Muscle Origins Further Detailsnsertion I exact area movement Biceps Brachiiscapula coracoid process & supraglenoid tubercledeep fascia radius

& ulna tuberosity & flexes elbow Brachialis Humerus lowers haft ulna coracoid process & tuberosity flexes elbow Triceps scapula & humerus infraglenoid tubercle & posterior surface extends elbow ulna olecranon process Pronator Teres Humerus & ulna medial epicondyle and corcocid process pronates forearm Radius middle lateral surface Supinator Humerus & ulna lateral epicondyle and upper lateral end of ulna radius dorsal and lateral surfaces of upper third of radius supinates forearm BrachioradialsHumerus Upper 2/3rds radius anterior aspect of lateral just above styloid process of the lower lateral end supracondylar ridge flexes elbow

tends elbow onates forearm pinates forearm

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