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11 Principles of Being

11 Principles of Being

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The 11 Principles of Being

Page 1

The Masters Gathering

by Harrison Klein

Lesson Four: The Principle of Karma

Copyright © 2009 Harrison Klein & The Masters Gathering

we cannot guarantee results with this program. forums. or completeness.The 11 Principles of Being Page 2 The Masters Gathering All rights reserved. shall in no event be held liable for any loss or other damages. the authors. consequential. This program contains material protected under International and Federal Copyright Laws and Treaties and may not be reprinted or distributed for any purpose. We have used our best efforts in preparing this material and make no representation or warranties with respect to its accuracy. applicability. or other damages. incidental. electronic or mechanical. We. No portion of this workbook or accompanying package (The Masters Gathering Package) may be reproduced or transmitted in any form whatsoever. and reality. Hence. We don’t know you or your level of commitment to this material or your own success. we know disclaimers can seem pointless. dated and signed permission of its authors. Lesson Four: The Principle of Karma Copyright © 2009 Harrison Klein & The Masters Gathering . including email. or by any informational storage or retrieval system without the express written. including but not limited to special. photocopying. But they’re a necessity so bear with us: For starters. recording. © 2009 Harrison Klein & The Masters Gathering DISCLAIMER Yes. experience. we are not responsible for your actions or lack thereof. In real-speak: You are 100% responsible for your own actions.

Since then he has come to know and befriend many of the world’s most recognized and well-loved success and transformation masters. After 30 years of battling depression and abuse.” Such an experience is not required for awakening however it was the “kick in the butt from the Universe” that allowed Harrison to step into his inner power and begin his spiritual evolution.com Lesson Four: The Principle of Karma Copyright © 2009 Harrison Klein & The Masters Gathering . You can visit Harrison at: www.The 11 Principles of Being Page 3 The Masters Gathering Harrison Klein is the principal creator of “The Masters Gathering” and is a transformational coach teaching the “I AM” Principles.themastersgathering. Harrison experienced a sudden shift in awareness that he refers to as a “White Light Experience.

a thought — your thought. It is the Principle of Karma. one so all-encompassing that we can't help but be affected by it. Everything manifests in your life due to cause and effect. Lesson Four: The Principle of Karma Copyright © 2009 Harrison Klein & The Masters Gathering . so shall you reap” “Whatever you do comes back to you” Sayings like these have been passed down for thousands of years. Why? Because they express a universal law. The Karma Principle is the 2nd prime law of the Universe. you bring about. Your thoughts are the cause. and the effect is the life you see around you. What you think about. That’s the Principle of Cause and Effect. or Cause and Effect. and we hear them every day. Everything around you in your life at this moment originated with. or was caused by.The 11 Principles of Being Page 4 The Masters Gathering Principle 4: RELATED AUDIOS: Bob Doyle John Demartini Brad Yates “You get what you give” “As you sow. next to Being.

there is an equal and opposite reaction. "For every action. Cannot fail. because as we impact other beings and our Lesson Four: The Principle of Karma Copyright © 2009 Harrison Klein & The Masters Gathering . That’s where we get the concept of karma. actions and vibrations we put out. Then the effect becomes the cause of the next thing. health. you get what you give. but you also get that multiplicatively. and what goes around comes around. If you just set the right cause in motion. and it will come back to you exponentially. then the effect is automatic. love.ever circling. Everything is an effect working from the cause. And… it's a multiplicative law. ever spiraling. The symbol for Infinity also expresses this concept -. joy -.The 11 Principles of Being Page 5 The Masters Gathering If you understand and live by this law." ~ Sir Isaac Newton Thoughts are the Cause Thoughts are the creative energy from which your world is built. happiness. We've touched on this in the first three principles. you cannot fail to get what you want. Because any event or thing you want to experience can be created by deliberately directing your thoughts. that you reap what you sow.anything you wish. You not only have the experience of the cause you set in motion. You can use this principle to cause others to experience what you want. being released from you and coming back to you. This Principle of Karma reminds us to be deliberate about the thoughts. and in this lesson we will go deeper into how you can use this principle to create a life of astounding wealth. like wealth and happiness. ever-moving energy ebbing and flowing.

the more affect you have and the greater the path to your awakening. The bigger your I AMs and the way you think of yourself. and then decide whether you want to continue to offer more of that same thought or if you would rather offer different thoughts. “What is the probable effect of this?” Purge negativity from your mind and body immediately. “What will be the effect of this thought?” Imagine the life circumstance that will be created by the thought you are having in that moment. as soon as you are aware of it. Just express the ideas that you want to see manifested in your own life. abundance — everything you want. we too will feel the results. wonderful things in your life. What Will Be The Effect of This Thought? The next step is to catch yourself in a thought and ask. Pay attention to your I AM statements and your visions. It's the path to experiencing wealth. health. These two practices will allow you to attune yourself to the Universe. There is no mysterious force that is causing “bad luck” or “good luck. “What caused this?” What thoughts did you think that led to this situation or thing? Because everything you see around you is an effect of a thought or thoughts that caused it to come into being. choose powerful I AM statements. Be on the path Lesson Four: The Principle of Karma Copyright © 2009 Harrison Klein & The Masters Gathering . That actually makes it very simple to create the life you desire. doing and saying. asking yourself.The 11 Principles of Being Page 6 The Masters Gathering world. If you are deliberate about what you are thinking. Think Big “I AM ” Thoughts If you want to create big. and help create those experiences for others.” The effects you see in your life are caused by the thoughts you think. then you can cause the effect you want. What Caused This? Another way of understanding this concept is to look at something in your life — wanted or unwanted — and ask yourself.

You are fully supported. in actuality. you grow yourself. So a wealthy life. Wealth.). Think and plan bigger. think on the level of your state. you learned that the mind creates with visualizations. character or amount. that the world will make it happen. if you want to affect your community. meant to be abundant or ample in quality. By helping other people become wealthy in any area of their life (not just with money. think on the level of the city. Mind Blueprint. no matter what you choose to do or which direction you choose to go. Lesson Four: The Principle of Karma Copyright © 2009 Harrison Klein & The Masters Gathering . give it away first. by Law. If you want to affect your city. your rewards grow exponentially. Every time you help a group of people. the universe… This Principle of Cause and Effect can translate into your life in a big way when you allow yourself to Dream Big. but in love. etc. the solar system. you become wealthy yourself. the galaxy. as originally used. In fact. Astounding Love Relationships. You are the cause of all that you see in the world. then that will grow in your own life as well. As John Demartini puts it. and Overflowing Creativity. is brimming over in all the areas which bring us joy and satisfaction. In Principle Three. happiness. to the extent that you're willing to receive them. you will experience that back massively. not just a little more wealth. If you have a business or do other things that help to increase people's connectivity or productivity or standard of living. You can actually predict the future by looking at your thoughts right now. think on the level of your country… all the way up to the world. Dream of Massive Wealth. Every time you help someone else grow. So whatever you want to get. or cause another to have it first. It must. Causing Other People’s Wealth When you cause others to experience anything.The 11 Principles of Being Page 7 The Masters Gathering of service. backed by emotions. Believe you can have it. To affect your state. the Universe is already making your grandest dreams available to you. Dream of Radiant Health. The Universe has your back.

What you do unto others. And if you cause a correction in something that is happening. you will disrupt yourself and hinder your goals. if you understand the Law of Cause and Effect. Just develop an awareness of your thoughts. sow good seeds. Look at something in your immediate vicinity. Peace Do yourself a favor and become more aware of what's going on in your mind. Most inner chaos comes from judgment or lack of self-acceptance on some level. you are either judging something outside yourself. watching as they flow past. you can cultivate thoughts of Peace. you do unto yourself.. right now. You harvest what you sow. which cause imbalance. then that correction also extends to you. Remember. If you have chaos inside you. develop the ability to be aware of your thoughts. and change them. the entire Universal system is One. Literally. Having turbulent thoughts about anything will cause an imbalance in your structure and in your world. With this new awareness. The opposite of peace is chaos and turbulence. Don’t judge your thoughts or yourself. Practicing Non-Judgment Here is an exercise to help you release judgment about your thoughts and the circumstances around you: 1. ever. Just look up Lesson Four: The Principle of Karma Copyright © 2009 Harrison Klein & The Masters Gathering . Simply notice the ones that don't serve you. Just as you would watch cars passing you on the highway without judging them. Peace is the biggest boost to prosperity. You don't have to be stuck in anything. Having unjust thoughts like anger and greed toward others creates the same in your own life. or you're not accepting yourself on some level. Peace is a steady state of calmness within.. So whenever you're not experiencing what you want.The 11 Principles of Being Page 8 The Masters Gathering What awesome power! You can change the future at any time. But ignoring this law creates a lot of the suffering and poverty in this world.

and which can be changed through choice. whatever they happen to be. for your own prosperity. Let yourself be aware that this thing just IS. from that space. There does not have to be any negative emotional response or drama in order to decide to change something. go within and just keep asking yourself "Why?" until you resolve all the reasons why you’re holding yourself back from the things you want. will come more quickly and easily if you feel peace within yourself about those goals. Next." Acceptance and letting go mean recognition that you are where you are. Then. or to just let it be. Peace is a calmness. a state of being which recognizes that everything is okay. The situation is what it is. ask yourself. Pick something that you have no particular reaction to or which doesn’t cause any emotional response. Your options might be to move it. or a book. and everything can be changed whenever you choose to. 3. or your jacket. “Why?” If the first response doesn’t totally alleviate the negative feelings. you can decide to create something new… without turbulence or guilt or any negative judgments. Acceptance and Letting Go Peace involves understanding. depending on your choice.” it just IS. to promote that calm peacefulness inside of yourself and outside of yourself. but it also involves acceptance and letting go. ask yourself what you choose to do about this thing. The goals that you wish to achieve. Learning how the Universe really works brings self-knowledge and understanding. which in turn bring inner peace. to someday buy a new one to replace it. and you'll reach a point of peace. you can change it or not. and whenever you want to. It’s neither “good” or “bad.The 11 Principles of Being Page 9 The Masters Gathering from this page and let your eyes rest on something that is in your space. You can start looking at unwanted things and formerly troubling situations in the same way — merely as something that exists. Lesson Four: The Principle of Karma Copyright © 2009 Harrison Klein & The Masters Gathering . And it's in your own interest. 2. period. If you feel doubt or guilt or negativity of any kind. Maybe the first thing you see is a chair. This doesn’t mean "giving up. This exercise shows you that anything in your space can be looked at merely as something that IS.

without judging yourself." For example. All confusion and fear disappear in the face of your "I am that" awareness. put into your reality as images of what you have been thinking. That's why suffering — of any kind — is an indicator of "wrong thought. problematic situation. which is your thoughts. but that you are Lesson Four: The Principle of Karma Copyright © 2009 Harrison Klein & The Masters Gathering ." Then truly accept it. applies to any situation or condition. Nothing outside of you is real. You can also ask yourself. your situations. This is the Principle of Cause and Effect.The 11 Principles of Being Page 10 The Masters Gathering Whatever level of prosperity you're in today. If there’s anything you wish for that you are not experiencing. the people in your life -. Remember. here's the shortcut for changing your life using the Law of Being and the Law of Cause and Effect at the same time. you hold within you the possibility of everything that IS. Then choose to think differently about your past. Anytime you see anything. not just to problems. if you are having financial trouble. you'd be in more prosperity if you had more peace.everything. "I am that trouble. unclear. "Why am I that?" This goes for any kind of trouble you may be having: "Why am I that addiction?" "Why am I that unfulfilling relationship?" "Why am I that financial hardship?" Keep asking "Why?" until you understand and resolve how it was that you brought this problem into your life. Harrison?” Okay. This." Change your mind and you change your world. look at it and say. you understand that it IS you. go back to the cause. Whenever you're faced with any confusing. “Can you give me a shortcut here. "I am THAT. your present. as an individual expression of The Whole. If you can acknowledge that something or someone outside of you didn't cause your financial hardship. then you will be able to acknowledge that you also hold the seed of financial abundance within you. of course. nothing in the external world is real. Not only that you have created everything in your reality through your thoughts. then change them. Everything you see is an illusion created for your benefit so that you can experience your thoughts and your state of being firsthand and then purify them so as to create a more pleasing life experience. It's merely the reflection of past thoughts." or "I am that lack of money. You're just acknowledging that. and it's just a matter of expressing it more fully. you look at your situation and say.

gained through self-knowledge. one of many circumstances you experience. Do not judge it as “bad. and look at this “problem” as merely a circumstance in your life. your Soul.. your Eternal Self. whatever happens to be in front of you. whatever you want to call it). All judgment. ill health — anything that is not to your liking. In this exercise. The optimum is to maintain your peace and calmness. Any judgment restricts that flow… it's like shutting off a faucet. BE. whatever they happen to be. You may not like it. your power increases. “Power” spoken of here doesn’t mean force and manipulation. Do this without judgment. This could be a less-than-satisfying relationship. what would you rather have in your life. “Why am I that?” “Why is that in my life?” Lesson Four: The Principle of Karma Copyright © 2009 Harrison Klein & The Masters Gathering . Let others have their I Am's. we take a look at it from a different perspective. anger and any negative emotion. and let the things of the Universe.The 11 Principles of Being Page 11 The Masters Gathering inseparable from The Whole. restrict the flow. Write it here: ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ Pause for a moment. lack of financial abundance. and how can you implement it. so everything that exists is actually you. But the less you judge anybody. which only constricts the flow. Just accept that they are behaving the way they are. just let them have their behavior. When asking "Why am I that?" or "Why is that in my life?" the Universe will answer. accepting it doesn't mean you have to like it. If you are angry with someone's behavior. Reframing a "problem" When we “reframe” something. Now ask yourself. you are judging their behavior. The flow is your energy. particularly when directed at yourself. And as your flow remains open. and you will have an understanding of your situation. the channeling of your super-conscious self (your Big Self. condemnation. choose something that’s happening in your life that you don’t want to be there. the easier your flow is going to be.” It just IS. Real power comes with a certainty of who you are. Then ask yourself what the correction is.. coupled with a realization of your role as creator of your world. Instead.

until you uncover the original reason you “took on” that negative situation. which guides you throughout your life. “Why?” many times. going as far back into your past as you can. you might like to go further and ask yourself. what do you think the message is for you? Finally.The 11 Principles of Being Page 12 The Masters Gathering Feel the answers and awareness well up within you. how can you “reframe” that negative situation into a positive one. or a new way of looking at yourself? ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ Blame. set up that situation. Or look at it this way: If your Soul. Guilt and Responsibility Nothing you see or experience can be caused by any source outside of Lesson Four: The Principle of Karma Copyright © 2009 Harrison Klein & The Masters Gathering . and write your insights here or on other paper: ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ If this situation has caused you much turbulence or heartache. an indication of something that needs to be changed in your life.

your growth and your joy. Even before you came into this physical body. their karmic debt for their actions. The 3 parts of you (your conscious mind. Responsibility never means guilt and blame. at first. but to do yourself a favor. But as you raise your awareness and your consciousness. When you don’t accept responsibility for the things in your life.The 11 Principles of Being Page 13 The Masters Gathering you. It's none of your concern. You will be preventing yourself from expanding and finding responses to the situation. and your super-conscious or Higher Self) make decisions about your life experience. your boss. The decisions you're not aware of will result in manifestations that. you made some major decisions as to the purpose and major highlights of your life. As an extension of Source. you are giving up your power — your power to affect your life. So when you forgive them. in your waking moments you sometimes make unconscious decisions. That's a very simple truth. then that belief will keep you from seeing how you can respond to those things. and there is incredible freedom with that realization. Not to do them a favor. etc. to change it and to create it in any way you want. you release the energy for other positive things to come to you. will seem to be coming from outside of you. This causes you to be blocked in terms of relationship problems. financial difficulties. you begin to wipe out that misperception. Whether you forgive them or not is YOUR karmic situation. caused by any external source (such as your friends. If you believe that things are happening TO you. It opens up YOUR flow. At that level. your job is to focus on the things you want to create in your life — to focus on your expansion. depending on the level of awareness and consciousness you've cultivated. Anything unwanted is just a symptom of a blockage of the Source Energy flow. you are taking responsibility for every single thing that happens in your life. In your sleep a part of you makes decisions. The past is done. The other person still has their own cause and effect situation. And if you don't take responsibility for the things that are occurring in your life. those are only expressed by people who have unresolved issues and memories. You had a goal for coming here. your subconscious. Guilt and blame are not Lesson Four: The Principle of Karma Copyright © 2009 Harrison Klein & The Masters Gathering . you give up response-ability. Forgive others. loss of a job. so it really does no one any good to try to revisit it. the economy — anything other than yourself).

This is such a mind-boggling insight that once you understand and accept it. As you gain awareness of your role in creating the things in your experience. "I Am That. Don't dwell on the past. In other words. with responsibility comes an awareness that the source of all you see and experience is YOU. is always in equilibrium. right now — could dramatically affect not only your life but the lives of everyone else on the planet. We live in a huge. Everything each of us does has an affect on everyone else… every thought. so these conditions manifested in your life as growth and learning opportunities. including the things you were unaware of creating." Never allow yourself to become frozen with guilt. you can decide to act differently the next time. Even though we may not immediately see how that's so. then you begin to understand that somewhere inside of you. for example. In terms of things you may feel guilty about that you have done: Whatever you did. and there are no mistakes… just learning opportunities. Responsibility simply means acknowledging that nothing you see or experience has been caused by anything outside yourself. know that the Universe is in perfect order. one change in the thoughts you are thinking — today. you wanted a change or a certain area of growth. and what you learned from that occurrence. With what you know now. Impacting Others We are all gifts and miracles to each other. Meteorologists have theorized that the flap of a butterfly’s wings. it will change the way you interact with the world and thus will change your life. The idea is that one small action can result in remarkable differences in outcome within a large and complex system. every Lesson Four: The Principle of Karma Copyright © 2009 Harrison Klein & The Masters Gathering .The 11 Principles of Being Page 14 The Masters Gathering related in any way to responsibility. The “Butterfly Effect” is spoken of in popular culture as well as scientific circles. just decide to act correctly the next time. Therefore. and telling yourself. connected system in which we are all One. we are. could account for drastic weather patterns felt on the other side of the world. interwoven. especially for past failures. Of course it takes learning and maturity to come to this understanding and see the link. and you start on that learning path by monitoring your thoughts in a non-judgmental way.

At all the times you can. To all the people you can. is the second prime law in the Universe. every action. In all the ways you can. not bound by time or space or form. Lesson Four: The Principle of Karma Copyright © 2009 Harrison Klein & The Masters Gathering . When we start building businesses that are deliberately designed to give rather than receive. By all the means you can. So seek correct and fair trade with everyone you come into contact with. next to Being. give it away first.” ~ John Wesley Conclusion  The Karmic Principle.The 11 Principles of Being Page 15 The Masters Gathering word. In all the places you can. and watch your whole world change! “Do all the good you can. Businesses that cause the elevation of others prosper. Whatever you want to get. cause another to have it first. then we will have true growth. designed to increase others' wealth and happiness. or the Principle of Cause and Effect. Look for win-win situations... Follow the Principle of Cause and Effect. It is the force behind the creation of your life. either through your business or in your daily life. As long as ever you can. without the serious side effects that have happened in the past and which we see playing out today. It's a huge chain reaction in the universe.

exponentially. you will experience that in your own life. manifestations and your life circumstances are the Effects. By helping other people to become wealthy in any area of their life. then the effect will be automatic. you become wealthy yourself.The 11 Principles of Being Page 16 The Masters Gathering  Thoughts are the Cause. Forgiveness and Non-judgment in order to become more fully open to the Universal Flow of Energy with which you create your life. Cultivate Peace. When you cause others to experience anything.    Lesson Four: The Principle of Karma Copyright © 2009 Harrison Klein & The Masters Gathering . If you set the right cause in motion.

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