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Press Release Crow Hazing 2012-13

Press Release Crow Hazing 2012-13

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Published by: Newzjunky on Dec 19, 2012
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December 19, 2012 For Immediate Release Contact: Elliott B. Nelson, Assistant to the City Manager CROW HAZING TO BEGIN DECEMBER 26 At the request of the City of Watertown, Loomacres Wildlife Management, Warnerville, NY will be conducting a crow dispersal program aimed at reducing the winter crow roost within the City. The Loomacres Wildlife Management biologists have scheduled three nights of crow hazing activities beginning December 26th, through and including December 28th. Control methods will be employed throughout the City from dusk until dawn during this time period. Additionally, the Loomacres team will conduct follow-up hazing activities beginning January 2nd, through and including January 4th. Residents can expect similar crow hazing activates during both timeframes. Loomacres’ trained wildlife biologists will disperse crows from their roosts during the three-night periods by utilizing special remote controlled aircraft, playing distress calls, firing low-yield pyrotechnics (screamers and bangers), using handheld lasers and limited lethal means if deemed appropriate by the City. These techniques should cause the crows to relocate to an alternative, more suitable roosting site outside the City and reduce the human health and safety risks associated with an urban crow roost. Residents of the City of Watertown are advised that the use of pyrotechnics, lasers and other devises used during the crow dispersal process produce lights and noises similar to sirens and fireworks. These activities may be heard and/or observed by local residents. We apologize in advance for any disturbance. Citizens are still encouraged to provide the location, estimated size, and dates and times of sightings of the crow flock. Loomacres Wildlife Management will continue to use this information as they work to move the crow flock out of the City. The toll-free phone number to report crow activates within the City of Watertown is 1-800-243-1462. To report crow activities on-line, go to www.airportwildlife.com/crows.php For further information or questions, please contact the City Manager’s Office at (315) 785-7730.

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