Board of Directors D. Kevin G. Burns, President Mr. Burt Odelson, Chair Mr. Steve Ruff '64, Counsel Mr. John Birney Mr. Brian Coughlin '75 Mr. Mark Donahue '74 Mr. Patrick Elwood '85 Dr. Brian Farrell '74 Mr. Shaun P. Jacob '93 Mr. Jim Kramer '64 Br. Dominic Murray '63 Br. Peter O'Loughlin Mr. Michael Petrik '75 Mr. Steve Rosenbaum '74 Ms. Laura Shallow Mrs. Joyce Sterk Mr. Michael Stillman '87 Sponsored by the Brother Rice Board of Directors

Brother Rice Alumni Association 28th Annual All-Alumni Reunion Dinner Friday, November 9, 2012 Brother Rice Cafeteria
Cocktails …………………………………………...……………..……..7:00 p.m. Class of ’62 Procession into Cafeteria – Brother Rice Fight Song – Brother Rice Band Opening Prayer……………………………………..………Father Mark Walter Master of Ceremonies………………………………….……Bob McDonough ’73 Alumni Hall of Fame Award……………..Marine Corporal Conner Lowry ’06 Accepted by Modie Lavin, Conner’s Mom Moment of Silence - Taps Junior of the Year……………………………………………Caleb Kennedy ’13 Other Finalist: Justin Ceh ’13 Brendan Hogan ’13 Mackenzie Oldfield ’13 Matt Page ’13 Man of the Year…………………………………………..Brother Eugene Carty Distinguished Family Award……………………………………...The Harrigans Accepted by Tom ’64 and Jim ’92 Live Auction and Fund-A-Need Live Auction…Keith Jones, 2012 Illinois and Indiana Auctioneer of the Year State of the School…Dr. Kevin Burns, President of Brother Rice High School Fund-A-Need………………………………..……………………….Keith Jones

Special Acknowledgements: Classes of 1962, ’67, ’72, ’77, ’82, ’87, ’92, ’97, and 2002

Past Honorees are as follows:
Men and Women of the Year:
(Alumni Men of the Year are also inducted into the Alumni Hall of Fame)

1985 – Joe Johnston 1986 – Brother Eugene Pilon, Tom Mitchell, Marty Berry ’64 1987 – Brother JB Moore, Joe Bergmann, John Leahy ’61 1988 – Brother EV Corrigan, George Sedlacek, Bob Andrews ’64 1989 – Will Kellogg, Dan Schramm ’63 1990 – Brother KF Chapman, Bob Baader, Marty Auz ’66 1991 – Brother CJ Gattone ’66, Pat Cassidy, Steve Ruff ’64 1992 – Tony Hanrahan ’61 1993 – Brother JR McDonald, Tom Lyons ’63, Cliff Petrak ’60 1994 – Brother TJ Collins, Don Pawelski ’78 1995 – Shirley Cari, Brian Lynch ’80 1996 – Brother ET Hennessy, Leo Henning 1997 – Mike Fitzgerald ’76 1998 – Jack Hackett ’61, Ed Kilcoyne ’62, Tom Broderick ’78 1999 – Jim “Moose” Mulcrone, Ed Zabrocki, Jim Casey ’70 2000 – Mike Barton ’60, Frank Daily ’60, Raleigh Kean ’60, Dr. John McInerney ’75 2001 – Rich Marfise, John Wakerly ’66, Greg Papiernik ’76 2002 – Helen Pitula, Kevin Ryan ’67, Gary Little ’69 2003 – Jim Cannon ’63, Bob Twardy ’65, Paul Duggan ’68 Brian Bulkley ’78 2004 – Tom Billish ’64, Dennis Duffy ’64, Ed Napleton ’69 2005 – Nick Markulin, Tom Palmer ’70 2006 – Jim Antos, Pat Condon ’66 2007 – Tom Murrihy, Bob Jacob ’67, Phil Morris ’67, Jim Cranley ’82, 2008 – Dorothy Mendes, Larry Platt ’68, Tom Carmody ’69, Bill Chromizky ’73 2009 – Mark Donahue ’74, Brian Farrell ’74 2010 – Joe Terrell ’70, Tom Gorman ’85 2011 ‒ Mark Sterk ’71 2012 – Brother E. Owen Carty CFC

Alumni Hall of Fame
All Alumni Men of the Year and the following:
1998 Dave Collins ’66, Larry Korpitz ’68, Jim Capraro ’68, Tom Mitchell (Honorary) John Harper ’60 U.S. Navy Lt. Cmdr. Ray O’Hare ’84 George Sedlacek (Honorary)

1999 2000 2001

2002 Michael Flatley ’77, Bob Martin ’77 2003 John C. Reilly ’83 2004 2005 2006 Dr. Thomas G. Moran ’74 Bill Dunne ’65, and Ten Alumni Who Died in Service of our Country Joe Bergmann (Honorary)

2009 J.J. Konstant ’99 2010 John Knight ’78, Alex Valadez ’00, Jared Stanker ’06, Brian Carey ’99 Tom Wortham ’98 Brother Tom Collins (Honorary) Bill Hite ’66


2012 Marine Corporal Conner Lowry ’06 Harrigan Family

Congratulations to Brother E. Owen Carty CFC The Harrigan Family Marine Corporal Conner Lowry ’06 from the Alumni Association Board
Jim Casey ’70, Alumni Director Br. Thomas J. Collins, Moderator Mike Elwood ’74, President Larry Heavey ’71, Vice President for School Affairs Joe Kenny ’87, Vice President for Events Tom Harrigan ’64, Vice President 60’s Larry Heavey ’71, Vice President 70’s Bob Warda ’87, Vice President 80’s Donn Domico ’90, Vice President 90’s Tim O’Connell ’03, Vice President 00’s Joe Ferrick ’75, Treasurer Brian Barkowski ’95, Editor of the Rice Review Donna Eastman, Secretary Alumni Association Committeemen Tom Billish ’64 Marty Auz ’66 Mark Durkin ’71 Dave Chocola ’77 Michael Rodriguez ’80 Dan McGuire ’86 Joe Payne ’86 Steven McCloskey ’87 Michael Gilmartin ’95 Lutalo Ayree ’97 Matt James ’01 Matt Kotheimer ’01

Don’t forget to sign up for Career Day – Wednesday, March 13, 2013 Alumni Golf Outing at Gleneagles Country Club Friday, June 21, 2013 Call or Email Donna Eastman at (773) 429-4340 deastman@brrice.org Go to www.brotherrice.org

Alumni Hall of Fame
Marine Corporal Conner Lowry ‘06

Seventeen alumni deserve to be remembered above the rest, because without them, nothing that we cherish about our lives would be possible, including this reunion celebration. Without men and women who risk their lives in the armed forces, or as police officers and firefighters, we would not enjoy our lives the way we do. And speaking about enjoying life, Conner Lowry, Class of 2006 knew full well how to enjoy his short life. His many friends would gladly attest to that. But Conner also had a calling to do something extraordinary with his life, and serving in the United States Marines turned out to be just what he was called to do. Tragically, as you all know, Marine Corporal Conner Lowry, was killed in the line of duty in Afghanistan on March 1st of this year. Go online and read and share every possible article you can about how Conner has been remembered during these last 8 months. Bring yourself back to March and remember how the streets were filled from 103rd in Oak Lawn to 99th & Pulaski, through Evergreen Park to 103rd and Fairfield, with personal friends from many schools in line with students from Brother Rice, Mother McAuley, Southwest School, Evergreen Park High School, and St. John Fisher. Thousands of complete strangers stood together with Conner’s many friends, as the Freedom Riders led a line of countless vehicles filled with family members, close friends, police and fire personnel from all over Chicagoland, all there to escort Conner from Midway Airport, non-stop until they reached the front doors here at 100th and Pulaski, when Conner’s Mom, Modie, and his sister, Grace, exited the limo to embrace school leaders and the young Crusader, Jim Habishom ’12, Grace’s friend, who played taps at curbside.

Those who were there are likely to shed tears every time they bring the occasion to mind, but it is not enough to weep. We must also always remember. We must remember that Conner’s life was just getting started and that his facebook posts in February were filled with optimism anticipating his tour of duty coming to an end within a couple of months. We are told by people who knew Conner well, that he would not have wanted the supreme sacrifice of his life to be remembered through non-stop, everlasting tears. Proof of that is found in the many positive and uplifting fundraising events organized by family and friends to provide scholarships, including the Sox game outing in August organized and hosted by friends and family members, and the “Freedom Isn’t Free 5k Run” on October 28th, organized by Sean Hughes and Conner’s brothers and sisters in the Marine Corps, adding thousands of dollars to a scholarship established by Jim Zangrilli. At the dinner, we were all honored to meet Modie Lavin who came to accept the Brother Rice Alumni Association’s induction of her son into the Alumni Hall of Fame. We trust that all who read this will join us in pledging to her that we will always remember her son, and the other 16 Alumni who have died in the line of duty, and that we will continue to do what we can to build the kind of world for which they sacrificed their lives. In honoring Conner on Veteran’s Day weekend, we acknowledge that Freedom isn’t Free, while coming together to celebrate, as we also always remember those who have made these celebrations possible.

Man of the Year
Brother E. Owen Carty, CFC

Brother Carty joined the Brothers in 1955 after graduating from Cardinal Farley Military Academy in Reinbeck, New York, which he attended after attending Good Counsel Grammar School in Manhattan. Brother Carty’s Mom learned about Farley from two Christian Brothers who believed the extra discipline offered there matched young Eugene’s spirit, a move Brother Carty recalls with the words… “Thanks be to God! I don’t know where I would be if I didn’t go there.” Young Eugene so embraced the values learned, that he became a cadet leader. Brother Carty began teaching at All Hallows Grammar School in the Bronx, before he began sharing his gift of discipline with high school boys, first at St. Laurence in 1963, then at St. Pat’s in Vallejo, CA, and then later at Brother Rice. Along the way he would also share what he learned as a half-miler as a teenager, when he became head track and cross country coach at St. Laurence, during the second year of the school’s existence. Always the community builder, Brother Carty also helped build St. Laurence’s first track. Brother Carty would also coach track at St. Pat’s in Vallejo, while becoming a highly regarded retreat coordinator in the Napa Valley. Brother Carty’s coast-to-coast experiences in how best to reach boys who have a nose for trouble, boys who need more guidance, and boys who could use more spiritual fulfillment, have been available to Brother Rice Crusaders for 27 years, where he has served as a dean, a teacher, a moderator, a guidance counselor, and a Kairos retreat leader.

According to Brother Tom Collins, his friend for more than 50 years, during which time Brother Carty never changed his WWII crew cut, Brother is a behind-the-scene builder of community, who always thinks of others ahead of himself. Brother Collins said Brother Carty has been elected and re-elected the community leader for the brothers who live at Brother Rice, for the same reason he was such an effective counselor, teacher, coach, and dean. Like St. Joseph in the bible, Brother Carty is frequently described in three words as “a just man.” When Brother Carty speaks about how best to instill in our students the Essential Elements of an Edmund Rice Education, everyone listens. It is a remarkable distinction that a boy with a nose for trouble from Manhattan would grow to be such a highly regarded teacher, counselor, dean, and coach, that he would be inducted into two high school halls of fame, one in California and one in Chicago, here at Brother Rice in 2001. We are therefore past due in recognizing Brother E. Owen Carty as the 2012 Alumni Association Man of the Year.

Harrigans back when …………

Tom Harrigan ’64

Jim Harrigan ’65

Michael Harrigan ’66

Bob Harrigan ’68

Dennis Harrigan ’69

Richard Harrigan ’72

Tim Harrigan ’73

John Harrigan ’76

Marty Harrigan ’80

Jim Harrigan ’92

Tim Harrigan ’94

Bill Harrigan ’96

Bob Harrigan ’98

Dan Harrigan ’00

Ricky Harrigan ’02

John McGowan ’02

Mike Harrigan ’03

Pat Harrigan ’04

Tim Harrigan ’04

Brian Harrigan ’05

Kevin Harrigan ’05

Andrew Harrigan ’06 Matt Harrigan ’06

Pat Walsh ’06

See last page for update…………

The Harrigans – Distinguished Family Award Are you old enough to have ever heard the very old song, “H-A-BROTHER RICE HIGH-G-A-N spells Harrigan”? Ok, George M. Cohan did not write it exactly that way, but ever since Tom Harrigan ’64 transferred from Quigley to Brother Rice, that’s been the way the song goes. There are a few interesting ways to look at the large numbers. Two generations (9 in the first and 15 in the second) of Harrigans attended and graduated from Brother Rice, from 1964 to 2006, in five decades of the school’s history - 5 in the 60’s, 3 in the 70’s, 1 in the 80’s, 4 in the 90’s, and 11 from 2000 – 2006.. Six brothers and one sister had 15 sons attend Brother Rice. Much of the Harrigan school spirit derives from their love of athletic competition, as many of them competed as Crusaders on the basketball, football, baseball, and golf teams. And the spirit continues after all have since graduated. Today and for the last twenty years, virtually every home or nearby Crusader varsity basketball, football, or baseball game would have two, three, or a handful of Harrigans in attendance, along with wives, mothers, sisters, and cheerleaders, including the cheerleading coach. Harrigans also support many and various Brother Rice golf outings, while many still play here in alumni basketball games. Tom jokes about how he and his brothers all “fell in line,” went to Rice, and “turned out relatively sane.” But it was when his last two boys enrolled that he stepped up his involvement and gained more appreciation for how special Rice has been for his sons and nephews, believing that the “camaraderie among the students is second to none.” Jim Harrigan ’92, the oldest of the second generation of 15, also called Rice, “special,” while pointing out that no one forced his two brothers and 12 cousins to attend Brother Rice, but it felt like home for them. Jim added, “There may be more computers and better sports facilities here now than in the 60’s & 70’s, but the reason Rice has been special and Home for us is because of the people - the Brothers, the Teachers, the Coaches, and most importantly, the Alumni.” Who knows how many more Harrigans will be a part of the school’s future, but with 24 graduates, they have already distinguished themselves as being a central part of Brother Rice history, and are therefore a clear and natural choice to receive the Alumni Association’s first Distinguished Family Award.

Junior of the Year
Officially named the Brother Rice Alumni Association John P. Leahy Award for Outstanding Junior, the award was created in 1972 and named after the Rice graduate who was the driving force behind its creation. The purpose of the award is to make the student body aware of the Alumni Association, while also serving as a means for alumni to give something back to the school. The object of the award is to reward overall excellence. The selection process begins with juniors selecting 10 representatives. These 10 candidates are submitted to the faculty, who select the finalists. A committee of the Alumni Association, which selects the Junior of the Year, in turn, interviews the finalists. The Junior of the Year is awarded a scholarship for $2,500.00 for his senior year tuition. The other finalists also receive tuition assistance. Listed below are the past winners of the award and their graduation years. You will notice that no scholarships were awarded for three years during the early 1980s. This marked a time when the Alumni Association faltered and scholarship funds were non-existent. With your help and participation in the Alumni Association, that will not happen again.
Brendan Lynch ’74 Gregory Oberland ’75 Michael Barrett ’76 John York ’77 Richard Klein ’78 Michael Casey ’79 Brian Lynch ’80 John Mundo ’84 John Quigley ’85 Michael Harlin ’86 Matthew Himelman ’87 Joseph Valenti ’88 Michael Murphy ’89 Kevin Camden ’90 Robert Fanelli ’91 Joe Carney ’92 James Wills ’93 Sean Giblin ’94 Mike Minervini ’95 Adam Wojcik ’96 Dan Lazarz ’97 Jeremiah Adeszko ’98 Frank Cheers ’99 Steve Scott ’00 Timothy Carroll ’01 Devin Kruski ’02 Timothy O’Connell ’03 Timothy Harrigan ’04 Luke Rohan ’05 Brian Coughlin ’06 Patrick Vail ’07 Thomas Hickey ’08 Thomas Rynne ’09 Michael Rohan ’10 William McGivern ’11 Marty Kyler ’12 Cal Kennedy ’13

Alumni Association Junior of the Year Profiles of 2012 Finalists John P. Leahy Junior of the Year
Cal Kennedy ’13, the 2012 Alumni Association Junior of the Year, is a four-year member of the basketball program, on varsity since sophomore year. He is a three-year member of the National Honor Society and is also the recipient of the Dads’ Club Hosty Award. Cal especially enjoys his roles as the sideline reporter for the Crusader varsity football team, and the announcer for Crusader varsity baseball. He is proud to be a part of Brother Rice’s Peer Ministry program and Kairos 118. Cal blogs for the Oak Lawn Patch news website, and is ranked 3rd in his class of 212, carrying a 4.7 GPA. Cal is also the editor of The Standard, the school newspaper, and a member of The Crusader yearbook staff. Other Finalists Justin Ceh ’13 has been a four-year member of the soccer team and bowling team, as well as a three year member of the newly founded lacrosse team. Justin, who was a captain of the Scholastic Bowl Team and Math Team, also stayed involved in EcoSaders, Key Club, Spanish Club, Spanish Modern Language Society, Politics Club, Investment Club, and Edmund Rice Camp for underprivileged kids. He was a three-year member of the National Honors Society and was inducted into the National Society of High School Scholars. Justin served as an acolyte for St. Paul and as a peer minister for Brother Rice. As a Youth Ambassador for the American Cancer Society, Justin volunteered his time to assist the ACS in events to raise money for research. Finishing junior year with a 4.84 GPA and ranked 2nd out of 212 students, Justin was also named a finalist for the Dad’s Club’s John Hosty Award for exceptional leadership.

Mackenzie Oldfield ’13 is a four year member of the basketball program, dressing for varsity three of the four, and a two-year member of the rugby team. Mac was named captain and started throughout his career in both sports. He is considering playing either sport in college. Ranked in the top 5% of his class, Mac has been a three-year member of the National Honor Society as well as an Executive Board Member of the Student Council. Mac began writing for both the school newspaper, The Standard, and the school yearbook, The Crusader, his senior year. He acts as a peer minister and Eucharistic minister within the school. In his spare time, Mac also takes part in both the Spanish Club and Politics Club. Outside of school, he is a part of the Ronald McDonald Teen Board, serving as a vital part of the youth mission of the Ronald McDonald House near Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn. Mac became a semi-finalist of the John Hosty Award, an award given by the Dad’s Club, at the end of his junior year. Matthew Page ’13 is a member of the National Honor Society, a member of the Spanish Club, a peer minster, and ranks in the top ten in his class with a 4.72 GPA. He is also the quarterback for the varsity football team and a member of the varsity basketball team. Matt strives to be a leader in the classroom, in the community, and on the athletic field.

In Recognition and Memory of those Alumni who have made the supreme sacrifice …

CPL Edwin J. Falloon ’63 Lt. Brian R. Willey ’60 QM3 Ronald E. Rakunas ’63 Lt. Michael Wainwright ’63 Lt. Fred A. Hartman, Jr. ’64 SP Dennis A. Beuke ’64 Sgt. Lawrence E. Johnson ’64 S/Sgt. John L. Wilson ’64 Cpl. Edwin M. Gray ’65 Cpl. William D. Petrossi ’66 Lt. Cmdr. Raymond E. O’Hare ’84 Officer John Knight ’78 Officer Alex Valadez ’00 Army SPC Jared Stanker ’06 Firefighter Brian Carey ’99 Officer Tom Wortham ’98 Marine Corporal Conner Lowry ’06

Please contact the Alumni Office with information on any Alumnus whose name should be added to this Honor Roll.

1972 Catholic League Wrestling Champions
Only happens when there are others, unnamed, but there everyday, who sweated, slaved, supported & coached their team and classmates, older and younger…straight & true, on to Victory. Mark Flynn - 98 lb. – ’73 Jimmy Earner - 105 lb. – ’74 Jack McDonough -112 lb. –’74 Mike Padden - 119 lb. – ’74 Pat Clark - 126 lb. – ’73 Pat Lamb - 132 lb. – ’72 Jim Padden - 138 lb. – ’72 Paul Adler -145 lb. – ’72 Pat Bickett - 155 lb. – ’72 Dan Ruberry – 167 lb. – ’72 Larry Reeder - 185 lb. – ’72 Ed Tunney - Hvwt. – ’72 Dennis Moll – Coach

Crowley & Lamb P.C
Attorneys at Law 221 N. LaSalle Chicago, IL. 60601 312-670-6900
*When…__it has hit the fan, Send lawyers , guns & money… Crowley & Lamb *Warren Zevon





ODELSON & STERK, LTD. Attorneys at Law 3318 West 95th Street Evergreen Park, IL 60805 708.424-5678

ADMINISTRATION Dr. Kevin G. Burns, President James Antos, Principal Robert Alberts '85, Associate Principal Michael McShane '87, Vice President Tom Harrigan '64, Executive Director M. Jacob Mathius, Assistant Principal INSTITUTIONAL ADVANCEMENT James Casey '70, Alumni Director Brian Badke '92, Major Gift Officer Brian Barkowski '95, Director of Media & Public Relations Nancy Condreva, Assistant Director Karen Van Assen, Grant Writer Donna Eastman, Alumni Assistant

Burt Odelson Mark Donahue '74 John Birney Brian Coughlin '75 Patrick Elwood '85 Dr. Brian Farrell '74

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Shaun P. Jacob '93 Jim Kramer '64 Br. Dominic Murray '63 Br. Peter O’Loughlin Mike Petrik '75 Steve Rosenbaum '74 FACULTY AND STAFF Marty Grogan '73 Jon Lee Hall Ann Hayes Br. Patrick Hayes Mary Lynn Hollendoner Mike Hurley Br. Paul Ickes Mary Beth Jantz Lynda Jaros Randy Johnson Sandra Jones Angelique Kelly Matt Kelly '96 Mark Klutcharch '82 Andrew Knoell Dee Kotheimer Feliz Lazaroff John Lettiere Therese Liston Sue Lucheon Dr. Leslie Luxem Debbie Lynch Tim Lyons '92 Nick Markulin Lisa Marley

Stephen Ruff '64 Laura Shallow Joyce Sterk Michael Stillman '87

Al Albanese Joe Augustyn Eileen Barkowski Denis Bergstedt Kirk Bosi Dan Briggs Beverly Buciak Phil Cahill Marta Carbol Jack Carlson Br. E.O. Carty Jo Anne Collins Br. Thomas Collins Deborah Cook Timothy Daniher ’74 Darlene Diehl Frank Dinovella '89 Mike Dolan Eve Donnelly Max Dunn Dan Dwyer '88 Michelle England Al Filan Chris Forbes Bill Gleeson

Peg Mason John McCarthy Tom McAuliffe Dr. Michael McGrail Don Molenda Tim O’Connell ’03 Becky Pacetti Dan Panfil '95 Cathy Plumb Pat Richardson John Rolence Janet Rzeszutko Sue Salmon Judy Schramm Sue Stanley Mary Strahlman Dawn Tobar Br. J. Toole Bob Twardy '65 Elizabeth Van Fr. Mark Walter Tom Wazio '97 Ken Williams

Slalom Consulting Salutes the Class of ’87 Twenty-Five Years!

John Tobin ’87


In Memory of Our Classmates From the Class of ’62
Bruce Barnes Raymond Binkis James Bradley Wayne Bruggeman Gerald Chartier James Cismoski Francis Foley Anthony Gapsis Edward Hullinger Daniel Lamb James Martincic Thomas McGrogan Bob Michel Arthur Mrumlinski Richard Nottke Patrick O’Connor Franklin Orrico John Pauritsch William Peppard Allen Rana Jeffery Reynolds Allan Smith Richard Sullivan Wesley Warren George Winters

Denny Mulloy Class of ’62

to the

Harrigan Family
for receiving The Distinguished Family Award

Denny Mulloy Class of ’62

Compliments of:

Thomas L. Broderick ’78 Susan E. Broderick Colin T. Broderick ’12 Patrick J. Broderick ’15 Lauren E. Broderick

Welcome Back Brother Rice Alumni
Special Congratulations to the Class of '72

40 Years in a Flash From a Proud Alum Daniel J. McLaughlin Mayor, Village of Orland Park
Paid for by Citizens for Daniel J. McLaughlin




Thank you Brother Rice for a truly wonderful honor from all the Harrigans. Bud & Eileen would be bursting with pride.
Tom Harrigan ’64 Jim Harrigan ’65 Mike Harrigan ’66 Bob Harrigan ’68 Dennis Harrigan ’69 Richard Harrigan ’72 Tim Harrigan ’73 John Harrigan ’76 Marty Harrigan ’80 Jim Harrigan ’92 Tim Harrigan ’94 Bill Harrigan ’96 Bob Harrigan ’98 Dan Harrigan ’00 Ricky Harrigan ’02 John McGowan ’02 Michael Harrigan ’03 Pat Harrigan ’04 Tim Harrigan ’04 Brian Harrigan ’05 Kevin Harrigan ’05 Andrew Harrigan ’06 Matt Harrigan ’06 Pat Walsh ’06

to the

Harrigan Family

From The Novosels

“Class of 1976”

Peace & Love Toward All PAIS Class of 1960

to the

Harrigan Family
Thanks for your continued support and procreation! GEORGE H. ELLIOTT COMPANY Kevin Ryan ’67 Don Pawelski ’78

Jug Slip from 1967

They forgot: “Going Down the Up Staircase” -- Ken Piwowar, Class of 1967

James T. Marque, M.A., M.Ed. BRHS Faculty Member 1966-72 Individual, Couple & Family Therapy
Specializing In: Alcohol and Drug Addiction in Families Separation & Divorce Issues Single Parenting Issues Adolescent & School Issues Marriage Counseling Dealing With Sick & Aging Parents (312) 616-0203 Reasonable Rates/Sliding Scale Evening & Saturday Hours 155 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 571, Chicago, IL 60601 708 Church Street, Suite 223, Evanston, IL 60201 e-mail: jtmcounselor@aol.com

Congratulations to all the Junior of the Year Finalists throughout the years! Camden Law Office, LLC Kevin P. Camden ’90 camdenlawoffice.com 630-789-5896

The BRHS Alumni Association would like to thank the following for their generous donations: Dr. William J. Arnold ’62 Lt. Colonel Steven W. Herman ’82 Evergreen Park Firefighters, Inc. Michael T. Hughes ’69 Michael G. Ryan ’62

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Sign Up for Career Day! Wednesday, March 13, 2013 Call or email Jim Casey jcasey@brrice.org

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