What Your Contractor Can't Tell You: The Essential Guide to Building and Renovating by Amy Johnston (Jan 1, 2008) 2. Housebuilding: A Do-It-Yourself Guide, Revised & Expanded by R. J. DeCristoforo and Mary DeCristoforo (Jun 1, 2007) 3. Do-It-Yourself Housebuilding: The Complete Handbook by George Nash (Jun 30, 1995)

4. Ultimate Guide to House Framing by John D. Wagner, Home Improvement and How-To (Feb 1, 2009) 5. Independent Builder: Designing & Building a House Your Own Way (Real Goods Independent Living Book) by Sam Clark (Oct 1, 1996) Designing Your Perfect House by William J. Hirsch Jr. AIA (Nov 1, 2008) 6. Designing Your Perfect House by William J. Hirsch Jr. AIA (Nov 1, 7. Building Your Own Home For Dummies by Kevin Daum, Janice Brewster and Peter Economy (Feb 25, 2005) 2008) 8. Working Alone: Tips and Techniques for Solo Building by John Carroll (Dec 15, 2000) 9. Habitat for Humanity How to Build a House Revised & Updated(Habitat for Humanity) by Larry Haun, Vincent Laurence and Tim Snyder (Sep 9, 2008) 10. Designing Your Dream Home: Every Question to Ask, Every Detail to Consider, and Everything to Know Before You Build or Remodel by Susan Lang (Apr 15, 2008) 11. So... You Want To Build a House: A Complete Workbook for Building Your Own Home by J. M. Gore and William Null (Jun 26, 2006) 12. Rural Architecture Being a Complete Description of Farm Houses, Cottages, and Out Buildings by Lewis Falley Allen and John William Orr (May 16, 2012) 13. Be Your Own House Contractor: Save 25% without Lifting a Hammer by Carl Heldmann (Apr 1, 2006) 14. Building a House (Mulberry Books) by Byron Barton (May 23, 1990) 15. The Hand-Sculpted House: A Practical and Philosophical Guide to Building a Cob Cottage: The Real Goods Solar Living Book by Ianto Evans, Michael G. Smith, Linda Smiley and Deanne Bednar (Jun 1, 2002) 16. New York's Fabulous Luxury Apartments: With Original Floor Plans from the Dakota, River House, Olympic Tower and Other Great Buildings by Andrew Alpern (May 1, 1987) 17. Building Wealth One House at a Time: Making it Big on Little Deals by John Schaub (Dec 10, 2004) 18. Product Details 19. Small Eco Houses: Living Green in Style by Cristina Paredes Benitez and Alex Sanchez Vidiella (Nov 2, 2010) 20. Building the Japanese House Today by Len Brackett And Peggy Landers Rao and Aya Brackett (Oct 1, 2005)

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