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Unit 2734 Critical Research Project ADVERTISING

• • • •
The nature and purposes of advertising Messages and Values Product Placement Niche and Mass

Nature and Purpose of Advertising
• What is being sold, why and to whom? • What strategies are being used to sell
the “product”?
– Textual analysis – sound, mise-en-scène etc. This is Explicit information – Also consider Implicit information – aspiration, image, lifestyle – What value is given to the “product”?

• Look at the purpose of
advertising • Not all advertising is to sell particular products
– Inform, educate, raise public awareness – Campaigns which promote a set of ideas and values

• Are the strategies used
the same?

Messages and Values
• This topic has an element of crossover with the • •
previous one Again, need to consider what is being sold Begin with textual analysis

– Representation of social groups, places, events or institutions – How is the representation used to sell the product to the target audience? – Why has the company behind the advert used these representations? – To what extent does the representation within the advert confirm/challenge attitudes in the target audience?

Product Placement
• Product placement can
provide a means of exposing either a product or the brand name to a wide audience Companies pay vast sums

• Can case study a particular
company – Schwepps-, a particular range of products – drinks - or a particular range of media texts – TV Drama

– Tom Cruise driving a BMW – Carlsberg truck in Spiderman – Coca-Cola being drunk by Buffy

• Then consider why
these choices have been made
– Breadth of potential market – Media texts may have particular values which can be attached to the product – The company might be aiming to expand their market and target new audiences

Niche and Mass
• Niche – small, specific interests • Mass – broad range, diverse interests • These are not fixed • Could research the
difference/similarity between strategies for niche/mass
– Pick a niche market and investigate what products are targeted and how

• Focus on relationship between
product and consumer

• Focus on relationship
between product and consumer • It is never passive • Consumers have demands and expectations • Relationship between company, product and consumer must be understood

• Think of an advertising campaign • Make notes on the following:
– – – – What is being “sold”? Who is the audience? What strategies have been used? What representations have been used?

• Present your ideas to the rest of the

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