Action Research

Create the Plan

Develop a Strategy
► Outline

specific activities needed to solve the problem. ► Tools to use:
 Think-Pair-Share

problems ►Identify strategies to solve problems ►Compare and discuss alternative solutions ►Jointly develop best solution

Identify Resources
► What

do you need to solve the problem? ► What resources do you have available?
 Materials  Information  Assistance
► Remember

to identify materials in your plan.

Identify Obstacles
► Are

there obstacles that would prevent your project from success? ► It is important to identify obstacles early. ► If obstacles are insurmountable, you will need to select another solution.

Create a Timeline
► When

can you reasonably accomplish the steps of the plan? ► It is important that you plan your project so that resources will be available. ► Tools
 Microsoft PowerPoint Timeline  Microsoft Excel Timeline  Microsoft Word Planner

Gather Resources
► Gather

the resources you identified in your plan. ► Make sure that the materials will be available when you need them. ► If needed, schedule a time with those that can provide assistance.

Evidence of Success
► How

will you measure success? ► How will you know if you have succeeded? ► Identify the evidence to be used for success.
 Assessment system  Evaluation system

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