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Skyward - Creating an Attendance Roster

Skyward - Creating an Attendance Roster

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Published by: jerthebear on Dec 19, 2012
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Printing an Attendance Roster

(--Developed by Jim Kelly, District Tech. Specialist)

Yes, there is an easier way rather than exporting to Excel. You can use this process to create a .pdf attendance sheet for your substitute teachers or any other task that might require a roster. (Note: as it is a .pdf, you cannot enter data directly into it or Skyward.) Cick on “My Gradebook.” Under “Reports for All Classes” choose “Summary Report by Class.”

If this is the first time you are running this report, you will need to “Clone” it in order to change the parameters. Click “Clone Template,” name it, click “Save,” and the options window will open. You can choose the date ranges you want to include and modify any settings you wish. When you have made your selection. Click “Save.”

You can set the Attendance range for the term for either the term, or specific date ranges. Choose student name, and select “Show Entered Attendance Only” to have blank boxes for taking attendance (or recording scores, if you wish).

After clicking “Save,” you will be returned to the report print screen. Make sure your new template is chosen and click “Print.”

The report will “Print” to a .pdf file. Look it over to make sure it meets your needs. If so, choose the “Print” command from the bottom of the .pdf window. (Mouse over the bottom of the window if necessary).

The dates at the top of each week are the starting dates for that week.

If you need to make any changes, you can return to the “Print” screen and “Modify the parameters” of the report (or clone it to create a new one).

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