C1 C2 C3 C4 C5 C6

Spinal root of accessory nerve crosses transverse process of atlas Dens of axis Superior cervical ganglion Body of hyoid bone Upper border of thyroid cartilage Bifurcation of common carotid arteries Lower border of cricoids cartilage End of pharynx End of larynx Beginning of esophagus Beginning of trachea Middle cervical ganglion Vertebral artery enters foramen transversarium of C6 Carotid tubercle of Chassaignac Inferior thyroid artery passes behind the sympathetic trunk to reach thyroid gland Inferior cervical ganglion First palpable spinous process Superior border of scapula Suprasternal notch Medial end of spine of scapula Spine of T3 is posterior end of oblique fissure of lung Top of arch of aorta End of arch of aorta Azygos vein opens into the SVC Manubriosternal joint (Sternal angle, angle of Louis) Beginning of arch of aorta Thoracic duct crosses midline Inferior angle of scapula Left phrenic nerve pierces diaphragm Accessory hemiazygos vein crosses to right Caval opening in diaphragm (IV , terminal branches of right phrenic nerve, lymphatics from liver to middle phrenic and mediastinal lymph nodes)

C7 T1 T2 T2/3 T3 T3/4 T4 T4/5 T5 T7 T8 T8/9

T9 T10 T12

L1 L1/L2 L2 L3 L3/4 L4 L5 L5/S1 S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 Co

Hemiazygos vein crosses to right Xiphisternal joint at lower border Xiphoid process of sternum Esophageal opening in diaphragm (esophagus, vagus nerves, esophageal branches of left gastric vessels, lymphatics) Aortic opening in diaphragm (aorta, thoracic duct, azyygos & hemiazygos vein) Splanchnic nerves pierce crura Sympathetic trunk passes behind medial arcuate ligament Subcostal nerve passes behind lateral arcuate ligament Celiac trunk arises from aorta Inferior phrenic arteries arise from aorta Transpyloric plane Superior mesenteric artery arises from aorta Renal & suprarenal arteries arise from aorta Goadal arteries arise from aorta Subcostal arteries arise from aorta Splenic vein joins superior mesenteric vein (formation of portal vein) Inferior mesenteric artery arises from aorta Transumbilical plane Abdominal aorta ends Transtubercular plane IVC begins Bifurcation of common iliac artery

Ganglion impar

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