passively bent being racist wrong; 1 Nation Slowly but surely we has been replaced with they the blame game 24/7 Constitution is now being replaced and shredded by lawyers go figure If you have relations that are lawyers you won't see them in Heaven One of my favorite movies Liar, Liar is who runs this country disfigure We the people not only have a right to vote after 18 but a duty to get off your ass If you don't like this president and didn't vote you have only one right remain silent Who me? I don't have character defects; my defects have character intelligent class Read and learn before you flap your lips don't expect others to learn for you or be violent When anyone I mean anyone I don't care what color you are get angry intelligence leaves Anger can however when properly diffused and distributed create energy as does the sun Adversity not violence or vengeful anger is the brother of invention so roll up are sleeves Let's get back to made in the USA proud even if the Statue of Liberty says Press One ©2012 I.M. Nobody People get angry at statistics and here is a quote for you from Kevin M. Kordelski; I.M. Nobody; "If statistics make you feel guilty it's because you are!" You don't have to read a book, just do a little research so you don't feel guilty silly! I am proud to be an American and a member of one race under God the human race.

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