SEEING STARS Yana is my mother. Tony is my father. My name is Sasha. We live in a red house. We have a blue car.

We sit in the yard at night. We look at the stars. Father tells me the stars make him happy. Mother tells me the stars make her want to sing. I like to guess how many stars are in the sky. We hear a baby cry next door. My mother sings. The baby stops crying. We think he heard my mother’s pretty song. We all smile.

1. Who is Yana? 1. Sasha's father 2. Sasha's mother 3. Tony's father 4. Tony's mother 2. What color is Sasha's house?

3. Who is telling the story? 1. Father 2. Mother 3. Sasha 4. the baby 4. When do they sit in the yard?

5. How do the stars make Sasha's father feel? 1. funny 2. happy 3. like counting 4. like singing 6. What happens when Mother sings? 1. A friend comes by. 2. Father gets sleepy. 3. Sasha counts stars. 4. The baby stops crying. 7. What does Sasha like to do when she sees the stars? 1. She likes to sit in the car. 2. She likes to hold the baby. 3. She likes to sing with her mother. 4. She likes to guess how many there are. 8. What do Mother, Father and Sasha do at the end of the story? 1. They cry. 2. They laugh. 3. They smile. 4. They talk.

I fly airplanes for work. I am a pilot.

Sometimes, I take my little girl with me. Her name is Bristol. Bristol likes to look out the window of the airplane. She likes to look at the clouds. She thinks the clouds look like animals. She points at one with her finger. "I see a giraffe!" she says.

I also have a little boy. My little boy does not like to be up high. He does not come with me on the airplane. He likes to play airplane with me. We play airplane when I get home. We run around the yard. We wave our arms in the air. We make airplane noises.

1. Who is telling this story? 1. Bristol 2. a little boy 3. a pilot 4. a friend 2. What does Bristol like to do in the airplane? 1. look out the window 2. run in the yard 3. sit in the back 4. be the pilot 3. Bristol points at something outside the window. What does she point at? 1. a giraffe 2. her dad

3. a cloud 4. a tree 4. Why doesn't the little boy like to fly?

Gustavo works far away from his home. He drives a car to work. It takes him 3 hours to get there.

Gustavo drives.

While he drives, he thinks about many things. He thinks about his little girl. She likes to ride horses. He thinks about his little boy. He plays fireman all the time. He thinks about his wife. She milks the cows on the farm. Gustavo thinks of things he has to do when he gets home. He needs to cut the grass. He needs to water the flowers. He wants to read a story to his little girl. He wants to play a game with his little boy. He wants to sit with his wife. He wants to tell her about his day.

1. How does Gustavo get to work? 1. by bus 2. by car 3. by horse 4. by plane 2. What does Gustavo do when he drives? 1. He sings. 2. He talks. 3. He thinks. 4. He works. 3. What does Gustavo think about? ▼Check all that are correct. 1. his car

2. his little boy 3. his wife 4. his work 4. How long does it take Gustavo to get to work?

5. What does his little girl like to do? 1. milk cows 2. play fireman 3. ride horses 4. water flowers 6. What does his little boy like to play?

7. What does Gustavo need to do when he gets home? ▼Check all that are correct. 1. read a story 2. milk the cows 3. cut the grass

4. water the flowers 8. What does Gustavo want to do when he gets home? ▼Check all that are correct. 1. sit with his wife 2. water the flowers 3. read to his little girl 4. play a game with his little boy 9. Why may Gustavo need to cut the grass? 1. It is too green. 2. It is too brown. 3. It is too long. 4. It is too short. 10. Why may Gustavo need to water the flowers? 1. so they will go 2. so they will give 3. so they will grow 4. so they will guess

ZACH’S ANIMAL My name is Zach. I have a bird. She flies. I have a dog. He is white. I have a pig. He is very dirty. I have a rabbit. She has a lot of hair. Sometimes, I feel like I live in a zoo.

The name of my bird is Sky. The name of my dog is Snow. The name of my rabbit is Fur Ball. I do not have a name for my pig yet.

I want to have a lamb. I want to have a kitten. I want to have a duck. Mom says, “Not yet.” I can’t live without my animals.

1. Why is Snow a good name for Zach's dog? 1. He is cold. 2. He is white. 3. He eats snow. 4. He plays in snow. 2. Which animals does Zach want? ▼Check all that are correct. 1. a dog 2.

a duck 3. a kitten 4. a pig 3. What color is Zach's dog?

4. When Zach says, "I can't live without my animals," what does he mean? 1. He will die without animals. 2. He loves his animals a lot. 3. He has lost all his animals. 4. He wants his animals in the house. 5. Who tells the story?

6. What can be said about Zach from this story? 1. He lives in a zoo. 2. He wants a horse. 3. He likes animals. 4. He has six animals. 7. Which animals does Zach have? ▼Check all that are correct. 1. a duck 2. a pig 3.

a lamb 4. a rabbit 8. Zach's pig is very dirty. What could be a good name for him? 1. Muddy 2. Oink 3. Pinkie 4. Porky 9. Why is Sky a good name for Zach's bird? 1. She is blue. 2. That is where she lives. 3. That is where she flies. 4. That is where Zach found her. 10. How many animals does Zach have now?

by ReadTheory

"Griffin's Talents"
Griffin plays the violin. He takes lessons after school on Tuesdays. Griffin’s violin teacher is Mr. Thomas. Mr. Thomas tells Griffin to practice every day. Griffin practices his violin on most days. On the days Griffin does not practice his violin, he plays soccer with his friends or fixes old clocks for fun. “You are a boy of many talents,” Griffin’s parents tell him. “That means you are good at doing many things.” Griffin likes when his parents say this to him. He loves playing the violin. He loves playing soccer. He loves fixing clocks. Griffin loves to do many things, but he does not have the time to do them all every day.

1. What does Griffin play? ▼Check all that are correct. 1. board games 2. the piano 3. soccer 4. the violin 2. When does Griffin take violin lessons? 1. on Tuesdays after soccer 2. on Thursdays after soccer





3. on Tuesdays after school 4. on Thursdays after school When does Mr. Thomas tell Griffin to practice? 1. every day 2. most days 3. only on Tuesdays 4. when he wants to When does Griffin practice the violin? 1. every day 2. most days 3. never 4. only on Tuesdays How does Griffin feel about the violin? 1. He loves it. 2. He thinks it is hard. 3. He hates to practice. 4. He does not like the sound. What things does Griffin love to do? ▼Check all that are correct. 1. read books 2. fix old clocks 3. build birdhouses 4. play soccer with his friends

7. What does Mr. Thomas teach Griffin? 1. to play soccer 2. to fix old clocks 3. to play the violin 4. to build birdhouses 8. What does it mean to have many talents? 1. to want to do a lot 2. to be good at playing the violin

3. to be busy doing many things 4. to be good at doing a lot of things 9. How come Griffin does not play the violin every day? 1. He does not like the violin. 2. He wants to play the piano. 3. He is busy doing other things. 4. His mom says not to play every day.

"A Happy Visitor"
It is Thursday. It is raining today. It is a rainy day. Anna is inside the house. Anna is watching TV. Anna is watching TV inside the house. Anna cannot go outside. It is raining outside. Anna cannot go outside because it is raining outside.

Anna is bored.

Wait! Anna hears someone at the door. Someone is at the door of her house. Anna opens the door. What does Anna see?

Anna sees a dog. The dog is small. Anna sees a small dog. The dog is wet. The dog is wet from the rain. "Awww! You are all wet!" Anna says to the dog. "You are very cute!"

"Mom!" Anna says.

"Yes dear," says Anna's mom. "There is a dog here! There is a dog at the door!" Anna says. "What?" says Anna's mom. "A dog?" Anna's mom comes to the door. Anna's mom sees the wet dog. The wet dog looks cute. "Can we keep it?" asks Anna. "Yes, we can," says Anna's mom. The dog is happy. 1. What is the name of the girl in the story?

2. What day of the week is it in the story?

3. What is at the door of the house? 1. a man 2. a cat 3. a dog 4. a snake 4. Is the dog dry or wet? 1. The dog is dry. 2. The dog is wet. 5. What happens at the end of the story? 1. Anna keeps the dog. 2. Anna takes the dog to the hospital. 3. Anna's mom says she cannot keep the dog. 4. Anna drys the dog with a towel. 6. How does the dog look? ▼Check all that are correct. 1. cute 2. strong

3. small 4. angry

"An Adventure"

Jaime is a boy. Jaime lives in a house. Jaime lives in the country. Jaime lives in a house in the country. Jaime has a dog. The dog is named Go-Go. Jaime and Go-Go are friends. Jaime and Go-Go are bored. They want to do something new. They want to do something fun. They want to do something exciting. Jaime and Go-Go walk out of the house. They walk across the yard. They walk across the field. They jump over the fence. Jaime sees a mountain. The mountain is very tall. The top of the mountain is in the clouds. Jaime looks at the mountain. “We are going to the top of that mountain,” Jaime says.

Go-Go looks nervous. “Don't be nervous,” Jaime says. Go-Go runs after Jaime. They walk toward the mountain. Jaime stops. He looks back at the house. “I am a little tired,” Jaime says to Go-Go. Go-Go licks Jaime’s face. Jaime turns around.

“Come on Go-Go. We will climb the mountain tomorrow,” Jaime says. Jaime starts to walk home. Go-Go runs after Jaime.

1. Where does Jaime live? 1. He lives in a house in the city. 2. He lives in an apartment in the country. 3. He lives in a house in the country. 4. He lives in an apartment in the city. 2. What kind of animal is Go-Go?

3. What does across mean? 1. under 2. close to 3. far away from 4. from one side to the other side 4. What does Jaime want to do at the beginning of the story? 1. go home 2. climb a mountain 3. go fishing in the river 4. play a game with Go-Go 5. What does Jaime want to do at the end of the story? 1. go home 2. climb a mountain 3. go fishing in the river 4. play a game with Go-Go 6. Why is Go-Go nervous? 1. He is hungry. 2. He wants to play catch. 3. He doesn't want to go home. 4. He doesn't want to climb the mountain. 7. Jaime says he will climb the mountain tomorrow. Is this true? 1. Probably. 2. Probably not.


Dieter loves to run. He runs in the morning. He runs in the afternoon. He runs in the evening. He runs at night. Dieter loves to run, but it hurts to run. When Dieter runs, it hurts. His legs hurt. His arms hurt. His back hurts. His head hurts. When Dieter runs, his whole body hurts. Then, Dieter starts thinking. He starts dreaming.

He dreams about his job. He dreams about his home. He dreams about his family. He dreams about his friends. He dreams about the world. At first, running hurts. No one likes it when it hurts. When it hurts, Dieter dreams about things that do not hurt. This is why Dieter loves running. Running gives him the best dreams. Sometimes, Dieter forgets that he is running. Sometimes, he runs all morning. Sometimes, he runs all afternoon. Sometimes, he runs all night. Dieter runs and dreams.

1. What does Dieter love to do?

2. When Dieter runs, he hurts. What does this mean? 1. He feels good. 2. He feels bad. 3. What does Dieter do while he is running. 1. He dreams. 2. He sleeps. 3. He eats. 4. He drinks. 4. What is one thing that Dieter dreams about?

5. Why does Dieter love running? 1. Because it hurts. 2. Because he is healthy. 3. Because it gives him the best dreams. 4. Because it gives him more energy.

"Paul Cooks"
Paul loves to read cookbooks. His wife gets him one on his birthday. Paul tells her he will try to make a new recipe for three days in a row. On Monday, Paul makes blueberry pancakes for breakfast. He gets the blueberries from the farmer's market. On Tuesday, Paul makes beef soup for dinner. He puts in cubes of beef, carrots and onions. The recipe calls for cream, but Paul does not like cream. He uses water instead. On Wednesday, Paul makes a tomato salad with cucumbers and onions. He picks the cucumbers and tomatoes from his garden. He likes this dish best. It was also the easiest for him to make.

1. What does Paul love to read?

2. Who gives Paul a cookbook?

3. What does Paul say he will do? 1. become a chef 2. grow his own food 3. cook every recipe in a week 4. try a new recipe for three days in a row 4. On what day does Paul make pancakes?

5. What does Paul get from the farmer's market?

6. Where does Paul get cucumbers and tomatoes? 1. from his wife 2. from the store 3. from his garden 4. from the farmer's market 7. Which dish does Paul like best? 1. the blue one 2. beef soup 3. tomato salad 4. blueberry pancakes 8. Why doesn't Paul use cream? 1. He does not like it. 2. There was none at the store. 3. There was none in the garden. 4. There was none at the farmer's market. 9. What does Paul use instead of cream?

10. Which dish was the easiest for Paul to make?

"Bella Hides"
Bella is hiding. She is behind the sofa with her pet puppy, Sir. Bella is hiding from her mom. She does not want to go to the doctor. “Bella?” calls Bella’s mom in a sweet voice. “Where are you?” Bella’s mom looks in the closet. She looks in the kitchen. She looks next to the bookcase. Bella always hides when she is scared. Bella is very quiet. Sir begins to jump around behind the sofa. Bella’s mom hears the noise. She looks behind the sofa with a smile. She holds out her hand. “Don’t be scared,” says Bella’s mom. “The doctor just wants to check your ears.” “Will I have to get a shot?” asks Bella. “No,” says Mom. That makes Bella feel better. Bella grabs her mom’s hand. They go to see the doctor.

1. Why is Bella hiding? ▼Check all that are correct. 1. She is playing a game. 2. She does not want to go to the doctor. 3. She is looking for her puppy. 4. She is scared. 2. Who or what is hiding with Bella?

1. her mom 2. her sister 3. her pet puppy 4. her friend 3. Who is looking for Bella?

4. Where does Mom find Bella? 1. in the kitchen 2. in the closet 3. next to the bookcase 4. behind the sofa 5. How does Mom find Bella? 1. Bella makes a noise. 2. Dad helps Mom. 3. Mom sees Bella's leg. 4. The puppy makes a noise. 6. When does Bella hide? 1. when she is bored 2. when she is scared 3. when she is happy 4. all the time 7. What does Mom say will happen when Bella sees the doctor? 1. Bella will get her ears checked. 2. Bella will get a shot. 3. Bella will get to bring her puppy. 4. Bella will get her eyes checked. 8. How does Bella feel when Mom says she will not get a shot? 1. angry 2. better 3. smart 4. tired

"First Prize"
My name is Tess and I ride horses. I ride them in the circus. I ride them in parades. I ride them in shows.

I am riding in a horse show today. My horse runs. My horse jumps. My horse dances. I hold on!

My horse is the best. I named her Twin. I feel like the horse and I are the same when I ride her.

My mother is not at the horse show. She has to work. My father is there. He claps. He yells. He smiles.

The show ends. A man announces the winners. "First prize goes to Tess and Twin!" he says. He gives me a blue ribbon. I am very excited. My dad gives me a hug.

"You won!" he says.

My dad and I go home. My dad tells my mom about my ribbon. She cries. She gives me a big hug. “Your hard work is showing,” she says.

1. Where does Tess ride her horse? ▼Check all that are correct. 1. in the circus 2. at school 3. in parades 4. in the woods 2. What prize does Tess win the horse show?

3. What does Tess need to do while her horse runs and jumps? 1. dance 2. hold on 3. sing 4. stand up 4. Where is Tess's mother during the show?

5. Why does Tess's father yell? 1. He is mad. 2. He needs help. 3. He is surprised. 4. He is excited. 6. Why do you think Tess named the horse Twin? 1. because Tess has a twin 2. because there are two horses 3. because another horse looks very similar to Twin 4. because Tess feels the same as Twin when they ride 7. What color ribbon does Tess get?

8. How does Tess's mom feel about the ribbon? ▼Check all that are correct. 1. happy 2. mad 3. proud 4. sad

"What Number?"
Becca and Kai played together all day. The two friends played outside in the morning. They rode bikes and scooters. They ate lunch on the porch. Becca’s mom made sandwiches and lemonade. They played hide and seek in the house right after lunch. Then they did not know what to do. “I know! Let’s play the number game,” said Becca. “What number am I thinking of?” “Is it five?” asked Kai. “No, it is higher than five,” Becca said. “Okay, is it one hundred?” “No, it is lower than one hundred,” Becca said. “Let’s see,” said Kai. “Is it sixty?” Becca gave Kai a hint . “It is between twenty and thirty.” “Hmm, is it twenty-five?” “No, but you are very close !” Becca said. “Well, is it higher or lower than twenty-five?” “It is lower,” Becca said. “Okay, I think I know. Is it twenty-two?”

“Yeah! You guessed it.” Becca said. “Good job!”

1. Where did Becca and Kai play today? 1. They played at school. 2. They played at the park. 3. They played at Kai's house. 4. They played at Becca's house. 2. What did Becca and Kai do in the morning? ▼Check all that are correct. 1. rode bikes 2. rode scooters 3. played outside 4. played hide and seek 3. Where did Becca and Kai eat lunch?

4. Whose idea was it to play the number game? 1. It was Kai's idea. 2. It was Mom's idea. 3. It was Becca's idea. 4. It was Kai and Becca's idea. 5. What was Kai's second guess? 1. five 2. twenty-two 3. sixty 4. one hundred 6. What is another way to write the number sixty ? 1. 6 2. 16 3. 60

4. 66 7. Which sentence is correct? 1. 178 is lower than 177. 2. 178 is higher than 177. 3. 178 is between 177. 4. 178 is the same as 177. 8. ▼Check all that are correct. 1. 224 is lower than 256. 2. 224 is higher than 256. 3. 224 is between 220 and 230. 4. 224 is between 220 and 210. 9. Why was Kai's guess of twenty-five close ? 1. Twenty-five is a big number, 2. It is near the number Becca was thinking. 3. It is far away from the number Becca was thinking. 4. Twenty-five is lower than the number Becca was thinking. 10. What does it mean to give someone a hint ? 1. to give someone a clue 2. to make a question hard 3. to tell someone to give up 4. to give someone the answer 11. What number was Becca thinking about?

12. What other number could Becca have been thinking about? 1. ten 2. fifteen 3. twenty-three 4. thirty-two

"The Interview"
Jethro gets ready for his job interview. He takes a shower. He shaves. He brushes his teeth. He cuts his fingernails. He combs his hair. He puts on the new suit he bought just for today. Jethro feels confident . He is also very nervous . Here is why. Jethro graduated at the top of his class in college. Still, Jethro knows the economy is bad. His dad just lost his job at the bank a few weeks ago! Many people are interviewing for the very same job. There is a lot of competition. Jethro is still positive. He thinks he has a good chance of getting the job at the technology company. Jethro arrives at his interview at 9:45. He is 15 minutes early. “Have a seat. Mr. Stone will be right with you,” the receptionist says. Jethro sits. He thinks about what he has learned to do in an interview. Look people in the eye. Give a firm handshake. Speak clearly. Jethro feels ready. “Mr. Stone is ready to see you now,” the receptionist says. Jethro takes a deep breath and walks into Mr. Stone’s office. “Good to meet you, sir,” Jethro says and gives Mr. Stone a firm handshake and a smile.

1. What kind of job is Jethro interviewing for? 1. a college job 2. a banking job 3. a technology job 4. a receptionist job

2. What is one thing Jethro does to get ready? 1. He talks to his dad. 2. He calls Mr. Stone. 3. He eats breakfast. 4. He cuts his fingernails. 3. What time is Jethro's interview? 1. 9:30 2. 9:45 3. 10:00 4. 10:15 4. What does it mean to be confident ? 1. to be early 2. to feel sure 3. to be worried 4. to be nervous 5. Why might Jethro be nervous? 1. He did not do well in school. 2. He is not a very good speaker. 3. He does not like to wear suits. 4. Many others are interviewing for the same job. 6. What is competition ? 1. when people get ready to go out 2. when people go for a job interview 3. when people feel they are not good enough 4. when many people are going after the same thing 7. Why is it good that Jethro gets to his interview early? 1. It gives Jethro time to think. 2. It helps Jethro speak clearly. 3. Mr. Stone likes people to be early. 4. The receptionist asks him to be there early. 8. What has Jethro learned to do in an interview? 1. Be positive. 2. Tell good jokes. 3. Talk about college. 4. Look people in the eye. 9. Why might Jethro be positive about getting this job? 1. The economy is bad. 2. He did well in school. 3. Jethro's dad lost his job. 4. He knows Mr. Stone well.

"Julian's Work"
Julian works at the bookstore. First, his job is to unload boxes of books from the truck. Then he opens the boxes. After that, Julian puts the books in different piles. One pile is for books that tell true stories. These are called books of fact. Another pile is for books that tell stories that are not true. These are called books of fiction. Julian then puts the books on shelves in the bookstore. Putting books on shelves is what Julian likes to do best at work. When Julian has free time at work, he likes to read through all of the books. His favorite books are the ones that tell true stories about real people and their lives. On Sunday and Monday, Julian does not work at the book store. On these days, he stays at home. He uses this time to write a story about himself. Julian grew up in Peru. Now he lives in the United States. He works at the bookstore to pay for school. Julian wants to be a teacher. One day, he hopes to turn his story into a book. He hopes to see it at the bookstore.

1. Where does Julian work? 1. on a truck 2. at a bookstore 3. in Peru 4. at an art store 2. What must Julian do first at his job?

3. What is the second thing Julian must do at his job? 1. open boxes 2. tape boxes shut 3. put books on shelves 4. put books in piles 4. In how many piles must Julian put the books?

5. In what piles are the books placed? 1. easy and hard 2. long and short 3. true and not true 4. funny and not funny 6. What is a word for a book that is true?

7. What is a word for a book that is not true?

8. What does Julian like to do best at work? 1. unload boxes 2. open boxes 3. put books in piles 4. put books on shelves 9. What does Julian do during his free time at work? 1. write stories 2. read books 3. tell stories 4. put books on shelves 10. Which books does Julian like best? 1. true books 2. funny books 3. sad books 4. books with happy endings 11. Why does Julian work at the bookstore? 1. to buy a house 2. to pay for clothes 3. to pay for school 4. to pay for a trip to Peru 12. What does Julian hope to turn his story into? 1. a book

2. 3. 4.

a movie a play a tv show

"Talia's Special Day"
Talia is going out to eat tonight. It is a special day. She wants to look very nice for her night out. First, she gets her hair cut at a salon. A salon is a place where people go to get their hair and nails done. Then, she gets her finger nails painted pink. A woman who works at the salon paints Talia’s nails. Talia is not happy with the color. She asks the woman to change the color to purple. She likes the purple very much. It is almost time to go out. Talia goes home and looks in her closet. She tries on a pair of light blue pants with a white shirt. She tries on a purple dress with a black belt. She tries on a brown skirt with a green top. She wears the purple dress. Many of her friends and family are at the restaurant when she gets there. She hugs her mother and father. She gives her grandfather a kiss. Talia’s sister gives her a big smile. Her best friend, Asra, gives her a present. Talia is 25-years-old today. “Happy Birthday, Talia,” they say. “You look great!” “I feel great because all of you are here,” says Talia.

1. What is Talia doing for her special day? 1. She is having a party. 2. She is going to her friend's house. 3. She is making dinner.







4. She is going to a restaurant. Why does Talia want to look nice? 1. It is her birthday. 2. It is a national holiday. 3. She is going to church. 4. She is going to school. What does Talia do first? 1. She picks out a dress. 2. She gets her nails painted. 3. She gets her hair cut. 4. She goes out to eat. Why does Talia change the color of her nails? 1. It does not match her dress. 2. She is not happy with pink. 3. Her friends tell her to change the color. 4. She is not happy with purple. What does Talia wear out? 1. light blue pants 2. a brown skirt 3. a purple dress 4. a green top What does Talia do when she sees her parents? 1. She smiles. 2. She says hello. 3. She gives them a hug. 4. She gives them a kiss. Who smiles at Talia?

8. How old is Talia?

9. What is a salon ? 1. a restaurant 2. a place where people talk about business 3. a gift shop 4. a place to get hair and nails done 10. Why does Talia feel great? 1. because she looks great 2. because her friends and family are there 3. because her hair is cut 4. because her nails are purple

"One Hundred Dollars"
Leonard James is a homeless man. For him, life is always hard. He is always hungry. His shoes have holes in them. He needs a haircut. His clothes are old and dirty. “What I would do with one hundred dollars!” Leonard says. This is a game he likes to play with himself to take his mind off things. He is walking down the street on a Thursday night. It is winter. The air is cold. “If I had one hundred dollars, I could buy new shoes,” he says. He continues to walk down the street. “If I had one hundred dollars, I could get a haircut,” he says. He continues to walk down the street. “If I had one hundred dollars, I could get new pants,” he says. He continues to walk down the street. “If I had one hundred dollars, I could get a hamburger,” he says. His stomach rumbles at the thought. “If I had …..” Leonard looks down at the sidewalk. He cannot believe what he sees! Someone has lost his wallet. Leonard picks it up. Inside are five twenty-dollar bills. “One hundred dollars!” Leonard says. He is very excited. “Now I can buy everything I want!” Leonard begins to think. “But this is not my money,” he says. Leonard goes to the police station. He gives a police officer the wallet and money. “Thank you,” says the police officer. “You are a very honest man.” Leonard smiles. He turns around and begins to leave the police station. “Hold on,” the police officer says. He reaches in his own pocket and gives Leonard ten dollars. “Get yourself something to eat.”

1. What is life like for Leonard?

1. It is hard. 2. It is easy. 3. It is warm. 4. It is full of good food. 2. How does the reader know that Leonard is poor? ▼Check all that are correct. 1. He is honest. 2. He has no home. 3. He finds a wallet. 4. He is always hungry. 3. Why does Leonard think about what he would do with a hundred dollars? 1. It helps him go to sleep. 2. It takes his mind off things. 3. The police officer asks him to. 4. He knows he will find the money. 4. What time of year is it?

5. What does Leonard say he would do with a hundred dollars? ▼Check all that are correct. 1. get a haircut 2. buy new clothes

3. get a hotel room 4. get something to eat 6. Why does Leonard's stomach rumble?

7. He cannot believe what he sees. What is another way to write this sentence? 1. He thinks what he sees is crazy. 2. He feels what he sees is good luck. 3. He thinks what he sees can not be true. 4. He does not think what he sees is scary. 8. Why does Leonard go to the police station? 1. because he owes money 2. because he wants a reward 3. because the wallet is not his 4. because he has committed a crime 9. What kind of man does Leonard seem to be? 1. bad 2. dumb 3. good 4. old 10. What does it mean to be honest ? 1. to be angry 2. to want more 3. to be truthful 4. to be hopeful 11. How does Leonard seem to feel about what he has done? 1. angry 2. happy 3. sad 4. unsure 12. What does the police officer give Leonard? 1. advice 2. a handshake 3. money to eat 4. the one hundred dollars 13. What kind of man does the police officer seem to be? 1. angry

2. 3. 4.

busy kind mean

"New Shoes for Maddy"
Maddy loves to jump rope, scooter and ride her skateboard. One day, Maddy gets a hole in the shoes she likes best while riding her scooter. They are pink with hearts and a Velcro tab. Now she needs new shoes. Maddy's mom takes her to the shoe store Saturday morning. The store fills with people looking for shirts, dresses, pants and toys. Maddy's mom takes her to the shoe area. The shoe area is crowded, and there is a long wait. Maddy does not mind. Maddy sees a pair of purple sneakers with orange laces. She sees a pair of red sandals with dots. She sees a pair of green flip-flops. She wants the purple sneakers. "But you do not know how to tie your laces," says Maddy's mom. "I will learn," says Maddy. Maddy's mother thinks. She does not want to tie Maddy's laces each morning before school. "If we buy the purple sneakers, you must learn to tie them before you can wear them to school," says Maddy's mom. "I will! I promise!" says Maddy. She is very happy. Maddy practices tying her laces for the rest of the day. She practices more on Sunday. Finally, she learns how to tie her laces. She gets to wear her new shoes to school on Monday. "I did it," she says with a big smile.

1. Why does Maddy need new shoes? 1. Her shoes are too small. 2. Her shoes are very old. 3. She lost her favorite shoes. 4. She got a hole in her shoes. 2. How does Maddy get a hole in her shoes? 1. riding her skateboard 2. riding her scooter 3. jumping rope 4. playing basketball 3. Which shoes have a hole? 1. the green flip-flops 2. the red sandals

3. the pink shoes with hearts 4. the purple sneakers 4. Which shoes does Maddy want to buy? 1. the pink shoes with hearts 2. the purple sneakers 3. the green flip-flops 4. the red sandals with dots 5. How does Maddy feel about the long wait at the store? 1. She feels mad about it. 2. She feels sad about it. 3. She feels excited about it. 4. She feels okay about it. 6. Who does Maddy see in the store? 1. a lot of people 2. her older sister 3. her friends from school 4. one of her neighbors 7. When can Maddy wear her shoes to school? 1. when she learns how to tie 2. as soon as she leaves the store 3. after summer vacation 4. tomorrow 8. In paragraph 8, what does the word promise mean? 1. that Maddy wants to learn to tie 2. that Maddy will learn to tie 3. that Maddy cannot learn to tie 4. that Maddy might learn to tie 9. What does Maddy's mom NOT want to do? 1. buy Maddy new shoes 2. buy Maddy green flip-flops 3. buy more than one pair of shoes 4. tie Maddy's shoes in the morning 10. How might Maddy feel after learning to tie? ▼Check all that are correct. 1. happy 2. proud 3.

shy 4. sick 11. What lesson did Maddy learn? 1. Practice makes perfect. 2. Do not ride a scooter with pink shoes. 3. Be careful what you wish for. 4. School is fun with new shoes.

by ReadTheory

"The 20"
It is Levi’s birthday. He has a party at home with his family. Everyone sings, “Happy Birthday!” Levi has nine candles on his cake. He blows them out. He opens his presents. Levi’s mother and father give him a bicycle. Levi’s little sister gives him a game. Levi’s uncle gives him a baseball jersey. Levi’s grandma and grandpa give him 20 dollars! "Thank you!" he yells to everyone. Levi is excited. He likes all his presents. He likes the 20 dollars best. It means he can go to the store. He can buy anything he wants! “Can we go to the store now, Mom?” asks Levi. Mom frowns. “Levi, your guests are still here. I will take you to the store tomorrow.” That night, Levi dreams of all the things he might buy with his 20 dollars. Maybe I will buy a video game! Maybe I will buy a guitar! Maybe I will buy a camera! Maybe I will buy a tool kit! In the morning, Mom takes Levi and his little sister to the store. “Will you buy me something, too?” asks Levi’s little sister.

“Maybe,” Levi says. He runs to look around the store. Ugh! The guitar costs more than 20 dollars. The video game costs more than 20 dollars. The camera costs more than 20 dollars. The tool kit costs 12 dollars. Levi buys the tool kit. He buys his little sister a key chain. He buys his mom a pack of gum. “You are a sweet boy,” Levi’s mom tells him.

1. Who is at Levi's party? ▼Check all that are correct. 1. his friends 2. his parents 3. his teachers 4. his uncle 2. How old is Levi?

3. What does Levi's sister give him?

1. a baseball jersey 2. a bike 3. a game 4. money 4. How does Levi feel about his presents? ▼Check all that are correct. 1. He likes all of them. 2. He likes the bike best. 3. He likes the money best. 4. He likes the game least. 5. What is one of the things Levi dreams of buying? 1. a bike 2. a camera 3. a key chain 4. a baseball jersey 6. Why does Levi's mom frown at him? 1. Levi is mean to his sister. 2. Levi asks for more money. 3. Levi does not thank everyone for his gifts. 4. Levi wants to go to the store during the party. 7. When does Levi go to the store?

8. What doesn't Levi know? 1. that the store is closed 2. that his baseball jersey is too big 3. that most things he wants cost more than 20 dollars 4. that his sister has more money than he does

9. Who goes with Levi to the store? ▼Check all that are correct. 1. his grandma 2. his mom 3. his sister 4. his uncle 10. What does Levi buy for himself?

11. How much money does Levi have left after buying the tool kit? 1. $20 plus $12 2. $20 minus $12 3. $20 times $12 4. $20 divided by $12 12. Why does Levi's mom call him a sweet boy? 1. because it is his birthday 2. because he eats a lot of candy on his birthday 3. because he waits until the next day to go to the store 4. because he buys something for his mom and little sister

"Big City Noise"
My name is Olaf. I live in a big city. I live on a busy road. At night and during the day, cars go by. Buses go by. Trucks go by. People do not seem to hear the noise during the day. But at night, the noise makes it hard to sleep. My road has a lot of animals, too. People keep their animals outside in their yards at night. There are cats. There are dogs. The dogs make a lot of noise. To me, the dogs are like the trucks. The dogs are like the cars. The dogs are like the buses. All of them are loud! One dog barks more than the others do. His name is Simba. Simba is Mr. Cheek’s dog. “That is a very bad dog. He keeps me up at night,” says Mr. Lucas. Mr. Lucas lives next door to Mr. Cheek. “You should give him away,” says Mr. Lucas.

This makes Mr. Cheek very mad. "You should not sleep with your windows open," says Mr. Cheek. "You should take your dog inside at night," yells Mr. Lucas. The two men argue about Simba’s barking almost every day. I think this is funny. To me, Simba is as bad as the cars. He is as bad as the buses. He is as bad as the trucks. This is what living in a big city is like. There is a lot of noise.

1. In what place does Olaf live?

2. What does Olaf say makes noise? ▼Check all that are correct. 1. airplanes 2. buses 3. dogs 4. horses 3. What goes by at night? 1. bikes 2. cats 3. dogs 4. trucks

4. Why may people NOT hear the noise during the day? 1. because it is quiet 2. because they are sleepy 3. because they are busy doing other things 4. because they do not hear well during the day 5. What does Olaf say about his road? ▼Check all that are correct. 1. It is dark. 2. It is busy. 3. It is dirty. 4. It is noisy. 6. Which noise makes Mr. Lucas mad? 1. cats meowing 2. trucks going by 3. a dog barking 4. people talking 7. Who argues everyday? 1. Mr. Lucas and Olaf 2. Olaf and Mr. Cheek 3. Simba and Mr. Lucas 4. Mr. Lucas and Mr. Cheek 8. What could Mr. Cheek do to help Mr. Lucas sleep? 1. get a cat 2. not argue with him 3. not drive his car at night 4. take his dog inside at night 9. What could Mr. Lucas do to sleep better? 1. close his windows at night 2. not argue with Cheek 3. got to bed later 4. talk to Olaf

10. Who says Simba is a bad dog?

11. Who does Mr. Cheek live next door to? 1. Olaf 2. Mr. Lucas 3. Mr. Lucas and Olaf 4. no one 12. What does Olaf mean when he says Simba is as bad as the buses? 1. that Simba barks at the buses 2. that Simba and the buses argue 3. that Simba runs down the street at night 4. that Simba and the buses both make noise 13. According to Olaf, what could be done about noise in a big town? 1. People could ride bikes. 2. Dogs could be inside. 3. People could walk everywhere. 4. Nothing can be done.