The Zoo Season 11 Episode Guide

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The tiger cubs celebrate their first birthday; lion keeper Nat 1 comes face-to-face with the one animal she's afraid of; and 493,100 baby orangutan Madju gets a bouncing surprise. Nat takes the plunge and faces her fears; in Sumatra, 2 orphaned orangutan babies find comfort with Amy and Carly; 495,800 and Kashin the elephant has everyone worried. A little blue penguin is brought to the vet clinic; a devastating 3 turn of events causes the zoo to close its gates; and in 622,000 Sumatra, Amy and Carly take a wild ride deep into the jungle. Burma the elephant takes her first steps into life without Kashin; a big decision is made about tiger mum Molek; and in 4 577,450 Sumatra, Amy and Carly try to teach the baby orangutans how to climb trees. The vet team try to find out what's wrong with tiger mum Molek; there's an unexpected delivery on Baboon island; and 5 519,580 in Sumatra, the baby orangutans must try to make it on their own. It's life or death for the baboon baby, as the new boys move 6 in; the world's rarest parrot makes an emergency landing at 523,000 the vet clinic; and Iwani's parents leave home. The arrival of two newborn otters takes everyone by surprise; Christine is on a mission to help Iwani the siamang get his 7 564,980 girl; and vet Richard goes bush to try and check on an old patient. Visitors think they have seen a snake in the grass at the zoo; 8 Christine heads to Australia to play matchmaker for Iwani; 516,860 and the two baby otters have an appointment with the vet. The lions aren't sure what to make of some strange intruders in their enclosure; a baby otter is rushed into emergency 9 486,750 surgery; and Christine Tintinger has to say goodbye to a 25year friendship. Keeper Lana is in Australia to get to grips with some 10 aggressive alligators; and it's an emotional day at Auckland 640,330 Zoo, as the orangutans head to a new life in Florida.

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