Round  and  Round  and  Round  It  Goes  

Lion  Heart  –  Humandala  2012  by  Sri  Gawn  Tu  Fahr  



The  almighty  circle  has  been  heralded  as  a  powerful  symbol  throughout   human  history.  In  art,  science,  philosophy,  metaphysics,  religion  and   spiritual  teachings,  it  has  become  an  object  of  fascination  and  reverence   for  many.  Every  circle,  no  matter  how  large,  is  a  closed  system,  a  limited   construct  of  the  myopic  mechanical  mind.  Your  divine  imagination  is   capable  of  transporting  you  beyond  the  worlds  of  circles  into  the   boundless,  loving  heart  of  God  where  all  circles  have  their  being.     ~~~~~~~     A  circle  is  an  interesting  construct  of  the  mind.  Making  a  conscious   choice  to  enter  or  exit  a  circle  is  much  different  than  unwittingly  living   inside  someone  else’s  circle.     ~~~~~~~  

The problem with this circle I’m in is that I always come back to the same place over and over again. Jeez, I wish I could understand what reincarnation is “wheely” all about.

The largest circle the mind can possibly imagine sits within yet one more circle. Have you ever felt like you were going around in circles? I’m sure you can see where this is heading.

If you hold a circle in your hands and give it a half twist, it becomes the symbol for infinity.

~~~~~~~   A  few  like  to  lead,  but  most  like  to  follow   Many  seek  things  that  are  empty  and  hollow   The  circle  expands  as  the  lies  keep  on  growing   One  hell  of  a  party  the  clever  minds  throwing    

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