Books Recommended by Louie Simmons A Program of Multi-Year Training in Weightlifting by AS Medvedyev A System of Multi-Year Training in Weightlifting

by AS Medvedyev Adaptation in Sports Training by Atko Viro Basic Physics by Karl F. Kuhn Beyond Stretching Russian Flexibility Breakthroughs by Pavel Tsatsouline Circuit Training for All Sports by Manfred Scholich, PhD European Perspectives on Exercise and Sport Psychology by Stuart J. H. Biddle Explosive Power & Strength by Donald A. Chu, PhD Explosive Power and Jumping Ability by Tadeusz Starzynski/Henry K Sozanski, PhD Facts and Fallacies of Fitness by Dr. Mel Siff Fitness and Strength Training for All Sports by Jurgen Hartmann, PhD Fundamentals of Special Strength Training in Sports by YV Verkhoshansky
Manage the Training of Weightlifters by Nikolai Petrovich Laputin/Valentin/Grigoryevich/Oleshko

Periodization Theory and Methodology of Training by Tudor O. Bompa Periodization Training for Sports by Tudor O. Bompa Power Training for Sport by Tudor O. Bompa Programming and Organization of Training by YV Verkhoshansky Science and Practice of Strength Training by Vladimir Zatsiorsky Science of Sports Training by Thomas Kurz Secrets of Soviet Sports Fitness and Training by Michael Yessis, PhD Serious Strength Training by Tudor O. Bompa Soviet Training and Recovery Methods by Rick Brunner/Ben Tabachnik Sports Conditioning and Weight Training by WM J Stone/WM A Kroll Sports Restoration and Massage by Dr. Mel Siff/Michael Yessis, PhD Strength and Power in Sport by PV Komi Strength Speed and Endurance for Athletes Jurgen Hartmann, PhD Strong Together by Walter Gain/Jurgen Hartmann, PhD Supertraining by Dr. Mel The Naked Warrior by Pavel Tsatsouline The Training of the Weightlifter by RA Roman The World Atlas of Exercises for Track and Field by Andrzej Theory and Methodology of Training by Tudor O. Bompa Training for Warriors by Martin Rooney Warm-Up and Preparation for Athletes of All Sports by Zoltan TEnke/Andy Higgins Weightlifting and Age by LS Dvorkin Weightlifting Year Book, 1980, 83, 85, Fizkultura I Sport Publishers

1981.Weightlifting Year Book. Fizkultura I Sport Publishers .

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