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Pharmacy Business Requirements (Philippines) ~ Pinoy Pharmacists

Pharmacy Business Requirements (Philippines) ~ Pinoy Pharmacists

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Published by: John Manahan on Dec 18, 2012
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Contaminated Korean Noodles Updated Pharmacy Business Requirements PRC I.D. RENEWAL CENTERS AT SM MALLS


Whether a business is Single Proprietorship, Partnership, or Corporation, the following requirements must be accomplished. Having all these documents will prove that your business is legit.


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1. Business Name (BN) Registration 1.1.For Single Proprietorship, you will need to be registered at Department of Trade & Industry (DTI) local offices. You can also apply for BN online through DTI official website. BN registration is under the REVISED IMPLEMENTING RULES AND REGULATIONS OF ACT 3883, AS AMENDED, OTHERWISE KNOWN AS THE BUSINESS NAME LAW. The validity of BN is 5 years from the date of original registration and must be renewed afterwards. Requirements: a. Accomplished BN Registration Form b. Tax Identification Number (TIN) (Optional) c. 5 business names to chose from d. Registration Fee will depend on your territory Php 200 for Barangay Php 500 for City/Municipality Php 1000 for Regional Php 2000 for National Plus Php 15 for documentary stamp Note: Registration Fee as of January 2011 1.2. For Partnership, you will need to acquire Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Certificate from Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Office at SEC Building, Edsa, Greenhills, Mandaluyong City or visit the SEC official website for online registration. Requirements: · · · ·

FDA Philippines Change of Pharmacist Announcement: FDA Seminar 2011 New Pharmacy Bill Eligibility Assessment (Australian Pharmacy Examining Council,APEC) Poll: Monthly Salary of Pinoy Pharmacist Practical Tips to Avoid Blisters Ask the Pharmacist: HEAD LICE Drug Dosage Forms: Its Importance and Differences Schools of Pharmacy in the Philippines

Tax Identification Number (TIN) to be acquired at Revenue District Office (RDO) having jurisdiction over the registered business address. Registration fee depending on the type of the business Jeneth Jorica Don A y en F acebook social plugin Join this site w ith Google Friend Connect Members (20) Already a member? Sign in 3. SSS Certification/Clearance f.com and viewed "Holiday Food Safety TIps ~ Pinoy Pharmacists" 43 mins ago A visitor from Baguio City. Requirements: a.com and viewed "Just a little favor ~ Pinoy Pharmacists" 2 mins ago A visitor from Makati. Deed of Assignment executed by the stockholder (owner). Manila viewed "Fish Spa: Is it safe or unsanitary? ~ Pinoy Pharmacists" 57 mins ago A visitor from Silang. You can also contact them at (632)920. Business location sketch e. Diliman.obtained where the business is located b. North Carolina arrived from facebook. No charge on registration For more details.ph. The validity of Mayor’s Permit is one year and submits for renewal afterwards. Accomplished BIR Form 1901 e. Mayor’s Permit – This should be acquired in local municipality where your business is located. you can visit the SSS Official Website or email them at member_relations@sss.ph or visit BIR official website. Accomplished Registration Data Sheet e.6401 / 920. Barangay Clearance.ph and viewed "New Pharmacy Bill ~ Pinoy Pharmacists" 48 mins ago A visitor from Makati.gov. You can also email them at contact-us@cctr. Registration Fee M ichelle M ichelle C harls Kimberly A nn Live Traffic Feed Pinoy Pharmacists Page Like You like this. Accomplished Business Permit Application Form c. address and birth date b.00 for Certification Fee Php 15. Mayor’s permit or application for Mayor’s Permit (when applicable) c. Least contract if place is rented/tax declaration g. Community Tax Certificate (Cedula) h.com. Business Certificate from DTI or SEC c. Gavleborgs Lan viewed "Fish Spa: Is it safe or unsanitary? ~ Pinoy Pharmacists" 2 hours 35 mins ago A visitor from Sampaloc.8888. 315 people like Pinoy Pharmacists Page. if the contributed capital is a real property. Business Name Certificate (Either from DTI or SEC) d. Social Security System (SSS) Certificate to be acquired at your local SSS Office.gov. Manila arrived from facebook. Certificate of Registration of Business Name (to be submitted prior to the issuance of the BIR Certificate of Registration (COR) d. Requirements: a. Baguio arrived from google. Written Undertaking to Change Corporate Name (notarized) d.00 for Documentary Stamp Tax attached to Certificate Registration (Form 2303) For more information please contact Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) National Office at Agham Road. Quezon City or call them at (632) 981. 2.7000 / 981. Verification Slip Form (this pertains to the proposed name) b.6446 Follow this blog Followers (32) A visitor from Makati. Rizal viewed "Announcement: FDA Seminar 2011 ~ Pinoy VISITORS . Paid Annual Registration Fee of Php 500 at the Authorized Agent Bank of RDO f. Accomplished BR-1 Form b.bir. Birth certificate or any valid identification showing name. Requirements: a. 2 pieces 2×2 colored ID Picture i. f.Find us on Facebook a. Manila viewed "Fish Spa: Is it safe or unsanitary? ~ Pinoy Pharmacists" 8 mins ago A visitor from Whiteville. Cavite viewed "Pinoy Pharmacists" 1 hour 16 mins ago A visitor from Söderhamn. Other fees: Php 15. 4. Articles of Partnership (notarized) c.

O. Business Name should be reflected in SEC Registration. if any Rubber stamp of outlets with the registered name and address Registration Fee of Php 1000. .from Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) if Cooperative . Reference Materials · · · · . Advisory Council for Price Regulation \2009-001 Government-Mediated Access Price (GMAP) . Requirements to be submitted at FDA Office: Notarized Petition Form and Joint Affidavit of Undertaking duly accomplished Clearance of the Pharmacist Pharmacist Board Certificate. 2x2 colored ID picture (2 pcs) and Certificate of Attendance on a FDA accredited seminar on Licensing of Drug Establishment and Outlets and Seminar on EDPMS (NCPAM)(Photocopies to be verified with the original copies) Certificate of Business Name/Proof of Registration . Floor area not less than 15 square meters Picture of drugstore with signboard with the exact business name Contract of Lease for the space if it is rented (notarized) Valid Homeowner's Association (HOA) Clearance when applicable Location including landmarks and Floor plan with dimension including all the areas Generic white and red labels Tentative list of products to be sold using generic and brand names. \821 Prescribing the Maximum Drug Retail Prices for Selected Drugs and Medicines that Address Diseases that Account for the Leading Causes of Morbidity and Mortality (MDRP). E. If Corporate Address is different from the Business Address. Mayor's Business Permit or Baranggay Business Permit with registered business name and address should be acquired. RA 5921 known as Pharmacy Law RA 3720 known as Food.from Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) if Partnership or Corporation. Upon inspection the following materials should be available at the pharmacy: a.5. .submit a copy of Franchise Agreement and proof of registration of franchisor. License to Operate (LTO) issued by FDA Philippines. Duties and Responsibilities of the Pharmacist. 1989 Licensing of Drug Establishments Philippine National Drug Formulary (PNDF) (latest edition) Administration Act of and Outlets . Drugs and Cosmetic Act RA 6675 known as Generics Act of 1988 RA 8203 known as Special Law on Counterfeit Drugs RA 9502 known as The Universally Accessible Cheaper and Quality Medicines Act of 2008. Valid PRC-ID picture.along with the Mayor's Business Permit or Barangay Permit with the registered name and address of the retailer. . Valid PTR. if Corporate name is different from the Business Name.from Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) if Single Proprietorship.00 plus 1% Legal Research Fee valid for 1 year and subjects to renewal afterwards. · RA 9711 known as The Food and Drug 2009 AO#56 s.

.. 2012 Posted in: Pharmacy Business Recommend this on Google New er Post Home Older Post Follow by Email Email address. b. GMAP) e. LTO application for drug retailer is accepted on TUesdays and Wedsnesdays from 8:00AM to 3:00 PM only. and graduated cylinder) f. First published: February 24. The owner of this site disclaims any responsibility for the decisions you make based on this information. Dispensing Apparatus (spatula. MDRP. Record Books (Prescription Books. original documents must be presented. Any of the following reference books (latest edition): · · · United States Pharmacopeia/National Formulary (USP-NF) Remington’s Pharmaceutical Science Goodman and Gilman Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics c. 2011 Edited: October 3. tablet counter. Submit Copyright © 2011 Pinoy Pharmacists | Powered by Blogger Design by Free WordPress Themes | Bloggerized by Lasantha . Cold Storage for vaccines and biological products Note: In order to verify documents during inspection.Note: RA print outs are usually provided at FDA Accredited Seminar on Licensing of Drug Establishment and Outlets. Persons with Disability) duly registered with FDA Philippines d. Senior Citizen's. Menu Card (Generics. FDA Checklist of Requirements for Drug Retailer Disclaimer: The information and reference materials contained here are intended solely for the general information of the reader and NOT intended to replace the official source.Premium Blogger Themes | Eagle Belt Buckles .

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