Muscles Origin exact area Insertion exact area movement tibialis anterior tibia upper half and nterior

surface foot medial cuneiform bone and base of first metatarsal extensor digitorum longus anterior sufrace and lateral lateral 4 toes extends toes , dorsiflexes ankle and ev fibula and tibia phalanges condyle extensor hallucis longus fibula anterior surface great toe distal phalanxextends great toe, dorsiflexes ankle jo fibularis longus fibula upper 2/3rds of lateral surface metatarsal first everts the fot fibularis brevis fibula lower 2/3rds of lateral surface of fibula everts the foot metatarsal fifth gastrocnemius femur medial condyle lateral condyle achilles tendon calcaneus via plantarflexes foot soleus tibia and fibula upper posterior surface calcaneus via achilles tendon plantarflexes ankle joint tibialis posterior and fibula tibia posterior surface tarsal bones and metatarsals n/a inverts the foot assists plantarflexion o flexor digitorum llongus tibia medial part ofphalanges surface to 5th toeflexes lateral 4 toes assists plantar flex posterior 2nd flexor hallucis fibula longus lower 2/3rds of posterior surface phalanxflexes great toe helps plantar flex and great toe distal

m bone and base of first metatarsal tends toes , dorsiflexes ankle and everts foot tends great toe, dorsiflexes ankle joint and inverts foot erts the fot erts the foot ntarflexes foot ntarflexes ankle joint erts the foot assists plantarflexion of ankle joint xes lateral 4 toes assists plantar flexion and inverts the foot xes great toe helps plantar flex and invert the foot

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