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Published by: tOM on Dec 19, 2012
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Beings of Light Channeled by Debrah / Lady of Light January 10, 2005 Well Come and Greetings Dear Ones, it is our

great pleasure to be with you this day. Many things are happening upon the mother right now, much growing, changing and shifting, that we feel compelled to bring you these ‘re-minders’ of what and who you are, so that you may face these things that are occurring from the highest level of intention and love. Yes, the surface is changing, the surface of your physical selves along with the surface of the earth mother herself… but know you this, all is as it should be, all is as you have chosen it to be. Growth can be painful, but do not focus yourself on the pain, focus your self on the growth and how to assist in this growth process, as indeed that is what you have chosen to do! You, Light that (which) has taken physical form in the human being, have chosen to be here on your mother earth at precisely this time. All have chosen ‘jobs’ to do, are you listening as your ‘job’ calls to you? In other words, are you listening to your soul? It is speaking to you! Many souls have chosen to leave and to be reborn in different physical form for this work. Grieve for them, love them, for they are part of you and you are indeed part of them, but as terrible as this loss seems, know that they did not suffer, they were welcomed home. Many have spoken on how they did not feel the anguished cry from the energy field when these lives were lost, that is because they were not lost! This one {that we come through} is saying to us, “that sounds oh so simple for you to say,” but know this Dear Ones, no one, no light spark is ever lost, all have chosen ‘work’ to do and for some the work was in starting over. Believe when we say this was the kindest most compassionate way for a large number of souls to leave… would you have chosen perhaps to experience more war, more genocide, more ethnic cleansing on the mother? This way {the tsunami} was gentle compared to other choices you had been given, and taken in the past. Listen to your heart, your soul is speaking, you know it is there or you would not be reading this. Open to your souls purpose, follow where it leads, all have their jobs to do, most importantly know that you are all one, you are one with each other in human form, one with the angelic form, one with the source!

Love one another, honor one another, serve one another in the ways that are most natural for you, for this is what you have come to do, to be of service, to be of love, to be one! We honor you in this, your task, for it is mighty indeed. We are always to be here, to be of service to you on your path, you have only to call upon us and be open to receive our help. We are the emissaries of Light, we are the workers of light, we are the Beings of Light.

By aiding..."beings of light" every day we can slowly yet surely bring the energy of angelic love closer and more clearly into every area of our lives and of our world. Margaret Neylon As beings of light, the angels are also beings of color, and they may reach us through different colors that spark something in our unconscious Terry Lynn Taylor & Mary Beth Crain Transmitted through D.R. Chamberlain * Beings of Light * PO Box 650 * Manchester, MI 48158 Email: Debrah@theawakeningcenter.com Subscribe at: Lady_of_Light-subscribe@yahoogroups.com I claim the universal copyright for this article in the name of Beings of Light. Copy (entirely) freely & share. Disclaimer: Always use your own discernment. Take what resonates for you and discard the rest.

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