EVALUATION ACTIVITY 2 how does your media product represent particular social groups?

Below I am going to compare our protagonist to another actress which influenced us for our two minute opening sequence. For both characters I will be talking about the similarities and differences between them and also talking about how the two characters are presented when it comes to the roles including costume, props and the way they are being presented.

Stevie from ‘The Pact’

Lily playing the antagonist in ‘SATANIC’

Stevie from ‘The Pact’ plays the part of a girl who is a girl with psychic powers and can feel death around her. Stevies role in the film is to find out if there is a spirit living in a house of a person she knew in high school. Her face is showing that she may have experienced something drastic in the past because during the film of ‘The Pact’ Stevie has some sort of attack and knows there is an evil spirit and her expression is showing that she is possessed by the way she talks and her off skin colour this is quite similar to our production because Lily skin colour looks more paler than to her whole body which is hinting out that she is also possessed and the hint of red under her eyes. The makeup is a good contrast between the two characters showing a similarity. Another similarity is the colour schemes which are dark and dull creating atmosphere full of tension while the ougia board is being played upon and espically the part when it is being played upon the lighting is dim. The difference between these two characters is that more or less in the film of ‘The Pact’ Stevie is maintained and kept under control by her friend but with Lily she is all by herself with no one telling her what to do and someone is not controlling her. Another difference would be that the locations are different however the ouiga board game are both set in a home and done by an individual whereas in Lilys case she attempts the rest of the game herself without Endora also Stevie was possessed from the start whereas Lily gets possessed after she has fallen when the cliff hanger has arisen. Stevie has fits and repeats herself of the person she knows that is present, in the house and Lily is just an innocent young girl who is playing the ougia board and not having a tragic life in the past.

Stevie is introduced as a character that is dull, lonely and has a tragic life in her younger years she can sense the dead anywhere her screams are linked with Endoras has she screams when she has ended up in a open field. We chose that our characters should not have a indirect role as this would not be appropriate for suspense and tension to build up and the audience may get confused as to what is going on. Stevie and Lily are both dressed casual plain clothes this can also link to the film ‘Insidious’ as they also have a similar convention of lighting and similar clothing. To conclude, overall it is clear that both characters have similarities and differences as to what their role is in the film however they positively portray themselves making the film effective by being original and suspicious.

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