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NKO M9 E-Learning Answers

NKO M9 E-Learning Answers


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Navy, NKO, E-Learning, Answers, Exam, M9
Navy, NKO, E-Learning, Answers, Exam, M9

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Published by: Ianspire on Feb 06, 2009
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M-9 9mm Study Guide Answers: (without questions) 1:A Chambered Round 2:Grasp the pistol grip firmly with two

hands Keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction Keep the trigger finger straight along the receiver Extend the arms downward at a 45-degree angle to the body Ensure the pistol is on safe 3:Condition Condition 2 Condition 3 Condition 4 1 Magazine inserted, round in chamber, slide forward, safety on Not applicable to M9 pistol Magazine inserted, chamber empty, slide forward, safety on Magazine removed, chamber empty, slide forward, safety on

4:After a round has been chambered 5:15 6:Condition 2 7:Slide is pulled to the rear and stop is engaged by hand 8:Make Ready 9:50 10:1800 11:Condition 4 with the slide locked to the rear 12:True 13:Cocking 14:Ensure the pistol is in Condition 4, with the slide locked to the rear 15:(Check Mark All) 16:It is locked fully to the rear 17:Ensure pistol is in Condition 4 with the slide locked to the rear 18:Receiver, Slide and Barrel, Magazine Assy. 19:Prior to rotating disassembly lever down 20:Rule Rule Rule fire Rule 1 - Treat every weapon as if it were loaded 2 - Never point a weapon at anything you do not intend to shoot 3 - Keep your trigger finger straight and off the trigger until ready to 4 - Keep weapon on safe until you intend to fire

21:Grab, Draw, Smack, Look and Squeeze

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