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Phone: 212-

6/19 Seshet Yomin Ramat Eshkol, Israel aboud12@gmail.com
Summary of Qualifications   Over 12 years programming in web based technologies and DB architecture. Custom made shopping carts and CMS systems in ASP, .NET and PHP. Experience in System Analysis and Design, Programming (Development and Customization), Quality Assurance, Integration and System Testing, Implementation, Technical Support, and Documentation of user interface, database applications and program units using Oracle Database (versions 10g/8) and PL/SQL; Highly proficient in analysis of user requirements and transforming them into comprehensive design and functional specifications. Highly proficient in Query Optimization and Performance Tuning Troubleshooting, and Export/Import Data Utilities. Exposed to data migration from legacy systems to Oracle database using tools such as SQL* Loader; Experienced in loading data from flat files (cvs, txt, etc.) into databases tables using SQL Loader, TOAD, and PL/SQL procedures. Work on projects involving dozens of programmers and coordinating over several companies.

 

Technical Skills Programming Languages: Databases: Professional Experience Company: Employment duration: Position : Industry: Blueswitch, New York, NY Jan 2006 – Present Programmer, Web Developer, System Testing IT / Web Development ASP, ASP.Net (v. 2-4) VB.Net, C#, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, XML, Jquery MySql, SQL

General Responsibilities:  Working as an International Web Developers Team Lead in projects of an E-learning online website. Duties include program design (including Data Modeling), coordinate between developers over sea, developing and code review, and making sure the codes are delivered on time. Designing and developing web applications using action script in Flex environment.

 Developed Flash/ Flex interactive applications with data binding, remote, custom, and CSS-styled component Professional Experience Company: Employment duration: Position: COMTEC INC., Peteh-Tikva, Israel Jul 2008 – Jan 2011 Oracle Developer 1

10g). Israel aboud12@gmail. Created and migrated database objects (PL/SQL). Worked in a team of 15 members of Oracle web application development (Oracle 9i.ISRAEL ABOUD 217-1161 Phone: 212- 6/19 Seshet Yomin Ramat Eshkol. testing and QA efforts.10g). migrated Forms and Reports Objects from Developer 2000 6i to 10g. PL/SQL. maintained old applications screens and reports Migrated database objects through development. 6i to 10g) in multiple development. General Responsibilities:       Resolved issues and maintained applications in personal productivity software for business clients. functions. Development. and solve issues. and production environments (PL/SQL). SQL*Plus. 10g). testing.Oracle Reports(Ver. Windows XP. created. testing. Windows XP. 6i. 6i. SQL DEVELOPER. analyzed requirements and specification to define and create Forms and Reports objects. Designed. Oracle Forms (Ver. Directly interacts with clients to identify. and triggers Import/Export Industry Professional Experience Company: Employment duration: Position: Industry: Environment: Oracle 10g and 9i database. tested.Oracle Reports(Ver. Designed. 6i. discuss. Oracle Forms (Ver. Rishon -Letzion. Received award from Ministry of Agriculture for dedication and caring of client's needs. testing and production environments.10g). and production environments (PL/SQL). developed. Provided backup support for client facing issues and support development.com Industry: Environment: Oracle 10g database.10g). General Responsibilities:          In-charge of developing and maintenance of 2 sub-applications from the business applications. migrations. Supported new installations. Assisted in requirement analysis and documentation of current systems. SQL DEVELOPER. MATRIX LTD. and maintained Forms and Reports objects (Developer 2000. PL/SQL. Created and performed Unit Test Plans for modules created and modified. Israel Jan 2007– Jul 2008 Oracle Developer MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE (through MATRIX LTD) Professional Experience 2 . Creating new screens and reports based on a complex DB objects that processing data from operate systems. 6i. procedures. Support troubleshooting issues. upgrades. development. tested and maintained database packages.

Toad. VB) for multiple projects. 4. testing and production environments Effective-X. VB. Israel.Oracle Reports(Ver.ISRAEL ABOUD 217-1161 Phone: 212- 6/19 Seshet Yomin Ramat Eshkol.. Israel aboud12@gmail. Jerusalem College of Technology. Jerusalem. VB. Jerusalem. General Responsibilities: • • • Created and maintained client/server business applications in MS Access (VB) and Oracle (PL/SQL). PL/SQL. John Bryce College. .5 and 6i). 2003 Information System Analyst.NET Developer Import/Export Industry. Developed database objects (PL/SQL.com Company: Employment duration: Position: Industry: Environment: Oracle 10g database. Israel. 4. ver. Analyzed requirements and technical specifications and created Forms and Reports objects in developer 2000.5 and 6i). MS-Access.NET. Windows XP.5 and 6i. UNIX. SQL*Plus. 2010 3 . Human Management EDUCATION AND CERTIFICATIONS Bachelor of Science. 4. Oracle Forms (Ver. supported multiple development. Israel Jan 2006 – Jan 2007 Oracle. Computer Science. Ramat-Gan.

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