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Budget Narrative

A. Activity Costs Total: $3,000 These expenses will include supplies purchased to perform activities with the children on Fridays. The mentioned activity costs will mainly consist of supplies for crafts and experiments. It is estimated that each school will need $25 per week for activities. Helping Hawks will operate for 32 weeks out of the year (3 weeks x 32 weeks x $25 supplies). B. Transportation Cost Total: $6,000 This will cover the rental cost of a yellow bus that will transport Whitewater students to and from Fort Atkinson on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays of the academic semester ($31.25 bus rental per day x 96 days of academic semester). We believe that providing Whitewater volunteers with transportation will increase the likelihood of student involvement, and will prove essential to the success of Helping Hawks. C. Marketing Cost Total: $500 Marketing costs will cover the cost needed to promote Helping Hawks on campus. Advertising the program in the school newspapers and with hanging promotional flyers in campus buildings will ensure that students learn about the program. Royal purple: Helping Hawks will buy space in the schools newspaper to promote the cause. Budget for ad space: $250. Flyers: Flyers will be printed in the Involvement Center located in the University Center on campus. The flyers will be placed in all education buildings, residence halls, and dining halls. Flyer budget: $250. D. Salary Total: $4,800 A student position will be created to facilitate the helping hands program. The student who is selected to be the student director of the program will have many responsibilities, making it necessary to create a system of compensation. Instead of receiving a weekly salary, this cost will cover room and board for the student director in charge of helping hawks. Total for Grant Operations Total: $14,300

E. Program Maintenance Any money left over from the preceding year will rolled in to next years budget. The budget will then be analyzed at the end of the programs first year in existance. Individual aspects of the budget will then be adjusted depending on the programs needs (we may have asked for too little or too much money in our budget). Once we determine an accurate budget for the next year, we will reapply for the grant. F. In-Kind Donations We would like to lobby for in-kind donations following Help for Hawks first year in existance. We will write a narrative proving the success and the necessity of the program. The written narrative will be addressed to craft and supply stores in hopes that they will give our program in-kind donations (as an exampleour narrative might inquire if a company such as Staples would be able to donate one pack of construction paper for every ten packages purchased).