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Federal Aviation Administra’ Memorandum Date: February 2, 2009 To: Aircraft Accident Pile N90-"RACON-0122 Prom: Now York Terminal Radar Approach Control Facility Subject: TMpommezon; Full transcript Rirerart accident, AWEI5«9, New York City, MY, Jensary 15, 2009 Ce ‘This transcription covers the New York Terminal Radar Approach Control Facility (TRACOH) LI16 DR position for the tine period fiom January 15, 2008, 2020 OI, co January 15, 2008, 2040 UEC. Agencies Making “Transmissions Abbreviations Now York TRACON LaGuardia Departure ue Northwest Airlines fons? Senana 13760 mee EsGuardia atc 1a America West Cactus 1549 aeses tniown ‘oar get Link 2760 BmA2760 ‘Teterboro. aren me Eagle Flight 4718 para7ie Now York TRACON NOBBT position L106 Bowing 8278 many Gulfstream 7208 wrace, See bank 2762 Braz762 Lear Jot RAGISW ness E hereby certify that the following 1e @ true transcription of the recorded conversations pertaining to the subject aircraft accident involving Asisas flor Quality Assurance Support Specialist New York TRACOM 2020 2020:87 L116 —biscayne six ninety nine contact departure one two zero point eighe five 2021:01 BSK599 twenty eighty five for biscayne eix six nine 2NEI549, Page 2 of 9 zori02 tans aoateat M337 poriaa rans zeus? waa 2022 2022:29 xa766 2022:34 aa 2orase —xa766 202256 ale 2022:59 9ana37 posed Lane 2e2a:s0 3760 2024 202406 136 2oz4:08 —eaaa7 202458 1a 2orsi2 uate 202516 wna37 g00d day northwest three thirty seven a thousand for five thousand northwest three thirty seven new york departure radar contact clinb and saintain one five thousand fone five thousand northwest three thirty seven hello departure globat three seven six golf four point four for seven thousand Roventer seven six golf new york departure climb and hmaintain one £ve thousand Rorthwest three thirty seven turn Left three six zero lett three six zero northwest three thirty seven Rovenber seven six golf fly heading of two six zezo contact departure one two zero eight five go long Eo zero eight five and two sixty on the heading seven six goLe good day northwest three thirty wen turn left heading three two three two zero northnest three thirty seven cactus fifteen forty nine northwest three thirty seven contact departure one ose ‘eight point one seven eighteen ont seven northwest three thirty seven -3WB1549 Page 3 of 9 202551 2026:00 2026:04 2026:57 2026:59 2027103 2027207 poariaa 2027-32 2027.36 2027-42 2027-46 2027149 2027.53 2027354 2027159 2028-01 e549 awe2549 m6 002750 mais ‘Braz760 mais -awE1549 uai6 ué m6 cactus fifteen forty nine seven hundred clisbing five Chovsand cactus fifteen forty mine new york departure radar contact Climb and maintain one Five thoueend maintain one five thousand cactus fifteen forty nine seventy (unintelliginie) everyaay new york jetlink twenty seven sixty is five thousand Curning right to one five sero JetLink twenty seven sixty climb maintain one zero thousand one zero thousand jetlink twenty seven sixty cactus fifteen forty nine tum left heading two seven zero ah this is uh cactus fifteen thirty nine hit birds we lost Thrust in both engines we're turning back towards Laguardia okay yea you need to return to laguardia turn left heading (of uh two two sero tower stop your departures we get an emeryency returning it’s fifteen twenty nine he ah bird strike he lost all engines he lost the thruet in the engines he is returaing Smediacoty cactus fifteen twenty nine which engines he lost thrust in both engines he said