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TO: Investors FROM: Jessica Wolters, Jon Weiss and Ashley Dawson DATE: December 6, 2012 SUBJECT: Executive

Summary for Help for Hawks

Education and the youth of the country are our future and key to success. Role models play a big part of childrens lives; they can influence children through respectable morals, ethics, and leading by example. University of Wisconsin-Whitewater students are great role models and play a big role for the community. UW-Whitewater has come up with a plan to help integrate more college students in the everyday lives of young students around the area. Our project, Help for Hawks, is a UW-Whitewater community service program that allows college students to work with 1st -5th graders at the neighboring Boys and Girls Clubs in Fort Atkinson. There will be a sign up sheet located in the community service center, in the Career and Leadership Development office of the UC for students to select volunteer dates. We will have transportation arranged every Monday, Tuesday, and Friday of the 2013-2014 academic year to each of the three Boys and Girls Clubs of Fort Atkinson. Whether students want to volunteer for personal reasons or to fulfill their community service hours, all UW-W students are welcome to participate in Help for Hawks. A service vehicle will pick up approximately fifteen college students a day and drive them to each of the Boys and Girls Clubs in Fort Atkinson. Transportation will be leaving UWWhitewater at 2:30pm and will be back around 6:00pm each day. Volunteers will be able to assist BGC members on certain activities or homework assignments throughout the time spent at the club. Volunteers also are allowed the opportunity to coordinate and purchase fun projects and games from the distributing company, Nasco each Friday they participate. The grant proceeds for this program will go toward the transportation services, paying room and board for the Help for Hawks student administrator, and purchasing materials from Nasco, a local manufacture of art and craft materials.