$50.3 million awarded to 84 Projects
CFA # County AppIicant Project TitIe Description Agency
19712 Albany
Albany College of
Pharmacy and Health
Albany College of Pharmacy
and Health Sciences Facility
Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences will upgrade
its laboratory facilities for student and research use, including
installation of precision instrumentation.
ESD $150,000
17823 Albany Albany County
Albany County Rail Trail
Development Project
Albany County will construct the 9-mile section of the Albany
County Rail Trail it acquired in 2008, linking the Town of
Bethlehem to the City of Albany in the process. Construction
will include repairing damaged culverts, and deteriorated
bridges and infrastructure acquired from Delaware and Hudson
Railroad. Plans for the Trail include linkages to the City of
Albany Riverfront, the City of Cohoes and Rotterdam Junction,
resulting in over 50 miles of continuous bike-hike trails.
Parks $500,000
16897 Albany Albany Medical Center
Park South Mixed-use
Albany Medical Center will initiate the Park South Mixed-use
Redevelopment project, which includes improvements to
streets, sidewalks, curbs, pedestrian crossings, street trees,
water and sewer mains and other utility lines to prepare a two-
block area.
ESD $500,000
17778 Albany Capitalize Albany Blight to Betterment
Capitalize Albany Corporation will rehabilitate nine abandoned
properties in the City of Albany. The award will be combined
with Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and
Neighborhood Stabilization Bond funds to rehabilitate 23
residential units.
HCR $200,000
18656 Albany City of Albany
Greening the Quail Street
The City of Albany will use GÌGP funds to improve water quality
and reduce runoff by incorporating bioretention, permeable
pavement, and stormwater street trees throughout the Quail
Street Corridor.
EFC $1,795,500
18790 Albany City of Albany
Albany Waterfront
Performance Place and
Livingston Landing
The City of Albany will redevelop the Albany Waterfront
Performance Place/Livingston Landing to include the design a
state-of-the-art covered stage, improvements to the existing
800-seat amphitheater, and docks at Albany's Corning
DOS, ESD $950,000
17026 Albany
City of Albany Ìndustrial
Development Agency
TMG NY Albany Ì LP
Renovation of a 179-unit affordable senior housing
development, upgrading units and building systems with energy
efficient appliances and systems, and accommodating various
types of supportive services (e.g., on-site health services,
transportation, accounting) to allow the senior population to
have a more productive lifestyle.
ESD $11,500,000
18025 Albany
College of Nanoscale
Science and
Zero Energy Nanotech
Building (ZEN)
The SUNY College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering will
design a 100,000 sq. ft. zero net energy building at its Albany
campus. The project will incorporate high efficiency and
renewable energy technologies.
NYSERDA $1,000,000
17759 Albany
Fuller Road
Management Corp.
Smart Cities Technology
Ìnnovation Center SCiTÌ at
Kiernan Plaza
The Smart Cities Technology Ìnnovation Center (SCiTi) project
will reuse Kiernan Plaza to attract high-tech firms by
establishing co-location opportunities in a downtown setting
and support for companies conducting research at CNSE's
Nano Tech Complex.
ESD $4,000,000
!"#!$#"%!" &'()*!
CFA # County AppIicant Project TitIe Description Agency
17573 Albany
Housing Visions
Consultants, Ìnc.
Sheridan Hollow Village
Housing Visions Consultants, Ìnc. will construct an affordable
mixed-use building in the City of Albany. The award will be
used to construct three commercial spaces as part of a larger
initiative to redevelop Sheridan Hollow as a mixed-income,
mixed-use sustainable community in Albany.
HCR $200,000
18634 Albany
Retronix Ìnternational
Fabrication and Equipment
Retronix Ìnternational Ìnc. of Malta in Saratoga County will
provide on-the-job training to 10 newly-hired workers in
fabrication processes and equipment.
DOL $65,000
18019 Albany
The Arsenal Business
& Technology
Arsenal Biomass Cogen
The Arsenal Business & Technology Partnership will install a
new biomass fueled cogeneration plant and gas fired steam
turbine to produce additional steam and electricity at the
Watervliet Arsenal.
NYSERDA $1,000,000
19940 Albany
The Pepsi Bottling
Operations and Performance
Pepsi Bottling Group of Albany will train 250 workers in total
productive manufacturing, maintenance education, and high
performance work systems.
DOL $100,000
19632 Albany Village of Ravena
Village of Ravena Sanitary
Sewer Overflow Elimination
The Village of Ravena will complete an engineering report to
assess options to abatement the sanitary sewer overflows in
the Village.
DEC $19,840
19966 Albany
Yincae Advanced
Materials, LLC
Assembly and Materials
Yincae Advanced Materials, LLC of Albany will provide on-the-
job training for 32 newly-hired workers in modern assembly
processes and advanced materials product packaging.
DOL $100,000
Albany Medical College
NY CAP Research Alliance
Matching Grants Program
The New York Capital Research Alliance Matching Grants
Program (Phase ÌÌ) will create a $1 million matching grants
program for researchers at the Alliance's partnering institutions
to attract and leverage federal and corporate funding.
ESD $500,000
Albany Symphony
American Music Festival:
Christopher Rouse and His
American Legacy
The Albany Symphony Orchestra will present 'American Music
Festival: Christopher Rouse and his American Legacy'. The
program is inspired by the work of composer Christopher
Rouse and his many extraordinary students. The Orchestra's
American Music Festival is its most ambitious annual event.
The Festival includes concerts, free public events and
collaborations with student musicians.
Arts $75,000
Senior Services of
Albany, Ìnc.
Meals on Wheels Culinary
Training Ìnitiative
Senior Services of Albany, Ìnc. will provide on-the-job training
for 12 newly-hired workers in culinary skills including
understanding weights and measures, prepping and batch
cooking, Servsafe (a food handling safety program), food
storage, equipment operation and time management.
DOL $52,800
17960 Columbia
Columbia Economic
Columbia County Value-Added
Agricultural Program
Columbia County Economic Development will help four existing
value added producers and processors with expansion projects
in Columbia County: Hudson-Chatham Winery in Ghent; Beth's
Farm Kitchen in Stuyvesant; Pampered Cow in Ghent; and
Chatham Brewing in Chatham.
Ag & Mkts $82,200
14279 Columbia
Harlem Valley Rail Trail
Association Ìnc.
Harlem Valley Rail Trail
Planning Chatham to Philmont
The Harlem Valley Rail Trail Association will prepare the
designs for the final 11 miles of the 46-mile Harlem Valley Rail
Trail from its terminus at Railroad Plaza in the Village of
Chatham south to Presseur Road in the Village of Philmont.
Parks $258,750
14806 Columbia
Shaker Museum and
Mount Lebanon North
The Shaker Museum and Library will acquire 61 acre north
pastures. A national historic landmark located in the Town of
New Lebanon. The acquisition is the next step in the
museum's plan to develop an anchor cultural and tourism
Parks $150,000
17431 Columbia The Olana Partnership
Restoration of East Lawn
Plantings and Coachman's
The Olana Partnership will restore historic landscaping in the
area that surrounds the main house at Olana State Historic
Parks $343,000
!"#!$#"%!" &'()*"
CFA # County AppIicant Project TitIe Description Agency
Taconic Farms, Ìnc.
Animal Care Technicians
Training Program
Taconic Farms, Ìnc. of Germantown and Rensselaer will train
50 workers.
DOL $6,041
15154 Essex, Warren Town of Chester
Ìmplementation of the Schroon
Lake Watershed Management
The Town of Chester, in cooperation with the Schroon Lake
watershed communities and Warren County Soil and Water
Conservation District, will implement recommendations from
the Schroon Lake Watershed Management Plan. Project
components include: construction of stormwater retrofit
projects; a roadside erosion control program; a voluntary on-
site wastewater treatment system pump out and water
conservation program; implementation of invasive plant
management strategies to control Eurasian milfoil; and Lake
Stewardship programs.
DOS $300,000
15748 Greene
Catskill Mountain
Housing Development
Corporation, Ìnc.
Windham Willows Senior
Catskill Mountain Housing Development Corp. will renovate the
Windham Willows senior housing project located at 94 Mitchell
Hollow Road in the Town of Windham. The award will be used
to design and construct a sewer lateral for the complex to
replace an older, worn septic system.
HCR $100,000
17372 Greene
Catskill Mountain
Housing Development
Corporation, Ìnc.
Prattsville Homeownership
Catskill Mountain Housing Development Corp. will implement
the "Choose Prattsville" Homebuyer Assistance Program to
assist low income persons in the Town of Prattsville to
purchase manufactured homes.
HCR $200,000
16707 Greene Greene County
Design and Construct Historic
Catskill Downtown and
Waterfront Enhancements
The Village of Catskill will design and construct the Catskill
Creek Walking Loop, which will serve as a connection between
historic Main Street and the commercial and recreational area
on the south side of the creek. The project will provide a
uniform walking surface, lighting, railings, and landscaping.
DOS $600,000
17678 Greene
Greene County Council
on the Arts
Mainly Greene: Cultural
Tourism Corridor
Mainly Greene will work with partner three organizations to
create a cultural tourism corridor that connects Greene
County's historic communities traveling east to west along the
Rip Van Winkle trail on Route 23A.
Arts $150,000
16246 Greene
River Street Planning
and Development
Prattsville Park Ìmprovements
The Town of Prattsville will restore two community parks
devastated by Hurricane Ìrene in 2011, including construction
of a soccer field, basketball court, playground and an open-air
pavilion. .
Parks $250,000
14959 Greene Town of Catskill
Town of Catskill (Leeds
Jefferson Heights) Sewer
Expansion Engineering Study
The Town of Catskill will complete an engineering report to
evaluate the extension of public sewers into the hamlets of
Leeds and Jefferson Heights.
DEC $30,000
19154 Greene Town of New Baltimore
Town of New Baltimore
Wastewater Treatment Facility
and Collection System
Upgrade Engineering Study
The Town of New Baltimore will prepare an engineering report
to identify upgrade options for wastewater infrastructure in the
hamlet of New Baltimore.
DEC $24,000
16422 Greene Town of Prattsville
Enhance Route 23
The Town of Prattsville will undertake a multi-component
project to enhance and revitalize the Route 23 (Main Street)
streetscape, which was devastated by the flooding from
Hurricane Ìrene in August 2011. The project advances priority
projects identified in the Town's Long Term Recovery Strategy,
and includes design of streetscape infrastructure, pedestrian
facilities, and stormwater improvements.
DOS $200,000
19354 Greene Village of Catskill
Village of Catskill Sewage
Pump Station Engineering
The Village of Catskill will complete an engineering report to
explore options to upgrade the Village sewage pumping station
located on NYS Route 9W, north of the Main Street overpass.
DEC $30,000
19814 Greene, Columbia
Bioenergy Project
Clean Tech Bioenergy Heating
Development Project
Ìnstallation of high efficiency wood pellet boilers at three sites in
the Capital Region: Cairo Durham School, Dimensional
Hardwood and Solaqua Arts. This project will support the
creation of local jobs in the boiler manufacturing industry and
development of bulk wood pellet distribution infrastructure in
the Capital Region.
NYSERDA $600,000
!"#!$#"%!" &'()*+
CFA # County AppIicant Project TitIe Description Agency
Greene, Columbia,
Thomas Cole Historic
Hudson River School Art Trail
The Thomas Cole Historic House's 'Hudson River School Art
Trail' will bundle together sites and attractions that are
thematically related to the Hudson River School of landscape
Arts $50,000
Greene, Columbia,
Albany Convention &
Visitors Bureau
Hudson Valley tourism
Hudson Valley Tourism, Ìnc. was awarded a grant to highlight
the historic, cultural, food and great outdoors that the Hudson
River Valley has to offer its visitors and residents and business
ESD $300,000
17620 Rensselaer
Albany Molecular
Research, Ìnc.
Expansion for Diagnostic
Ìmaging Agent
Albany Molecular Research, Ìnc., will undertake a $3.5 million
capital expansion to improve operational efficiency and
manufacture a new product.
ESD $200,000
15183 Rensselaer
American Labor
Studies Center
Kate Mullany National Historic
Site Restoration
The American Labor Studies Center will complete the
restoration of the Kate Mullany National Historic Site to support
tourism and the economic revitalization of Troy.
Parks $179,790
16280 Rensselaer
Capital District
Community Gardens
The Urban Grow Center
The Capital District Community Gardens (CDCG) will use GÌGP
funds to implement a green roof, porous pavement,
bioretention, and rainwater harvesting and reuse at their new
Urban Grow Center. The project will enable CDCG to expand
its use of agriculture to address the universal need for healthy
food as a tool for improving the economic, physical and social
well-being of the Capital Region.
EFC $196,347
16608 Rensselaer City of Rensselaer
Green Streets Program
Ìmplementation Phase 1
The City of Rensselaer will use GÌGP funding to expand the
scope of the Washington Avenue and Columbia Turnpike
road/infrastructure reconstruction projects to include permeable
pavement, stormwater tree pits, stormwater planters, drainage
swales and other innovative green stormwater practices to
reduce runoff and improve water quality.
EFC $850,541
17314 Rensselaer City of Troy
Riverfront Park Access
Ìmprovements and
The City of Troy will build on recent improvements to the
Riverfront Park area by creating linkages to the nearby
Restaurant District and creating an additional access point to
the park from downtown. The project will further implement the
Riverfront Park Master Plan and enhance pedestrian circulation
and connections.
DOS $562,803
18592 Rensselaer Green Renewable Ìnc
BioMass Ìndustrial Park and
Clean Energy Distribution
Green Renewable, Ìnc. will make productivity improvements to
its facility for producing and packaging kiln-dried firewood,
boiler chips, and landscape products. Green Renewable will
invest $12 million and create 35 new jobs.
ESD $550,000
17492 Rensselaer
Ìndependent Living
Center of the Hudson
Valley, Ìnc.
Wheelchair Accessibility
The Ìndependent Living Center of the Hudson Valley, Ìnc. will
replace an elevator in its 15-17 Third Street facility in the City of
HCR $150,000
19811 Rensselaer
Rensselaer Polytechnic
Research Facility
Rensselaer Polytechnic Ìnstitute will develop a shared-use
laboratory facility in the Rensselaer Technology Park Campus.
An existing facility located within the Tech Park will be
acquired, updated and renovated for use by collaborating
academic and industry research groups, supporting the
regional research initiatives and alliances.
ESD $200,000
15673 Rensselaer TAP, Ìnc. Renewal Uptown Troy
TAP, Ìnc. will rehabilitate five city-owned buildings to prepare
for sale in the City of Troy.
HCR $135,000
18601 Rensselaer
Town of East
Town Park Water Quality
Remediation Planning
The Town of East Greenbush will perform water quality testing
of the Moordener Kill waterway.
Parks $15,000
!"#!$#"%!" &'()*,
CFA # County AppIicant Project TitIe Description Agency
17899 Rensselaer
Unity House of Troy,
The Front Door
Unity House of Troy, Ìnc. will demolish a current building on its
property and construct a new facility in the City of Troy. The
award will be used for construction costs of the new building.
HCR $200,000
17299 Rensselaer Village of Hoosick Falls
Village of Hoosick Falls
Engineering Study
The Village of Hoosick Falls will complete an engineering
report to evaluate the upgrade and replacement of a sanitary
sewer main and at least three manholes in the Village.
DEC $24,500
16015 Saratoga City of Mechanicville
Railroad Station Development
The City of Mechanicville will stabilize and advance the
adaptive reuse of their recently purchased historic Delaware
and Hudson passenger rail station in the city. The project will
include façade and structural stabilization measures
recommended in the recent engineering evaluation completed
by the city's engineers.
Parks $100,000
18248 Saratoga
City of Saratoga
Waterfront Park
The City of Saratoga Springs will develop Waterfront Park, a
3.9-acre waterfront property on Saratoga Lake. The park will
provide the only public access to the Lake in the City and will
include a playground, picnic alcove, recreational green, scenic
overlook, beach, kayak launch and public restroom facilities.
Parks $325,000
15161 Saratoga Free Form Fibers LLC
Recycling of high value
process gases in the
production and processing of
energy saving ceramic fibers
R&D for the recycling of hazardous air emissions to be used as
feedstock for the manufacture of ceramic fibers.
ESD $100,000
17663 Saratoga Natural Heritage Trust
Saratoga National Park
Hudson River Boat Launch
The National Heritage Trust will provide docking and other
infrastructure on the Champlain Canal for waterfront access to
the Saratoga Historic National Battlefield.
Canals $55,000
15422 Saratoga
The Corporation of
Yaddo Exterior, Stabilization
and Restoration
The Corporation of Yaddo will complete the initial phase of the
repainting of the mansion's exterior. This mansion, and in
particular its exterior, is an integral part of the popular Yaddo
Gardens, open to the public and experienced by over 50,000
visitors annually.
Parks $50,000
18482 Saratoga Town of Clifton Park
Ferry Drive Gateway Structure
Ìmprovement Project
The Town of Clifton Park will provide multi-purpose visitor
access to numerous unique sites and locations along the
Mohawk River and the Old Champlain Canal route in Clifton
Canals $75,000
18684 Saratoga Town of Halfmoon
Champlain Canalway Multiuse
The Town of Halfmoon will use funds for the final design and
construction of a new multi-use Champlain Canalway Trail
Canals $132,500
16114 Saratoga Town of Stillwater
Preparation of Town of
Stillwater Local Waterfront
Revitalization Project
The Town of Stillwater will develop a revitalization strategy for
its Hudson River waterfront area to advance hamlet
revitalization and enhance public access to the river.
DOS $37,500
19149 Saratoga Town of Waterford
Waterford Canal Harbor and
Visitor Center
The Town of Waterford will make needed repairs in and around
the Canal Harbor Visitor Center resulting in energy efficiency
improvements, technology advancements and customer
service upgrades.
Canals $76,000
18020 Saratoga Village of Corinth
Village of Corinth Wastewater
Upgrades Engineering Study
The Village of Corinth will complete an engineering report
assessing the existing wastewater collection and treatment
system and upgrades to the equipment and electrical systems.
DEC $30,000
Greene, Columbia
Hudson River Valley
Hudson River Valley Greenway
Greenway Heritage Conservancy HRV, Ìnc. was awarded a
grant to promote access to the Hudson River and tourism in the
Hudson River Valley and it's National Heritage Area. The
Hudson River Greenway Water Trail is a tourism attraction
ESD $90,000
!"#!$#"%!" &'()*-
CFA # County AppIicant Project TitIe Description Agency
16825 Schenectady Mohawk Resources Mohawk Lifts
Mohawk Resources will expand its facility to manufacture large
vehicle lifts, and invest $7.5 million and create 6 new jobs.
ESD $300,000
18342 Schenectady
Schenectady County
Department of
Economic Development
and Planning
Bike Hike Trail Reconstruction
Schenectady County will reconstruct approximately two miles of
existing Erie Canalway multi-use trail in the Town of Rotterdam,
including historic and environmental signage and a
handicapped accessible water fountain.
Canals $50,000
18935 Schenectady
Schenectady County
Rotterdam Multimodal Center
The Schenectady County ÌDA will use funds to support the
expansion of Railex , a growing national transportation logistics
and distribution company, which will construct a new facility.
ESD $1,000,000
19647 Schenectady
Schenectady Metroplex
Development Authority
Transfinder NYBizlab
Transfinder NYBizLab, a growing local technology company,
will expand into additional space in downtown Schenectady and
create the NYBizLab, a business accelerator targeted to
technology start-ups.
ESD $150,000
16369 Warren Ames Goldsmith Corp
High Nitrate Demonstration
A one half mile direct pipeline from the Ames Goldsmith Corp.
facility to the City of Glens Falls Wastewater Treatment Plant
will be constructed. The project will connect Ames Goldsmith
with secondary tanks at the city's waste water treatment plant.
ESD $465,000
16698 Warren City of Glens Falls
Ìmplementing the Pruyn's
Ìsland Redevelopment and
Connection Plan
To implement the draft Pruyn's Ìsland Master Plan, the City of
Glens Falls will prepare preliminary designs for a waterfront
promenade; identify improvements to manage stormwater
runoff; evaluate redevelopment opportunities and
enhancements for the Feeder Canal; identify funding
opportunities for the relocation and redevelopment of the Finch
Paper wood yard facility; prepare new zoning design guidelines;
and design and construct gateway enhancements along Murray
DOS $154,500
17783 Warren City of Glens Falls
City of Glens Falls Wastewater
Engineering Study
The City of Glens Falls will prepare an engineering report
focused on evaluating correcting major sewer deficiencies,
including reconstruction of sanitary and storm sewers on Platt
DEC $30,000
17499 Warren Davidson Brothers Ìnc. Brewery Expansion Project
Davidson Brothers, Ìnc., will expand by replacing current
production from a brewery in Maine with the construction of a
50-barrel brewing system in Glens Falls.
ESD $50,000
17407 Warren
Glens Falls Ìndustrial
Development Agency
Hudson Avenue Parking
Structure to Support
Downtown Revitalization
The Glens Falls Ìndustrial Development Agency will assist in
the construction of a 400-500 car parking garage that will
complement a proposed $24 million mixed use development in
the city center.
ESD $500,000
18692 Warren
Hacker Boat Company
Facility expansion
Hacker Boat Company will expand its current facility to meet
demands for manufacturing larger boats.
ESD $600,000
17275 Warren The Hyde Collection
Modern Nature Georgia
O'Keeffe Lake George
Exhibition Catalogue and
Program Season
The Hyde Collection will present and promote the exhibit
'Modern Nature: Georgia O'Keeffe and Lake George'; an
associated catalog; and a regional program season.
Arts, ESD $137,201
!"#!$#"%!" &'()*.
CFA # County AppIicant Project TitIe Description Agency
16867 Warren Town of Lake George Green Gateway Ìmprovements
The Town of Lake George Gateway Ìmprovement Project will
use GÌGP funding to combine Complete Streets design with
green infrastructure practices such as porous pavement,
bioretention, and stormwater street trees to improve water
quality, pedestrian safety, and walkability, a gateway to the
Lake George Region.
EFC $544,500
16869 Warren Town of Lake George
Preparation of a Community
Revitalization Strategy for the
Town of Lake George
The Town of Lake George will prepare a Community and
Waterfront Revitalization Strategy to address land use,
economic development, water quality, preservation, and
sustainability issues.
DOS $37,500
15558 Warren Village of Lake George
Ìmprovements at Charles R
Wood (Lake George
Environmental) Park
The Village of Lake George, with project partners, will construct
elements of the Charles R. Wood Park (Lake George
Environmental Park) including: a children's adventure play
area; skateboard park; interpretive elements; primary park
entrance; signage; and sidewalks connecting to the Beach
Road and the Warren County Bike Path.
DOS $750,000
18645 Warren Village of Lake George
Reconstruction of Public
The Village of Lake George will reconstruct public docks along
Beach Road destroyed during Hurricane Ìrene in September
2011. The construction will include a permanent pile dock
system, which is a more robust structure requiring much less
DOS $170,166
15433 Warren Warren County
Ìmplementation of the First
Wilderness Heritage Corridor
Action Plan
Warren County, in partnership with the communities along the
Upper Hudson River and Delaware & Hudson rail line in
Saratoga and Warren counties, will advance recommendations
of the First Wilderness Heritage Corridor Action Plan. Project
components include: design of a new train station in the Village
of Corinth; restoration of the historic bandstand in the Town of
Warrensburg; and design of a new waterfront park on a 3.5
acre former Brownfield site in the Town of Warrensburg.
DOS $308,000
17916 Warren Warren County Warrensburg Health Center
Warren County, in conjunction with the Hudson Headwaters
Health Network (HHHN), will supplement $7.1 million of grant
and HHHN funds for construction of a new regional health care
facility in the Warren County Hamlet of Warrensburg.
HCR $400,000
Lake George
Watershed Coalition
Lake George Water Quality
Assessment and Management
The Village of Lake George, with project partners, will conduct
Stream Corridor Water Quality Monitoring for water quality and
morphology; incorporate improved knowledge of stream
morphology; assess effectiveness of existing stormwater
management and control including the West Brook Stormwater
Control project; restore stream corridors; and provide outreach
and education to improve operation of on-site wastewater
treatment systems.
DOS $390,000
Warren Washington
WWARC Expansion
Warren and Washington Counties ARC will expand operations
by constructing a community kitchen & cafeteria at their
Queensbury Headquarters to be used as training site and for
storage and distribution of agribusiness products from
businesses in Washington, Warren, and Saratoga counties.
ESD $125,000
19617 Washington GLV USA Ìnc Stainless Steel Foundry
GL&V USA, Ìnc., which re-manufactures and services
machinery and equipment for the pulp and paper industry, will
expand operations by installing stainless steel casting capability
at their Hudson Falls facility. GLV USA will invest $2.7 million
and create 11 new jobs.
ESD $350,000
15425 Washington Village of Fort Edward
Depot District Redevelopment
The Village of Fort Edward will replace 2,025 linear feet of
dilapidated water lines in the Depot District of the Village.
HCR $600,000
!"#!$#"%!" &'()*/
CFA # County AppIicant Project TitIe Description Agency
18580 Washington Village of Fort Edward
Canal Street Farmers
Marketplace Project
The Village of Fort Edward will redevelop an historic Canal
building for use as a permanent location of a regional farmers'
market. The Old Champlain Canal Barn, which was built in the
1880's and has been used by the Department of Public Works
for storage over the last 50 years, will be redeveloped as
Canal Street Farmers Marketplace, which will include retail
space for agricultural goods produced in Washington, Warren
and Saratoga counties.
17943 Washington Village of Hudson Falls
Hudson Falls Neighborhood
Water Service Line
Replacement Program
The Village of Hudson Falls will replace 2,520 linear feet of
severely deteriorated and undersized waterlines, including
lateral connection replacement for up to six low-and moderate
income households.
HCR $570,000
Low Cost Economic
Development Financing
Federal Ìndustrial Development Bond (ÌDB) Cap will be made
available for state and local government issuers to sell tax-
exempt bonds for eligible economic development, infrastructure
and community revitalization efforts.
ESD $8,500,000
Excelsior Jobs Credits
Excelsior Jobs Program tax credits will be reserved for future
projects including business investments in targeted industries
that are within the region and that create or retain jobs, create
capital investment and are consistent with the Strategic Plan.
ESD $3,200,000
!"#!$#"%!" &'()*0

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