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A motorcycle can tell a story. Peabody awardee Jay Taruc will give the art of documentary-making a different take on GMA News TV's newest public affairs program-Motorcycle Diaries. "In the four corners of the country, and even in the most remote areas of the Philippines, you will find a motorcycle. My motorcycle is not just a prop but a dynamic element of storytelling. I want the motorcycle to be a symbol of how extreme and far the organization will go in foraging for untold stories of people and places," explains Jay. A known motorcycle enthusiast, Jay is more than happy to unite his passion for documentaries and motorcycles in his new show. This time in Motorcycle Diaries, Jay 's motorbike will be the tool with which he will find stories, develop them, and bring them to conclusion. "Motorcycle Diaries marries the two things I am most passionate about: riding and documentaries. I am looking forward to and very excited about being part of another pioneering TV documentary experience." Jay is a motorcycle enthusiast, which is why he would love to unite his two passions in life: doing documentaries and riding a motorcycle. Why is the show called Motorcycle Diaries? "Basically I'll be telling stories of people and places and reaching them by motorcycle," he explained. The first 12 episodes of Motorcyle Diaries will be done here in the Philippines but Jay is open to possibly going abroad to feature untold stories about other cultures. Motorcycle Diaries airs at 8 p.m. on GMA News TV.