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about fishing

about fishing

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Published by Mardie Caday
book on basics of fishing by darshit
book on basics of fishing by darshit

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Published by: Mardie Caday on Dec 18, 2012
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As the name implies it is shaped like a Bullet used on Texas rigs in front of the worm, lizards or on

Carolina rigs, with it’s pointed nose it slides easily through the weeds or wood with out getting

snagged. Weight Sizes 1/8 oz to 1 oz.

Carolina Rig

The Carolina rig is a popular and effective way to rig for bass. Just about any soft
plastic can be used when Carolina rigging.

The Carolina rig is a popular and effective way to rig for bass. Just about any soft plastic can be
used when Carolina rigging. It is a successful method of soft plastic bait presentation in all depths
of water, its only limitation is certain types of cover that you are trying to move it through. For
example areas of extreme weeds or brush don�t lend themselves to the usage of a Carolina rig.
Areas were the bottom is made up of rocks and boulders that are very close together is another
area where the rig is sure to get caught up. Fishing with a Carolina rig you can see why they are
so effective as the rig is drawn across the bottom the soft plastic bait will move side to side
upward and downward bumping weeds and bouncing off rocks. Cast and retrieve slow is the key
for a successful presentation. A bite on a Carolina rig can be a subtle tap, twitch or pressure on
the line in setting the hook use a forceful snap of the rod ensuring the embeded hook point
travels through the body of the soft plastic bait.

The Carolina rig is basically a modified Texas rig with a few additions and similar to a sliding
sinker bottom rig used for walleyes.

Suggested Tackle

Rods 6-6 1/2- 7 foot medium heavy fast action bait casting.

All you need to know about “FISHING”

Darseet Garasia

Page 46

Reel: Low profile bait casting reel 6:3:1 gear ratio, thumb bar line release medium line capacity.
Line: 10lb to 14 lb low stretch monofilament.

What you need for a Carolina Rig

Assortment of Sinkers Types Bullet or Egg (Lead, Brass or Steel)
1/8 - 3/16 - 1/4 oz for shallow water or 4" to 6" soft plastic's
3/8 - 1/2 - 3/4 - 1 oz for deeper water or larger 6"+ soft plastic's


The swivels used should be of good quality and as small as possible. The general function of the
swivel is as a stopper for the weight rather than keeping out line twist. Sizes 5-6-7 Are large
enough to stop the sliding weight.

Offset Worm Hooks

1/0-2/0 - Small Soft Plastic's
3/0-4/0 - 5/0 Larger Soft Plastic's


Just about any type of soft plastic baits

How to Rig

Determine the leader length, 18" to 36" is the most common, the general rule is 18 inches of
leader per 10 feet of water. Tie your hook on to the leader on the other end tie on your swivel
using a Palomar or Improved Clinch Knotfor both.

Slip on the sinker on your main line, if your using a bullet weight be sure the point is facing the
rod tip. Then slip on a glass bead, this adds sound that attracts bass and acts as a insulator
protecting the knot from the banging of the weight.

Tie on the leader to the other side of the swivel using a Palomar or Improved Clinch Knot .

In rigging your soft plastic�s on the hook use the same procedure as the Texas Rig above.

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