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Cleansing Guide

Cleansing Guide

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Complete Cleansing Guide

for Wellness

The Herbalist’s Welcome
Welcome to this very complete guide on internal cleansing. It contains helpful information and tips on how to safely and effectively cleanse the body. I wish a guide like this had existed when I first started cleansing in the 1970s. Since experiencing the difference cleansing has played in my health and the health of my customers, an emphasis of my work as a medical herbalist has been espousing the benefits of internal cleansing as a means to a healthy lifestyle. My first cleanse was inspired by the writings of Professor Arnold Ehret in his Mucusless Diet Healing System written in 1922. He recommended a drink of fresh lemons, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper. I experienced many things from his 5-day cleanse. My chronic congestion from asthma was dramatically improved as was my energy and motivation. On the other hand, my skin broke out and I became constipated. As my study into natural healing progressed, I became aware of the primary roles the lungs, skin, and intestines play as eliminative channels for the body. When one area is weak, as with my asthma challenged lungs, toxins are transferred to other eliminative channels such as the skin and intestines; thus, the congested state of my intestines and skin. This is one of the many reasons why a successful cleanse includes natural supportive therapies for all the major channels of elimination as well as support for the glandular system. I have created two detoxification kits. The Fresh Start Kit has been successfully helping people cleanse and lose weight for over twenty years. A new addition to this kit is our ‘Lower Bowel Tonic’ (in capsule form), promoting healthy elimination. The new Detox-It Kit is intended to support people who have a more sensitive digestive system and are often constipated or suffer from irregularity. The Detox-It Kit also addresses a popular group of symptoms that plague many people. These include blood sugar issues, poor fat metabolism, high cortisol levels or excess belly fat, and irritable and irregular bowels. I hope this guide inspires you to incorporate healthy foods and practices into your everyday life. Enjoy your own cleanse - try not to think about what you are giving up but rather what you are receiving – health, and a greater sense of well-being. And, remember, when you take any of The Herbalist products, you know that you are using only the highest quality certified organic and ethically wild harvested herbs. Thank you for your interest. Your cleansing aficionado,

Tierney P. Salter Medical Herbalist President and Owner of The Herbalist 

Table of Contents
Table of Contents
“Every disease, no matter what name it is known by Medical Science, is … Constipation…a clogging up of the entire pipe system of the human body. Any special symptom is therefore merely an extraordinary local constipation by more accumulated mucus at this particular place. Special accumulation points are the tongue, the stomach and particularly the entire digestive tract. This last is the real and deeper cause of bowel constipation. The average person has as much as ten pounds of uneliminated feces in the bowels continually, poisoning the blood stream and the entire system. Think of it!”
— Mucusless Diet Healing System, Professor Arnold Ehret Ehret Literature Publishing Co. 1922; page 23

Editor’s Note The products in this guide are designed to promote the overall health of the body so that specific organs and organ systems can regain their proper balance. This Directory is for educational purposes only. The theories and formulae presented in the publication are opinions expressed by The Herbalist™, and as such are not intended to be used to diagnose, prescribe, or administer in any manner to any physical ailments. In any matters related to your health, please contact a qualified healthcare practitioner from any modality of your choice.

Why Cleanse? ....................................4 pH Testing .........................................5 Step 1 Choose Cleansing Kit ................6 Step 2 Choose Cleansing Program.........7 Cleanse Schedule ...............................8 Sample Menu Ideas ............................9 The Herbalist Shopping List ...............10 Grocery Shopping List .......................11 5-Day Cleanse Prep ..........................12 5-Day Cleanse Schedule ....................13 Cleanse Recipies...............................14 Fruit and Veggie Juices ......................15 Daily Cleansing Practices ...................16 Evening Activiites ............................17 Acid & Alkaline Foods ........................18 Food Combining ..............................19 Liver & Gall Bladder Flush ..................20 Enema Preparation ..........................21 Cleansing Problems & Solutions ..........22 Commonly Asked Questions ...............23 Health Promoting Foods.....................24 Foods & Drinks to Avoid.....................25 Detox-It Kit .....................................26 Fresh Start Kit .................................28 More Cleansing Products....................30 

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and glandular function. one may notice many changes in bowel elimination.77) 4 www. and weight gain and inflammatory conditions are a result. heavy metals and other toxic substances.5. acidic. e-mail. and large intestine.com . Disease often occurs as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle causing the body to become sluggish. often many inches thick.NW. irregularity. Methods of detoxification were created to cleanse the body. During cleansing. The alimentary tract consists of the mouth. such as increased bulk. hormonal imbalances. liver health. and spirit of debris and toxins. Plaque harbors toxins and interferes with nutrient absorption. Through simple cleansing practices you can help combat toxic environmental overload. What is mucoid plaque? Mucoid plaque is a gel-like. esophagus. The glandular system becomes sluggish causing a slowed metabolism. and mucus. different shapes indicating the area of the bowel from which it came. Constipation. parasites. Couple this with the toxic environment we live in. pharynx. There are pesticides in our foods. mind. increased air pollutants. and political unrest. congested.Why Cleanse? Restore Radiant Health through Detoxifying & Cleansing Practices Why should people cleanse? Detoxification and cleansing practices have been promoted by healers in other cultures for centuries because they knew that radiant and sustained health depended on a balanced body. Layers of mucoid plaque substances. and polluted. stretch the entire length of the stomach to the small intestines and bowel. yeast. stomach. allergies. drugs. This mucoid plaque accumulation interferes with normal elimination and nutrient assimilation and can create a cycle of craving for non-nutritious foods. an unpleasant odor.TheHerbalist. and an inability to handle stress. The colon is known to hold up to 30 pounds of old matter and can be packed with fermented and undigested foods.HERBS (694. This toxicity can compromise digestion. viscous and slimy mucous that forms layers covering the inner lining of various hollow organs especially those of the alimentary tract. small intestine. the internet.600 800. Questions? Need Support? Call 06. Cleansing removes toxins and pollutants from inside. The ability to focus is compromised by the constant juggling of modern day distractions such as cell phones. and increased traffic. harmful diseasepromoting bacteria.

and regular exercise. sodas. When should people cleanse? When one is ready to start fresh by adopting a healthier lifestyle. Incorporating cleansing practices into your daily routine. but should be able to replenish them easily.  If you are below 5. and blood pressure. Although it is not entirely necessary to determine your pH balance before starting to cleanse.9 or the test strip appears medium to dark green this means you are somewhat low in electrolytes. A healthy pH balance is essential to a healthy body and electrolytes are necessary for a healthy pH balance.pH Testing Achieve Your Optimal Weight A detoxifying and cleansing program can help lighten up and improve metabolism. and physical inactivity. and excess body weight. such as yoga and pilates is vital to achieving optimal weight and overall health. When one’s yearly physical indicates greater health risks such as high cholesterol.0 or the test strip appears blue to purple any of the program options would work well for you. stress.5 5. For our purposes the acid/alkaline relationship helps to determine the appropriate cleanse for you.5 or below  If your body pH is above 7. aromatherapy baths. such as fiber intake. lots of water. How often should one cleanse? It is a good idea to follow a complete cleansing program as each season changes but anytime can be beneficial.  If your pH is between 5. blood sugar.0 6.5 or the test strip appears yellow to light green it would be advisable to follow the two week cleanse.7. to too much sitting around. Why is pH testing so important? Many experts believe that the body’s acid to alkaline balance is an important gauge of the state of your health. brightly colored nutritious foods. The more alkaline body is a healthy and happy one. liver and glandular tonics. it is helpful in determining which Cleansing Program is more appropriate to avoid any unnecessary cleansing reactions. Muscle tone and bone health improves with better nutrition. pH Results Indicate the Right Cleanse for You 8. Observe how your pH levels improve from eating a diet of alkaline-forming foods and drinking electrolyte-rich fresh juices. alcohol. Extra body weight can be a sign of excess from food. and add plenty of vegetable juice and broth or green foods (algae. avoid the acidforming foods. For those who are underweight a cleansing program supports a healthy digestive system for better assimilation of nutrients. chlorella) into your diet while cleansing. especially those with recurrent symptoms. This indicates that your body has a good supply of electrolytes and is eliminating the excess through urine.9 . 5 . fresh vegetable juice.5. and cigarettes. spirulina. When one is ready to “turn over a new leaf” and eliminate addictive substances such as sugar. The one or two week cleanse would work well for you.0 . chronic conditions. A more acidic individual might lead a stressful life with a diet high in acidic foods. triglycerides. coffee.5 and 6. Some may need to cleanse and support body systems on a regular basis.

and motivation* • Promotes elimination of mucoid plaque* • Promotes healthier.TheHerbalist.com . fuller. excess fluid retention and excess yeast fungus from body* 6 Fresh Start Kit www. Detox-It Kit™ Benefits • Promotes weight-loss safely* • Promotes healthy liver function and gall bladder function • Supports healthy digestion and fat metabolism* • Promotes healthy blood sugar balance* • Supports healthy gastro-intestinal function and elimination • Balances hormone levels* • Restores energy and balances moods* OR Specific for reasonably strong digestion and regular bowel elimination. more satisfying bowel movements* • Cleanses toxins.Choose Cleanse Step 1: Choose cleansing kit Detox-It Kit Specific for sensitive digestion and bowel irregularity. positivism. Fresh Start Kit benefits • Supports weight-loss safely* • Promotes healthy liver function for better digestion and fat metabolism* • Enhances thyroid and adrenal gland function to promote healthy metabolism • Promotes mental clarity.

0 or below Can eat three meals per day OR 5-Day Juice Cleanse • • • • • • Keep in mind that no solid foods are eaten for five days If you have a pH level of 6. Spend time resting. vegetable broth. • You can maintain your regular life. 7 . walking in nature. have severe illnesses. and cleansing products Best to do a juice cleanse in warm weather Not recommended for people who are on medication. and preparing healthy foods. • People with severe illness or chronic health conditions should consult with their health care practitioners or a professional experienced with cleansing and healing crises before starting a cleanse.4 or above If you have a light schedule and low stress Consume fresh juices. but try not to schedule any major events. juices. • Pregnant and lactating women should not attempt to cleanse. • While cleansing it is best not to participate in strenuous activities.Choose Program Step : Choose cleansing program -Week Rejuvenation Cleanse • • • • • • • If you want a gentle cleanse If you eat the Standard American Diet If you want to change your eating habits If you want a gentle transition to healthier lifestyle If you have a pH level of 6. practicing yoga.4 or below May need to include ‘Cleansing Challenged Foods’ (pg. or for women who are pregnant or nursing. or broths. • If you are on medications consult with your health care practitioner before cleansing. 11) Can eat three meals per day OR 1-Week Intensive Cleanse • • • • • • If you eat primarily a healthy diet but succumb to unhealthy habits Need a quick tune-up to reestablish a healthier lifestyle Better able to comply with dietary restrictions for shorter period of time Quick and easy body tune-up If you have a pH level of 7.

Gel plus Fiber 1 Tbsp. Renew-U Tea or Namasté Tea Drink 2 cups a day. of water daily to hydrate your body.TheHerbalist. Renew-U or Detox 30 drops or 1 dropperful 3 times a day in water or juice. New Choice or Rasayana 30 drops or 1 dropperful 3 times a day in water or juice. 1 Week Intensive Cleanse Prior to starting cleanse Intestinal Rescue or G. Also drink at least 64 oz. Gel Plus Fiber 1 Tbs. Following cleanse Intestinal Rescue or G.T. two to three times a day on an empty stomach.Cleanse Schedule  Week Rejuvenation Cleanse Intestinal Rescue or G. Renew-U Tea or Namasté Tea Drink 4 cups a day.I.B. one to two times a day on an empty stomach for 2 days or longer if desired. Caps before bedtime. New Choice or Rasayana 60 drops or 2 droppersful 3 times a day in water or juice. Gel Plus Fiber 1 Tbs. Take 2 to 3 L.B. Blubberwack or Blood Sugar Blues 30 drops or 1 dropperful 3 times a day in water or juice. Caps (Fresh Start Kit) Take 2 to 3 before bedtime or as needed.I. Intestinal Rescue or G.B. L.I. 8 www.T. Blubberwack or Blood Sugar Blues 60 drops or 2 droppersful 3 times a day in water or juice.com . Caps (Fresh Start Kit) Take 2 to 3 before bedtime or as needed. Renew-U or Detox 60 drops or 2 droppersful 3 times a day in water or juice.T. L.I. Gel Plus Fiber 1 Tbs. Herbal extracts can be mixed together in the same glass and taken at the same time. two times a day on an empty stomach. one to two times a day on an empty stomach for 2 days.

• Drink plenty of vegetable juice. sliced cucumber. lightly sautéing or oven roasting the vegetables is a good option. and nicotine. caffeine. • Go shopping at The Herbalist and grocery store or farmers markets. • Vegetable or miso soup with sea vegetables. • Steamed veggies with Quinoa or Millet. of water for every ten pounds of body weight. • Increased fiber can cause constipation if an adequate amount of water is not consumed. Cleansing Tips • Drink plenty of good quality water to hydrate the body. Sample Menu Ideas Breakfast Ideas • Smoothie • Fresh fruit • Vegetable juice Snacks • Piece of fruit • Carrot or celery sticks • Raw vegetables and hummus • Almonds • Sliced apple with almond butter Lunch or Dinner Ideas • Wild greens salad with dressing. Steaming. tomato. • Probiotic supplements are recommended for people who have been on medications such as antibiotics or cortico-steroids. • Baked potato with sautéed veggies on top. • Stewed fruit 9 . A person needs 5 oz. unless it is diluted with other juices.theherbalist. avocado. diarrhea. or who have constipation.com. • Mashed yams with wasabi paste and green salad with beets. The fiber in the intestinal cleansers needs water to activate it. alcohol. or yeast overgrowth. • Dry brush massage before showering and follow with Jojoba oil massage. • If you are sensitive to sugar and yeast it is best to limit/avoid fruits and fruit juice and sweet vegetable juices. • Eating foods raw has the highest nutritional value and provides lots of enzymes. • Baked acorn squash filled with oven roasted veggies. Refer to page 21 for specific list. The Herbalist products are also available at www. • Rice cake with mustard. such as carrot and beet. The body performs at its optimal level on this type of diet.Sample Menu Ideas Preparation for Cleanse • Read this guide completely. Although having raw food while cleansing is optimal it can be more of a challenge in cold weather. • Begin to eliminate acid-forming foods and beverages such as soda pop. • Both of these programs include plenty of alkaline-rich foods and beverages. sprouts. See page 16 for further information.

available upon request Agave syrup Bragg Liquid Aminos Catnip herb (about 2 oz. or chlorella)  The Herbalist Teas  Maca powder (smoothies)  Probiotic supplement –contains acidophilus which restores friendly intestinal flora flushed out by toxic substances. Try to have lots of different colored foods and beverages everyday. Brightly colored foods are high in antioxidants and neutralize free radicals and promote detoxification. Grocery Shopping List Pick seasonally ripe fruits and vegetables. preferably grown locally. Organic is best. 1-Week.Shopping List for Cleanse The Herbalist Shopping List        Fresh Start Kit™ Detox-It Kit Shaker jar .com . Absorbs toxins and reduces body odors. green Beets Beet Greens Bell Peppers Broccoli Brussels Sprouts Cabbage Carrots Celery Cauliflower Chard Cucumber Fennel Eggplant Endive Kale Leeks Mushrooms Pumpkin Parsnips Peas Potatoes .) Activated Charcoal caps-specific for nausea or excessive gas.  Ester C  Cayenne pepper  Dried Kelp chips  Natural Fiber Bristle Brush  Jojoba oil  Enema bucket  PH Papers: These will help you decide which cleanse is more appropriate: The 2-Week.TheHerbalist. Fruits: Fresh or Dried Apples Apricots Avocados Bananas Cherries Coconut Dates Figs Grapefruit Grapes Guava Lemons Limes Mangos Melons . If these are not available then frozen foods could be substituted. spirulina.all Nectarines Olives Oranges Papaya Peaches Pears Pineapple Raspberries Raisins Strawberries Vegetables Artichokes Asparagus Beans.all Radish Radicchio Spinach Sprouts Squash Watercress Wild Lettuce Zucchini Liver Flush Ingredients Organic olive oil Lemons Oranges Ginger Garlic Fruit Smoothie Ingredients Apple juice Bananas (peel & freeze) Frozen fruit: Red & blue berries Maca powder 10 www.  Coconut oil  Flax Oil  Green Foods: (algae. or 5-Day Juice Cleanse.

• Basmati Rice • Brown rice • Chicken and Turkey: organically raised • Fish . Halibut • Tofu • Yogurt 11 . or chlorella is another option.ocean caught: Wild Salmon. Try to eat these foods no more than 3 times a week.Grocery Shopping List Sea Vegetables Dulse Kelp Wakame Nuts & Seeds Almonds-soaked are best Sesame seeds Sunflower seeds Grains Millet Quinoa Spices & Seasonings Basil Black pepper Cayenne Cilantro Chili powder Chives Cinnamon Cumin Curry Dill Garlic Ginger Mint Oregano Parsley Rosemary Sage Tarragon Thyme Vanilla Wasabi Beverages Fruit Juice Fresh Vegetable Juice The Herbalist Specialty Teas Sparkling Mineral Water Good quality water Miscellaneous Bragg Liquid Aminos Maple syrup Miso: brown rice or barley Rice cakes or crackers Sauerkraut Tahini Tempeh Vegetable stock Vegetable juicer Are you Cleansing Challenged? Although these foods are acidforming they could be beneficial if you are having cleansing reactions or if you are an inexperienced cleanser. Adding more green foods like algae. spirulina.

Instead lots of quality water.  Strainer – helpful in straining fresh juices and vegetable broths. • It is also wise to pick a time when you have a lighter schedule and less stress.5-Day Cleanse Prep 5-Day Juice Cleanse Preparation for Cleanse Shopping List From The Herbalist  Fresh Start Kit™ or Detox-It Kit™. Enjoy a smoothie that includes essential fatty acids and easy to assimilate protein. fresh vegetable and fruit juices. spirulina or chlorella Grocery Shopping List  Vegetable juicer or purchase fresh made juices. and walking in nature. hot bath. • Brush teeth and tongue often throughout day. Tips for Juice Cleanse 1 • Daily enemas are recommended to assist cleansing process. • Observing the amount of toxic old debris that is eliminated out the bowels motivates you to stick with the program.  Garlic and Ginger (fresh) – for broth and Liver Flush. These are completely natural signs that toxins are being released. breathing exercises. • Liver Flush in evening before bedtime. • This cleanse is more appropriate for those who have a pH of 6.  Fresh vegetable and fruits for juice making. If your pH is lower follow the 2-Week Rejuvenation or 1-Week Intensive Cleanse to adequately prepare. steam bath. as toxins are excreted.  Ester C – is the only vitamin that one should take while juice cleansing. carrots. and other vegetables for broth.  Lemons and Oranges – for the Liver Flush. • The first couple of days can be challenging as you let go of your dietary routine. • Dry brush massage before morning shower.  Potatoes. read. or sauna.  Dried Kelp chips.  Cayenne pepper. headache or fatigue. but most people feel increased energy as the body is given a well deserved rest from the work of digestion. The juices and broths provide essential vitamins and minerals. (brown rice or barley). vegetable broths. and the cleansing products are recommended.  Caster Oil and cheese cloth  Green foods for smoothie like algae.)  Herbal Teas  Probiotics – acidophilus blend that restores friendly intestinal flora. • Mild exercise such as yoga. www.TheHerbalist. Juice cleansing in cold weather can be more stressful to the body than rejuvenating.  Organic Olive Oil  Miso. enjoy a massage. • Rest.4 and above.com .  Enema Bucket  Catnip herb (about 2 oz. See our smoothie recipes on page 14. • Some may experience nausea.  Natural Fiber Bristle Brush. • Juice cleansing is most appropriate in warm weather. • No solid foods are eaten for five days. Refer to Problem and Solutions on page 22.

I. Gel Plus Fiber For first 3 days take 1 Tbsp.T.B. one to two times a day on an empty stomach for 2 days or longer if desired.I. 3 times a day.NW. one to two times a day on an empty stomach for 2 days.B. To avoid this continue to take the intestinal cleanser. of water daily to hydrate your body. Caps (Fresh Start Kit) Take 2 to 3 before bedtime or as needed Questions? Need Support? Call 06. Renew-U or Detox 60 drops or 2 droppersful 3 times a day in water or juice. Gel Plus Fiber 1 Tbs. Renew-U Tea or Namasté Tea Drink 4 cups a day. Following cleanse Intestinal Rescue or G. Blubberwack or Blood Sugar Blues 60 drops or 2 droppersful 3 times a day in water or juice. Caps before bedtime.5. Follow the Post-Cleansing Foods suggestions on page 24.5-Day Cleanse Schedule 5-Day Juice Cleanse Schedule Prior to starting cleanse Intestinal Rescue or G. Last two days take 1 Tbsp.HERBS (694. Gel plus Fiber 1 Tbsp.T.600 800. Take 2 to 3 L.I.77) 1 . Breaking the 5-Day Juice Cleanse Sometimes when people reintroduce solid foods after a juice cleanse they can become constipated. 4 times a day on an empty stomach. Cleansing Schedule Intestinal Rescue or G. L. Also drink at least 64 oz. New Choice or Rasayana 60 drops or 2 droppersful 3 times a day in water or juice.

1 Tbsp. 1 Tbsp. dissolve 1 to 2 Tbsp. add other vegetables and simmer for another 5 minutes. Maple Syrup. Do not continue to boil once miso is added.frozen (organic blueberries and strawberries) Renew-U Tonic (Promotes Healthy Liver Function) Flax Oil – Omega-3 rich Maca powder Green supplement Serving size: 16 ozs. Simmer peels for 10 minutes. 14 www. Add kelp chips if desired. water.Cleanse Recipes Rejuvenation Smoothie Add these ingredients into a blender.frozen (peel and chop before freezing) Fruit . fresh organic lemon juice. Fruit Juice (organic diluted apple or pear) Banana . This broth is rich in potassium and neutralizes acids. Serving size: 16 ozs. Miso Soup To 2 cups of boiling water. 1 Tbsp. brown rice or barley miso. as valuable enzymes are destroyed. add 6 to 10 Tbsp. 6 to 8 Tbsp.frozen (organic blueberries and strawberries) Detox Tonic (Promotes Healthy Liver Function) Rasayana Rejuvenating Tonic Blood Sugar Blues Tonic Flax Oil – Omega-3 rich Maca powder Green supplement Spicy Lemonade Cleanser Cleanses mucous from the body Heat 32 oz. of cayenne pepper. Potato Peel Broth Peel 2 large potatoes ¼ inch into the skin. 1 C. 4 droppersful 1 Tbsp.TheHerbalist. ½ banana ½ C. Drink throughout the day. 1 Tbsp.com . Strain. 1 C. ½ banana ½ C.frozen (peel and chop before freezing) Fruit . Fruit Juice (organic diluted apple or pear) Banana . This is where the potassium is. and 1/4 tsp. Detox-It Smoothie Add these ingredients into a blender. 4 droppersful 4 droppersful 4 droppersful 1 Tbsp.

stimulates digestive juices and enzymatic activity. Vegetable Juices • Beet: Cleanses and strengthens gallbladder. and destroys unwanted bacteria and yeast. supports adrenals. • Parsley: Rich in beta-carotene. • Carrot: Normalizes entire system. Watermelon is an effective diuretic. nourishes optic system. celery. Good for both high and low blood pressure. Excellent for kidney cleansing. a recommended treatment for stomach ulcers. • Ginger: Stimulates circulatory and digestive systems. making sure that 75% of this is vegetable juice. eliminates toxins of body through the skin.Fruit & Veggie Juices Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Juice Fresh juices. effective cleanser of liver and kidneys. rich in potassium. • Cucumber: Promotes flow of urine. • Garlic: Dissolves mucus. Juice the rind with the fruit. Fruit Juices • Apple: Contains pectin which sweeps toxins from intestinal tract. Blood cleanser and diuretic. • Citrus: Lemon purifies the liver. • Celery: Builds and soothes nervous system. vitamin C and chlorophyll. Contains vitamin U. Drink 32 to 64 oz. • Melon: Easiest food for the body to digest. Drink the juices slowly to allow their nutrients and live enzymes to be easily digested. aids digestion. The Herbalist’s Favorite V-A Juice Carrot. and vitamins contained in the fresh juices. 15 . Do not combine with other fruits. apple. beet. The juices can be diluted with water. Promotes fresh bile production for better fat absorption and elimination. rids parasites. lemon and ginger. Oranges have an alkalizing effect. minerals. made from nourishing fresh fruits and vegetables. helps expel gas. of fresh juice daily. • Black Cherry: Blood cleanser. • Kale: Rich in calcium. iron. Our bodies easily absorb and are optimally nourished by the vital nutrients of protein. are our most abundant supply of live enzymes and electrolytes. Juices are a transitional food and will help cleanse the system and prepare the body for a more natural diet of whole organic fruits and vegetables. Grapefruit dissolves inorganic calcium. beta-carotene and chlorophyll. • Cabbage: Rich in vitamin C and purifying sulphur.

Allow to soak in for 5 minutes then shower off. and walking in nature are recommended. Pilates.com . and nourish the body with a complex of vitamins and minerals. Brushing enhances the flow of lymph and benefits the skin by removing dry.Daily Cleansing Practices Morning Rituals Dry Brush Massage and Jojoba Massage Brush briskly over body. swimming. beet. lemon. enhance detoxification. use a longhandled bristle brush. dead skin cells. celery. Daily Rituals Food Combining Follow food combining principles to enhance digestion. Yoga. The skin is the largest eliminative organ. 16 www. (see page 23) Fresh Vegetable Juice Drink a fresh vegetable juice daily (e. carrot. apple. before bath or shower.g. Exercise Incorporate breathing exercises to purify the lungs and relax and awaken the body. ginger) to replenish electrolyte balance. Follow with a jojoba oil massage. Proper digestion promotes natural weight loss and lessens digestive distress. Alternate hot and cold water Alternate hot and cold water while showering to stimulate lymphatic circulation and increase the heart rate. This practice enhances body detoxification and is a great morning wake up.TheHerbalist.

Scrubs promote detoxification and deter water retention and cellulite. in warm caster oil. Saunas. and splash your face with cool water. large enough to fold in half and put over abdomen. Saunas or steam baths: Add fresh eucalyptus leaves or essential oil blends to open up the chest and enhance blood oxygenation. Try The Herbalist’s Respi-Oil. In a hot bath. use aromatherapy bath salts or essential oils. soak a piece of cotton or flannel. • Take a bath with 2 C.Evening Activities Hot baths. remove the cucumber. www.com 17 . Evening Activities Alternatives to dessert! • Facial Massage with jojoba oil • Honey Facial Masque: Cover face with honey and leave on for 10 minutes before rinsing with warm water. Epsom salts • Shower with Salt or Sugar Scrub • Cucumber Facial: Cover your face with slices of cucumber. and leave on for 1/2 hour to 2 hours. Steam Bath These will stimulate circulation and enhance detoxification. Salt or Sugar Body Scrub Once or twice a week use a salt or sugar scrub in the shower. and then cover with a washcloth dipped in very hot water and wrung out. Cover with cotton towel and hot water bottle. Castor Oil Compress To improve intestinal function and cleansing. Let the facial stay on for fifteen minutes.MelinaMeza.

5. spirulina. sunflower • Sauerkraut • Sea Vegetables • Tempeh • Vegetable broth Acid-forming foods Acid-forming foods slow cleansing.77) 18 www.com . duck Organically raised fowl is better. Corn Syrup.artificial (Aspartame. Glucose) • Soy foods • Tea . cakes.600 800. • Grains except millet and quinoa • Legumes • Meats • Oatmeal • Pasta • Popcorn • Processed foods with preservatives • Salt. Eating less of these foods will speed the cleansing process. crackers • Canned fruit and vegetables • Cereals . chlorella) • Honey • Lemons and limes • Maple syrup .Alkaline & Acid Foods Alkaline-forming foods Alkaline-forming foods are nutrient rich and are ideal while cleansing. alfalfa.organic • Salad greens • Sprouts e. • Alcohol • Barley • Bread. • Almonds .iodized • Soft drinks • Sugar • Sweeteners .black caffeinated • Vinegar • Wheat in any form Questions? Need Support? Call 06.TheHerbalist. Saccharin.g.organic • Melons • Miso soup • Potatoes • Raisins • Olive oil . • Fowl . Cold water fish is best.all • Chocolate • Coffee • Dairy • Eggs • Fish especially shellfish and Atlantic Salmon.preferably soaked • Berries • Dried fruits (non-sulphurated) • Fresh seasonal fruits • Fresh fruit and vegetable juice • Fresh vegetables • Garlic and Ginger • Grains: quinoa and millet • Grapefruit • Green foods (algae. turkey.chicken.NW.HERBS (694.

When foods are eaten in proper combinations it enhances internal cleansing and rejuvenation. • Fruits can be combined with each other. or tofu can be combined with quinoa or millet. Food combining is also very helpful in weight management. • Eat fruits alone. Allow half hour before eating other foods. When first practicing food combining principle one notices more energy and less of a bloated “full feeling” after eating. except melons should be eaten alone. Proteins. Chart from Helene Silver. such as fish. • Papaya and apple are the only fruits that you should eat with a meal since they are full of enzymes and pectin that will assist in digesting other foods. The Body Smart System: A Complete Guide to Cleansing and Rejuvenation 19 . Different digestive juices are produced for different foods. • Fruit is best eaten in the morning. Allow 30 minutes before eating other foods.Food Combining Food Combining F ollowing simple food combining principles promotes a healthier. When food is not properly digested the nutrition is not released and extra energy is required for the body to dispose of the undigested waste. Rejuvenate: A 21-Day Detox Plan for Optimal Health. chicken. more efficient digestive system. • Do not mix proteins such as meat with starchy foods like potatoes. • Do not eat fruit for dessert unless it is cooked or stewed.

and vegetable or miso broth. • Do drink herbal tea. When and how often should one do the liver flush? It is best to cleanse for a few days before taking the liver flush.Liver Flush Liver & Gall Bladder Flush Benefits: • Stimulates the liver to dump toxins into the bile so that they can be eliminated through the intestines and colon. unrefined organic olive oil • juice of 2 lemons. Some people experience moderate nausea but this passes quickly. so that the mixture goes directly to your liver and gallbladder. • Have a cup of tea ready to drink immediately after taking the flush. • 3 tbs. • Since it is best to have a fairly empty stomach for the flush eat the larger meal early afternoon (noon to 1 pm) and take the fiber supplement late afternoon (4 pm to 5 pm). In the morning you should have a healthy elimination and if not. It is best to follow the “Liver Flush Pointers”. Take the flush every night or every other night of your cleanse.B. Directions for flush: Mix these ingredients in a blender or in a jar and take just before bedtime. an enema is advisable. Drink the tea immediately following The Flush. Note. • Enhances fat metabolism Liver Flush Pointers • One of the best times to take the liver flush is in the evening just before bedtime. • Olive oil has been known to increase beneficial HDL cholesterol levels while lowering harmful LDL cholesterol. Tea.com . quality water. you can also take the liver flush when not cleansing. 1 orange (optional) for taste • 1 medium clove of minced garlic (beware of garlic breath the next day) • small chunk of fresh organic minced ginger (chopped fine in blender or by hand) • pinch of cayenne pepper Drink this down and follow with a cup of Renew-U Tea™ or L. 0 www.TheHerbalist. Go to bed and lie on your right side with your knees up to chest.

Focus on any lumps or ridged areas. A coffee enema speeds the detoxification process. tissues and bloodstream. After 4 or 5 minutes of massage. Enema Preparation Get an enema bucket — easiest to use. Strain out coffee grounds and let cool to a lukewarm temperature. Bottle and refrigerate remainder and use within 3 days.600 800.HERBS (694. Eliminate if necessary. Apple Cider Vinegar Enema: Rids colon of acid and germ life. usually by half. Add 1-1½ teaspoons vinegar to 2 quarts water. release more water. Questions? Need Support? Call 06. at room temperature. Add 2 Tbsp.Enema Preparation Enema Preparation Enema Benefits There are considerable benefits to enemas. Repeat all instructions on right side. Enemas are not absolutely necessary during a cleanse. or positioned in any way that is most comfortable for you. The liver is better able to process incoming toxins that have accumulated in the organs. Catnip Herbal Enema: Relaxes a constricted or irritable colon.NW. coffee to a quart of quality water and bring to a boil. Note: If you feel wired or hyper. Be especially thorough in massaging this area. Directions: Use organic caffeinated drip grind coffee. Continue massage across abdomen and down side. you should reduce the amount of coffee. It causes the liver to produce more bile (which contains processed toxins) and moves bile out toward the small intestine for elimination. How to take an Enema 1.5. Simmer 1 cup of catnip in 1 pint water for 30 minutes.77) 1 . Lukewarm water is recommended. Use quality water. 2. 3. as these are deposits of fecal matter. On “all fours” (doggie style). Massage lower left side of abdomen. but many find them extremely beneficial. and increased regularity. removal of residual and toxic fecal matter. This is where the greatest problems occur. Simmer for 5 minutes. or have palpitations or irregular heartbeats after a coffee enema. Enemas are best taken first thing in the morning. including hydration of the bowels. release ½ to 1 cup of enema water into intestines. Add ½ cup of mixture to 1 quart of water to fill bucket. Coffee Enema: The caffeine from coffee is absorbed into the system and goes directly to the liver where it becomes a very strong detoxifier. alleviation of headaches and irritability caused by toxic build-up.

2) If after starting the cleanse with either kit one experiences constipation then take 2 to 3 L. Gel plus Fiber which is a soothing fiber blend and is specific for someone with irregular or irritable elimination.T. 4) Supplement with probiotics daily on an empty stomach. This kit contains G. Gel plus Fiber (Detox-It Kit) is a soothing blend of fibers that supports healthier elimination. prevention of cancer.TheHerbalist. 1) Take an enema with catnip or apple cider vinegar.B. Healthy intestinal bacteria.T. 2) Drink a fresh vegetable juice daily.  www. Other suggestions include: 1) Increase water intake to 5 oz. Slice a piece of fresh ginger and simmer in one to two cups of water for 10 minutes. are flushed out from bouts of diarrhea. caps before bedtime for a few days. Probiotics play a major role in the state of our health such as immune system function. You can add agave syrup to sweeten. Caps reduce the amount or quit taking them altogether. such as in the morning. cholesterol metabolism.I.com . 3) Drink one or two cups of fresh ginger root tea. Nausea Could be caused by liver congestion or slow moving bowels. 5) Take 200 to 600 mgs. 3) Since your body might be adjusting to new foods or releasing excess acid try taking 4 capsules of the activated charcoal two times daily until symptoms improve. 3) Start your day with an enema. 4) Take the liver flush before bedtime. Can take a tablespoon of this fiber up to 4 times a day. 2) If you are taking the L.B. Diarrhea 1) G. known as probiotics.Problems & Solutions Cleansing Problems & Solutions Constipation If you are prone to constipation or irregularity here are some suggestions: 1) Choose the Detox-It Kit. This will hydrate your intestines. of Magnesium for muscle relaxation and promote better sleep and elimination. per 10 pounds of body weight.I. 2) Take 4 capsules of the activated charcoal two times daily until better. and aging.

less irritability and better stress management. If you must have coffee. My energy is very low.5.77) What should I expect to happen during a cleanse? Every person is different. Questions? Need Support? Call 06. Whole food vitamin supplements are preferable. As a rule.  . What can I do if I get a headache? Some people get headaches the first couple days of a cleanse due to caffeine withdrawal or toxic overload. What if I am on medication? Always consult your health care practitioner before starting a cleansing program if you have serious medical conditions. Better digestion improves nutrient absorption for greater energy. During the Five-Day Juice Cleanse. Following a cleanse many women notice improved hormone balance such as less menstrual cramping and cravings for sweets. G. take Ester C only. The cleansing products included should help lessen headache discomfort. Urinary tract elimination can increase with greater water intake. Most people experience an increased bulk in their elimination especially from the Intestinal Rescue. Should I take my vitamin supplements while cleansing? If you are doing the one or two week cleanse continue taking your supplements. and improved weight management.600 800.I. What if I am having my period or experiencing hot flashes? Try to schedule the cleanse just after your monthly cycle. Increase your water intake.Questions & Answers Commonly asked questions Can I have one cup of coffee in the morning? Yes.HERBS (694. It is not advisable to do the 5-Day Juice Cleanse while on medication. It is best to take medication either a half hour before or after taking the fiber supplement included in the cleanse. Take your cleansing products either a half hour before or after. Really! You can still feel the effects of the coffee. less sugar and fat cravings. since no solid foods are eaten. A strong liver and a clean body promote healthy hormone balance. less hot flashes and hair loss. Both cleansing kits support healthy glandular function and blood sugar balance. limit yourself to drinking one cup in the morning. preferably in an enema. Gel plus Fiber users should experience improved elimination. would a cleanse be good for me? One of the greatest benefits of cleansing is less fatigue and more natural energy and motivation.NW. cravings for certain foods diminish and energy levels increase. Enhanced circulation to the brain improves one’s mental outlook and increases mental clarity and focus.

Pumpkins. Bell Peppers. Sardines. And Azuki Beans. Split Peas. Spinach. Mackerel. red Cabbage.TheHerbalist. Red Onions. Black Beans. and Artichokes • Yellow and Orange: Carotene and quercetin bioflavonoid-rich foods: Carrots.com .Health Promoting Foods Pre-Cleanse and Post-Cleanse Health Promoting Foods The following is a great dietary regimen to implement in preparation for the cleanse and post cleanse. celery. and Purple Grapes with skins. Halibut. Brightly colored foods are high in antioxidants which neutralize free radicals. Cashews. Strawberries. cardio-protective. and Flax Oil • Eggs: Omega-3 rich and Free-Range • Fish (ocean caught): Wild Salmon. Sesame Seeds (Tahini butter). Chard. and Dried Apricots • Legumes: Lentils. • Purple: Flavonoid and anthocyanadin-rich foods: Beets. Coconut Oil. Beets. Kale. • Good quality water • Fresh vegetable juices such as carrot. Try to have multi-colored organically grown foods and beverages everyday. apple. Asparagus. and Flax Seeds • Healthy Fats and Oils: Avocados. and immuno-modulating qualities. Blood Orange. Onions. and Herring 4 www. Yams. Eating these in whole foods has anti-cancer. beet. Cranberries. Guava. Watermelon. Sunflower Seeds. Pecans. Cherries. Blueberries. Arugula. antiinflammatory. • Nuts and Seeds: Almonds. and ginger. Organic Olive Oil. • Green: Chlorophyll-rich foods: Wild Salad Greens. Walnuts. Winter Squash. Citrus Fruits. Hazelnuts. and Sweet Potatoes • Red: Lycopene-rich foods: Tomatoes. Pink Grapefruit. Collards.

Basmati Rice. Diet Drinks. and Cinnamon • Sea Vegetables: Kelp. Lamb. Kefir and Kefir Cheese. Cayenne. Cookies. Lamb*. Pork and Pork Products. ** Best not to have more than 1 serving per day. Millet. 5 . Turkey*. Miso. Farm-raised Fish (i. • Meats: Shellfish. Dulse. Sauerkraut • Soy products: Tempeh. Soft Drinks. Sugar. Horseradish. Wild Rice. Turmeric (curry powder). Mint. Brown rice. Ginger. and Whole Oats • Seasonings and Spices: Garlic. Wasabi. and Beef* • Potatoes: all e. Russets. Imitation Eggs. Parsley. Thyme. Soy Milk**. Oregano. and fortified white flour products: Bread. Cilantro. Atlantic Salmon). Chives. Milk and Milk Products (including reduced and non-fat). Artificial Sweeteners (aspartame. Tofu**. and Alcoholic Beverages • Dairy: Ice Cream. Black Pepper. Splenda).g. Beef.Foods & Drinks to Avoid Avoid These Foods and Beverages • Unbleached. saccharin. • Anything Fried or Deep Fried • Fowl and Meats (raised organically): Chicken*. and Pasta. Yogurt.e. Crackers. Sweet potatoes. • Sweeteners: Barley Malt. bleached. Concentrated Fruit Juices. • Beverages: Coffee. Frozen Yoghurt. Wakame • Cultured Foods: Apple Cider Vinegar. Yogurt Cheese. Duck. Tap Water. Rosemary. Yams • Whole Grains: Quinoa. Kelp. Sea Salt. Basil. Corn Syrup. Soy Cheese* * Eat no more than 3 times a week.

com . Marshmallow root. Gel plus Fiber™ Provides Soothing Gastrointestinal Support* • Detox Promotes Healthy Liver and Digestion* • Blood Sugar Blues™ Restores Healthy Blood Sugar Levels* • Rasayana Tonic Promotes Adrenal Health and Restores Youthful Vitality* • Namasté Tea Promotes Mental Health and Stress Reduction* • Restores Regularity and Relieves Occasional Constipation* • Cleanses Intestinal Tract* • Soothing Support for GERD. 6 www. Acid Indigestion. Ginger root.I. Burdock root. Bentonite clay U. Psyllium seed. Fennel seed.TheHerbalist. Flax seed. Yellow Dock root. Gel plus Fiber™ Detox-It Kit Includes: • G. Detox • Promotes Healthy Liver and Digestion* • Cleanses Toxins from Liver and Gallbladder* • Restores Liver Health for those on Prescription Medications* • Restores Liver Health for excessive use of Alcohol. and Diarrhea* Ingredients: Slippery Elm bark.S. IBS.P. Nicotine and Sugar* • Promotes Better Fat Metabolism and Healthy Cholesterol Levels* Ingredients: Oregon Grape root. Dandelion root.Detox-It Kit Detox-It Kit™ G I..

Oat seed. or prevent any disease! 7 . Dandelion leaf. Ingredients: Devil’s Club root bark. * This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. Blueberry fresh leaf. treat. cure. Red Clover blossom. Licorice root.Detox-It Kit Blood Sugar Blues™ Namasté Tea • Promotes Balanced Blood Sugar Levels* • Supports Health of the Pancreas. Juniper berries. Rasayana Rejuvenating Tonic • Promotes Adrenal Health for better Stress Management* • Fortifies Endocrine System for better Hormonal Balance* • Enhances body’s Natural Balance for Greater Vitality* • Restores a Youthful State of Physical. Maca root. Ginger root. Oregon Grape root. Caffeine. Peppermint leaf. Lavender flower. favorable for Weight Loss* • Mineral-rich for Support of Nervous System* • Tastes Great Hot or Chilled* Ingredients: Sencha Green Tea. and Sexual Health* Ingredients: Ashwaganda root. Starches. Burdock root. Licorice root. Urinary Tract. Siberian Eleuthero root. Uva Ursi leaf. and Nicotine* • Discourages Hypoglycemia and Diabetes through improved Blood Sugar Metabolism* • Promotes Mental Well Being and Eases Anxiety* • Contains Green Tea. Mental. Licorice root. Calendula flower. Alcohol. Oat seed. This product is not intended to diagnose. Dandelion root. Astragalus root. and Liver* • Decreases Cravings for Sugars.

or prevent any disease! 8 www. Dandelion leaf & flower.B. This product is not intended to diagnose. Echinacea root. Caps: Lower Bowel Tonic. Ginger root. Wild Indigo root. cure.com .TheHerbalist. Nicotine and Sugar* • Promotes Better Fat Metabolism and Healthy Cholesterol Levels* Ingredients: Milk Thistle seed. medical grade fruit pectin. Burdock root. more satisfying bowel movements* • Creates feeling of fullness that leads to reduced food intake* • Cleanses intestinal tract and bowel of mucoid plaque* • Psyllium husk promotes healthier cholesterol levels ** • Promotes healthy weight loss when necessary* Ingredients: The blended powders of whole Psyllium husk and seed. Bentonite clay. Fennel seed. and lymphatic cleansing* • Promotes Healthy Liver and Digestion* • Cleanses Toxins from Liver and Gallbladder* • Restores Liver Health for those on Prescription Medications* • Restores Liver Health for excessive use of Alcohol. Soothing Herbal Laxative • Renew-U Tea: Cleansing and Immune Supportive Tea • Promotes healthier. Dandelion root. Guar gum. fuller. Oregon Grape root. urinary tract. treat. * This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA.T. Digestive and Intestinal Support* • Renew-U: Promotes Healthy Liver and Urinary Tract Function* • Blubberwack: Promotes Healthy Metabolism and Energy Levels* • New Choice: Promotes Mental Clarity and Physical Well-Being* • L. Cinnamon bark. Renew-U™ • Promotes liver. Cleavers herb. Rhubarb root. Yellow Dock root.Fresh Start Kit Fresh Start Kit™ Intestinal Rescue™ Fresh Start Kit includes: • Intestinal Rescue: High Fiber Intestinal Cleanser. Ginger root.

Kola nut. Barberry root bark. Guarana seed. American Ginseng root. Special Note Drink plenty of extra water when using Intestinal Rescue. Nettle leaf.T. Lemon Balm herb. Sassafras bark. Siberian Eleuthero root. and energy* • Promotes healthy hormone balance* • Promotes healthy weight loss when necessary* L. Bayberry root bark. Lobelia herb. Sarsaparilla root. Ingredients: Pau d’Arco bark. Ginkgo leaf. Cayenne pepper.B.T. Kola nut.B. Licorice root. Ginger root. Ginger root. Turkey Rhubarb root. and lymphatic cleansing* • Supports Body’s Ability to Eliminate Yeast* • Rich in minerals that supports energy levels* • Rich and spicy as a cup of coffee without the caffeine* Ingredients: Gotu Kola herb. Plantain herb. Calendula flower. Caps. Licorice root. Caps daily until bowel elimination improves for optimal cleansing benefits. Kelp. Renew-U Tea™ • Promotes liver. Gotu Kola herb. Also it is advisable to take the L. moods. Echinacea root.T. moods. Ginger root.B. Fennel seed. and energy* • Promotes healthy hormone balance* Fresh Start Kit contains 40 L. 9 . Red Raspberry leaf.Fresh Start Kit Blubberwack™ • Restores health of the glandular system* • Promotes healthy thyroid function for improved metabolism* • Rich in nutrients and minerals for better stamina. • Promotes reliable and healthy bowel function* • Enhances liver function for improved bowel elimination* • Rich in nutrients and minerals for better stamina. urinary tract. Cinnamon bark. Jamaican Sarsaparilla root. Cinnamon bark. Cayenne pepper. Licorice root. New Choice™ • Enhances brain function for increased energy levels* • Supports adrenal health for better stress management* • Promotes a positive mental outlook* • Promotes blood sugar balance for sustained energy and awareness* Ingredients: Cascara Sagrada bark. Caps™ Ingredients: Bladderwrack.

and many worms. having a mild diuretic and laxative action. Tea Supports Healthy Gastro-Intestinal Tract This soothing herbal tea helps promote a “smooth move”. It gently cleanses. the leaves and flowers in this tea contain many vitamins and minerals that rejuvenate and invigorate the body. including amoebas. Dr. Collected at their peak potency.B. author of Cure for All Cancers.Clark. According to Dr.com . Gel plus Fiber Black Walnut extract Wormwood Caps Cloves L. Hulda R. Giardia. and strengthens the gastro-intestinal tract. Clark.I. lubricates. Spring Tea Cleansing Support for Liver & Kidneys One of our customer’s favorite! A delicious cleansing tea which offers the liver and kidneys a thorough “Spring Cleaning”.TheHerbalist.More Cleansing Products Parasite Cleanse Kit Both Eastern and Western cultures use herbs to kill parasites and worms. the following combination of herbs kills both the egg and adult stages of internal parasites. This cleanse kit includes: G. writes about the connection between parasites and cancer and other degenerative conditions. 0 www. increasing their functions.

which supports the health of the urinary tract. Kidney Tea A Soothing Diuretic Tea Suggested use: Drink 2 cups daily for 2 weeks. Anti-Fungal Supports Body’s Ability to Eliminate Yeast Astragalus Plus™ Supports Healthy Immune System Herbal-Biotic™ Restores Overall Health to Body Systems Skin Clear Plus™ Triple-Kit Complete Skin Care Support Skin Clear™ Promotes Healthy Skin Anti-Fungal Supports Body’s Ability to Eliminate Yeast Astragalus Plus™ Supports Healthy Immune System A Kidney Cleanse After finishing the cleansing program. many people choose to do a Kidney Cleanse. Kidney Blend Promotes Healthy Kidneys and Bladder Suggested use: After finishing Kidney Plus.More Cleansing Products Beat The Yeast™ Triple-Kit Candida Cleanse This kit offers complete anti-yeast support. 1 . Kidney Plus Promotes Deep Cleansing of Bladder and Kidneys. take 2 droppersful 3 times day for 1 week. Suggested use: Take 2 droppersful 3 times day for 1 week.

77) Current or new customer of The Herbalist? Sign up for our E-Newsletter for more information and specials.HERBS (694.com .NW. Seattle. www.theherbalist.PRSRT STD US Postage PAID SEATTLE WA PERMIT #1445 106 NE 65th St. WA 98115 800.

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