Sounds Used and its Effects

Sound/effect name Demonic Growl Scene Flickering lights Effect on the video The sudden introduction to the heavy bass line creates a dramatic effect that something is not right. The increasing volume and tempo of the beeping noise in the background hints that something is getting closer. The cackling noise also connotes to the flickering candle fire. This sound sets up the film. The flanging in the background creates an uncomfortable setting. The church bells in the background foreshadow the religious elements in the film such as good and evil spirits. The natural background noise makes the environment seem realistic. We hear this female gasp when Lily is knocked over by the spirit. When Lily is knocked over the screen is blank, by adding the gasping noise the audience will know that she has just been hurt furthermore the audience won’t confuse themselves with the plot. The slow swishing is the sound of evil spirit knocking Lily over as she blows out the final candle. The audience can not visually see the sound will tell them that it is a spirit. The sound fades in and increases in volume and tempo as Lily’s speed increases. This has an effect on the audience as they can feel the adrenaline rush that Lily is experiencing too. The dramatic sound finishes the film unexpectedly. The loud bang makes the audience jump and frightened by what might have happened.

Ghost Town

Starting from the title and credits up to the flickering lights

The rung

Female gasp

From the moment Alex presses the recording button up until the lights flickering. When Lily gets knocked over, and the screen goes black

The swoosh

When Lily blows out the final candle

Build up 24

When Lily starts running away from the Spirit

The Big hit

In the final scene when the evil spirit catches up with Lily and attacks her.

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