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Nativism and Immigration

Who Migrated?

English Irish German Swedish Dutch French

Reasons for Immigration

Massive famines in places like Ireland Better economy and jobs in US

Where did these immigrants go to?

Industrial centers Moved into poor areas Areas dominated by one ethnic group

Economic Contribution of Immigrants

Built railroads, canals, factory work wages higher created bigger cultural diversity low wages

Assimilation of Immigrants

Immigrants disappeared into established culture Gave up older culture to be accepted

Difficulties of Immigration
(Irish & Germans)

Economic competition Catholics or Jews Culture change Died on route Drank excessively

Idea / policy Favored native resident Against foreign inhabitants/ immigrants Anti-immigrants


"Native" people disliked immigrants KKK had extreme white nationalism.

Know-nothing party

1850's kept power out of the hands of immigrants.

Acts Repelling Immigrants

Chinese Exclusion Act "Gentleman's Agreement" Literacy Test Emergency Quota Act National Origins Act