The Zoo Season 12 Episode Guide

Ep No. NZ Air Date 29 Jul 2012 Description NZ Viewers 609,300

The cameras are there as tigers rip into a fresh deer hide pinata, Burma the elephant swims in a fresh 1 lagoon, and young giraffe Jelani heads off over the ditch on his big OE. See a day in the life of the Zoo's oldest resident, Janie 5 Aug the chimpanzee; Giraffe Jelani finds his sea legs; and 2 2012 the keepers rescue wild birds after the Rena oil spill disaster. There's a cheeky new kid on the block; red panda Maya 12 Aug 3 has lost her appetite; and the orangutans try their hand 2012 at painting. 19 Aug Shilo the zebra fights for her life; the great otter swap is 4 2012 on; and mischievous keas renovate their new home. Giraffe Zabulu gets a new playmate; Melur the 26 Aug orangutan behaves for the vet; and reptile keepers pull 5 2012 out all the stops to get Smiley the tortoise in the mood for love. The Zoo's new spider monkeys deliver a lot of laughs; 2 Sep 6 Molek the tiger undergoes a root canal; and keepers 2012 uncover some of the mysteries of our rarest frogs. 25 Nov 7 2012 Doris the Alligator is suffering from a locked jaw and 2 Dec has trouble eating. Elsewhere, Auckland Zoo keepers 8 2012 assist with a night-time round-up of kiwi on Motuora Island. 9 Dec The seal encounter goes high tech with a brand new 9 2012 underwater communication system. Lion Lazarus is crate training for his trip across the 16 Dec ditch, and there is a bouncing bonanza in the Aussie 10 2012 Walkabout, with brand new joeys and a wallaby roundup.


651,630 659,360 644,490

621,800 599,320 633,570 536,010 499,970

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