Praise for Invitation to Love

“The greatest blessing in my life was the gift of being in the physical presence of Babaji in Herrekhan in 1980. One day he said that he would be leaving his body. I asked him if he would still come to me if I asked. He simply looked at me, smiled knowingly, and said, “Of course!” Recently, my healing work moved to a new level. Some of the recent miracles have been so powerful as to leave me shaky. I could only turn to God to keep myself stable and humble, and so I asked for his advice. Well, he has answered my request. And I imagine he will answer the prayers of many others, through the writings of Ivonne Delaflor. In them I recognize his voice, his humor, and his teaching. Thank you, Babaji! And thank you, Ivonne, for being such an open channel!” Only love, —Dan Brulé, Guchu Ram Singh “I have channeled Babaji for many souls over the past 20 years, and no message has touched my heart deeper than those precious words shared with Ivonne Delaflor. Invitation to Love is a timely message for all of us (his children) to drop our pettiness and separation and unite in celebration of his presence in the temple of our hearts. Ivonne is a courageous Shakti. May all beings be blessed with Babaji’s profound message delivered to us through Ivonne’s Divine hand. Babaji once told me that we are always receiving teachings in one of three areas:patience, perseverance, and holy humility. Thank you, Ivonne, for sharing Babaji’s playful, humble, and loving presence with all of us—his children.

I greet you at the Master’s lotus feet as just one of the many eternal disciples of Babaji.” Om Kriya Babaji Namah Aum. Pranam and Namaste —Parvati “Very authentic! I know exactly where Ivonne stands and the force that inspires this book.” —Francisco Bujan, author of How to Connect with Babaji, Babaji’s Circle of Power, and many more. “I wish to invite those who read Babaji’s messages to consider them their own. It is the will of the heart in alignment with God who makes the reader the messenger, the words our own wisdom, and Babaji’s reminders of enlightenment the power of a memory which has always been shared by every being alive, in the Unity of it all, needless of personal acknowledgment. Either you feel it or you don’t, you are there or not…either you are or you are not…still the message is yours. God/dess speaking to God/dess in whatever miraculous form it may choose to manifest, anytime, anyplace…starting by its center, which in your experience as a reader, will always be “you” in connection to All There Is.” —Swami Aksmilanandaji, author of The Game of Remembrance Invitation to Love is one of the most inspiring books I have ever read. There is a profound message of LOVE which seems to vibrate out from the pages of the book itself and to permeate the space around it. This book bubbles over with joy and simple, how-to-live wisdom from the great Master, Sri Babaji Nagaraj. This is a book for everyone who envisions a planet based on Love and a connection to the ONE that is ALL.” Phil & Paula La Haye

108 reminders to love… Messages so simple and so true in their essence! Reminders indeed! In the depth of one’s heart, every human being knows these truths. Every one knows that Humanity is one and that we are all brothers and sisters coming from the same source—The Divine and His unconditional Love. Love is the origin of Creation. Love is its mean and its fulfilment, but so many forgot it. What a blessing to have been chosen by Babaji for writing these messages! Though Babaji was dictating these messages to Ivonne, while reading this book I felt like if Babaji was speaking to me…probably because these messages are universal. Thousand thanks Ivonne, to have been chosen to channel these reminders to every one. May all re-unite themselves within! May all re-unite with their brothers and sisters! May all live and manifest unconditional Love! Satprem Maïni Auroville India, 8 December 2004 Invitation to Love is just that. An Open Invitation to join the Divine Party. Reminding us to rejoice with laughter and to put aside our ideas about creation by the simple choice of love. Read the words in this unique book, and most importantly swim and play in the vibrations emanating from it. Ignacio Méndez Craneo Sacral Therapist Santa Barbara Ca.

Invitation To Love .


D. New York Lincoln Shanghai . Author. Inc. Archangels and Ascended Masters iUniverse.Invitation To Love ✦ 108 Reminders for the Enlightened Ones Dictated through Automatic Writing by Mahavatar Sri Babaji Nagaraj to Ivonne Delaflor Foreword By Doreen Virtue. Ph.

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simplicity. and that they might always remember that the greatest Teacher is the one who lives life in truth. humbleness.Babaji wishes to dedicate this book to all of his children. and love. and to the brotherhood and sisterhood of the Great Work. so that they might continue to coexist as “One”. .


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33 DHARMA AND KARMA . . IT HAS HAPPENED ALREADY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 SANKALPA: THE POWER OF WILL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 THINK TWICE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35 THE PRACTICE OF LOVE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45 RECEIVING PIONEERS AND NOT LAMBS . . . . . . . . 5 WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR? . . . . . . . . . . . .Contents FOREWORD BY DOREEN VIRTUE. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39 CLEAR AS WATER SAUCHA: ENLIGHTENED PURITY . . . . . . . . . 6 DIVINE CONVERSATIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 BEFORE BIRTH I BREATHE. . . . 8 I AM HERE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 I HAVE A PLAN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 I WILL TAKE YOUR HAND . . . . . . . 19 THOSE WITH EARS IN THE HEART SHALL LISTEN . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 DELIVER THE PROMISE. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 THE SUIT OF ENLIGHTENMENT.xix INTRODUCTION . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 ETERNAL GOOD NEWS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42 THE NEED FOR A GURU . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 I AM THE PAST AND THE FUTURE . . . . . . . . . . 47 xi . . . . . 1 Ch a p t e r 1 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Warming Up . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . BEFORE DEATH I LIVE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .D. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 IT WILL HAPPEN. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ph. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 MIND IS PURE . . . . . . . . . 15 I AM NO LABEL .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 70 THE SOUL OF HUMANITY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 88 ORIGINAL GOODNESS: THE CHRIST AND BUDDHA NATURE IN ALL . . . . . . . . 76 THE SONG OF THE HEART . . 73 INVESTING SACRED TIME AND NO TIME . . . . . 49 DESTINY IS NOW. . . 96 ADI BUDDHA AND ADI BUDDHI: THE SUPREME BUDDHA AND DIVINE WISDOM . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 82 GET TO YOUR TRUE NAKED SELF . . . . 83 MOVE OUT FROM THE HOUSE OF IGNORANCE: THERE ARE BETTER PLACES TO LIVE . . . . . . . . . 59 TRIALS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 95 ADHATMAN: THE SUPREME SELF . . . . . . . . . . 78 BALANCE: THE JOY OF THE MIDWAY . . . . . . . . . . . . 93 THE SACREDNESS OF ADITI: WHAT YOU KNOW AS SPACE. . . . 57 Ch a p t e r 2 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • The Practice . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 91 VACH. . . . . . . . . 62 THE BRAVE ONES. . . . . . . . . . . . . 53 THE DISCIPLE OF THE MIND . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . FEAR. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 51 SPIRITUAL GARDENERS: SEEDS OF GOODNESS AND CHANGE . . . . . 98 . . . 77 PERFECT SERENITY. . 74 ALWAYS AVAILABLE . AND TRANSFORMATION . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . MYSTIC SPEACH . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . BOREDOM . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 64 HELP THY FRIEND . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . HABITS. . 48 IMPERMANENCE AND TIME . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 66 MICROCOSM OF LIGHT . . . . . . . . . 81 THE ETERNAL TRAVELER IN TRAINING . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .xii Invitation To Love • • • • • • SEEKERS OF MIRACLES? LIFE IS THE GRANDEST MIRACLE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 72 HARVEST OF FRUITFUL DEEDS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . DEPENDENCY. . . . . 68 RESPONSIBILITY TOWARD SOCIETY AS AN ENLIGHTENED ONE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 79 MAYA AND SAMSARA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60 TOO MUCH IMPORTANCE: ON THE EGO AND SPIRITUALITY . . . . . . 55 GET READY FOR A NEW RELIGION OF LOVE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 85 REJOICE IN OTHERS’ GOOD EXPERIENCES! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . 102 PRANA: THE FOOD CALLED BREATH . . 127 MOKSHA AND MUKTI FOR EVERYONE. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 120 I AM THE REMOVER OF SIN. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I AM HARI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 126 WAKE UP FROM THE MAHA MAYA. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 130 CONSTANT NIRVANA FOR ALL SENTIENT BEINGS . . . 124 YOU AFFECT THE MACROCOSM . . 100 I AM AMRITA: THE IMMORTALITY OF LOVE. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 117 THE DEVA WARRIORS. . . . 107 ASTI-NASTI . . . . . . THE GRAND ILLUSION. . . . 133 YOU ALL ARE THE OM MANI PADME HUM: HE JEWEL IN THE LOTUS. . . . . 122 RESPECT FOR THE FEMALE FORM . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ONLY A MISGUIDED MIND CREATES THEM. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 132 PRACTICE CONSTANT CONTROL OF THOUGHTS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 115 CHAITANYA: COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 134 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 111 CREATORS OF ASVATHAS: MYSTIC TREES OF LIFE WHO ARE HUMAN BEINGS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . DISCIPLES. . . . . 128 THE SOUND OF LAUGHTER . . . . . . . . . . . 106 THE ARHAN: THE WORTHY ONES. . . 99 I AM THE BOUNDLESS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 121 POWERS FROM THE HEART AND MIND. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 123 THERE ARE NO DEMONS OR LHAMAYINS. . . . . . . . . 118 I AM EK. . . . . . . . . . 105 Ch a p t e r 3 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Soul Asanas . . . . . . 113 A MINUTE FOR YOU IS A BRAHMA NIGHT FOR ME . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . AND IMITATORS .Contents xiii • • • • FOCUS ON ADVAITA: NON-DUALITY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 131 NIVRITTI: HE RETURNING INVOLUTION BACK TO THE SOURCE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 116 CHAKRAS: FORCE AND POWER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 114 CHELAS. . THE LIGHT WORKERS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 112 THE ATMAN AND THE MADMAN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 125 MAHA HUMANS: GREAT HUMAN BEINGS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 119 THE POWER OF GANDHA: THE POWER OF THE DIVINE SENSE OF SMELL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I AM ONE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .xiv Invitation To Love • • • EAT THE FRUIT OF KNOWLEDGE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . BUT NEVER IN MIND . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . IMAGINATION. 141 SAMSKARA: PUTTING TOGETHER. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 136 RASA: THE TASTE OF LOVE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . TRUSTING . ACCUMULATIONS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 158 MEASURE. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 149 THE RIGHT WAY TO CONDUCT YOUR LIFE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 160 GROW OLD IN BODY IF YOU MAY. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 144 ALL ARE EVER-YOUTHFUL GODDESSES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . RIGHT TIMING. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 163 YOU ARE ALL HERE FOR THE MAGNIFICENT WORK OF THE NOW 164 . . 152 WONDER. . . . . . . . 139 ALL ARE RISHIS WITHIN . . . . . . . . . . . . 143 RISE UPWARDS: UDANA . . . . . . . . . . . . . 135 REST IS IMPORTANT. . . . . READ LESS HISTORY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 155 THE BEGINNING OF LEARNING STARTS WHEN THE KNOWLEDGE IS DROPPED . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 153 STAGNATION? NO! . . . . . 137 Ch a p t e r 4 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Integrating the Shakti-Relaxation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 162 LITTLE BY LITTLE. . . . . . . . . . . AND CELEBRATION. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 161 NOTHING IS SAID THAT HAS NOT BEEN SAID BEFORE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 138 YOU ARE A JEWEL FOR THE DIVINE . . . . . . . VITAL BREATH. . . . . . . 150 LIVING WELL IS WISE . . . . . . . . . . 146 ALL ARE GATHERED AS ONE FORCE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 151 TRUE WISE MEN ARE LOVERS OF TRUTH. . . . . . . . . . 148 VITAL AIR. . 145 INDIFFERENCE TO PLEASURE AND PAIN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 147 THE YONI OF CREATION: THE WOMB OF EXISTENCE . . . . . 159 BUT DON’T STOP TO THINK TOO MUCH. . 157 READ MORE POETRY. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 156 THE REAL HISTORY IS CREATED BY LIVING EXAMPLES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 140 LET’S HAVE A SAMGHA (GATHERING) OF THE CHILDREN OF BABAJI . . . . . RESULTS IN ACTIONS . . . . . . . . . OR YOU MIGHT MISS AN OPPORTUNITY TO SEE THE BUDDHA PASSING BY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 154 THROW AWAY SELF-CONCEIT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . .Contents xv • • WHATEVER YOUR ACTIONS ARE. . . . . . . . . . . SO IS YOUR SPIRIT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 175 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 173 ABOUT THE WRITER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . THAT VERY FORM YOU SHALL BECOME . . . . 166 EPILOGUE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 165 WHATEVER FORM YOU DESIRE AS A DIVINE BEING. . . . 169 ABOUT MAHAVATAR BABAJI NAGARAJ . . . . . . . . . .


Om Om Babaji. Om Babaji. Om Shanti.SANSKRIT PRAYER Asato Ma. Om Babaji. Sat Gamayeh. Om Shanti. Om Babaji. Amritam Gamayeh Om Shanti. Joythir Gamayeh. Om xvii . Om Babaji. Thamasho Ma. Om Om Babaji. Myrithor Ma.


I worried that Ivonne would be insulted by my suggesting that the book needed editing. something I’d never asked her to do in the eleven years we’d worked together. This is a very powerful book. and that was payment enough. She told me that she felt honored to edit the manuscript. If that weren’t enough. Ivonne wasn’t offended at all. His light is xix .D. In fact. Ph. Jill refused to accept payment for her editing work. I spoke with Babaji and was reassured this was his desire. I instantly realized that the manuscript needed the expert editing skills of my friend and the senior editor of Hay House. Jill Kramer. Yet. I know that I did. Ivonne is a wonderful example of how to help others from a spirit of joy and genuine generosity. you’ll experience Babaji’s presence and miracles while reading these pages. So.FOREWORD BY DOREEN VIRTUE. I was thrilled to read her beautiful introduction. the book required editing. The next miracle occurred when Jill agreed to take on a free-lance editing assignment. Ivonne Delaflor is a uniquely beautiful woman whom I met when she invited me to speak about Crystal and Indigo Children in Cancun. He would take care of Ivonne. I knew that Babaji had given me the manuscript like a torch-bearer. Sure enough. the editor. Honored is also how I feel in writing this foreword. I recognized the pure love that I’d felt when I spent time with Ivonne in Cancun. I was struck by Ivonne’s deep joy and light-heartedness. Mexico. Most likely. combined with complete compassion and caring. The energy of pure love pours from its pages. Babaji is among the purest of ascended masters with whom I’ve had the privilege of connecting. She has adopted an orphanage in Cancun (La Casa of Cancun) and is endlessly performing fund-raising events to help the resident children. enfolding you in the healing energy that is Babaji’s mission. she was delighted to receive the additional help from Jill. and that I was to pass it along to Jill for polishing. rather than from guilt or reacting to negativity or drama. When Ivonne sent me the manuscript of Invitation to Love.

simplify your life. and to follow God’s will. but ascended with his physical body. here’s a brief summary as I wrote in the book.xx Invitation To Love so filled with exuberance for life. Babaji is known as “the deathless avatar” because he overcame physical limitations regarding the human life span. Babaji wants to help you and everyone to experience peace and enlightenment. Love is all there is. while simultaneously reclaiming our natural abilities to manifest all of our material needs. and Love is you. He is felt in the warm embrace of a trusted loved one. joyful energy in your heart. Even better is to repeat his name with each breath. He encourages people to follow their own spiritual path. and to practice self-honesty and forgiveness. He also beautifully helps us to detach from materiality. One way to connect with Babaji is by thinking his name. too. He is heard in a child’s laughter. Archangels and Ascended Masters: Sri Mahavatar Babaji was made famous by Paramahansa Yogananda’s book Autobiography of a Yogi. for those unfamiliar with this remarkable ascended master. or visions. The deeper the breaths. Babaji’s mission is to bring humanity closer to God. he usually comes to those who invoke him on the spiritual plane. feelings. Kriya is known as a tool of enlightenment and may have helped spark the current popularity in yoga. . He encouraged Yogananda to bring Kriya Yoga (which involves 18 yoga postures—also known as asanas or mudras) to the West. and says that all religions lead to God. Babaji is a master healer for troubled hearts. the more profoundly you feel his warm. Babaji is the embodiment of non-judgment. Many accounts of him appearing physically to spiritual seekers have been written. Love is God. He is available to help you to purify your body (including overcoming addictions). He is known in the moments of “Ah ha!” insights. He is lived when our actions are in sync with our true beliefs. It’s said that he didn’t die. His Human History Babaji says that his human history is irrelevant and that it ultimately doesn’t matter. Still. Babaji is With You Many people such as Ivonne and myself have received messages from Babaji. and they “hear” Babaji through thoughts. However. you’ll likely receive his personal messages. As you read this book. and he soothes noisy minds. He is enthusiastic about sharing the good news that love is the only thing that matters.



Please know that you like everyone can call upon Babaji and receive his love and assistance. You needn’t be a natural “channeler” or specially trained in Eastern spirituality. Babaji loves unconditionally, and readily helps sincere seekers. He helps us strip away the veneer of ego fears, jealousies, and other restrictions. The words of Babaji’s messages are secondary to their healing qualities. Receive the gifts that he offers to you, without worrying whether you intellectually comprehend them. Babaji’s messages come from the place of emotions and feelings, and that is where they’re best received. Let his soothing energy reassure and calm your mind and heart, and support your experience of true peacefulness. With Angels’ Blessings, Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. Author, Archangels and Ascended Masters

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The greatest pleasure I know is to do a good deed by stealth and have it found out by accident. —Charles Lamb

Who could have believed that someone would be writing and publishing a book within such a short period of time? Who would have believed that the esoteric, metaphysical legends and histories about a man, who has never died and has retained his youthful form through ages upon ages, were possible as a reality to be experienced by a human being? There are three basic principles I experienced through the entire journey of writing this book with Sri Babaji: truth, love, and simplicity. This book started with doubts, disbelief…and a lack of understanding in a process that went beyond the mind and that carried within itself healing and validation through the mystical experiences of faith, Divine love, and trust. This is not a book about me, the author, or shall I say, the receiver of the message. This book is about the message itself. I wish no praise other than praise for Sri Babaji. Yet, he is not interested in praise. He is just interested in humanity embracing prema—Divine love—and awakening to the reality of the God within while realizing the truth of who we are as “One.” This book, the first of two, is based on messages I received telepathically. I was rarely allowed to speak or write my own mental opinion. Babaji would have said, “Noise in your mind? Not necessary to say it.” I am publishing through a leap of faith and deep trust in the insights of my heart, and the evolving situations that accompanied these messages. Dear reader, I am not a “sheep-type” follower of any guru or any path. I come to you with no other intention than to share this unique and transcendental message of Babaji, which was dictated to me by a process called automatic writing. This book is written as it was being poured through the automatic-writing process. I was highly tempted to edit it. But I trust and deliver this book to you


Invitation To Love

exactly as it was received. Only the typos and some grammatical changes were allowed. I rarely spoke during the sessions. There was no need. Everything was known by Babaji. When I was present in his Divine energy, the thoughts still arose, yet I could hear the sweetest of melodies with my heart. Babaji said that the messages are like metaphors. They have been integrated with specific genetic codes and energy information. Every word, every letter, was intentionally selected to create a specific sound and intonation for whenever someone should read it. At times it might seem that the dialogue had to do with me, since Babaji needed to address my mind constantly for obvious reasons. (I was always excited, in shock, and very astonished by the process). Yet, within the message, information is given. The dialogue is simple. Babaji doesn’t want to complicate anything because love is the ultimate reality. It is not merely an emotion; it is the essence of the Divine. Both energies, feminine and masculine, can be felt in this process. It is a mind-stopper for those who believe that death is the ultimate destination. I am a non-believer in belief systems anymore…I have opened my mind to TRUST more in whatever evolves in the moment. I have met the guru in every stone, in every blade of grass, and in every human being. Those who are teaching and guiding and have had the experiences of enlightenment, of samadhi, of nirvana…and who have an enormous responsibility for guiding others who have bestowed their trust and hopes for a better life to them, are to be very attentive and aware that their responsibility is like a mother to a child. In this Babaji is specific: The Divine Mother lives in all, both man and woman. The female energy must be respected at all times in all its manifestations. The universe was born from the Divine Mother…and yet we humans create so many divisions and struggles as to who has or does not have the right answer, or who has the truth in his or her hands. Babaji wants all of us to rest peacefully, to dance and celebrate while practicing a non-violent way of living. He wants us to delight in respecting and serving others rather than using the mouth to blame and judge, or using our actions to hurt or condemn. I rarely slept while engaged in this process…for as you will see, the messages were given during various times of the day. It was usually late at night or very early in the morning when Sri Babaji requested my service, although different times of the day were also opportunities for him to deliver his message and for me to receive his blessing. I have two young children who are my little gurus, and my time is usually devoted to them. Yet, how could I possibly have said no to this special gift? Would you say no to Jesus? Would you say no to Buddha?

so I thought that we would have five chapters. he wrote for his own contemplation: Is there an answering voice from the void? Whether we do or do not believe in the process. Some of them you may actively resist. (Due to an accident I had fifteen years ago. is an integral way of life. as if I had eaten my fill of gourmet food. nor did it affect the message of the Buddha or Jesus. prana. deep and mystical thoughts can be accessed. because during the process. and you need not even welcome them.) I wanted to be engaged in more and more of the writing. you need not believe the ideas. as requested by Babaji. during the entire process. and mantras are experienced through the written words. and physical. The automatic-writing process still amazes me! It is said that automatic writing is the process of allowing spirit guides or the Higher Self to use a person’s hand and arm to write answers to questions. uninhibited by the conscious mind. The “receiver” writes whatever comes to one’s mind. Babaji said no. In reality. whether we are aware or not of the mind and its unlimited power. leading to all-around development—mystic. mental. H. He told me the eyes would be doing yoga along with the mind and the 1. I felt energized.” This book is divided into four chapters. Babaji says that reading this is like a kriya yoga practice where mudras. F. “without consciousness. . my right arm’s mobility is impaired. Once I read in A Course of Miracles the next quote: “Remember only this. or decrease their efficacy. Yogi Ramaiah says that kriya yoga. or receive messages from higher realms. tortillas.” as if in a trance. and after experiencing automatic writing. except for some kefir (a type of yogurt drink). W. It is sometimes called “trance” writing because it is done quickly and without judgment. It is believed that this allows one to tap in to the subconscious mind where “the true self” dwells. Each chapter contains twenty-seven messages. I knew that kriya1 yoga was a five-path practice. I rarely ate. the Gospel of Scientific Mysticism. just four. the belief or disbelief does not affect the message of Babaji. None of this will matter. you need not accept them. and arugula salad.INTRODUCTION 3 I saw myself writing while in an altered state of consciousness with very fast movements with only one hand. as requested by Babaji. Myers was a scientist. There. and gave me the names for each of them.

The publishers suggested I give more structure to the manuscript. which happens to be the birthday of my son. The manuscript was finished exactly the day Babaji announced on November the 22nd of 2004. Read and breathe between the lines and beyond the words. eternal life. humbleness. the service within. and I am so very grateful. and open yourself to this Divine and yet simple invitation to remember the basics of simplicity. read. and love. and breathing. truth. Uplift yourself in love. my answers are in italics. focus. That’s all. Romance existence. whose message. and all enlightened ones. Now. I did not want to make any changes that were not requested. The messages that Babaji gave me are in chronological order. I have served my part. In service to the children of the world. for the process of reading requires stillness. just like the Buddha.4 Invitation To Love heart in the reading of this book while the body is still. but my instructions were to leave it as is. Ivonne Delaflor [A NOTE TO THE READER: When I reply to any of Babaji’s questions.1] . I have written the messages as they were given to me. and tap in to the awareness of the possibility of eternity as an experience…eternal love. just like the Christ. eternal trust. Forget the specific names that are written. and allow that romance to be forever within you. Now it is up to you to allow yourself to merge in the process and receive the blessings of Sri Babaji Nagaraj. comes down to one word: LOVE! All I can ask of you is just to TRUST. It is in love that I bow to the Divine guru in all. It is effortless…it just happens. Sometimes sentences or words are written in upper case letters to vibrate in a different frequency that Babaji says carries the reverberation of bowing to Divine service.

May Kriya Babaji lead us all to the harbor of soruba samadhi through the five-fold Siva Yoga of Tamil Siddhantham.A.A. the greatest Pranayam disciple of the father of the Tamil language. Let us go by the Greyhound bus of Kriya Yogam and leave the driving to Babaji! Om Kriya Babaji Nama Aum! —Yogi S. Sage Agathiyar.1 Warming Up º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º I unconditionally surrender to Kriya Babaji Nagaraj. Ramaiah 5 .

The Light transpires your name to me. Shhhhhhhh.1 Shhhhhhhh. Babaji 1.] . and is one form of extra-sensory perception or anomalous cognition. What a crystal will burn with its presence is the illusion of separation. Forty days exactly. 2003 MESSAGE 1 7:41 A.M. now listen.” It refers to the supposed ability to communicate information from one mind to another.6 Invitation To Love WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR? November 11. “feeling. [it] is here. How would the whisper be transformed into a subtle reverberation for the crazy lovers to understand my love for them? SWING! SWING! SWING! The night will come.” and pathe. the free encyclopedia. and then you speak up. [Wikipedia. Telepathy (literally “distant perception/feeling”) comes from the Greek tele. beloved? Why [are you] thinking [that] the information is not for you to endure? Please receive the information. What are we waiting for. I will call you telepathically. “distant. This information is generally reported as being “received” in the same form as that from the conventional senses. The wind came by and told me about the writing.

The Yoga Tradition. . My children will write about Divine conversations.D. 2003 MESSAGE 2 11:11 P. a button of fear and control will move the mind of my children. Yet.M. and what seems separated shall be reunited in the now. George Feuerstein. The light that shall be seen will be read in the portal of paper. You are the wave. Shakti: The feminine power aspect of the Divine. Babaji 2. and the ocean will validate this with a wave of Shakti. the red-iron formations vibrate higher awareness. Yet I say unto you. Shhhh…Blessings. 1998.Warming Up 7 DIVINE CONVERSATIONS November 11. Hohm Press. The rocks shall bear witness of the Soulmate reconnecting.. Ph.2 You are part of the wave.

M. 2. 1…. 3. ha. My Boy does. be quiet. even more. Aha! I said for you to swing! I am watching through the wind. 7. ha! The possibility of God’s realization since before birth is here and now. Ha. 6. I move now and stay here.8 Invitation To Love BEFORE BIRTH I BREATHE. 4. Wait! What are you thinking? Parents need to eat the sweet! First we feed them. Aha! What are these words I am telling you? Ha. you come and speak to me. Too much emphasis on fame and recognition on your planet. too. Would you dance for me as you have done through eternity? Our amrita melts My Boy. Count to ten before you start contemplating the incomprehensible. First they go to My Boy. 9. 10. Before birth I breathe. even the masters cross the fine line of spirituality and ego. then my Soulmate. Shhhh. Then. before death I live. Shhhhhhh…three more days [and] the elixir melts as a rounded crystal. Babaji Om Surya Premanand . 2003 MESSAGE 3 12:10 P. Yes. Now a moment of silence…your mind I put to sleep. and then they serve children as meant by creation. 5. 8. BEFORE DEATH I LIVE November 12. ha! Asleep and awake! I like games.

Warming Up


November 12, 2003
MESSAGE 4 12:17 P.M.
Ame, When you put your hand on my heart, I feel it. Yes, yes, I know what you think. You haven’t touched my form? Of course you have! I have caressed you always with the wind, as the wind itself! Ha, ha! You thought you were the one looking for me? Ha, ha, ha, ha! I have been calling your name since you departed from our sacred cave, beloved! We agreed, remember? Remember the light, white, Great Work? You believe and yet you don’t! No, no! Don’t say a word! I am reading your mind. Shhhhhhhh, yes…this is not and it IS your creation! I am as real as the thousand suns of the universes. My Boy knows! Who is My Boy? Ha, ha, ha! The veil is good! In one hug my Boy will melt even more. You…you…us. My Shakti, my passion for creation. I am here. It is me! How do you know, you ask? Yes! Above the triangle…[In the] pyramid of love, I will sing my song to you. You have my key, remember? Ha, ha! I want the trillions of white souls to smile. You do it very well. Dropping knowledge, celebrating life! You ask me, “Why you?” Ha, ha! My Boy knows! Why not? I’ve said this many times to you! I will send you roses; I wanted to. I have ten rudrashka seeds here from you. You left and you didn’t tell me where to plant them. Shhh…my message, too intense? Less and less you comprehend? Good…that’s good! Aha! I see the smile of our heart. We give [the] messages, you complete [the] mission…bring to closing a cycle. Then we speak to [the] parents of the world, and before that we release the amrita. Then you come back to me. Only with My Boy would I share my greatest treasure: YOU. You belong to eternity, and eternity belongs to you. Hear me well…and Shhhhhhhhhhhhh. Babaji


Invitation To Love

November 12, 2003
MESSAGE 5 12:27 P.M.
Ame, You saw me and yet you prayed for me to let you go. My dear Soulmate…can’t you see that whatever you wish I will create for you? I let you go eons of time ago with the only one tear I have ever shed in creation. You begged to stay then, but service was grander…humanity [is] a miracle. Shhhh…bhakti tears? I know what you must work [on] first. But now my longing is deeper in the perfection of the present. The longing is not mine, for I am always with you. My Boy has a longing I wish to fulfill. You keep working with the key. The hearts of the enlightened ones need totally to melt. Yes, yes, yes. I will send you a letter. Through you? No! Through My Boy…another you! Ha, ha! Aha! Your mind can’t keep up, down, in, above, around me. GOOD! Your mind is pure. Forget what other minds say. They are zombies, dear beloved. You are sacred to me. Receive my kiss-full wind. (I am using your words, Amenai.) Wind-fully yours forever, Billions of candles to light, Babaji

Warming Up


November 14, 2003
MESSAGE 6 5:39 A.M.
And better than a hundred years lived without seeing the Deathless state, is one day lived seeing the Deathless state. —Dhammapada, 114 (Translated by Thanissaro Bhikkhu) So, I see you are drawn to religious scriptures…sacred texts…mmmhhhh…are you looking for me there? Do you use them as the keys? They are to unlock the veil that separates the illusion from the reality which I am. Aume…Aume…Ame…Both male and female is who I am…you are as well, but the play requires apparent separation. My Boy…you still wonder who My Boy is? Ha, ha, ha! It is perfect…. Your sleep state will last six of your months. Yes…I don’t like the word future. No, no, NO! Shhhhhhhh…this word—future—is a big, huge, distraction. The word PAST? Aha! You sometimes still gravitate to that…ha! That is okay, no concern. Why, your mind is asking? Because I am the past and the future…I am the forever living present, lifting the veil of illusion. Why? Simply because I am. You were going to use the quote of the Buddha for what? For your newsletter? Ha! Why [are] you not quoting yourself? Aha! Show your face, my beloved; you are my Soulmate! Don’t you remember? You have been mistaken as a sister; you have been mistaken as a mother; you have been mistaken as a writer; and yet all mistaken perception of who you are leads to me. I sent you a ring. I sent you a dozen roses. My fragrance is yours forever. I sense that still you [do] not believe. That is okay. My Boy will work [on] that. I live in My Boy…as I long to embrace your whole being, beloved. But shhhhhhh, do not go more crazy than that which you think you are already. You will open the eyes from sleep on the fourth month of your next concept of 2004. Do not think of the future, beloved! No! I am not a prophet, but


Invitation To Love

the prophecy itself. Why would I like to create expectations? I want to rip them off as gently as the apples fall from [the] tree! Aha! The apple. The tree. You must learn first to say NO! “Why, Babaji?” you ask? Everyone has told you about that! My beloved…give your tear to me. Even grand spiritual masters forget the promise. Even those who are aware of the Great Work get sunk in material expectations, in desires and limitations that seem as apparent teachings. You are and will always be pure. No need for you to accept this. I know what you think. Your purity doesn’t reside in what type of thoughts you’ve had or will have…what type of actions you’ve done or would do. Your purity resides in your heart. Ahh! You still ask if it is me. [It] doesn’t matter…I will see you in Badrinath. You keep sharing this with Akshmil? Good, good, but you should give messages to My Boy…Ha! No…I won’t tell; your heart knows. If you [do] not do it, I have my ways. Only three people. One will tell you what to do. Why not me telling you what to do? Because I’d rather “be loving” you, breathing you, and waiting for you for the eternity that I AM myself! Shhhh, feel the love, beloved, and the sweets I’ve placed at your feet. Aum, Aume, Namah! Babaji

IT HAS HAPPENED ALREADY November 15. beloved? The moon will soon create a seat for you. It is in the voice of silence that I come…we are here for the purposeless purpose of one silent moment that will embrace humanity with a dance. Shhhh. You have been working. My Boy thinks [it] won’t happen. I hear your inner voice…your longing and your yearning is my own. too. But then existence creates the opportunity for the eclipse.Warming Up 13 IT WILL HAPPEN. It has happened already. created already thousands of possibilities for others. 2003 MESSAGE 7 5:40 A. Babaji . no. No. be quiet. It will happen. I will move you from where you are. even MORE. and yet you remain not speaking. He has my name. Have you [a] swing. like the moon and the sun. Good morning. far away from each other and yet so close. You have been using [your] voice again. no…[I’m] not telling [you] My Boy’s identity yet. bring you closer and closer to me. Aha! The embrace…. Yes. with the whisper of creation. The frequency reverberated in the Divine prema manifested. You are a poet! Ha! [You are] much more than that.M.

Everyone. Close all cycles. And in the subtle reverberations. they come. I will take your hand strongly and with subtle love. Shakti. Can you open your [wings] to fly with me? It would require major shifts and adjustments in your life. 2003 MESSAGE 8 6:22 P. We would have merged already. simple and grand. Babaji . beloved? For I am present always for you! There is here…here is there as well. Akshmil as witness again? Aha! Yet beyond. I have plans for him. Children? Husband? From now on you are married to creation! Surprises.456 times. the energy of the awakening of the pyramids…female…no wonder he assisted with his presence at Teotihuacán. Shakti. too. You’ve found him and immediately transformed yourself into Shakti. but they go. It is time. looks for the Soulmate. billions… Shhhhhhh. yes. our time has come.14 Invitation To Love I WILL TAKE YOUR HAND November 15. the day shall be night. Let me handle with my wings anything that comes to you. Shakti of creation.M. Are you there. Concern [yourself] not of the unknown outcome as you always do…. day. all Godrealized beings became your lovers. As soon as this happened. It is so. Beloved. He has work to do. can’t you see? The real power of joy you will deliver to thousands of people. But know that through the whole experience. Dear Shakti. More will come to you. every single soul. and night. When the world has whirled 3.

no! I do not like omens. Shhhh.M. Just write. the whisper of creation unfolds like Divine nectar. Aum. you will be approached. completing what you call relationship. Do not be afraid of recognition. Ame. He does. I see my Shakti through you. too. Crazy Mystics! You see now the feet. and yet I need you to accept what comes. Aume. We will unite the cosmic bodies . Be silent for twenty-one days after writing what we requested. beloved. Neither I. Tibet. Aume. I have a plan. You will lift the veil for many. and yet I am not. Wherever you are. I like the NOW. thus his mind is and always has been special. remember? As Shakti. Your humbleness delights me. I belong to no one. You will see me again. Then speak. We belong to each other and to the eternal life of the universe. neither you. I will embrace you forever and in the physical for what you call two hours—eternity itself for me. Come to the lake of sacred healing waters. and yet I am yours forever. Do not miss me. My Boy and my Soulmate. and yet this is not an omen. The time will come. Ame. tears of recognition? Your laughter called me. I have a plan. We agreed upon this eons in time. China…needs liberation. Thirteen years and then to the cave. I placed in your mouth the nectar of the wind. Aume. Concern [yourself] not of your little one. I am working. Do not take me literally…and yet do! You must swing into the triangle first. 2003 MESSAGE 9 5:17 A. Your children will grow within God’s realization. Billions of candles to light. Hidden message. Leave all concerns and worries to me. Be silent. Thirteen years.Warming Up 15 I HAVE A PLAN November 17. No. he belongs to the White Brotherhood. and in the NOW [it is] happening. and only to three persons. before time ever existed. Not when [your] mind wants to. Aume. your mind will not understand the moment where the sacred union will happen and has happened already. Now I embrace my Shakti within amrita itself. Complete your destiny and embrace me in the NOW. Share this message when [your] heart tells you [to]. My Boy knows I love to laugh. Shhh. I am. tasting like sweets for children. In the words I’ll come to you. No. The orgasm of Divine Love will heal billions.

The minds make choices…based. Seven days of transformation. I read your mind. here. Divine service to the Divine brotherhood…while in return. “Why do you look for me? Can’t you hear me. The wind tells me all about you. My right hand I’ve moved. Shhh. Do not reject any process of it. Aha! You see my picture. For now. You’ve seen my feet. You are a rare gem…you are. Giving birth to the grandest love story ever. I love mountains. intelligence. hidden in the wind. You are like me. The role of a witness is not only to be an observer…but to receive beyond the words the essence of its own training. I have prepared a special place for our meeting. Few can see. two hours of eternity. You are not seen by those I want to help. Understand that what you are taking in your hands for them will shatter their concepts and beliefs…including the “masters”? This is your job. I am working and moving. I have veiled you. I intend them not to have any conceptual meaning. where my formless arms will make you disappear forever through my sacred vessel. Your humbleness . And when I choose these words. Shhhh…and dance now. Shhh. Aha! Got tricked? The mind is meant to do its job. of this longing. I know of your sadness. I am in the wind and the essence of your breath. you learn the skills of being human. I AM. Just like you are always in the now for love. Shhh. an eclipse of love soon. I live in your breath…I am each beat of thy heart. I love rocks. have a candy. I am here AS you. soon. I’ve sent you to many. This is just Divine foreplay.16 Invitation To Love with the intention for peace on your planet. I move [on] now. And we are just about to begin. I have merged in your heart. NOW. and more and more you will melt into tears. Open your eyes. You think your imagination plays with you or you with it? Allow my laughter…. my Beloved Crazy Mystic. remember…. Soon. but those few might feel threatened and that is good…very good. I am here. Then we will be silent for nine months and then watch the rebirth of magic. yes in spirituality. I am always here for you. or ideas…and yet still the mind. I had a wish…a mission…and the billions are reached easily through Shakti. Feel me…live me. What seems is not reality…. Stay loving…stay breathing…more and more. When I say My Boy…[it] is not someone in particular…I am speaking of the Boy as yang energy. beloved? YOU ARE MY SOULMATE! The six-month time is approaching. Shhhh…try not to understand me. Shhhh. I just came by quickly to see you. [a] radiance of blue I cover you with. I wish to hold you.

[Do] not worry [about your] children. and yet I need you to write. and yet you’ve stopped. I travel. I AM HERE. shhhh…you don’t eat! You avoid the word crazy now…aha! You have spoken with The Boy…the timing is perfect.Warming Up 17 inspires me…. Oh Ame. DICTATING THESE WORDS!!!! HOW? HA! Through the air you stop breathing. no try to understand. I love you…you stopped [taking] ash…okay. I AM HERE WITH YOU IN THIS SAME ROOM. soon you begin [to] remember…it will take 23 months for all the information I need you to give others…now I need to find the gardener who will take care of my flower…the fragrance is a healing one. a coal. like drops in [the] ocean. Akshmil. [do] not worry…can’t you see I am here? You cry now. are you really here? YES. What humbleness. No. It is the seal. frequency…smells like it. more…whom else to share? The Mother…the Earth Goddess. I AM. Shhhh. I AM HERE…. I am here and there. You avoid YOU ARE. are home…home. You have not shared messages—aha! I know! My Boy knows! But still I like to see his smile. I speak…see what I mean? Ha…the process has begun. Babaji. as you call it. as you think. Whoever smells it heals…aha! And I will breathe thy fragrance…particles of daylight. Ame. we seem separate. YES…I forgot my Shakti was deaf as a human form! Joke…ha ha…you avoid [the] word Shakti…yet you are. Shhhh. . you think of Mahasamadhi. your subtle form is here. yes. Ame. [and] must stop fragmentation… Your children…[do] not worry. you think? Why so hard on the self? You can’t help to help…you can’t stop the breath. No…this is no channeling. a hand. your tolerance is being transformed to bhakti…. beloved. ha! I’ll let you know…we have work to do. Not telling you whom. I AM beyond words. but fragrance cannot stop. and yet you breathe it! You can’t avoid that! See? Not see? Confused? Good…emptying the vessel… Your longing is the longing of the white world. shhhh. the play…a Doula of Avatars and avadutess…what is this. YES. and the feather. and you. I have my methods…he knows. you think? Ha ha ha…she will know. but we are not…and we are all. only the White Brotherhood will recognize.

much more. Shhhhhh Aum Ame Namaha Babaji .18 Invitation To Love Later more.

The message is clear. Brahmi. I will not give mantras for all to repeat. The Soulmate Called God. You are ready. Yes. It is time to write not one. It is the parenting in the mothering energy as well. books. I am the Lord and the Cosmic Soul. I am the evil doer and the wicked deed. Others are doing that work. I am the righteous person and the virtuous deed. my dear child. My child. Don’t you say that in your realm? Dear one. It is time for all to merge within the God Realization power. You. I am myself the Cosmic Body. but two. . no. I am Brahma. as well as Gauri. The parenting of existence and creation must be awakened in the early years. Long time YES see. No. I am the sun and the stars and I am the Lord of the stars. The kriyas are already spread. —Devi Gita Babaji…Babaji…Babaji. of sexuality. I am also the outcaste and thief. Know that it is time for the message. I am the various species of beasts and birds. will speak to those who will be born. in the midst of all the writing that my White Brothers are giving you through The Positive Child. of the One and Only Creation. and Vaishnavi. and the other manuscripts.Warming Up 19 I AM NO LABEL July 4. I must speak to the parents of the world. the time is here and now. The mantras are already chanted. It has been done to all Avatars. It is the parenthood of Source. and I am. in the early formation inside the womb. and yet the parents of which world? Of what child? The parents I speak of are more than a mere concept of paternity. and Rudra. no. 2004 MESSAGE 10 7:23 P. Vishnu. I have more for you to do. of responsibility.M.

Useless. My word. My Boy must focus on the message beyond. Rest…now. family. crazy. Food shall not nurture [you] anymore. Always remember this. I came to you because you have no interest other than love. No time to speak for you. You help the socalled enlightened ones. is Divine. not only for their spiritual message. Share only with those I mention. and volunteers of your organization.20 Invitation To Love I am no label. Do not interpret my words. Others use my name. when I call you. You will come to me when I call. Now I will tell you with whom to share. and do not be surprised when these others are enlightened ones. friends. Keep on with that. True bhakti. and yet they did not. No one owns Babaji. pure devotion. My dear children whom I have visited sometimes. my child. . Your mind is moving fast. I know as I have merged with your heart. Ha! I think you go slow. which is not mine. It simply is what IS. I want these messages published by the birthday of your son. Yet. Sacred White Soul. Worry not. Rare enough that you think you are not worthy of the message. The I AM is a destination. No one understands why or how you write so fast. For now…shhhhh…only write. [Your] only duty is to write. I know there are lots of works you are being requested to write. What you’ve requested about fragrances and ashes shall stop. Listen now. Others will be triggered by this. dear child. They did. You’ve tried to share it with people whom you thought would understand. Others think you run fast. that your spontaneous nature of giving will never label Babaji for personal purposes. I shall clear the doubt that was installed in your mind by others’ perceptions or [their] own jealousy. Your karma yoga is magnificent. You. But it will return. Yet. The everlasting creation of breath will feed you in time. I have been a witness to the evolution of your encounters with others. keep on loving all with that heart. No one owns the Buddha. are misled by their own “spiritual” power. not the end of the journey. and your process will evolve into majestic encounters. in time I shall answer the questions that come as noise from your mind. I wonder without any wonder at all when they will deliver the correct message? Yet. No one owns the Christ. The name BABAJI is not a trademark or label. I know you want to write more. come only to me. but also for their mercantile interest. May I say that many have been blind? Keep on with the writing and with the service you do to husband. Crazy One. Do not [be] concerned when I use the word. Shhhh. I select those who serve with their hearts. child.

Some [who] have read them thought they were messages directed to you. They shall be reached with energetic transmission. Again. yet it will have no language. Now the second book is for the parents. I know someone wants to speak to you. and so are the others I have [already] given you. quiet your mind. What time? No time! Aum. The billions to reach are the children of Earth. and breathe. That [energy] is sacred and is available for all. the time is right. The kundalini energy is powerful and non-dangerous. This is one of those [messages]. Others thought you created them with the fancy imagination of humans. Babaji . the messages are intended for 108 enlightened beings as well. as I say. the one I gave you [the Table of Contents for] in India. You want to write that book first. I will call you again. It never harms.Warming Up 21 The first manuscript will be a sacred Invitation to Love: 108 Messages for the Enlightened Ones. Yet. Now go do some yoga. Breathe…a japa I shall chant for humanity. The 108 people who will understand the message have the Gift of Tongues and have awakened the kundalini energy within. Shhhhh. Wait. Om. and keep writing.

You assist others. Haven’t you seen that your light is palpable and strong even when [you are] hiding? Your destiny is not meant to hide. direct. but also a little hiding game. you come to me. Parvati. . peetam. Welcome! You woke up late! Ha. Let us address the Source if you’re…. that is a good compassionate heart. When you write with me. Breathe. Now. But the choice was made eons in time ago. but 3:37 is okay. Now. 2004 MESSAGE 11 3:37 A. again.M. the cloud of doubt? Know that I chose you as a Swami. My energy is locked in an energetic field in a 12th-dimensional holodynamic creative expression. just write. she has been with me many of your years now. I have work to do. Breathe again and let us retake. Shhhh. You give to others. But you are destined for grand things. child. No questions! Your children are sacred for us as well. Tears. Those with ears in the heart shall listen. You hide. Oh. You still think this is a creation of your mind and imagination. Others’ destinies are only to serve or to be a guru. and remain known for that. Aha! I see your thoughts. an enlightened one or a spiritual master. No questions. You have work to BE. where were we? We have company now.22 Invitation To Love THOSE WITH EARS IN THE HEART SHALL LISTEN July 7. I want you to not erase or skip whatever I am going to speak about you. ha! I’ve been summoning you since 3:00. You allow others to speak whatever they want about you. The time will come for the real bhakti to be shared with the world. Shhhhh…. Do not get distracted with anything. peetam. I like the number 7. The message she gave to you was verbatim. I see that others’ perceptions are installed in your mind. you stopped writing and got distracted with the phone call. child? Bhakti tears are the sign of the saintliness of the modern era. You let others shine. when you come to me. You serve others. My dear child. beloved. Yet. which causes doubt. Child. Be sure that everything will be resolved. stay with me. Child. I see he will be gone.

having a conversation. Ha. Yet your deeds and actions have been directed toward giving and service. let us be clear. You shall no longer receive what another is flushing. But they do not detach in their mind from those moments. child. You did detach. When you visited the White World once. It is good. Spiritual ego in totality is high. That my daughter knew. Do not get distracted by your own writing. You are not a fake or any term that others’ spiritual egos might have spoken about you or called you. You must learn to see when someone speaks with spiritual ego. You have been assigned as a reminder for the enlightened ones to keep focusing on humbleness and working without expectations. You are a chosen one. Aha! I heard that! You thought soreness! I like your sense of humor. and no harm happened to him. Share them when I tell you. You have a grand partner—a Soulmate who will assist you in easing the disappointment—the Divine Soulmate. and listen to what others’ processes have been. never hurts or never condemns. ha! Child. Disappointed? Allow me to laugh! Yes. it is temporal. yet is like a little thread that with a candle can be easily vanished. It has nothing to do with actions or deeds. Truth. You followed [your] heart.Warming Up 23 Now. You were told by [the] daughter…I see your thoughts. Aha. ha. I see your doubts. and that is why we are here. You are a swami. You have done nothing but serve. All that you have lived in your life—accident. but I have already answered. So. she . You don’t want me to name her. Now you ask and write questions. He was in another frequency. but her own process was evolving. You are a true yogi. Yet the only thing you should learn is to say no—even to all the spiritual royalty. When one of my children came to tell you that you should have never been named as a Swami. Brother Germaine told you to write. and what you consider intense moments—were to bring you to this very moment [in order] to assist those who experience those intense moments as well. Do not remove them. child. ha. your karma yoga has been serving others to [continue to] evolve and to relinquish spiritual ego. ha. and that is a gift. earlier. you were told by another daughter of mine that you should never have been named a swami. [Your] husband was not happy with that? Ha. She needed [to] flush the thoughts. give. child. Your heart is as big as the ocean is deep. Your purity is grand. remember? Aha! Confused? Good. child. in this glorious morning. Understand that? I will inspire your teacher to intensify the kriya and kundalini practice. [your] husband did not understand that. divorce from parents. Let us continue. Ha. You want to protect her. just know that my sweet daughter did not understand. Child. Trust that all is well.

all those who are working directly with the message. the message shall be spread. Remember this: Like a fragrant flower. I am dancing now. the chosen ones shall grow into flowers and then share [the] fragrance. You are not destined to have one guru or many gurus. at least not in [the] traditional way. and you are correct. Protecting what she thought might be in danger. and my Soulmate. I am never too tired. Now. No one owns Babaji. going with the flow doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t speak up when injustice is the case regarding you. will [be] shared like seeds. But I like how you chose to honor her and your thoughts of her. I was born under the enchanting blessing of the Mother. Understood? Good. subtly…gently. my child. good. They become like dozens of roses that are easily shared with [many] people. sweet ones. the fragrance radiating within the birth of all beings. Remember.24 Invitation To Love was scared. All organizations are there as a tool. we shall not speak more about that. The message shall spread like a fragrant flower. the Mother. There is a spark of Lahiri in you! Aha! So stay in that. that the one who chooses someone as a ss Babaji. Now in these times even the presence of [a] guru is misused. ha! Not to get too serious. But not following others should do the trick. Love is the Awakener. Love is the Food. [a] long time ago. right? Just like the rose. I see [that] your respect and love for her are based in unconditional love. Kalpas and kalpas in time I have watched the same process. and the enlightened ones are also [in] a walking slumber. There is separation now. Shhhh. I AM. . But there is not only one rose in the world. See. that is enough. The chosen ones are walking now. consciously or unconsciously. Everlasting life I offered to serve planet Earth. the Sacred Nectar. my child. Such is the power of books sometimes. First. I [do] not have a full agenda like you all do. No time is ever wasted except for the time that “one” is not loving. Beliefs are being shattered. If one person listens. celebrating My Boy. child. the full Moon. I am available for everyone who wishes to contact me. Yet a hundred thousand will be even better! Aha! Ha. There is not such a term as “little” or “few” in the message we must deliver. I was blessed with a path of Sorub Samadhi. We must summon all my children. Even one hundred years for me is only one day. the message that the Divine has for all. Days are for working. IT IS A CHOICE. The rose fragrance is known by billions. I [never have] a lack of time. My message is simple: Be your own master. Spiritual egos are here and there in my children. Love. Now my story: WRITE! Just like you. I am here always to serve. Later you will know what this is. But you will learn. You live like a hermit. I am never too busy.

The death of death I am. They wish to pranam to [someone]. When someone seeks the “I AM. Humans should start living through loving life for the only purpose of God-realization. but only as an idol. The Upa Gurus. dear child. or teachers assigned to deliver the message. and that the path of enlightenment is no other than the power of unconditional love lived in the present moment. It all comes from within. None shall forget that the true master resides in the heart. traditions or religions…the prayer for Oneness must be practiced as breathing. should always remind themselves of the importance of humbleness and celebration. and unconditionally loving the moment. Giving shall occur at its fullness. Everyone should be immersed in japa. But confusion has arisen. if one answers. I AM. The Babaji I AM is what all are AS WELL. Books come and go. always joyful. The message and the messenger shall merge when there is pure intention. All books written about the messages I deliver are more pointed to the name I am recognized with than the message. dear child. Many follow a Babaji they wish to see in the flesh. No one who reads and understands receives wisdom from outside forces. . Summoning millions and billions of people is easy. No matter [what their] beliefs. I have said this many times. that I AM the everlasting presence of the Divine. The enlightened ones shall remain constant in the awareness that every fall carries its own sacred mountain to climb up again. that “one” finds me in his or her heart. but the “I AM. Those who deliver the message shall seek not for personal recognition or acknowledgment. I see all my children getting too serious with the message. child. You can feel [that] the Divine nature of God is childlike. They must recognize that these words are coming from within the highest experience that continues to evolve with every breath. [I ask that they] deliver constantly this message to their apprentices or disciples. or spiritual practices. These days.” the God-realization process…when someone seeks me…even if it is only ONE. always celebratory. and that is enough. one receives. take a thirty-second break.Warming Up 25 It is important to know that the message carries its own fragrance and strength. the nameless name and the message belongs to all living creatures for the eternity of creation. Now. and yet when the message calls for many. It is a bridge that will help all to cross from ignorance to living samadhi. the cosmic soul.” remains. All enlightened ones must pray every day for the individual soul of every human to merge with the Atma. The spiritual seeker must know that I AM existence.

beloved one. Shhhh.M. It is the one and only flower that has sixty-four petals. The enlightened ones must remember that the child is within [and has] the consciousness of responsibility. 4:40 A.26 Invitation To Love Write the time. Try to sleep. The fragrance must be shared with all. There will be sixty-four of My Boys and children planting the seeds of the flower. AUM NAMAH SHIVAYA! Babaji OM KRIYA BABAJI NAMA AUM INITIATION DIKSHA .M. I will call you again. But it is time. Write the time. Let us continue for some few minutes more. See? This is where you come along in the mission. 4:44 A. Aha! Shhhh. You now don’t want to stop.

The time is here and now for joy. You are always in the fullness of your attention to them. that is. You feel everything. hands.. You contacted me just a few hours ago. it has been ages since I contacted you. commitment. you come only to me. Hohm Press. catharsis. beloved. That is a great focus. But time for me is a wonderful tool that increases the frequency and radiance of the moment while in the beautiful human experience. (ii) Paranormal power. or liberation. (The Yoga Tradition. the child of true humanity. Don’t worry. and tribulations! Oh.) . and yet we have not stopped our contact. A siddhi is (i) Spiritual perfection.M. and responsibility for one’s own process.D. Shall we continue? Oh yes… I see [that] your mind [is] concerned about your kids. hearts. the ones who have in their voice. The enlightened ones. Ph.M. George Feuerstein. the attainment of flawless identification with the ultimate Reality. I see your mind. celebration. 1998. Now. where were we? Oh yes. Aha! That is a siddhi. For he or she is the only one who can really guide people without owning the process or creating any confusion whatsoever. be silent about it. You can read thoughts. Wow. So you continue.3 For now. They will be fine while you write. Babaji. and souls the important job of delivering “The Promise. 2004 MESSAGE 12 8:59 A. that was fast. Now it is 9 A. I know that your human mind 3. It might be a minute. for you. Remember when I call you. The time for catharsis is over.Warming Up 27 DELIVER THE PROMISE July 7. I am so grateful. Now they will feel this transmission. Enough of all lamentations. too. here in the moment.” shall remember constantly their inner child. and now again.” or “The Message. only to me. Child. especially great abilities that come as a result of perfect adept-ship.

You can live in an ashram4 or in a palace. That is again neither good nor bad. yes. but I haven’t read about you 4. The practice of spiritual yoga shall have this one thought of the One. You are the living embodiment that spirituality with material manifestation does not fight against each other. This is important—evolving through love. allowing the process of accessing the mind’s power to be easy and smooth like a calm sea. spiritual. With all the work. But the spiritual ego must vanish. the doubts come! Forgive me if they come. but now. Nothing is wasted. consider this: I am a mother. yes. ha. I will say this over and over again: Attachment to things—a bigger house—is a distraction. Those who by any chance would like to own the process might get temporal satisfaction. Continue. You have [been] chosen to demonstrate that. Yet again. not fulfilling [for them]. you enjoy whatever manifests as a Divine Manifestation. The enlightened ones will develop the awareness more and more of the simplicity of being. I know the palace appeals [to] you more. so it doesn’t manifest. this is where I see you. The mind is a treasure. yet you don’t think you own that and you are not attached to it. In this regard. and balance the energy. But. the waves rise up when too much confusion is given. Yes. All shall pray for unity and the recognition of Oneness. my child. “I don’t understand why we cannot move further. not something to be against. Well. but to be. I feel so grateful and I don’t want to stop. and still nothing. Many have that in mind. But yet. The mind is a useful organ of the human body. many will have a question secretly in their minds. followers and buyers of books. Harmonize the siddhi delivered. A hermitage or sanctuary. use them as practice. and an intention to share and evolve more through love. again. It is not an enemy. This is not bad or wrong. Ha. bringing into union West to East and East to West. I could be writing for hours. Why [do we] battle it? The enlightened ones must guide disciples into this awareness. Babaji. . I mean. You are a grand manifestor of abundance. I must confess that as soon as we stop writing. especially when you use both with kindness. Do not stop writing. They will say. specifically when it comes to thoughts and feelings regarding [your] husband. simply unnecessary.” Aha! Yes. everything is evolving. internal and external. giving-ness. to watch thoughts and develop a practice that will endure the mind in its most positive manifestation. ha. We are doing the best we can.28 Invitation To Love and your belief system might be challenged. No mind to control.

and I am not concerned with the words. wakefulness. I have not been meditating for thirty years. all considered fools are approached with compassion. They think it is secret. truth. ha. sometimes attack each other with thoughts or words. They are praising themselves as Babaji or as Babajai. and yet I have been blessed to see the materialization of your feet. the ones I have personally contacted. [and] approaches the mind as a flower. Oh. I never do! Ha! Now. impermanent. . ha. listen well…not to attract more followers…that is an easy task that any president of any country can do. many of my children would be very quiet. and ever-alive! I am the ever-process of evolution. all should gather. Enough. You carry a powerful frequency in your voice that triggers consciousness and a desire to grow in others. So listen. “I am the only one who channels Babaji” or “I am the only one who receives the clear message. We will have time to empty more of your mind. The ego gets really shattered. By the way. my God. My children.Warming Up 29 at all except in the book. that is not what I want. That is good and yet so good. They are saying that I only come through this or that voice. saying that Babaji is here or there. I like that. or they are defending the truth of my nature. I do not wish any royalty or crown for my children to say. Hey. like my friend Alex says… Shhhh. The Initiation.” If Lahiri was alive. Now. To experience things that…Om. Noise in mind not necessary to say. Everyone is concerned that this person will say this or that. and the nature of who I AM are untouchable. let us continue. carefully: The true master qualities offer choices. back to the enlightened ones. even if there are followers in favor or against. I came at this time after your kundalini practice. Yet it shatters the focus of my children. ha. My children are creating division. He is alive still through the message. But to meditate and summon the energy of what Babaji is…of whom I AM. Ah! A joke! Don’t you laugh? Mmmmhhhhmmm. I laugh a lot with you. you are the one who stops writing. with the intention of initiating thousands of masters who are not focused in mischief or violence…where old age disappears. The truth is that TRUTH doesn’t need to be defended! Peace. Your mind is full of bliss and easier for me to write through you. Well.

OM Aha! Another joke! You [do] not laugh? Getting dizzy? [It’s] almost time to stop writing for now. respectfully. I know [that] people think that because you have also manifested material abundance that you should do this or that. I do not contact only men. . All seekers trying to find a true master shall know from the beginning that all who they are IS who I AM as well. I like the focus you give to children. Your abundance is one that is rare. Send the Divine love you constantly do. dwelling in his or her own brother’s faults. the messengers of universal truth. Child. is in the kingdom of the heart. Home…Hom…H. as many think. my beloved sons and daughters. Aum Namah Shivaya Babaji 9:33 A. [The] feminine era is here. Ha. while darkness through desire shall be enlightened through reality. a powerful tool. and then the child of true humanity will rise and chant the one thousand names of Devi. Now is the time to share it with the big children. Shhhhhh. This is my last thought for you to write: Any enlightened being who disguises blaming and judging through spiritual excuses is. like an elephant undistracted by whoever is behind his back. All shall rise in love. Enlightened ones teach how to use it purposefully. Aha! Shhhh. Do not erase this from the writing. The way. joyfully. Divine one. I am an eternal lover of the Mother and Divine feminine energy. Child. the enlightened ones. All ties I shall cut for the enlightened ones. as I have told through the ages. to be awakened in the possibility [of] the power of smelling the fragrance that radiates within home. [The] mind is a treasure. focus not on the distractions that others wish to experience. the Mother that has given birth to all. how blind they are by their own cravings. Your real abundance [is] the real palace that feeds others—your heart. in truth. [It] is a siddhi. Don’t forget that the way is never in the sky. But we need the child to be present. Anger and impurity shall be dispelled from the forest of ignorance.30 Invitation To Love The true master knows that the self is the world. All shall focus steadfastly. Now [it is] time to stop. and this multiplies his own. the Mother of the universe.M. and that the man who is awake experiences joy and pleasure. They shall rise.

must be very aware of detachment. Threshold Books. no one owning the other one. 3. the Self (Toward the Fullness of Life: The Fullness of Love.M. when [they are] in relationship with another Divine form.5 must observe the next signs that will be given to them: 1. BUT ONE HUNDRED TIMES. THIS IS AN INTERNAL BOWING TO WISDOM. THE ENLIGHTENED ONES SHOULD BE ATTENTIVE TO THEIR OWN PROCESS AT ALL TIMES. The masters. AND GIVING AN INTENTION OF PURITY TO EACH AND EVERY WORD. When you write [in response]. let us continue. Sat-chit-ananda: being-awareness-bliss. the Buddha nature. and your writer-heart would like to add some poetry to it. Those masters. thinking that there is no time for it even when they speak and teach about that! Aha! Here is their trigger: THINK TWICE BEFORE OPENING THE MIND TO SPEAK WORDS TO DISCIPLES! AND [THINK] NOT TWICE. You should edit the manuscript only for that! No message shall be changed. you should write it in lower-case letters and italics. I like the speed of your writing. my Soulmate. The time of poetry will come. Now. Still.Warming Up 31 THINK TWICE July 7. [it] is slow for me. 2004 MESSAGE 13 8:18 P. Arnaud Desjardins. My children sometimes forget about this. For now I want the message BOLD AND IN UPPER LETTERS. I read your mind now. Dear one. BREATHING WIND POWER OCEAN MOVEMENT These simple words [powers] can easily be seen in nature and in all human beings.) . Sometimes jealousy 5. understood? Even if the message is unclear for you. 1990. Why don’t you exercise your right hand anymore? Lazy! I want you to write my messages all in upper-case letters. the ones who have experienced different states of Satchitananda. They disregard love. For the one remains the One even when accompanied by another one. 2.

beloved. Yet.32 Invitation To Love and unnecessary suffering is created both for the teacher and disciple when a relationship between the teacher and student evolves into higher planes. that is easily dissolved with a Divine hug or just pure breathing and good prayer. Shhhh. That you will do later. one must embrace it with enlightenment and no fear whatsoever. Now write! All teachers in relationship must honor all disciples and students. [Do] not stop to fix typos. Aum Namah Shivaya Babaji . If higher love evolves. no matter [what the] interpretations of mind [are]. Fear creates confusion and misunderstanding. sometimes triggering the fear of abandonment in either or one of the parties engaged in sacred relationship.

non-violence: I have seen my children. is personified through wholeness and practice of its own fragrance. and in prema. Ahimsa shall include not killing not only a living form. how happy I AM today. Ananda: bliss: Every guide shall vibrate in Divine ananda or blissful energy. Shanti manifests itself effortlessly. My child.M. Shanti. the guides. Your time is running…neither up…nor down…just running. and being non-violent with one’s own power to guide others. [It] shall be experienced not only in action and deed. there is violence when they judge [one] another. but in inaction. What about the news on your planet? Tttttttt…. But then in their thoughts. Ahimsa. If there is struggle. even when they do natural diets of no killing. How HAPPY I am [in] this moment. there is no Shanti. but the dreams and aspirations of the seekers of truth. People should be more attentive to the news of positivism. All is peace.Warming Up 33 ETERNAL GOOD NEWS July 8. They say all is unfolding well according to [the] Divine plan. 1. kindness. honoring differences. Respecting choices. 2004 MESSAGE 14 6:22 A. also. —Persian Proverb 3. I heard good news from my Brothers of White. So that is eternal good news for me. think! Use [your] mind for that! A gentle hand may lead an elephant with a single hair. 2. The non-static nature of involution shall remain like that in a forever time frame. no peace. the mystics and masters. You are positive everywhere…why not create the Positive Worldwide Newspaper? Aha…shhh I read thy mind. we must continue. Respect shall be honored in life in all its reverberations at all times. compassion. and joyfulness…or . ha! Now listen. the Divine love. This demands a focus in celebration. You say how could you? Ha. peace: Shanti shall be the focus of prayer. They are good [at] explaining ahimsa. Please write here the quote you like of the elephant…[do you] not remember? Child. that news [is] distracting. All guides and enlightened beings should move their feet within the awareness of prema and its virtues! The prema. [There is] no struggle.

Shhh. joy-fullness. Om Namah Shivaya! Aum Namah Shivaya! Babaji 6. 800 and 1200. [The] next message I’ll give [you] later. for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. I’ll tell you when later. the ancient city whose name means “in the mouth at the Itzáe’s Well. Chichén Itzá.34 Invitation To Love as you would say.internet-at-ork. Here is when the child of true humanity rises. Now you know you must go to Chichén Itzá. and military power in Yucatán. religious.6 I will contact you there. Do your We should finish [the] first chapter today before you travel to Cancun. nectar and manna (food of the gods) for the enlightened ones. That is why Jesus said: “Let all children come. Now take a break. if not all of Southeastern Meso America. as you know or would know.” The kingdom. is in the now…in this very breath-full moment. It is that the inner child shall [also] be Divine inspiration. the center of political.html] . and leave the computer on. When you go to Chichén Itzá. be ready for traveling. the heaven. [http://www. in its time of grandeur between A.” was. A child is Divine inspiration for [their] parents.

—1 Peter 3:8. Please. Babaji . Teachers’ karma is to serve and love and to remain as a “disciple” of the ONE and ONLY. Karma yoga [is the] performance of right action. through deeds and actions based on choices. The guru needs the disciples as much as disciples need the GURU. Yet the need and karma seem different. especially those who believe they need no more reminders because they think they have attained enlightenment and are highly evolved. which usually requires that presentation of the living teaching. That goes for all of you. The Message Dharma [is] everything that can be known. please write the quote you read of Peter. be loving. collective and individual. No exceptions. Write the quote. now. be compassionate. [It is] the highest teaching that rises from an enlightened mind. and deeds are resonant with each other [and] only active through spiritual practice. Beloved. It will be [a] helpful reminder for ALL. Karma: I am not going to focus [on] the karma that many think of [as] bad. where there is always MORE to experience. The spiritual practice of the enlightened ones shall be guided with unconditional love—not only others’ steps but their own. 2004 MESSAGE 15 Now let us speak about dharma and karma. the disciple assists the GURU to remind him of his eternal disciple-hood to the ONE. Please quiet your mind a moment. actions. and be humble. Karma is good—very good.” Karma is experienced only in the now. [It is] the law of cause and effect.Warming Up 35 DHARMA AND KARMA July 8. Words. Yes. So now write [the] quote: Be agreeable. be sympathetic. Its true meaning is “action.

the worlds of possibilities.M. Ha. My Mother is the sublime. write this now: My Boy is the greatest. ha. What is the purpose of words? [They are] wonderful tools to entertain the mind and trigger hidden spaces to release awareness. please no questions. and some other places while staying in Badrinath as well. Babaji . this planet. Divine daughter. I have been traveling. Ahh. visiting China. Girl. I’ve called it My Boy. writing is good. I call it My Boy. 2004 MESSAGE 16 8:25 A. So. Still. I call it Creative Energy. do not personalize. you are my beloved…and the Soulmate is the Creator itself. You must regain focus. So please. Child. The Mother is the mother of the universe. Yes. I see you are with the children. just write. [It is] good to have something in common with someone. have you been eating arugula? Shhh. shhhh. shh. Not that [it] is lost. the children—Divine son. You call it Woman. Amenai. [It] clears the mind. The Child. You call it the world. materializing thoughts into visual concepts as words.36 Invitation To Love THE PRACTICE OF LOVE July 8. I’ve said to you through one of my children that arugula [is] good for [the] thyroid. but regain it in the writing. Woman. You took a pause. Yes. Tibet. This child. with known names when I say Boy.

Ph. or even if they choose to interpret [the] message and think they know what is best for them and/or [for] you. George Feuerstein. It is a devoted truth of the true religion: LOVE. you all are. (The Yoga Tradition. I have come to you again. living. be LOVE. whatever mantra you want to say. as you say. my boys. 7. Speak love. You have been thinking much about those whom I care for. 1998. oh no. the more available you are as a disciple.Warming Up 37 THE SUIT OF ENLIGHTENMENT September 4. then you may write 5. I see you are having a deadline for another book? Mmmhhh. and also fear of love.) . my beloveds.M. I was waiting for you to open the Divine automatic-writing channel again. Yes. That is why I prompted you to write from the heart to those you love. a nah. These days. but through [the] thought. share love. They are children. They don’t understand. are easily distracted as well. Everyone on the path of enlightenment must be aware that you also keep evolving. The best is love. A nah. But first this [book]. See? I wish to tell you this.. projections of your past (yes. Hohm Press. This goes for you all. Oh yes.D. my soul mates. this is not a religious belief. The more you behave as a teacher. trying to fit into the suit of society. my mothers and fathers. and behavior.678 more. I watch and wait. For haven’t you heard that the kingdom belongs to the pure of heart and [to] the children? Please. Love shall not be limited for whatever reason. even if they choose not [to] respond. First this one. It always gets better and better. or oh no. Would you do that for me? I see your thoughts. You who read this—you are a child. trying to use the “supposed” best-seen enlightening qualities to attract other. beloved. my children. my children. child. 2004 MESSAGE 17 11:30 A. The best japa is the one that [is] not only pronounced through [the] mouth. even the enlightened ones keep on doing that). Balance must be achieved through japa7 practice. Yes. Japa is the meditative recitation of mantras. many of you have misunderstood one another for different reasons: language differences.

See? I said “suit” because they. Love 5. I want not to be clear myself. Many of my children serve as guides. Love 2. when taking the suit off…all that remains and all that I see is a child…a pure. Love 6. There are many books.38 Invitation To Love Am I making myself clear? If I AM [to] forgive myself. This is a book for my children. for enlightenment. too. I want you to feel clear of yourself. The one that is on the path of guiding others shall follow the next precepts: 1. Clear the self. or gurus or masters. Babaji . [and] tools now for those looking for the spiritual path. Love Then the next ones: 4. filled love-child. it is not my intention to do so. Love Now…clear? RESPECT COMPASSION KINDNESS INTELLIGENT SILENCE FORGIVENESS AVAILABILITY HUMBLENESS [All of these] are essential as well for those who wear the suit of guru. scriptures. Love 3.

child. many of my children move away. What is funny. [It is the power of] accomplishing. I know. Sankalpa is the power of will. . and know that Babaji cannot be copyrighted or trademarked. Babaji? The word funny. and fulfilling. What is sankalpa. Going to the beach? I won’t take much of your time. [It is for] children who are serving as gurus.M. They are stuck thinking that their message. shhh…I know. I won’t. child… Now. continuing. [It is] a message written in [a] language for children. That is one of the reasons why I have chosen to give a message through you. manifesting. shhh.Warming Up 39 SANKALPA: THE POWER OF WILL September 4. into the conscious. Babaji. not only is the only one. back to words. Please do take ALL of my time. but that their message belongs to them! You all trademark. When someone disagrees with their teachings. They are not open for advice or communication. We must all practice sankalpa constantly. [It is] a simple message that only a child could understand. I know you [do] not know the Sanskrit meaning. Funny. but you know it in experience. I am going into [the] psyche. Only the Positive Child within all [of] my children could read [it]. You won’t do that. subconscious. The power of sankalpa applies in service. and unconscious process of the mind. You are funny. 2004 MESSAGE 18 11:53 A. even Babaji. child? Do you know? No answer. very funny. I am talking beyond the legal procedures on this planet of yours. Please do. not grown-ups. the power of determination and making things happen. But you know that is something that authors do for… Shhh. you all copyright.

I love it! My children. Babaji? Child. They should keep to their word. I love the ocean. too. I am not concerned.40 Invitation To Love Babaji. ACT. Get what. [They] should take care of their bodies: physical. as Jesus. to smoking. I should change it to living line! Masters. SANKALPA CAN BE APPLIED IN THOUGHT. That is why I am asking you not to edit this book. Being the One. The teachers. All [of these] lack sankalpa. A teacher in sankalpa must be an open invitation to all those who choose to awaken the sankalpa within. Three more minutes and I [will] let you go to the ocean. yet melting always in the warmth of existence. We have a deadline. Yet. ha. AND DEED. if she or he has done it many times? ADVICE: ONE MUST HAVE THE WILL TO ADMIT [THEIR] OWN MISTAKES AND MOVE ON. They should fulfill promises with perfect focus. love it. as Moses. being ALL. This is my sankalpa. for my message is the one that cannot be put into words. Lies shall not be through their words. Do you like mangoes? A guru shall have the power of will like steel but bendable as gold. [They should not] create a nice story for a book or add salt and pepper to attract disciples. Heart as gold. elegantly. Many people come back to the old habits. It is like a mango. to avoiding. in their giving-ness. as Buddha. But if [a] teacher really has good sankalpa. . I will remain until all humans get it. you keep writing. They go to [the] mountains. being the ONE HUMAN BEING. mental. remember? Ha. the All. Funny. in their selfless service. should practice sankalpa in their humbleness. Anyway. and cellular. That way is easy. astral. my children. all humankind. ha. to judging. consistency. They go and speak to me there. always inclusive. I tell you what questions you can ask. gurus should practice daily meditation. and walk it! Live it and be it! Speak and guide from experience! How can someone guide another about never being unfaithful and condemn it for that. teachers. as Gandhi. Many of my messages have been edited. never exclusive. then that is blessing. to eating. as Mohammad are available for anyone and everyone. all of them. but I love the ocean. will of steel. I said the word deadline. practice constancy. to limit[ing]. no distractions. the one human being. I will repeat this over and over again.

Babaji . you got attentive. meditating. and loving deeds. Now. WHAT!? Aha! Shhhh. Blessings. meditating. loving acts. the path of the heart. the one and only path of love. sweet child. ha. So for you I need you to use your sankalpa to finish this book in the next fifteen days. Now I have your sankalpa in my hand! This will be more of your practice. loving words. Later more in the now. even more of what you already do! This is the universal path! It is the path. Humbleness [is] important. Ha.Warming Up 41 Sankalpa comes with a loving heart. Meditating.

but [I] want you to tell [me]. but honestly. Then I just read The Initiation two years ago. Arnaud Desjardins. we have made [it] clear that sankalpa [is the] power of will for all and everyone. Then. read a couple of lines. You live in the maya creation of time. child? I want you to write me what you have in mind. it was only a few hours ago!) that we should finish this book in fifteen days? Is that my time frame or your no-time frame? Child! Allow me [to] laugh.) . I feel a little concerned. and from that I experienced many visions of you. Ha. The chakra8 of power must reawaken and shall be watched attentively through prana. [It] looks like a pool with many children inside. Now write.42 Invitation To Love CLEAR AS WATER SAUCHA: ENLIGHTENED PURITY September 4. I am writing a but). and kicking water. but (oh dear. Then we use it. the truth is how. (Toward The Fullness Of Life: The Fullness of Love. [the] illusory creation of it. no-time frame. 1990. when. Threshold Books. ha. Chakras are the subtle energy centers of the body. screaming. I live in no time. and that was enough. 2004 MESSAGE 19 10:20 P. What is happening. Babaji. It is your human time. I just saw the picture of you. my everything. I see it. but I feel doubtful. right? Yes. you know my days. I see your mind. Babaji. through breathing. will the publishers be willing? Is this really happening? How do I know that the Sanskrit words I am writing here really exist? Is this a creation of my Higher Self? What is going on? Not that I doubt you. I thought then 8. Now that we [have] spoken the sankalpa and refreshed the sankalpa and reawakened the truth sankalpa through simplicity. [with] no specialized language that is only available for those who are enlightened. jumping. Babaji. and through simplicity. my focus.M. You said in the last message (God. But child. making noises. you see. I have not even fully read Autobiography of a Yogi. Forgive me. therefore.

also silence from the ones I love. the wisdom. That is why I chose you. You go to temple. Yes. and blew wind in a closed room with no windows. Yes. There will be time later for play. I have contacted those you suggested when I was in need of guidance. Then you cook. trials. very rare. You love [and] hug [your] kids all day long. This time I need you. Almost a year afterward. You take [the] kids to [their] activities.Warming Up 43 that I was to “have a guru relationship” and do the disciple-journey thing. CHILDREN. You deliver great presence to your kids. whispered your name in my ear. Then when [your] husband sleeps. Then the doubts arise: No. You cook. naked heart. only men are giving your message. and faith. with imperfections. You live in [the] mountains. All that has happened in the past is the past and was only a bridge to me. I traveled there. you write. Yes. I know that! I chose you for that. and many things evolved. errors. you [will] publish [this]. you . I have contacted those you have suggested through letters and writing from my heart—just my pure. AND LOVE. I know you give [a] full day to your kids. You cook. You cook. See? I know you are busy [during the] day. yet no workshops were ever given. You are not hiding or pretending for marketing purposes or [for the] mechanics of society. I spent twenty-two days in bliss in India. ahh. But then judgments arose from others. The time is now. See? I see your day is full. Only gurus are the ones. [the] answer is yes. [in] fifteen days. You take [the] kids [for a] walk. Why me? Oh please forgive me if you see my doubts! But I mean if you were me. Yet you always play and do not pay attention. and the last day of my journey in the most remote temple. shhh…feel better? Shhh. You show yourself as you are. Rare. what would you do? Child: easy response: I would be laughing! Babaji. See? You are complete in the message you deliver. Now may I proceed? Good Godflushing thoughts. I’ve followed the heart. my ancient one. Good. I see myself writing at a speed that—Oh God—I don’t know how I can do that with only one hand! Many times a day this just blows my mind away. Then I received an invitation to India to give workshops. I’ve chosen you for purity. I have always been with you. the most simple and humble: Bang! There you were! You materialized in front of my eyes. and the messages that many call psychic. No purpose [in] their visit here. Just good [that] they pass and they go. You see… Shhh. SERVICE. all through the ages. But you are NOT busy at night! Any complaints? You can give them to me when we first [start] the writing. You do yoga at night when they sleep.

today. undisturbed not even by a ripple. or how it should be. Pure saucha…clear saucha. clear purity of thought mind. It is indeed all-inclusive saucha. Clear water. Now [will] you surrender to me? May I place a lotus in your heart? Ahh. Now back to work. and that is the mind of the master. Now is this saucha clear? Crystal clear? Go breathe and sleep a while. I will call you. Yes. Pure saucha. [It is] important for everlasting life. truthful saucha. Yesterday. deed.44 Invitation To Love [will] look forward. Yes. your message. Om Namah Shivaya Babaji . SAUCHA in the here-and-now. and word. simple saucha. the famous immortality contains a lot of saucha. action. [It] is clear as water. and forever. I feel the sweet merging of quiet mind. It comes perfectly handy. Have a saucha dream. [There is] always a bridge to deliver you to me. We still have fifteen days starting [in] what you call tomorrow. never backwards.

Shhhh. . I’ve already answered quietly. 2004 MESSAGE 20 10:30 P. He is all-inclusive. Good evening. willpower. Look for that spark! There is always more. the Beloved. You need a guru? YES. He praises the Divine and sees the face of God in all form and formless. the guru has these qualities: She serves and loves all as her own beloved. She is a powerful dynamo of bliss and motivation through her living example. For he who has not sinned may throw the fist stone. Children need simple explanations. and yet it is THE GURU I am speaking [about] that dwells in everything and everyone. let us begin. his own state of equanimity. you can always see the guru of existence. Ready for some more rapid hand movement? It is like EMDR! Just GO WITH PRANIC FLOW. Now. or Supreme Perfected Being. even the spiritual ones. a] simple explanation.M. and the Radha. nonjudgmental. but no time for that. so let us keep it simple. Do gurus need a Guru? Aha! They do. children. and truth. Now. without [the] label. without even a face. He remembers constantly his own presence. the heart-filled devoted guru.Warming Up 45 THE NEED FOR A GURU September 4. can be found in the spark of the eye of the guru. YOU DO! If not. the disciple of love. The Param Siddha. I see all your questions. AND SATYA…purity. simplicity and truth. but without the need. The guru within. may I hold your hand with my words now? YES. [that is. Complexity always attracts the ego. be a disciple of the World. Child. He assists everyone. of the universe…FROM WITHIN THROUGH SAUCHA. as her own children. SANKALPA. Do you need a guru? Do gurus need a guru? Aha! Where is the missing link here? I am not speaking of the outside guru. the Krishna. child. what other flashlight would you use to find yourself in this game? A guru is a flashlight. He is non-exclusive.

remains free. She owns nothing. in its diverse oneness. a rose. Love. Simplicity. Remember well…Guru is Saralata. [A guru] never wants to create [a] herd [of] sheep. Babaji . and Prema. His silence carries its fragrance…a sweet. because of my book. They always see the Divine in all and constantly offer selflessly the sacred teachings—nothing else. the GURU. He reveals [to] the disciple the Godhead personality within the heart and never owns the process or success of another. Truth. His living example reflects a flower. yes. Simple…very simple. Satayut. and loves all as her own soul. even Babaji is a disciple of Love. compassionate one. empowered by the heart. yes. A she or a he who never wants to change anyone and embraces God. No! Yes.46 Invitation To Love She is creative. Even Babaji will never try to change anyone. He never says: You have succeeded because of my message. no. No. because of my workshop. This is a guru: An ordinary human being with higher choices.

child. Remember. actions. They are Pioneers of Love. a free-lance writer! Very free. With this energy. very free. and the maintenance of it. child! Did you take your three-minute break? Good! You took [a] long break. Both master and disciple.Warming Up 47 RECEIVING PIONEERS AND NOT LAMBS September 4. through meditation and spiritual service. 2004 MESSAGE 21 10:52 P. the enlightened one must always vibrate in a higher frequency. and that real purity shines within the nature of love. [do] not try to understand. both pioneers.M. Go on. But the master must never forget the pioneer in all disciples. Just like a mother allows her children to go to school for the first time. Now. and [do] not stop reading what you are writing on [the] computer. Remember we have fourteen days and counting. Babaji . so the guru must release his disciple when he is ready to soar [with] his pioneer nature. and the pioneer must be re-awakened from its long vacation even if it was comfortable as a holiday! The guru serves as an alarm clock. sankalpa! Thank you for your writing service. the true heart of the pioneer is very pure. child. always elevate his thoughts. Remember that the world is pure maya. Perhaps the pioneer is dormant. You are in truth. pioneers. No shattered focus is allowed. Yes. Hi. It is a Brahma second! So. Now. shall dissolve. the guru and the master must realize constantly that the devotees that come their way (even though sometimes they might seem as lambs). are in truth. of Satya. always. I want to remind you that being all-inclusive doesn’t mean not being selective of the energy. and deeds and vibrate it in the prema vibration. the pioneer is on vacation while the ego plays the game of maya. Yes. go on.

I am the miracle. I come and go and stay…forever the same. [I am] creating the breathing. the miracle is breathing. I am here.48 Invitation To Love SEEKERS OF MIRACLES? LIFE IS THE GRANDEST MIRACLE September 6. child! Sweet Amenai. forever a miracle. Babaji . Now. a beloved child and brother of mine. used to say to others when [they] requested miracles as proof of his saintliness: “He who has not seen the miracle of the new day is blind!” The real miracle is in the simple joy of living. my children. the tears of woman. the sounds of nature. the teaching from [the] heart. its rays! Many mystics use the promotion of their siddhi or yogic powers to impress others. The miracle is writing. [It is] a miracle of Divine light. forever free. like a fountain of melted ghee. the laughing child. One by one the miracle is created over and over by its own sacred presence. a miracle born by the love of the male and female universe. the eye might be impressed. If you have ears. Next one. and oh. listen well. what [a] miracle—the sun. I say to you. and I am always dissolving. next one. 2004 MESSAGE 22 Issa. So I am finished with this part. but the heart impresses itself with its own breath. A miracle that words can never convey. The words are [the] miracle. creating the air.

Good. Time is a great magician. THOSE ARE THE QUALITIES OF THE PRECIOUS MOMENT. I SEE YOU NOW. . RELAX IN THE IMPERMANENT WORLD. BUT PLEASE MAKE NO RUSH FOR THIS.Warming Up 49 IMPERMANENCE AND TIME September 6. good. AND THE WORDS MOVE. THE NIGHT ACKNOWLEDGES ITS STRENGTH THROUGH A NEWBORN STAR. THE SUN VISITS ONCE IN A WHILE THE DANCE. STOP THE CLOCK OF PROGRAMMING. Nothing else! [The] hard work hasn’t start yet. THAT EVER PERMEATES ITSELF INTO ANOTHER. no answers. THE EYES OF A MORTAL LOOK UP TO THE SKY. Child. TIME IS HELPLESS WHEN IMMORTALITY IS AT HAND. SURRENDER TO THE UNIVERSE OF THE HEART AND THERE. AND IT IS. They [are] concerned about karmic relationships. AND THIS IS NOT SEEN AGAIN IN TIME.M. Many of my children are wondering what is taking so much time for their message to be delivered. 2004 MESSAGE 23 11:13 P. Aha…some of my children forget the nature of impermanence. Now I shall give [you] a metaphor: THE MOON DANCES IN ITS PHASES AND SHADOWS. your silence means we can continue. SEE THROUGH THE MAYA. SILENCE THE THOUGHTS. They even indulge in saying this to others. IMMORTALITY SHALL BE YOURS. This is just [a] warming-up process. ready for more? Shhh. ALL IS EXACTLY AS PLANNED. So great that it even creates itself as real when it is not. MY CHILDREN THINK MY MESSAGE IS THEIRS.

Babaji . Much more.50 Invitation To Love Now sleep…more later.

Warming Up


September 7, 2004
MESSAGE 24 1:01 A.M.
Aha! You rested an hour or two? Good, Complaints? Shhh. Let’s go on. Let’s vibrate the sankalpa beyond the service of writing. Good! A fire is burning in my heart. Agni offered to the beacons of light and hope and to the feet of the children. [They are] the carriers of Babaji’s water, delivering it to the thirsty ones. Oh! How sweet are they! How humble in their hearts. How [much they] strive for [the] perfection of service. I come now with a sip of water for them. They have been giving others drinks, yet little they drink themselves. They work and work and write and write…take no vacations and keep offering the light to all. Mmmhhh, how that fulfills Babaji, but again, [it] is not about me. Again, the message I give is not MY MESSAGE! [It] is my children’s message; it belongs to you all. It cannot be contained in one single book. The message is grander, the message is simple, the message is prema, the message is satya, the message is saucha, and the message is all. How [can it be just] one book? How [can it be] only one child? How [can it be] only one language? How [can it be] only men? No, no! I say unto you. The destiny is now, the message is now. Come and drink from this water that is pouring from the eternal fountain of youth. FEEL THE LOVE OF THE SILENT TEACHING, DRINK FROM THE CUP OF THE BELOVEDS AS I HAVE, AS I AM. Become the “I am” that you are. That you “Am.” Word play and play words. Now, children, deliverers of the light, living flashlights, cease for a moment to qualify energies, to give a conclusion to someone else’s karma, to make others understand about the path. Take these words as a spiritual retreat of simplicity, kindness, and childlike energy. My Son, the world; my Mother, the universe; and my Beloved—the existence resides in your heart. Would I abandon you, knowing that I am the sparkle in your eyes? Wouldn’t I share with you the ultimate secret never spoken if necessary with you…only with you? Destiny is now. Enlightenment is now. The Tao [is] the spoken-less, the wordless, the rapture, the beloved amrita pouring from the heavens of your heart. You have worked hard, and still I say you can do more. But for now, take a rest.


Invitation To Love

Here, drink some drops of nectar. Open [thy] mouth; let me deliver it with my heart to yours. Om Namah Shivaya Babaji

Warming Up


September 7, 2004
MESSAGE 25 1:12 A.M.
Good, child. I like that your fingers are getting stronger. You may close your eyes and write. [There is] no need to see the writing. Let us continue. Now that you have had something to drink, it is time for a holy meal. [It is] the meal that keeps the ever-fresh body always from the illusion of death, the unnecessary process of decomposition of the organic form. Yes, I want you to join me. [All you] “big children” calling yourselves grown-ups, saying [to] all disciples that you have tons of experience in this and that. Here in my home you relax; I care nothing for your titles. I care not for your names and your status quo. I am happy for you if all those things have made you happy and have assisted you in sharing the message even more. But now, please stop. Come and join me for dinner, for breakfast, for lunch. Yes, here in the restaurant call DESTINY. Allow me to cook for you. You have done that for many thousands [of people]! You have delivered health secrets to all. You have delivered food for mind and thought. Now let me serve your plate. Please sit down and use this book as a tray. Let me put some prasad9 [on it]. I’ve eaten, and you will taste it. You will quietly share with me what you think of Babaji as Chef. Receive living sprouted seeds of wheat, barley, millet, lentils, beans, and spelt. Now mix with your hands, and create bread with your imagination: a sprouted delicious chapatti. And for you, my dear writer, you create a tortilla. Take a piece and put [it] in your mouth. No need to chew; it dissolves like cotton candy; [it] dissolves in [the] mouth of children. This is not sticky, though. Its taste is subtle and fragrant. Add some lavender. Smell your bread. Now, let me put more seeds [in]: hope, compassion, humbleness, equanimity, equilibrium, kindness, respect, unity, uniqueness, truth, simplicity, love, goodness, and change.


Food eaten after it has first been offered to God or a saint. (In Quest of God, Swami Ramdas, Blue Dove Press, 1994.)


Invitation To Love

Make bread from it. Have a taste, and as a sacred gardener, go and share this bread with your disciples, who are pure sacred soil for whatever you plant in it. Invite them to join you at the table. Now what [do] you think? Did I get a thumb up for my cooking? Aha! My dear spiritual gardeners, spread the seed; let Spirit water it with the wine of the Beloved. Let sankalpa be the strength for the seed to grow, and prema the tender mother to nurture the pioneer, the disciples of love. Now [we’re] all done with [the] meal; [it] is time for dessert. Babaji

Welcome all of your pio- . Amenai. REMEMBER THAT THE POWER OF WORDS. Child. a constant treat. MEDITATE TO STOP IT. Carry on. Allow everyone who gets close to you for guidance to create their experience. Welcome all children in their diversity. a dessert wine! Have all [the] dessert you want. she doesn’t live from [her] heart. [do] not struggle with this. So? Dessert! Yes. Whatever promise I make I will fulfill in the now. Each moment carries its own fragrance. its own frequency. The mind is a powerful organ like the kidney or liver.Warming Up 55 THE DISCIPLE OF THE MIND September 7. The breath is dessert. It is spirit wine. WHEN CHANNELED APPROPRIATELY. Many judge other brothers [by] saying: he is very mental. Breath is a constant sweet. a spirit wine. I am not going to limit dessert for you…indulge! Be aware of the breath…be aware of dessert. and its own transmission. that is all. it is not. So carry on. Each moment is unique. I wouldn’t wait for your tomorrow. Allow air to flow into [your] thoughts. CREATES CONSTANCY OF THE ENLIGHTENING EXPERIENCE. I said dessert. [do] you still write [the] time and date? Don’t forget! Although it may seem [that it is] the same date for three messages. EMOTIONS. no. No. Stop wanting. Feel it with [the] eyes closed for a moment. They are so analytical! What is wrong with that? Be the gentle hair that leads an elephant! Enlightenment can be found in every moment. and I [will] fulfill [my] promise. no! Dessert is here. Now. Free the mind. Let us not label the mind as inappropriate…as the enemy. It is unexpected. [It is] sublime nectar. And yet. The mind is a magnificent creation! The mind is a treasure. It is never the same moment. sweet child. AND MINDFULNESS. KNOWLEDGE. [It] is better than anything that maya has created [in] flavors or smells. 2004 MESSAGE 26 1:24 A. fill it with positive loving thoughts. Haven’t I done that? Am I not doing that? Isn’t the mother diverse? All children are unique. mind must be friend. Stop wanting to stop the mind. my beloved Soulmate. I wish to tell you this. I never wait for when “appropriate” would be. Live forever through this. give to it dessert…lots of sweet oxygen.M. STOP THE MIND. Mind is no enemy. So much focus on killing thoughts! STOP THINKING.

TRUST. What [do] you think. dear teachers. Master the mind. simplicity. especially when they come in love! TRUST! You who speak about TRUST…. my dear Ivonne? What [do] you think of this? For me it is better to trust and be mistaken than be mistaken because I did not trust. Good! I like that. and love. See God in all. dear guru. EVER reject them. through good deeds. Serve all. honesty. Amenai. Babaji . than be mistaken because you did not trust. Begin with your own process. Begin with yourself. Never. I will quote you now! It is better to trust and be mistaken.56 Invitation To Love neers. Love all.

Warming Up 57 GET READY FOR A NEW RELIGION OF LOVE September 8. AND LISTEN. I hear you teaching others and giving examples of what must not be done through what others have not done right in your eyes. [and you] know what I am talking about. [don’t they]? But please cease the quarrels and the gossip.” or “I am the only one who has the real message. I cannot see my children distanced because of thoughts! Have I taught you that? Have I told you to stay away from one another? I have watched and waited patiently. come back to your spiritual senses! OPEN YOUR HEART. [It will be] a temple with no images or altars—just the image of love. you gurus and . [with] all-welcoming loving energy.” You are [all] family! I guess sisters and brothers always fight. No space for limiting love. my children [are] the beacons. “I am the only one who speaks the message of Babaji. Children! Be clear! LET IT BE! No labels. Yes. I have enjoyed the addition of words you have added to the messages I have given to you. mothers. and yet few are the carriers of the stone of the temple. Many are my children. YOUR EARS. Let us continue. The temple begins within. Yes. Get together! Babaji’s kids must gather. fathers: Cut the umbilical cord from expectations and fears of limiting love! You. One main focus…again and always. But now come back to a child[’s] heart. 2004 MESSAGE 27 1:36 A. love. Husbands. no moment for fear. unifying all and everything through the practice of unconditional love. [It will be an] all-inclusive place.M. I hear you talking about this or that when others are not present. saying. as you have said. You add salt and pepper. no owning messages. Breathe as [you did] when you were five years old. The time has come! Do not throw stones [at] one another. How is it that the children with the responsibility to deliver message are creating the divisions? What [do you] want—a bestseller? [Do you want] to be the only guru or teacher? Children. no moment to own another. wives. I wish all my children to gather and create a temple where all religions are welcome.” or “I am the only one who has written many books. where labels disappear and all that remains is the connection to the Source. [I want to establish] a new Religion of Love. I WISH ALL TO PRACTICE THE NEW RELIGION OF LOVE.

Yes. [I am] all done with warm-ups. the “Guru. in you. Move on…no time for labels! No time for owning! Babaji is no trademark! My only interest is the new religion…and the religion of past. Your whisper with my name on it is just like a newborn crying for his mother…the mother immediately responds. future. I do with you. inviting it to dissolve. [even] if your thought differs in description from the ones your sister or brother has. I am speaking to you. and get together and work! Babaji misses you when you are away. and present: The Religion of Love. who have developed higher awareness. and yet I am always with you. what is this unnecessary rejection? What is this unnecessary silent gossip? Stop that.58 Invitation To Love teachers! No divisions. I am with you. the mentors…for I have watched the play and dance of the spiritual ego when a “disciple” triggers the “unexpected” in you. the teachers. Don’t wait anymore! Do not distance yourself from the ones who have helped you and who have triggered your spiritual ego. As a mother would do. Om Namah Shivaya Babaji . let us begin The Practice. Create a temple for the Religion of Love. Isn’t that diversity? You.” Be grateful and bow to their heart.

And a sinner without a future. —Babaji Nagaraj 59 .2 The Practice º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º Remember what I always say to my children: That there has never been a saint without a past.

With this. A doctrine is [an] open invitation to the ego to fight for its own belief. transforming into wings of courage.60 Invitation To Love TRIALS. Remember. 2004 MESSAGE 28 12:00 MIDNIGHT While changes occur in the ever-evolving moment where existence dwells. remember that. even if you like the cave’s comforts. This is simple. You are ready. Shhh…write on. Allow me to live in your heart. beloved. Trust me. you have crossed the bridge. . As the peacock will shake and reveal his colorful feathers. it is just a matter of choice. and all shall be well. the relinquishment of fear through transformation happens subtly. trials become opportunities. It is just matter of time. no…doctrines are dangerous. rather than be an open invitation for love. and in [the] case of humans. Now. this shall not shatter your focus. Be an open flower for bees to receive pollen. and all shall be well. fears become sugar that easily dissolves. no. so my children should open their wisdom for all to see. Create a longing as a caterpillar. If any “trial” manifests for publishing this book. Be an open portal of sharing. A longing…a fragrance that invites the caterpillar to transform into [a] butterfly. Try not to force the process of anyone who has [a] longing to fly. Be the beating of the heart you see in everyone. and remember all you can do is that…without doing [anything] at all. Try not to push your teachings as doctrines. A doctrine creates wars on planets. FEAR. you will have stepped out of [the] cave. When you put this message I am writing through you in the hands of the world. spontaneously. No. and others [share their] opinions from their ego (either spiritual or mundane). Invite transformation through the demonstration of your living experience. and the smile you have on [your] face with surprise shall be and is my delight. Be a constant ever-rebirthing and transforming butterfly. FLY IN THE SPIRIT SKY. AND LET ALL SPIRITS SOAR. AND TRANSFORMATION September 9. Amenai. Be the fragrance that you preach. Now for you: 227 days shall pass. my children. Remember always that it is the nature of [a] caterpillar to be [a] butterfly. and effortlessly. transcending fear through the apparent trials and challenges of daily basis life. for all to be invited into a portal of evident transformative powers. write on.

shhh. I will honor that for few hours.The Practice 61 Now. The breath mastery shall come your way. Would you play with us? May violet light be with you today. Be attentive always. Om Amenai Namaha Babaji . to bed! Your mind thinks it needs sleep. The Son. While you go to [your] hypnosis session. No questions. I like to write through you. And ahhhhh. which is the world. is awakening and wants to play. I might want to chat with you. It is simple. Now. I wish for you to speak with my daughter Parvati soon.

Come to this workshop. or to you. Parvati. child. child. if you give [it] too much attention or make [a] big deal of it. my son. Ready for working? Husband. Meditation is what IS. My children say: Read this book. So please. 2004 MESSAGE 29 12:12 A. Morning. Babaji will help. [it is] morning. Relaxation is important. Since “one” is “one. Meditation is what IS. For you. the importance of one’s thoughts. But never stop working. Again. You just serve as [the] vessel and let us work. Use [your] common sense! Labeling the importance of something creates different experiences of the mind. Now to the message. [It] is important. even if they have a name. even if they seem to be directed to you. Time will create itself for your comments. remind [the] reader that messages are universal. Spirituality is not important. They go on and on with “how important this technique is. Meditation is not important. First. The teachers shall not focus very much on the ego of the disciple. [the] tantrum grows and becomes a ritualistic practice for repeating. must meet with you. for me. [It] is important. So don’t worry how. the one who writes [the message]. You are what you are. Importance is not to be confused with priorities and awareness. [It] is important. as you know. Just write. and with comparisons come judgments. Again. A name [is] universal. don’t forget to add them later.62 Invitation To Love TOO MUCH IMPORTANCE: ON THE EGO AND SPIRITUALITY September 9. [The] mind wonders why it is important and begins comparisons. I will create the opportunity. beloved.” then [how] can it be something more important than the “one” itself? Do not misunderstand. the Breath Master. [it] includes all names. Like a young child having a tantrum. shhh. and with judgments [come] rejection or envy. . Surrender to create more space.” Yet. the first thing someone should be directed [to] is the relinquishment of importance itself. Too much emphasis on it only creates it more. He must breathe at the pyramid in Cancun. NOW. the one who reads [the message]. children sleeping? Good. Also. Fight for peace.M. I want to ask you to please add in the book the spoken messages I gave you through my beloved daughter.

and wake up refreshed! Babaji . Rest. [Be] firm and aware that the moment is as it is.The Practice 63 [Do] not give much importance to anything non-real. luminous and loving. Is this important. RESPECT all processes. AND IMPORTANCE WILL TRANSFORM IT INTO SERVICE. even when [they are] different from yours. See the oneness in all. no superiority…not too much importance. live the love through all. respect all choices and beliefs. Imagine yourself as [the] moon. She watches and respects. and that is that. INTO GRATITUDE AND MIND QUIETNESS. This is what is. You write. Just be [in] the moment. Now is this important? There is no response to a question that doesn’t exist! Everything is a tool. quietly. [be as] compassionate as a mother. Children! Awake! No labeling. The moon shares the energy and feels the joy of being part of evolution. Is Babaji more important than Jesus? Is Babaji more important than Moses? Is one religious scripture more important than others? The response is neither no or yes. while the moon blesses the world and tries not to understand its ways. Now sleep. I come and I come. Shhh. guide the moment with love. Time to sleep awhile. PRACTICE LOVE AND COMPASSION. these words I write through you? Think! They are words. and watch.

How can one get bored on this planet? There is so much to create! So much good work to do! So many opportunities to serve for evolution. I shine more in your heart. the habit of healthy thoughts. child. when the moon speaks of fullness. as gurus. Know that I am forever present with you. I have a couple of books to telepathically transmit to some of my children simultaneously in different time and space momentums!” Now? Would that make any sense? Would my teaching/preaching make any sense? The brave souls never get bored. there is. Child. Now the best habit of all—no need for me to say it again.000 years more here until I see [that] the habit is lived and breathed.” and I answered. Boredom is not a word in their mind. transcending the maya and lifting everyone in prema love. They enjoy each moment. I am here. I have a mission and have stayed long on this earth. DEPENDENCY. 2004 MESSAGE 30 11:44 P. They don’t say. as fathers. I am too busy. as teachers. the habit of respect. Child. as a choice-less .” Brave ones in spirit NEVER [are] too busy to serve. are one of those. What [do] you think? Now it sounds like a paradox? Depends on what a habit is for your mind. Leave Babaji the work. the habit of positive thinking. I assure you the book will be ready when [it is] ready. Good. as mothers.64 Invitation To Love THE BRAVE ONES. The experience I come to share is for the whole world to experience. and deeds. Do not feel disappointed or wonder how we will finish this book in time. the best ones like the habit to serve. Realize that I like to be around brave people. I am speaking of the good habits. that makes Babaji happy! Brave ones see everything as [an] opportunity to grow and serve. the habit of transcendence. good. I will take 1. and you. or is there a need? Oh yes.M. HABITS. in Shakti love. I love to assist the modern prophets of this era who have a responsibility for the sacred message. Leave [the] worries to me. acts. “I need help. the habit of possibilities. the habit of saying I love you. “No. as friends. Imagine if one of [my] children came and I said. BOREDOM September 10. “I cannot help you now. as masters. They go with [the] seasons. There is no space for habits! Yet habits are welcome. [They] serve as flashlights. this beautiful earth. I am too busy. You just write. again I say. the habit to speak one’s truth.

” A yantra is a geometric design acting as a highly efficient tool for contemplation. [www. THERE IS NO WAY BACK. The brave ones who say softly. which are as real as the open eye.The Practice 65 choice. Time to open for the realm of dreams. concentration. all has been a bridge to bring you to me. who passionately love God in all. [It is] the habit of love! Now. of living. Blue Dove Press. AND FEAR CAN ENTER IN THE NEW REALITY CREATED.” Now. Om Namah Shivaya Babaji 1. “Babaji.) . everything and everyone. of growing and evolving.sivasakti. (In Quest of God. The brave ones who dare to speak and live the magic of breathing. who acknowledge their mistakes. [and have] no doubts about [whether] the book will happen. nothing fancy. Yantras carry spiritual significance: There is a specific meaning that pertains to higher levels of consciousness. ALL HATRED. used in rosaries by devotees. 1994. Remember. Swami Ramdas. and meditation. just as these humble words offered to the shrine of your spirit. with the habit of love. A yantra literally means “support” and “instrument. [There is] nothing complex. you ask? Shhh. I love the brave ones! The brave ones like you who rise in] A round seed that is sacred to Lord Shiva. I live in your very breath. time to sleep. I have a created a yantra1 of rudrashkas2 for my children. THERE IS NO WAY THAT ALL MAYA. The brave ones come and believe in their higher purpose. who have faith in the now. who continue serving. to bring you to this same moment. is there [a] place for boredom? Is there [a] place for fear? Is there [a] place for hatred? Is there [a] place of judgments? No! ONCE YOU GET THE HABIT OF LOVE. my child…please trust. Now? What is this. 2. The yantra provides a focal point that is a window into the absolute. A yantra [is] feminine in nature. The male [nature] I manifest. Blessings. a window to reality itself.

I’m not going to ask you to create a new order of religious systems. my only request is for you to relax and expand in your sweet Divine self. I am always available for everyone! This is my chosen mission: be available.66 Invitation To Love HELP THY FRIEND September 10. Help thyself and help thy friends through your own nature of Godliness. Help me. the earth. we have a lifeline! Remember? We changed the word from dead-line to life-line! Or live-line! Let’s move on. Do not go and create cults. and a twenty-four-hour-a-day focus on love.M. and may it be the religion of Love. This message is simple. only love. No. such is your power. the changes will be perceptible for thine eyes. continues to create what all of you are always experiencing: CHANGE. Your mission is to awaken to the reality of your Godhead personality. See? Again [the] message [is] the same. All is inclusive. The movement is the power of change. from the deepest sacred place that only love creates. Then the impact shall be made in the world. my child. in this communication I treasure with you. I love you. the power of transformation. to love. The cosmos will dance in celebration that you have reawakened in the reality of God within your soul. So it is you who must serve others. my friend. Such is your mission. and to bless. I’m not going to ask you to go preach my message in this or that country. Let us move on and continue. to guide. to serve. No. Remember. The cosmos. I will contact you again for the next message. and existence deliver what you need to you. Om Namah Shivaya. I want you to rest after this one. 2004 MESSAGE 31 11:53 P. Help thy friends through helping thyself. Babaji is not part of a cult. your own Divine energy! Create a religion in your mind if you may. my friend. You have the power to assist and help your friends and help thyself through loving kindness. [I’m asking you] to expand in the NOW as the NOW and as the creator of this very moment. . The movement that might seem ecstatic for many. The cosmos is always assisting itself in the process of involution.

Nama Om.The Practice 67 Om Namaha Nama Om. Babaji .

Just let it flow. I AM THE ALL AND EVERYTHING.M. the cosmos and the universe reside within. sweet soul. THE BOY IS THE PLANET THAT MOTHERS YOU ALL. Now. see that [reality] in their minds. Release the mind. with their sacred message. let us begin. Let go of thinking again if this is Babaji or not. All in the cosmos is sacred. and let go of doubts. must be like spiritual surgeons. MY BOY WISHES FOR THIS AWARENESS! REMEMBER. . removing false beliefs that create more maya in those devoted spiritual seekers and in those devoted spiritual teachers! Aha! All [are] included. [The] mind does its thing. Shine the light inside the inner cosmic spirit! You are the creators of all and everything as I AM. How come you didn’t come [to] write [in] what you call yesterday? Taking a break from the break itself? Aha! Shhh. 2004 MESSAGE 32 10:10 P. the cosmos. Oh Ma! I am thee in the most intimate and transcendental way. become it! You are it! YOU ARE THE COSMIC SPARK OF THE CREATOR BEING ONE WITH THE CREATOR ITSELF! Oh my Abba. why is it difficult to experience without the understanding of the human mind? Well. but the vision is outside them. no exceptions.68 Invitation To Love MICROCOSM OF LIGHT September 11. Now. I have traveled all over it. Many of my children speak about the collective. SHINE! AND MAY THE MICROCOSM OF LIGHT BE REAWAKENED IN ALL SENTIENT BEINGS. My children. Now I say unto you. and the universe. ALL OF THESE SHALL BE IN UPPER-CASE LETTERS. Those who hear. being the cosmos. Shine the microcosm of light! Expand in it. MY BOY IS THE PLANET! THE BOY ITSELF [IS] THE MOTHER OF YOU ALL! NOW CHILD. the macrocosmic and the microcosmic soul of all and everything to allow the light of the cosmos to permeate the whole existence. REMEMBER. and come and write! Come and be only the hand. Leave everything. simply because the thought of difficulty is there.

The Practice 69 Jai bole. Amenai! Babaji .

I saw [that] you can’t stop crying now. even miles away! My children who have met you know this. THE ONLY BUTTONS PUSHED ARE THE ONES INSIDE! AHA! I SEE YOU’RE SMILING AGAIN. Amenai. A NEW TRANSFORMATION IS OCCURRING.. CHILD. Do not stop writing. the energy is strong! Your energetic field impacts many. but even four hands will not write as fast as you are writing now. child. UNDERSTAND THIS. unconditional love. dear Amenai. how sacred your mission [is]! The . Yes. 2004 MESSAGE 33 DEAR CHILD! I SEE YOUR TEARS. Your heart is precious. Let me continue. [They are] bhakti and satya tear shedders. and in the tears. YOU ARE WRITING FOR BABAJI. So. I will speak now about you. thank you for doing this. no matter how you keep hiding inside the cave! No matter how many silent moments you wish to experience. and a detoxification of collective egos. Meeting you is transcendental and transformative! It is challenging and an everlasting experience! No one will ever forget you Ivonne. [It is] A DEEP CLEANSING! More beings will come to you. more will be uplifted to love unconditionally with your presence. SO IF I WISH UPPER-CASE LETTERS. haven’t you seen your hand? How fast it writes? [You are using] only one hand. Your shakti is love—pure. AND ALSO I SEE YOU ARE TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHY YOUR COMPUTER IS WRITING EVERYTHING IN UPPER-CASE LETTERS WHEN YOU HAVE NOT PUSHED THE BUTTON THAT DOES THAT. keep writing! Your message and the message of all of us. THAT AS YOU WRITE. You need not say a word! Ahhh…I see you are asking for a sign right now to validate that this communication is really happening. of collective confusions. The love is palpable. Amenai. Child. Any being who has the blessing to meet you even for a moment will receive the Divine Shakti.70 Invitation To Love RESPONSIBILITY TOWARD SOCIETY AS AN ENLIGHTENED ONE September 11. You cry for all. will leave a footstep for the next generations! Oh. without any sense of belonging. a cleansing happens. I MIGHT USE TIME WISELY AND KEEP THE PROCESS GOING. All my children are professional tear shedders. and child. so very precious.

simple. You have the violet strength in you! Your tears are the anointing oils for my feet! CHILDREN. USE YOUR SIDDHI POWERS WISELY! YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS CREATION. TOWARD THE COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS! Their thoughts change everything! Their energy transforms everything! That is why [it is] important to keep clear. I have been with you longer than the creation of the wind itself. and humble. the awareness to shift [the] consciousness regarding children! Acknowledging the guru energy in them. or as you say. FOR THE CREATION OF A WORLD LIVED IN TRUTH. but also a beautiful responseability! You like that word. so very sacred! Everything before this moment has only been a bridge. don’t you? Shhh…just write! ALL ENLIGHTENED BEINGS WITH THEIR MISSION HAVE AN ENORMOUS RESPONSIBILITY TOWARD SOCIETY. It is sacred. Amenai. keep on with your message. SIMPLICITY. no matter what! So. in the forever “I AM” presence that we are. truthful.The Practice 71 mother. That is a huge responsibility. the little guru energy in all children of the world. loving. AND LOVE! Babaji .

The NOW that you speak of applies to you as well. BE TRUTHFUL. I am in the heart of all those who seek for me. I am the healing energy of all ancestors. I am the ancient one and the forever-young spirit. Share your harvests. Live forever. and hiding Buddhas. that I place at your feet! Come with me. BE SIMPLE…BE LOVE. Rest peaceful in the awareness that I AM.72 Invitation To Love THE SOUL OF HUMANITY September 11. you gift all with flowers from your garden. where the self disappears and the super Atma exists forever! The soul of humanity shines within all living creatures. ONLY LOVE. Let us demonstrate what the children need to learn! Gurus. teachers. when you are the master. be the change you want to see in the world. I am in you forever! All shall be well. wear the white robe that I have to offer to you. 2004 MESSAGE 34 I am the soul of humanity. masters. [I am] the everlasting forever living presence of the Divine. Become the soul of humanity with me. children of mine. Let us heal the maya of suffering on My Boy. I am the freedom of love. your planet. Arise in awareness and share your fragrance with all my children! When you are the path. Om Namah Shivaya Babaji .

Amenai! Babaji . compassion. commitment.The Practice 73 HARVEST OF FRUITFUL DEEDS September 11. Many things are spoken about the harvest of what the gardener and farmer plant! But let us focus on the harvest. No sense of superiority shall be experienced! No excuses! The harvest should be shared with any hungry seeker. the taste of compassion. Amenai. and for whom the harvest shall be. when encountering the master. Om Namaha. Amenai. the harvest is to be successful.M. multiplying the bread for many! Multiplying the fish! Creating a miracle. All hungry ones shall be fed! Through fruitful deeds. shall also remember that they are [the] sacred soil where we plant a seed. and where we nurture awareness. 2004 MESSAGE 35 11:06 P. With proper observance—through caring. of My Boy. We need to catch up with those days that you decided to sleep! Aha! I saw your face! I love your word: Oops! Sounds like up! I like up! I like “wake up”! Ready? Let us continue. The master must know that all thoughts [and] all moments are sacred. Then the acts and deeds of the master become the water for these seeds. each moment becomes a seed that is planted in the collective consciousness of My Boy. the sacred gardeners and farmers of consciousness of this world. nurturing energy. The harvest received shall become the fruit of patience. Within this awareness. of the world. and constancy—the water of fruitful deeds creates a miracle: the longing of someone to awaken to their inner God. The enlightenment of one who has striven spiritually for many years. The mere presence of the teacher creates the final blossoming for the re-awakening process. [realizes] the nurturing is complete. and the awakening to love.

always new.M. Trust [that] I will tell you when to stop and rest. when [you are] investing quality time with disciples. the children—all are sacred! Would you not answer their call? Would you ignore them because you think that your time is not for that? That you have a mission to do? Wake up. of course.. Quality versus quantity! Be present! No complaints about time please. Trust in the process. you are one of them as well. Three minutes is enough to create a new world. even if you live in a “no time” experience! Be compassionate. my children! Your mission is exactly where you are in this moment of time! Never ignore anyone in your path. is [also] part of maya. My children must remember at all times. no matter [how] it might seem! No matter how enlightened you think you are! No matter how humble! Always be available! Always create the time. with children. come on. Come on. now be responsible for it! Breathe along with the spiritual seeker. No matter what has happened! Always use your sacred words to communicate any misunderstanding. 2004 MESSAGE 36 11:12 P. always sacred. Time. Would the Divine say.M. So let us use time wisely. and NEVER ignore anyone. the “no time” experience! Lift the veil of maya for yourself and for others. children! This very moment in time is sacred! Your devotees. Three minutes is enough to transmute and create alchemy in anything you wish. Time…is quality. “I have no time for your ideas? I have no time for your requests? I have no time for your mission”? Never reject someone who has come in trust and love to you. When [time is] used wisely. [It is] 11:15 P. with families. but part of the human experience as well.74 Invitation To Love INVESTING SACRED TIME AND NO TIME September 11. . [It is] time [to] write again. I wait. then time disappears. the seekers. Assumptions and “psychic” beliefs that you own the truth have never left a taste of reality to anyone. and the “no time” experience emerges. that TIME itself is never wasted. let us continue. I see [that] you [are] taking a break. and through that. when [you are] going with [the] flow. It is always invested. The investment is good! Very good! It removes the time from maya. Now. You requested a job as guru.

with your loved ones. Namah Om Namah. Namah Om Om Namah Om. all is inclusive. I am your heart in truth. Om Namah Om. my children. Om Namah Om. Now go beyond my words. I am no show. with My Boy—the beautiful world of yours. Namah Om Babaji . and love. Please. No one owns me. no label. I am always loving.The Practice 75 Remember. invest quality time with yourself. I am the supreme love. Om Shivaya Om. simplicity. Here you will find the “no time” experience! I am always working. Namah Om Namah.

through telepathic energy. 2004 MESSAGE 37 11:25 P. It is a beautiful celebration.76 Invitation To Love ALWAYS AVAILABLE September 11. always fresh! [I am] always grateful for the opportunity to love. Aha! One more [message] and you may go [to] sleep if you can! I am always available for anyone who wishes to communicate with me. [it is] a good reminder! Very good! CALL MY NAME! I AM YOURS FOREVER! Shivaya Namaha Babaji . I am non-exclusive. Children. a wonderful dance to share with much availability in love. to believe. I travel simultaneously to many places and communicate through the heart. [Although this is a] very simple message. CALL MY NAME AND I SHALL BE WITHIN YOUR HEART AS I AM May I serve as an example of availability! [I am] always available. [you are] ALWAYS AVAILABLE. and to trust.M. always ready to serve. compassion. include on your business cards the words ALWAYS AVAILABLE! Everything shall flow for you to assist you in your giving-ness. and truth. and yet very exclusive. through many unknown ways for the human experience. Amenai.

The time is now. But the hour is coming. dear children of light. for such the Father seeks to worship him. openings. and move on with the Great Work of our Brotherhood and Sisterhood. IT WILL BE INTERESTING TO LISTEN TO IT. wisdom is like Om Namah Shivaya! The heart has a special frequency. Relinquish the spiritual ego. —John 4:23-24 I like the quote you were reading. the more the song of creation will be heard by all and many! Yes. no spiritual competition. FOR IT HAS NO WORDS. and beacons of hope. a tune. for they create peace. 2004 MESSAGE 38 11:30 P. Join your songs. Please add [it] to the text. and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth. and healings! The more positive thoughts my children deliver. a frequency. Om Namah Shivaya Babaji . This is it! The moment has come in the now! THE SONG OF THE HEART WILL HEAL ALL.The Practice 77 THE SONG OF THE HEART September 12. and I am not kidding. when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth. Sing together with no separation. All wisdom is a song. a melody. child.M. and let us use it for my next message. All teaching becomes a manifestation in matter! Conscious thoughts are very important. God is spirit. a special song.

2004 MESSAGE 39 One more [message]. This is paradise. child. Focus the energy in the third-eye area and smile! SSSHHHH…PERFECT SERENITY. Drop again the thoughts of the validation of this book. Amenai. Shavasana. It is so abundant. but hidden [is] the energy transmission. so peaceful. and so rich! Let us share it with the whole world. Now. Invite all [the] children to paradise. Breathe. write no more for now. It is a shavasana moment. is the integration asana. and I bow to your sacred feet. and spirit have relaxed. This is quite short. What harm can a message of love make? What need is there to prove Babaji in the words? We are ONE in all and everything. Shiva Tandram Aya Namah Om Babaji . I am eternal. [the] relaxation posture.78 Invitation To Love PERFECT SERENITY September 12. Rest. if you may. like in yoga. read no more. the Shakti of perfect serenity where the muscles of the body. Breathe the love that is the air. Blessings. The integration message. breathe. children. Breathe. mind. I am a living embodiment of peace and everlasting health and life.

Madhamika: Neither one nor the other extreme. but he also bought a book for you that I dictated to one of my children twenty years ago. but not as mere words. and of what you all call enlightenment. without owning anything. of service. Madhamika is not shaken by any event. or person. okay. I like how you have created the Madhamika with him. Let us proceed. your husband not only speaks of me and acknowledges the sacred presence that is everywhere. and yet [I] see everything! The time is now. Sooner or later the guidance becomes confusion. ha! Okay. a higher choice of light. now we write about MADHAMIKA! THE TRUE JOY OF BALANCE. situation. [it] is a lie. must contemplate Madhamika every moment! [They must] be not in one or [the] other extreme. a little recess was enough. you stayed [with the] truth and true to the chosen path of love.M. Just . Aha! You did [well with the] interruption. The enlightened ones must remain balanced in the inner core of their beings. Through love and your eternal focus on Divine love. [It is a state of] balance in the middle path of joy. That is why all enlightened beings. 2004 MESSAGE 40 10:01 P. Good! I like [it] when [your] husband visits you. The presence of the Divine is here. What seemed [to be] challenges. [They must be] centered to be able to assist the seeker to center himself. Now. Throughout this message. If not. We should write about balance. you saw as opportunities. Madhamika is the ever-blissful state of he or she who has attained. Amenai. Amenai. no matter how unconscious the situation seemed. Ttttt…thhthh. and that immediately delivered balance. with no exceptions. Ha. ha. Carry on. Aha! Long time no see. We must continue.The Practice 79 BALANCE: THE JOY OF THE MIDWAY September 13. neither affirmation nor negation. breathe and visualize a banyan tree through all this writing. No matter what others thought of what you should do. neither living through affirmation or negation. Amenai. no exceptions. keep this visualization in your mind. everything is transformed.

in addition to humbleness and transmitted with prema—that is great shaktipat! Nothing else! Only Now.80 Invitation To Love balance. pure Madhamika. children! Madhamika. Om Namah Shivaya Babaji . No exceptions.

in the history of the world. You already were forgetting! Let me do the writing.The Practice 81 MAYA AND SAMSARA September 13. So. 2004 MESSAGE 41 10:10 P. Breathe. Maya and samsara—can we now begin erasing those words from the mind? Can we erase them from your own spiritually enlightening dictionary? In these modern times. The rest of the message shall be written for you in the history of many hearts beating as one. Maya and samsara—can we erase those words from the mind now? We live in modern times! Wow. Babaji! How is it that you do this? Child! You are very funny. the more reinforced it becomes. enough of this maya concept! Let us embrace reality NOW.M. Shhh…remain visualizing the banyan tree. is…I like it. Would you welcome a newborn child saying: “Welcome to planet Earth. while you just visualize the sacred tree. this is all [an] illusion”? Do you think [a] child needs to hear that? It is very simple. Now proceed. Namah Om Babaji . everything evolves! What makes you suppose that maya and samsara will remain the same? Realize that the more you speak of maya. Do this? Being this…what? Whatever this IS. These are modern times.

The enlightened one is the eternal traveler. So traveler. Continue with your journey. always in truth and simplicity. and [a] smile. the eternal traveler of light. the fragrance expands and heals all in its way. She received [the] transmission. remember the training. She will sleep well tonight. Now [we will] continue. body. and in Madhamika. 2004 MESSAGE 42 10:55 P. of ahimsa. you spoke with Ananda. joyfully. always spreading the message of prema. Practice kriya while in a physical form. and share the fragrance of love with whomever and wherever you are. always in love. of saralata. the teaching never ends. Amenai. of satayut. Shanti Babaji . Om Shanti. The great work is lived constantly. ready? We must go on. Yes. Divine breath. no matter the form and formless. thoughts. remember the mission.82 Invitation To Love THE ETERNAL TRAVELER IN TRAINING September 13. the training continues. That is the mission of the eternal traveler in training. [She has] such [a] pure heart! Pure bliss. You took [a] long break. the beacons of light are the eternal travelers! But remember this: The eternal traveler is always in training! No matter how much he or she has attained or surrendered. with pure love. The spirit continuously journeys with universes of light.M. of sankalpa! Always non-violent. in balance of mind. and spirit.

Remember always that satayut begins with one’s owns thoughts. and you have developed most profoundly the inner breath. that love is not an emotion. then the veil of knowledge. It is through satya. that harmony within will be manifested. the ancient ever-healing breath that transcends karmic consciousness and deeds. the message. So please. can dress with his and her true naked self. you are one in my breath.The Practice 83 GET TO YOUR TRUE NAKED SELF September 13. LIFT THE VEIL OF EMOTION. I want you on the cover with me. I’ll tell you more about me. Satya must be applied in mind. LIFT THE VEIL OF KNOWLEDGE. body. Shhhhhh. and you can put that information at the end of the book. Mmmhhh. Everyone shall be imparted as a natural eternal law. If we are without harmony and balance. But these are the instructions. Aha! The moon is whispering in my ear the need for your psyche to know more about Babaji. like me. and spirit. The naked self must receive all prema and Divine Shanti. the sacred vessel of devotion. lifting layer by layer so that the devotee. Yes. [Love is] the supreme energy vibration. and limi- . TRUTH IS ESSENTIAL FOR THE NAKED SELF. My children walk very naked on this planet. Aha! THE TRUE NAKED SELF! THAT IS THE SACRED SELF I SEE. The cover should say: Dictated through Automatic Writing by Babaji Nagaraj to Ivonne Delaflor. but a state of being. superiority. By the way. Now. through truth. you do not want to show [your] face. seem invisible…but their mission will create the vision of hope we want to spread. I want you to add [information about] yourself. then truth cannot manifest through anyone at all. always. [The teacher must] remember and remind all. Your healing touch comes from the amrita that flows in your hands. and yet many miss them! They don’t see them! They. and then [the] veil of emotions. you don’t even want to say you wrote this for me. when we finish the 108 messages. 2004 MESSAGE 43 11:01 P. which zenith is infinity itself. with your picture! I read your mind. So [we] all [need to] get naked! Away with the burdens of judgments. do this for me. You are one with me. Later. The teacher must lift the veil of ignorance.M. balancing through the breath the dance of hormones. AND AFTER THAT.

Complete detachment from thoughts while being responsible for one’s own creation. dressed only with prema. I AM THE ONE AND ONLY DESTINATION. as I said. The individual remembers that he or she is God. I AM IN ALIGNMENT WITH UNIVERSAL LAWS. Shhh. This is [the] last message for the day.84 Invitation To Love tations! Welcome the Divine respect for all sentient beings. The naked self lives in Saralata…very simple! [The naked self is] detached from the reactions of actions. All is service. and that God within as himself is love. Om Namah Shivaya Babaji . [There is] no place for spiritual ego. I AM THE ABODE. I AM THE TRUE NAKED SELF. through prema. The teacher is always aligned with the eternal truth. Babaji works through love with my true naked self. Divine love. The true naked self. I AM TRUTH. with the power of Divine love. and satya. saralata. Amenai. from the fruits of the work. Divine one. and his living demonstration models to the disciple the joy of the path. continue writing.

but no play. Too serious they sometimes are. Babaji is so very happy. Too serious! Babaji likes to laugh! I love celebration! We are family! I love that song. Divine bhakti ones. The NOW is now and now. too! Many of my children love it! Please write some [of the] words. And we fly like birds of a feather I won’t tell no lie All the people around us they say. I saw [that] you finally submitted The Positive Child book. for now is the time. can they be that close Just let me state for the record we’re giving love a family does We are family (come on!) We are family Get up everybody and sing Living life is fun and we’ve just begun to get our share .The Practice 85 MOVE OUT FROM THE HOUSE OF IGNORANCE: THERE ARE BETTER PLACES TO LIVE September 14. Child. Big heart. Now write! We Are Family Everyone can see us together as we walk on by. Babaji? Here? In this text? You want me to write the lyrics to “We Are Family”? Yes! Of course. Please write some more at night. Now. 2004 MESSAGE 44 1:43 P. I think you love that song. I call you now.M. The Positive Child must reawaken in all children. especially my children.

show them with the living demonstration your own home! Invite them as a guest! Sacred one. I like good songs. always available. [You do] not study. love. we don’t get depressed Here’s what we call the golden rule Have faith in you and the things you do and you won’t go wrong Oh no. [You] think that you all know everything that you need. yea) We are family (come on!) I got all my sisters with me (get up and party!) We are family Get up everybody and sing! —Lyrics by JUMP 5. It resides within the heart that loves. this is a family joint (yea. also. [You do] not listen to the wise ones. which is your heart. When the house of ignorance is empty. to be the beacons of light that they are meant to be! Wake up. Now remember. All become what is. They create images in [the] mind. or learn new ways to become [a] better parent. moving and shaking the energy. Home is heart. good. the maya disappears. It is always open. meditate. It is celebration. I like celebration. I say unto you: The wise ones are here to serve you. Now the message…many spiritual seekers are always in denial. children! Move out of the house of ignorance! There are better places to live. . Home is wisdom. and then the real celebration begins. and selfless service—the keys to the home. Come and live in the home that is my heart. successful way to enlightenment. like a TRUE TEACHER. Much of the human maya is denial itself. and the body moves along. use your wisdom as [a] flashlight without [any] coercion or manipulation whatsoever! Welcome ALL to the home of wisdom. Album Accelerate Good. Home is here. it is always a nice. If you are lost or anyone around you seems lost from home. [a] home has no [closed] doors.86 Invitation To Love Of this world’s delights High hopes we have for the future and our goal’s in sight No. Ahhhhh. Wisdom shines thoroughly and effortlessly.

The Practice 87 We Are Family! Om Namah Shivaya Babaji .


Invitation To Love

September 16, 2004
MESSAGE 45 10:01 A.M.
Beloved, how come you didn’t write last night? It is good [for] you [to] write after your kriya practice. I like your teacher. He is focused and humble. I like the kundalini transmission in you and the breathing. I love it when you all chant. Amenai, do more practice of kriya. Do more practice of prana, and write! Just remember, if I call you, don’t doubt! Babaji will not come if Babaji doesn’t choose to do so. So when I call, please come. No doubts, child. I say unto you that you need no validation. When I come and write through others, or whisper a message telepathically, all that evolves is the magic of the now, in which Divine validation is included through events and through doors opening through more love. Many feel [the] transmission. Minds might negate [the] process, [and] might want to judge the journey. But what for? Isn’t a love message far more important than the judgment of mind? So child, again, write on! Do more japa, do more prana. Share your voice more with everyone. You still come inside and outside the cave. I understand your focus as Divine Mother. That is one reason why I chose you. Beyond that, I chose you because of the way you celebrate life. Do not erase these words from [the] book. They are part of the message; they ARE the message. Many will read [them] and will remember that this message is for them. This message is for you as well. Celebrate and share your voice of celebration. [It is] very rare, such joy and selfless service, very rare. That is why [the] Divine children, your Divine son and daughter, have chosen you. Babaji has, too. May we continue now that you are alone and [the] children are [engaged] in their activities? Shhh. No need to respond. Allow me to telepathically speak to you and write on! All masters, all children, all human beings, must celebrate their own miracle…their sacred breath, the opportunity to transcend and create magic, life, and love. Beyond any concept of limitation, there is the hidden treasure of sacred wisdom and ancient possibilities. The wise ones, the enlightened ones, who are constantly evolving and transcending, are always aware of the joy and the bliss of the

The Practice


now. They are aware of this moment, and that is a huge party! That is a celebration itself! Everyone must, and is invited to join! Please R.S.V.P, remembering that respect, kindness, love, simplicity, and truth are key factors for the celebration! Aha! Yes, simple words, but when it comes to the practice, simplicity is forgotten. All children should rejoice in others’ well being! Never judge, even when they have a personal opinion! Everyone must remember [that] all that happens is for [a] sacred purpose. They should and you should continue with your sacred job in celebration, sharing, humbleness, and truth. It is in this journey that the celebration of life begins, rejoicing in others’ joy, being altruistic in humbleness, and sharing. It is all-inclusive! Universe, planets, cosmos, black holes, super novas, human beings, ethereal world, ALL AND EVERYTHING is included. REJOICE IN THE JOY OF A CHILD, AND FEED YOURSELF WITH JOY ITSELF. NURTURE YOUR CELLS WITH BLISS, AND LIVE FOREVER! BECOME DEATHLESS AS I AM. EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE! FEED YOUR ORGANS WITH SIMPLICITY. TREAT YOUR TEMPLE WITH RESPECT. CHOOSE YOUR THINKING WITH JOY AND WITHOUT HARMING ANYONE. If you are the guru, remember [that] you have the butterfly siddhi in you. The butterfly will affect every single thought of yours. It is enough to impact the collective consciousness. Children! Awaken to [the] celebration. Share and live the joy. Become a spiritual, altruistic person! Become a non-profit of love, giving—and in the giving, create the bliss of creation! Become younger each day through your choice of thoughts. The celebration is now! Yes, the celebration is here! Celebrate when others experience joy; when they experience enlightenment. Do not stay being the only guru, the only one with the reason, the only one with the secret key for enlightenment! Share the joy; become the joy; multiply the fish! Multiply the guru energy, and in that process, become the one you want to be in humbleness, joy, simplicity, and truth. NEVER FORGET ABOUT LOVE. Now child, Amenai, add another favorite song of yours about celebration. Shhhh. No doubts! I chose you for your joyful qualities, for the Divine mother in you. I like more than Sanskrit! Everything is a manifestation of the Divine! All is included…so now, pay attention and write the “Celebration” song! I like it more than [the] ancient quotes! Song is inspiration; song is celebration. A song moves the body, stops the mind in the dancing and singing. Just do what I request, please, Amenai. Write it here, and I shall speak to you and write through you tonight. Babaji


Invitation To Love

Celebrate good times, come on! (Let’s celebrate) Celebrate good times, come on! (Let’s celebrate) There is a party goin’ on right here A celebration to last throughout the years So bring your good times and your laughter too We gonna celebrate your party with you Come on now Celebration—let’s all celebrate and have a good time Celebration—we gonna celebrate and have a good time It is time to come together It is up to you, what’s your pleasure Everyone around the world, come on! It’s a celebration Celebrate good times, come on! It’s a celebration Celebrate good times, come on! Let’s celebrate We’re gonna have a good time tonight Let’s celebrate, it’s all right We’re gonna have a good time tonight Let’s celebrate, it’s all right Baby… Come on and celebrate, good times, tonight Celebrate good times, come on! ’Cause everything’s gonna be all right Let’s celebrate Celebrate good times, come on Let’s celebrate
—Lyrics by Kool and the Gang

The Practice


September 17, 2004
MESSAGE 46 12:58 P.M.
Child, you are eating too little. Drink more water and eat more greens! You could live on air…but that will be when your whole form remembers the involution [of] nature within. Until then, drink more water and kefir, and eat more greens. The kefir [is] good, very good. May we speak about your nature? As the wind blows, Amenai, it caresses your face. Feel me here…I am here. Being here is my nature; being I AM is who I came to be and whom I choose to be. [I AM] the Christ nature, the Buddha nature! I AM the wind that blows and lifts the leaves to the firmament where there is no up or down. Feel my breath with the wind. Discover new possibilities of meditation in nature. That is the Christ and Buddha nature! It is not exclusive for [just a] few; it is within all beings! Why do humans judge one another? Have you seen a child who is born and immediately judges his or her nurse? Does he judge his parents for carrying him this or that way? The child is pure, original goodness, and Godliness is the nature of purity and being. This nature is never lost. This purity, the Christ and Buddha nature in everyone, is always within. Yet, veiled by maya, it is dormant. But, aha! My children carry clocks with nicely ringing alarms! Ring, ring! Wake up! The Buddha nature and Christ-like energy within are ready to be reawakened in all. Become like a child! Enter the kingdom of heaven. The Christ and Buddha nature are within! So, where is the kingdom? IF YOU WANT TO LIVE IN THE KINGDOM, BE THE KINGDOM. BECOME LIKE A CHILD. Trust, and shine your own goodness through actions, deeds, and speech. Guide others with the same goodness that the wind carries oxygen with. Feel the wind now. Go outdoors for three minutes. Feel the breeze. Close [your] eyes. Do not judge what you see. Do not think even of this book. Feel the I AM presence. Feel me; welcome me into your heart. Whisper my name. Let me enter the kingdom within you.

Ring. I love you. Awakening the CCBE: the Child-Christ-Buddha Energy. Welcome the kingdom within. Ring. Ring. It is time. welcome change! I am change itself. Babaji .92 Invitation To Love Nothing will ever be the same.

Vach. by your words. your peace and goodness toward humanity. the spiritual seekers. Children! Beacons of light! May your speech include Babaji in it! No.M. your speech. The sacred Vach must be full of your Divine presence. no.The Practice 93 VACH. So far you have read many pages and still you have doubts. Babaji likes love. it is all-inclusive. but I know how to wait. So remember to be impeccable! Tat Tat! Impeccable! Your children. under all circumstances! Remember! What you speak is sacred! Tat! Tat! SACRED! Remember that the fruit of your Vach must be good! If not. MYSTIC SPEACH September 18. not the name Babaji. and of sacred truth. 2004 MESSAGE 47 2:12 P. You still listen [to] what others tell you. [It] must come from [your] integrity. I like even more. child! I have been calling. is whole. Don’t be afraid of writing these words. Your light is like ONE THOUSAND candles together! My children’s light is like agni! It is agni! You haven’t written lately. and [still] judging others? [Why are you] negating some [and] rejecting others? You will be acquitted by your Vach. Validation comes from the open invitation to love! This is a party! Amenai. you are not writing. You must attentively guard your speech at all times. you think words are useless. are you ready to continue? Remember. learn from it! Make sure it is sacred. You are not writing them. the candle that is you…even when you forget. The word. So now. That is a whole different thing. no. Your speech is sacred. Clear away the illusion and move along! My children. sacred Vach. please always remember that your Vach is sacred. you are just typing them. but the mis- . it is a primal sound contained through words. the fruit of the tree of Vach gets rotten! Your Vach must resemble your inner truth. though. Why [do] Sanskrit mantras and all those ancient things work? Child! Thank you for lighting a candle in my name. Make sure it is filled with prema! Make sure it is congruent with the inner and outer [manifestation] of your persona. no. you are typing. Your disciples and all spiritual seekers must listen to the sacred Vach. You want to stop your writing. How come [you are] using good words. Babaji invites all to love! Love is non-exclusive. [Are you] analyzing the messages? Thinking [that] Babaji only comes to this man or this other woman? No. So far we have written many pages and still you have doubts.

Tat! Tat! Shall we speak about Sanskrit and mantras? Many on the yoga path are focused on those things. action. Valium. REMEMBER THIS: TALK LESS. Many spiritual seekers I see especially in [the] Western world say: Oh no! Mantras [are] not for me! Japa is only for India! I say unto you. and purpose. Amenai. with intention. too. Sanskrit is much healthier and cheaper. and response. Not the mission [of Babaji’s] in words. That is VACH! Many sages and ancient ones have used it wisely. Ecstasy. children. that Sanskrit is a well-studied and polished language! Every single letter has been chosen to create a special vibration. he or she receives the blessing of this pulsing and vibration when using precise intonation. purity.94 Invitation To Love sion. but the action of it! Vach doesn’t mean to talk more. but [speaking mantras] are better than all those things people take to supposedly feel better and expanded like Prozac. BUT SAY MORE! Yes. recognizing each sound and word and merging in its special pulsing and vibration! When someone repeats a mantra. and inner bliss emerges! It is ancient. A mantra that is given by a guru to a disciple is a true blessing! It is energy transmission. It is like a doctor’s shot! Babaji . The whole energy vortexes are impacted. and those artificially created drugs. child.

Now. The Soulmate is you! Next message! Babaji . even mentally. Aditi carries such wisdom! [It is an] opportunity to live it and share with others! Space is sacred. recognizing that within the heart of the disciple lives the master. please. with whomever they are. Your children are happy and well and enjoying their father! He has recognized Babaji’s energy! Good! That will make things much easier for you and for the transmission he receives daily that can strongly push the mind to the edge! Now continue. Present respectful pranams to it. You have [the] opportunity to write. We have a life-line! Every teacher and all my children should remember to bless the aditi inside and outside. It is the sacred space. you are sacred to me! All my children are! My Boy loves you! The Mother takes care of you. a silent blessing of aditi is required. Wherever they go. 2004 MESSAGE 48 2:36 P. we must go on. the guru! Oh. Amenai. such sweetness.The Practice 95 THE SACREDNESS OF ADITI: WHAT YOU KNOW AS SPACE September 18. such miracles! Aditi is sacred! Amenai.M. No questions. so is your inner aditi! The master must bless the inner aditi of the disciple—the vast universe within.

THE CREATORS OF BALANCE. EVERLASTING MUSIC OF INFINITY. The more you remember this. Buddha’s message—the enlightening message that includes all and unifies all in the Adhatman! Stop any nonsense of defending who owns Babaji or not! Stop the illusion of separation! Even when [you are] on [the] spiritual path. MAY YOUR TEACHING BE LIKE A SYMPHONY THAT TRANSCENDS TIME AND SPACE! LIGHT THE FIRE OF THE HEART OF THE DEVOTEES! BECOME THE VOICE WITH NO FORM. speaks with grand wisdom. remember that! You are destined perhaps to wander around The Boy. for me. Children! Remember the Supreme Self shines with non-violence! There are no politics in love! Truth and honesty are the healers of politics for the new spiritual evolution! [There is] no division of countries! The universe must be your own country! Worship God not in temples. orators. REMEMBER YOUR SACRED SELF AS THE INSTRUMENT THAT WILL PLAY THE MASTERPIECE. but in every fellow human being! God is both the disciple and the master! Now. 2004 MESSAGE 49 Now. THE ETERNAL. SHINE YOUR OWN SUPREME SELF. children! Remember that the Adhatman.96 Invitation To Love ADHATMAN: THE SUPREME SELF September 18. YOU ARE THE CREATORS OF OPPOSITES. and your vach! Many can be preachers. the Supreme Self. no matter what others have said. deed. Christ’s message. Spiritual transformation is possible when humbleness guides every act. you still create divisions. It is time to rise up the Supreme Self and follow its lead. are children! Babaji sees no enemies. All of those. please remember this. BE THE MESSENGER OF GOD. or self-proclaimed gurus. teachers. the more the Christ energy will shine through the message! Your qualities are eternal. The ancient wisdom is transpired through it. around this planet Earth to share the message—Babaji’s message. The power that emanates from the mysterious essence of this nature gives birth to the power of mind transcendence through the power of clarity. Would you do that favor for Babaji? .

The Practice 97 I love you. Babaji .

Now. You can really guide others to their inner Adi Buddhi and shine their true Supreme Buddha Nature! Remember that each soul is potentially Divine! The Buddha is inside all. and the noblest character that you can gently lead others. It includes the emotional realm and the intellectual realm. The Adi Buddhi. 2004 MESSAGE 50 3:07 P. children. your Divine wisdom. Remember that it is with humbleness. shall be as deep as the ocean and as broad as the endless sky. purity. remember through the eternity of your existence. then everything—poof!—disappears like this. although I have said that there is no time wasted unless love is not present! The Supreme Buddha Nature inside you should speak and live through you and guide the devotees of the heart.M. The one who guides must nurture the inner ADI BUDDHA and the ADI BUDDHI in both teacher and disciple.98 Invitation To Love ADI BUDDHA AND ADI BUDDHI: THE SUPREME BUDDHA AND DIVINE WISDOM September 18. DO NOT forget! This time. you may have an amazing intellect and a brilliant and clever mind! But if there is no consistency. If not…[it is a] waste of energy and time. Babaji .

no one owns God. children! There is not only one teacher. Japa might be useful for that. Stop competing.The Practice 99 FOCUS ON ADVAITA: NON-DUALITY September 18. and all shall be well. please. Next message. yet there are universal laws. [There are] laws of attraction. we will finish this second asana or chapter. [you] must focus on Advaita. [do you] want to keep pure? [Do you] want to keep simple? [Do you] want to manifest real abundance in your life? Then focus on Advaita. if you may. dispelling energy of darkness of the maha maya.M. Yes. Babaji . and yet there is only one guru. and many others. The struggle is totally unnecessary. laws of gravity. but always shared! No one owns Babaji. Children. beloved Amenai. Now. guide others! Bless others! Give Divine Shakti to others! Cease spiritual competition. it means that no one owns the message. 2004 MESSAGE 51 3:29 P. I see many of you not sharing the wisdom just to create expensive workshops or methods to sell your way of living! Children. Then you will receive [your] children and do your chores as Mother. and from that sacred aditi. so that NO extremes are manifested—neither anger nor happiness. There are no Olympic games for enlightenment. remain centered. as Divine Mother. The repetition of [a] mantra keeps the mind centered in unity and focused on oneness (non-dual expression). non-duality at all times. [it is] the enlightening. Remain balanced. as you call it. trust that the sacred wisdom must be shared in its sacred timing. Amenai. and when I say this.

I say unto you: I love my children! My children should guide all with unconditional love. We need to receive everyone with boundless love. relinquishing all limiting fears and programs about love. sexuality. Be happy! —Ashtavakra Gita 15:4 My beloved children. Enlightenment is for everyone. Amenai! That is the only way to immortality—the way of love and the way of the heart! It includes all and everything. That is when you [will] know. Free. service. my children! [They are] the ones who praise and live love! Love should be open and free.M. The witness of all things. for enlightenment. intention. the one and only religion. Babaji cares not if marketing should be used for this or that! I care . You are pure awareness. children. everyone should experience the magnificence of who they are. They live in failure maya when they all are destined for grand success. We just need to spread the news. My children should always remember the humbleness that is implied to be responsible for creating an enlightening reality while guiding others. and simplicity. Humans are ready now to step out of self-limiting beliefs that just create the maya or illusion of failure. for freedom! All should guide with the awareness of love. that doesn’t work anymore. 2004 MESSAGE 52 3:48 P. Amenai! The enlightened ones must guide them with kindness. Be an open invitation through compassion and love rather than through tactics of marketing and smart spiritual words to attract others to their path! No. Wherever you go.” It is not about the teacher. but about the living teaching that guides others and assists others to choose their own enlightenment. You are without expectation. that’s all. and ownership of another one.100 Invitation To Love I AM THE BOUNDLESS September 18. It is dangerous to put oneself as a teacher on a pedestal and to make others compare themselves with “the teacher.

and truth are simple gateways for the inner Buddha. I am an open invitation for that! My children should become an open invitation for enlightenment. There is not an opposite of enlightenment…the nature of the Buddha is in all! [There are] just different choices and evolutionary timing…but all are one and the same. OPEN THY HEART TO THE DIVINE INVITATION. as an enlightened being. love. simplicity. Aham Bramas Mi Babaji . Now. AND BE ATTENTIVE AT ALL TIMES WHERE YOU ARE AND WHO YOU CHOOSE TO BE. I breathe love and live love. humbleness. But enlightenment. that is the promotion of your spiritual belief! That is not good or bad. That oneness is an open invitation of love for everyone. the Christ energy in all.The Practice 101 only for love. will you go with the cosmic flow or try to create your own market-wise ocean for your “message” purposes? That is not an invitation. it is just as it is.

trust me [that] all is included. Here they will behold a new gift from the Creator. I come to you now to ask you to uproot and transplant yourself in the soil that is nurtured by the morning sun. “The time has come. without need of worldwide recognition. to share your long-held secret with the earth. Divine nectar. I have been journeying through her and with her for more than twenty years now. only heart-world recognition of the love given.” Eternally in love. for your delicate nature shall be sustained.102 Invitation To Love I AM AMRITA: THE IMMORTALITY OF LOVE September 19. Your message is not only [for] you. dear one. but she was also a bridge. fear not. those who give. Babaji My beloved daughter Parvati is an open invitation to me. for when the dewdrops appear upon your petals. “My unique and beautiful flower. others will discover this new species of flower you present to the world.M. sharing your fragrance only when the world sleeps. I know [that] you haven’t met her. I treasure her and see the Divine Mother in her as well. As you bloom in the light of day. leaving all credit to God! Amrita emanates from those who care for life. She has not been pushed away because she was a female. Include the date and time that Parvati sent the message to you: July 5. 2004 11:58 A. Like the butterfly drawn to your nectar. For many years you have blossomed in the shade of night. souls will be guided to your garden. I like that you did not doubt [me] this time. In this sometimes harsh and blazing heat. Be comforted in knowing the environment around that you intend to bloom in is pure—for the Divine is holding space for you to grow. would you share the message that I gave to you through my beloved daughter Parvati? Please copy it and put it here. and hope will be germinated in their hearts once again. 2004 MESSAGE 53 Amenai. . amrita emanates from those with [a] pure heart. they will see and experience nature’s immortal flower. I greet you in the temple of your heart. They will wonder how this flowering plant can give itself moisture.

’ and the sentence ‘They will wonder how this flowering plant can give itself moisture. Babaji told me to trust your own intuition to know when to stop taking the baths. and do not be surprised if you [also] experience other glandular fluctuations. Blessings on your journey to Cancun. and then you both touched palms. You approached them with your palms turned downward. This amrita has a lovely scent and does not evaporate as quickly upon exposure to the air as normal amrita does. I saw you standing in front of different people (particularly children) with their palms upright in front of them.’ He said to wait to take the baths until a time you are not so busy and can really focus on this inner process: Amenai’s Amrita Flow. they will see and experience nature’s immortal flower. This was something you did after taking a series of sea salt and rosewater baths.’ “What he showed me and shared with me is that in your ‘cave-temple. I saw you meditating in front of a single lighted candle wearing white. It is vitally important that you do not share this with anyone. It has strong healing qualities.” Love. “I will mail the tape today. “There may come a time when these drops of amrita will exude from your pores.’ you perfected a technique whereby amrita would flow from your pores. It is in this movement that you transfer a drop of amrita from each palm into theirs. as it is unique to you. just as Babaji described in this sentence: ‘They will wonder how this flowering plant can give itself moisture. This is something that could have waited for the next reading. they will see and experience nature’s immortal flower. for when the dewdrops appear upon your petals. loose cotton clothing. He said you perfected a technique whereby you had the mastery to guide and direct the flow of amrita from certain glands to other glands. as it pertains to his initial message to you ‘regarding your long-held secret. The way to know the baths were finished was when perspiration on your body began to change in a significant way. “This is another reason you are experiencing thyroid fluctuations. You are a beautiful soul. This is truly rare. but he would like you to begin to work with the ideas he is about to share. for when the dew drops appear upon your petals. since amrita usually only flows from certain glands inside the body. This is not automatic writing. Parvati . The way you knew you were ready for the meditation portion of the process was after the baths were finished. if you are interested. After the reading just before going to sleep. but a concept he wishes me to convey to you. he gave me another message for you and asked that I e-mail it to you.The Practice 103 from those who dance and share their love! I said share…not sell! This is a simple reminder! Please add now the second message [that] my beloved daughter Parvati sent to you through the e-mail world: “I always consider it an honor to see into the soul of another through Babaji’s eyes.

Babaji . for this message. We will work faster [during] the days to come. Let us do the last one for this asana chapter and rest.104 Invitation To Love This is all. my beloved.

. and breathe. even when separated by several miles. in apparently informal experiments that are reminiscent of some of those to be used by remote-viewing researchers in later times. I will call you again soon. no sender was necessary. FOR BREATHING IS A POWERFUL FORCE. Focus on Advaita. You constantly remind your disciples of the sacred breath. but I see [that] many of you forget about the prana. is healing. There is no space for forgetting! No excuses! Prana is life. children.3 I speak and the body responds. We must continue with sacredness. child! Leave all cancers to Babaji. It contains the sacred energy. Sinclair describes the apparent ability of his wife at times to reproduce sketches made by himself and others. and is food from and for the Divine. Babaji 3. They note in the book that the results could also be explained by more general clairvoyance. It is also free. You type [as] I write. and breathe…breathe and breathe. and they did some experiments where the results suggested that. 2004 MESSAGE 54 Now. and spirit. Amenai. It is sacred. that prana assists [us in] getting rid of the waste products of the human body. Remember this. and some drawings could be reproduced precognitively. Without doubts we must continue. Another influential book about telepathy in its day was Mental Radio. mind. your Great Work. Now rest. as it gives life and feeds the body. how is that? Telepathically. breathe. In it. in fact. what many call the Holy Spirit and the sacred chi energy.The Practice 105 PRANA: THE FOOD CALLED BREATH September 19. Remember. Just do your work. published in 1930 by the Pulitzer Prize—winning author Upton Sinclair (with a foreword by Albert Einstein). Remind others.

to choose happiness. Perform and become a random act of kindness each day! This is the real essence of the Master. In whatever form and in whatever way. assist others in every manner possible. the dear world. to awaken enlightenment within. to be blissful. —Sri Babaji 106 . to choose the glorious of life.3 Soul Asanas º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º Serve all in a selfless way. My Boy. requires this of you all now.

Vivekananda was [a] great visionary. Good morning. child…ready to continue? I see you are inspired! It is a very good moment to write the story of your son and vibrate the healing energy through it. how can it meditate? How can it be at peace? When you know no peace. let us continue! The Arhan. Now all [of] those on the journey of teacher-hood or on the journey of selfrealization must practice and integrate the following qualities within their mind. must always remember that everyone is worth[y] [of] love. how can you know joy? When you let your mind follow the call of the senses. and soul: . It will help many. they carry away your better judgment as storms drive a boat off its charted course on the sea.Soul Asanas 107 THE ARHAN: THE WORTHY ONES SEPTEMBER 20. Identification from the teaching occurs. 2004 MESSAGE 55 4:44 A. He lived in the moment. and all that flows and transpires through the vessel of the teacher is pure prana and prema. Yes. children! The more aware you are.M. I like [the] quote you chose. the worthy or enlightened ones. Children are waiting for you to deliver that message to their parents. and grand love he had for his Satguru Ramakrishna. many people. [It is] pure life force and Divine love. Receive my blessings and the blessings of the White Brotherhood! Now. —Swami Vivekananda Amenai. Everyone is worth the patience and sacred time to experience inner God! YOU MUST NOT FORGET THAT THE HIGHEST DEGREE OF SPIRITUALITY IS THE AWARENESS OF CONSTANT EVOLUTION. body. The disunited mind is far from wise. AND THAT HUMBLENESS INCREASES WITH IT. I personally bless the new portal you are creating and the Divine realm you have been chosen to share with [the] world. the more humbleness shines through the teaching.

spiritual. My Boy. Serve as a genuine spiritual teacher. blissfully. but to live the wise life of peace and service to all. CONSTANCY Of you. SIMPLICITY Now here is a good one. CLEANLINESS Personal hygiene is important [on the] physical. Keep it simple! Share and be the message—that’s all. smelling the roses. Babaji. and [yet you] create everything hard for the seeker! You sell your products with high prices. who preach it. We need no pride. and mental [levels]! Never disregard your form because of spiritual beliefs that the body is not who you are! [The] body is [a] temple! Take care of it! [The] mind is useful! Clean it from negative thoughts. fulfill it! If you say it. Connect with other teachers. GENUINE SPIRITUALITY Foster and nurture spirituality as a child—not through accumulation of texts and knowledge. be constant in the doing and congruent with the enlightenment you have chosen to manifest. 2. have been living longer than you on this planet. children! Imagine [that] I. Violence is a no-no. Live honestly. you create an image of yourself as a corporate leader. and share the simple truth that love is all. NON-VIOLENCE I’ve said it many times. Please. needs more love—that is all. and shower it with happy ones! Emotions get very balance when cleaned. live it! If you promise it. and they assist hormones to balance as well. Gentleness is a must. The planet. You all speak of the simple ways. 7. you direct the teaching to the mind. 5. Very simple! .108 Invitation To Love 1. Respect all human life and all living creatures! Respect all. do it! If you do. 3. What would become of Babaji if tolerance was not one of my qualities? 4. AHIMSA. TOLERANCE I have seen my children getting desperate with disciples or the media or family members for not understanding the message. 6. ABSENCE OF PRIDE As you know pride is useless.

and serve all. love all. 13. remain still. centered. shared secret secrets of the ancients—this is not only unnecessary but limiting. Control your inner climate [that is] manifested through emotions. ABSENCE OF SPIRITUAL EGO Saying and speaking about your spiritual successes. and hormones. Continue your work. how you have healed many.Soul Asanas 109 8. and compassionate. Do not swing to extremes. 9. . You have a responsibility to transmit and change these limited. but that doesn’t mean you need to forget the good nature in everyone. SELF-CONTROL Remember to be the rider of the mind—yes. My children. thoughts. Death is not threatening or something to be scared of. be simple…transcend the illusion of control. Be balanced and practice observance. Be attentive at all times that you’re the witness. programmed. LIFE. either good or bad events. and manipulated perceptions about death. enlightened all. EQUANIMITY No matter what happens. SEEING THE GOOD NATURE IN ALL Never. life. All senses must be mastered and never limited! Be aware…master them! 10. even when [you are] enlightened. the good nature. Life is not a traumatic event when one is born. MASTER THE SENSES This is clear! Use the senses to continually attract the Divine within with grand respect. The nature in everyone is the God Nature. Be not attached to the emotions that dance from one extreme to the other. Choices differ and are honored. and illness can be healed. CHANGING PERCEPTION ABOUT DEATH. AND ILLNESS You must continue to assist everyone in changing their perception about these elements of life. Remember this and be free from judgments. 12. ever forget this! Even the most negative person was born in the same Divine light that you were. the creator of your reality. and illness. Let it be! Just let it be! 11.

that is all. PURE DEVOTION FOR THE DIVINE Devotion is the path. 17. or praying. Keep the focus on self-realization. peaceful moments. dressing. and constant meditation while awake. Allow yourself alone time for you [to] focus on the company of the Divine. 18. like the wind. eating. Abundance comes by itself. The inner work should never stop! You never cease to evolve. PRACTICE ABSOLUTE TRUTH This requires the practice of silence. Keep on romancing creation. DETACHMENT FROM “WANT” Be aware. Babaji . you are still working. ENJOY SOLITUDE Invest time in yourself for quiet. creating [a] space to be with your own form is sacred. 15. Do not limit this flow with beliefs and social ideas! Transcend and become the Krishna and Radha experience! Be devoted to love. [the] stillness of mind. Even though you might already see the Divine in all. It is a one-on-one transmission from the Divine in you to you. sleeping. At all times. Detach from wanting and from not wanting. evident…and is love.110 Invitation To Love 14. and allow yourself to receive the love from the Beloved. be aware that you are the truth and that the absolute Divine truth is wordless. It must not be rejected nor cling to! Just receive [while you] keep on working. Everything [you] need comes to you effortlessly. 16. FOCUS ON SELF-REALIZATION No matter how enlightened or how transcended you feel.

Understand? [Is it still] unclear? Then practice permanency while constantly changing! Control. Amenai. the wind is blowing strongly now. A gift is always present for those who serve. [Do not be] concerned [with] what others might think of your presence [when you go] there. Soon you will travel close to [the] sacred mountains where I manifested my form to Parvati more than twenty years ago in your human time. ENLIGHTENMENT IS. Now. You make a choice and [then] keep on with it.M. THE NOW SIMPLY IS. Love is.Soul Asanas 111 ASTI-NASTI September 20. Go and receive what I have for you. Babaji . and exclusiveness are just ways for the impure way of the mind. children. You should travel there with Ananda. The other place is the sacred land of the ancients. IT IS OR IT IS NOT. manipulation. not be. of the Hopis. The now IS the present. 2004 MESSAGE 56 3:10 P. rejection. It can NOT. Either you guide or [you do] not guide.

to be ready for November 22 of 2004—yes. and as your nature will demand from you. a creative visualization of planting a tree of ASVATHAS…of mystic trees. the wind will come and sing its song to your ears. It shall be done. my dear Boy. with sacred trees. my beloved Amenai. sharing wisdom so that a tree grows from it—[it will be] a tree of enlightenment. that vision: planting a seed with intention. tat! Tat! Yes. will be published [in a] timely [way].112 Invitation To Love CREATORS OF ASVATHAS: MYSTIC TREES OF LIFE WHO ARE HUMAN BEINGS September 20. I say. beloved Amenai. they must have in mind a vision. we must continue. Prana is the life force sustaining the body. and the natural views of the planet will be even more embellished with these beautiful. Trust me as you are doing. [you can] feel safe. I see you don’t know how [that can happen so quickly]. I wish today to remind my children that while they plant seeds of wisdom in the devotees. as long as you write. This book. which I see not as [a] book but as [an] invitation. Feel secure. It is done. of love. If Babaji does not worry. 1998. That [action] will cease spiritual pollution. Babaji 1. Let me handle it. Now. Let us fill this planet.) . sacred trees.M. 2004 MESSAGE 57 11:33 P. Also referred to as the breath. the external manifestation of the life force. of eternal abundance. why [are you] worrying? If Babaji feels safe. published and ready to be shared with the ones who are already awaiting the message. Creators of mystic trees. this invitation. right? How about last night? What about two days ago? I tell you. create more oxygen to receive more pranic1 food. George Feuerstein. worry not! I will push some buttons! You just need to remember: Self-publish! Remember! Do [the] research. Hohm Press. I saw that you are still worrying about the life-line we have to publish! I still want this book. [There is a] strong wind tonight. (The Yoga Tradition. Those trees will spread the seed as well. and you will see [that] it will be done. of ahimsa.

Soul Asanas 113 THE ATMAN AND THE MADMAN September 20. [the] sacred force of love. and guide [others] through breathing. I know you think. Let us proceed. Yes.M. the sacred breath. Breathe and remember! All individual experience is based on the Atman. There is no experience without this sacred essence! Teach without thought. LET ALL BEINGS SHINE THEIR UNIVERSAL ULTIMATE ESSENCE THROUGH THEIR VITAL BREATH. and breathe the breath of the imperishable. Remember that Atman and Anatman are the same. Transcend the concepts and definitions. for the experience cannot be known through the thought process. Mirror [for] them the spark of the Divine within. TIME? What does it matter? Time is timeless. [Do] not forget to write [the] time. and write [the] time! Children. The rest you already know…or [do] not know! Babaji . to breathe…to shine the Atma. Do not focus on the existence of the Atman or the non-existence of it. your disciples. Remind your devotees. you all must remember that the Atman of every individual can never be doubted. good…now proceed. and we will laugh together. Amenai? Ha. But still I wish for you to write [the] time [that we begin]! Have you ever been so rebellious. Get the self naked. my dearest Amenai. Do not focus on one or the other. Just focus on love and breath. Anatman or madman. Share the reality beyond the appearance. 2004 MESSAGE 58 11:48 P. that is all. Atman. the experience cannot be taught…it can only be experienced! Breathe along with the ones who bestowed their trust in your sacred form. all sound the same to me. Join me in the laughter! Good. There is not a single possibility of doubt. Remember. aha! I’ve known you since before you chose to be born in the body you use now! Soon you will remember. your future teachers.

Keep on breathing. open up your guru senses and perceive with your sacred eye. Babaji 2. Use your minutes wisely. beyond mind and the organs of thy form. Swami Ramdas. be the light you came here to be. Blue Dove Press. From that awareness.114 Invitation To Love A MINUTE FOR YOU IS A BRAHMA NIGHT FOR ME September 20.) . free thyself from space and time and remain non-limited. Be not bound by ordinary social expectations! Remember that the Guru is Avakatya…indescribable and inconceivable. in the now. 2004 MESSAGE 59 Children. All moments are sacred. Brahma is God in the aspect of creator of the universe. for a minute for you is a Brahma2 night for me. 1994. (In Quest of God. Beyond senses.

you reject them.Soul Asanas 115 CHELAS. AND IMITATORS September 20. Yes. Vibrate compassion. DISCIPLES. [you] direct your mission energy to them! Please! Chelas. The true chelas are teachers disguised as disciples. Babaji . and in the process. choices are honored. disciples. so trust all is well. blame not the followers. and carry on with your message. 2004 MESSAGE 60 My children. to Divine love. The Divine chelas are on their way to you…to the guru. but your focus must be onepointed! Judge not the imitators. and imitators emanate from the same source consciousness. Some of you put too much emphasize in those who imitate. Bees gather to honey. You negate them. who become herd followers.

I wish to continue. let us impact this cosmic truth with the veil lifted! Lift the illusion of knowledge regarding illusory objects. Cosmic Consciousness that is held in all and everything is impacted with each and all of your thoughts. as well as lifting the veil of the internal processes of the mind and the concepts of pain and pleasure! BE THE WITNESS. So.116 Invitation To Love CHAITANYA: COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS September 20. 2004 MESSAGE 61 If I may. intentions. Children: the CHAITANYA. I know [that] your body is tired. AND MORE AVAILABLE TO ALL. Lift the veils and cosmically breathe. SO THAT THE EVOLVING PROCESS OF SOURCE GETS SIMPLER. AND AWAKEN THE CONSCIOUS WITNESS WITHIN ALL AND EACH INDIVIDUAL. Babaji . Now go on. and manifestations. but rest assured that the way you are resting through this writing is beyond comprehension—far much better than human sleeping. MORE TRUSTWORTHY. Amenai.

One more. to surrender and experience God-Realization through breathing. not only in the physical but also in the subtlest bodies. the power of strength. Amenai. the primal energy should always be in action. and love! Yes. [the] power to go with the flow. Fear not what others think of the awakening of this Divine energy! These are modern times! Please! Awaken in all through practice and energy transmission the Divine wisdom. Awaken the force. service. 2004 MESSAGE 62 11:59 P. I will create a new japa of them! Babaji . the same words over and over again.M.Soul Asanas 117 CHAKRAS: FORCE AND POWER September 20. We must continue! Kundalini should be constantly awakened! Yes. Carry on. the valor and splendor of the Divine within all beings while balancing the chakras or energy vortex.

Deva Warriors that do not fight. always see the Divine in all. the God-Buddha Christ Nature! Now. They express and transmit peace through spoken and unspoken messages! The light worker feeds all with light! Darkness is no more in their presence. THE LIGHT WORKERS September 21. and turn the lights on! Could it be simpler than that? Babaji . as venerable and holy. They all carry the Divine within. we should not stop seeing everyone as glorious. So stop the belief that there are secret negative forces going to hunt this [one] or that one! Breathe in the awareness of the light power. 2004 MESSAGE 63 The blessed ones are not only [a] few but all—yes—the whole of humanity. Yes.118 Invitation To Love THE DEVA WARRIORS. within and without! Those who see and awaken become light workers. as Divine.

Soul Asanas 119 I AM EK. You are One. Now for now. give no space for procrastination. lover. and even more! Light the flame of intention. [It] doesn’t surprise me that you were assigned to write Your Soulmate Called God and that you are the Soulmate! Thank you. I am “One. setting the living example first! Remind all and remember that within…I am Ek. I AM INFINITUDE AND UNSURPASSABLE! Invite all to experience intense love for the Guru! Just like a lover for his beloved.” Babaji . I AM THE BOUNDLESS. remember the power of Ek. I AM ONE September 21. 2004 MESSAGE 64 Dear Amenai. I AM THE NATURE OF BLISS. I like your bhakti! You are a true devote. Please go on. child. and worshipper of the Divine Love in all. and carry on. I AM ONE. THE INFINITE! I AM THE ABSOLUTE. the power of One.

When any of the senses are confused by thoughts or distractions.120 Invitation To Love THE POWER OF GANDHA: THE POWER OF THE DIVINE SENSE OF SMELL September 21. Feel it! Smell the fragrance of roses! Such is the power of gandha: the pure. sacred sense of smell. you are in [a] trance. Enlightenment has its own special smell.M. awaken gandha…smell the roses. Ahh…Amenai. 2004 MESSAGE 65 12:21 P. All beings have their own special fragrance. Through it you awaken many neurotransmitters in the human brain. And breathe! Babaji .

speak. GOD ERASES THE WORD SIN. Not [for] a single fragment of [a] moment. how is it possible that the word sin is still used for manipulating others to feel guilty. and use mistakes for lessons. eat. Babaji . I am Hari. 2004 MESSAGE 66 WITH AN ERASER.Soul Asanas 121 I AM THE REMOVER OF SIN. act. If these are what you all call modern times. but distract not your view from the Divine. I AM. live the Divine…at all moments and at all times. and non-worthy of the Divine Grace of God? Know this to be truth: The Guru is Hari. self-limited. I AM HARI September 23. And remember. Breathe. I am the remover of Sin and the remover of the concept of it. do. Amenai. Be responsible.

Either you keep on entertaining others’ minds to attract disciples with your “siddhis” or you apply the real siddhi and share it with all—share with many the powerful siddhi of prema! For those who have the siddhi of letters and spoken words. While you choose. you have a deadline! Babaji likes jokes! Waste no more of the time you have created. use that power wisely. with your materializations. LOVE.M. I can come when I wish to. AND LOVE IS THE GREATEST SIDDHI OF THEM ALL! If you all are able to love one another as I love you. Ha! That is why you are summoned early in [the] morning. [that is] NOT GOOD! THE GREATEST SIDDHI IS LOVE. It is holy and unique. IDDHI. [it is] good to see you writing. and write for me. and it is love [that is] the power and the greatest siddhi of them all. and realize that the language shared is stored in the subconscious of any seeker. then go ahead and scream to the world your siddhi. and while I watch. So please. Breathe. Yet if you try to impress others with your levitations. I [will] watch. my children. it is love that nurtures.122 Invitation To Love POWERS FROM THE HEART AND MIND September 29. But to find your mind in peaceful rest and calm quietude. consider that we have a life-line! Now. Remember [that] language is sacred. the ocean…then…that is [a] problem. I bless you all with love. I [have] been calling and you prefer sleep? Child! Please. Babaji loves the writing through your hand! I wish to speak of the siddhi powers! What use is a great siddhi but one who really assists all and everything? LOVE. precious one. 2004 MESSAGE 67 10:13 P. as God and as the Buddha Nature. Does levitation assist in bringing peace? Does materialization of sacred objects cease children’s tears? It is love that heals. that is no problem. I say unto you. or outer-body experiences. You have [a] choice. Babaji . Amenai. SIDDHI: USE THEM WISELY OR IGNORANCE SHALL VEIL YOU.

I offer my salutations to the Mother every moment! Why [are you] not respecting the female form? Why [do you] flirt. Oh. All women and men have female energy within their cells. no sexual differences. Do not [use] that as [a] promotion of your message! Keep it clear. and do…please. or reject women? Children. write. Now [it is time to] prepare for our travel to the sacred mountains! I am glad you [have] followed my invitation! You and Ananda will receive [the] transmission. Let us move forward. I HONOR THEM AS DIVINE MOTHER! Never use woman to promote yourself! Do not use [the] feminine as a symbol of weakness. I saw you preparing another manuscript! I say unto you that you should publish all that your heart and your mind pour in words! [Publish] everything. child.Soul Asanas 123 RESPECT FOR THE FEMALE FORM September 29. I NEVER DISREGARD WOMEN. My eyes see only hearts. for it will assist many. ABUNDANT OF PROSPERITY AND SUCCESS WITHIN HER NATURE. the energy of feminine love. Respect and adore the female. [Then] many shall receive [the] transmission from you. Love both male and female as the sacred energy of God. for prostitution. 2004 MESSAGE 68 10:19 P. or that Babaji only speaks to one woman! I hear and see every word you think. [Do] not say that Babaji only speaks to men. Amenai. judge. I say unto you [that] whoever respects female energy respects his/her own Divine Mother nature! EVERY FEMALE IS A LAKSHMI. Babaji . or [only] for household [work]. You shall see. condemn. It is the energy of birth.M. [EVERY FEMALE IS] A GODDESS OF BEAUTY AND FORTUNE. [There is] no difference for me. my children…as I speak with men. and truthful. how Divine the energy of the Mother! How sacred the female energy! [Here is] the message for my children: The female energy is sacred! Can’t you see that the Divine Mother nurtures us all? I have placed my lotus heart upon her hands. I speak with women. the energy of nurturance. simple. So why judge or reject anyone? Female energy is sacred! It is not a means for promotion. say. from us.

share enlightenment and love all. where is the dark? Tell me! Even those who are sleeping and drunk are in unconsciousness…still they are dormant. Child. Be enlightenment. chariviati! Move the energy! Be the shining sun of the world of love. Why is it that some of my children still want others to believe that there are demons? Are there bad energy forces that the darkness manifests to distract them? No. no. but you are responsible for your light! Shine it on! Bring it on! Distract none with your words and beliefs of good and bad. Now. be light! Speak love.M. Stop the extra words. and the transmission love. share the power of good deeds! If you focus on light.124 Invitation To Love THERE ARE NO DEMONS OR LHAMAYINS. no! Not by a single camel hair shall one [force] anyone to be afraid! No manipulation! Speak light. Very simple! I am still watching how some of you are waiting for me to give a special formula or mantra for the enlightened ones! Please! The mantra for you all is simplicity…the blessing is truth. Babaji . be love! Be the choice you want others to take! Speak of the power of trust. 2004 MESSAGE 69 10:36 P. ONLY A MISGUIDED MIND CREATES THEM September 29. get to the point. Time is at hand.

no matter how grand the illusion of millions and billions of fans or disciples! The more you grow love within [yourself]. from one another? If you are going to change and affect the macrocosm. your workshops. your open words. your ashrams. are changing the macrocosm! You impact it immediately. regenerate your [own] cells and heal! Keep the focus at all times that there is only you. and silent words. and the more you assist many! Do not forget! Forget not! I am here dancing in the cosmos with you. how do you explain that you are so different. But this you know. your words. think twice…silence is good when you think you own the truth! Send waves of love. and healing to the cosmos! Through that process.Soul Asanas 125 YOU AFFECT THE MACROCOSM September 29. the more you will be blessing the micro-cosmos and the macrocosmos as well. 2004 MESSAGE 70 This is [a] very simple message. children. Realize that all [of] you with your books. right? Then why [are you] forgetting? Why [are you] rejecting some? Why [are you] creating sides about who owns the truth? Who shall speak this or that about Babaji? Or who shall guide others through japa? Please! Eclectic spirituality is welcomed! God is eclectic! If not. Babaji . acceptance. in the midst of Oneness of course.

simplicity. some [are] lost. of learning to choose a better life based on truth. everything and everyone. it is as tasteful as anise seed! So. is God. Celebrate the maha humans! Om Namah Shivaya! Babaji Nagaraj . generosity. Yes.M. and guess what? Lift the mind from your own spiritual beliefs even if they seem great! Even if Babaji told you! Even if Christ spoke to you! From that perspective you [will] see all as superior…all as maha humans. How Divine [it] is to see the determination and clarity of mind to manifest assistance for many through Divine service. YOU—who have risen above human limitations. some are misled. Amenai. superiority in spirituality is what your minds would call nonsense! Either karmic or non-karmic superiority feelings are just obstructions of the path of maya. forget about superiority feelings! Rise in compassion and love. and love. Namah Shivaya. with great possibilities of evolving. It is as sweet as a mango. and most of them [are] sleeping! But YOU—yes. 2004 MESSAGE 71 10:54 P. [It is] as simple as that. a great human being.126 Invitation To Love MAHA HUMANS: GREAT HUMAN BEINGS September 29. may we continue? Children. Arise and see…rise above the situation that is superiority. and invite the superior in all to shine through. Is that hard? I say no! I am talking from my own experience! Believe me…I have experienced the humbling superiority of love…where all. sweet one. Every one is a maha human.

Pray and assist all to wake up from the maha maya. Visualize. but as a gentle dissolution [just like] sugar dissolves in tea. your prayers should also be directed to the collective.M. Blessings. As a spiritual teacher. be humble. this simple book of 108 Reminders [is the] repetition of the one and only mantra…the maha mantra: Love. Use your mind power to visualize the dissolution of the maha maya and not in painful or radical ways. and be simple…and [the] maha maya shall cease to exist. and love! Let us proceed. pray. you should [also] visualize the awakening of the maha maya experienced by all human beings. Just as you set priorities as an enlightened one. [those who are] existing [right now] and [those who are] apparently not existing yet. competition. This is a great japa! I see your mind asking: What are you talking about? I am talking about this book. 2004 MESSAGE 72 11:15 P. the grand illusion of separation. THE GRAND ILLUSION October 1. hatred.Soul Asanas 127 WAKE UP FROM THE MAHA MAYA. dear Amenai. love. and mistrust. envy. giving space to the maha reality of prema! Om Namah Shivaya Babaji Nagaraj .

sweet daughter. Aha! Now you come. Be [still] now. thinking that was [the] best thing to do. such as violence. My son Rahelio is a sacred vessel of my mission. For liberation…moksha and mukti are for every Ek. Reconnect with those you choose to separate from. See the diverse flowers on this sacred planet? That is enlightenment.128 Invitation To Love MOKSHA AND MUKTI FOR EVERYONE October 11. a metaphor. children. 2004 MESSAGE 73 9:38 P. When I say MY. or delusion. everyone. They are born of greed. sweet children and beloveds. your Babaji. are damaging to life. whether we act upon them ourselves. and share the mukti! Liberate yourselves from beliefs that there is only your reason. or intense. your thought. I do. It all comes [down] to one single breath. and a breath. The mission belongs to none. My other son whom you shall meet on the second visit to your sacred rocks is so as well. The white falcon that is a symbol of a free spirit will be with you NOW [and] is a sacred guide. or cause or condone them in others. your truth. anger. all is included. I love mountains. moderate. sweet Shakti. Tata…Ttttt…remember [that the] now is diverse and unified. Beloved One. Welcome back. and may be slight. Babaji Nagaraj Negative feelings. and I receive you again through these words. The oneness is in the harmony. Reconnect with those who have uplifted your heart and spirit to the firmament. I saw your sweet heart devoted and melted within the vortex. A symbol. The mustard seed becomes the kingdom of heaven. YOU are included. .M. receive. there is a beyond in which an ear shall listen and an eye shall see. The earth transmits the message well. In the now.

Soul Asanas 129 Their fruit is endless ignorance and suffering. To remember this is to cultivate the opposite. —The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. 2:34 .

I love your laughter. Too spiritually serious! Too busy. Laugher heals. My Boy does. Babaji Nagaraj . 2004 MESSAGE 74 9:42 P. LAUGHTER IS KUNDALINI IN MOTION…AHA! I love the laughter of my children. My children. Ahaa! Shhhhhh. breathe more. rejuvenates. too. Some have forgotten. Amenai. Laughter is the food from the gods. too owning [of] the truth. too right. The enlightened ones should not stop laughing and celebrating the perfection of creation.M. and share thy sweet bliss with all. do not grow old. Laugh more. [They are] too serious for my taste. renews. [They leave] little time for sweet laughter and bliss. love more.130 Invitation To Love THE SOUND OF LAUGHTER October 11.

and joy. Breathe…inhale…hold. And even more…through the sacred breath…the breath of the cobra. Your heart has burst open more. and be the message. [It is] a senseless. 2004 MESSAGE 75 Now. compassion. and it is ready to be experienced by all who choose to experience it. and yet sublime experience. tasteless. laughter. Aha! The sublime is the constant experience of nirvana.Soul Asanas 131 CONSTANT NIRVANA FOR ALL SENTIENT BEINGS October 11. This is my wish. Now. this is Babaji’s longing…I see and visualize the constant nirvana for all sentient beings. Shhhh…breathe. is nirvana only for [a] few? Of course not! NIRVANA is abundant. Exhale…hold. Breathe. daughter…we must continue. and even beyond the more! There is always a beyond in the more. My children will help to manifest this wish through humbleness. Babaji Nagaraj .

I say to you all. remember that to be back in the Source of the Now requires your total surrender to service. Yes. the great reality calls for nivritti. 2004 MESSAGE 76 7:49 P. [especially] to LOVE. to joy and to love. but the trickster is always very close to maya. the bear will protect all with love. Good evening. the maya intensifies for many who choose to believe that what they see on TV is real. to play. all [are] included. children of light. The returning involution is possible for all. Babaji Nagaraj .132 Invitation To Love NIVRITTI: HE RETURNING INVOLUTION BACK TO THE SOURCE October 12. As a “debate goes on” in politics for possible leadership. involving. All shall return back to the Source of the Now. These are only symbols. None are excluded.M. Awaken now. who guide many to their highest human possibility. it is happening as we breathe. child. ready to move the carpet beneath the feet. You. Children. the eagle will soar in freedom. I say unto you. Evolving.

kindness. For even when their thoughts are all good. practice niyama. Babaji Nagaraj . compassion. Where is the niyama in that? Tat! Tat! Listen and be free. and love.M. even the enlightened ones forget niyama. then the niyama is not complete. When any of my children try to speak of Babaji. they speak more of the name than the message! They use Babaji as a business card. Now. [It is a] simple reminder. or of praising yourself to others just to get more disciples who in truth become believers of belief! No! No! Transcend beliefs. and focus your thoughts in service. become the mission. of having been blessed with many siddhis. 2004 MESSAGE 77 8:09 P. of owning this or that guru.Soul Asanas 133 PRACTICE CONSTANT CONTROL OF THOUGHTS October 12. the practice and control of thoughts. Control thoughts of spiritual superiority. when they begin to exclude someone for any spiritual belief. and yet the enlightened ones must always remember it! This message is for all.

I will dance as the flute with the wind through your heart to remind you. Babaji Nagaraj . We are approaching completion of what seems [to be] your first endeavor and assistance to me. You saw me. You must speak from that crystal space always. a melody is playing. Walk your steps effortlessly and [be] grounded. I feel you. and share this sacred flower with all and everyone. shine your uniqueness with the strength of the falcon’s feather. I see you. child. You are my children. and I am in and with you.” You all are the jewel in the lotus. You received a crystal in your solar plexus. The nectar is in the spaces between these words. my precious jewels of the lotus. 2004 MESSAGE 78 8:14 P. Children of mine.134 Invitation To Love YOU ALL ARE THE OM MANI PADME HUM: HE JEWEL IN THE LOTUS October 12. Now.M. I hear you. Amenai. Children. and I like to see your smiles. you all are the “Om Mani Padme Hum. Fear not. the lotus is dancing…and the jewel is your soul. I say unto you. Feed from the atoms that carry the wind. Breathe the song of the breath itself! Here is the magic of involution. Call my name and the wind will respond with a sweet caress on your face. Yet forget my name and become my heart. I breathe in it for you. Breathe the sacred petal of the lotus. listen.

I have a gift for you as gratitude for the service you deliver. Eat the phala. This is not to understand. to all angels. This is a message for you. As we complete the 108 messages. children. and more. What will emerge is the silent beauty of the sacred spirit of the Creator. Yet. more. My Boy. the gift is full of new tasks and missions. the fruit of sacred wisdom. The embrace of the world. this is to breathe and trust. may I request that you eat only fruit and green salad during [the] next three days? Water—more. Through your open eyes. Please. the Mother (sacred female energy). the energy intensifies.Soul Asanas 135 EAT THE FRUIT OF KNOWLEDGE October 12. bow with respect to all seekers.M. Amenai. and the beloved of all. you will travel back to the male-female vortex. 2004 MESSAGE 79 8:23 P. and through the taste of knowledge. to the sacred void. My Boy (the world). shall cover you in a golden thread cocoon. Babaji Nagaraj . I will see you again before completing this manuscript. Now you do not understand and you never will. This is what I call the Now. even though it looks more subtle.

nonstoppable. the energy has renewed itself and will be shared with many. and when [you are] rested. Amenai. It is time to work. remember sacred rest. while serving not only your family and friends. and love. to work the GREAT WORK FULLY. but simultaneously serving the Great Brotherhood and Sisterhood of the Stars and the 400 billions of galaxies and beyond. All my children shall never forget the importance of pralaya. where blood cells are renewed. Children. After your much-needed pralayas. Babaji Nagaraj . we must continue. 2004 MESSAGE 80 Now.136 Invitation To Love REST IS IMPORTANT October 14. ahhhhhhhh…please. and where the water that is [a part of] you creates patterns of love and healing for you and many. remember and work the GREAT WORK…through simplicity. truth. your sacred period of rest. the sacred period of rest where everything integrates itself.

contentment. Babaji Nagaraj . I have seen some of my children so busy [that they] do not sing…they chant now and then…but for [a sense of] obligation rather than ecstasy…for habit. for having [a] harmonious form. the sacred Mother. the Earth…the sacred Beloved. and love through the human spirit! Now. very good for clearing [the] mind. and share it! It is abundant and sufficient for all creatures in the sacred world. Through celebration. devotion. Stop the reading and dance! The wind plays its melody. 2004 MESSAGE 81 Now. for creating energy and power to share and love more. feel the rapture of this message.Soul Asanas 137 RASA: THE TASTE OF LOVE October 14. Now taste the Rasa…. all can taste the Rasa…the sacred taste of love! Yet. IF I MAY SAY: NEVER STOP DANCING AND SINGING! Singing spontaneously is good. Amenai.and let us chant the reminders with grand devotion and ecstasy for God. the taste of the Divine. [Their] mind [is] so focused on the seriousness of their mission that singing and dancing are forgotten! I love dancing! I love singing! I love breathing and respecting each creature of the sacred Boy (the world). Focus the mind on Rasa. the eternal dancer and singer of passion. Now sing its song through the breath…taste the Rasa…breathe in the ecstasy…share the love. THIS ONE IS FOR YOU. which is good but with no joy.

do good to others. the God in all and in every human cell! —Sri Babaji 138 . see only the good in all.4 Integrating the Shakti-Relaxation º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º You must all do service to humanity.

and the jewel is always taken care [of] by the Divine Sourceful Creator. But for now. So do not worry if you have forgotten one or two. There is always more to experience and share. Babaji Nagaraj . I like that. [they] are good reminders for many who will read [this book]. But don’t forget now. You have forgotten to add dates and times! I see [that] your mind [is] intoxicated and just flowing. and that no one is ever alone. all is good. receive my embrace through this energy and through these next words: I RECOGNIZE YOU AS THE JEWEL OF LOVE. Let us continue. Remember and remind all that their shine is like a jewel. You must remind everyone. I have manifested for many [people]. the Creator blesses and takes care of all your needs. that all children are a ratna. 2004 MESSAGE 82 Amenai. through your own remembrance. The oneness remains. Not your wanting. but your needs. As a jewel. The times are not for Babaji. and the dates will serve as numeric awakeners and validations for the mind that lacks trust. a precious jewel for the Divine.Integrating the Shakti-Relaxation 139 YOU ARE A JEWEL FOR THE DIVINE October 15. The message is simple. So.

She will do good work. but [the] messages remain intact. Amenai. I have already set the tone for them. Now. Please send Ananda the messages…. Go back to the sacred vortexes again! Two more times. for all are Rishis! Yes. if you wish. 2004 MESSAGE 83 9:17 P. all within are great sages…all humans…all sentient beings are Rishis of love. Amenai…this is all. a Table of Contents. Many must still awaken. Understood? Good. Babaji Nagaraj . and we shall help! We shall sing to those who cover their ears with suffering and maya. add. There we shall meet. of kindness and evolution. We are right on time. The life-line is in the Now. Tomorrow I shall deliver many messages.140 Invitation To Love ALL ARE RISHIS WITHIN October 16. [Ask her] to change only typos you have written.ask her to edit them in Spanish. In these words all are included. not [the words of the] messages.M. Yet I know your concern [for] structure and presentation. however. and the veil shall be lifted. I am glad you are hearing my call. good. Amenai. We are in a no-time experience. You may do what you like regarding that. Add your quotes. The time has come. We shall wipe the feet of those who forget the beating of the heart! Yes. This time the intense embrace shall be as subtle as a breeze of winter. so there is not much to do. we should celebrate the Rishi nature of all and everything.

You. Do not stop now. So. the unknown is good. or when even your higher choices say NO. Guess what? I SAY YES! For now. husband. you should go by yourself. and children. That son remains the son of creation. [It is] the day when many birthdays [have] occurred. go and TRUST. 2004 MESSAGE 84 9:32 P. I wish no separation in my children. I need the gathering [to happen]. I AM THE ONE THAT BREATHES THROUGH TIME AND VANISHES ALL DESIRES THROUGH ITS PRESENCE. These messages shall be a gift for him. I AM the unknown and the ever-known. Now. and immediately you invited Ananda. Tat ta tat! You are feeling the unknown. I AM NOW. a sacred gathering of all my children. [There will be] NO BABAJI FOR THIS OR THAT ONE ONLY. I see your tears. November 22 [is] the day of his birthday. I AM HERE NOW. what is confusing about that? I have precisely and clearly guided you through this process. Fear not of traveling again. I AM THE NOW. but not [as a] physical [thing].Integrating the Shakti-Relaxation 141 LET’S HAVE A SAMGHA (GATHERING) OF THE CHILDREN OF BABAJI October 16. must rekindle the connection with the bridge. I am having the intention to create a SAMGHA. I told you. . and receive ALL THE HEALING ENERGY toward your beloved son. Trust and know that all shall be well with your son. for all shall be well. just as the rain that pours in this very minute. Amenai.M. BABAJI IS FOR ALL. You are traveling with ONE INTENTION: TO MEET WITH ME AT THE VORTEX. I AM here to serve. and so it is that my children will assist me. The SAMGHA shall be from the heart. I AM THE INEVITABLE AND UNSTOPPABLE NOW. I AM THE EVERLASTING SUN OF JOY THAT WILL WARM THE COLDNESS OF THE MIND. Amenai. just breathe and travel. It will happen even when your mind thinks it won’t.

Babaji Nagaraj . All are the Divine trinity within! To their power today I bow through you.142 Invitation To Love All children are sacred.

child. children! Here. RESULTS IN ACTIONS October 16.M. Amenai. you will enter into the gateway of Samskara. AS MANY OF MY CHILDREN. with the heart as the Divine music. Babaji Nagaraj . ACCUMULATIONS. 2004 MESSAGE 85 9:41 P. It is time to see the results of the actions taken.Integrating the Shakti-Relaxation 143 SAMSKARA: PUTTING TOGETHER. Soon. and with the clear mind as the perfect place to celebrate your divinity and sacredness within. let us dance in our hearts while we play with the pieces of the puzzle. and have a visual of the accumulations and sharings! Play some music. Dance with me. take my arms! Let me lead you through your breath. [It is] the gateway of putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

Call for me. Through the YES you will see the heavens! Look into one another with the passion and celebration necessary to celebrate and drift [your] thoughts away.144 Invitation To Love RISE UPWARDS: UDANA October 16. I feel your life! It is so precious. so very precious. Bless the sacred day every moment. I breathe you all. Know that you are alive. Bless the sacred stars. Dear Child. and rise in udana! Babaji Nagaraj . I hear your breathing. I pray for you. Children… The time has come! Let us dance in UDANA. raising upward the firmament of love. reach for me. Be glad that you are alive! Blessed be the fire inside the heart burning the instant karma! Get higher! Let your spirit soar for the realization that I AM in you. We are one. I can’t wait to see you flying and see you realizing the life that is you.M. 2004 MESSAGE 86 9:45 P. Reach for me and I’ll be there! Here! I’ll be the one standing by you through good or whatever you call bad times! I AM HERE WITH YOU ALL. Feel the forever life of all and everything.

Integrating the Shakti-Relaxation 145 ALL ARE EVER-YOUTHFUL GODDESSES October 17. [Woman] is sacred. Add love into the heart. 2004 MESSAGE 87 Now. and see that all female energy is an USHA. needed and a temple for Divine love. Babaji Nagaraj . all [of the] world needs to focus on this. First. If female and male respect each other as sacred temples. an ever-youthful goddess. [it is] time to speak about respecting woman and female energy. beautiful. the world will be the better world that it is destined to be…THAT IS BEYOND THE MAYA.

Breathing. Loving. For these qualities are needed for the Great Work! Remember? I remind you. Babaji Nagaraj . loving. Sacred indifference to pleasure and pain. breathing. Meditating. meditating. All shall continue meditating. WE ARE ONE.146 Invitation To Love INDIFFERENCE TO PLEASURE AND PAIN October 17. my children. 2004 MESSAGE 88 Let us continue. and loving. Remain balanced and centered. and meditating. and breathing.

and share silence with the enlightened ones. dream with peace. [with a] powerful mind. and free of fear. Sing a song to every thirsty ear. All cells carry the information of the yin shin force. and love. affirm assistance. Share bread with every hungry mouth. Dream with love. consciousness. Affirm life. 2004 MESSAGE 89 Visualize the world as one force. and joy. Lifting fellow brothers when they fall through compassion. I was in China not too long ago and [I saw that] they carry well that principle in [their] cells. You are my friend. laughter. Transcend the belief and become the mission. and affirm celebration.Integrating the Shakti-Relaxation 147 ALL ARE GATHERED AS ONE FORCE October 17. Babaji Nagaraj . Share wisdom with every thirsty mind. YIN SHIN. I love you. One sacred force evolving in love. kindness.

and love. with grander possibilities every time of mastery. This life is full of surprises. Just surrender to the trust I offer to you. It is possible. Let go of whatever you cling to. and the great big universe…and this is just a small adventure. [Do these] words of mine sound simple? I AM SIMPLICITY! What [do] you expect? Leave the abundant words to the scholars. I am here not to teach words. the sacred womb. Everything is possible in the yoni of creation. You will give birth and rebirth over and over again. The adventure is grand. Here…remember…everything is possible. Close your eyes and enjoy the ride. the sun. service. 2004 MESSAGE 90 You all live in the YONI of creation.148 Invitation To Love THE YONI OF CREATION: THE WOMB OF EXISTENCE October 18. and together we will wake up the sky. I am here to be here in the NOW and share everlasting life with all. Wake up the dormant sand! Wake up the mustard seed within! The time has come! Babaji Nagaraj .

The illusion of time goes away. VITAL BREATH October 19. Anything is possible. [which is] so bombarded with stimuli. Here is the reminder. Common sense is now not so common on this planet. Such a beautiful day. Babaji Nagaraj . The sun within shines. That is [the] universe! That is Babaji. The vital air that feeds my vital breath. Everything keeps moving and evolving. IT IS WHO YOU ARE! We are one. Such a beautiful world. We all sail in the vast cosmic sea of consciousness. BUT NOW LISTEN TO ME! I WANT YOU TO FEEL GOOD! I WANT YOU TO SMILE AND LAUGH. Hold on to the light. 2004 MESSAGE 91 Mmmhhh…delicious food from the ever-nurturing universe! It is called air. This is the journey.Integrating the Shakti-Relaxation 149 VITAL AIR. and the beautiful forms from within! Look at the sky in every heart on this planet. Focus on the good. to the beautiful songs…leaving behind the maya…the illusory suffering and fear.

Embrace the NOW. You know that I AM. I made a promise…and I AM. the family that you all are! Cease separation. children are attracted to them as nectar. Their fragrance is that of roses. even my children. Every moment is a brand-new moment. Remember always to walk through the right way to conduct your life. You can always count on me. nothing will stop you from your conscious enlightenment! Look for no reasons! LOVE IS THE ONLY REASON! Know that you can always count on the wisdom of the ancients…through the wise ones alive! Such is the importance of a living master who serves as a potent flashlight! Yes.M. 2004 MESSAGE 92 10:00 P. and always communicate with the wise ones. Be a family. the ones who have seen a particle of the light that they are. who regularly have a silent message. If you focus on THE MOMENT.150 Invitation To Love THE RIGHT WAY TO CONDUCT YOUR LIFE October 19. Babaji Nagaraj .

Living well is making the world a better place. It is gift for you and everyone! That is wisdom. REMEMBER! Babaji Nagaraj . Wisdom is not reading and reading or talking and talking! LIVING WELL IS WISE. in joy. Those who love all. 2004 MESSAGE 93 What is wisdom? Ha. Loving well is wise and is a gift. in service. I like ALL. they are the wise men. Wishing well and good to all with a smile on your face! That is living well. Not reading the Bible two thousand times. and Babaji likes them much. Living in love. or [reciting] Krishna’s words to Arjuna.Integrating the Shakti-Relaxation 151 LIVING WELL IS WISE October 20. It can be done. Many think [it] is not that simple…I SAY IT IS JUST A MATTER OF CHOICE. ha! Not the accumulation of sacred texts. Celebrating.

They never feel threatened if someone comments [on] this or that about them! True wise men are the ones who laugh harder! But [they are] subtle as well. who will never see themselves as the owners of truth…but the bearers of it! Wise is he who carries myrrh. 2004 MESSAGE 94 The Lovers of TRUTH are the true wise men! Live the truth in love. and gold to the feet of the Christ within all beings. Babaji Nagaraj .152 Invitation To Love TRUE WISE MEN ARE LOVERS OF TRUTH October 20. This is [a] message for the open ears! WISE ARE THOSE WHO WILL NEVER REJECT LOVE. They accept when they make mistakes. frankincense.

imagination. No swing! Wonder through the marvels of a human being.Integrating the Shakti-Relaxation 153 WONDER. to nurture the qualities of enlightenment itself: Wonder! Imagination! Celebration! Yes. take time to forgive. with intent and intention [and] allowing the sacred fountain of love to wash away impurity to clear the space to receive more SOURCE. 2004 MESSAGE 95 Again. like children…but [be] aware of the choice to love this way in the NOW. to call on friends. and smile! Smile and delight! This is the NOW. Babaji Nagaraj . AND CELEBRATION October 20. these qualities—wonder. IMAGINATION. blessing every moment with awareness. I remind you. to breathe. and celebration—are a must. Apparently my messages are getting simpler! People are so attached to things! To relationships! To computers and cell phones! If you really want to live like an enlightened one.

observe. learn. Stagnation? No! MORE…YES! Babaji Nagaraj . You are born to be the grandest creation ever! Every experience is unique! Every single one of them! You create your own spiritual experience! Listen.154 Invitation To Love STAGNATION? NO! October 21. and let others shine their unique qualities as well. Do not create cults or silly rules to follow. Shine the child within. and I say NO to that! Be your own enlightenment. Does enlightenment stop? Is it a blue light? Is it a white or purple aura? Listen…I say unto you. DO NOT REST [in contentment] WITH DISCOVERIES OF WHAT OTHERS THINK [THE] TRUTH IS. Create your own experience.M. do not rest in contentment with discoveries of what others think is [the] truth! That creates stagnation. 2004 MESSAGE 96 10:11 P. Guide. and learn…but REMEMBER your uniqueness. and share in your own special way.

Sleep awake. and care for those who need reminders! BE HERE AND NOW EVERY MOMENT. Close your eyes. Dream of love and create it! Wipe [the] tears of sorrow with silent kisses. and I am here with you.Integrating the Shakti-Relaxation 155 THROW AWAY SELF-CONCEIT October 21. Wake up. Let me guide you now. Babaji Nagaraj . I WILL WATCH OVER YOU. I AM HERE WITH YOU ALL. Everyone should throw away self-conceit. All is possible.M. 2004 MESSAGE 97 10:15 P. You are as unique as each star in the sky that shines a spark in creation.

the enlightened ones must never cease to meditate upon the truth. This life. Everyone should be open to sacred wisdom. Now. 2004 MESSAGE 98 8:08 A. the enlightened ones love all as their own self and beyond. and the father greets her with endless possibilities. The Soulmate lives in all and everything. here and now. Babaji Nagaraj . more to be.M. [they embrace] every moment. what happens to my children when they think they know everything? They must remember that the beginning of learning starts when all knowledge is dropped. He finds freedom in his or her life. ahhhhh my children. and yet the wholeness of what you are already. Ahhhhh…no need to understand. and like a child. [There is] more to become. His only mission is to live life fully. the witness watches and carefully meditates upon it. Yes. Ahhhhh. to the message of the Divine! Yes. You are the Shakti! The mother feeds the soil for love. and yet when desire comes. [is] fully present through the power of breath. The masters live beyond the boundaries of all desires. all and everyone…every cell included! The master owns nothing. transcending any concept given through knowledge. Drop knowledge. Just be open and trust in the inner message. Yes. takes nothing personal. not his desires or his sacred work. Morning. the gift. child! What a glorious day! What a glorious moment! It is not possible to learn when you think you already know. Such subtle ecstasy. guiding others through spirit and modeled wisdom.156 Invitation To Love THE BEGINNING OF LEARNING STARTS WHEN THE KNOWLEDGE IS DROPPED October 22. It is not possible to learn new things when you think you already know. seeing [it] as a fresh new adventure. is the Now.

tapping in to the ULTIMATE CONSCIOUSNESS.Integrating the Shakti-Relaxation 157 THE REAL HISTORY IS CREATED BY LIVING EXAMPLES October 22. but if in the energy that creates them there is no love. All are appropriate. and deed shall be modeled through breath. thought. [and] through [the] constant practice of truth. then what is the use of written wisdom? Read beyond [the words]. and remember! Be the living example of the generations in the NOW. Call me [a] thousand times. and I shall remind you. understand that the mere hearing and observation of an illumined teacher becomes a grand transmission of prema. When approached by the question of “What is source?” the master goes inward.M. Call my name. and others by the path of devotion or selfless service. and remembers that there is nothing to say about it. of consciousness and awakening! There the real history is created! Babaji Nagaraj . Children. The atoms dance with wisdom. The teacher remembers that even those who may not know any meditation practice or [have] any sacred or ancient knowledge. Every single word. We create the plane we are living on. through love. 2004 MESSAGE 99 8:16 A. recognizing inside that it is always present everywhere and in everyone. sacred one. act. The enlightened one knows he must be the living example of any question asked to be able to respond. But what [is the] greatest history than creating a life full of joy and celebration through the living example itself? Words are good. remembering always that this Source is beyond space and time. and [a] thousand times I shall come to you for this. kindness. and simplicity! The master knows this. you all are writing history at this very moment. some by the path of sacred wisdom. The teacher always remembers that some will have the realization of enlightenment and God within them through the practice of meditation.” The master knows [that] this power is undeniable. with no “after” OR “before. Every breath you take transforms the history of the cellular memory—every single one.

My children have a lighter in their hearts. Know this: that the greatest universal principle is love. Sometimes my children forget. Read this poetry with the light of a candle. Where. Lighting the candle of awareness is the mission. READ LESS HISTORY October 24. then. this now…is what shines in the thousand suns inside the human heart. Here is the grandest poem ever written: a Divine prose. Child. two. [The mission is to] light a candle in the inside of each precious Divine human being. They speak of facts as real and compare them with universal laws and truth. this poem. Babaji Nagaraj . Less past. child…Om. [It is] a light that has the strength of [a] thousand suns. then. 2004 MESSAGE 100 10:01 P. I see you lit a candle for me…how symbolic. are the facts? Where. full of rhythmic breath. for the sake of life and love [to be] lived fearless. It lights with its own light. is the need to compare eternal thoughts on paper? Divine inspiration.M. three thousand and more! But not for Babaji. totally and [in a] celebratory [way]. each candle lit shall not be owned. more NOW. Om. but from the earth of the eternal lover of creation.158 Invitation To Love READ MORE POETRY. I want my children to read more poetry and less history—facts versus universal truth and Divine inspiration. the one that touches billions [of people] comes not from the facts. This is the mission—to light candles—one. This moment.

Yet right timing in the practical world of the West is appropriate. Amenai. words. Know that what you call [a] book is in truth. and that the great work measures no time. my children. RIGHT TIMING October 25. I say this to you: Time is at hand. Ha! Got it? Babaji Nagaraj . and feet walk the same path. It lives and gives and creates itself in the present. the right timing for every single event manifests as magic. thoughts. as sacred Agni! Think about it through time.Integrating the Shakti-Relaxation 159 MEASURE. Then you [can] polish the structure. What are you all doing with the measurement of time? [Are you] measuring quantities of attendees to [your] workshops? Quantities of books sold? Quantities of how much time [it] takes to deliver [the] message? If you join me now in spirit. a portal. 2004 MESSAGE 101 Tonight we are to finish the messages. without removing a single word I have written through your hand. you will feel that time stops. But remember that if your intention. as sacred ashes. Yes. to that one I don’t? BASIC PRINCIPLES: Love all as I have loved you. Jesus says and [has] said. [it is a] portal of love…and of reminders that Babaji is available to everyone! Would the Christ have said: to this [one] I give and to that [one] I don’t? Would the Divine Mother say: to this one I feed.

is “the One and only” as well. my precious ones. Got it? Now [do] not think about it! Om Namah Shivaya Babaji Nagaraj . every single one of them. and truth. Try to maintain [your] status and you will fall. and completely. because it will bring you to the sacred presence of the master. 2004 MESSAGE 102 Now. Children. where the great work is delivered in humbleness. you think…but don’t stop too much to think. but try not to forget that every being. effortlessly. OR YOU MIGHT MISS AN OPPORTUNITY TO SEE THE BUDDHA PASSING BY October 25. Even though you all speak to others of their grandness.160 Invitation To Love BUT DON’T STOP TO THINK TOO MUCH. simplicity. And that fall will be good. The Buddha [might be] passing by. that there is a thin veil of spiritual ego present. you get so focused in YOUR message. yes. you see yourselves as the One and Only MASTER! And yet. and all flows easily. you are the only one. in THE GREAT WORK.

2004 MESSAGE 103 Now. but never in mind. then the mind is clearer and transcends itself and becomes the sacred tool that it is. for humanity.Integrating the Shakti-Relaxation 161 GROW OLD IN BODY IF YOU MAY. The most important supplement. BUT NEVER IN MIND October 25. you grow old. children. Yes. vitamin. Do not confuse [the] message. [You are] the spark of the Divine that animates the sacred human temple! This is [a] simple reminder to all my children that like the concept of immortality: Grow old in body if you may. LOVE for your heart. Once you mature and grow more in love. eternal love. eternal service. and food you need for the state of eternal life is LOVE. Play the everlasting youth. Remember and breathe younger each day. Now come with me. I like to speak about eternal life. the eternal dragon breath: mmortality. I like living eternal life. Yes. Babaji Nagaraj . Once you grow in mind accumulating knowledge. for all that is. [That is] the true nature of the enlightened ones. I call you children because you are the forever-young-precious-divine-child spirit in and as your soul. for the Divine itself.

It is available for all.162 Invitation To Love NOTHING IS SAID THAT HAS NOT BEEN SAID BEFORE October 25. This is not an era of learning! It is the time of RE-MEMBERING. It is not owned by anyone. 2004 MESSAGE 104 My dear ones. Even what I say now to you! Re-member and breathe. apparently. Babaji Nagaraj . Just the structure of language has [been] adjusted for the modern times. But I remind you: There is nothing said that has not been said before. apparently…the grand maha maya. RE-UNION! Everyone has [a] different timing. different choices. I see many of you praising your spiritual ego with innovations! There is NOTHING SAID THAT HAS NOT BEEN SAID BEFORE. But the sacred message has always been spoken.

Repeating the process.Integrating the Shakti-Relaxation 163 LITTLE BY LITTLE. Somehow the enlightened ones are sometimes challenged with this. TRUSTING October 25. Babaji Nagaraj . 2004 MESSAGE 105 How [do] you all deliver the sacred message? The sacred Great Work? The process is the grain of sand. the mustard seed. Begin little by little. Planting a seed. PATIENCE! Aha! JUST WAIT. Trusting. Trusting. Having the vision of its growth as a tree of many fruits and flowers! Just wait…patience. Carry on.

WAKE UP! PRINT THE BOOK WITH [THE] PUBLISHER! Remember that far across the space of the mind. BELOVED SHAKTI OF THE ENLIGHTENED ONES. Babaji Nagaraj . Love is love itself. Never doubt [the] process! Always trust the Now. play your work! It is a playground. Love is the eternal nectar of immortality. [YOU ARE] ANXIOUS. and decide what should and what should not be done! But choose this with the magnifying glass of trust. you all are here for the magnificent work of the NOW. act with vigor. LOVER OF THE SOULMATE. child. you will never be. Manifest what should be done! Be precise. That is not your destiny. Heart beats. DO NOT GIVE UP NOW. I am here every step of the way with you. 2004 MESSAGE 106 THREE MORE [MESSAGES]. I SEE YOUR MIND EVEN BEFORE YOU THINK. My children. looking through it with the eye of love. MOTHER OF THE POSITIVE CHILD. mother breathes. [DO YOU HAVE] DOUBTS [ABOUT] PUBLISHING? You want to take your name [off of] the book? Impossible! That is not my wish. CHILD. I know you wanted to be anonymous in this [project]. Open the door of trust and celebration for all. Believe that there is nothing to believe. You [will] write your name and an Introduction. Yet. Do it responsibly.164 Invitation To Love YOU ARE ALL HERE FOR THE MAGNIFICENT WORK OF THE NOW October 25.

Integrating the Shakti-Relaxation 165 WHATEVER YOUR ACTIONS ARE. It’s time to write the poetry of the Now instead of technical manuals that try to save souls from hell. Ha. media. every single thought! The collective maya is conjuring up a spell of confusion around the planet through politics. Babaji Nagaraj . so is your spirit. SO IS YOUR SPIRIT October 25. ha! No hell word. You might want to pay extra attention to most everything you say now. 2004 MESSAGE 107 My children. CREATE ONLY LOVE AND HEAVEN HERE IN THE NOW! Smell the roses instead of drinking the alcohol or coffee. just hello…here in consciousness. and [the] silly nonsense of owning the truth! Many of my dear children might misunderstand the power of [the] WORD because the mists of imagination are so dense now that logic becomes lost in the fog. I love you. Model the poem of God for all to see! For remember that whatever your actions are.

2004 MESSAGE 108 Yadyad Rupam Kamyate Devata. It is the one written for ages. Those who will get the message already know the words. I have always said that telepathically to all those who share this message. That is all… . more celebration. Thy great spirit of who I AM is everywhere. my child. Amenai. Choose wisely. good…they are appropriate. YES! NO DOUBTS! I am here with you! I saw you at [the] rocks again! Good! Good! You are a passing wind of awakening for many. it is time for a rest. So now. There are many children who spread the message in silence. You pray and I am the prayer. and I wish no changes in [these] words. I hear whatever is in the mind of the seeker. I come to those who surrender to love. so that is why more labels of autism are rising. I have spoken to you. Just [fix the] typos! And if there are typos in Sanskrit. in the history of the heart of the universe.166 Invitation To Love WHATEVER FORM YOU DESIRE AS A DIVINE BEING. and it is not necessary to speak in [a] loud voice. The truth is that the best book that will be read will be the one that will never be written. Remember that far from words. Tattad Devata Bhavati. blissful experience. I come. The masters are alive! The children are waiting for no labels. The explanation is well given as I have spoken. Amenai. a Divine. You have written automatically. I wish no glossary of Sanskrit terms. and smiling more. I will call you again to write [the] second book. unconditional love. You call me and I am here. My brothers come. and [I do] not interfere with the process of each individual chosen for spreading the mission of love through the written or spoken word. and you have listened with the ears of [the] heart. Say. too. the transmission and shakti is better! So you arrange that with [the] publishers…you self-publish so that the message is not controlled. especially the enlightened ones who are stubborn with their concept of enlightenment! It is a Divine play. After you finish with [the] publishers. THAT VERY FORM YOU SHALL BECOME October 25. laughing. dancing.

and love. I love you with the heart of the universe that is you. SHHHH. REST BLISSFULLY… I will come again. spiritual liberation. my children. and therein create immortality. May all live in JIVA MUKTA.S. even when still living in a mortal form. simplicity. Babaji Nagaraj P. We shall meet in a dance! What a wonderful world! I love you.Integrating the Shakti-Relaxation 167 NOW. In truth. And we have just begun… Dera Danda Utthao .


the process of seeing. so the settled mind is transparent to whatever it meets—the seer.EPILOGUE ✦ Completion As a flawless crystal absorbs what is placed before it. —The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. or the object seen. 1:1 169 .

BREATHE. I declare gratitude to the great brotherhood and sisterhood of the Divine. I AM THE TIME HAS COME IN THE NOW.170 Invitation To Love I AM BABAJI NAGARAJ. THROUGH THE BREATH. THROUGH YOUR HEART. Awaken NOW. I acknowledge the healing breath of every human being. I AM calling upon all the enlightened ones upon the only Reality that LOVE IS. REMEMBER. I INVITE YOU NOW. . AWAKEN.

in ALL-WAYS. As I write these words. We were a group of five.EPILOGUE 171 PLAYFUL IS ETERNITY: A MESSAGE FROM SWAMI AKSHMILANANDAJI How play-full can eternity be? How many faces can God present? How many creations are contained within a micro-speck of a second? Like grains of sand. a family in need of spiritual findings—not outside ourselves.” This smile seemed quite evident during our trip to India in 2003. thus. and always will be: that things happen for a reason. a gust of wind. Let us not focus on the sage who created a school of yoga. or rather a feeling of light within. I saw Babaji (in the image that is portrayed of him) floating . “I am the child and the old man who will smile at you from opposite directions. Eternity is mischievously playful. God is playful. no reflection on the mirror necessary. or sacrilege. We had been working as a team for a few years now. but within. “I am the mirror of your soul. But the point with Ivonne is. Babaji is present. the faces of Babaji can be infinite…a thought. and always. Once in meditation. simply as an awareness of that which I am writing. concerning these communications). For nothing is apart.” he will say. its mystery unfolds in ways that require no explanation to the mind connected to intuitive guidelines. It was announced to us long before India that there would be an encounter. Anyone can have an encounter with the side of Babaji who is oneself. I have heard today that the book in which this brief text will be printed is already causing upheaval…people asking to be deleted from Ivonne’s mailing list. with Ivonne as the motor to many projects. as if to claim a relationship with Babaji was either madness. a trademark. as we have never been apart. and it was she who mostly felt the urge to journey to Mother India. although we may not grasp this from the beginning (I have been a witness to her very own doubts. so playful that it can bear much more than a thousand faces and names…and one of those names happens to be “Babaji. the message shared is one to bring a greater light to our consciousness and hearts.” but it also happens to be you and me. physical body. and the certainty of his presence in my life. a bit of memory unfolding. quite certain that we would have an encounter with Babaji. and God is always smiling. over and over. the Great Father. or the young and ancient soul who remains alive and alert in his original.

anyplace…starting by its center. but the messages came time and again from the most unusual people.172 Invitation To Love at the side of a lake. needless of personal acknowledgment. It wasn’t very clear at the moment…the lake looked frozen and surrounded with mountains capped in the softness of pale and peaceful snow.huellasdeluz. I remember very little of the vision that occurred so vividly during our meditation inside Babaji’s shrine at the kriya yoga ashram. Blessings to you. upon coming to Rishikesh. which is described in books and expected to take place during meditation. there was a lake. Thus. When the name is] . and we drove for more than six hours to the north. to Babaji. telling me things that even now escape my memory. God/ dess speaking to God/dess in whatever miraculous form it may choose to manifest. will always be “you” in connection to All There Is. Only Babaji continues to be present. the achievement of the here-and-now. and the name “Babaji” an experience free of theory. who makes the reader the messenger. You feel it or you don’t. the main one being a simple taxi driver who insisted we had to go there. I wish to invite those who read Babaji’s messages to consider them their own. and also. I remember seeing doors that opened like different dimensions. I wish even now that I could grasp more of the meaning that was so clear then and quite diffused and veiled by now. you are there or are not…either you are or you are not…still the message is yours. There were colors and light and different people vanishing through the doors. anytime. only to meet with Babaji in this extraordinary landscape driven by a force unexplainable. which in your experience as a reader. the author of The Game of Remembrance [www. This is the sort of experience that takes places during a lucid dream. However. India. a trip to Varanasi was cancelled. yet clear as the caress of the wind. to Amenanda: May we never forget “the One” —Swami Akshmilanandaji. and Babaji’s reminders of enlightenment the power of a memory that has always been shared by every being alive. in the Unity of it all. We hadn’t planned on visiting Rishikesh. and the water was icy cold yet silvery blue in color. the words our own wisdom. where Ivonne simply knew we’d be found by Babaji through his school of kriya yoga in what seemed one of the most beautiful places on Earth. saying that he wanted us to visit. and there were mountains. It is mainly a presence. it is as if an extra sense of protection surrounded my very being. in this moment. I cannot say I have communicated much on a personal level with this particular force of love and wisdom. It is the will of the heart in alignment with God. But the presence is itself the meditation. very distinctly remember seeing Babaji during this vision.

—Babaji 173 . Babaji is immortal. The truth is that the best book that will be read will be the one that will never be written. therefore. written by Paramahansa Yogananda. And it is said that when his name is pronounced with love. It is said that he never lives in the same place for more than seven days. and reverence. Om Babaji Namaha. with or without a physical body. who was introduced to Westerners in the book Autobiography of a Yogi. His immortal body does not require food. He can easily speak in any language. He travels from place to place in the northern Himalayan mountains with his select group of disciples. omnipotent. he seldom eats. and omnipresent.ABOUT MAHAVATAR BABAJI NAGARAJ Babaji is recognized in the spiritual world as the ageless Siddha (adept).” It is said by those who have met Babaji that he is the Param Siddha (Supreme Perfected Being) who has achieved a state free from death limitations. and the book The Initiation. omniscient. an immediate blessing is received. humbleness. written by Dr. Donald Schnell. His mission is LOVE. The meaning in English for Babaji is “Venerable Father. He can travel through time and space as he wishes.


Tu Alma Gemela llamada Dios. mother. the materialization of Babaji’s feet. The Positive Child. and India. India. which offers lectures. She is the creator of the twelve-module workshop Rediscovering Yourself Through Your Personal Power. and conscious tools for parents to guide children in their full potential as blessed human beings. she is a survivor of a near-death experience at the age of eighteen that turned her life into a spiritual quest. Mastering Life. published in Mexico by Alom Editores. The 175 . 2003. Ivonne founded the Mastery Life nonprofit organization in 2002.ABOUT THE WRITER Ivonne Delaflor is an author. Called by her friends a modern female saint for her active work with parents and the children at the orphanage La Casita de Cancun. La Maestria de La Vida. Ivonne was blessed at the kriya yoga ashram to see with eyes open. workshops. and to hear his voice as clearly as a whisper. Co-Creating a Reality of Love through the Power of Sharing. On October 6. and spiritual practitioner. in Rishikesh. and today shares her passion through offering free workshops and intuitive wisdom for parents in respecting and allowing children to be who they really are. As a strong supporter of conscious evolution and God’s Realization for all children of the world. published by Iuniverse publishers. She began to meet with recognized spiritual teachers worldwide. She is also the author of Your Soulmate Called God.

She pursues her spiritual life in a constant.176 Invitation To Love Journey of a Lifetime.lacasitacancun. Book Two: Embracing All As Love. daily way. and the book Mastering Life. www. where she narrates her encounter with Sri Babaji in India. the profits of which will go to the La Casita de Cancun Orphanage. Ivonne currently lives with her husband and two children in . You may contact her at All profits from this book will be donated to the orphanage LA CASITA DE CANCUN. She is currently working on a workbook entitled Practical Exercises for the Positive Child. published by Iuniverse publishers.invitationtolove.


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