Nicole vosper - Action Learning pathway – end of year review 2011

Goal Holm gren's Domain
Ethics & Design Principles

Theory in Action/ Permaculture Lifestyle
Apply theory learnt through zone 00 design

Learning & Skill development Opportunities
Read Holmgren’s book and other core theory texts

Design Practice Opportunities/ Potential Projects
Do a Zone 00/personal lifeway plan

Complementary Criteria: Dissemation Community Building Symmetry Evaluations and Costings
Post plan up on potential blog/website to share with others

Timeline/ scale


Diploma Design Decisions for 2012
Write more reflective blog pieces on permaculture principles.

To fully understand the core principles of permaculture

Continuous learning. Aim to ‘finish’ zone 00 design by end of April 2011

To know how to creatively and successfully teach permaculture to others

Education & Culture

Try and be a living example of permaculture

Apprentice on a design course and other events, read teachers guide, do PTTLS course, attend a TOT event Advanced design courses or those that specialise e.g. urban perm. Reading design manuals, technical tutorials

Designing course materials, potential opportunities with Transition Towns ‘great reskilling’

Part of dissemation, if with a community project it would be towards community building

Potentially 2011 if opportunities arise, else a key focus in 2012 Brook End designs are main priority of 2011, aim to complete at least one community design in 2011 – major focus in 2012 Core design of own FG by May 2011.

To be able to design effective systems including home gardens, smallholdings, allotments, schools, farms, community gardens, sanctuaries and other land based areas.

Land & Nature Stewardship

Ensure ‘own house is in order’ e.g. bender/forest garden, Brook End

Bender/forest garden Brook End including components Jo’s Allotment Community Garden with Transition Towns Sanctuaries in future

Share designs and experience of design process with others include. Potential learning guild, via my website, Positive News blog. Design community gardens and projects

Feel like permaculture principles are more embedded in my life. Read Holmgren’s book. Did life & career review with Gaia Uni & Learning Intentions Pathway design Bought teachers book. Booked on TOT January 2012. Booked on apprentice teaching positions. Hosting intro weekend & other courses. Brook End design work is well under way. Have large community project beginning g in 2012. Have several articles published.

Contact different teachers to apprentice on different courses. Read more on learning theory for best practice. Design a design work plan – for beyond Brook End projects, really be specific about learning needs & research opportunities. Book on to M.Crawford’s ART course in 2012. Subscribe to agroforestry news. Try to find at least 1 other FG design project. Design plant nursery at Brook End to accelerate learning. Aim to attend a FSC botany course with grant available. Do habitat restoration course at CAT.

To understand and know how to design, implement and maintain forest gardens

Land & Nature Stewardship

Design own forest garden at Brook End to meet my needs

Read books on FG. ART courses. Project visits. Subscribe to journals and updates on FG.

Forest Garden at Brook End. Other potential FG designs with community projects.

Record my yields of my FG for research purposes, document its establishment and share design with others. Do an accurate costings. Potentially design community scale FG.

Have not completed final design of forest garden at Brook End due to observation decisions.

To be able to know how to successfully propagate, grow, prune and care for a wide variety of herbs, shrubs and trees To recognise an abundance of wild species including flowers, trees, mammals and insects and have knowledge of their attributes, uses and relationships in their communities

Land & Nature Stewardship Land & Nature Stewardship

Own garden.

Continuous learning and interest via daily life.

RHS correspondence courses. Local gardening groups. Technical tutorials and workshops. Internship at RHS gardens. Self-ed with identification guides at Brook End and local nature reserves. Field skills courses with FSC and others. Attend local talks and events put on by wildlife trust and other conservation groups. PFAF website.

Could establish nursery set-up for local projects e.g. native trees and shrubs or medicinal herbs Wildflower meadow design. Habitat management plans using skills.

When confident can share skills and experience with others via blog, articles etc. Can lead workshops. Can share knowledge with others via articles, blogs etc and could lead events. Document observations over time as a useful resource for others.

Continuous. Complete RHS course if grant application is successful. Continuous learning.

Am completing RHS level 3 course. Have completed 2 apple grafting workshops. PASTE analysis at Brook End enhanced species identification skills, have recognized this is a long term learning project. Been to one wildlife trust event. Did biodiversity research & plan for Brook End.

To be able to read the landscape and better understand its social and ecological processes

Land & Nature Stewardship

Continuous learning and interest via daily life.

Read Living Landscapes book. Open University environmental courses. Attend Patrick Whitefield talk. Make own observations. Ecology courses. Practical experience via getting involved with Transition Towns. Project management /systems thinking related course with OU. Undertake any training offered by the Permaculture Association, TT network, social enterprise support networks etc. Self-education with field guides and home cooking. Wild food courses with more experienced enthusiasts. Self-education with books on storage techniques. Practical workshops e.g. fermentation, home brewing etc.

Broadscale landscape designs.

Can share knowledge with others via articles, blogs etc. Document observations over time as a useful resource for others. Do a permaculture-themed OU project.

Finish LL book by end of February 2011. Make observations daily.

To be able to start, plan, design and implement, as well as maintain and cocreate community projects

Education & Culture, Land tenure & Community Governance

To be able to recognise an abundance of British wild foods and have practical experience in safely harvesting and eating them To be able to safely and effectively store my garden produce including making products such as herbal remedies

Land & Nature Stewardship

Support community projects in all I do e.g. local food networks, LETS etc. Ensure a certain amount of my time is dedicated to supporting my community. Eat wild foods regularly and experiment with recipes.

Community projects e.g. Avalon community forest garden

Can share experience with others via articles etc. Evaluation and costings likely to be used.

Hedgerow design. Wild food walks.

Could lead wild food workshops at Brook End. Can record my experiences/observations and publish successful recipes.

Be involved with local transition group throughout 2011 and 2012. Dedicate a lot of design time in 2012 to community projects as a priority. Continuous.

Attended Patrick’s talk. Have bought Living Landscape book but not read fully. Undertook regenerative agriculture course which has supported broadscale learning & water management. Have been regularly involved with Transition Glastonbury as a group contact for the Food Group. Several successful events & projects over 2011. No specific land based projects as this has not surfaced as being the priority. Have harvested nettles & berries and wild greens but not much more & not as regularly as I’d have liked. Have completed a Brook End harvesting strategy, November 2011 following preferred observation route.

Work through living landscape book during Gaia Uni work on regenerative land use. Do reading on landscape history. Design a 2012 food group strategy as a potential diploma design. Contnue to work with food group. Apply permaculture to new job with Somerset Community Food. Need to design in Wild Food learning into 2012 pathway so that this is given dedicated time & energy. Design a harvesting schedule for 2012 so I can design around key events e.g. apple harvest. Design a herb drying room. Design herb garden ‘formally’ for 2012 before end of January 2012.

Health & Spiritual Wellbeing, Tools & Technology

Ensure own food, cosmetics and medicines are made as much as possible from own garden. Make own remedies, nourish my body as best as I can, ‘accept feedback’ via my body to best support my health Set up rainwater harvesting system at home.

Storage strategies as part of Brook End design. Any new ideas/innovations.

Any novel ideas could be published in permaculture magazine. Other experiences can be shared online, via articles etc. Can lead workshops on skills gained.

Continuous. As part of Brook End design by May 2011.

To have an intimate knowledge of healing herbs and their actions on the body

Health & Spiritual Wellbeing

To be able to design and implement water harvesting systems


Self-education with books, the web etc. Practical experience growing herbs, making remedies and using them. Attend workshops and events e.g. herbfest. Correspondence courses. Self-education with books. Attend CAT course. Other workshops.

Herb garden at Brook End e.g. herb spiral and medicinal mandala

Tours around herb garden when constructed, can document process and share with others online etc.

Continuous. Aim to have designed herb garden by May 2011.

Brook End. Part of other designs as they arise e.g. Jo’s allotment.

Can write a review of the CAT course for Positive News. Can share my design work with others. Could run courses at Brook End.

Course is in April 2011; design Brook End system by May 2011. Course is in April 2011; design Brook End system by May 2011.

Have completed medicinal resilience research & concept design for herb garden. New learning on medicinal trees & shrubs. Attended Herbfest as a CPD event. Completed eco rainwater supplies course at CAT. Have designed system for greenhouses at Brook End, need to implement. Completed ecological sewage treatment course at CAT. Also had WET systems presentation during RegenAG course. Have identified sewage needs at Brook End.

To be able to design, implement and maintain ecological sewage solutions including composting toilets, reedbeds and wetland treatment systems

Building, Land & Nature Stewardship

Build a compost toilet in bender area of Brook End. Design a wetland system at Brook End.

Self-education. Attend CAT course. Technical tutorial and design tutorial with tutor.

Brook End including at bender site and developing pond system. Part of other designs as they arise.

Can write a review of the CAT course for Positive News. Can share my design work with others.

Order items from ebay & other sites to construct rainwater harvesting system at Brook End. Design WET system/pond redesign at Brook End by end of March 2012. Install second set of compost toilets

To understand and have practical experience in sustainable woodland management including being able to design new woodlands, coppice woods, create woodland products

Land & Nature Stewardship, Tools & Technology

Support local woodsmen and wood conservation projects. Manage woodland at Brook End.

Self education, read Oliver Rackman, Ben Law books etc. Attend a Ben Law/other woodland course. Talks and walks by the Woodlands Trust etc. Volunteer at a woodland project. Living Willow course. Arboriculture home study course.

Part of Brook End Design. Potential project may arise via volunteering etc.

Can write a review of the Ben Law course for Positive News. Can offer design services to woodland groups/owners when experienced.

Attend living willow course in February with Mum. Order books from library ASAP. Aim to do a woodlands course by 2012 if not 2011. Do HCC course in 2012.

Attended living willow course in February. No other woodland study but have researched options for 2012. Have intentionally designed for woodlands to be a focus for 2012 not 2011.

To understand ecological restoration processes and be able to design, implement and maintain restoration projects

Land & Nature Stewardship

Fully develop Brook End for wildlife benefits.

To understand social/alternative economic systems and have practical experience in their implementation e.g. LETS, credit unions etc.

Finance & Economics

Support community enterprises in daily life e.g. credit unions. Ensure ‘own house is in order’.

Self-education. Technical tutorials and courses e.g. habitat management with RSPB. Get experience with a restoration project via volunteering. Landcare reafforestation course with ACS. Volunteer opportunities with Transition Towns, local LETs groups, Mendip community credit union etc. Self-education RE economics.

Restoration project.

Can document my experiences and share with others. Do community restoration project.

Make a key focus in 2012.

Have done biodiversity plan for Brook End. Not attended any other specific courses.

by June 2012. Do urine harvesting design by April 2012. Order Ben Law book & then book on course. Potentially do HCC arboriculture course. Identify projects to visit during 2012 especially during Regen Land Use output with Gaia Uni. Aim to do 1 woodland redesign by end of 2012. Do habitat recreation course at CAT.

Zone 00 plan. Community finance project.

Record my experiences of local projects. Publicise effective schemes via positive news. Share my experience from my zone 00 process.

Aim to complete Zone 00 design by May 2011. Aim to have some experience of economic systems by end of 2012. By mid 2012 if not before.

Have not prioritized economic learning, am slowly becoming involved in Avalon fairshares via transition Glastonbury.

To be able to understand, design and implement appropriate technology systems for small-scale offgrid systems including PV systems. To know how to design and make bender dwellings

Tools & technology, Building

Install PV system for bender.

Self-education online, via books etc. CAT or other courses.

Bender design.

Share my experiences in bender design at Brook End.

Have not prioritized these systems or done any self-education.

Need to design in evaluation & costings into my design and business planning. These will be key learning areas in 2012 – do a learning design for these. Could do an energy design in 2012, or a bender re-design. Could visit other benders for additional learning/design exchange. Feel it is best to defer this until I am off license and can organise in radical circles again!

Tools & technology, Building

Make own bender.

To understand wider environmental and social issues in which permaculture offers solutions including international trade, food security, political systems,


Try to live as an ethical and sustainable life as possible. Maintain awareness of issues.

Self-education via practical experience. Books/websites for reference. Visit other bender sites in UK e.g. Kings Hill Self-education via books, reading newspapers & magazines, watching films, NGO reports, activist resources etc. Talk to people on the frontlines.

Bender design.

Record bender design experiences; make observations of bender living and dissemate via blog etc. Run bender-building workshops at Brook End in the long term. Publicise relevant news and campaigns via positive news, own website and email lists etc. Record experiences of injustice and any participation I have in projects.

Build bender by March 2011.

Have built bender! Have not recorded this process publically due to planning and so forth. Wrote a liberation permaculture article for Permaculture Magazine and have created a website but not updated it.

Could potentially do a design to support an activist group e.g. volunteer in Palestine. Zone 00 design.

Continuous learning. Fundraise for Palestine 2012, go September 2012.

indigenous survival and resistance, industrial agriculture and so forth. To have personal experience of alternative community/social systems by way of living in, working or volunteering with or visiting pioneering community projects

Land Tenure & Community Governance

Three generational living at Brook End. Aim to live in communities if I move/go travelling.

Attend open days/volunteering weekends at community projects to meet them and network. WOOF long term. Read articles etc. Ecovillage training.

Long term I could be part of a community that I have helped design.

Can record my own experiences visiting projects. Can promote groups and projects via my website and via positive news.

Ongoing. Aim to visit at least 4 communities a year.

Have visited a number of growing projects this year including Monkton Wyld Court through the LAND scheme, Karuna & torganics.

To be able to understand grassland management and use a scythe To be able use CAD software to produce professional designs

Land & Nature Stewardship Tools & Technology

Field at Brook End.

Course with LILI or other workshop. Read books.

Part of Brook End design.

Can record my experiences of attending the course and share.

Aim to have attended a course by at max 2012. Have software by February 2011.

Have not attended a course as of yet.

At home.

Self-education with teach yourself guide and software. Training course at local college. Technical tutorials. Site visits with the Vegan Organic Network (when allowed). Self-education via books, DVDs, journals. Organic Horticultural Management course.

Part of design process.

When experienced, can offer skills to others.

To be able to design and create cruelty free, domesticated-animal free systems

Land & Nature Stewardship

Vegan organic methods at home. Veganism in everyday life.

Brook End. Stock free organic farms by way of referral from VON.

Can write articles promoting veganic systems. Create a vegan/domesticated animal-free system working group.Talks and tours at Brook End as living example. Support for VON/volunteering time and energy.

When license conditions allow.

Underestimated the time it would take to complete this task but have designed this learning into my Gaia Uni output 4. Have requested for a second time to probation RE contact with VON. Will pursue solicitors if not successful.

Need to write a list of places to visit in 2012. Could get potential grant from Merlin trust, make it a multifunctional trip. Particularly keen to see veganic sites. Organise this as a skillshare weekend with RTF to save money. Complete in January for Gaia Uni ouput 4. Make it a priority & learn MapInfo skills too. Continue to do own research, design a veganic project as a research project and use it as one of my 10 DAPD designs.

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