Instant Enlightenment

Instant Enlightenment:
Metaphysical Fast Food

A guide to understanding psychic phenomena through rational explanations and personal psychic experience
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Instant Enlightenment

Table of Contents
[6] Closing Psychic Doors [7] Introduction and Acknowledgements [10] Visual Telepathy in Just Minutes (brief instructions) [12] Chapter One: My Personal Metaphysical Experiences
Telepathy Becomes a Reality; Does God Exist?; Going Out of Body; Telepathic Staring Contests; Reading Minds; Jesus (or a good rock) Saves; Devine Intervention; The "Telepathy Exercise" Becomes the Psychic Window Technique (two people transporting awareness to another time and place); Ouija Boards; Multiple, Simultaneous Dreams; Learning Telekinesis (mind moving matter); Lucid Dreaming; Another OOBE; Déjà vu; Waking Visions; Reincarnation and "Energy Bolts."

[46] Chapter Two: Koda's Psychic Window Technique
Visual Telepathy and Visual Perception of "Reincarnational Selves"

[61] Chapter Three: Analyzing Reality
The theory of No Physical Physical Universe; Quantum Mechanics and String Theory; Multiple Dimensions; and Forth Dimensional Perception.

[78] Chapter Four: Reason, Religion and Beliefs [85] Chapter Five: Manipulating Awareness
Levels of Consciousness; Meditation; Hypnosis; Concentration and Intent. 3


Instant Enlightenment

[101] Chapter Six: Creating Reality
Seth, Abraham and others have been telling us we create our own reality, but can we really make that happen? Here's how to actually make it work.

[124] Chapter Seven: Astrology, Predestination and Free Will [128] Chapter Eight: Adventures in Dreamland
Dream Phenomena; Improving Dream Recall; 30 Days to Lucid Dreaming; and Shared Dreams.

[135] Chapter Nine: Psychic Sex and 20-Minute-Plus Female Orgasms [142] Chapter Ten: Drug Use and Metaphysical Development [156] Chapter Eleven: Psychic Party Games
(Visual Telepathy); Using Telekinesis to Move a Paper Wheel; Psychic Touch Dancing; Light as a Feather (The Lifting Game); Directional Attention; Psychometry; Manipulating the Pendulum; Perceiving Auras; Using Ouija Boards; and instructions for holding a séance.

[187] Chapter Twelve: Psychological Wisdom
Value Fulfillment; Values and Beliefs; Right and Wrong vs. "Good and Bad;” Acknowledge and Release; Responsibility Implies Control; All Unhappiness Requires Self Pity; All Needs Are Based Upon Wants; Every Extreme Implies the Opposite; Celebrate Your Issues; The Grand Cosmic Joke; etc.

[215] Chapter Thirteen: Getting It Together
Indulgence and Self Discipline; The Power of Decisions; Eliminating Addictions; Yoga; Choosing a Career; etc.

[233] Chapter Fourteen: Social Enlightenment


Instant Enlightenment One Worldwide Socioeconomic System; The Means of Reaching Agreement; Constructing One-Building Cities; Eliminating Positions of Power; The Personal Freedoms Protection Amendment; etc.

[255] Frozen Fog (a poem)

[257] Overview of Metaphysical, Occult and Paranormal Phenomena and Practices
A mini-encyclopedia of more than 120 listings describing the most significant types of spiritual/psychic phenomena reported throughout history.

[315] More Info on the Internet



Instant Enlightenment

Closing Psychic Doors
Please read this before performing any of the psychic exercises in this book. All of us go around with “our walls up” to some extent. We block our emotions from being easily perceived by others, and block the emotions of others from overwhelming us, by putting up what most people refer to as emotional walls. Another way of looking at this is in terms of “psychic shields.” There is a great deal of perception available to our subconscious on psychic levels, which we normally block from our awareness without giving it much thought. However, spending a significant amount of time exercising psychic abilities can result in a shift in ones level of awareness. This shift of focus can cause one to perceive psychic information without any deliberate effort, a condition which can persist for some time after performing the exercises in this book. For most people this is experienced as a mild "natural high" and is quite pleasant. Such a state of being is one of the objectives of meditation. There are some, however, who may tune into undesired perceptions and would prefer not to remain open to perceiving subconscious information. It is important to understand that you can prevent that from happening. The trick to stopping any undesirable psychic awareness is to simply place all of your attention on the physical world around you. For example, my technique for returning from a lucid dream or out of body experience is to simply wiggle my toes. The attention on the physical body draws one’s awareness back to it. Watching TV, balancing your checkbook, cooking dinner, dancing, exercising, gardening, or otherwise fully engaging your attention in physical activity will prevent any undesirable psychic awareness from occurring and restore your “psychic shields.”

regardless of your natural level of psychic ability. Anyone with an open mind can experience visual telepathy in just minutes. Metaphysical phenomena has been mixed up with irrational 7 .” and the experience will blow you away. from reading and experimenting. observing and pondering. That's because knowledge is merely information until it is perceived as a reality in your own experience. regardless of your belief or disbelief in “things psychic. Life. The results happen because this stuff is real. It is just a matter of learning how to tune into the perceptions. I have been fully “awake” while dreaming. This book is full of exercises and experiments designed to provide you with personal experience which can lead you to discover many previously unrecognized truths about life. Over the course of the last few decades I have left my body. In my opinion. But simply reading the information is not going to make you enlightened. Essentially anyone can use telekinesis to spin a paper wheel in just seconds. Chances are that even with the "big answer" you don't feel all that enlightened right now. Some of the other exercises in the “Psychic Party Games” section can produce results almost as quickly. I am just some guy who has spent more than thirty years trying to figure out how “God. "read minds" and performed telekinesis (mind moving matter). But I am not “enlightened” in the way most people think of that term. One needs to experience information as truth. and more. the Universe and all that psychic stuff” really operates. transported my consciousness to another time and place. regardless of whether or not that explanation is known. experienced déjà vu. Understand that and you will be instantly enlightened.Koda Instant Enlightenment Introduction We are all God. there is a rational explanation for everything. I have learned a lot.

Koda Instant Enlightenment religious dogma on the one hand. There is no need to accept anything on faith alone. I would like to thank Kristen Risbeck for proofreading the manuscript. who introduced me to astrology. Religion asks us to accept explanations on faith alone. Seth is a “multi-dimensional personality energy essence no longer focused within physical reality” who spoke through Jane. In recent years some controversy has been generated by the possibility that Castaneda may have fraudulently produced his work. along with the other people who always believed in me despite my unconventional ideas. wrote down Seth’s dictation. I am also deeply indebted to The Encyclopedia of Occultism and Parapsychology. Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul (1972) and The Nature of Personal Reality: A Seth Book (1974). and equally subject to the critical analysis of science. The series of nine books by Carlos Castaneda (1925?--1998) have also been a significant influence on my way of thinking. as a much valued source of historical reference. Robert Butts. my favorites being the first two. a Yaki Indian sorcerer. 4th Edition (1994) edited by J. Carlos was an anthropology student at UCLA in 1960 when he encountered don Juan Matus. while her husband. Don Juan spent the next ten years teaching Carlos a complex system of metaphysical thinking said to be handed down over thousands of years from the ancient Toltec civilization of Central America. and from the time I was young continually told me I was her “special” child who would 8 . My efforts have been profoundly influenced by the Seth books by Jane Roberts (1929--1984). any objective truth is subject to the same principles of reason we use every day. In spite of this. Psychic phenomena is as real as your arm. About half a dozen books were written in this way. Seth is often referred to in this present work. while so called “scientific” debunkers invalidate all evidence by demonstrating that some of it could be fraudulent. The series begins with The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaki Way of Knowledge (1968). but I find the material consistent with my own experience as well as with Seth’s concept that we create our own reality. These include my departed mother. Gordon Melton. and plagued with fraud on the other.

largely because I sometimes questioned my qualifications for writing it. I am also grateful for the sincere support of Annalisa Sand. If you have a willing partner around. you are just minutes away from personally experiencing a form of psychic perception. 9 . There are times when I am fully aware of the spiritual nature of the Universe and feel completely in tune with the flow of my experience. who made it possible for me to become the person I wanted to be. In the long run each individual must discover the truth on one’s own.because my knowledge will constantly expand. my brother Allen. but eventually realized I couldn’t do that or this book would never be finished -. which is true for all of us. At other times I have found myself stumbling through life feeling like the light at the end of the tunnel may turn out to be an oncoming train. my father. Writing this book has taken more than four years. The source of your knowledge must be your own experience. Greg Blackett. Darren and Christina Weight. Belinda Ray.Koda Instant Enlightenment accomplish great things. This book is designed to lead you to your own conclusions. I continually refine my understanding and wanted to include every new insight. and above all.

Koda Instant Enlightenment Visual Telepathy in Just Minutes (more detailed information on this is presented later) You and a friend sit a comfortable distance apart (2 or 3 feet) and look into each other's eye. but not to regain a clear focus. Essentially anyone can get these results with minimal effort. one after the other. (You can stop any unpleasant visual effects by blinking or looking away for a moment. The experience is often shockingly dramatic. darker or lighter. These visual and emotional effects happen to both people at the same time and occur with the same level of constantly fluctuating intensity. perhaps hallucinatory. With your thoughts quieted.) You are very likely to find yourself looking at the image of an entirely different person. both of you attempt to expand the area of clear perception to include all of the other person's face. You will definitely know 10 . They do not happen independently of each other. Let me repeat that. You look at the other's right eye while they look at your left eye (or vice versa). perhaps several persons. That's all you need to do to perform this exercise. Blink your eyes whenever they need wetting. Within a minute or two you will begin to notice "changes" in your visual perception. (These may be images of that person in other incarnations. Remain relaxed. After a moment the changes become more dramatic. and explain those perceptions to the other person. "Something" is linking both experiences on a psychic level. pay attention to what you see and feel. This is proof of psychic phenomenon (telepathy on a visual level) and essentially anyone can experience it personally. or otherwise begin to look different.) You will also notice that any strong emotion you feel while doing this exercise is simultaneously experienced by your partner. The other person's face may become blurry. The two experiences are connected. The effects happen to both people at the same time and with the same level of intensity.

The next chapter describes how I discovered this technique and many other aspects of this magical universe we live in.Koda Instant Enlightenment something "supernatural" is happening. including instructions for using telekinesis to spin a paper wheel. which will work for just about anyone. 11 . It is possible to communicate specific information such as colors or numbers using this technique (see the Psychic Window chapter) but simply following the instructions above will produce visual effects that will amaze you. Other quick and easy exercises are also provided in the Psychic Party Games chapter. Once you have performed this exercise there will be no doubt that psychic phenomena is a reality and that you are personally capable of such experience.

I became interested in metaphysics when I was a teenager. and water pouring like liquid rainbows against the windows as we drove through a car wash. but the experience lead me to develop a theoretical 12 ." such as the car I was riding in filling with smoke. (The pros and cons of using drugs to assist metaphysical development are discussed later.) My first "acid trip" didn't do much more than produce a few "special effects. And I laughed so hard and so long my cheeks and abdomen hurt all the next day. 3-dimensional patterns of neon-bright light moving in sync with the music. The second experience had a much more profound effect on my world view. (It took months for me to learn differently.Koda Instant Enlightenment Chapter One: My Personal Metaphysical Experiences Like most people. and I was first awakened by LSD. That's generally when we first encounter stories of "real magic" and feel a pressing need to know just what is and isn't real. While listening to "acid rock" music with my eyes closed I saw complicated. These patterns were so intricate and real. This was back in the early 1970's when the hippie movement was promoting peace and drugs as a path to social enlightenment. that I was convinced they had been “programmed” by the musicians so everyone on "acid" (LSD) would perceive them. so beyond my own ability to imagine.

including the “astral planes” -.you will hear a circle. the universe. the idea that some people could read minds. 13 . looking for answers.) While under the influence of LSD I felt a connection with God." I didn't understand how this metaphysical universe worked. See my web site for more info. Many of the ideas she talked about were totally new to me. dark brown hair. and I would have laughed them off as pure fantasy if the experience of LSD hadn't shook me from the "waking sleep." the totally ignorant state most of us are in all the time where we take reality to be as solid and real as it appears to be. Some sort of "silver thread" was supposed to trail out from their astral body to keep them connected to their physical body. including mental telepathy. but some kind of "projection. or Out Of Body Experience). and it was called God. a strikingly beautiful 19-year-old with long. but the experience opened my mind to the idea that there is more to reality than meets the scientist. I wanted to know if such things as telepathy and astral projection were really possible.other levels of existence where different kinds of beings lived. Apparently these monks would have themselves locked up in a tiny room in some remote monastery for years at a time till they learned how to send their conscious awareness out to visit any place they wanted to. and if this thread was ever broken the monks would supposedly die. and heard some very strange tales. The only way to know for sure was to try myself.Koda Instant Enlightenment method for creating similar effects: Audio Animation: 3-D “pictures” or “sound shapes” you “see with your ears” in every direction around you at once. There was one girl in the coffee shop where I hung out at the time. I started talking with people about different religions. everything. You can create a crude Audio Image by moving your hand in a wide circular pattern while continually snapping your fingers -. who told me about Eastern religious monks involved in astral projection (now often referred to as OOBE's. The world was no longer solid and real to me. that I was part of this huge thing that contained the world. That girl believed in a lot of crazy things.

but there he was bobbing his head gently with a serious expression on his face. so I went back to concentrating on the letter I was trying to send. concentrating intently. After a few minutes passed I looked up to see if he had "spaced out" and forgotten what he was doing. Telepathy was a reality. Chuck.at least I could send. around midnight. agreed to help me experiment with telepathy. adding ornate decorations to the edges. He was extremely patient. I slumped back down in the seat shaking my head in disbelief. waiting for some "clue" to indicate which letter it might be. I could visualize the letter very clearly due to the "assistance" of the hash. rotating it. I stopped just short of smacking the dashboard with my hand and screamed to myself mentally. We decided to attempt using telepathy to convey a letter of the alphabet. He was very patient. so we would often sit in the car with the music playing quietly on the 8-track stereo without disturbing anyone. Perhaps five minutes passed before I became so frustrated I thought I would burst. I was altering my visual image of the letter by changing it's color. not just some story people made up. And 14 . He got it. I glanced at Chuck again and he was still concentrating so I kept at it. anything I could do to keep my attention focused only on that particular letter of the alphabet. I chose a letter and began concentrating with my eyes closed. we were smoking hashish (a concentrated form of marijuana) discussing the spiritual effects of LSD and the strange stories that girl had told me. Not only that. We were parked in the driveway at my fathers house in Chuck’s old. My father’s two acre yard in Salt Lake City had lots of tall trees and bushes everywhere. Agonizingly patient. On this particular night. but I could do it -.Koda Instant Enlightenment The First Telepathy Experience It wasn't long before a friend. making it appear 3-D. in spite of having no clue how to do it. “Get it through your head! The letter is –“ "R!!!" he yelled. Chuck closed his eyes and tried to discern which letter I had selected. Wow. white Plymouth (with the big rear "wings" common on cars of the early 1960's).

"That was the letter. The question had become an obsession. Still. there was no doubt that we had actually performed mental telepathy that first time. but failed every time. Perhaps I could know if there was a God or not simply by asking the question with the same level of determination. Is reality truly the sort of illusion it appears to be while on psychedelic drugs? Do monks actually leave their bodies? Is there really a God? The question regarding the reality of God. I was so focused on the question. all those other things like astral projection might be real as well. something I have to attribute to my friend who concentrated with such dogged determination."where did the universe come from?" I felt that no one had a clue about the source of existence. I was dumbfounded. only the feeling was centered around my head. "Does God Exist?” Later that night I laid in bed pondering the experience of telepathy and what it meant to live in a world where such things were possible.Koda Instant Enlightenment if telepathy was real. Thirty seconds went by before Chuck asked. Answering the Question. After the experience with telepathy earlier that night I felt I might be closer to discovering an answer I could trust. or the lack of a real God. right?" It wasn't till then that I realized he had actually shouted the letter without knowing for sure it was correct. After a moment I noticed a feeling similar to becoming high on pot. Before my psychedelic experiences I assumed that people had invented the idea of God in order to feel they had an answer to a question no one could answer -. A faint 15 . "Does God exist?" I asked the question with all the determination I could gather. I had learned that telepathy was real simply by trying it. But for months had I wanted to know for sure if there was a God or not. a sense of "pressure" or "expansion" in a band around my temples. so sincere. I believed I might actually get an answer. and "God" was a bandage used to hide from that truth. We tried to repeat the experience several times over the next hour. had been pressing on me for sometime. I laid on my bed and asked.

It was like 16 .Koda Instant Enlightenment while light began to gather near the foot of my bed and I felt a tremendous sense of exhilaration and suspense. To find out if astral projection was possible I simply had to do the same thing." It felt as if a vibrating electrical current were passing through me in slow waves." and the obvious limitations of that answer became clear.* Having the long sought answer made me feel so euphoric I nearly forgot about the glowing light at the foot of my bed. I didn't know if telepathy was real until I tried it. "Up. even if he explained every aspect of every detail of reality. The light grew continually brighter and brighter and I was certain God himself was about to appear before my eyes. "I don't know. "Is astral projection possible?" My immediate response was. I stared at the ceiling and thought to myself. I could sense the light at the foot of the bed glowing brightly again. period. it worked. and even though I didn't know how to go about doing telepathy. "I don't know. over and over. My next question was. how would I know it was God and not some astral projecting monk pretending to be God? I realized that if someone appeared. faster and faster until I heard a distinct "ripping" sound inside my head. I was having a "transcendental" experience. the kind of stuff we read about but which doesn't seem possible for us regular people. (*Note: The above is not the "real" answer to the question of the existence of God. then back down." My body started "vibrating. But then the thought occurred to me that if someone really did appear before me. even if it truly was God." turned out to be a legitimate answer.) Astral Projection As I laid on the bed looking at the acoustic ceiling tiles above me. up from my toes to the top of my head. I finally had the answer to the question I had been obsessed about for months. to try it. claiming to be God. which was slowly beginning to fade. I became convinced there was no rational way to know if God exists. I could not rationally be certain it was actually God.

but I suddenly became aware that the ceiling tiles were only a few inches in front of my face! I was floating outside of my body! I don't think I have ever felt more exhilarated.Koda Instant Enlightenment the sound of cloth being torn at the base of my skull. like going up in and elevator when it stops suddenly and produces a momentary feeling of weightlessness. and could clearly see the fuzzy little hairs of fibrous material on the corners where four tiles came together. In one night the world had become a truly magical place and I was able to do these incredible things. "Back. I started screaming mentally. relieved to be back. but the relief soon turned to 17 . My vision was crystal clear. At that moment my pleasant adventure turned into a life threatening nightmare as I realized I didn't know how to get back in either. I went into a rage of sorts about how this couldn't be real and finally felt that "swooshing" sensation again. but nothing happened. I gasped for air and flung my arms about wildly. I floated in the air letting my arms and legs dangle." I said to myself. but I felt the sensation as well as heard it. only this time it was sudden and hard. After a moment I realized I didn't know how to turn around anyway. Then I thought I should make a point of remembering how I got out of my body so I could do it again. "Back! Back! Back!" but still it was just me and the ceiling tiles. Finally I started telling myself this was all a dream and it was impossible to leave one's body. Panic overwhelmed me. In that moment I experienced a "swooshing" sensation. I immediately decided that wouldn't be such a great idea because I didn't know how I would react to seeing my body when I wasn't in it. enjoying the incredibly delightful freedom of weightlessness. I actually felt myself drop from the ceiling and slam into my body with a sudden impact. I hung suspended near the ceiling for perhaps ten to twelve seconds before I thought about turning around to look at my body on the bed. and realized I didn't really know how I had gotten out. in fact better than normal. I hadn't closed my eyes. The force of reentry was so violent I sat up straight seemingly from the momentum. not that I could remember anyway. I was thrilled beyond description. I was looking at the joints in the acoustic ceiling tiles.

but eventually. probably about sixteen. Needless to say. But once I recovered from the shock I was indeed quite impressed with the whole thing. No one believed any of it. I could hold out for five minutes at a time with her. I was a serious guy at the time and quite good at it. Telepathic Staring Contests The next day. unnatural. It felt ghastly. She was a busty. My ego was glowing profusely." If two of us happened to catch each other's glance we would sometimes stare each other in the eye till one or the other would "lose" by blinking or changing facial expression. returning to the local coffee shop where all my young acquaintances hung out. I had performed mental telepathy. left my body and "solved" the question of the existence of God all in one evening. and at that moment I was convinced I had just entered my previously dead body. I sat there in embarrassed disbelief as my friends all made fun of me for coming up with such a tall tale and expecting them to fall for it. It was probably about two weeks later when the next significant event occurred. open building with high ceilings and three walls covered by tall glass windows. The more I insisted it was all true the more annoyed they became that I wouldn't give up my attempt to deceive them. every time. The orange booths had low seat backs and it was easy to see everyone in the place. felt insulted and vowed to get even with them. which was roughly 20 minutes. but everyone recognized one particular girl as the stare-down queen. for no reason at all. All of us kids used to play a sort of game now and then. getting into "staring contests. dark eyes. black hair and large. The coffee shop was a large. attractive girl with a round face.Koda Instant Enlightenment horror. My body was icy cold on the inside. I was quite excited to tell everyone what had happened. 18 . about as long as it took for my body to regain it's normal temperature. I was young. I would suddenly find myself cracking a huge grin and lose. it took a while before I again thought so highly of the wonders of astral projection.

" which was almost always the 19 ." I could easily see that from their facial expressions. she said she had always used the same trick. "There's no way you can read my mind.Koda Instant Enlightenment So it was a couple of weeks after my night of "transcendental illumination" that I found myself in a staring contest with the staredown queen.just try." caused most people to think something like. Reading Minds Again I was faced with the fact that I didn't know how to proceed. and when I told her. I don't know why I started looking into people's eyes when attempting to "read their minds" but it seemed natural to make eye contact when you want to communicate clearly with someone. So the first thing I often said was. and again I used the same old method -. I again thought of something funny and again she suddenly broke up laughing. I knew I was good at sending. I thought of a joke I had recently heard. and I'd say. "let me see if I can read you mind. That cinched it for me. "let me see if I can read your mind. Yes! Success! Later the girl asked me how I had beaten her. I won! I beat the champ. so the next step was figuring out how to receive. She demanded a rematch and this time most of the kids at surrounding tables all watched to see what happened. but I would force them to admit that I had indeed guessed what they were thinking. "Now you are trying to come up with something specific to think about. With nothing to do but stare and think. "You're thinking there is no way I can read your mind. It became obvious that saying. the idea came to me that maybe I could think of something funny." They'd snicker and say that proves nothing. Next they would try to think of something specific in order to make their thoughts a little less obvious. I would simply look into the eye of one of my friends and say." Then I would say whatever popped into my head. someone no one could get to even crack a smile. and she immediately broke up laughing. concentrated on mentally delivering the punch line. project it to her telepathically and cause her to laugh. Telepathy was real.

If you can picture what it would be like to be in your late teens and be subject to this kind of intense psychological pressure." It was at this point that most people would actually get worried that I might know what they were thinking. and needing to prove that I wasn't reading their minds. In great fear. they would finally focus on something very specific. My acquaintances would proudly introduce me to their friends as the "mind reader. "You are afraid that I might dig into your deep secrets. The fear that I could dig deep into their secrets would focus their attention very strongly. drive them into helpless terror." would often send people into a sort of panic and they would radiate their thoughts so loudly I could actually begin to pick up specific details. From out of nowhere some guy is doing the impossible right before your eyes. and because my attention was so intently focused on them I almost always knew what it was. with me telepathically sharing the 20 . getting better at it all the time. "Please! What did I ever do to you to deserve being invaded like this! Please get out of my mind! Please don't do this to me!" I'm telling you these were hideous feelings and I was being overwhelmed with them. But I was beginning to hate feeling the emotions of the people I was doing this to. My ego was totally out of control. digging deep into your mind as if it were an open book. and I certainly got even with all those people who had ridiculed me a few weeks before. saying. "See. I'd smile and back off. you can imagine how terrifying the experience was to these kids. a total invasion of one's entire identity." I'd do my little trick. exercising a power no one else had. and walk away thinking I was really superior to all these dull-witted people. I did this every day for about two weeks. "You are beginning to think I might actually be able to do this because I have been right all along so far. I told you I could do it." is one example I remember picking up on. These feelings of fear and helplessness would be broadcast so loudly that I would feel them just as intently. Every time I did it I was left looking at someone begging for mercy.Koda Instant Enlightenment case. Then." My "victims" would acknowledge my achievement and run for the hills. "You're thinking about the slippers your grandmother keeps under her bed.

If you don't keep your ego from letting you think you are superhuman you will soon find out how much you miss humanity. So when I started doing it again. I remembered that as I watched someone's eyes while doing this stuff I would often see their face blur and distort. most of my problems came from an ego that was completely out of control. First. I felt like a leper. My "telepathy exercise" became based upon looking for these visual changes as indications that thoughts or emotions might be duplicated at the same time. That makes it much easier for anyone to 21 . The methods I used forced people to place intense emotional energy on their thoughts and focus on those thoughts with great clarity. everyone who used to greet me warmly would turn their backs and try to pretend they hadn't seen me. but worse. I stopped doing it. When I walked into the coffee shop. Two years passed before I thought I would investigate telepathy again.being careful not to offend the guy that could read their mind and tell the whole world their dark secrets if he wanted to. Within two weeks I didn't have a single acquaintance left who would talk to me. Sure enough. I asked about the distortions.Koda Instant Enlightenment feeling of their intense suffering. There are a few points about all this that are important. all my friends started avoiding me. When I deliberately engaged someone in conversation they would find an excuse to leave as soon as possible -. which is what they (inaccurately) believed I could do. It got to where I didn't want to do it so often. I had no choice but to stop doing the telepathy thing if I wanted to have any friends. and once a girl had told me that my face was also distorting. Another thing has to do with being able to pick up specific information so clearly. but it took about two months for people to stop fearing me and treat me like I was one of the crowd again. I haven't been able to "read minds" in the same way since then. Who wants to hang around someone who can pry into your mind at will. but everyone believed I could. everyone would see them at the same time and with the same degree of intensity as I did. and told everyone I had stopped. I couldn't do that. this time with the intent to teach others how to do it so my ego wouldn't end up killing me.

Jesus (or a good rock) Saves After I had sworn off "reading minds" so I wouldn't be without friends. or the others. For a time. I never understood a word of what I. Faith was the key according to those people. one way or another. God exists or God does not exist. It was reported that people in these groups actually spoke known languages which they were previously unfamiliar with." ended up not being an answer after all. and see what kind of impressions you can get from that. on an intuitive level. it worked. so I allowed myself to simply believe. While I was convinced there was no rational proof possible. were saying. from past lives or existence in heaven or whatever. "Speaking in tongues" was the real goal of participating in these groups. From my later research I discovered this is true on some occasions. Ask people to think about the most rewarding moment in their life. there must be a truth. I accepted as truth the existence of God and Jesus. but although I found myself "speaking in tongues" quite freely. When you attempt to use telepathy you should encourage people to focus on things that are both emotional and pleasant. Jesus freaks were groups of mostly young people who would get together to read from the bible and "freak out" in spontaneous sessions of "speaking in tongues. and that lead me to become a "Jesus freak" for about two months.Koda Instant Enlightenment pick up the information. if there was a God. Supposedly the constant stream of babble coming out of your mouth was some other language. my thoughts eventually went back to the question of the existence of God. unstructured spiritual movement of the late sixties and early seventies. "I don't know. a condition where everyone would excite each other into a spiritual frenzy of sorts where you would allow yourself to start babbling nonsense." It was a popular. 22 . But I did experience something valuable as a result of being with those people. and believe it or not. Reason was not to be trusted to provide all the answers. Again I found myself seeking a direct encounter with God. for example.

I talked to my guardian angel out loud when I was alone. and "felt" like I was actually communicating with a real but silent being. Moments later a pick-up truck appeared far down the road and pulled into the parking lot perhaps 150 yards away. I was constantly depressed and suicidal. grumpy. But suddenly I felt a pressing urge to run toward the truck as fast as I could. so right then I knew Jesus was helping me. Thank you Lord. Within two weeks of walking around with my robotic chant constantly echoing in my mind. at about 2:00 AM. Home was a three mile walk. Before I could get anyone's attention the others had all driven off and left me alone in the parking lot. Before I became involved with this stuff my girlfriend had left me. everyone left the pool hall to go home but my car wouldn't start. The streets were empty. "Thank you Jesus. but the strip mall parking lot was under construction and the tires wouldn’t grip on the loose dirt. stuck permanently." day in and day out. For two months solid I silently chanted. I was out of work and my old. so I started running. ready for the automobile graveyard at any moment. but instead he was a burly. working in a pool hall where all my friends hung out. One night after work. perhaps fearful that 23 . '63 Chevrolet Nova was blowing huge clouds of blue smoke. If I hadn't ran he would have been long gone. and that I had a guardian angle who was with me all the time. I thought Jesus had saved me. He was already back in his truck and beginning to drive away when I ran up to him out of breath. middle-aged man. I ended up with a wheel in a pot hole. For a moment I doubted that Jesus was helping me. then I remembered one has to have faith under any circumstances. my girlfriend was back and I found a job I really liked. rolling it down the slight grade and popping the clutch. The driver was drunk and had pulled over to relieve himself. drunk and impatient. I tried push-starting my car. It filled my mind at all times when I wasn't doing something that required my attention otherwise. My life improved in truly remarkable ways. I thought the driver would be like an angel sent to help me. I asked my guardian angle to help me and chanted my "Thank you Jesus" thing all the more intently.Koda Instant Enlightenment I accepted as fact that Jesus was always watching over me.

Or was that really what happened? I was driving down the road in my very nice car. not God or Jesus. so I dumped my girlfriend in order to chase all the cute babes who would think I was hot stuff now. I was sitting on top of the world.Koda Instant Enlightenment I might have friends waiting in the dark to rob him. not even Jesus. No one. That night when my car wouldn't start and I was "told" to run as fast as I could -. I could drop all this constant mental chanting and go back to having a normal life. (I was eighteen and my ego was still out of control. and I could get the very same results even if my faith was in something as ordinary as an inanimate rock. so I quit my job to have fun for a while. I felt my guardian angel agreeing with me. and it became clear to me that "help" had indeed intervened. My faith had made that possible. It wasn't long before everything in my life was just wonderful. I had lots of money and a cool car. all because I had faith in Jesus.one of the fastest. What had helped me was my faith. Within a month I was broke. He didn't want to help and began to drive off. It turned out that intuition couldn't prove the existence of God either.) I had enough money to survive nicely for weeks. What a relief. It was faith that worked. so my wallet was loaded with more cash than I ever had before. had this huge car payment. 24 . I ended up getting more money from the loan than I needed to pay for the car. 1968 Pontiac GTO -. so he co-signed on a loan and I bought a two year-old. but I did learn that faith works. out of work. no girlfriend. nicest muscle cars of the day. But there are hundreds of millions of people asking Jesus to help them everyday. but at the last minute agreed to pushstart my car with his truck. faith in anything. and I was perhaps even more depressed than ever before. has enough time to look out for all those people. I knew beyond any doubt that my faith had saved me that night. talking to my guardian angle about the whole situation. My getting a job and having found God encouraged my father to believe I had gained some responsibility.that was no ordinary event.

I felt certain that anyone hearing the sound of those two chords would know. strumming two sad chords very slowly. though I could only strum a few chords. but I could only play for about two minutes at a time before my hands would become too stiff from the cold. I walked through the shadowy pathways among the leafless trees. but I knew the truth. I had held and lost twenty-one different jobs in the previous three years. I went to a local park at about 11:00 PM and walked around trying to decide if I should really kill myself or not. As I concluded that I was indeed going to kill myself that morning. I was suicidal. than to believe that some rock was going to solve all my problems. My GTO had been repossessed and I was driving a '63 Volkswagen van at the time.Koda Instant Enlightenment I realized that it was a lot easier to have faith in some higher power. but I also felt they were completely missing the truth about what was really happening. dark and cold and I was bundled up. I loved playing that guitar. It was the middle of November. first one (Am) then a moment later another (FM). and the realization that we are all slaves to economic survival was completely unacceptable to me. I envied my religious friends for their happy lives because they could still believe Jesus was helping them out. I could no longer believe in Jesus when I knew Jesus had nothing to do with it. since I hadn't yet found a rock that could live up to my expectations. that I was about to die. who could do absolutely anything. I felt I would rather be dead than spend the rest of my life being told what to do with my time and energy by some employer who was simply exploiting my efforts for his own selfish gain. Divine Intervention Over the next two years. wearing the guitar on a strap. that the power comes from faith. and a rock is just a rock. I became more and more depressed. I had turned twenty-years-old a couple of months earlier and some friends had given me a twelve-string acoustic guitar for my birthday. not the object one has faith in. and one day in late November I was saved from killing myself by what can only be called divine intervention. beyond any doubt. 25 . I was miserable.

leave the motor running and be done with it thirty minutes later. I had no desire to speak with another living being at that moment. that he had been traveling around the country playing on sidewalks. And someone was getting out of that car. which had yet to be filled. I had been walking through that park all night and it seemed impossible that I wouldn't have noticed if another car had been there. though I hated the cold. I remember the first. He pointed to my guitar and said he was also a musician. hoping to get in and leave before he reached me. I tried to avoid conversation but he was very insistent in a pleasant way. in parks. He opened his guitar case and on the inside of the propped-up lid "spare change" had been written with letters cut from various colors of felt cloth. I hurried to my van. the way they illuminated the clouds and suddenly flared on the chrome ladder of the new swimming pool.Koda Instant Enlightenment As the sun began to rise I was sitting in the concrete bleachers of a small baseball stadium. As I walked toward my van in the parking lot. He had appeared out of nowhere. hated living in a world where the environment would kill you if you didn’t protect yourself from it with heavy clothing. enjoying his life. carrying something. 26 . I was waiting for my father to go to work so I could park my van in the garage. restaurants and bars. I saw another vehicle at the far side of the parking area. but a young man was walking toward me. He was carrying a guitar case and smiling warmly. and was making enough money to keep going. watching the leaves swirl across the ground and feeling a sadness no one can imagine till you know you are about to take your own life. and he just oozed happiness. but he quickened his pace and caught up with me just as I reached the van. saying he had been in the park all night which I thought was impossible. streaking rays of the sun coming over the mountains. The sunrise that morning was amazing. His smile was friendly and warm and seemed to radiate a genuine. my back up against the walls in a corner to stay out of the wind. The fluffy clouds blazed with color and I felt sad to be leaving such a beautiful world. There was something unnatural about this guy.

But some coincidences are deliberate and have their source on another plane of reality. I drove to The Wedge overlook during the night. I was totally dedicated. And he kept emphasizing how happy he was playing guitar to make a living. Bingo! A way to make a living. A reason to live. let him bug me for about ten minutes then hurriedly got in my van. I loved music. Was it a coincidence? Yes. at which point he walked back to his car. definitely no one's slave. I had become suicidal again. then found part time work and continued playing five hours a day for the next few years. the realization about how well I could communicate my feelings through two simple chords. I wasn't very friendly to him. I'd not only make money at it but I'd be so good I'd be rich and live the good life. And he was totally free. Since my "magic rock" wasn't working and I still hated life. I would stay alive! I practiced playing guitar ten hours a day for the next six months. like the way I knew anyone would have been moved by hearing just those two sad chords I had been playing all night. a burst of inspiration suddenly came to me. had been thrown out of my father’s house (which I was always in and out of) and had driven to a deep gorge in the Utah desert to decide whether or not to end it. From the overlook.Koda Instant Enlightenment accepting love for life. just tried to be polite. and then that guy appearing out of nowhere -. A very similar event happened about ten years later. But as I sat in the van waiting for the motor to warm up. I'd write songs that would truly move people. Other than that he was just some average looking. It was a few days following that event before I really thought about how amazing it was for someone to come up to me at that precise moment and tell me the only thing on Earth that could have kept me alive. wondering if I had enough gas in the tank to do the job before it ran out. I'd be a musician. dark haired guy who was interfering with my intense desire to be alone and go kill myself. a way to be happy. which I had searched for in the past but had previously 27 . and that guy was truly happy playing his guitar and making a living at it.it all added up to an "impossible" coincidence. The incredible beauty of that sunrise.

It was as if the canyon walls were animated. The colors in the clouds were blazing with an intensity that defied the limitations of reality. carved into the sandstone. It was just too much for me to take. Just as the Sun cleared the eastern horizon. which was to my right. exactly in the center of the space between my two feet. and walked slowly onto the point of rock jutting out into the canyon. and the orange tint combined with the colors of the rocks. the full Moon. I wanted to be dead. literally pulsating with life. The silver threads glimmered brightly under a thin shroud of mist floating above the distant water. so did the colors all around me. I was carrying my guitar. zigzagging between side canyons. There were a few names and dates scattered elsewhere on the rocks. The river comes in from the west. touched the western horizon as it began to set. and I had suffered ever since. pinks and browns. But just imagine desperately asking a life and death question. "LIVE. stretching out nearly to the horizon. I felt as if some "higher power" were trying to make it's message clear to me. playing those two sad chords again. or should I die. convinced me to stay alive. some real person must have carved those letters. For a brief moment two large. In the long canyon to the east the early morning light reflected on the criss-crossing river like strips of a mirrored ribbon. To the east the small river runs out of the main gorge and winds back and forth." Of course. All around is barren sandstone with multiple hues of reds. and I desperately wanted to know what to do. with 28 . All around me the ground was painted orange by the fire in the sky. This same sort of thing had happened to me years earlier. glowing orbs where balanced perfectly on opposite horizons. What was the message in all this overwhelming splendor? I looked down with a sigh of desperation. As the sky changed color. was the word.Koda Instant Enlightenment been unable to find. one can stand atop a cliff jutting out into a very deep canyon. This time I managed to find the place. seemingly twice it's normal size. The Sun was just beginning to rise over the distant mountain range. whites. and there. Curving side canyons open up across the way to the south. Should I live.

was heavily involved in the Kabala. which was quite impressive. I gave in. meditating and trying new experiments. At one point I noticed the room around us growing 29 . the occult magical teachings being promoted by many "heavy metal" bands that were popular then. We were sitting in a two-person booth at a coffee shop in Burbank doing my telepathy exercise for the first time together." If it didn't occur I could have saved myself decades of pretty much hating life. so I was reading constantly. literally starving to death on the streets of Los Angeles. Gerald. My article on Audio Animation had just been published in the largest recording industry trade magazine and I believed the world was about to beat a path to my door and make me fabulously rich.Burbank actually. The "Telepathy Exercise" Becomes The Psychic Window Technique In the summer of 1984 I was living with a girlfriend. The next two months were by far the worst of my life. My "magic rock" and I raise a toast to “the gods” for their sense of humor in the way they tricked me into torturing myself all these years. but because my friend was so well practiced at concentration we were able to become deeply immersed in the experience. the powers that be must have wanted to make sure that ego was ground to a pulp before setting me lose on the world with some real power.Koda Instant Enlightenment the world erupting all around you in spectacular surreal-ness. As I stared into his eyes the visual distortions were going through their regular fluctuations. I had plenty of time to concentrate on metaphysics. What I want to point out here is that "divine intervention" does in fact occur. even to us "nonbelievers. I decided to live. The girlfriend waited tables and paid the bills while I negotiated in meetings with entertainment industry top dogs and venture capital groups. and the answer suddenly appears carved in stone between your feet. Annalisa. He was well versed in ritual and could make a room shake with the sound of his voice. A friend of mine at the time. But considering my unbelievable ego. in Los Angeles -.

I knew where all the pots and pans and lanterns were hung. She was brushing her long blond hair with very slow strokes. facing slightly toward my left as she sat in front of an old-fashion chest of drawers topped with a large. we took turns describing the details. I was looking directly at a very pretty blond girl about nineteen-years-old. I knew everything about the place as quickly as my mind could scan the area. Blackness engulfed me and in an instant I was back in the restaurant with my friend. indicate that the young woman was wearing a yellow 30 . The darkness became an inky blackness with only a pair of eyes still visible. that the road came in from west in front of the house and most of the fields were in that direction. On the other side of the hall from the bedroom was the kitchen. including the “fact” that I was in a farm house in Southern California in the late 1800s. Her dress was bright yellow. I was certain there was a hallway on the other side of the door. ornate mirror. his hands gripping the side of the table.Koda Instant Enlightenment darker and the sounds of the busy restaurant began to fade. his hands and feet flying about as he literally tried to get a grip on reality. who was panic stricken. seen from the exact same point of view. The entire experience hadn't lasted more than about six seconds. Without knowing why. She was perhaps six feet away. After a moment we talked about what had happened. laced up the front and had a white. ruffled collar. He would. As the bubbles burst they revealed a totally different scene behind them. looking rather absent minded. Suddenly the image became unstable and an incredible state of confusion overwhelmed me. I knew that toward the right the hall lead to the back door and the barn area. His eyes were rolling and he was gasping for air as he finally started to calm down. while on the left the hall opened into the living room. for example. as if she were daydreaming about some hoped-for future. In order to be certain of our observations. It was a complete shock to me that his experience was perfectly identical to mine. then I noticed the blackness starting to "fizz" as if tiny bubbles were popping. To the left of the dresser was the closed bedroom door. and to this day I wonder what we might have discovered if we had sustained it for even a minute or two.

which matched my original impression. Until then I would not have considered such a thing possible. He's nothing like me at all. alive at the same time. he should have perceived things in the farm house from a position facing me. I haven't really had much experience with Ouija boards. kitchen. They are operated by having more than one person (usually) place 31 . If that is actually what was going on I can attest that you wouldn't necessarily know a counterpart if you encountered one. he'd say. right down to every thought. That's another condition I would have thought impossible. The "personality" we contacted (our first time using the board together) identified itself as Koda (yeah. As two separate individuals we perceived an identical experience. etc. The board continued.Koda Instant Enlightenment dress.a stream of repeated Cs. We had perceived the same experience from the same point of view. It was at this point that I began referring to the "telepathy exercise" as the "psychic window technique. that the exercise can produce a "window" into other forms of psychic perception. Then we suddenly realized the letters were Roman numerals indicating the year 1883. since I didn't really care much for this particular guy." since it was obvious that more than just telepathy was possible. since it seemed more logical that with him looking at me in the restaurant. Is. we were both future incarnations of that one person. He also verified the same information about the location of the barn. Xs. etc. the board responded with apparent gibberish -. except Seth (mentioned in the introduction) describes what he calls "counterparts" as being multiple incarnations of the same "multidimensional self" alive at the same time. In other words. When we asked what year the event had occurred in. that's where I borrowed the name from). That was very surprising to me. Ouija Boards Later that evening we used a Ouija board to see if we could get more information about what had actually happened. saying that my friend and I were both "thoughtforms" created by that girl. and I would then point out the white collar. as if we were the same person." and so on. "with ruffles.

In one dream I was a toddler playing with small race cars on a plastic track I could bend into loops. while simultaneously being conscious enough to describe them to my girlfriend. drawing pictures for an expedition in the Northwest Territories. Somehow I was able to describe three different dreams as they were occurring. and trust. Back in the LA apartment. She had come home while I was sleeping. Simultaneous Dreams That summer in 1984 was quite exceptional for the amount of metaphysical development I experienced. the pointer spelling out words as it stops over the printed letters. The pointer (planchette) that comes with the commercial version of the game is made of plastic. and my mother 32 . once told me that during a session with a large group of people. the crystal bowl had actually come off the board and moved up and down her arm. then the explorer fell off the back of the boat when it suddenly lurched forward. when my girlfriend entered the room I began to tell her about the dreams. In another I was a nineteenth century artist. I was playing with the little plastic cars. A woman I know well. and further up the trail discovered a secret doorway into a cave filled with gold artifacts. One thing I should mention briefly is my experiencing three different dreams at more or less the same time.Koda Instant Enlightenment their fingertips on a "pointer" that slides across the board. parked at the foot of a trail at the base of a steep rock cliff. Multiple. and as I described them to her. then the explorer was standing in the back of the boat while the deaf mute and I were attempting to pull the boat up onto the shore of a large river or lake. In the third dream I was a woman traveling with another woman. with little felt-tipped feet and a clear plastic window you look through to read the letter selected by the "discarnate personality" you supposedly contact. at the precise moment I was experiencing a transition from one dream to another. working with an explorer and a deaf mute assistant. The woman and I were deciding to grab all the gold we could carry and leave the cave. We had driven a car to a parking lot in the mountains. More serious occult types often use a crystal bowl as a pointer. they continued happening.

Then we couldn't find a way to open the door from inside the cave. (Mind moving matter. If I could get the spoon to rock up and down a tiny bit.) Like everything else I had achieved. It seemed that the trail to the cave may have been located in the same place where the explorer had fallen in the water (much to the amusement of the mute and I). There was one Russian woman. But I was very determined. for example. or at least in very rapid succession. concentrate on a "magnetic-like" force emanating from my fingers. The idea was that I would hold my finger tips near the end of the spoon handle. I had seen people on TV supposedly moving objects with their minds. I could continue to apply a slight force during each downward motion and the growing momentum would eventually cause the spoon to fall off the glass. I tried that for about an hour with no success. I had no real way of knowing how to do it. Each of the dreams had missing gaps in them corresponding to the amount of time I spent in the other dreams. and use that "magnetic-like" force to gently nudge the spoon handle downwards. (That's still the best advice I can give to anyone today.Koda Instant Enlightenment told me to move my race track out of her way.and the idea that anything can be accomplished if you truly believe you can accomplish it. but I was very heavily involved with the Seth books -. I felt I might actually have a chance of succeeding to do telekinesis. and psyched myself up to move a spoon balanced on the rim of a water glass.) I sat alone at the counter in the same Burbank restaurant where my friend and I had transported our awareness to that farm house. If 33 . some of it clearly documented as having actually occurred. who could make metal cylinders roll back and forth inside a clear plastic box. Learning Telekinesis (mind moving matter) Because I was so focused on metaphysics at that time. so one can say that I was in four different "worlds" at more or less the same time. also referred to as psychokinesis. All this time I was describing the dreams to my girlfriend in a half-awake state of mind.

but it is often present when I do such things." Every time I wanted the force to increase as I moved my finger tips over the spoon handle. These days I strive to attain a state of concentration where I experience that sensation before I attempt anything of this nature.Koda Instant Enlightenment that person could do it. my breath. that is the feeling I was trying to generate. As I was concentrating I could feel a "band of pressure" around my head. nearly touching but not quite." Then I concentrated on being mentally aware of that sound without actually thinking it. I put my hands together as if in prayer. I now recognize that particular sensation as a psychological indicator of a heightened state of awareness. so when I placed my finger tips near the spoon handle again I concentrated on the idea that my fingers were radiating a force that opposed the force in the spoon. At first all I could feel was the heat radiating from each hand. but then by moving my hands slightly apart and back together again. that sort of "expansive" feeling I mentioned in reference to my first out of body experience. I didn't want to move my hand up and down because that could create a "wind" that might move the spoon. unnnn. or the pressure of my elbow resting on the counter top. After two and a half hours of this. I don't know if others also experience it. I didn't want to "think" about what I was doing. so I moved my finger tips first over the spoon handle. I finally noticed the spoon beginning to move in a way I could be sure wasn't a result of the air conditioning. There was also something else going on that I only recently remembered. and tried to imagine a magnetic-like force between them. I actually got the spoon to rock so much it eventually fell off the rim of the glass. concentrating on feeling a force between them. I had heard that every object in the universe has some sort of energy field around it. or something like it. unnnn. I was ecstatic! But I was also very aware 34 . then off to the side. I imagined a sound like. If you have ever placed two magnets together so they pushed against each other. anyone could. "unnnn. So in my mind I thought of a "sound. I could actually begin to feel a push and pull quite strongly. because what I had read indicated that thoughts have to stop before such things are possible. One just had to be very determined to succeed.

) Lucid Dreaming A lucid dream is one where you are fully aware. perhaps hundreds of people saw me do that little trick. of the fact you are dreaming. that's no big deal. They teach that stuff at UCLA. The out of body experience described earlier occurred while I was fully awake the 35 . they have never taught such a thing. which prevented the spoon from rocking freely. Life was such hell for a few weeks that I hadn't been practicing. I was also in frazzles from the break up and moving everything I owned across country. who was also the most "chained to reason" person I've ever met. knocking the spoon off dozens of times before I felt I knew what I was doing well enough to repeat it again in the future." to. When my quest to find financing for Audio Animation failed we went through a nasty break up and I moved from LA back to my father's house in Salt Lake City. The girlfriend used to get annoyed from the sound of the spoon falling onto the table at home. and when I returned my first effort to do it again was in front of a good friend.) Dozens. "work of the devil. so I couldn't concentrate well enough to do it. but telekinesis is definitely a reality. The (plastic) glass I was using had a bit of a flattened ridge at the top of the rim. (See the Psychic Party Games section for a simple method anyone can use to perform telekinesis. The reactions from people in restaurants ranged everywhere from. I continued practicing for a total of five full hours." (Of course. "Oh. I tried again several times over the next few weeks but failed every time. I haven't tried that particular experiment again in years. with your normal consciousness. For the next two months I used telekinesis to knock a spoon off a glass at least ten times a day just to make sure I wouldn't forget how to do it. and finally gave up trying.Koda Instant Enlightenment that the last thing I wanted to do was deceive myself that I had performed telekinesis if I actually hadn't. It wasn’t long before my situation with the girlfriend ended up derailing my metaphysical efforts.

yet I felt as normal as ever." He shrugged off my pestering questions and led me to a group of buildings where several. back toward the spot at the 36 . I had no real clue how to do this but felt the intent should be enough to make it happen. I looked up at the monk on the plank above me who was shaking his head in disappointment. open tanks were buried in the ground. "You feel the heat and your mind tells you that if you fall into the tank you will be boiled alive. The water was warm and comfortable." He seemed irritated by my excited questions. I looked around me and realized I was indeed dreaming." I figured that since I was dreaming. A monk in an orange robe was walking up the road toward me. walking with him on the dirt road again. We walked along a wide wooden plank that stretched out over the boiling tank.Koda Instant Enlightenment entire time. I was standing on a dirt road near the top of a very gentle slope. I see. All around me were fields of grain turning yellow in the bright sun. You must overcome your rational fears and jump into the boiling water. doing my usual. He acted as if he knew me well and immediately told me. smiling and waving at me in a friendly way. "Look into the tank. nothing could hurt me. "Oh. "Today's lesson is learning to deal with fear. The next thing I knew I was completely dry. and in one tank the water was boiling fiercely. "remember to have a lucid dream" mantra." I looked and saw another monk swimming about. Finally one night as I was drifting off to sleep. "Do you know me? Don't you realize we're dreaming?" He looked me over carefully and said something like. They were filled with water. so I jumped in. but my first lucid dream was initiated from the state of awareness between waking and sleeping. very large. but you also see that our friend is not harmed. The hot steam burned against the skin of my face when the breeze blew the vapors toward me. I was in my early twenties and had been attempting to initiate a lucid dream every night for about three months. I had fallen asleep but was close enough to wakefulness to recognize that phrase happening in my mind. You've brought your normal awareness along this time. "You are here to learn how to deal with fear." he said.

I had to remind myself of that. This was so very real. but under no circumstances are you to jump out of the path of the train.Koda Instant Enlightenment top of the knoll where we had first met. I asked him what I did wrong. The horn roared. "You must stand here on this track and allow the train to strike you with all it's great force. The train blew it's ear piercing horn and the ground shook as the mass of steel approached the crossing. the weeds swirling in the wind on either side of the approaching engine. The train raced toward me at around 70 MPH. I could feel the ground trembling slightly beneath my feet. Everything seemed totally real and my heart was pounding. and clearly recognized that I don't usually stand in fields in the middle of nowhere with monks in orange robes after jumping into a tank of boiling water without being harmed. so what was the point of being afraid? As we reached the top of the low hill I noticed there were railroad tracks crossing the road there." He positioned me on the tracks facing the oncoming train. "You must be fully afraid. The massive train was half an inch from my nose when it froze as still as a photograph. who was eyeing me carefully. and for a moment I was afraid it might not be a dream. I looked at the monk. "The problem was you were never afraid to begin with. hurting my ears as I steadied myself for the impact -. 37 . shaking the ground hard now. You must allow yourself to be fully afraid." I told him I knew this was a dream and nothing could hurt me. that I would be smashed into a gooey spot on the front of the train if this wasn't a dream after all. and felt the warmth of the sun on my face and the gentle breeze moving my hair. I could see grease marks on the yellow paint and saw the face of the frightened conductor just as the train reached the road." he said.two seconds. but it was just a dream. and yet go on. He pointed out across the fields to a large diesel train rounding a curve in the track about half a mile away. which was just a couple of blocks away now. I was dreaming all right. one second Nothing.

but much to my disappointment a similar lucid dream never occurred. He just shook his head as he held his chin. a place I could return to in order to verify I had actually been there. On this particular evening I had been talking about astral projection with a friend. I was exhilarated. I thought that if I could get out of body I could go there." he said. looking disappointed." he said almost half consciously. through the attic space and then stop just above the trees over the house. as if I had been pulled up by a giant rubber band. Another OOBE I suppose it's worth mentioning another related experience that happened at roughly the same time in my life. I waited anxiously for those three years to pass." He turned and began walking away. because as I was on the verge of falling asleep I suddenly felt myself "swoosh" up out of my body. "This was great! Let's do it again tomorrow night!" But the scene before me began to lose it's cohesiveness and blurred into the darkness of my room as I awakened. "But I was afraid! What did I do wrong? When will we do this again?" "In about three years. I suppose the discussion with my friend that night made a difference.Koda Instant Enlightenment "What a rush!" I shouted to the monk next to me. This was attempting to have an out of body experience where I would project my awareness to a physical location nearby. I had been attempting to do something like this for a couple of months every night as I went to bed. "Three years!" I whined. "You were not truly afraid. The view was incredible and I had that wonderful weightless feeling. I didn't want to "wake up" suddenly so I immediately turned my attention to meeting my friend at the 38 . I followed after him like an excited puppy. then after returning to my body I'd drive over and check for verification. I had selected a local. see which waitresses were working and who the customers were. and we had decided to both try to go there at the same time. I felt myself go right through the ceiling. all night restaurant I went to often. "We will have to take this up again some other time.

I was floating in front of the glass door to the building.Koda Instant Enlightenment restaurant.) Déjà vu Déjà vu is a feeling.) I was now in front of the cash register. often a certainty. that we have experienced a presently occurring event on some previous occasion. Someone walked out and I used that opportunity to "swoosh" myself inside. but mysteriously connected occasions. exactly what a particular person is going to say and what the reaction will be. my body again leaping to a sitting position on the bed as I felt that hard slam back into it. It feels as if one knows exactly what is going to happen next. "Please wait to be seated. So I thought about how I get there when driving. I tried to push the door open but my hand went through it." My anger got the best of me and I suddenly woke up. It happens to a lot of us at one time or another. so could I. Part one occurred when I was in my early twenties. I willed myself to turn and look at the clock I knew was on the wall to my left. A good friend of mine. (At least this time the body I returned to was warm as usual. The 39 . My most vivid encounter with this type of experience took place on two separate. and I brought a girlfriend. But I was stuck like a stick in the mud in front of the bottom part of a sign that read. Steve. I couldn't rotate my field of vision to see who was at the counter or who was working. (I didn’t realize that if my hand could go through the door. about half a mile from my destination. and suddenly I was floating over an intersection in the dark. brought his soon to be wife. It's like watching a 3-dimensional scene in a movie that you've already seen. still about two feet off the ground. I became very frustrated and angry at the whole predicament because all I had to do is see who was there and I'd have evidence I could investigate. on a camping trip to a large reservoir in the Uinta mountains. I didn't know how to "move" though. about two feet off the ground. Next I thought about the parking lot at the restaurant and was there after a brief moment of disorientation. but I couldn't move. a couple hundred miles east of Salt Lake City.

Steve and I had gone out to the desert west of Salt Lake with a girl I was just getting to know. While at the lookout point we had all gotten out of the car and walked around. Off to the north I saw a white puff of smoke burst from the desert floor. We had driven most of the night and had stopped at a watering hole for sheep called Simpson Springs. on the edge of the Dougway Proving Grounds. We had feared something 40 . Out of the desert we heard a loud. and suddenly his face went pale. We were just sitting there talking when Steve threw a small bit of wadded up paper out on the ground (an empty cigarette pack. Before we could say much about it we again heard the same booming sound. We all looked at each other to make sure we had actually heard it. I pointed it out just as another boom shook the air. None of the rest of us could detect anything unusual. but without respect to where we had been sitting while driving. about the girls being in the back seat and us being in the seats where we were. Suddenly another puff of white smoke appeared at the end of the line of spots. natural environment like that. I mean he made such a big deal about it half an hour passed before he'd let it go so we could be on our way again. and the two girls had ended up in back. particularly in such a nice.) I politely told him he shouldn't litter. It was perhaps two years later when all of this became really weird again. I was in the front passenger seat. He started raving about how all this had happened before. We had driven there in my 1968 GTO which was only a few years old at the time (I bought it back after it had been repossessed). We had all taken a small amount of LSD earlier. a restricted military area containing many square miles of pretty much nothing but empty desert. and all of us got out of the car (my GTO). He was adamant about it. I think. and a moment later another boom rolled over us. then ended up sitting in the car again.Koda Instant Enlightenment unusual occurrence began when we stopped at a lookout point to take in the view. Three dark spots were lined up perfectly beneath the disappearing mist of smoke. which was wearing off as the sun began to rise. my friend Steve was in the driver's seat. reverberating "boom" followed by a deep rumble. making four dark spots now.

I didn’t pay much attention to the image until I had gotten out of bed and walked across the room and found the image was still there. It remained for several minutes.and suddenly I knew all this had happened before.Koda Instant Enlightenment supernatural. Steve wadded up an empty cigarette pack and tossed it out the open door onto the ground -. I just wouldn't let the subject drop. 41 . the seating positions. all of us were quite awed by this mystery we call life. the liter being thrown out. and the girl had climbed into the back. When we realized Steve had reacted so strongly to the first event without any prior experience involved. Steve was in my driver's seat. Reincarnation and "Energy Bolts" Nearly all of the previous experiences happened to me many years ago. Waking Visions About ten years ago I awoke from a dream where the image of an “anti-gravity” (inertial propulsion) machine was displayed before me. I was sitting in the passenger seat. and this time it was me freaking out. but realized the army was firing artillery shells over the mountain range into the test area. The other two blew off my amazement as insignificant. but I became obsessed with wanting to know when it had happened before. and finally Steve clicked on the event in the Uinta mountains when it had been him doing the freaking out. Finally I made the others listen to my explanation of the details. The image consisted of a series of golden balls moving in a beautifully complex circular motion. It occurred after I had spent about a week seriously pondering how centrifugal force might be used to propel a spacecraft. It was as if I were watching a replay of a scene from another dimension of reality. We relaxed and went back to the car. It wasn't until that moment that I remembered the earlier event. but this next story is quite recent. but for the life of me I couldn't remember when it had happened.

both of us on our left sides. very brief scenes from what might have been a life experienced then." Cheryl said. silver handle. "is short. and suddenly the air a few feet above me became "energized" with bluish light and a bolt of incredible. For some reason I felt that the young man had been responsible for my death as the blond woman in that life. and mentioned I had developed an impression over the years that I might have been a blond girl in France at about this time. Cheryl said she was seeing the same image and repeated that the men were French. "The other man. The "prison" image faded as I told Cheryl about two. "It's French or Spanish. As we were about to fall asleep I noticed seeing "pre-dream" images and began describing them to her." I continued. about eighteen. Our romance was fairly typical other than our habit of having conversations of such intensity they lasted hours and left us both exhausted. "The cane has a gold handle." she said. The walls were about two-feet thick and I had the impression I was in some sort of prison on a hill overlooking a valley. speaking with a sense of authority. One was a tall man wearing an eighteenth century military uniform including a tall red hat. I was laying on my left side. One night about three weeks after we met we were laying next to each other in bed. I perceived myself standing inside a bare." I told Cheryl. brown hair. 2001. carrying a black cane with a round." The short man sneered at me. her in front of me.Koda Instant Enlightenment On January 3. I met a woman. Cheryl (not her real name) in a coffee shop and she became my wife six weeks later. running joyfully free on the top of a high hill overlooking a small ocean bay dotted with white houses near the shoreline. The other scene is that of a young French gentleman strutting down a city sidewalk along a cobblestone street. white room near a window opening without glass. looking in. out 42 . In one I am the blond girl. as if he were proud to have finally gotten me into his trap. lightning-like energy shot down into my right side. Two men approached and stood outside the window opening. with curly. I began wondering if there might be some reincarnational aspect to all this. "French. I had been a confirmed bachelor all my life and would have stayed that way if "the gods" had not interfered.

I had no idea how we had met when I asked her the question. but as soon as I asked it I saw a mental image of a beautiful. and let me have a good look at her -. We talked about it that night and again over the next few weeks. young. Cheryl had been the man in that other life who was responsible for my death as the blond woman. part of the royal aristocracy. Confusion overwhelmed me.but no touching. disappearing about two-feet in front of her." and that wagers were involved the first time we met and were a continual part of our relationship. dark-haired young woman wearing a wet dress. I asked her what the first wager was. walking out of a stream or lake. Both of us described it as being about two-inches in diameter and described it as taking the same path. She responded to my question by saying we met by a river where she used to go to look at her horse. She said I had given her the horse as a result of our first "wager.that I had been him. I recoiled away from her with a sense of utter revulsion. At the moment the "lightning bolt" went through me I had a very clear realization that scared the wits out of me. In the course of our conversations we seemed to piece together a fairly detailed story of a life together in France during the mid-to-late seventeen-hundreds. in spite of coming up with parts of the story myself. To give you an idea of how we came up with that information I will explain what occurred when I asked if she remembered how we had met in that life. Both of us had our eyes closed and we both saw and felt that bolt of energy go through us. She knew with absolute clarity that she had been married to me then. But Cheryl immediately said she had not been the man with the cane -. She was younger than me. dark hair and eyes. Cheryl insists I was a Marquis. of course. handsome. and she told me it was a deal where I would buy the horse for her if she would strip off her outer garments. beautiful -the spoiled daughter of a wealthy businessman. sideways into Cheryl's back and out through her stomach. walk out into the river up to her neck in only her thin under-dress. and she 43 . arrogant (figures) wealthy and politically powerful.Koda Instant Enlightenment through my stomach. We both knew the horse was black. much of which I'm not sure I really believe.

We were in the same restaurant where we had met." In this way we assembled a story that seems to satisfy us as to what happened in that life. "Now everything will begin. The blond girl (perhaps myself as a "counterpart" in that life) appears to have been a lower class mistress I had gotten pregnant. It was "an impression that conveys the sense of having heard a voice. but it didn't come from the room around me. but when the "wife" found out the girl was pregnant she used her clout to send the girl back to England. "Something like Silver Shadow. Now when I say I "heard a voice" I don't mean I heard a voice in the way one normally does. The scene we were observing before the energy bolt went through us." That startled the heck out of me because I had never "heard voices" like that before." I said.a pyramid of grey energy. though I don't have the interest at this point to search out objective verification. had 44 . I had promised the world to her. Or so goes the story as best as we can piece it together. It has to do with what I call "interference from the gods" for lack of a better explanation. There is one more point involving Cheryl I think I should include here. of the French soldier and the short aristocrat. was at a prison just before I was executed by my political enemies. I was aware that the "voice" was male and not my thought. It seems the two of us were indulgent hedonists. but missing the top." I guess you could say it was as much like actually hearing a voice as seeing images in a dream are like seeing things in real life. Cheryl also pointed out something later which jogged my memory -. She said it's name was Moonlight. At the same moment Cheryl felt "an impression from beyond herself" telling her that everything was fine. but you can see how we both contributed to putting pieces together by asking the other for "verification. where she may have taken her own life. As far as I can tell at this point it could all be nonsense. and the moment I asked Cheryl to marry me I "heard a voice" say. Cheryl's recollection of such details is much better than mine. and trying to keep her materially satisfied over the course of our marriage led me to abuse my political position.Koda Instant Enlightenment asked me if I knew it's name.

Our relationship was hell. We filed for divorce and can't even speak to each other these days. All this "cosmic" stuff is interesting. In this chapter I have described my most significant metaphysical experiences. until Valentines Day. 45 . I highly recommend reviewing the “mini encyclopedia” of metaphysical phenomena in the appendix in order to learn about the many amazing phenomena that have been reported throughout history. She lived fifty miles away so when someone "stole" her car she had to live with me so she could get to work. cosmic influences if your relationships don't have all these metaphysical connections. We managed to live together consistently for about five months. This sort of thing happened so many times we finally decided to just stick it out a while. But don't think you are being left out of any wonderfully romantic. and one time the spark plug blew out of her next car while it was parked in my driveway. Every time we would break up it seemed "the gods" would push us back together again. and broke up every two or three weeks after that for six months. She stayed with me during the several days it took me to fix it. and how to experience some of it yourself. Much of this book will attempt to explain how such things are possible. 2002.Koda Instant Enlightenment settled around us just as we perceived our impression of voices. though I still see her occasionally in the restaurant where I hang out. We ran off and got married after six weeks. but that doesn't mean it's always fun. but far more than this is possible. I have no explanation for any of this. then split up two weeks later.

a form of personal. 46 . and with sufficient practice. This sharing of subjective experience is not limited to describing alterations in the visual perception of another individual. Yet this exercise enables you to describe the subjective experience of another individual (alterations in their visual perception) simply by describing your own experience while performing the technique. psychological experience which others are not capable of perceiving by using the physical senses alone. These visual changes are subjective perceptions. and essentially anyone can achieve convincing results in just minutes. This simple exercise produces visual "distortions" that happen to both participants at the same time. the Psychic Window Technique (visual telepathy exercise) will eliminate them once and for all. It is also possible to describe other subjective perceptions.Koda Instant Enlightenment Chapter Two: Koda's Psychic Window Technique visual telepathy and the perception of “reincarnational selves” If you have any doubts regarding the reality of psychic perception. such as emotional sensations. and with the same level of constantly varying intensity. This is proof of psychic perception. mental images.

Our subconscious mind recognizes familiar shapes and objects and manufactures the impression of clear perception. the area of clear visual perception may only be about one-foot across. then attempts to expand the area of clear perception to include all of the other person's face. Take a moment to glance around the room and notice that you can see everything in the room quite clearly. And the visual changes are not always "distorted. The Psychic Window technique focuses upon what we actually see. When you looked around the room a moment ago and noted that you could see everything quite clearly.) Before performing this exercise it is useful to make some observations about the nature of our physical visual perception. when in fact we do not see most of our environment clearly at all. rather than what we think we are supposed to see. and in doing so it provides a glimpse at the "reality behind reality. Next I would like you to look at any specific word near the top of this page." 47 . You can't tell what that word is without looking directly at it.Koda Instant Enlightenment even thoughts. When looking across the room." At times the image of the person you are looking at can be replaced with the clear perception of an entirely different individual. then without taking your eyes off that word. That is essentially all one needs to do in order to cause the effects to happen. you actually couldn't do that. Our visual perception operates by relying on subconscious memories of our past experience. depending on how large the room is. The exercise is extremely easy to perform. Two people sit a comfortable distance apart (two or three feet) facing each other. (More specific instructions are provided later in this chapter. Please do this now. Each person looks at one of the other person's eyes. Please do this now. Your visual perception. can only focus clearly on an area just over one-inch across. while looking at something a comfortable reading distance away. attempt to read what the third to last word on this page is. quite possibly a previous incarnation of that person.

the thoughts you are aware of. and even if you were just intensely startled you might find yourself wondering if you actually saw what you think you did. Telepathy is as real as your arm. So don't fear your perceptions when you first experience the visual alterations this technique brings to your attention. So there you are staring at the eye of another person and attempting to see their entire face as clearly as you see their eye. we simply aren't tuned into it on a conscious level. and these psychic perceptions have always been occurring in the past but have simply been ignored. as described in the first chapter. if there is no difference between your subjective perception and that of another you would experience being the same being. Concentrating upon what you see will automatically stop. and while performing this exercise you confront perceptions that push the apparent truth of those statements right in your face. This has in fact happened to me on one occasion. but if most people deliberately attempt to stop thinking they instead focus nearly all of their attention upon thinking about not thinking. or dramatically diminish.Koda Instant Enlightenment Other chapters in this book describe reality as an "illusion" or projection of consciousness. It is simply an aspect of reality that most people are unfamiliar with. The physical world will still be the same place it has always been. In order for your awareness to merge with that of another then. It can be a frightening experience for some people. the differences between your perceptions and theirs should be reduced as much as possible. I define telepathic awareness as a merger of conscious perception. in the same way that we don't notice the radio waves which constantly surround us. If you are doing this properly all of your attention will be focused upon your visual perception. 48 . Theoretically. as this book. It is for this reason that the emphasis should be concentrated upon what you are seeing. Everything will go right back to normal. This isn't something to be frightened of. It's actually quite exciting to personally experience something of a psychic nature. The phenomena is there. but there is no need to be afraid. It is important not to be distracted by your thoughts. You can instantly stop these altered perceptions simply by looking away or blinking your eyes.

49 . natural psychic potential are often the most fearful of the experience.Koda Instant Enlightenment where a friend and I experienced looking at a blond girl in a farm house from an identical point of view. Sitting in a non-defensive position means not folding your arms. depending upon how well each person concentrates fully upon their visual perception. support the idea of a merger of consciousness being the basis of telepathic perception. They are not so readily able to fall back on rationalizations and so fear losing their hold on reality. It sometimes helps to sit in exactly the same "non-defensive" position. undifferentiated information into a recognizable image. sharing every thought and perception for a few seconds. The experience can be analyzed to your hearts content once you are able to make it happen in the first place. The structure of this exercise helps to reduce the perceptual differences between yourself and the person you are working with. Both individuals perceive an eye clearly and a face that is mostly blurred. who approach life in an intuitive way. attempting to pull blurry. crossing your legs or otherwise sitting in a way that "shields" you from direct emotional contact with your partner. Those individuals with a very analytical approach to life often have some difficulty stopping their thoughts. You'll get a better idea of the sense of merging awareness when the visual changes begin to happen. They actively analyze the experience while it happens. This is by no means a common experience while performing this exercise. Surprisingly. then analyze it later. These alterations in perception can occur almost immediately or could take as long as two or three minutes to begin. These are people. which slows it from happening. For those individuals I recommend simply letting the experience happen. however. They are more focused upon their feelings than their thoughts. Both are involved in visual concentration. those people with such excellent. mostly women. and often make "gut level" decisions rather than relying heavily upon reason. but it is more important that both participants be comfortable and unconcerned with body distractions. Other individuals experience dramatic changes within a few seconds. It does.

and I tried to explain how this exercise would help provide a rational framework for such experience. This is how you establish that 50 . say an eyebrow or cheekbone. Of course. The entire face seems to change. The intensity of the blurred image will vary over time. parts of the face may become darker while others may become brighter. After a moment. They are: blurs.but without taking your eye off the eye of your partner. with certain areas of the image becoming quite clearly perceived. and much to gain from learning more. everything outside of the limited area of clear visual perception will initially be somewhat blurred. As such there is nothing to fear. and how intense they are relative to other changes. One woman told me of having numerous paranormal experiences she couldn't understand. The blurry effects are the first thing you will encounter. It is of critical importance to point out when these changes occur. and the perception of what appear to be other people. however. The point here is simply to remember that all this is just another aspect of the world we live in. but since I had also disappeared in front of her she became so terrified that from that moment on she made deliberate efforts to avoid me. except for the eye you are looking at. the other eye may stand out sharply for a moment and be surrounded by dark shadows. but at the same time different. There are three main categories regarding the type of visual alterations which result from applying this technique. Within seconds of beginning the exercise she disappeared right before my eyes. but you will have no trouble recognizing the face of your friend.Koda Instant Enlightenment It is always disappointing to me to encounter someone with great natural ability who refuses to continue the exercise due to their fear of the unknown. Individual parts of the face. hallucinations. For example. while the cheekbone seems higher or lower than normal. which is to remain in clear focus at all times. the object being to see the face as clearly as you possibly can -. may become suddenly clear. I was thrilled to have discovered someone with such tremendous psychic potential. There is a sort of slow motion in the way these areas change. You are trying to expand that area to include the entire face.

in which case it is quite likely that the other person originated the thought which caused the emotional response. hallucinatory image early in my experimenting. I encountered my first full blown. I have since learned that bit about subconscious image construction. Here we find even more concrete evidence that this is a form of telepathy. You 51 . Without this psychic connection the changes would not happen to both of you at the same time and with the same degree of intensity. Telepathy involves a merger of conscious perception. hideous. you can be fairly certain they also felt it. then a large nose and perhaps a long chin. Any strongly felt emotion experienced by one person while performing this exercise will also be experienced by the other. You may sense the emotion originating in the body of the other person. Such a perception can scare the daylights out of you. If you feel an unusually strong emotion.Koda Instant Enlightenment "something" is connecting your individual subjective experiences. If your attention was fully focused upon the other person when the emotion occurs. and have also realized that if I am perceiving such a hallucination. Both of us were equally terrified by the perception. albeit frightening image. then try to assemble all these elements into a coherent. Because this image is manufactured by your subconscious it can be perceived as clearly. Blink a few times or glance to the side and it instantly goes away. will be experienced by both people involved. say. It's totally harmless. Subconsciously your brain might detect a high forehead. Hallucinations occur because the subconscious mind is still trying to construct a coherent image from the limited visual data it is receiving. and the same unpleasant emotional reaction. But it is nothing but an image generated by your subconscious mind. so if the effect is working well enough to produce a hallucination. She broke off our stare and told me I had also appeared in a monstrous form to her. A young girl I was doing the "eye thing" with suddenly turned into a blurry but frightening monster. as a chair appears when you glance around the room. so is the person I am working with. perhaps quite monstrous. ask the other person if they felt the same thing. a similarly unpleasant image.

a sense of distraction will occur as the person tries to "change the subject. if you happen to be a person who equates intimacy solely with sex." or the other will break off the link because they find it unpleasant subconsciously. Because both of you have your attention so clearly focused on each other. but if the idea of sexual interest enters the arena it is felt by both participants in most cases. It is possible to "probe" the other person in an effort to determine if they are sexually interested in you. The idea of sex will occur "out of the blue" to the other person in this case. because this exercise is an intimate activity. or you can sense the emotion in the space between you both. intimate relationship. subjective ideas become objectively observed.) In all of these situations both people are aware of the same emotion occurring. And hitting a stranger with a sex vibe can turn them instantly into someone who will make it clear they have no interest in any sort of intimacy with you. It's a very touchy issue and needs to be handled gracefully when dealing with strangers or others with whom you do not have an existing. The feeling will either grow stronger. At this point in your experience you have to be very aware of what I call "mental etiquette. meaning each of you originated the same feeling together. Unfortunately. and one needs to be especially courteous about what you allow your own attention to focus upon. including continuing this exercise." Personal. is that any attempt to do this very intimate exercise with someone will almost always result in sexuality being 52 . This is done simply by concentrating on your sexual interest in the other person. At first this might seem like a fine tool for those involved in the dating scene. it is very common for sexual interest to be perceived. (These are general guidelines and may not always indicate who initiated a perceived emotion. This doesn't necessarily mean the other person is sexually interested in you. Another downside. and the way they react to that idea will be perceivable. which can get you in a lot of trouble. it is very easy to misinterpret the sensations. For example.Koda Instant Enlightenment might recognize the emotion within your own body as a feeling you initiated. since you can find out what you want to know without having to be up front about it. what one feels can easily be felt by the other.

and it's the feeling. but they will none the less be certain of their opinion of you. remember you can stop that by blinking your eyes to regain a clear focus. etc. might find himself uncomfortably aware of sexual ideas. The third type of visual perception produced with this technique is the perception of other people. essentially. that will blow you away. when you perceive this sort of image. It feels the same way you would feel if you were talking to one person only to have someone entirely different instantly take their place. however. is something I haven't yet been able to determine. it is well within the ability of virtually anyone to achieve these perceptions using this technique. without a doubt. All I know is what it feels like to perceive such an image. They may not understand that they picked up the information psychically. Anyway you look at it. and again. a straight guy doing this purely harmless experiment in psychic perception with a good buddy. intense images become rather clear perceptions of entirely different people. At some point. someone entirely different from who you sat down with. The experience always starts with the blurry effects which can then intensify into recognizable images. within anyone's ability to experience. 53 . much more than the image. It almost seems like you could carry on a conversation with the new "person" before you. A gay man might give a straight woman the wrong impression. For example. This sort of perception is. they will walk away from the encounter with a very clear indication of your character. If you begin to perceive unpleasant hallucinations. It feels like you are looking at an entirely different person. or just another creation of your subconscious mind. and believe me. Whether or not an image like this is a previous incarnation of the person you sat down with. some have beards or hats or other such characteristics. These other images can be of a different gender.Koda Instant Enlightenment brought into the situation. which might cause your friend to think you were gay or something. You will know. or by simply looking away for a moment. if you are not very careful to avoid probing someone in an inappropriate way. Such images are quite a mind blowing thing to experience. it feels like a real person is there.

Koda Instant Enlightenment Biofeedback Testing Skin capacitance (electro-dermal response) changes when emotions occur. If both participants performing this exercise actually experience emotional reactions at the same time. A subject was connected to the equipment via electrodes attached to her skin. and with the same intensity. though in this instance only one monitoring device was available. as explained earlier. with no way for me to see the monitor. Years ago I had an opportunity to test this theory using biofeedback equipment. The subjects would require very limited experience with the technique and the results would not be subject to the discrepancies of verbal description. In this case my substantial experience using the Psychic Window technique enabled me to be successful. If you wish to stop any perception from progressing you can do so by blinking your eyes or looking away for a moment. Detailed Instructions NOTE: It helps to describe the nature of normal visual perception. I sat across from the subject. before performing this exercise with someone who is entirely unfamiliar with it. I did this simply by noting when I personally experienced an emotional sensation and how intense that sensation was relative to other such sensations. Relax. and successfully described the timing and relative height of these response curves. The resulting graphs could be compared directly. this can be proven by monitoring the electro-dermal response curves of both participants. but not in order to regain a normal visual focus. No effort beyond simple concentration is required. 54 . The output of the electrodes was displayed on a computer monitor as a constantly changing graph with peaks and valleys. The curves should show strong correlations while the subjects are performing the exercise. It is one of the variables monitored by lie detection machines. but it should be even easier to prove the correlations in emotional experience by employing two monitoring devices. Remember to blink your eyes only when they need wetting.

check with the other person to see if they felt something similar at the same time. without folding your arms or crossing your legs. they should look at your left eye. 4) Both participants should describe any alterations in their visual perception. The "receiver" should not venture a guess as to what emotion the other is 55 . That is. You can do this by asking if they had just felt an emotion similar to what you experienced. All the action happens on one side. Always seek to perceive the clearest image possible. Part Two: Merging Emotional Experience Basically. variations in blurry effects or increased detail. Sit in a "non-defensive" manner. or vice versa. emotional experience naturally merges while performing the above instructions. Any time you feel an emotion stand out. if you are looking at the other person's right eye. 3) Attempt to expand the area of clear perception to include all of the other person's face. Within ten minutes of first beginning this exercise you should have plenty of evidence supporting simultaneous emotional experience. It is also possible to "communicate emotions" by having one person deliberately experience a predetermined emotion while the other simply remains open to any emotional experience that may occur. etc. light or dark areas. 2) Focus your visual attention upon one of the other person's eyes. If possible. I have found it more effective to have "all the action" on one side. This would mean the attention would be on your left (or right) rather than criss-cross from left to right. This means pointing out when the visual changes occur and how intense they are relative to other changes. describe the nature of the changes you see. You will first notice this when one person or the other reacts emotionally to strong changes in their visual perception. Remember to continue maintaining eye contact.Koda Instant Enlightenment Part One: Initiating Visual Telepathy 1) The two participants should sit a comfortable distance apart (two or three feet) facing each other.

or yours." They become perceivable simply by concentrating upon seeing the clearest image possible. Whether or not you are perceiving a previous incarnation of the other person is not something I can objectively verify at this time. etc. as you can simply concentrate upon any sensation already available. It is not necessary to produce a sensation deliberately. for example. but it sure feels like that may be the case. A variation of this part of the exercise is to concentrate upon a physical sensation rather than an emotion. You can tighten up your toes and concentrate on that physical sensation. to determine which sensation you are concentrating upon. arm upon a table. such as your feet upon the floor. Other Telepathy Exercises Communicating Emotionally Charged Mental Images Psychic perception operates in a manner that is quite alien to the word symbolism of conscious thought. it is the feeling of being with an entirely different person which makes these perceptions so startling. Most psychic perception comes in the form of an "intuitive impression" which must be broken down into words.Koda Instant Enlightenment feeling until he or she actually experiences a particular emotion quite strongly. feelings or images in order to be consciously understood. while the other person mentally scans their own body. emotion is the easiest 56 . All I can suggest is that you do the exercise. that this exercise seems to allow us to tune into these other people. For this reason. Part Three: Perception of "Other People" No deliberate effort beyond the basic exercise is required to perceive images of "other people. and draw your own conclusions. It is as if we normally perceive only one of dozens of people who are superimposed together. who stare right back at us but can't seem to talk. perceive such images. Again.

for example. Once you have experienced a fair degree of success with the preceding exercises you will be ready to move on to communicating mental images. So I guessed that she was thinking about driving a car along a winding road with the top down. which enables greater ease in concentration. wind in my hair. a woman I once did this exercise with remembered feeling free and happy while riding down a winding canyon road on the back of a motorcycle. A rectangular blotch may indicate a door or window. The experience stood out in her life as a special moment when everything was wonderful and fun. I concentrated my attention on the woman and got the feeling of moving from side to side. It's not so much that you actually see an image. being happy. There may be a dark spot somewhere that feels like a house or trees. The receiver simply clears all distractions from his or her mind and describes any visual impressions that occur. Sometimes you will get the impression of large areas of different colors. or across the world while in contact by phone or via text on the Internet. The emotion is genuine in this case and can be remembered rather than imagined. You can do this with you eyes closed. which would indicate an outdoor image on a clear day. It can help if the sender concentrates upon images associated with a strongly felt emotional experience in the past. The top of your mental image may be all blue in this case. followed by images and then words. but still requires a capacity for perceiving subtle mental impressions. while focusing complete attention upon the sender. The combination of emotion and mental imagery is "relatively" easy for the conscious mind to perceive telepathically. 57 . and if you are patient you should be able to separate which of the two it might be. but the broad details will be received in vague impressions that are half felt and half seen. You can even achieve results with the other person being in a different room. If the blue is lower in the image it may be an ocean or a lake. and the image of a winding road came to mind.Koda Instant Enlightenment subjective experience to communicate on a conscious telepathic level. It is much easier than perceiving word symbolism. For example.

Ready? .. You may not know which words you will use. The image itself is not usually communicated directly.Koda Instant Enlightenment Again. The information almost always arrives as an impression which must then be translated into words. That impression or feeling contains a great deal of information which could easily require several minutes of dialogue to express verbally. It is that meaning. .. at least not in the beginning of your practice. You experienced an overall "impression" of how you feel about cats. . It is the emotion (intuition) associated with the image which produces the impression you later translate into particular visual details. How do you feel about cats? If you were quick enough you may have caught yourself pausing briefly while all your past experience regarding cats was sorted by your subconscious mind before being presented to your awareness in a form that could be expressed in words. you may not necessarily see an image. Communicating Specific Information From the preceding information it should be obvious that "mind reading" or actually perceiving the words that go through someone else's mind is not the way telepathy usually works (though on rare occasions I have experienced this). It must be translated in 58 . but will experience an impression or feeling that implies an image. that intuitive package. right now . I refer to this type of impression as an "intuitive package. but you are very aware of the meaning you expect to convey." Before you begin to speak a sentence you perceive an intuitive package which contains all the information you wish to express. You begin speaking in spite of not knowing which words you will use to complete that sentence. I will try to clarify what this impression is like by asking you to pay close attention to what you experience. which is perceived during telepathic communication.

These changes occur as subjective experience begins to merge. This emotional component enables better results to be obtained when attempting to communicate the specific card via telepathy. but this is something you do every time you speak. You should attempt to communicate emotionally charged information if possible. have far less emotional association and are much more difficult to communicate. it sometimes helps to maintain eye contact and look for changes in your visual perception.Koda Instant Enlightenment order to be expressed. Colors are somewhat easier to communicate than purely analytical data. You might try selecting among mental images of people known to both participants as the target. If you wish to communicate specific information telepathically. you can watch for the visual changes to occur while one person concentrates on a given color and the other scans mentally and 59 . if the sender is concentrating upon a particular number while the receiver slowly counts through a series of numbers. particularly in the beginning. ESP cards (Zener cards) contain images which can easily be associated with different emotional states. for example. Emotions are easiest to communicate. If you limit the choices to a specific set of colors. letters and numbers have very little emotional energy associated with them and as such are more difficult to communicate. This is true only if there are no other distractions separating the subjective experience of the two participants. Theoretically. As mentioned. the changes would happen when the correct number is reached. Visual Changes as Cues When attempting to communicate something specific. be sure to remember the basic nature of telepathy. Numbers or letters of the alphabet. since there is generally some degree of emotion connected with the way we feel about particular individuals. followed by images and then words. on the other hand. so it stands to reason that when two people are thinking the same thing the visual changes would happen. A star shape "feels" different than wavy lines.

yellow. You can do this visual exercise while looking at a photograph of a friend in order to “send a message” to that person. blue. purple. The greatest difficulty in communicating specific information can result from the sender not actually concentrating upon the target. 60 . It is quite natural for someone to choose a specific color to "send" to the other person. visual perception will begin to distort. though generally less intense changes in the perceived image. I should also point out that whenever someone stares at a particular. green. Using this method I once correctly guessed four cards in a row. white and black. since telepathy occurs only when more than one individual experiences similar perceptions at the same moment. If you first guess the suit. It helps if both people discuss how they feel about each color prior to experimenting. but in this case the photo only serves as a way to focus your attention on that person and results may be uncertain. Doing this exercise in a mirror will also produce similar.Koda Instant Enlightenment emotionally through the choices. it is much easier than trying to guess the exact card right off the bat. The target must be concentrated upon at all times while being the sender. Suggested colors are: red. When performing the exercise alone no telepathy is involved. The next chapter analyzes physical reality in an attempt to explain why various forms of psychic perception are possible. then if it is a high (Jack . orange. stationary object for an extended period. then drift off to other thoughts. Another experiment involves regular playing cards. then the actual card itself.Ace) mid (6 -10) or low (2 –5) numbered card.

religion and our own common sense. as it normally appears to be. If our consciousness is solely a result of brain function then we should be forever locked inside the confines of our heads. What is the true nature of time. Since phenomena like telepathy. space and matter? 61 . which you have hopefully experienced by now. then perhaps we can learn more about it by carefully analyzing the fundamental concepts we have taken for granted up till now. yet phenomena such as remote viewing and out of body experience disprove that idea. If time is a linear series of consecutive moments. then popular concepts regarding the nature of existence are in some respects in error. are a reality. then déjà vu and precognition would be unlikely to occur. yet they do. Religion tells us that after death we live in another world called heaven. yet there would be no place for heaven to exist if the physical universe occupies all the space there is. If reality operates differently than we have been lead to believe.Koda Instant Enlightenment Chapter Three: Analyzing Reality In this chapter the objective is to compare what we know about metaphysical phenomena to what we have been lead to believe by science.


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The Theory of No Physical Physical Universe
Interpretations of the truth, as far as science is concerned, change as new evidence is acquired. Albert Einstein's theory of relativity "disproved" Newton's description of a mechanical universe, yet Newton's laws still apply within the context of objects moving at velocities significantly slower than the speed of light. Any new description of the universe we might come up with to explain metaphysical phenomena will likewise go beyond current scientific reasoning, but at the same time what is known to be true will remain true, within the context where such truths are observable. Both Einstein and Newton describe the same reality, but from different perspectives. One (simplified) way of looking at this is that Newton deals with effects that are observable from a stationary position, whereas relativity looks at effects involving velocities near the speed of light. Reality doesn't change, but when it is looked at from a different point of view, that same reality appears to behave differently. Consider a very simple observation anyone can make. If you go outside and watch the sky, it is obvious that the Earth is in the center of the universe with the Sun, Moon, stars and planets all revolving around the Earth once per day. That is an easily verifiable observation. It is also completely inaccurate. If we change our perspective, so that we can imagine the motion of the planets from a point of view a few million miles from the Sun, we then see that the Sun is the center around which the planets revolve. Observable evidence is relative to the point of view of the observer. The truth, on the other hand, remains the same regardless of perspective. When we go outside and watch the sky with the new information in mind, our observations are not in conflict. It still appears that the planets circle the Earth, but we are able to recognize that this same observation would also be apparent if the Earth were spinning at one revolution per day. Physical science operates on some basic premises which might turn out to be as "incorrect" as the idea that the Sun circles the


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Earth. The most basic of these is that physical matter occupies both time and space. From our point of view as physical creatures, the reality of time, space and matter seems very obvious. In order for the above to be true, we must first assume that time exists, one moment following another, the past leading to the unknown future. In the same way, we must assume that space exists, a physical area containing dimensions of height, width and depth. We must also assume that objects are made of matter, the matter being reduced to pure energy from the point of view of sub-atomic particle physics, but from the perspective of our physical bodies, matter is real and solid and occupies physical space. What we have just listed is not a series of facts, but of assumptions. We can refer to this point of view where everything seems solid as the "physical" world. It's the same sort of perspective we encounter when we observe the Sun circling the Earth. Please consider the event I described where my friend suddenly went bananas because he was sure he was experiencing déjà vu (the situation where several of us had changed seating arrangements in my car). Later it was me weirding-out believing it had all happened before. In my experience, a similar event had indeed occurred. But how do you explain my friend's reaction on that first occasion? This is rather clear evidence that from some other perspective, time is not a series of moments leading from past to future. Consider the concept of reincarnation, which more people in this world believe in than those who do not. Science doesn't believe or disbelieve, because when it comes to anything they can't neatly explain, science simply avoids asking the question. Reincarnation could still exist if time were a series of consecutive moments, but how do you explain a person alive now describing events that happened hundreds of years ago when there is no possibility of the information being transmitted genetically? On a more personal level, many of you using the Psychic Window Technique (visual telepathy exercise) will see images of other people superimposed over the face of the person you are looking at. While it is true that some of the images seen while using the technique are simply hallucinatory, many of those images are


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very clearly human. They not only look like real people, but while observing these images you experience the "presence" of these individuals. It is as if you are actually looking at someone other than who you are doing the exercise with. Seth once made an interesting comment while speaking through the body of Jane Roberts. He said that when he communicated with someone in her presence he saw all of that person's incarnated selves and probable selves at the same time, and had to remember which of those personalities he was addressing. (The concept of probable selves will be explained in a moment.) During the experience of using the Psychic Window Technique this same sort of perception can occur, where several different facial images fade in and out of focus. Seth also insists that all time is simultaneous, that everything takes place in what he calls the "spacious present." Evidence clearly exists, then, that from a different perspective than our normal one, time may not be a linear phenomenon. Time is in many ways a difficult concept to grasp. At one moment your thumb is against the page, in another it is held off the page. What is the "thing" we call time that separates these two conditions? I can't tell you, because I have no clue. What I can do is demonstrate how time, space and matter may not exist in the way we think they do. My first memorable exposure to an abstract, mathematical concept was in an eighth-grade math class when I was introduced to the idea of a mathematical point: a place in space that is infinitely small, such as the point where two invisible lines cross. That point exists, but because it is infinitely small it can always be reduced to half of any supposed size assigned to it, again and again, forever. How big is the center of a dime? One-hundredth of an inch? One millionth? Even if you were to say it is a billion times smaller than one-billionth of an inch, you could always cut any dimension you specify in half, an infinite number of times. A mathematical point is infinitely small. I have always found this to be a very interesting idea, that something can exist, such as the center of a coin, but be so small it can never be located.


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What happens if we apply the idea of "infinitely small" to the concept of time? How long does the present moment exist before the next moment occurs? How long is now? We could say that now exists for a millionth of a second, or half that long, or half that long again, over and over forever. "Now" is an infinitely short duration of time. Imagine ten separate moments of now. If we line them up in a series to create a length of time that is ten times longer than one present moment, how much time actually passes? The answer is that when you add up two or more infinitely short periods of time, the total time that passes remains infinitely short in duration. All the present moments which have ever occurred add up to a total passage of time equal to one present moment. Evidence for this being the way things are is demonstrated in the fact that we never leave "now." Move your thumb up, then move your thumb down. What is that "thing" (other than space) which separates the two conditions? That "thing" is called time, but it all happens at once. It all happens now. Time is not a "thing" but an abstract concept. It is a way of organizing perception. Another interesting observation about time and our perception involves gaps between the present moment and our perception of that moment. This delayed perception is clearly obvious when astronomers look at stars many light years away. If a star is 100 light years from the Earth, the light entering the telescope left the star 100 years earlier. It is quite possible that the star may have exploded and disappeared during those 100 years. The astronomers are not actually looking at the star then, but simply perceiving an image. It is very important to understand that what they perceive may in fact not actually exist in the moment it is being perceived. On a smaller scale the same thing applies to your perception of this page. The page exists in the present moment, but it takes light about 0.5 nanoseconds (one-half of one-billionth of a second) to travel from the page to your eye. After striking the rods and cones in your eye the information must pass along the optic nerves to your


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brain, and then those signals must be translated into an image your conscious awareness can perceive. Since the present moment is infinitely short in duration, by the time we perceive anything we are no longer in the same present moment. Our physical senses never provide us with a picture of what is actually happening now, but are always presenting us with the past, much like astronomers are not looking at the present existence of a star but at the way the star once appeared. It seems that the past can be proven to exist, since it is obvious that things change from a previous (past) condition. We can move our thumb and remember that it was in a different position before we moved it. But we can not prove that the past exists. If I set a burning candle on a table, can you prove how tall it was five minutes ago? Can you take a ruller into the past and make that observation? What about the future? Can you tell me the length of the candle five minutes from now? What if I blow out the candle between now and then? We can not prove that either past or future exists because we can never leave the present to make the necessary observations. We never experience any point in time other than now. When trying to define the nature of three-dimensional space, we can apply the idea of infinite smallness to space in the same way we applied it to time. If we line up ten mathematical points next to each other in a row, and then measure the distance from the first point to the last, the total space covered is the same amount of space occupied by just one mathematical point. An infinite number of infinitely small points of space lined up in a row create a total distance equal to one infinitely small amount of space. One might try to argue that even if infinitely small points of space can't be added to create a line, you can still take a pencil and draw a line in what appears to be space. You can also watch an automobile on a television screen, but that doesn't mean you can drive to work in that image. Both are illusions. Thumb up, thumb down. What is the "thing" that separates the two conditions? We think in terms of two different locations in space, but it is impossible for an object to move though enough infinitely small points of space to ever change position.


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Space is not "out there" all around us as it appears to be. It is another way of organizing perception. Physicists might argue that time and space are "continuums," structures that are continuous, without separate parts by which they can be divided. If that were true then there would be no division between the past, present and future -- all time would be simultaneous. Likewise, all of space would be the same space, where all objects exist at once without being separated from one another. So we return to that initial scientific assumption, that matter occupies time and space. Anyway you look at it all time is simultaneous because we never leave the present moment, and in that case, all matter must exist at once in the same space, which is physically impossible -- unless physical reality is a "point of view" rather than solid matter in time and space. It is all a “matter” of perspective. Time, space and matter all appear to be very real from the perspective of someone watching the Sun circle the Earth, but from the perspective of the infinitely small, nothing is "real" or tangible in the way we think it is. Atoms are reduced to pure energy at the subatomic level -- nothing solid about it. From the perspective of someone who is infinitely large, the entire universe occurs inside an infinitely small point of space. An infinitely small space can not contain more than one object, and that object can not have characteristics that are not uniformly identical -there isn't enough space for anything to be different from anything else. From that perspective the entire universe can not possibly exist as anything but an organization of perception. Just because the Sun appears to circle the Earth that doesn't mean it's the way things really are. We live in a universe of pure energy, without physical dimension, where everything happens now. According to these observations, that is the universe we live in. All of existence is no more solid than our idea of what we perceive. In such a universe it might be possible to experience whatever we can conceive. It becomes a matter of understanding how our perception is organized. The universe is infinitely large. If it is not infinitely large then something else must lay beyond it, and that something else

including space. “what is on the other side of the universe. If it did run. Our physical universe begins and ends in every way with an idea. This would mean that if we launched a rocket from a planet on the edge of the universe toward the area where no more stars can be seen. How can something exist physically if it turns out to be contained within nothing more physical than an idea? It has been argued that time began with the big bang. which we can never run out of. that is the same as saying time stops within an empty box because nothing is moving inside it. (No one bothers to tell us where all this energy came from in the first place. Time stretches out into the infinite past and into the infinite future. and that time does not exist if there are no objects in motion by which to perceive the passing of time. the rocket would either disappear. that prior to the big bang there was no motion in the universe. Time is not produced by objects in motion. Some also argue that the physical universe has a shape. If time doesn’t actually exist inside a closed box. then you would have to say that the phenomena of time is produced by the clock. and ideas are not physical. then if you put a clock inside the box. That means anyone who wants to have twice as much time on a busy day should simply buy an extra watch. And that would still leave the question. or it would bounce back off the edge of the universe because there would be no space out there for the rocket to pass through. 68 . when some microscopically small bit of super compressed energy exploded and formed into our constantly expanding universe. infinity. To me. ceasing to exist. I can observe the contents of the box and perceive the passing of time even if I do not detect any objects in motion. However.Koda Instant Enlightenment would have to be infinitely large or an infinity of “something elses” would have to exist in the space that goes forever beyond our universe.) The theory is that time began with the big bang. beyond which nothing exists. The concept of infinity thus forms the boundaries of our universe.” It is much more likely that the rocket would simply continue moving through limitless space. the clock would not run. On the other end of the spectrum our universe goes out of sight into the infinitely small.

The “holly grail” of scientific understanding is the quest to find a single theory which would unify all the forces in the universe 69 . by an idea which has no measurable. is the possibility of other worlds of experience such as "heaven. They just don't know where or how such a dimension could be possible. that this world we experience is some kind of "projection of consciousness. One of the benefits of considering the world to consist of something other than solid objects in time and space. Then they turn around and say everything started with the big bang.Koda Instant Enlightenment The physical universe is bounded in every way by the concept of infinity. and while we are experiencing it from the perspective of someone living within it." Scientists who are religious insist the universe takes up all the space there is." as Seth puts it.) Quantum Mechanics and String Theory There are currently four forces known by science to operate in the universe. The first is gravity. which holds our bodies to the Earth and all the stars and planets in their orbits. The only way this makes sense is if the universe is not really “physical” in the way it appears to be from our perspective. physical properties. The important point is simply to realize that we are not limited by the constraints of physical laws. and atoms to each other. The electromagnetic force is responsible for electricity and magnetism. But knowing the world is not really "solid" and "out there" gives us an opportunity to investigate our perceptions as the result of "idea construction. physical laws will normally apply. The weak atomic force holds electrons in their orbits around the nucleus of an atom. using the excuse that science doesn't deal with questions of ultimate beginnings or endings." The "illusion" of physical reality has a very definite structure." try understanding the loopholes science invents for itself. The strong atomic force holds the protons and neutrons of the atomic nucleus together. (If you think my ideas are "far out. Science neatly overlooks any conflicting evidence when it comes to questions of a philosophical nature. and people were once lizards. yet many of them still believe a place called heaven exists.

A similar sort of confusion exists with the nature of light. quantum physicists can predict the velocity of an electron as it orbits the nucleus of an atom. 70 . However. but the way in which it vibrates determines the type of subatomic particle it is perceived to be when atoms are smashed together in huge particle accelerators. and he believed any explanation of its fundamental principle would be elegantly simple. as the fundamental building blocks of the universe. String theory also poses some conditions that not all physicists are willing to accept. but because there is no way to test the theory in a physical experiment. The more they can predict about one condition the less they can tell about the other. some quantum physicists have postulated what they refer to as “string theory” as a potential way of unifying all these forces. Physicists are presently capable of unifying three of the four fundamental forces together. coherent. but not it’s position. Most significantly are the necessity for multiple dimensions beyond our capacity to perceive (eleven dimensions are currently postulated) and the fact that when they apply the math in order to unify gravity with the other forces. with gravity being the exception. String theory appears to work. it remains a theory rather than a fact. Physicists studying subatomic particles use quantum mechanics (a set of mathematical rules) to describe and predict the behavior of matter at the subatomic level. the universe appeared divinely elegant in nature.Koda Instant Enlightenment into a single. In his quest to discover the theory of unification. Einstein spent the last half of his life in search of this illusive answer. their calculations always result in infinity. at least in mathematical terms. where photons behave as both a wave and a particle depending on how they are observed. For example.a formula describing a single force which would explain why all other forces work in the way they do. Einstein basically ignored quantum mechanics in spite of its obvious use in describing what goes on at subatomic levels. A fundamental characteristic of quantum mechanics is that it describes the subatomic realm as being inherently chaotic. Each string is identical in nature. To Einstein. The theory envisions vibrating strings of pure energy. mathematical description -. or vice versa. billions of times smaller than an atom.

by placing the edge of a mirror against the cover. Whether or not you noticed those faces earlier was influenced by many factors. The title of that background cover art is “Infinite Images” (#1) because there are essentially an infinite number of images perceivable. Both images exist. In these areas the mirror can be held either vertically or horizontally to produce new images. The reality of those images has always been there. The image (reality) we perceive is totally dependent upon how we organize our perception. but they may have gone unnoticed if your attention was not tuned to perceive them. If you take a close look at the cover of this book. you will notice a large number of “cartoon-like” faces and other shapes arranged in vertical columns. By altering our point of view still further. etc.Koda Instant Enlightenment Imagine that. As your point of view expands to include a larger area. Science has trouble accepting the mathematics of string theory because it implies multiple dimensions and a universe based upon infinity. a totally different “reality” becomes observable in the same location. including how patient or hurried you have felt. the amount of light available. Multiple Dimensions in the Same Space Allow me to demonstrate how multiple dimensions of perception can exist within the same space. This is particularly observable when you turn the book up-side-down and see an entirely different set of images in the same area where you were “certain” some other particular image existed. when your point of view is altered. but that first image becomes difficult to perceive when the book is up-side-down. half 71 . if you have been alone or distracted by others. The reality you perceive depends on how your attention is focused. As you study the images you may notice that a small face can also be perceived as being only a limited portion of a larger face. other images. it is possible to recognize even more images in the spaces between the vertical columns where the other images were earlier perceived. In fact. and a part of. several different “realities” or “dimensions” (images) can be perceived connected to.

The next time I look at this page this sentence will already be here. In fact I have to assume this moment is real to you. right? Well. though it is likely that many realities exist without the necessity for what we think of as objects. organized reality can exist in the same manner. If I woke up tomorrow and found the book completely finished. and it was just as real to our perception as this moment is to you. The possibilities are endless. This book could be the window of a house in some other reality. right? It didn't just appear in front of you all by itself. Your reality is a hypothetical construction in my very objective present moment. The way ideas are constructed that tell us what is real and what isn't. since from the standpoint of someone writing this I can never be certain anyone will read it. maybe. or it could be a vast plane covered by low hills where a minute of our time is experienced as an eon there. witnessed the same events. If I wake up tomorrow and remember writing this entire book. An atom could be an entire solar system from some other perspective. the physical objects we are familiar with could turn out to be portions of other dimensions of perception. Just as the nose of one face can be viewed as the chin of another. This book had to be written by someone. Where do dreams happen? All in your mind? Isn't that saying dreams occur in a world where everything exists as organizations of perception rather than as physical objects? Sounds like a world we are already familiar with. where none were perceivable before. So what is actually the criteria of reality here? Memory. doesn't it? Carlos Castaneda (and others) report sharing dream experiences with other people? How can more than one person experience something that isn't real? I can personally attest to the fact that when my friend and I "transported our awareness" to that farm house we saw the same world there. it would be done even if I had no memory of writing it. and 72 . Multiple dimensions of coherent.Koda Instant Enlightenment of the image appearing in the mirror. Our thoughts may be objects in some other dimensions. In your world there is more evidence to support my existence than there is evidence in my world to support yours.

If you believe you talk with aliens from other planets. It could happen. Does something have to be witnessed to be real? Did you brush your teeth this morning? Did it really happen if there were no witnesses? If you believe it. and we manufacture our own perceptions. but there were no witnesses.the two people in your world. a different world for every significant decision we contemplate. and the two in my world. He goes on to say that there are virtually an infinite number of objective worlds we can tune into. That if you and I are in a room with a coffee table. none of them believed it happened. He refers to these worlds as “probable realities. It wasn't real to them. The friend verified the experience as being real. A "probable self" is the person who is aware of following a decision we pondered but did not choose to follow with our present 73 . in another world you actually did. Seth tells us that we all live in our own reality. literally. it happened. it will be real. If you remember something happening. Similar events may have happened to you before. Later that night I left my body for the first time. and four people -.” For example. If you suddenly woke up this very instant and found yourself laying in bed you would have to assume that you had not actually been reading this book but had dreamed the entire experience you consider so real right now. At least in your reality. our individual worlds. that there is an agreed upon "objective reality" existing as idea construction. Haven't you ever been surprised to wake up from a dream that seemed totally real? What I am trying to get at here is the importance of memory and ideas in determining what is real from what isn't. but didn’t. it happens. there are two rooms and two coffee tables. even if the words just magically appeared overnight. if you seriously considered marrying someone. by tuning in to that information in much the same way as a radio station is tuned in with a car radio. then it is real to you. When I explained these events to my friends at the coffee shop.Koda Instant Enlightenment find the information all typed up on my computer. I communicated a letter of the alphabet telepathically with a friend. regardless of whether others believe you or not. He says that objective reality is a result of agreement.

Forth-Dimensional Perception We live in what appears to be a three-dimensional (3-D) world of physical space occupied by objects.Koda Instant Enlightenment awareness. Right. meaning that not only do all objects exist in the above three dimensions. From the Sun circling the Earth. The book humorously describes the experience of creatures having only two dimensions. to the Earth circling the Sun. that space must exist at a particular point in time. So it appears that from Einstein’s point of view. Visualizing a 2-dimentional world finally 74 . To that person. What I would like to introduce next is a different way of looking at reality which seems to explain how many forms of psychic perception might be possible.” mentions a little book called Flatland which was published near the turn of the twentieth century by Edwin Abbott. or if probable realities are created as a result of our decisions. Space and time can not be separated because in order for space to exist. your current awareness is the probable self. Whether or not we actually do create our own worlds via idea construction. These dimensions are represented as height. space and matter as we normally perceive them to be. width and depth. but I must also admit that the idea of space-time seemed way too nebulous for me to actually grasp. Joachim Wolf. the next point of view takes us into an entirely different dimension. I mention the ideas here because they seem to be possible within a universe that is not limited to the confines of time. in a paper describing what he calls “quantum metaphysics. but these objects exist in connection with a particular area of space as it exists at a particular point in time. I “thought” I understood all that. is something neither you or I can be sure of without personal experience which convinces us one way or another. Albert Einstein proposed a forth dimension which he referred to as space-time. space and time are interconnected in a forth dimension called space-time.

but it goes a very long way to explain how many forms of psychic perception could operate. A 2-D world would have width and depth. but some circles would also be seen as only a small portion of spheres or cylinders. even slow-to-get-it-me. Imagine how amazed these creatures would be to perceive shapes as complex as living trees. No solid matter would exist there because their world is infinitely thin. It would be like an infinitely thin piece of paper. As the ball continued moving downward. Now imagine that we. as the forth dimension. but no height. the circle these creatures perceive would constantly enlarge until the center of the ball had passed through. out here in “3-D land. the circle would continually become smaller until it disappeared altogether. Forth dimensional awareness is the ability to move conscious perception anywhere in space or time. Let’s start by imagining what perception would be like for a two-dimensional (2-D) consciousness. on the outside of their universe. The same universe they have always known would suddenly be recognized as merely a tiny slice of a far greater reality which had existed all the time. at least to some degree. 75 . clouds. some squares would be recognized as just one component of a cube.Koda Instant Enlightenment enabled me to actually comprehend how a forth dimension can be conceptualized. Maybe this isn’t what Einstein meant by space-time. but it is easier to think of them as circles on a piece of paper. can grasp. Because there is absolutely no height in a 2-D world. The creatures which inhabit such a world could have shapes as complicated as an ink blot. space-time may exist as the next dimension for us. if two of these circles came together they could pass right through each other. As the ball descended downward through their flat world. Imagine how blown away such creatures would be if they were suddenly able to perceive their world from a 3-D point of view. etc. What they would perceive is a constantly expanding circle. In the same way. mountains and stars.” were to pass a round ball downward through their 2-D plane of existence. All the things they know would still exist. And I think I finally figured out how to conceptualize that forth dimension in a way that anyone.

psychometry. Here is where logic can help us understand even more about forth dimensional perception. our present consciousness is not stuck in time. All those points of existing awareness (our memories) are simultaneously available. we do not have to manufacture an awareness capable of perceiving in 4-D. Perhaps it would be possible for a 4-D to perceive all of time and all of space in one glance. déjà vu). déjà vu. That means psychic perception is inherent in all of us. are. Our future experience would also be perceivable. because from that point of view all time is simultaneously available. we already possess conscious awareness at multiple points in time.. reincarnation.e. It seems more likely that 4-D perception would simply be the ability to move through time and space without limitations.Koda Instant Enlightenment It would not be necessary for a forth-dimensional consciousness (4-D) to travel through space in order to perceive distant objects. Any drug that alters our perception of time and space is probably causing physiological changes related to 4-D perception. In terms of past experience at least. Meditation and self hypnosis can be applied to reduce physical perception and focus attention in other ways. remote viewing. From the perspective of the forth dimension. That awareness already exists in the forth dimension. or to travel through time to see things as they were. and beyond. Out Of Body Experience (OOBE). but experience it as it occurred (i. 4-D perception is inherent in all of us. and will be. we would not simply remember a past event. thus becoming tools for exploring forth dimensional awareness. but such perception is beyond my ability to conceive. In other words. 76 . It would seem that what we need is some method of awakening our already existing awareness of forth-dimensional perception. Because we exist as 3-D creatures who can remember past events. and more. This future experience would include the moment when we became/become (same thing) aware of 4-D space-time perception. This could explain perceptions such as precognition. clairvoyance. Various techniques for using these tools are provided in this book.

Consider your ability to perceive more than one dimension in the same space while looking at the cover of this book. The true reality is the yet unknown structure which organizes our perception. Remember waking up from dreams that seem totally real. a world without solid matter or time or space. but the structure itself is not physical.nothing is solid even according to science. I am simply pointing the way toward your own. But ponder the impossibility of adding together infinitely small points of time or space to create the sort of world we think exists. Observe how physical matter appears to alter before your eyes during the experience of visual telepathy. as a result of performing the exercises in this book. I am not asking you to accept any of it on faith. personal evaluation of the nature of your experience. That structure produces what we perceive as physical existence. Perhaps the information in this chapter is simply too abstract for you to believe. As your experience begins to include more and more perceptions of a metaphysical nature. Realize that the boundaries of our universe exist only as ideas. Understand that on a subatomic level matter does not exist as anything but pure energy -.Koda Instant Enlightenment In my opinion. We live in an illusory world of organized perception. It is "metaphysical. physical reality is a manifestation of consciousness." and can be manipulated by consciousness." Whatever you want to call it. that it is a form of "idea construction. I believe you will find the information in this chapter to have a greater likelihood of reflecting the truth. 77 . Understand that one point and the world suddenly becomes a magical place where nearly anything is possible. While I can't prove that anything I have said in this chapter is true. the single most valuable bit of knowledge you can acquire in regards to developing metaphysical abilities is understanding that physical reality is not what it appears to be.

But as Fox Mulder likes to say. but would it be true if you had faith that it was true? People have faith in ideas that are just as ridiculous. If any one concept can be accepted as truth simply by choosing to believe it is true. taking poison will buy you a seat on the space craft hiding behind the comet. Did you know that the gue on the bottom of my shoe is actually an alien civilization where everyone looks like Elvis -. "The truth is out there. or what's good for big corporations is good for the people. Religion and Beliefs My biggest complaint about religious and new age spiritualistic teachings is that they outline some grand scheme about how everything works and then expect us to accept it all on faith. dying as a suicide bomber will send you straight to a heaven filled with dozens of horny virgins. then that would apply to any concept imaginable. For example. The Sun appears to circle the Earth. Having faith or belief does not make something true. belief or perception." Objective truth exists independently of individual faith.except on Thursdays and Saturdays when these creatures travel to Washington and impersonate political leaders? Of course that can't be true. and that appearance is 78 .Koda Instant Enlightenment Chapter Four: Reason.

The exercises throughout this book are meant to provide you with personal experience of psychic phenomena and metaphysical realities. though it is possible to simply expand the 79 . An agnostic is someone who does not feel they have enough information to come to a conclusion about the question of God. There is no adequate term to describe someone who is aware of “spiritual reality” yet does not subscribe to religious definitions. I am certain God exists. "Yes. Such an all-inclusive concept leaves little room for misinterpretation. If it seems I am being "overly conscientious" or nit-picky about these details. the same for everyone." to one person. I first ask that person to define what they mean by the word "God. An atheist is someone who fully believes God does not exist. you would be saying you believe some really tall guy who needs a shave sits in a big chair tossing lightning bolts down upon sinners. regardless of what we believe is really happening. though in some cases it is the easiest way to talk about the subject in less than specific terms. if I ask you if you believe God exists. It does differ from the standard Christian concept of God in some respects. If it can be imagined.Koda Instant Enlightenment objective. how would you reply? Would you say.” All That Is is just that. however anyone chooses to describe such experience will always be a matter of interpretation. If you said. "Yes. and even if it can't. The word "God" has so many interpretations I generally prefer not to use it. To another you might be saying you believe Mother Earth or the Sun is the source of all life. Seth provides us with the concept of All That Is as an alternative to the idea of “God. equally definitive answer? Whenever someone asks me if I believe in God. For example. The experience is where the truth is. everything." or provide some other. I hope you will come to realize the importance of accurate communication when it comes to these matters." The word means different things to different people. Then again. it's part of All That Is. Remember what I said about information needing to be experienced before it becomes true knowledge? Even then one can not be certain that one's interpretation of such experience accurately describes what the truth really is. I am sure of it.

placeless place Here and there are as much the same as they are different.Koda Instant Enlightenment Christian idea of God to include all that is without too much difficulty. We call that consciousness God And the first thing this consciousness knew Was that It was everything It was the totality of all the nothingness there was. It's own consciousness. And so this consciousness conceived of somethingness A place where nothingness could exist Which we now call space And within this space God recognized something that wasn't nothing Filling everything. Now and then a now where no one knows such things. God is utterly alone. God is everything. whereas All That Is implies that "God" is present in everything. In this timeless. And when God realized with greater and greater clarity Just how alone It was 80 . And then a mystery beyond the conception of God occurred -Something conscious knew there was nothing. Christians believe God is the source of everything. The Loneliness of God Before the beginning There was a total absence of everything Where even nothing did not exist Nor any thought or feeling whatever. The following poem is an attempt to express my personal interpretation of how and why All That Is may have come to be.

Koda Instant Enlightenment It recognized It's awareness of aloneness had not always been the same. God experienced Other experiencing God. We are all God. 81 . God experienced not being alone. The Others remember their paths and choose to return to separateness Because they know they will always return to God And share their joy at returning. but Other knew It was God And God was still alone with Itself. creating the concept of value. It conceived that space was filled with time as well as consciousness. Then God removed It's memory of being God from Other And as Other. Through Other. Something that was not Itself. And so God divided Itself in order to experience Other And gave Other a form. But soon God noticed that Other longed to know it's source Just as God had longed to know Other God experienced empathy. struggling to overcome our forgetfulness Afraid to return to the knowledge That God is the loneliest being there is. Again God was utterly alone. As the time passed God's awareness of aloneness grew steadily And It desired. So God created a multitude of Others And removed their memory of being God And God felt their great joy when each of them became one with God Till they all felt God's great loneliness. and allowed Other to know itself as God.

this too can become a hell as devastating as the loneliness of being everything. every cell and atom in your body. including as everyone we meet. all of life's most minute experiences are valuable beyond imagination to a being who knows no limits or individuality. or more accurately. every pebble. struggling to survive -. by expanding one's concept of individuality to include everything else. All That Is knows our situation. At the same time. "There are no divisions or separations between the Self. Every thought you think is something happening within God. I felt that if I wanted to I could create entire worlds simply by imagining them." If God is everything. As Seth says. All That Is rejoices in your joy and shares the thrill of your adventures. You are not cut off from the power of your source.by losing the sense of being an individual." says Seth. The devastating feeling of insignificance eventually gave way to an appreciation for the amazing fact that individualism exists at all. and everywhere you look you see God expressing Itself in a multitude of ways. You are All That Is being you. alone in a world full of uncaring people. then we are all God. Even a difficult life as a human being was better than being the only thing there is. Every thought. "God consciousness" or "total enlightenment" is a state of being where an individual becomes aware of his or her connection to All That Is -. If God is really All That Is. cut off from the source of one's being. I felt powerful beyond imagination and totally insignificant in the same breath.Koda Instant Enlightenment God is also the happiest being there is. every stubbed toe. to feel individual. every hardship. every child's smile. while at the same time I realized the totality of my present life was nothing more than a momentary flicker of thought for such a being. Just to be alive in a universe that seemed to be separate from me produced a feeling of adventure and joy. then there is a little piece of God in every flower. "We are made of the stuff of God. My first glimpse of "god consciousness" occurred under the influence of LSD. We are free to tap into that source and create the reality we desire simply by 82 .

This means God has awareness of all human suffering. First. knows about the suffering in the world and has the power to stop it. how they have enabled you to become a better person. to All That Is. (The concept of value fulfillment is central to understanding human experience and is discussed in detail in the “Psychological Wisdom” chapter.” it appears to answer some questions that otherwise seem incomprehensible. the power to end it. but He doesn’t. which is discussed further in the chapter on creating reality. “One must know ugliness in order to appreciate beauty. Yet children are killed or maimed in wars or accidents and sometimes fall ill with fatal diseases. and when it comes down to it. If we employ the concept of All That Is as an alternative to “God. Americans are mostly Christian. There are endless descriptions regarding how the metaphysical universe operates. For example. Consider what you have learned from your failures and difficult challenges. and the moral imperative to do so. God is supposed to be good. throwing in some other conditions which that might entail. The idea of probable realities means that in other dimensions of experience the bad things do not happen. Such children could not possibly have offended God to the point He would bring so much suffering upon them deliberately. and you can see how value can be gained from “undesirable” circumstances.Koda Instant Enlightenment allowing the power to flow through us. Let’s look at the same situation from the perspective of All That Is. reason tells us He must stop it. Reincarnation means we have other lives to work with.sometimes it is simply the price of ignorance). If God is good.) Buddhism tells us. It should be recognized that the average individual's choice of religion has far more to do with geographical location than any sincere investigation of the truth. Or so goes the theory. 83 . any experience is better than no experience. hardships often result in personal growth which may not otherwise occur (though this doesn’t mean that suffering is always good for the soul -.” In other words. all knowing and all powerful. especially in overcoming those limitations. Such a concept of God is therefore irrational. there is value in the experience of limitations. Bad things happen to good people. each religion promoting it's own version. which is taken as fact by those who follow such teachings.

etc. Here are a few of the ideas we’ve covered which seem to be pretty hard to argue against. however. that just because these ideas have a rational advantage over conventional religious beliefs. since God must be part of all that is if God exists. All That Is definitely does and It can be defined as being God. then any religious beliefs will be experienced as fact by those who hold them. If this is true. explains why conflicting religious belief systems all produce “validating results” for their followers. OK. There is. that doesn’t mean this is how the universe actually operates. eh?) 84 . We must remember. a rational advantage to Seth's concept of All That Is.Koda Instant Enlightenment Saudi Arabians mostly Muslim. or includes. however. and even then it is subject to interpretation. The perception of the truth is always subject to an individual's interpretation of the experience. All That Is exists because it is everything that exists. It resolves the “why doesn’t God help?” question. creating our own reality. implies that we have free will. One must experience the truth in order to know it is real. and our having existence in more than just this physical dimension. All That Is either is. Seth tells us that we create our personal experience of reality according to our beliefs. (Words can take you to some odd places. There is an objective truth regardless of whether or not anyone knows what it is. and empowers us to overcome our challenges without the necessity for belief in a higher power which exists apart from us. and if God does not exist. God. In the search for “the one true church” the answer is that one will do as well as another.

This leads us to conclude that our experience of reality is fundamentally perceptional in nature. and to manipulate the “metaphysical structure” in ways 85 . then our experience can be manipulated by controlling our awareness. or infinitely large. This chapter provides an overview of various methods of controlling awareness. The illusion is real. but the underlying structure responsible for our perceptions is not physical. These tools can enable us to direct our awareness to perceptions beyond those offered by our physical senses. our three-dimensional perception of experience. that the physical universe can not fundamentally exist in the way it appears to us. concentration and intent. It stands to reason then. in that it has definite structure and operates according to predictable patterns of cause and effect. the only explanation available is that physical reality is inherently illusionary in nature. self hypnosis.Koda Instant Enlightenment Chapter Five: Manipulating Awareness If we consider that from the perspective of the infinitely small. but beyond. including meditation. This fundamental structure exists connected to. that if our conscious perception is in some way “manufacturing” our experience.

which includes psychological phenomena we are seldom aware of. If we exist after death and experience lives in other incarnations. theoretically. Further still are levels of consciousness containing “group souls” much like the collective consciousness of a family or community.” Beyond that. is the personality aware of all our experience in probable realities. access to memory. except when we remember a dream event. Our “normal” self appears rather nebulous and “dreamlike” to the dreaming self. Levels of Consciousness Modern psychological theory describes consciousness in terms we are all familiar with. Our normal. including the probable realities of all our incarnations. a step beyond the dreaming self we will find the personality which is aware of between life experience and our previous incarnations. etc. and is in some ways a separate personality from our physically aware self. This includes our breathing. Beyond these three easily observable levels of awareness we enter other levels of existence. meaning areas of awareness that are easily accessible but are not part of our normal awareness. 86 . experience in other universes. We might call this our “forth dimensional consciousness. Our dreaming self has it’s own memories and separate ways of organizing experience. Beneath that is the subconscious. Beyond that is the awareness of all human experience. one experiences the awareness of All That Is. It helps to have a general understanding of these techniques prior to performing the many exercises provided later in this book. Beyond this is the unconscious. according to Seth. everyday awareness is referred to as ego consciousness.Koda Instant Enlightenment which alter our physical experience. and on and on until. Dream experience is unconscious to our normal self. attitudes and behavior. in which case the awareness crosses through the subconscious into ego consciousness. The unconscious also contains our biological instincts and deeply buried beliefs which affect our health. such as control of our heartbeat and body temperature. sensations such as temperature and humidity.

Learning to manipulate on these different levels of consciousness can be achieved though various forms of mind control. and there may be levels of consciousness other than those described here. while at the same time their ability to concentrate may not be any better than average. We are conscious of our experience between lives when we are aware of those perceptions. such as astral planes. etc. including our conscious memories. beliefs and values. since we are not normally conscious of them. If we think of the ego as the physically focused portion of our awareness. Meditation is used primarily to gain control of our attention by stopping the seemingly automatic generation of thoughts and other mental distractions. and as Seth says. 87 . though it isn’t necessary to have total mind control in order to perceive in specialized ways. “There are no separations or divisions between the Self. have clairvoyant ability because they are familiar with how to tune their attention in just the right way to enable that sort of perception. In a way we could say that all these different levels are part of our unconscious.Koda Instant Enlightenment The names given to these levels of consciousness are essentially meaningless. The different “levels” simply refer to the perception available to consciousness at any given moment. for example. which depends upon how it is focused. animal consciousness. Once we learn to control the content of our awareness it better enables us to direct our attention to perception and manipulation on other levels of consciousness. The ability to stop these “random” intrusions into our awareness is in some ways a prerequisite to manipulating our attention. the ability to concentrate is a valuable asset in these endeavors. etc. our soul would be the unconscious (to our ego) portions of our identity which are responsible for our existence as ego awareness. while the ego is a collection of ideas which forms a personality through which our soul experiences our present life here on Earth. We can consider the soul as being our essential self. However.” Each level of consciousness blends one into the other. and meditation is a form of concentration. Many people. However. perception which is unconscious at one moment can become conscious when it is focused upon.

Once we are able to turn our attention away from these physically oriented perceptions we naturally begin to experience awareness of non-physical information. though there is a tendency to fall asleep if one is laying down or relaxing in a comfortable chair. The hatha yoga “lotus” position involves sitting with the legs crossed and the feet resting upon the thighs of the opposite leg. In both cases the objective is to gain control of conscious awareness. When we are able to stop thinking our attention then shifts to other physical perceptions. most people meditate while sitting on the floor in a cross-legged position with their back straight but relaxed. The back of the hands rest on or near the knees while the thumb gently holds the index finger. forming a circle with the thumb and finger. etc. such as the sounds around us.Koda Instant Enlightenment Meditation There are an endless number of meditation techniques available. It can be argued that our focus upon physical reality is a result of our constant thinking. sensations within our bodies. or tune into. The object is to sit quietly and stop all thinking and all awareness of one’s physical experience. the simplest form of meditation. The first involves emptying the mind of all physically oriented content. The leg position can be 88 . but essentially all of them can be reduced to one of two basic types. If you have ever attempted to stop thinking for more than a few seconds you will be aware of how persistent our thinking can be. It doesn’t matter if you sit or lay down to do this type of meditation. though in some cases the techniques involve saturating awareness with physical or mental stimulation in order to achieve these ends. that we constantly create. is also the most difficult. Not Thinking This. our breathing. For this reason. our physical experience by thinking about it. The second involves filling awareness with a particular subject of concentration. The object of meditation is to direct attention away from physical activity in order to experience other forms of perception.

One attempts to be acutely aware of everything. driving. non-distracting focal point of attention. One should not do such an exercise if your attention slips away from the task at hand. so that after a time one begins to experience the meditative state of mind immediately upon assuming the position. Thoughts are observed rather than deliberately avoided or created. and is particularly rewarding when hiking through natural environments where it is possible to notice more colors. which can be an entertaining diversion.) It is possible to practice not thinking while performing many mundane tasks such as walking. Choosing a specific sitting position helps to form an association of the position and the state of mind one experiences while meditating. I will often turn off the stereo on long drives and see if I can avoid thinking between mile markers along the highway.Koda Instant Enlightenment uncomfortable for beginners but eventually it assists in helping one to sit up straight and relaxed. smells and details within the surroundings. Mindfulness can also be performed while doing mundane tasks. Mindfulness Mindfulness is similar to not thinking with the exception that rather than trying to avoid thinking altogether. doing dishes. body sensation. smell. By dispersing awareness over the widest possible spectrum of perceptions one eventually develops the acuity necessary to perceive more subtle perceptions of a metaphysical nature. movement of the breath within the body -everything. (See NLP in the Psychological Wisdom chapter. but for most people that should not prove to be a problem. one becomes acutely aware of everything one can possibly be aware of. etc. For example. to notice every sound. One lights a single candle. Candle Meditation I often use a candle during meditation because it provides a pleasant. places it a comfortable distance away and concentrates upon 89 . emotion.

Mantras are designed to flood one’s awareness with a single idea which eventually becomes meaningless. usually a brightly colored geometric pattern or art object. “Thank you Jesus. and concentrating upon seeing them can eventually bring them into greater clarity. in cases of ritual.e. The absence of physical perception allows other. but faintly. reddish spot. In some cases a mantra may be used to focus attention upon a specific concept or perception. Hindu mysticism considers the tri-syllable AUM (or “OM”) to be the most powerful mantra due to the “vibration” it creates.. A Mandala is an image. perceivable surrounding the negative image of the candle flame. Mantras and Mandalas A mantra is any sound or phrase which is constantly repeated during meditation.Koda Instant Enlightenment the image of the flame.) The red spot one observes with the eyes closed is the image of something “not physical” yet perceivable. It can be used with either of the above meditation techniques or as part of a concentration exercise.” is an example of a mantra. (A negative image is produced by the continual stimulation of the rods and cones within the eye. which is concentrated upon in much the same way as in mantra meditation. Mandalas can be interesting in that colorful patterns tend to produce emotional 90 . These are normally. i. It is possible to perceive clairvoyant images while practicing most forms of meditation if that is one’s intent. It also helps one to notice other “not physical” visual effects in the form of moving splotches of faint color. Thank you Lord. which often form into complex geometric patterns or shapes. I particularly enjoy the fact that after a few minutes of looking closely at the flame. or to focus upon a desired belief. essentially creating a lack of physical perception because what one perceives has no relevance. if one closes one’s eyes a “negative image” of the flame will appear as a bright. only in this case the concentration is upon visual perception rather than sound. non-physical awareness to become perceivable. which creates a lingering perception of color which is opposite to the color one was observing.

imagine the difference in what you would do to point your finger and to raise your leg. for example. What would you tell that person. The other point to be aware of is that more than simple intent is involved. One is that words or thinking have nothing at all to do with making your fingers move. In a 91 . Psychic abilities operate at a "non-analytical" level of consciousness. Silence is power. but it is not impossible. It is not the same intent that causes your leg to move. that would enable them to regain the ability? How do you move your finger? Imagine that the nerves in your hand have been numbed by an anesthetic which prevents you from having any feeling in your fingers. what would you teach them. Concentration and Intent Intent is silent.Koda Instant Enlightenment reactions. Imagine being in a pitch black room with no way of knowing if your fingers move or not. The feeling of being about to raise your leg feels "larger" than the feeling of being about to point your finger. closing one’s eyes will result in a negative image. If you actually ponder this question for a moment you may realize two important points. not all mandalas are designed with this feature in mind. Your intent is what causes the movement to occur. you simply intend for something to happen. You will note that your attention is directed to a different part of the body. and different images can create different feelings during the meditation experience. It is also possible to use a mandala in a manner similar to candle concentration. Without actually moving any part of your body. in that after one has stared at a Mandela for a few minutes. and tell yourself what you do in order to extend your index finger. However. For example. but that intent is applied in a very specific way. say that someone has forgotten how to move their finger. a reverse image of all the colors involved. Because these abilities operate in this way it is quite difficult to teach someone what to do to get results. but does not interfere with your moving them. By this I mean that you do not "think" to make something happen.

Koda Instant Enlightenment way it seems to require more "effort" to move your leg. The physical sensations you experience. We begin speaking a sentence without knowing which specific words we will use to complete it. We did not learn how to make the nerves trigger our muscular response. We are so accustomed to the way we intend the movement of our bodies that most of the time we hardly place any of our attention upon the activity. When moving your finger your intent initiates chemical reactions in the brain that cause nerve cells to stimulate muscle response. I mention this in order to point out that as you 92 . It deals exclusively with how you focus your intent and direct your attention. and that intent is the only part of the thinking process we understand on a conscious level. It works in much the same way as moving your finger. including touch and visual perception. all reinforce how effective or not you were at achieving the desired results. and that is a very important point to remember (particularly when performing telekinesis). however. As infants. but simply how to focus the intent which would cause those responses to occur. The exercise of psychic abilities does not require effort. not from the intent alone. The ability to point your finger was not something you were born knowing how to do. Intent is essentially effortless. Effort is a physical sensation. As mentioned earlier. If we do this maneuver five minutes every day for several weeks. The same thing is true with psychic perception. What we do know is what we intend to communicate. But if you move in a less familiar way. but the intent is not the effort. all of us had to learn the specific way our intent must be focused in order to move each individual part of our body. we once again encounter the need to focus our conscious attention in order to avoid falling. a response from the muscles. say standing on one leg while holding the other behind you in one hand while leaning forward. You use your intent to initiate a particular ability and look for resulting input which indicates if your intent was successful. we do not know how we think. in that subconscious activities are directed by conscious intent. the familiarity enables us to keep our balance with almost no conscious attention at all.

Psychic perception and manipulation involves far more subtle responses. Learning to perceive and manipulate on psychic levels is directly related to your ability to concentrate. we had the advantage of immediate. It is important to understand that concentration is simply the absence of distraction. the pressures of modern life often make it very difficult for most people to concentrate effectively without constant stimulation. The intent must also be focused in just the right way in order to produce desired results. We have to be very focused in the use of our attention in order to perceive the results of our intent. for example. and our concentration could not be more complete. so much so. and in the beginning we are not quite sure how to do this. The ability to concentrate then becomes of utmost importance. At those times we are totally absorbed in the activity at hand. nor more effortless. and without the intense input we are accustomed to such perceptions can easily 93 . Unfortunately. we become totally immersed in the illusion. such as while watching a very dramatic scene in a movie or a tense moment during a football game. Concentration Exercises Concentration does not require effort. All of us concentrate with amazing clarity under certain conditions. obvious results to compare against our intent. by anyone. that we willingly suspend our awareness that a movie is just light flickering on a screen and sounds generated by speaker systems. at least until we become familiar with the activity. When we were babies learning to manipulate our physical organism.Koda Instant Enlightenment practice using your psychic abilities. and under proper conditions excellent concentration can be achieved with minimal effort. It does not require forcing yourself to pay attention.) Whether watching a movie or observing the world around us. those abilities become easier to perform in the same way. (Eventually you may realize that the world around you is just as illusionary. but occurs naturally whenever there is a lack of distraction. The exercise of psychic abilities requires the capacity to concentrate upon very subtle perceptions.

and five seconds for each exhale. which could become too distracting. counting off one number during each exhale.Koda Instant Enlightenment escape our awareness. It is for this reason that learning to concentrate more effectively should be a top priority. approximately five seconds for each inhale. Exercise #1: To begin. You should move on to the next exercise only if you are successful with the preceding one. This is probably about two numbers per second. Do not be overly concerned with insuring you spend exactly five seconds on each part of the breath. Exercise #4: Breath very slowly and deeply. Sit or lay down in a comfortable position so you will not be distracted by any feelings of physical discomfort. Just think the numbers in the proper order without losing your place. yet comfortable pace. by counting backwards from 99 to zero in a variety of ways. Counting Backwards You can test your ability to concentrate. Exercise #2: Breath in and out normally and count off one number with each inhale. each a bit more challenging than the last. Just get a feel for the timing 94 . Most people should be able to do this within one or two attempts. and another with each exhale. and by further practice improve your ability. The object is simple. simply count backwards from 99 to zero at whatever feels like a quick. Exercise #3: Count off a number only with each exhale.

This involves placing about twenty small items on a table or tray. though there will. Doing these exercises will result in the added benefit of improved visual memory. then close your eyes and make a mental list of all the items you can remember seeing there. After you have become familiar with all the items.Koda Instant Enlightenment before you begin and remember to breath slowly and deeply at approximately that rate. and can be 95 . since collecting them yourself will familiarize you with them even before you take a few minutes to study them. So. take a fairly quick glance around. It will be necessary for someone else to select the items. of course. It is rather unlikely that anyone without previous meditation experience will succeed with exercise #4 on their first attempt. Single Mindedness This is a variation of the mindfulness meditation outlined earlier. If you can remember more than half of the objects you will be doing quite well. however. you can try another exercise. if at any point you feel your psychic results are less than desired you can repeat the exercises above. beginning with the level that first gave you some difficulty. A variation of this exercise is to walk into an unfamiliar room. be exceptions. The chances of your success in achieving results with the psychic exercises can be expected to correlate with your ability to concentrate. then cover the tray with a cloth and write down all the items you can remember. Memory Recall If counting numbers seems too boring. studying the items for two or three minutes. in that you can develop a greater ability to remember things by recalling a mental image. It is an excellent way to increase concentration. Then compare this mental list with the actual items in the room and note anything you may have missed. ask some to remove just one of them and see if you can determine which item is missing.

(Playing chess is also an entertaining way to improve concentration. you will do it better if you focus your full attention on the task at hand.) Self Hypnosis Hypnosis is a method of accessing what are normally considered to be unconscious psychological. before I was seriously concerned about metaphysics. This is particularly useful if you work at a repetitive occupation like manufacturing assembly. among other things. with hypnosis it is possible to access hidden memories. a blister will rise. Physiologically. which includes everything from quitting smoking to petting a nonphysical elephant on an entertainer’s stage. For example. it is not possible for a hypnotist to force a subject to do something against that person’s will if the subject is completely opposed to performing such actions. Give close attention to every aspect of your present activity rather than allowing your mind to wander to thoughts about other concerns. It is possible that faith 96 . anything from where you left your car keys to what one did in a past life. I don't know if that is true or not. processes. that person would be enlightened. as it can make your day seem to pass more quickly. but practicing this activity is an excellent and entertaining way to refine one's concentration. The hypnotized subject can be made to accept new beliefs as true facts and to behave accordingly.Koda Instant Enlightenment performed while engaged in any activity. the idea occurred to me that if a person were able to toss pebbles a distance of perhaps ten feet and hit a very small target every time. and sometimes even physiological. However. The Pebble Toss Long ago. You simply focus your attention on the task at hand as completely as possible. Hypnosis is also used as an alternative to surgery for breast enlargement. if a deeply hypnotized subject is told that an ice cube touched briefly upon their skin is actually a hot iron. Regardless of what activity you are involved with.

for example. acknowledged self deception will not produce the desired effects because conscious beliefs will negate those you attempt to implant into your unconscious. “I have no desire to smoke cigarettes. In most cases (but not all) the subject must be in a physically relaxed and emotionally calm state of mind in order for hypnosis to operate. This is generally followed by “guided imagery” in which one calmly describes a series of imagined events intended to produce a state of heighten suggestibility. (See the appendix for other examples. Roughly ten to twenty percent of the population are considered good subjects for hypnosis. Self hypnosis requires an ability to concentrate without distraction and a willingness to accept as fact whatever it is you choose to tell yourself. On the other hand.” Theoretically. 97 .Koda Instant Enlightenment healing. For this reason it is often helpful when performing self hypnosis to begin with some form of relaxation exercise. Hypnosis operates by altering beliefs at other levels of consciousness. and it is possible for an individual to act as both hypnotist and subject at the same time. The desired conditions are then described as a reality which the subject (oneself) is fully prepared to accept as truth. in that they readily follow the instructions of a hypnotist.” but some beliefs are easier to accept than others. To be successful at self hypnosis. In clinical hypnosis. we must believe with equal conviction that the process being performed will produce the same. It is unclear how many of us can perform self hypnosis effectively. the subject more or less accepts that the hypnotist possesses an authority and power capable of producing the intended effects. including reported cases of sudden and complete recovery from cancer. Examples include. First we must acknowledge that hypnosis is capable of producing the effects we desire. “I am a beautiful.) The mind is indeed a powerful thing. then we must believe the method we are applying will act as effectively as clinical hypnosis.” or “I enjoy eating healthy foods and easily maintaining my ideal weight. powerful results. healthy duck. could actually involve a form of hypnosis. another example could be.

and also of movement away from everyday concerns. and exhale through your mouth for about five seconds. hold it for about five seconds. and from there into the Earth below. you can imagine that the energy flowing into the Earth is returning to its source. where it helps the plants to grow. this can be symbolically represented as moving up or down to various floors of 98 . this brief breathing exercise should produce sufficient relaxation to begin your guided imagery.) Relaxing in this way for two or three minutes will produce a profound state of relaxation. then gradually tighten every muscle in your body at the same time. Five to ten seconds should be enough. completing a cycle. the same plants which we eat in order to receive their energy. or sit in a comfortable chair where it is possible to relax completely with your head being supported. After you have developed some degree of experience with self hypnosis. Then exhale and relax completely. While remaining in your comfortable position. The object is to describe visualizations which symbolically represent a movement into deeper levels of consciousness. then sit quietly and feel your body relax into the cushions. The key factors are creating a sense of peace and security. Take a deep breath.Koda Instant Enlightenment Relaxation Exercise Prior to beginning your self hypnosis routine. (If it feels right to you. For example. and the technique is useful even without self hypnosis as a way to relieve stress. take a deep breath. Do this a total of five times. In the beginning it will be helpful to continue with the following steps. Feel the stress leaving your body along with the exhaled breath. Guided Imagery Guided imagery is essentially visualized storytelling. Hold the muscles as tight as you can (without strain) for as long as you can do so without discomfort. lay on a bed or couch. feeling the tension leaving your body. of trust. Mentally tell yourself that with each gentle exhale of your relaxed breathing all the tension in your body is being sucked away through the cushions beneath you.

Koda Instant Enlightenment a building in an elevator. It is an amazing feeling to discover that force holding one’s hands in place despite rather deliberate efforts to raise them. You should know exactly how you will phrase your suggestion to yourself prior to beginning the self hypnosis routine. The messages you give to yourself should always be clear. and tell myself that a very large “magnet” is holding my hands in place. Another option could be floating in clouds. If you are capable of accepting what you tell yourself in this state without argument. each floor being a step further away form normal consciousness. then I try to slowly raise my hands. the beliefs will be firmly implanted into your unconscious and your behavior will respond accordingly. Once I have “passed the test” I am confident that the positive suggestions I give to myself at that point will produce their desired results. For example. A predetermined destination is eventually reached. After you have given yourself the desired suggestions. tell yourself to wake up feeling 99 . One thing I like to do during self hypnosis is “test” myself to see if I have reached the desired state. If I try to raise my hands I will feel a countering force pulling down from below. Once you have returned to where you began. it is necessary to return to normal consciousness by reversing the visualization process. I consciously accept that I am in a state of hypnosis where the suggestions I have given myself will take precedence over my normal perceptions. and flying among the clouds would represent still a deeper level. you would imaginatively return to the elevator and go back to the original floor. passing quickly through each floor in between along the way. where the actions one is capable of imaginatively performing would represent different levels of awareness: Sitting in a cloud would be one level. and a force pushing down from above like a huge weight. jumping from one cloud to another would indicate the next level. I do this while laying down with my hands resting one atop the other over my abdomen. direct and believable. so work carefully to find just the right way of putting things into words before you begin. It is at this point that one acknowledges being in a hypnotized state where suggestions will be accepted as fact.

Your suggestions will lose their power to affect your subconscious desires. and you will have difficulty separating desired suggestions from those which are undesired. which isn’t much fun. If you do not go through this process of backtracking to the beginning. In other words. So make sure you go back the way you came and all will be well. It also makes it very difficult to use hypnosis successfully in the future.then forget about the whole thing and trust your subconscious to create the intended results.Koda Instant Enlightenment refreshed and energized -. 100 . but simply terminate the exercise from the hypnotized state. you will create confusion regarding which state of consciousness you are actually in. it kind of screws with your head and leaves you feeling spacey and confused for a while.

but in others I have completely failed to create conditions I worked hard to achieve. I will present convincing evidence supporting that conclusion later in this chapter. the idea that we create our own reality has become a standard part of New Age thinking. expectations. can be a more challenging endeavor. thoughts and emotions. These “coincidental” events largely determine the overall quality of our experience. however. that we have been doing so unconsciously all along. As I began writing about this subject a "coincidence" occurred. I have personally applied myself diligently in this area for nearly 30 years. A friend sent a cassette tape to me containing information produced by a group of non-physical entities called Abraham. One could say that in some areas I have been amazingly successful.Koda Instant Enlightenment Chapter Six: Creating Reality Since the publication of the Seth books in the early 1970’s. The basic idea is that we attract certain types of events and conditions into our experience as a result of our beliefs. I am quite certain that we do indeed create our own reality. This "group soul" communicates through a psychic medium named Ester 101 . Creating reality deliberately.

while her husband. These 102 . In this way Seth dictated a series of books beginning with Seth Speaks. Ester and her husband Jerry Hicks encountered Abraham some years after reading the Seth books by Jane Roberts -. These to a large extent determine the overall quality of our lives – or so goes the theory. thoughts held in the present create future experience. Seth is the "multi-dimensional personality energy essence no longer focused in physical reality" who spoke through Jane Roberts. Both Seth and Abraham express essentially the same principles: like attracts like. and over the years a huge quantity of books and recordings have been produced. Seth gets down to the finer details. etc. and if you concentrate on those feelings you will notice that sadness feels heavier and "slower. opportunities and "chance" encounters we experience. as of this writing.com. there are no coincidences. As mentioned in the introduction. easiest to apply information on the subject of deliberately creating reality I have yet to encounter. A "free" audio CD ($5 shipping) explaining the basic information is. The Abraham material is easier for casual readers to grasp.which is the material I have been seeking to fully understand for years. available at www. took notes in a specialized form of shorthand. The Abraham-Hicks material is the clearest.abraham-hicks. Sadness feels different from happiness. mental images and emotions. we will not experience anything we do not allow into our experience through our beliefs or expectations. Anyone truly serious about understanding how metaphysical reality operates will eventually want to read that book. Robert Butts. The Nature of Personal Reality." The quality of our vibrations. The combination of thought and emotion creates what Abraham describes as a "vibration. and at least the following one in the series." Ideas "feel" a particular way.Koda Instant Enlightenment Hicks. is said to determine the overall nature of "coincidental" future events we experience. we are directly responsible for whatever luck. the stronger the emotion connected with the thought (or visual image) the sooner it materializes. The basic creating reality principle is that we draw certain kinds of events or experiences into our lives which "resonate" with our thoughts. In other words. and the mental images or ideas associated with those vibrations.

This is the point where most of us run into trouble. for example. First is the thought. The more feeling you put into an idea the sooner it materializes. between lives. Beliefs are ideas we consider to be true. According to Abraham. The third element is expectation. The second element is the emotional energy attached to the thought or idea. Seth goes so far as to describe "electromagnetic energy units. and pour your heart into imagining being there. which are produced by our consciousness and drawn toward locations in the space around us called "coordination points. Fortunately. it isn't necessary to understand or believe such theoretical conditions. idea or visual image. astral planes. Abraham refers to this as the Law of Attraction. if the energy is not blocked or negated with conflicting beliefs. This determines what it is you are creating. The desired effects can only occur. Because we take them as aspects of reality our beliefs resonate strongly on a vibrational level." smaller than subatomic particles. or like attracts like. whatever way it is you choose to represent desired events or conditions. In this case the thought and emotion are always connected. knowing full well that those conditions do not presently exist. then turn around and acknowledge your belief that it simply isn't something you can afford to do. however. There are three basic elements involved in deliberately creating reality. since we have apparently been creating our reality all along without the need to grasp such concepts. then that belief will prevent the experience from occurring." From there they form what we perceive as physical mater in space and time. 103 . the desired condition should be expected as "the next logical step" in your experience. You must expect or believe an event or condition will actually materialize in order to make it happen.). This is why Seth places a great deal of emphasis on the importance of beliefs in regard to creating one's own reality. under normal circumstances our efforts are immediately negated by conflicting beliefs. etc. If you concentrate upon wanting to take a vacation to some remote island paradise. When we attempt to visualize having the conditions we desire.Koda Instant Enlightenment principles are said to operate in every level of existence (dreams.

If you think about the conditions most people would like to experience in life. we automatically focus on the belief that we do not possess that which is wanted. Oddly. But if you believe you aren't experiencing these desired conditions. Rather. On the other hand.Koda Instant Enlightenment When we want something. The more worried we are about whether we can meet our bills. great love and excellent health. we cannot get around reason telling us what is and isn’t real. "Catch 22. beliefs can be incredibly difficult to change without first perceiving supporting evidence in our experience. shouldn't we be experiencing these conditions if we think about them all the time? The truth is most of us don't think about the conditions we want all the time. The trick would be to worry less about money in order to "create" more money coming into one's life. the more difficult meeting those bills seems to become.) Most of us would be quite content to create more money. or better health or a better relationship? If "belief-land" actually works. Although the Seth books provide exercises we can apply to help us alter our beliefs. (Carlos Castaneda explains how he turned himself into a crow using similar methods. according to reason. completely. How often do we wish we had more money than we do. for example. simply not being concerned when the money runs out is irrational and can lead to devastating financial circumstances. more free time. 104 . many women will go shopping when money gets tight. then you can't change those conditions until you change the belief -. no matter how sincerely you try to believe you are a duck right now it is highly unlikely you will sprout feathers and fly to the nearest pond. you could indeed become a duck. it becomes rather obvious that many of us don't have the sort of life we wish we did. perhaps due to an intuitive recognition that not worrying about money is a good way to cause less financial stress. we concentrate upon the lack of those conditions. For example. you can't change the belief until your experience changes." As long as we are convinced that the world is as solid and out there as it appears.and. The theory says that if you honestly believed you could do that.

The desired event or condition must seem like "the next logical step.Koda Instant Enlightenment It would seem there is no way around this problem of conflicting beliefs. Focusing on why you want something causes you to visualize what you desire with strong emotional energy. "Thank you Jesus. First you write what it is you want on a sheet of paper. The constant chanting prevented me from dwelling on my negative expectations. when in just two months of constantly. It also avoids the question of whether you can actually have that something. then below that write why you want it. and the religious dogma attached to the belief system proved to be too irrational and confusing to me. I personally need something more rational than faith alone. Thank you Lord. three-part technique which shifts the emphasis away from directly altering beliefs to changing our thoughts and emotions instead. If you have it. no problem." That is why it is necessary to write why you expect to get what you want on the back of the paper. Faith works. If faith in your interpretation of God will work for you. On the back of the page you then write why you believe you will have it. The power of prayer can produce amazing results." to feel in tune with spiritual power. even if the higher power you believe in does not actually exist. which (hopefully) never enters the picture at this point. It also turned me into a smiling. by asking why you want it. which is basically the method taught by most organized religions. use it! It is possible to "walk in the light. mental robot. One way to do this is to have absolute faith. it is necessary to allow what you want into your experience. I used a similar technique successfully during my "Jesus freak" period." everything I wanted at that time came into my experience. but there is. You can use your belief in a higher power to go beyond the apparent limitations of reason. The Abraham-Hicks material suggests a simple. The technique is to place emotional energy on a desired event or condition in a way which doesn't cancel that energy with opposing beliefs. 105 . which in turn alter our beliefs. mentally chanting. You have to let it in by expecting or honestly believing you will experience it. After you have clearly and emotionally imagined what you want.


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There is a great deal of value in actually writing these things. If you review what you have written, every day, and contemplate the reasons why you expect to achieve the desired results, you become more alert to opportunities that may otherwise escape your notice. Reviewing and editing your lists daily helps clarify exactly what you are intending to create and helps you find practical solutions for eliminating any doubts. As you review why you believe you will get what you want, you define why getting it has become the next logical step. Once your awareness of the situation has brought you to this point, you're done. The belief is firmly in place and all doubts are eliminated. And the next most likely thing to happen is that a lot of negative crud will probably come your way. I have discovered though my own experience, and from observing others, that whenever we make a significant decision to change our way of thinking, the universe will often test that decision. We experience events which cause us to compare our previous belief with the new belief. Say you decide it's time to break up with a lover. The next most likely thing to happen is that your romantic partner could become very loving and pleasant to be with, or you might encounter someone who recently went through a break-up and they are miserable. Decide to quit your job and suddenly you hear that the bad economy is resulting in job cuts everywhere. That sort of thing. This "belief testing" can lead to serious doubts, but if you are prepared for it you will see that it is actually great news. If you decide to change your beliefs in a certain area, and soon things get even worse in that area, then such experience becomes very clear evidence that thoughts and beliefs actually do affect reality. Just because you didn't get what you intended it does not alter the fact that changing your way of thinking caused a change in the area of life you were thinking about. Just continue your exercises knowing you are definitely affecting the area in question so better results can be expected. Another thing that can get in the way of deliberately creating reality are our "reasons" for believing we do not deserve what we want. I used to joke with my friends, telling them that if I succeeded


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in creating a sack full of money falling out of the sky, it would be a bag of quarters the size of a truck and land on my head. Many of us hold "hidden" or "invisible" beliefs that we are somehow undeserving, or otherwise incapable, of experiencing the conditions we truly wish were a part of our lives. These beliefs are not really hidden, since they cross our mind nearly every day, but they often escape our notice because we accept them as normal, everyday facts. Many of us feel we don't deserve financial success, for example, because we feel like we aren't smart enough, that we are too lazy, that the world is against us, that we are destined to be poor, that there is something wrong with having lots of money while others starve, etc. These kinds of ideas are woven into our own self image and feel so much a part of who we are that we don't realize they are nothing but ideas. Blanket beliefs like these are simply thoughts, and they can be changed as easily as any other thought, but only if you believe you can change them. In order to change limiting beliefs, simply look for evidence that what you have believed isn't necessarily true. In terms of financial success, for example, it is obvious that lots of "undeserving" people have tons of money, and those who work the hardest often seem to have less money. Ask yourself what value there is in holding negative beliefs in somehow being unworthy. There is no value in such beliefs. They won't make you more kind, compassionate or understanding. Being kind, etc., makes you that way. The challenge of resolving conflicting beliefs is a fundamental part of human experience. All of us are engaged in this activity long before we understand the concept of deliberately creating reality. Questions regarding choice of career, religious philosophy and relationship goals are obvious situations where we analyze our beliefs in order to make long term decisions. But the same process is involved with all of our decision making, from how much to spend on a loaf of bread to what clothes to wear today. Our decisions are based upon our beliefs about ourselves, our world, and the values we wish to express. When our beliefs are not in conflict, decisions come easily. We buy a particular loaf of bread without giving it much thought. When our beliefs are in


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conflict it seems no matter how hard we try we can't seem to make progress in that area. The weight won't come off or the good job simply won't materialize. Consider the situation of a single woman who would like to be involved in a romantic relationship. What she truly desires is to be deeply in love with an attractive, intelligent, kind, successful man, to experience "love like in the movies" and live happily ever after. But she is significantly overweight, has a small child which some men may consider an unwanted responsibility, and she doesn't trust most men in general because she feels they often lie. She believes that due to her flaws, the sort of man she desires would not be interested in someone like her, that if she did happen to meet such a man, she couldn't trust his motivations because no man of such obvious quality would be willing to be involved with someone as "imperfect" as herself. These beliefs conflict with her desire to find "The One." Depending on when you ask her what she's looking for in terms of relationships, she might say she wants to fall in love and settle down, or she prefers "just dating," or isn't concerned with relationships at all. The answers vary depending on which of her conflicting beliefs are most apparent to her at a given time. Deliberately creating reality requires resolving conflicting beliefs. It means deciding what you want, but making that decision from the perspective of understanding that you can create any sort of condition you choose. In regard to our lonely lady, the first thing she would do is choose to find the "perfect" man for her. No one is without flaws, but it is possible to find true love if you believe it is. Being clearly aware of her goal, she would then work to eliminate any beliefs which conflict with her desire. Beliefs such as being unattractive and therefore unworthy of true love must be discarded, one way or another. One must believe one is worthy of the desired conditions. If you have believed you can not find the kind of mate you desire because you are overweight, ugly, poor, stupid or whatever, realize there are people in the world possessing those qualities, or worse, who are happily in love. Even if such ideas about oneself reflect the truth in your present experience, more positive ideas will


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eventually be reflected in the same way once you change them. If you are alone, start with throwing out the idea of not deserving love, which is obviously false since you could fall in love tomorrow if the right person came along. All of us are worthy of the conditions we desire, because, as Seth tells us, no one is handing out worthiness certificates. What matters is being the person we truly want to be, and if that requires making some changes, we change, because we know that is what we truly want for ourselves. Much of this book in intended to provide insights which can help in the quest to be one's best self. When it comes to areas like health, romance, experiencing greater awareness, etc., consider the value of taking clear cut steps to resolve your conflicting beliefs. You can make a list of limiting beliefs, then by reviewing the facts, seeking evidence to support the new, desired beliefs, you can cross off many limiting ideas which serve no value in your experience. Those discarded beliefs then need to be replaced with more positive ideas which you can honestly believe to be true. If a person has a terminal illness, for example, it may seem there is no way that altering one's beliefs can change the facts. But take a closer look at all the facts. There are vast numbers of documented cases where people with fatal diseases have fully recovered via spontaneous healing. Sometimes this occurs at religious meetings, through the "laying on of hands," after someone falls in love, after changing their career, or for no apparent reason at all. It is likely that every single case of spontaneous healing involves a sudden and complete change in the person's beliefs about the condition of his or her body. Seth tells us that those who have faith in the modern medical system can be cured via it's procedures, while those who don't possess such a belief are more likely not to recover, or to trade one illness for another. The simple fact that spontaneous healing is known to occur means that any person believing there is no hope whatsoever is in error. Such a belief does not represent the true facts. With that in mind it becomes possible to search for other facts supporting a belief in recovery, and when the facts (beliefs) indicate recovery is likely, recovery can be expected to occur.


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This doesn't mean that everyone with a fatal illness will recover from it. All of us die eventually, and sometimes we choose to do so through a chronic illness for reasons not apparent to our normal consciousness. Any sudden, total recovery from a terminal illness also requires a sudden, total change in belief. Physical matter is altered in such cases, and under normal conditions most of us may have difficulty accepting such a radical change in our beliefs, though such cures happen quite often. Even if one falls short of grasping the ability to cause "miraculous healing," in many cases a review of more positive facts can easily lead to a normal yet rapid recovery. Long ago I chose to believe that I would deal with my challenges in the outside world rather than through chronic physical ailments. Even when I thought all this creating reality stuff was a bunch of bull I refused to mess with that belief. Some part of me truly believed I could remain relatively healthy so long as I didn't doubt that belief, and my general health has remained quite good in spite of a poor diet and lack of exercise over many of those years. I think most people have such areas in their belief systems where we simply do not allow doubt to interfere. While it is definitely possible to create amazing circumstances simply by altering one's beliefs and expectations, taking responsible action is generally the most efficient way to produce desired results. Whenever you ask yourself what the most practical behavior would be in a given situation, you see very clearly what your beliefs are in that area. Perhaps it is possible to start your car simply by believing it will start on command, but turning the key in the ignition is what you already believe will work. Acting responsibly means using the beliefs you have in ways that you honestly expect will produce the results you intend. People who are rational, practical and objective, with no faith at all in anything spiritual, can sometimes create reality with amazing effectiveness because they are so clearly aware of what they believe will or will not work. If you are ever confused regarding how to go about improving a situation, you can always do the most logical thing and know you are working directly with your existing beliefs. Knowing we affect the conditions of our lives through our thoughts and emotions is a great advantage, however. We do not


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have to accept current, limiting beliefs as our only reality. We can use our imagination to believe we are capable of experiencing great things, and learn to expect wonderful "coincidences" to come our way. As Seth tells us, "there are no coincidences." Another challenge involves the attempt to believe we create our own reality while living in a world where "obvious" cause and effect seems to be the only way things work. Resolving this apparent conflict requires personally observing evidence which convinces you that we do indeed create our own reality. Those who are capable of "great faith" can side step this conflict long enough for their faith to produce the necessary evidence. Others can simply ignore "objective evidence" for a few minutes each day while they place emotional energy on visualizing themselves experiencing desired conditions. If this is done without making comparisons between desired beliefs and current conditions, the results will provide the necessary evidence. But you can’t spend a few minutes visualizing what you want then go around thinking in negative terms for the rest of the day. If you are working toward creating desired results in a particular area, it’s OK if you find yourself considering negative possibilities that might occur. Being rational and objective means you don’t avoid unpleasant possibilities as if they could never happen. The trick is to pay close attention to how you end your contemplation of any particular subject. The last thought you think regarding any situation is generally the one reflecting what you honestly believe. Make that last thought a positive one. Using faith, or focusing more on emotion rather than directly changing beliefs, may work wonderfully well for some people. Others may discover they simply can't believe this stuff without clear cut evidence that we have been creating our own reality all along. The evidence is there if you look for it. One experiment Seth suggests is to observe your experience and then ask yourself what beliefs a person would need to hold in order to create that reality. In other words, you reverse the creating reality process by tracing your experience back to associated beliefs. You will almost certainly see that your beliefs and experience are in complete agreement. Of course, what we think will happen doesn't

but we rarely experience anything we don't believe is possible. or perhaps one or two times during their entire lives. Undeniable evidence was achieved by observing the experience of a good friend. Pure chance alone can not account for such experience. so even if this doesn't prove beliefs create reality. which is a clear reflection of his belief. even if one has yet to alter one's experience deliberately." If you can find similar evidence in your own experience or that of your friends you will realize that we are not victims of circumstances thrust upon us by forces beyond our control. Even if he borrows a car he will make sure he has the jump kit with him. while those with bad luck are pessimistic. filled with medical supplies. Another way to see how "coincidences" are created from beliefs and expectations is to observe patterns in the experience of others. My friend seems to show up on the scene of an injury accident at least half a dozen times a year! I realized this "coincidence" when he helped at two auto accidents just a week apart. If you talk to such people you will see that their attitudes are aligned with their experience. Reason itself is a process of forming beliefs by observing our experience. etc. For example. some people consistently win when they gamble. It's a wonderful feeling to finally understand the power of our beliefs and expectations. which to me seems somewhat obsessive. Ask yourself how many times you have come upon an injury accident on the road before medical help arrived. As far as I am concerned this is conclusive evidence that beliefs create "coincidences. 112 ." he says.Koda Instant Enlightenment always occur. and others I have spoken with say they have come across such accidents very rarely. "I'm a good person to have around in an emergency. He has training as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and always carries a "jump kit" the size of a back pack. People with great luck are usually optimistic. some women seem to always end up with men who beat them. either never. I think I may have encountered this situation one time. the correlation of belief and experience is nearly always there. and we all know people with really good or really bad luck. in his car. Not long ago I experienced a "click" where all this creating reality stuff finally became absolutely real to me. Greg.

It isn't going to make your life wonderful if you succeed or create a disaster if you fail. ask yourself how often you have been able to park within the first three parking spots in rows perpendicular to the building when you go shopping. etc. It is also a way to practice the steps involved in creating reality in general." It has to do with finding parking places. You may have noticed times in your past when you have become absolutely determined to accomplish some particular goal. Such experiences are examples of how clearly focused intent (beliefs) combined with emotional energy can produce favorable "coincidences. Sales people experience this sort of condition quite often. so those spaces are nearly 113 . Because of that. Whether or not you succeed in finding great places to park your car when you run errands is not a serious concern. and observed that the moment your intent became unwavering. If you search through your memory you should be able to find several occasions when your clarity of purpose seemed to plow through previous obstacles like a bulldozer. here's an experiment you can try in order to practice creating a specific type of "coincidence." This experiment can make it possible for you acquire the evidence needed in order to truly understand that you actually do create your own reality. you don't risk anything but a potential blow to your ego if you fail." A Creating Reality Experiment If your primary mode of transportation involves automobiles. My guess is it's about thirty percent of the time or less. First. yet this exercise could enable you to "turn information into knowledge by perceiving it as a reality in your own experience.Koda Instant Enlightenment Clarity of purpose brings about favorable coincidences. It seems everyone wants to park as close to the building as possible. because the obstacles which seemed so insurmountable simply disappeared. as do most of us when we fully understand the absolute need to solve some problem we are facing. run errands. resistance to your intent seemed to melt away.

so "faith" or belief is necessary in order to get desired results every time.) Step three is allowing the desired event or condition into your experience by eliminating any conflicting beliefs. 114 . That means people are leaving those parking spaces more often than they leave any others. It infuses your desire with emotional energy. so chances are good that you can arrive just after someone else has made a desired parking space available. The goal is to experience success every time you are looking for a parking place. what were once the "facts" to you. We are not playing around here. In this case the goal is to find one of the first three parking spaces in any row available." Once you believe it is likely that the desired parking spaces will be open. You can do this even if you are only a passenger in a car. Re-evaluating the "facts" can often eliminate what were once conflicting beliefs. This is accomplished by reviewing the facts while looking for evidence to support your desired belief. we are out to create "coincidences" deliberately. Becoming totally determined to succeed at this experiment is the second step. to acquire evidence which could result in the ability to dramatically change our lives for the better. (Clarity of purpose infuses emotional energy into the idea of accomplishing your goal. The experiment is to see if you can create one of those spaces being available every time. Step one is creating a goal. Step three is a l l o w i n g the desired conditions to be experienced -." Those parking spaces won't always be available unless you believe they will be. This is an example of "the power of positive thinking.by eliminating conflicting beliefs. Step two is placing emotional energy on the idea of experiencing the desired event or condition. it takes very little faith to believe you can consistently create a "coincidence" where you happen to arrive shortly after other shoppers have left the "most often made available parking spaces. but you can do it.Koda Instant Enlightenment always full. Let's review the steps involved in deliberately creating reality. In this case we can observe that most people want to park as close to the building as possible.

don't try to pretend you didn't feel that doubt. Keep in mind that you are not attempting to control the universe so that you get what you want. Become very determined to achieve success. use that moment to inspire your faith for the few seconds you really need it. If you should pull into a parking lot and feel a twinge of doubt about finding the desired parking space. Then each time you need to find a place to park. You don't have to think about this at all until you are about to look for a place to park. The failure occurred on a Saturday afternoon at WalMart. If you can keep up this sort of feeling for a few seconds that should be enough time to find your desired parking place before the doubt can take over.Koda Instant Enlightenment If you decide to try this experiment. and use that energy to demand that the space be there just like it should be. To heck with that! I want to amaze myself at how well this works!" Get "angry" with yourself for having a momentary lapse. (This same sort of determination can produce amazing results when applied to creating other conditions as well. first spend a few minutes firmly committing yourself to creating this reality. if necessary. When I say get "angry" I really mean supremely determined. "Darn. The next Saturday I was more determined and the closest parking spot to the door (other than the zillion handicapped spaces) was open. and look for one with that expectation in mind. just as you approach a parking lot. use that doubt as a trigger to jump one-hundred percent into the belief that you will find the desired space.) I did this experiment for a period of two months and only failed to find the intended parking space one time in about ninety attempts. For example. it's crowded. It is simply a matter of expecting a particular "coincidence" to occur. One way of looking at situations like this is "control is predictability. remind yourself that you expect to find such the desired parking space available. A defensive lineman on a professional football team could feel this sort of determination as he charges forward to sack the quarterback. Instead." If you can predict that a condition will be the way 115 . Rather than let a moment of doubt undermine your efforts. when my rational mind insisted that success would be impossible. That sort of determination almost feels like anger in the moment it is focused upon.

When it comes to something like creating parking spaces. "expect. Take the exercise above into consideration. If. No one bothers to test whether their belief will enable them to wash their dishes. Something must have gone wrong. All I wanted was some simple experiment anyone could do which would always produce the same results. You pull into a parking lot and "expect" to find the desired parking space. The feeling of predictability is associated with the absence of conflicting beliefs. Whether one finds the parking space or not would make no difference. 116 . As far as I can tell.) Would a person expect to find the desired parking space just as surely as one would expect water to flow when turning on a tap? If that were true. it just happened that the space was not available. (It's meaning isn't constant. in this case." is loaded. it would seem just as odd and just as understandable as water not flowing from the tap. and the condition consistently aligns with your prediction. The belief wasn't fully focused upon. when turning the tap does not produce the desired result and no control exists. and here's why. Take for example. Testing the Creating Reality Theory I spent year after year trying to come up with a way to test whether or not creating reality actually works. since you would be just as certain of finding the parking space as you were of getting water from the tap. so be sure to take that into account rather than risk losing your objectivity by ignoring negative evidence. It is possible. The desired results occur consistently so one can think of this as having control.Koda Instant Enlightenment you intend it to be. however.water flowing from the tap. just as the water supply may have been shut off. there would be no need to test the creating reality theory. no such test will ever be possible. that the water supply may at times be shut off. That word. and downplay any negative results as simply failing to have the proper focus at that time. reinforce your positive results with strong emotional energy. turning on the tap at your sink. You perform an action which you can predict to produce the desired result -. But the goal is to find the desired parking spaces every time. it can be thought of as a form of control.

You can not lie to yourself. whether or not it shows up is irrelevant. or attempting to convince yourself that you are fabulously rich when you can barely make your bills. It is a challenge. The parking space experiment is not a test then. 117 . bouncing between desire and conflicting beliefs. We have been creating our reality all along without any need for conscious belief or complicated metaphysical theories. Creative Visualization The greatest challenge involved in the deliberate creation of reality is dealing with that "catch 22" of conflicting beliefs. Looking for facts which support your desired belief. If the proper conditions are created even belief is not necessary. You could not be certain your intentions were not clouded with "invisible" conflicting beliefs. If you find yourself pulling into a desired parking space every time. sometimes making progress. It is a way to see if one can hold the proper attitudes and achieve the intended results. it proves nothing. time after time. will enable you to remain honest and change your beliefs accordingly.Koda Instant Enlightenment If you don't fully expect the desired parking space to be available. Self deception always results in an eventual confrontation with the truth and the time between now and then will only be wasted. simply won't work. sometimes falling backward into less desirable conditions when our negative beliefs or lack of responsibility gets the upper hand. Not fully expecting it to be there means you are not properly conducting the experiment. I am just now realizing that such a test is not necessary. If you don't get the expected results. or acting in a purely practical manner in order to make use of your existing beliefs. Not being able to test the creating reality theory caused me endless difficulties in my attempts to apply it. Most of us have also been doing so without direction or purpose. Trying to believe you weigh 50 pounds less than you know you do. you will have learned something invaluable which could enhance the quality of your life dramatically.

but without separating now from then in your mind." According to Seth. One possible approach is to create a belief that the desired conditions are definitely true at some point in your experience. any strongly imagined experience becomes a "probable reality. let's say that you would like to hold a belief such as. Creative visualization is an exercise where you mentally and emotionally imagine having the condition you desire. three times a day. there should be absolutely no effort to connect the imagined conditions with your present circumstances. Nor should you consider that you are pretending the desired conditions exist. the desired conditions are real." along with all other potential realities one can imagine. then concentrate on how you feel when that is true.Koda Instant Enlightenment Creative visualization is another way of dealing with conflicting beliefs -. In any case. Eventually it will become necessary to connect your present moment with the desired conditions. The trick is to explore your desire while feeling that it has reality." While performing creative visualization. but in the mean time "coincidental" opportunities will appear and change the apparent facts. and probable realities do in fact exist. allowing your imagination to create what he calls a "virtual reality. The important thing here is capturing the feeling of what you imagine as being a reality rather than fantasy. This is accomplished by placing emotional energy on a desired belief without any attention being given to the current situation. That way you do not separate your imagined conditions from what you 118 . in the "spacious present. Abraham suggests spending fifteen to twenty minutes. In my opinion.by side-stepping them entirely. even if they only exist as real mental images and genuine feelings. for example. right now. the best way to approach this sort of exercise is to imagine that you are "psychically perceiving" a reality that actually exists in your "probable future. the act of imagining is at the same time the act of creating and perceiving a probable reality. "I have all the money I need and plenty more. In terms of financial conditions." It exists." You can repeat that phrase till all the cows in the world come home but it won't do any good if you are certain it is not true for you. It doesn't have to be a reality in your present to be a reality in your future. If we assume that Seth is correct.

Be as detailed as possible. with all the material possessions you honestly desire. That sort of thing. then stick with the phrase which feels best. which friends you might entertain. believe you are peering into that someday right now. Imagine what you might have for dinner. even when you go back to a world where those conditions do not yet exist. Visualize the home you will live in. Let's apply this to the idea of creating long term financial prosperity. the yard. the vehicles in your garage. Be detailed. "Beliefs changed overnight can bring literally awesome results. the living room.Koda Instant Enlightenment consider reality. Do this not as a way of imagining your future. two or three times a day. either in your future or in some imagined dimension. Repeat your selected phrase as you imaginatively poke about in all the nooks and crannies of your dream home. allow yourself to be "pleasantly surprised" by features that just pop into your mind. believing these conditions actually exist in your future. Then in your mind. Mentally describe the desired condition with a variety of different phrases that feel natural and comfortable. or you may find a large tree in the yard which you hadn't expected.” is a possible phrase you might use. The kitchen table may be glass rather than oak. Believing the conditions honestly exist. “I love living in such a wonderful home. Look at the kitchen. All of these "mental gymnastics" are simply meant to allow you to visualize desired conditions with the feeling that they actually exist. as if you were able to project your consciousness to another location. Just be careful not to compare what you want with what you believe you have. the clothes you will wear. Imagine you are in that home and think about how you spend your days." 119 . etc. the things you will do. avoids the problem of conflicting beliefs which otherwise negates all the creative visualization you could possibly do. sit with your eyes closed and picture yourself as you are then." As you stroll around in your dream home. but of perceiving conditions that actually exist. observing events happening now in the "spacious present. Seth tells us. For ten to twenty minutes.

Those wishing to lose weight will naturally become less hungry. perceive yourself at your ideal weight. well fitting clothes. Any sort of specific condition can be created using creative visualization. Above all feel how happy you are to have achieved your goal. present conditions. This experience feels so nice and is so clearly appreciated that when you return to your daily activities you will be inspired to behave in ways which will result in the imagined experience becoming your present reality.Koda Instant Enlightenment If you should find yourself comparing the desired situation with less desirable. You will mentally and emotionally experience the rewards you desire. Being "realistic" means working with your present beliefs. Such 120 . Imagine how nice you look. The key is to create what you honestly believe is possible. This happens naturally whenever anyone firmly commits to achieving a new goal. say. The desire to experience the imagined conditions will produce a greater reward than indulging in behavior which does not lead to that reward. Not smoking is another example. Picture yourself standing proudly in front of a mirror. The fewer conflicting beliefs involved the greater your probability of success. unless they insist on believing the goal requires self sacrifice. as you socialize with friends and new acquaintances. Of course it will be easy. but should you find yourself having difficulty believing that amazingly ideal conditions are in your near future. If you are overweight. and to have achieved all this so easily. See yourself in new. Why create a reality where it is difficult? As you perform your creative visualization exercises you will not be comparing your desire with the present situation. to feel confident and truly content with your appearance. and success on a small scale can provide the evidence you may need to go for the whole banana. consider creating the best possible conditions you believe are likely to occur within. stop doing the exercise and start over again later. "naked" with the "heavy clothing" of your excess fat removed. and how confident you feel. develop appetites for less fattening foods and crave physical activity. I certainly don't want to put a damper on anyone's ability to believe whatever they please. thirty days. Anyone who has a difficult time quitting the habit does not want to be a non-smoker.

So long as one's problem feels like a solution. nothing could stop them from changing it. An attitude of 121 . one must appreciate the good things in one's experience. Abraham suggests that the ideal attitude to hold in regards to creating reality is. The same thing applies to alcoholics. Alcoholics." The visualizations occur naturally as one imagines a happy future. drug addicts and couch potatoes may have a belief that their behavior is better than being bored with a life otherwise devoid of reward. Imagine a better life. It isn't necessary to deliberately visualize specific events or conditions in order to affect "coincidences. Those with a strong belief in God can simply hand their desire over to the higher power and trust that it will become a reality. behavior will alter accordingly. they would find it difficult to continue the habit. For example. but have not visualized themselves being happy and content as non-smokers." I can't imagine a better way to put it. drug addicts and couch potatoes who spend most of their free time in front of a television. In order to be satisfied with the way things are.Koda Instant Enlightenment people feel they "should" quit for a variety of reasons. The best way to improve overall conditions is to concentrate on feeling pleasant. an overweight woman may place value in being fat because it prevents unwanted attention from men and causes less jealousy from other women. "How many psychotherapists does it take to change a light bulb?" "Only one. "satisfaction with the way things are and eagerness for more. optimistic vibrations. If anyone truly believes they would be happier not smoking. but are sometimes deliberately accepted choices. then look for facts which indicate it is within one's reach. These are not always "facts" which seem forced upon us from the real world. When more positive beliefs are accepted. The real solution is to recognize that any sort of life one can imagine is actually possible. etc. believe it is truly possible. Some men may value being overweight because it keeps them from being pushed around. If such people truly believed they would be happier if they changed their behavior. but the light bulb must really want to change" (anonymous). Remember that one must eliminate conflicting beliefs. no amount of effort will cause the behavior to change.

Look for ways you and others can benefit each other mutually. believe amazing "coincidences" are possible.Koda Instant Enlightenment gratitude is possible when one considers how much one values being healthy. and follow through. food to eat. "Coincidences" often come in the form of chance encounters with other people. a belief in your own lack of control or responsibility. comfort and love open oneself to experiencing more pleasant future circumstances. eyes that see. Appreciation creates pleasant. Expand your network of association. having a place to live. automatically prevent more desirable conditions from manifesting in one's experience. The creative visualization or "virtual reality" exercises will enable you to create specific conditions. enthusiasm. Limiting. More than anything else. blame. be alert to notice them when they occur. and it is that state of being which draws more things to appreciate into one's experience. A feeling of deep satisfaction with the way things are puts one's frame of reference in a positive place where expecting things to improve is not such a big leap from one's present position. etc. a feeling of gratitude can create the proper conditions for experiencing even more to be grateful for. That is really all there is to improving overall conditions in life. and much more. you do well 122 . Frustrations may still develop. Most negative vibrations require a belief in others having more control than you do. If you honestly believe you create your own reality you would not entertain such thoughts.because conditions are quite OK as it is. negative vibrations such as anger. good friends. Let go of your petty resentments. You never know when someone might connect you to someone else where mutual benefits can be achieved. you may not even notice because one is used to life being just fine anyway. it's simply a matter of imagining great things coming your way and having no concern at all for when they will happen -. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude. If. When things do improve. guilt. When coming from a place of true appreciation. stress. like myself.. but they don't last as long if one remembers to pay attention and take responsibility for one's thoughts. optimistic vibrations. Don't be afraid to create new connections if it appears some positive possibility could come from it. Vibrations such as joy.

try to capture the feeling of having what you desire. without having to spend any money. Experiencing such a feeling. These negative beliefs are not actually invisible. As you go about your day. of your own. and learning is essentially what physical life is all about. it means "invisible" conflicting beliefs still exist. Seth tells us that we should not continuously look for results.Koda Instant Enlightenment in some areas but seem to blow it in others. Experiencing difficulty in creating reality simply means we have more to learn. may be the best way to create the associated reality. To fully understand the subject of creating your own reality it may be necessary to read the materials by Seth. not a statement of fact. Perhaps you can experiment with creating the presence of such people in your life? The next chapter deals with the apparent conflict between "predetermined life challenges" and the ability to deliberately alter conditions in the present. for example. This can be done without comparing what you want with what you have. because a feeling is not the reality. but are considered so “matter of fact” that we do not realized they are just ideas like any other. The feeling is just a sensation. You can feel like you have all the money you desire. but the information presented here should be enough to get you started with some experiments. and results. the results will certainly follow. When a desired belief is firmly in place. Being prematurely concerned about seeing results will only undermine your intent by emphasizing conflicting evidence. 123 . Finding others who share an interest in these ideas can also be a great help. Abraham or others. consistently.

destiny. that future would be predestined. (For those who understand 124 . astrology and precognitive psychic predictions are all concepts which directly conflict with the ideas of free will and creating one’s own reality. There are some casino’s about 120 miles away from where I live. and all the creative visualization in the world couldn’t change things.Koda Instant Enlightenment Chapter Seven: Astrology. astrological influences do indeed exist. an individual’s beliefs will take priority. I have been a non-professional astrologer for over thirty years so I have some experience regarding this apparent conflict. The following example will demonstrate this point. Predestination and Free Will It would appear that fate. For example. Personality characteristics in particular are clearly expressed in a person’s natal chart. since I have done countless astrological readings and have seen the evidence repeatedly. But it appears to me that while astrology represents a rough guide describing challenges and opportunities. if the position of the planets can be used to foretell a person’s future. and for several years I had planned to go gambling when a very good planetary alignment occurred. In my opinion.

I believe the same situation applies in regard to precognitive psychic predictions. Over the course of several years I had emotionally anticipated that I would win at a particular time. I won. I was “creating parking spaces” then. (That’s when I ended the parking space experiment. It is possible that 125 . but when I pulled up to the building my “created” parking spot did not materialize. so does the “probable future” we then experience. While it seems that some people are simply “born lucky. and it didn’t. My interpretation of the situation is this. I went back a few days later when the Moon and other planets were in even more favorable positions. At that point I began to doubt that such great luck could be expected to continue. But the astrology was right. My attitude went into a disappointing tail spin.my presently held beliefs displaced the astrological influence.) I lost the $200 I had won earlier. the main aspect was transiting Jupiter conjunct natal Uranus in my second house. I hit the machine next to it for $70. But my doubt created an end to the luck that first time -.Koda Instant Enlightenment astrological terms. Thus I “created the reality” of winning on that first occasion. A psychic could be in tune with energy associated with probable future events. By the end of the night I went home with only $200 more than I started with. I left that casino and shortly after arriving at another I walked out still $50 more ahead. While I was waiting for an attendant to pay me. chances are I would have won then anyway. since astrology does appear to work when such major planetary positions are aligned. This may explain why even the best psychics can make mistakes. This effect of belief overriding astrology was also involved during the second trip. or might intuitively perceive the beliefs held by a person and make predictions accordingly.” if you observe the attitudes of such people you will almost certainly discover someone who is genuinely optimistic. If I had not been aware of the astrological influences. When beliefs or expectations change. Astrology was not so right. when astrology still indicated winning but I lost instead. Luck would appear to be a result of one’s attitudes and beliefs.) Within five minutes of my arrival I hit the highest jackpot possible ($400) on the 25-cent slot machine I was playing.

such conditions could not result from chance alone. but such people are likely to have complicated belief systems. One can view this either as “predetermined conditions” or simply as chance events. which implies that some lovers are “fated to meet. Many people. that is. you should see that many of these experiences were critical to the development of your present personality. A life of poverty or chronic illness could also be a condition we are “fated” to experience -. some people who always present an optimistic front could be haunted by feelings of unworthiness. so they can be altered now. If you look back at the most significant relationships and conditions you have experienced in your past. The general belief among New Age types is that between lives we create “sacred contracts” with ourselves and others in order to experience certain conditions meant to help us grow and develop.” There is also the possibility that parents choose their children. that some events or circumstances are “pre-programmed” and must be experienced regardless of our beliefs. It has a broader perspective due to it’s greater realm of experience. If we create our own reality.unless we change our own fate. There does in fact seem to be evidence that some of the significant conditions we experience are “destined” to occur. In a similar way. But how can we create our own reality in the present if we are obligated to experience certain conditions agreed upon before life? The answer is found in the simultaneous nature of time when viewed from a perspective other than that of physical beings. the conflicting beliefs then undermining all their sincere efforts. for example. and as a result can appreciate value 126 . is in conflict with the idea of creating one’s own reality. The outwardly presented attitude of pessimism would need to be offset by a firm belief in things eventually working out as desired.Koda Instant Enlightenment someone could have good luck in some areas while often appearing grumpy and cynical. Our between life consciousness would be aware of our present moment because that consciousness is the larger personality which experiences all of our lifetimes. All events occur in the “spacious present” and that includes events between lives. are convinced that “soul mates” exist. The agreements formed between lives are being formed now. and vice versa. The idea of fate or predestination.

You are your greater self. which appear to us simply as undesired hardships. When the lesson is learned there is no longer any value in continuing to experience the limitations. So yes. By pondering the potential value to be gained by experiencing our limitations. happiness results. We are personally responsible for the limitations we experience. Consider the idea of being totally selfish and getting everything one wants. our greater self would have no qualms about allowing us to experience more rewarding lives. We are. and we can eliminate them once we understand they no longer have value. But so does the sense of boredom and isolation.Koda Instant Enlightenment in the experience of limitations. There is no conflict. While all of this seems to make sense. and so create limitations for the ego personality to overcome in order to derive greater happiness. our greater self. and you can let yourself off the hook once you understand why you needed the limitations in the first place. All time is simultaneous. The limitations we experience exist for very specific reasons. It would desire the experience of a challenge. 127 . “The present is the point of power. which eventually results in the inability to derive happiness from gaining all one desires without effort. Between life agreements are being formed now and can be altered now. Our between life self would be aware that value is increased if one is not certain of achieving a particular goal every time. it appears that “fate” or predestination exists. between lives this portion of our identity may choose to experience a variety of “undesirable” conditions in order to fulfill some larger sense of value.” (Seth) We create our own reality. for example. after all. whether or not it is true is something you will need to decide on your own. and if the desired results of those limitations can be achieved without suffering. If this goal is constantly experienced. Thus. we can learn to overcome them by realizing the lessons they are meant to teach us. we must be aware of the greater perspective involved. but we also create our own reality. So when it comes to creating our own reality.

intimately connected with our own sense of individual being. Greater dream awareness will also improve your intuitive abilities. But dreams are a critical component of human existence. begin to hallucinate and lose their sanity after a period of 128 . The metaphysical universe is easier to understand as something which is a part of us. The exercises in this chapter will enable you to become more aware of your dream experience and to gain some conscious control within your dreams. but not dream. metaphysical explanations for how All That Is may really operate. This provides direct experience of events which are “non physical” in nature. Test subjects who are allowed to sleep. All of us are familiar with the state of dreaming from our own experience. the result of a bored or sleeping mind transforming thoughts and emotions into symbolic mental images which have no objective reality. which will in turn make it easier to grasp the larger. Most people consider dreams to be random mental fantasies or imaginings. that happen to us. Dreams are an example of this kind of experience.Koda Instant Enlightenment Chapter Eight: Adventures in Dreamland All of us are accustomed to experiencing events as things that are outside ourselves.

and to experience the same dream with other. where we dream of finding the object. the answer will likely be given in some form. and its significance. Lost objects can be found using this method.) It is possible to induce a precognitive dream by giving oneself a suggestion. It is also possible to receive answers to questions in dreams. but we generally forget the entire experience. In this chapter we will concentrate on developing those three activities. physical reality can be thought of as just one of an infinite number of dream realities. at least within the context of the reality where we encounter them. 129 . immediately upon awakening.Koda Instant Enlightenment seven to eight days. but the inability to perceive something doesn’t make it unreal. and many instances of déjà vu may simply be replays of experiences which occurred in earlier dreams. such as. It is possible to remember our dreams in much greater detail (dream recall). When our attention is withdrawn from a dream experience it appears that the dream reality ceases to exist. If you simply ask a question with great clarity before falling asleep. Most of the time these happen spontaneously without any deliberate effort on the part of the dreamer. or the next morning we simply get a hunch about where to look. From your own experience you can observe that the environments and individuals we encounter in dreams are just as real as those we perceive physically. but first there are other dream related phenomenon worth mentioning. or shared dreams). each of us actually travel through many of these other dimensions as we sleep. which means we can survive longer without food than without dream experience. Some people experience events in dreams which later occur in physical experience (precognitive dreams). (Seth tells us we first create our reality in dreams prior to experiencing events physically." prior to falling asleep. physically alive people (double. "I want to dream about how (a given situation) works out. Theoretically. From a metaphysical perspective. It is difficult to overstate the significance of our dreams. It is also true that physical reality ceases to be perceived while we are dreaming. to become fully "awake" while continuing to experience a dream as we sleep (lucid dreaming).

or for them to lie to you. This often occurs naturally. that voice can never lie. The following exercises will help you to realize you have been dreaming all along. and it will. hence the phrase. Individuals who have passed on to the next life can communicate with us in our dreams. In less esoteric terms. Each of us often manufacture dream environments for our own reasons. even if neither of you has any recollection of the event. the voice of the dreaming emissary also became available in his normal. It is possible that both of you will express your true feelings in a dream and learn where you stand. you can simply ask the voice to go away until you ask it to return. and will enable you to gain conscious control over at least some of your dream experience. though not all dream encounters with images of such people actually involve that particular person.a voice which responds to questions asked during lucid dreams. it is useful to know that solutions to your problems can often be discovered simply by asking that the solutions be given in your dreams. Should you encounter any difficulty with hearing “the voice of dreaming. If you are having difficulties communicating with someone in your physical experience. but it has it’s own motivations and can be deceptive. waking state. which means it is impossible to lie to those you encounter there. "I’ll sleep on it.” according to Castaneda. The Castaneda books describe what he calls "the voice of dreaming" or “the dreaming emissary” -. Dream Recall Many people believe they either don’t dream at all or do so only occasionally." Telepathy occurs constantly in dreams. or you could encounter someone in your dream who provides the answer. In this particular case it is the voice of a personality from a different realm of reality which is reported to be accessible through dreams.Koda Instant Enlightenment Sometimes dream events will express answers to questions in symbolic terms. 130 . In Castaneda’s case. According to Castaneda. before falling asleep you can give yourself the suggestion that you will resolve the issue with that person in the dream state.

make a note of that in your dream journal. One must begin writing the instant you realize you are awake. then taking a nap as needed. you can try to go back into the dream to continue the events experienced there. Even if you can’t remember anything about your dreams. By doing this one’s consciousness is not removed from the body for such long periods of time. or to become one’s waking experience. The first is to give yourself the suggestion. It can be very valuable to give close attention to the way one dream shifts to become another. At first you may have a bit of difficulty remembering your dreams if you are not in the habit of doing so. within a month you should recall so many dreams that writing them all down could become time consuming. You will need to keep a pen and notebook within easy reach of your bed. Allow some extra time in your morning schedule to make your notes. Moving in and out of dream experience more frequently enables your normal 131 . It stands to reason that with sufficient practice one may learn to move from the physical world into dream experience at will. In each case. pick up the notebook and try to remember. each night as you fall asleep.Koda Instant Enlightenment You can quickly improve your memory of dream experience by performing two simple steps. Seth suggests sleeping no more than five hours in one block. before concerns of the day distract your attention. that you will remember your dreams. It is very important to begin writing the moment you awaken. the sounds of the physical world around you will cease to be perceived as you literally move from one world to another. Anytime you find yourself beginning to wake from a dream. It shouldn’t take more than a few days before images will appear and begin to spark your memory. is to sleep more than once a day. If you are successful. If you simply can’t remember any dreams at all. the perception of one reality is being replaced by another. You may even recall an earlier dream and be able to move between different dream worlds. but a little persistence will produce excellent results. The second step is to write down the details of your dreams immediately upon awakening. and to benefit your physical and mental well being. If you follow these directions. Another way to improve dream recall.

rather than suggest that you will simply remember your dreams. at least initially. etc. hands. object two. or Rapid Eye Movement. then look at your hands again. 30 Days to Lucid Dreaming Once you are able to remember your dreams on a nightly basis you can begin to attempt lucid dreaming. The Castaneda books are useful here. is a physical phenomenon which occurs while an individual is dreaming -. Do this with additional objects until you are able to hold the entire dream environment in clear focus. add another object to the sequence of what you focus your attention upon -– hands.) When you first realize you are fully “awake” within a dream the excitement can sometimes cause you to wake up suddenly. If you are very serious about experiencing lucid dreams you can set the alarm to wake you every 90 minutes. and your body has more energy since it has not been laying dormant for such long periods. (REM. but as you do. because one’s hands will always be there. Mental alertness improves. The technique is to look briefly at your hands. It is very important to have a plan for what you will do the moment you realize you are experiencing a lucid dream. Don Juan instructs Carlos to look for his hands. The other thing you will need to do is set an alarm to wake you up in the middle of the night. with your normal consciousness. In order to stabilize your awareness within the dream it helps to know what you will do the moment you realize you are dreaming. give yourself the suggestion that you will become fully aware. then at any one object in your dream environment. then at the object. while dreaming. Looking at your hands will focus your attention on a specific action which will keep your attention on the fact you are 132 . repeat the suggestion that you will become aware in your dreams. As you fall asleep. and so on. When you hear the alarm. which is the duration of normal REM sleep cycles.the closed eyes move rapidly as if they are watching something.Koda Instant Enlightenment consciousness to become more familiar with the other state of awareness. object one. simply shut it off and go back to sleep. Once you are able to hold the image of your hands and one object in clear focus.

Whatever you think about will appear before you. The files can be burned to a CD if you prefer to use a CD player rather than leave your computer on all night. Instructions are provided for assembling the short files so your computer will play a unique tone after a long period of silence. non-lucid dreams may only be symbolic. Once you have stabilized your dream environment you can do anything you please. I have created some mp3 files to assist in inducing a lucid dream. Genuine encounters with people who have died can occur in lucid dreams. For some the experience might happen on your first attempt. It’s hard to predict how long it might require before your first lucid dream occurs. The results. Images perceived in dreams have a tendency to distort or turn into other things. for others it could take months. The tone acts much like the alarm. experience having an ideal body. have a lot to do with what you truly believe is most likely. creating confusion which usually results in losing lucidity and the experience turning into a normal dream. Double or Shared Dreams It is possible to share the same dream experience with other living persons. have incredible sex with gorgeous people. travel to other planets. Thirty days seems like plenty of time for your subconscious to get the point that you are serious about this. of course. experience extravagant luxury. and I mean anything. only without forcing you to wake fully in order to shut off the alarm. though it is obvious that not all dreams involving people you know are shared dreams. or lose the lucidity and wander off into normal dream experience. anything at all. A general rule of thumb is that if you encounter someone you know in a dream where you are lucid. Eventually you will wake up. which are available at my website (kodasplace. it is likely that the experience will be a shared dream. as a reminder to become aware of the fact you are dreaming.Koda Instant Enlightenment dreaming. but such experience in normal. You can fly.com). and the other also acknowledges being aware that a dream is occurring. 133 .

but common courtesy is even more important in other dimensions than it is in normal social situations. It is not necessary for both individuals involved to deliberately seek to achieve a shared dream. but it can help if both are aware of the interlocking arm procedure. Wiggling your toes is one way to do this. he or she will either appear in your dream landscape or you will find yourself in a landscape where they already are. interlocking arms in the process.Koda Instant Enlightenment The first step in creating a shared dream is to attain the lucid dream state. which is necessary in order to express conscious control while dreaming. If you have a friend who is interested in attempting this sort of experience. Then if someone grabs your arm in a dream you will quickly catch on to what is happening and experience less disorientation. which can be verified after awakening. you pull. From that point on each of you should remember the same dream events. you would grab your friend’s right forearm. You can pull anyone at all into your dream. perhaps even communicate with them. first practice interlocking arms with them so you will both be familiar with how it is done. 134 . If you use your right hand. Remember that any dream experience can be terminated simply by focusing your attention upon the fact you are laying in bed asleep. Castaneda suggests grasping the other person on the forearm just below the elbow and giving a strong pull. Once your right arm is interlocked with the right arm of your friend. then use your left hand to position your friend’s right hand on your right forearm in the same way. If the other person is also sleeping. At this point you can see the person. just hard enough to make the other person move to regain their balance. Once you are aware of being lucid in a dream you can contact a particular person simply by thinking about them. but you will need to take an action in order to insure your dream experiences become connected.

it's OK. but this also applies if you spend your time concerned about money. Spiritual development is substantially hindered if you spend most of your day thinking about sex. and masturbating for twenty minutes is no more detracting from spiritual development than spending twenty minutes paying your monthly bills. In my personal opinion. but the same can be said for the distractions caused by daily living. or both. Most of us are "guilty" of one or the other. that you can't be spiritual if you indulge in sensuality. so it shouldn't be much of a surprise that metaphysical awareness is in such short supply.Koda Instant Enlightenment Chapter Nine: Psychic Sex and 20-Minute-Plus Female Orgasms Some people believe sex and spiritualism are mutually exclusive. It's true that any kind of indulgence can distract your attention from spiritual development. In this section I will speak in terms of heterosexual relationships simply as matter of convenience. if your behavior does not harm other's. That implies there is nothing "wrong" with sexual fulfillment. The most intense spiritual state that many of us will ever 135 .

naughtiness. dissolves the apparent boundaries between self and other. the other also 136 . It is very helpful. It is therefore highly desirable to maintain this peak of physical sensual sensation for as long as possible. Dropping one’s walls requires that you have respect and appreciation for your partner. this means continuous orgasm. It is not that you feel your own emotion and your partner feels something similar. For a woman. This means one must be in constant communication with one’s partner.Koda Instant Enlightenment achieve will be during the act of making love. For a man it means being on the verge of orgasm indefinitely. and while making love (as opposed to simply having sex) the auras of both people merge together. which means emotional walls must come down completely. becoming a single emotional energy field. telepathy is a merger of consciousness. All of us are telepathically aware on subconscious levels. and love brings down the walls which separate us psychically and emotionally. where the loved one is valued as much as oneself. lust. What one person feels. The deepest levels of intimacy are involved. but it is necessary to be completely aware of your partner’s state of arousal in order to maintain that condition indefinitely. telepathic awareness is the easiest way to maintain this communication. to be in love in order to achieve these physical sexual conditions. Believe it or not. bliss. These emotions can include love. fun. Emotions produce psychic energy which projects outward from the body. joy. and other delightful sensations. God consciousness occurs when an individual experiences being All That Is. When this expanded sense of being is combined with physical sexual stimulation during love making. As mentioned earlier. when two people feel the same emotion. Our auras become filled with this emotional energy. The expression of love. the stimulation acts as an energy source which powers the emotions of both partners. but not absolutely necessary. The physical techniques I am about to describe will produce the prolong states of peak sexual arousal just mentioned. This is most noticeable during love making. The ultimate sexual/spiritual experience occurs when physical sensations are at their peak of pleasurable intensity. One way of describing spiritual awareness is that it occurs when an individual is capable of perceiving that which is beyond oneself as being a part of oneself.

Ideally. but I am not describing anything you haven’t already experienced if you have ever been in love. Each type of energy. All perceptions become one and the same for both people. because the same emotional energy field is being perceived by both partners. Physical energy is experienced as sensation within the body. is progressively more refined and subtle. sexual. It is highly recommended that you perform those two exercises just prior to working with the techniques presented here. from physical to spiritual. emotional and spiritual. and it is simply a matter of becoming aware of your perception of it. Spiritual sex is all about stimulating energy on several different levels: physical.Koda Instant Enlightenment feels. When these walls come down sexual and emotional energy merges freely within the combined aura of both participants. all these energies form into a single unit where both people experience the same perceptions. sensually. but the goal is to reduce the differences as much as possible. In practical terms. The feeling experienced as “sexual arousal” is a form of sexual energy. completely disappear. emotionally and even intellectually. Sexual energy differs from physical energy in that it radiates from the body in the same way emotions do. Please keep in mind that what I am describing here is 137 . the more detail it is capable of communicating. Combining all of these together can produce an evening of truly wonderful intimacy. and can almost be described as a “sexual emotion. Telepathic emotional communication exists. and spiritual or “psychic” energy begins to seek alignment. When love is involved our emotional walls. there is usually some variation in individual perception. The more refined the energy is. physically. The visual telepathy exercise described in the Psychic Window chapter enables you to perceive telepathy operating on a visual level in just minutes.” Two people can share the perception of sexual energy telepathically as the sexual energies merge into one energy field. The Psychic Touch Dancing exercise in the Psychic Party Games section will further reinforce the way two people can be connected on “other than normal” levels of awareness. I know this may all seem a little far out if you are unfamiliar with metaphysical awareness. which we almost always have in place.

only enough to stimulate the beginnings of arousal. to stimulate modest degrees of sexual arousal in both partners. In the mean time. Simply enjoy the idea that such conditions are possible and that you might actually be able to experience them. Talk about how wonderful it would be to experience continual orgasm. not-quitesexual behavior. or otherwise place attention on the desire for sex in order to create brief periods of arousal. and women should be aware that men generally need more physical stimulation than they do themselves. the next step is extended foreplay. Any direct physical stimulation should be very brief. It means going without sexual release for as long as is necessary for both participants to feel very motivated sexually. put on some romantic music or otherwise create an atmosphere of “special intimacy. begin with very subtle stimulation. over the course of perhaps two or three days. light candles.” Physically. And do not be concerned with achieving results the first time. OK. Do romantic things. Take your time and pay close attention to the affect your actions are having upon your lover. Have fun creating the anticipation. All of this happens to some extent whenever people make love. enabling one to reach new heights of transcendent bliss. Give each other massages or otherwise engage in intimate. then discontinued. Burn incense. This is best accomplished by creating “excited anticipation” of the sexual encounter to come. I am simply pointing out details which most people are not consciously aware of. Please forgive my clinical descriptions but they are necessary.Koda Instant Enlightenment something that most people are already familiar with. For instance. if you have long hair. The ability to experience continuous orgasm will take as long as it takes for both partners to get the hang of it. Men should remember that women are generally twice as sensitive to physical stimulation than they expect. now we come to the specific details of how to go about making all this happen. Sex is 138 . First we start with generating sexual energy. drag it gently across the naked skin of your lover. Once you are both extremely aroused. it helps to flirt and tease. By becoming more aware of the energies involved it becomes possible to control those energies more deliberately.

but should instead allow her partner to “push her over the edge. bliss. in that movement occurs with neither person actively 139 . The woman must not “reach for” her orgasm. Think less. and ultimately the woman must control of how much stimulation she receives. each will know the current state of the other’s sexual excitement and more or less stimulation can be applied as needed. with her partner precisely in tune with her every movement. Her partner must continue the same. and at the same time. Once both partners are aware of how much stimulation is required the process becomes rather automatic. feel more. The object is to bring the woman right to the edge of orgasm then apply this slow. When intercourse begins it should be approached slowly. Gentle foreplay should be continued until the desire for intercourse is intense in both partners. steady stimulation of the clitoris. A circular motion repeated approximately once per second is generally ideal. the woman should focus her attention on all of her sensations. In the beginning it can take a bit of practice to get the hang of things. emotional and sensual. This is similar to the way Psychic Touch Dancing works. but continuous female orgasm requires gentle. It can become difficult to refrain from more aggressive action. The man must not allow himself to climax or the experience will end at that time. Communicate your responses to the stimulation you receive so your lover can understand the results of his or her actions. The woman needs to insure that she receives just enough stimulation to keep the orgasm flowing steadily.Koda Instant Enlightenment communication.” When the orgasm begins to trickle in. relaxed. At no point during foreplay should either person be brought to physical climax. If both people are fully aware of their partner. where the intensity gradually rises and falls. Slow and steady is the rule. and expand her feelings into the space around her. Feel the energies combine in a sea of excited. steady stimulation. with attention to all of the subtle sensations one is capable of perceiving. The steady stimulation will produce “ripples” in the female orgasm. steady stimulation and “push” his emotional and sensual sensations into the woman’s energy. All of one’s attention should be upon the other person and what you are feeling sensually and emotionally. but not so much stimulation that she exhausts all of her sexual energy in a more powerful climax.

After reading this chapter on-line. Louisa. and tighten while moving upward. Any man who has experienced oral sex in this fashion. will eagerly agree that it is the ultimate best that head can get. The emotional energy is a sublime experience. 140 . just as she shares his. Once this state of continual female orgasm is experienced. repeatedly. This peak can be maintained during the continual female orgasm since the stimulation at that time is slow and gentle. being held right on the edge for what seems like eternity. in a relatively slow but steady pattern of movement. squeeze as it moves out. Many men may be unaware that the level of sexual excitement achieved just prior to climax can be maintained indefinitely. the most intense sexual experience a man can maintain is the peak sensitivity of the moment just prior to orgasm. It is. the man shares the same “energy field” as the woman. Her advice is that a woman should push (as in childbirth) while moving downward. This peak experience can be maintained indefinitely. It is reasonably easy for a man’s partner to provide this experience during oral sex. continual female orgasm and prolonged male pre-orgasm can best be accomplished orally. and if the stimulation is reduced or removed at that point the man will not reach climax. essentially all sex is fun. She also warns that a man can fail to achieve erection if too much emphasis is placed upon “performing” well enough to achieve this extraordinary level of sexual fulfillment. Push as the penis moves in.Koda Instant Enlightenment controlling the movement. a spiritual high. wrote to tell me that it is possible for a woman to initiate continual orgasm while positioned on top. a woman in France. indeed. First. and thus shares all of her sensations. Secondly. though of course. For some couples. even physical sensations under ideal conditions. it becomes difficult to feel satisfied with purely physical sex. It may seem that the man is getting the short end of the stick in that the woman experiences continual climax while he must prevent himself from climaxing at all. as the penis swells noticeably just prior to ejaculation. though it is rare to go more than twenty or thirty minutes without becoming physically exhausted. profoundly personal and yet shared. But that doesn’t express what is actually happening to the male in this situation.

all I can say is there is a good chance the information presented here could quite possibly result in the most profound spiritual experience of your life. So if things don’t seem to be going as planned.Koda Instant Enlightenment Great sex is full of spontaneity and too much concern about technique can become an interference. knowing that one day you may spontaneously catch on to how easy all this really is to do. just relax and have fun. For those who may feel that this subject doesn’t belong in a book about developing metaphysical awareness. 141 .

damage your health or even kill you. 142 . Not only is LSD a controlled substance. profound intuitive insight. psychedelic drug use can help to open doors you didn't know exist. The current laws against using "street drugs" only compound the problem by making it impossible to predict doses and quality. The result of these government controls is that "basement chemists" attempt to approximate the real chemicals with other compounds. If you have never experienced any sort of psychic phenomena. Real LSD hasn't been widely available since the late 1970's though a few well connected individuals may still have access to it. This is particularly true with LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide 25). or other form of "non physical" perception.Koda Instant Enlightenment Chapter Ten: Drug Use and Metaphysical Development There is no doubt about it. With the possible exception of marijuana. Drug use can also pry lose your grip on reality. one of the key ingredients used in its manufacture. sometimes producing very unhealthy substances. any widely used street drug that can help improve your awareness can also mess you up big time. Much of the stuff one generally finds on the streets these days isn't even close to real LSD. but so is lysergic acid.

In the U. For me.e. 2) nothing used habitually. the most well known of 143 .Koda Instant Enlightenment but instead gives you a lot of unpleasant side effects without the illumination one is seeking. 4) totally avoid highly addictive drugs known to do more harm than good. Back in the '60's and '70's drug use was considered an adventure. The quality of life has deteriorated dramatically for young people and the working poor. Perhaps this is why the U. and minimum wage pays a third less than it costs to support survival. on a regular basis (other than cigarettes). LSD is definitely a hard drug. and the large variety of "downers" and antidepressants pumped out by pharmaceutical companies. It seems the world would be a better place if that many people were seeking enlightenment rather than escape. and.S. I have never had any trouble sticking with these guidelines because it is obvious that going beyond these very reasonable limits could lead to disasters I have no desire to encounter.S. and to a lesser but significant extent for nearly everyone. and discussions with people who have used the drugs I have always avoided.. These days it has become an escape. My knowledge comes from a modest degree of personal experience.S. simply alter your mood without enhancing awareness. 3) no "hard drugs" more than five or six times a year. In the U. any drug that makes it difficult to function effectively in the real world is a hard drug. The same God people worship in their churches placed psychedelic drugs on this planet. Long ago I created a set of guidelines for myself to insure that I would never end up abusing drugs rather than using them. the average family has to work twenty hours more per week to maintain the same standard of living as in the 1970s. i. but that doesn't include the quest for illumination. I am by no means an expert on drug use. Cocaine. Such chemicals may have their appropriate time and place. This includes heroin and meth. The guidelines are: 1) no needles. since it can be difficult to function in the world if you can't find it! I also try to stay away from any drugs that do not enhance my awareness in some way. government estimates that 78 million Americans have tried some form of illegal drug. Alcohol can be a hard drug if you drink to excess.

I tend to agree. Dehydrated mushrooms are powered and often show up in large capsules. It no longer appears to be widely used. The effect of psychedelic mushrooms seems to be somewhat 144 . Wet mushrooms taste awful and if you can get high before they make you puke consider yourself lucky. Psychedelic sex is one of the most rewarding experiences available to us mere mortals. MDMA. (An acquaintance once suggested that if all the world leaders got together every other month on ecstasy there would no longer be wars. I have also used mescaline and MDMA (ecstasy) which are both synthetics. by design. Psychedelic mushrooms grow wild in the Northwest of the U. though MDMA doesn’t really enhance sexual experience. and probably come in a variety of types. For that reason it is not particularly helpful in pursuing spiritual development except perhaps on the level of emotional awareness. They have a woody consistency and don't taste very good. I have never experienced the effects of peyote but Carlos Castaneda describes effects that appear similar to the psychedelics I have used.Koda Instant Enlightenment these are peyote and psychedelic mushrooms. as I haven’t heard anyone mention it for nearly twenty years. I think the typical dose is from one-half to a whole mushroom (one-sixteenth to one-eighth of an ounce dried) but it's been years since I've been around any of this stuff so I really don't know. dried or dehydrated. MDMA is a compound based upon LSD where the goal was to limit stimulation as much as possible to only the "empathy receptors" in the brain. Dried mushrooms are the most common form and look like long. The chemical was initially employed by marriage counselors in an attempt to get couples to relate better to one another. mainly mushrooms and LSD. One generally breaks them up into small pieces before washing them down with a glass of water.S. shriveled-up mushrooms. though on the street the only distinguishing characteristics are whether they are wet.) The experience of synthetic mescaline is sort of half way between MDMA and LSD. limits the amount of visual and intellectual stimulation otherwise found in LSD. thin. Mescaline is an attempt to synthesize the active ingredient in the mescal (peyote) plant. which are easier to ingest.

One should consider how your life will be affected if. walking feels somewhat similar to moving through water. who can act as a sort of babysitter and keep you grounded.” the ability to remember the realizations experienced becomes dramatically reduced. one's attention can become totally absorbed by the most mundane subject matter. reality appears no more solid than a dream. Or if you think you can fly. if you wouldn't do something when you aren't high. though it is quite possible to experience strong visual effects. hopefully someone who has some experience with psychedelic drugs. One very important point to realize about psychedelic drug use is that although it can open "psychic doors. I haven't used mushrooms for the express purpose of assisting meditation but I am confident that it would produce significant results for most people. At the same time.Koda Instant Enlightenment more noticeable in the body than in the mind. You should also be aware of the psychological consequences of experiencing psychedelic drugs. don't try it when you are. Your world view will be forever altered by such experiences if they are intense. and from what I remember. Concentration is the 145 . All "mind expanding" drugs have one thing in common: they enhance concentration while simultaneously reducing "mental agility. for example. Physical coordination is slowed. While you might be able to "sneak into heaven through the back door" the amount of information you can bring back for later use is often disappointing. for the duration of your psychedelic experience. completely engrossed by the patterns found there and all the psychological implications of observing a living being so alien to ourselves. that person could be holding a drink in their hand and stumble around for the next hour looking for it. One's skin feels overly sensitive and yet dull at the same time -. just hover in the air above your bed to prove it rather than leap off some cliff. Your first “trip” should be with a trusted friend. You need to remember not to attempt anything physically dangerous while under the influence -just because you are suddenly certain that you really can fly." While high on LSD.a rather sensual depth is perceivable when you apply pressure with your hand to your body. I've seen people stare at the bark of a tree for an hour.

you will realize that the only reason you would need drugs to expand your awareness is because you believe you need them." When people begin to come down from the pot high after an hour or two. But while on drugs this level of concentration is forced upon you to varying degrees. But many drugs can be physically dangerous to your health. and large or often repeated doses of psychedelic drugs can more or less permanently interfere with your ability to relate to the physical world. but I know such a feat would be beyond my ability and I definitely don't recommend it."the munches. The effort of walking to the kitchen can absorb so much of your attention you may not remember why you went to the kitchen in the first place. This ability to concentrate so completely is why psychedelic drugs can be so useful in efforts to expand awareness.Koda Instant Enlightenment absence of distraction. I've been with people who can drive a car quite safely while high on LSD. Still. refer. Pot makes you lazy in a way. They just seem to have an irresistible urge to laugh a lot. Marijuana Marijuana (pot. pot accentuates that awareness. but for most it is something that makes you want to relax and enjoy whatever happens to be going on. Then there is the dreaded aftereffect -.) If you accept the idea that we create our own reality.) isn't really a psychedelic drug. a boost from nature's pharmacy might produce some spiritual progress. But while alcohol acts to numb your mental awareness. (Pay attention here this means too much can make you insane. It's more like alcohol in terms of how far from normal your perceptions are altered. they feel 146 . it concentrates your attention. weed. etc. which is the goal of meditation and hypnosis. Many first time users don't even realize they are high. Drugs can indeed assist in developing awareness (the word "psychedelic" means "mind expanding"). smoke. grass. or rather. and music sounds more "interesting" and has a more dimensional quality to it. if you feel perpetually stuck in the perception of viewing the world as a physical rather than spiritual reality. Some people like to smoke pot and do active things like ski or hike.

Koda Instant Enlightenment like eating -. mixed with ground up marijuana leaves and pressed into small "bricks" about a quarterinch thick.S. An eighth of an ounce of high quality marijuana. so hashish is very potent. about as much as three or four tobacco cigarettes. Most of the THC in the plant is found in these oils. it does not cause the sort of stupor alcohol produces. Marijuana has several things going for it that make it superior to alcohol as a recreational drug. Junk food is the usual flavor of choice. even though it has almost no THC. Hashish (or "hash") is simply a concentrated form of marijuana. for many years. The residue would then be scraped off as a sticky paste. People quickly realize when they have had enough and simply lose interest in the idea of smoking any more. Ask anyone on a construction project if they would prefer a heavy equipment operator to be drunk or high on pot. an eighth of 147 . costs between $20-$40. While alcohol sometimes moves people to violence and recklessness. but because the plant looks like marijuana. allowing the oils and pollen from the plants to collect on their skin.a lot. Most construction workers have experienced both and they will immediately tell you the drunk is far more to be feared. Pot is cheap. Hemp has been used for centuries as the raw material for making rope. as long as you don't do it as a regular habit. Pot is probably less harmful to the physical body than cigarettes (try smoking tobacco with the same deep inhalations pot smokers take) and there are medical applications such as stress relief and reducing the effects of glaucoma. Turkish marijuana farmers used to send their children out to run naked through the marijuana fields. growing it has been prohibited in the U. The difference between marijuana and the hemp plant is really nothing more than the level of THC. Another attribute of marijuana is that it's essentially impossible to "overdose" on it. etc. clothing. One or two puffs is usually enough to knock you on your butt. It causes people to mellow out and relax. marijuana does the opposite. and using it once or twice a month. While smoking pot does interfere with physical reactions and attentiveness. The active ingredient in marijuana is THC (tetrahydrocannibinol).. One or two dollars worth is enough for occasional users to get enough of a boost to assist meditation.

some perceived "other worlds. Back then it was simply entertainment. Like those blotches of color. and that statement can be taken literally. Some people have reported watching animated. Most pot smokers use it more often. filled with intricate detail and moving in more than one direction at the same time (that one is hard to imagine) you can get an idea of what LSD visuals are like.Koda Instant Enlightenment an ounce can easily last a year." can literally rip the world away from your perception and replace it with an entirely new. you can imagine a vague impression of what it is like to see psychedelic visual images. referred to on the street as "acid. Real LSD. Attempts to recreate such imagery appeared in "psychedelic" black-light (ultraviolet) posters common in the '60's and '70's." while still others saw only 148 . Back in the '70's when my friends and I were young and dumb. If you can recall seeing blotches of color when falling asleep at night with your eyes closed." is not something to play around with in a casual way. an adventure. however. If you can imagine them being neon bright. Not everyone sees the same sort of images. ever changing world. Whatever you usually do as a form of meditation can be performed after smoking pot. in the way you might consider a trip to Disneyland a "special adventure. LSD stimulates the visual receptors in the brain more than any other chemical I am aware of." There is a world of difference between marijuana and LSD. We took the idea of "leaving reality" in stride. who are regular users. the stuff available in the "old days. as long as your technique doesn't involve too much memory intensive ritual. LSD LSD. we often played with it several times a year. psychedelic mental images constantly move. one of the benefits of modern technology. grow larger or smaller and fade in and out of your visual perception. cartoon-like pictures with their eyes closed. The government estimates there are 30 million people in the U. some smoking an eighth-ounce or more every week in order to stay high all day.S.

one's attention often diverges from any predetermined focus to becoming totally absorbed in the imagery. On low doses the walls of a room may seem to “breath. Trouble is.8 hours later. I once spent four hours at a typewriter while high on LSD with the specific intent of writing down a comprehensible description of what it is really like to experience that drug. While the ability to concentrate is supreme. such as the movement of one’s hand. finally reducing it all to one very concise statement that accurately expressed what it means to experience LSD. My attention would remain focused long enough to type about half a sentence before I would "space out" and forget what I was doing. On higher doses it is most common to perceive colorful patterns in your peripheral vision while nothing in the real world holds still or retains consistent shape.” patterns become perceivable in textured surfaces such as carpeting. as soon as you come back to the real world (6 . If you are fortunate enough to ask a meaningful question. I wrote two pages of material which I continued to edit as the drug wore off. That 149 . only to forget they ever occurred as time passes. such as. most of it meaningless.” Some sort of hallucinatory imagery is common to everyone who becomes sufficiently high on LSD. and objects in motion. when you occasionally experience vivid dreams of profound insight. Besides the risk to one's health and mental well-being. Any idea one conceives also becomes a river of total absorption. Because of these intense visual effects it is very difficult to meditate under these conditions. where everything in the universe makes complete sense. Without the words to file in your memory the awareness eventually fades and it becomes as if you never had the experience to begin with. When I regained my focus I would read what I had typed. then quickly finish the sentence by writing the other half of the line with a pen. leave trailing images behind them referred to as “tracers. A similar effect occurs during normal sleep. which can be beautiful and fascinating beyond description. usually) you can't formulate your perceptions into words. this loss of recall is another downside to using psychedelics to gain awareness.Koda Instant Enlightenment hallucinations in the real world around them. "What is God?" your awareness can take you on an adventure of realization beyond words.

This is a result of the way awareness becomes focused upon one particular theme and concentration is so absolute it becomes difficult to escape to a different train of thought. Focusing on unpleasant concepts in such a fashion can produce unspeakable horrors. dark driveway in November with a "friend" who had an unusual bit of philosophy he wanted to demonstrate. "LSD can be used to escape reality. The leaves had fallen from the tall elm trees on either side and the 150 . He is also quite opposed to massive doses of LSD under clinical conditions. his reasoning being that humans have co-existed with the natural plants for ages. We were very high on LSD. I'll relate one such personal experience. Seth is of the opinion that natural psychedelics are less harmful to the body than LSD. There was a bright arc light on the street corner and it cast harsh shadows all around us. walking down our long." Mushrooms. the new ego which then forms fearing for it's continued existence. I want to emphasize that his comments refer to massive. If the guy had any real understanding he would have shown me the highest high. Turns out he wanted to freak me out on purpose for his own entertainment. peyote. As we walked along the driveway in the cold night we were speaking quietly in order to avoid waking anyone. "we are all God. noting that such experiences totally destroy the ego. mescaline and other psychedelics all produce similar effects and have the same negative consequences. I was about nineteen." That statement is totally bogus. This "fear" of disturbing others set the tone of the experience. I agree with Seth that such "scientific" behavior is worse than shock therapy.Koda Instant Enlightenment very profound statement was. and to the clinical therapies performed in the past where a psychologist would purposely destroy a patient's ego and dictate new values to replace the old. and the philosophical point he wanted to demonstrate was. rather than moderate doses." That makes about as much sense as. Freaking Out "Freaking out" is another potential downside of intense psychedelic drug experience. "you can't know the highest high till you know the lowest low.

I knew there was nothing in the shadows but a lack of light. "Don't look into the shadows. but still I didn't want to look. Another ghastly groan and an almost helpless. I knew I had to look just to calm my fears." he warned. but the fear was overwhelming. the bare branches were sweeping through the air as if a hurricane were blowing them. He moaned as if he were in pain. The silver swarm gathered above me in the blackness and I 151 . Remember what I said about having difficulty changing one's focus of attention. but some other part of me felt a staggering presence of evil. "Shut up. "Don't look into the shadows. One's mind is very susceptible to suggestion while under the influence of LSD and his comment heightened my fear. I decided to compromise. but I also knew that if I did I might encounter an unimaginable horror. From the shadows beneath the leafless trees silver flames erupted in a fireball. My reasoning mind was very clear. The tall elm trees were fifty feet away. the flames becoming short. The trees were nearly onehundred feet tall and the branches were sweeping down to the ground then flinging themselves upwards into the black sky. and as I strained to turn my eyes to the right. The flapping lines poured out of the shadows like a flurry of bats swarming from a cave. each side of the loop moving up and down like wings." he repeated. "Don't look into the shadows.Koda Instant Enlightenment hard light on the silvery bark contrasted with the blackness all around us. Our footsteps echoed from the effect of the drug and each breath puffed out as a pale mist. most profound feeling of pure evil that human consciousness is capable of imagining." I told him. He groaned again. The driveway seemed to go on forever and I was very uncomfortable and just wanted to get out of there as quickly as I could. I reasoned that there was nothing in the shadows to be afraid of. The night air felt thick around my head and my neck became stiff. and from them radiated the deepest. quickening my pace. I looked with my eyes but didn't turn my head." My fear became unbearable. sliver lines with a loop in the center.

I allowed myself to glance into the shadows under the trees. I ran into the house and plopped myself in front of the TV set and didn't take my eyes off it for two hours.” momentary intrusions of psychedelic experience while not on drugs. "I am not floating in space. and I began to relax a bit. and feeling like I had gained sufficient control of myself again. "STOP!" I commanded in a firm voice. then a little sliver flame erupted in the center of it. As I approached the back door my own shadow was in front of me. They dove into my right eye and started to drag my soul out of my eye socket. I clenched my jaw and walked hurriedly toward the house. Flashbacks Another potential problem with psychedelic drug use is “flashbacks. My right eye hurt terribly from straining to look without turning my head. the swarm of flapping lines intent on killing me. This is all a hallucination. I am standing on a driveway high as a kite on LSD.Koda Instant Enlightenment found myself floating in the depths of outer space. The evil horde moved off into the distance. drifted to my left. but after about three months I believed I had fully recovered and got high with friends. pleased with his little joke." I told myself. all by itself. A month after the previous event I was walking up the same driveway at night. I was losing my mind. alone. totally straight. almost disappearing. moving to a position behind me." I suddenly found myself standing on the driveway looking at my "friend" who was giggling like a child. The physical sensation of pain was beyond unbearable. That was impossible. I was living in an apartment with a roommate and smoking a joint 152 . as usual. not creeps like that first jerk. A chill sent goose bumps up my spine as my entire shadow. Little silver flames started flickering in the darkness. "This isn't real. I hadn't dared to even smoke pot after freaking out in the driveway. but then the cloud of terror came racing toward me. terrified. which I thought would be safe enough because they were real friends. I marched myself straight to the telephone pole and spent the next hour looking at the arc light to keep the shadows at bay till I came down enough to go home.

When I described that experience to a friend some years later he told me that those "flying lines" I had seen had been mentioned in literature before. Perhaps those things were real in some dimension of existence. When I said "stop" while my soul was being ripped out of my body. I tried to just brush it off but the rocking grew more and more intense. and again I heard the low. Another valuable point: Don't do psychedelic drugs with people who aren't your real friends. I completely ended the attack. snarling as it shook the springs to torment me. Thank god I was just crazy. and were referred to as The Host of Hell." One trick to remember is that you can get back from any bad 153 . As I laid there trying to go to sleep. caring people. If the "creature" was actually under there it would eat me alive. Then I heard a faint growl and instantly pictured something like the creature from the black lagoon lying under my bed. I would have just proven to myself I had actually thought a monster was under my bed and I'd be insane. There are some valuable points to observe in all this. Old box springs under a mattresses will sometimes do that in response to regular breathing. but in any case. Perhaps the most valuable lesson is the realization that there is no force of evil that can harm you if you do not believe it can. my bed started to rock gently back and forth from head to foot. I knew I had to do something to stop this. Nothing. So I laid back down thinking I had imagined the whole thing. snarling growl. so I turned on the light.Koda Instant Enlightenment didn't bother me at all. You want to be with supportive. and looked under the bed. I tried to forget it but the shaking became more pronounced and I could clearly hear the growling. till the rest of them all left and I was alone when I went to bed. simply refusing to participate was all it took to secure my rescue. held my breath. but if I did that I could only lose. I knew I had to turn the light on and look under the bed. hopefully someone with enough experience using psychedelics to know how to get you back from a "bad trip. I sat up in the dark and listened carefully. If it wasn't. I finally decided I'd rather be insane than monster food. A moment later the bed started to rock once more.

simply by wiggling your toes. and as soon as you have their attention distract them with something physical to occupy their awareness. for example. If you are with someone who is "freaking out" or "experiencing a bummer. Simply touch the person gently on the shoulder and say something like. dream." or "do you want to pick some music to play? What's your favorite band?" The gentle touch will bring someone back to this dimension. take it slow. If you are looking for other-world adventures.Koda Instant Enlightenment trip. The main problem involved in using large doses of psychedelic drugs to enhance metaphysical understanding is that your concentration is forced to focus upon the subject matter at hand. If you don't use it more than twice a month it's enough to give you a little boost without messing up your reality. I would suggest starting with marijuana." you should never say anything negative to them like. out of body experience or whatever. which we then simply refused to allow. your attention will eventually be drawn to your body and the world where it lives. and if you concentrate on your physical body. you're really on a bad one. True paranormal frights like my experience with "the host of hell" can cause fairly long term psychological instability. Remember the problem is caused by not being able to distract one's attention from the subject of concentration. "Why don't we go get something to drink from the kitchen. and you are more likely to avoid such problems altogether. by concentrating on wiggling your toes." The best thing to do is supply them with very ordinary things to take up their attention. "Hey man. fear is often a natural focus of that attention. If you do choose to use drugs to assist your metaphysical development. 154 . Don't ask them about what they were going through till after they have come down enough to deal with it. Flashbacks ceased to be a problem for my friends and I once we understood they were caused by allowing non-physical perception to occur spontaneously. Once you understand the "cures" just mentioned it is much easier to regain your composure if you happen across a bad trip. and when facing the unknown. These metaphysical experiences result from focusing your attention on "non-ordinary" realms of perception.

155 . a place to live and your bills paid. If you can't deal with the world you live in. don't mess with drugs at all if you don't have your physical survival well under control. be very disciplined about the whole thing. You won’t want to go to work the following day or be involved in any significant social activities. You can avoid nearly all the pitfalls of drug use simply by sticking with occasional marijuana use to assist metaphysical experimentation. and otherwise act in ways to constructively improve the quality of my life. the most predictable result of every acid trip I experienced as a young person was that I would immediately go out and get a job if I didn’t have one. and your trips will be better as a result. And remember. Above all. If you have children it is best if they are staying with someone else for the night. And be prepared to spend the following day feeling mentally burned out and psychologically out of sorts. If you choose to work your way up to larger doses. Never take more than you need to push yourself into another dimension through an act of concentration. you don’t need drugs to find enlightenment unless you believe you do. Make sure you have an income. rather than being forced over that edge by becoming too high. It means you have more wisdom than self indulgence. It also feels really good to come back from such adventures and realize your life is under control. messing around in other dimensions will make it much more difficult to keep from starving. In fact.Koda Instant Enlightenment Start with small doses and don't mess with it more than once every couple of months.

The Visual Telepathy exercise is described in detail in chapter two. They have been grouped together because most produce results quickly and can performed by more than one person. This makes it easy to explain the instructions to others quickly. facing each 156 . Visual Telepathy Summary of Instructions 1) Those wishing to participate form into pairs. The detailed instructions for most of these exercises are proceeded by a brief description and followed by a review.Koda Instant Enlightenment Chapter Eleven: Psychic Party Games Most of the exercises in this section have been published separately in a small booklet called Koda’s Psychic Party Games. This makes it possible to experiment with friends in a party situation. but a summary of the instructions is provided below. 2) The two people sit a comfortable distance apart.

you should look at his or her right eye -.all the "action" should be on one side. 8) If you see an image of "another person" describe that person to your partner. 157 .) 5) Describe when visual changes occur and how intense they are relative to other changes. (You can stop any unpleasant visual effects simply by blinking your eyes or looking away for a moment. 3) Each person looks at one of their partner's eyes.Koda Instant Enlightenment other. then attempts to expand the area of clear perception to include all of the other person's face. (If your partner looks at your left eye. 6) Describe any strongly felt emotion or physical sensation experienced. but not to regain a normal focus. 7) Verify that the visual changes and emotional sensations are duplicated by the other.) 4) Blink your eyes whenever they need wetting.

If you make the copy so the 158 . Detailed Instructions First you need to make at least one photocopy of this page so you can cut out the wheel shown above. With practice the wheel can be moved from further away or deliberately made to spin in the opposite direction.Koda Instant Enlightenment Using Telekinesis to Move a Paper Wheel Overview A paper “wheel” is balanced on the point of a needle and caused to rotate by placing your hand next to it.

Koda Instant Enlightenment wheel is near the top of your sheet of paper. or you can push a needle through an eraser or other thick material so the point of the needle points straight up. If you lay the wheel on a paper towel or thin cloth. After you have made the wheel. The graphite from the pencil also acts as a dry lubricant. The wheel can also be made with aluminum foil if you first make a paper template to use as a cutting guide.” chi.you don’t want to poke a hole through the wheel and have to start over. There is an energy field which permeates and surrounds every living thing. you can fold the paper in half below the bottom of the wheel and cut two wheels at the same time. which is why I recommend cutting the wheel from a single sheet of paper. That energy is in motion. which helps to keep the wheel balanced. and other names. A pin can simply be pushed through a small piece of very thick paper. you can create a small depression which can help the wheel to remain balanced. It can begin to spin with the 159 . The number of spokes doesn’t seem to make much difference. then carefully rotate the tip of a pencil in the exact center of the wheel. Cutting near the fold last will help keep the two papers together. This energy projects outward from our body and forms our aura. It can be difficult to get the wheel to balance if the spokes are not spaced equally. Once the wheel is balanced on the pin. the greater the surface area the better.but be careful -. The spokes should be bent downward a bit so they droop slightly. and has been referred to as “life force. and it can be demonstrated to exist using this little wheel. The strips should be about 1/4” wide and 2 1/2” long. such as cardboard food packaging. Cut along the lines so you end up with a six-spoke wheel. First try using the wheel without making the tiny dent with the pencil and see how that goes -. you need to balance it horizontally on top of a needle or straight pin. move the palm of your hand slowly toward the wheel. It circulates. Telekinesis refers to “movement at a distance” and it is possible for anyone to cause movement of this paper wheel without touching it or affecting it with normally understood forces. though in theory. prana. Another option is to glue two or three narrow strips of paper together to create a wheel with either four or six spokes. to act as a stand.

It should begin to spin almost immediately. If you have difficulty getting results. Nor will heat from your hand cause the spinning motion. but both are affected by static electricity. If you move the comb up and down a few inches from the wheel so that the wheel also moves up and down. you will see that side of the wheel also moves up and down. If you place a warm object next to the wheel. This indicates that static electricity is not the force causing the wheel to spin. the wheel generally spins in the opposite direction. or to change the direction of spin. Experiment with different hand positions to see which works better for you. It is possible to increase the speed of rotation. If you run a plastic comb through your hair then gradually move it closer to the wheel while moving the comb up and down. Another option is to cup both hands around the wheel with one hand closer to the wheel than the other. the wheel will stop moving.Koda Instant Enlightenment hand several inches away. Static electricity is also discharged from the body by touching a metal object.” It doesn’t circulate as “bioelectric” fields do. or to spin a wheel enclosed in a glass jar. Your hand blocks the electrostatic field. But the wheel will not spin because the energy field is “static. but slowly continue approaching the wheel until your curved hand is about half an inch or so to the side of the wheel. but that isn’t the case. through mental concentration alone. Be careful that your breath or other air movement doesn’t affect the wheel. you can try creating a wheel using aluminum foil.movement at a distance. which normally doesn’t occur. it will not spin. which you can do and still cause the wheel to spin. or place a tiny bit of clear plastic tape on the underside at the center of the wheel to reduce friction against the pin. Neither aluminum or paper are affected by magnetism. If you switch hands. such as a hot cup of coffee. Causing the wheel to spin simply by placing your hand next to it is a form of telekinesis -. It has been reported that some people can cause the wheel to spin from several feet away. then place your other hand between the comb and the wheel. The force that causes this movement responds to mental states. 160 . It may appear that static electricity is the cause of the wheel spinning when you put your hand next to it. This usually causes the wheel to spin faster.

everyone can experiment to see how well they can control them.Koda Instant Enlightenment If you make several of these “energy wheels” prior to your party. (NOTE: See “energy wheels” in the appendix for more info. Some people will naturally cause a clockwise spin with their left hand. You can also place a wheel in the center of a table and have everyone place their hands around the wheel at once in various ways.) 161 . while it will be counter-clockwise for others. even with the hands joined. just to see what happens. Try reversing the direction of spin using the same hand.

It was first shown to me by a woman who did not describe any background information. as if sliding them gracefully against a pane of glass standing vertically between the two participants. It is best suited for intimate occasions between lovers. 162 . After a time the leader stops leading. their hands moving together as if gliding along an invisible wall between them -. but can be performed by any two individuals. all the while touching as lightly as possible against the hands of the other.with neither person controlling the movement. stand close together facing each other with their feet comfortably apart. One person agrees to start things off by moving his or her hands very slowly. They place their hands very lightly palm to palm against the hands of the other person. He or she simply begins to follow the movement of the other person's hands. One person leads. The other person then attempts to follow the hand movements of the first. Detailed Instructions I am not aware of the official name for this rather interesting form of movement.Koda Instant Enlightenment Psychic Touch Dancing Overview Two people stand face to face with their palms lightly touching. Remember not to allow the hands to move forward or back beyond the "invisible wall" between you. but I have since heard that it may be an aspect of tantric yoga. but does not mention when this occurs. Two people. palms and finger tips gently touching. the other follows. If this exercise is performed properly. preferably reasonably close in height.

the leader will find that when he or she stops leading the hands continue to move. If the two participants are familiar with the Visual Telepathy exercise. The leader should invite the follower to take the lead at any time in order to prove he or she is no longer leading. It is a wonderful feeling when both people realize neither of them is in control while the hands often make great. 163 .Koda Instant Enlightenment with slow gentle movements. (Don't allow the hands to go forward or back beyond the "wall. if desired. a leader again resumes leading the movement." though doing so isn't necessary. and invite the follower to take the lead at any time in order to demonstrate that the original leader is actually following at that point. 4) If the hands stop moving for some reason. Maintaining eye contact. with neither person controlling the movement. Psychic Touch Dancing: Summary of Instructions 1) Two people stand close together. can make this is a wonderfully intimate experience when performed with a suitable partner. If the hands stop moving for some reason. Both people end up following the movement of the other's hands. with an awareness of the telepathic nature of emotional experience. Each person can alternate taking the lead. 5) Each person should alternate taking the lead. sweeping gestures and otherwise unpredictable movements. facing each other. finger tips gently touching.") 3) After a time the leader stops leading the movement and both people end up with their hands moving while neither consciously controls the movement. When this occurs the leader should point it out to the person who started out as the follower. if desired. 2) One person leads by moving his or her hands against an "invisible wall" between them while the other follows with their hands. the leader again resumes leading the movement. it can help to maintain eye contact while performing this "game. holding their palms lightly against the palms of the other. feet comfortably apart.

Koda Instant Enlightenment 6) (optional) Maintain eye contact and awareness of the telepathic nature of emotion. 164 .

since it really seems like the person being lifted has become almost weightless. The procedure uses a form of ritual to help focus each person's attention. (It is possible for just two people to do the lifting." 165 . It involves one person sitting in a chair while four people lift that person above their heads using only the first two fingers of one hand. stiff as a board. Detailed Instructions Success requires the ability of everyone involved to concentrate with absolute clarity and seriousness.) The first time you experience this will blow your mind.Koda Instant Enlightenment Light as a Feather (also called “The Lifting Game”) Overview This is a very old "game" that many people hear about as teenagers and you may have tried it before. knees together and feet firmly on the floor. The person to be lifted (it helps to start with the lightest person present) sits relaxed but upright in an armless chair or stool placed in the center of the room. Throughout the entire experience the seated person must remain silent and concentrate on feeling "light as a feather. ceiling fan. etc. To protect against physical injury there must not be any obstructions around the chair and it should not be placed directly under an overhead light fixture. but it is only necessary to maintain this level of concentration for a few seconds and most people are able to do this. The seated person sits with his or her arms folded. in which case they lift with two fingers of each hand. and once the procedure has begun it should not be interrupted for any reason unless you stop completely and start over.

In a predetermined sequence -. 166 . After the phrase has been spoken four times. "light as a feather. everyone but the seated person repeats aloud the phrase. then immediately and carefully set the person back into the chair. If four people are doing the lifting. one hand atop the other. they do the lifting with the first and second fingers of their strongest hand." This is especially important for the one being lifted. One person is selected to be the leader and at his or her signal everyone except the seated person says the phrase.) All the while. Then the hands are removed one at a time from top to bottom. stiff as a board" four times before any movement begins. the leader places his or her right hand firmly on the head of the seated person while the phrase is repeated again. Everyone must continue to concentrate on the idea that the person being lifted is very light until that person is once again returned to the chair. which is best if that many are available. while the people standing slip their first two fingers under the armpits and knees of the seated person and simply lift that person." Once all the hands have been placed on the head. Each time a hand is being placed. from the moment the hands are being placed upon the head. the phrase is repeated one time while no movement occurs. (You may want to practice this much before doing the entire procedure the first time. The subject in the chair holds his or her body stiff. "Light as a feather. everyone must concentrate on the absolute certainty that the person being lifted is "light as a feather. in a very gentle manner. the phrase repeated each time a hand is removed. as high as possible.each person standing places their right hand firmly (but not forcefully) on the person's head. for example -. As the last hand is removed the sudden loss of pressure against the head actually produces a sensation of lightness for the seated person. (Be sure to stand where you will be able to use your strong hand most comfortably. and that sensation should be concentrated upon and believed.Koda Instant Enlightenment The two or four people who are to do the lifting stand to each side of the seated person.clockwise. everyone becomes absolutely silent.) Immediately after all the hands have been removed. stiff as a board. This cycle is repeated with the left hand until everyone has both hands on top of the seated person's head.

3) The person to be lifted sits relaxed but upright in the chair. in clockwise (or counter-clockwise) order. 4) Either two or four people stand near the chair. you can attempt to lift someone without the benefit of the intense concentration. stiff as a board. 6) The phrase is repeated every time as each person. places their right hand firmly (but not forcefully) upon the seated person's head. terminate) the event. 2) Select a leader to begin (and if necessary. And don't lose your concentration once you find yourself almost in shock at the surprising loss of apparent weight. If you lift too quickly the person can literally be thrown against the ceiling and come crashing down out of control. The difference will surprise you. but if you don't trust all the people doing the lifting do not allow such persons to participate. 5) The leader signals the group to begin saying the phrase.Koda Instant Enlightenment Some serious warnings are necessary. till everyone has both 167 . If anyone laughs or otherwise breaks the concentration the leader should stop the event immediately and start over when everyone is once again in control of themselves. Light as a Feather: Summary of Instructions 1) Place an armless chair or stool in the center of a room. 7) Repeat this cycle with the left hand. but not before. "light as a feather. knees together and feet firmly on the floor. After that you can all freak out about how amazing it is. being sure there are no nearby obstructions and no overhead light or fan above the chair. If you lift too slowly it may break your concentration. Once everyone who wants to be lifted has had the opportunity. depending on whether two or four are doing the lifting. either one or two people on each side. People have broken bones doing this! It's possible to break one's neck! If performed with seriousness and responsibility it is quite harmless." four times. The lifting motion should be gentle but steady and quick. arms folded. Everyone must understand that the subject must be returned gently and safely to the chair before any break in the concentration is permitted.

11) Those standing hold their first and second fingers straight and together. If anyone breaks the concentration. stop immediately then start over. Note: If four people are doing the lifting.Koda Instant Enlightenment hands on the person's head. until all hands have been removed from the seated person's head. Do not pause once the event has begun. repeating the phrase one time as each hand is removed. (You may want to practice this much one time before doing the entire procedure.) 10) Everyone becomes totally silent and the seated person stiffens his or her body.then immediately. then lift the seated person gently but quickly over their heads -. BE CAREFUL! Take this game seriously so no one gets hurt! (It should be obvious that this game should not be performed if the participants are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. then slip them under the arm pits and knees of the seated person. but gently. 8) Say the phrase one time while no hand movements occur. they use only the first two fingers of one (their strongest) hand. 9) Remove the hands one at a time in reverse order. return the person to the chair.) 168 .

As long as it is 169 . one beam going out from the forehead and the other from the solar plexus (area just below the chest). Statistical odds indicate that if there are four possible targets.Koda Instant Enlightenment Directional Attention Overview In this game. These two beams are mentally directed to meet near the ceiling at one corner of the room. Detailed Instructions The "sender" imagines two beams of energy going out from his or her body. is evidence of psychic perception. The rest of the group sits quietly and attempts to "feel" where those beams are directed. one person in the group closes their eyes and focuses his or her attention at a specific location in the room. while the rest of the guests attempt to perceive which target location is being concentrated upon. If there is a reasonable degree of success among the group. After everyone acknowledges they have come to a conclusion. the group voices their opinions. this game can be further refined by having the sender concentrate upon particular objects or people within the room. over numerous attempts.) Each person in the group should have at least one chance to be the sender. then the "sender" informs everyone of the location he or she had been concentrating upon. Anything better than this. each person should correctly guess one time in four attempts. (The sender can write down the target location prior to beginning if verification is desired. The number of correct guesses can be scored. The imagined beams form a triangle with the head and chest as the base and a corner of the ceiling as the furthest apex.

170 . this game can be applied to any group of possible targets.Koda Instant Enlightenment made very clear what the possible targets are.

These are called "charged objects" and you will need to create a few of these beforehand if you are interested in playing this particular game. For example. It is possible to learn information about the origin or manufacture of a given object. Some objects contain psychically perceivable energy which has been placed into them deliberately. the impressions are the same as with any other type of intuitive psychic perception. or simply experience a "feeling" (intuitive package) which contains information regarding the creation or previous environment of the object. Detailed Instructions Psychometry is the term used to describe the practice of perceiving psychic impressions from various kinds of physical objects. small. as well as pick up information regarding the people who have handled it. in order to augment any information they may perceive directly. The practitioner will see images or hear sounds. images and/or sounds. First you need to acquire five identical pieces of wood. In general terms. necklace or keys. Later the blocks are circulated among your guests. identical blocks of wood are "charged" with emotional energy by holding each one in your hands while concentrating on a particular emotion. These impressions often come in the form of emotions.Koda Instant Enlightenment Psychometry (Perceiving psychic information contained in objects) Overview Five. with each person attempting to perceive which block is "charged" with each particular emotion. only in this case the objects contain the information. Any 171 . such as a ring. many psychics will ask to hold a personal object before giving a reading.

pushing the emotion from your chest and head into the object. You should attempt to feel the emotion as strongly as you can while you imagine filling the stick with it. then while holding it in your hands. Perform this concentration technique with one emotion for between 172 . of any thickness you feel comfortable with. First select the five different emotions you intend to focus upon. but you can. and note the nature of the image in your notebook. A wooden yardstick is a good item to start with since the cutting locations are already marked off. If you are very serious about developing this ability you may prefer to use a notebook in order to document more detailed information.Koda Instant Enlightenment size and shape that can be easily handled will do. etc.) Charging the Objects Select a block to be associated with a particular emotion. but I suggest pieces about five or six inches long and an inch wide. if you prefer. lust. then do so. then write them down next to the related number in your notebook. (If you start with a yardstick you will need to sand off the painted markings after cutting. You can select any emotion you choose but try to make them as different from one another as possible. It is best not to paint the wood. freedom. after sanding. An index card or notebook should be used to maintain a record of the associated emotion. (Although it is very easy to "pick up" a feeling of hate or depression. Sometimes the best way to focus on an emotion is to remember a time when you felt it clearly and concentrate upon a particular image connected with that event. These numbers will correspond with one of five different emotions you will attempt to imprint on each stick. excitement. These "sticks" need to look and feel identical so you can not tell them apart from each other. If it helps to focus on a particular mental image. curiosity. Suggested emotions include love. you won't enjoy having to encounter negative emotions later on so I recommend not dealing with such unpleasant feelings.) You then need to label each piece with an identifying number near the end on one side (1-5). longing. contentment. focus all your attention on experiencing that emotion.

Koda Instant Enlightenment five and ten minutes. Also be on alert for any mental image that comes to mind. Some precaution should be taken to keep the sticks from making physical contact with each other. After everyone has selected which emotion they believe is associated with the block they are holding. go ahead and guess that emotion twice if necessary. Once you have written down this information. Everyone should be told what the five target emotions are. Each of your guests in turn will be given a block to work with. Repeat this process until everyone has worked with all five objects before checking for results. Any mental image that came to mind can be written down to the right of the emotion. separated in the folds of a hand towel. Metaphysical literature suggests wrapping each block in a silk handkerchief. should be sufficient. The trick here is to clear the mind of any preconceptions and try to "feel" emotion coming from the wood rather than simply "guess" what the emotion might be. Logic has nothing to do with this. If you wish you can return to a previous object to reevaluate your guess before making a final conclusion. If you find yourself feeling the same emotion with more than one block. pass the block to the next person. (If everyone is sitting in a circle it is easy to pass each block to the person next to you. Then wait at least ten minutes for your emotions to clear before repeating the process with the next block. but rolling them up. then the five numbers should be listed in a column to the left on each participant’s paper. In a party situation each guest will need a piece of paper to write down their impressions. This is to prevent the psychic energy of one stick from "contaminating" the others. each person should focus their complete attention on it while waiting for an emotion to come clearly to mind.) Then while holding the object in their hands for one or two minutes. they should write the name of that emotion on the paper to the right of the identifying number of the block." each with one of the five different emotions. Follow this procedure until all five blocks have been "charged. 173 . and it's better to get four out of five than ignore a correct impression because it has already been guessed previously. one block after the other.

c) Charge the five objects with one emotion each by "pushing" the emotion into the object from your head and chest for 5-10 minutes. as described here. events.(e). a) Create five identical blocks of wood. b) Number one end of one side of each block (1 through 5). and to saturate the sticks with as much energy as possible. etc. Each person can do this in turn. Psychometry: Summary of Instructions 1) Prepare "charged objects" by following steps (a) -. have them concentrate on a specific image you want associated with each emotion. Repeating the entire exercise five times would produce twenty-five attempts and odds alone would produce a total of five correct impressions. mixing up the key rings by shaking the bag each time before one key ring is withdrawn. Note: Psychometry. can be an excellent tool for learning to develop clairvoyant ability. say by concentrating on feelings of love while holding a small gift for a loved one. After playing the game. (Wait 5-10 minutes before 174 . you and/or your friends might want to repeat the "charging" procedure in order reduce incorrect emotional energy placed into the sticks due to missed guesses. If your friends assist you. It can also be entertaining to have everyone place their key rings together in a paper bag. If a particular image is included every time it will reinforce the "target" image you are hoping others will be able to detect. You can also charge other objects. then one person can draw out a key ring with their eyes closed and see if they can tell who it belongs to without looking at it. since once you are familiar with perceiving "impressions" from specific objects you can easily switch to turning your attention to people. Anything better than this is evidence of psychic perception.Koda Instant Enlightenment Statistical odds tell us that in five attempts each person should successfully choose only one of the five emotions correctly.

e) Store the blocks by rolling them up in a silk handkerchief or small towel. 3) Each guest attempts to feel which of the five. 4) The selected emotion is written next to the number of the object. pre-selected emotions are associated with the object they are holding (1-2 minutes) then the object is passed to the next person.) d) Write down which emotion is associated with each block. each guest having a pen and paper with the numbers 1-5 listed in a column on the left. 5) After everyone has written their selections. 175 .Koda Instant Enlightenment charging the next object. the results are compared. along with any visual image perceived. 2) The objects are distributed to the first five guests sitting in a circle.

the answer is "no. leaning forward with an elbow resting on one knee and a pendulum suspended from the hand of that arm. but it can also be fun if everyone is involved with just one person holding the pendulum. Be sure to decide in advance how you will interpret the motion of the pendulum. If you ask a question and the pendulum swings side to side." If it swings forward and back. the answer is "yes. and a pendulum can be used to access subconscious information. that if we are all aware of telepathy on subconscious levels." If it spins in a circle it means your question isn't being answered.Koda Instant Enlightenment Manipulating the Pendulum Overview and Instructions A pendulum can be any item hanging from a string.” counter-clockwise a “no” and any back and forth motion undetermined. A string length of 6 to 12 inches usually works best. It is possible to ask questions of the subconscious and derive simple yes or no answers based upon the way a pendulum swings when it is held by the string in one hand. The theory is that the subconscious mind creates idiomatic (subconscious) muscle contractions which causes the pendulum to swing one way or another. That person would sit with his or her feet flat on the floor. (Another way of deriving answers is to consider clockwise motion a “yes. It stands to reason then. 176 .) The Visual Telepathy exercise should prove quite clearly that telepathy actually occurs. we should be able to telepathically influence a pendulum being held by some other person. The pendulum is stabilized in a steady position before each new experiment is begun. such as a spool of thread tied so the thread won't unwind beyond a certain point. In a party situation you can make pendulums for each of your guests and let them experiment with asking their own questions.

Koda Instant Enlightenment In one kind of experiment. "Is Debbie's next child going to be a boy?" If the woman is already pregnant there is a definite answer "out there somewhere" and such answers can be perceived subconsciously (psychically). everyone in the group is made aware of some item of information which the person holding the pendulum does not know. and with a good sense of humor the questions can be quite entertaining. 177 . then asking something like. It is also possible to ask questions that no one knows the answer to. then a yes or no question is asked in order to see if the pendulum provides the correct answer. The quality of the answers provided with this method are dependent upon how well the person holding the pendulum can remain uninvolved consciously. Any question that can be answered in a yes or no fashion can be asked. such as. This can be done by having someone stand behind the person holding the pendulum while showing the group an item. "Am I holding up a book?" If everyone takes this seriously the correct answer should be provided.

It can even be felt with the tips of the fingers if your awareness is sufficiently focused. It is composed of fine filaments. The etheric aura is the easiest to perceive. luminous fibers. which extends about two inches away from the surface of the physical body. the aura being as large as a person with their arms outstretched. The second type is the aura most people have heard about. The first is the etheric body. Auras are most easily perceived around higher forms of consciousness such as people and animals. often yellow "halo" around the heads of saints. which are said to have their own form of consciousness. oblong sphere similar to Castaneda's egg-shape. The difference here is that spiritualist literature reports a great many 178 . Christian literature describes a bright. Background Information and Detailed Instructions Auras are described differently depending on which school of thought a person subscribes to and how clear their "auric vision" is. This section describes simple techniques which individuals or groups can apply to gain awareness of these "glowing energy fields" which surround and permeate the body. a large. Carlos Castaneda describes a "luminous egg-shape" composed of fine. usually grey. The general description provided by New Age spiritualists is similar to Castaneda's "eggshape" though with many variations in color. and according to the literature they even exist around inanimate objects.Koda Instant Enlightenment Perceiving Auras Overview Auras are energy fields that surround all living beings. brightness and other features Spiritualist literature describes three types of non-physical "bodies" associated with human organisms.

This is the body we experience in dreams and while projecting out of the body. There are two ways to approach learning to perceive the etheric body. and when you achieve this form of perception you will understand what it means to shift your level of awareness. It stands to reason that the form of this body may be different under the varying conditions we experience in other dimensions.Koda Instant Enlightenment colors and much activity within this aura. a duplicate of the physical form but made entirely of energy. "seeing red." It is not something you can do while focused on your physical perception alone.. "Green with envy" is a term that relates to the aura. i. I have seen this sort of thing performed one time. In speaking with a man who claimed to see auras. The colors are related to the current physical and psychological condition of the person being observed. Success.e." Yellow is related to intellectual activity and blue with spirituality. it is not particularly difficult to perceive the etheric aura. requires a definite shift in your "level of awareness. however. Red is associated with anger. he added that the colors were never still. Dark splotches indicate areas of blocked energy and are generally associated with illness in a particular part of the body. They do this by concentrating on feeling the aura as they pass their hands near a person's body. but were constantly in motion. Some individuals claim that they can manipulate the energy of an aura in order to assist the healing process. The first is to attempt to feel it with your fingertips while running your hands just above the body of a friend. that area of energy which lays just outside the physical body. You 179 . Fortunately. But the shift required is quite minimal.) The colors reflect a person's mood or present psychological condition. (Illness is said to appear in the aura before the physical organism is affected. The third type of aura is the astral body. where a friend was relieved of a severe headache after about ten minutes. He said he could sometimes see energy bursts much like "lightening bolts" or brief flashes of other colors. adding their own energy to that of the patient to realign the flow of energy in the proper patterns. This can be of tremendous value when you apply yourself to achieving perception or manipulation in more dramatic ways.

If you actually experiment by moving your fingertips slowly through warm water you will notice just how subtle those sensations are. A reading light or candle can provide the proper lighting. and the concentration upon seeing something so subtle acts to slow or reduce your thoughts. You will begin to see a faint bit of light or color appearing between your fingertips. move your hands back to the first position. It may take several attempts before you can maintain your focus at the more distant position but within a few minutes you should be able to do this reasonably well. the rest of the room may be dark enough to create the black background required. observe the blackness in the space between the fingers. Then without changing your focus. It will feel as if you are moving your fingers very slowly through lukewarm water. With your hands in the first position and your finger tips about an inch apart. the fingertips an inch apart. First hold your hands where they are comfortable. If you wish to practice this exercise alone you can do so by holding the tips of your fingers about two inches apart and looking for "something" to appear between them. With practice the sensations are more easily perceived and there is an almost "sticky" feeling to it. If you sit in a dark room with a small light over your head or to the side. non-physical sense mechanisms into play and in order to engage these mechanisms one must shift attention away from the purely physical. Thinking is a physical activity. Psychic perception brings other. If there is a stringy or fibrous quality stretching between your fingertips you are probably beginning to 180 . This "out of focus" effect releases your visual attention from it's customary lock on physical data. The trick here is in focusing your visual attention six to nine inches beyond the person's body while they stand against a black background. The etheric aura can also be perceived using your eyes.Koda Instant Enlightenment should hold your hands one or two inches away from their skin and pay attention to very subtle sensations in your fingertips. just as seeing and hearing are. Reducing interference from thoughts and other physical activity therefore assists perception of non-physical information. Then move your hands back six to nine inches and focus your eyes between your fingertips.

People who naturally approach life from an emotional or intuitive point of view will achieve results more easily. If instead you perceive a reddish glow around or next to your fingers. Highly analytical persons will need to pay closer attention to suspending their thoughts. 181 . Once you are able to perceive the etheric body you will be familiar with how you focus your intent to make such perception possible. You might try reducing the intensity of the light source if this unwanted effect becomes distracting. One other aspect of the perception of auras is that some people perceive them directly on an intuitive level but can't see them visually at all. It appears as a loose bundle of very faint. (It is actually possible to perceive auras with your eyes closed. Some people who do "energy work" or healing with their hands are in this category. fibrous filaments of dim. you can perceive the larger aura by expanding your attention to include a larger field of view and simply waiting for the perception to become discernable.Koda Instant Enlightenment perceive the etheric aura. It might help if you focus on your emotions while simultaneously concentrating on the visual aspects of this exercise. grayish light. They simply seem to "know" what is happening in the aura. This is a less intense version of what happens when after looking at a bright light a splotch of color remains after you look away. If you are perceiving the aura the "stringy light" will stretch diagonally between your finger tips. though you will still be "focusing" them in the same way. Your mind is fairly still and you realize you are using your eyes in a different way.) After you have succeeded in perceiving the etheric aura. Whether you achieve results with this exercise right away depends entirely on your ability to shift levels of awareness. it is most likely you are perceiving a "negative image" produced by visual stimulation of the rods and cones in your eyes. and can describe the conditions almost as well as someone who perceives them visually. You can check this by moving your finger tips up and down relative to each other. though perhaps not in visual terms.

Seeing the larger aura – 1) After performing step 5 above. a sensation like moving one's hands slowly through warm water. Everyone should focus their eyes 6 to 9 inches past the body just off to one side. Seeing the etheric aura – 1) Everyone sits in a comfortable position in a darkened room with a small light source above or to the side of the participants.) 2) Hold the palms and fingertips about an inch apart and focus your eyes 6 to 9 inches further back from your hands. 4) Move your fingertips up and down vertically to verify that the aura stretches between the fingertips. 3) Look for the etheric aura to appear as a loose bundle of grayish "light fibers" in the darkness between your fingertips. 5) Have one person (with tight fitting clothes) stand against a black background. expand the area of visual perception to observe any light or color surrounding the entire body at a distance of up to two feet or more. 182 . (The object is for everyone to have their hands visible against a black background. by moving their hands slowly one to two inches above the laying person's body -. with the person still standing against the black background. Look for the etheric aura to appear as a thin halo around the body.Koda Instant Enlightenment Perceiving Auras: Summary of Instructions Feeling the etheric aura – 1) One person lays on their back while the group attempts to feel the etheric aura. The group should freely discuss their perceptions to learn if the others are able to perceive the same effects.do not actually touch the body.

Often the person purported to be manipulating the movement of the pointer is someone who has crossed over to the next world. Still other times the pointer will zip across the board so fast you can barely manage to keep touching it. Sometimes it is possible to receive very intelligent. If the pointer refuses to move after several minutes. And there is no telling what sort of "character" you might encounter. The best information comes when the movement of the pointer is reasonably fast and steady. This means one person agrees to move the pointer randomly across the board while the others follow. or barely moves and turns out not to be worth the effort. It helps a lot to have someone who is not participating write down the letters and symbols as they are indicated. Other times the pointer refuses to move. often amazing information in this fashion. Generally. and after a moment the “leader” stops moving the board deliberately. numbers and symbols. A serious but lighthearted attitude goes a long way toward deriving good results. You can find them in almost any store that sells a large variety of board games. two or more people place their hands very lightly on a "planchette" or pointing device which slides very easily across the surface.Koda Instant Enlightenment Using Ouija Boards Overview and Instructions Ouija boards are hard. If the pointer continues to move he or she should indicate when deliberate 183 . flat surfaces printed with letters of the alphabet. you can use a method similar to Psychic Touch Dancing to get the pointer moving. Questions are asked out loud and the pointer mysteriously slides across the board "all on it's own" to stop at letters or symbols one after another. Otherwise you must stop after every few words to write them down. spelling out answers in response to the questions.

" But most important is the information. It is important to be polite to your “guest” and say goodbye in an official way. a source of amazingly intelligent information. the source isn't all that important. You should be prepared for the possibility of encountering a personality who is foul and abusive. It is also important to “clear” the energy of the spirit from yourself by imagining your aura filled with clear or white light after the board is put away. and it is possible you might encounter your own "multidimensional self. The spirit medium Jane Roberts originally encountered Seth. via one of these boards. If it helps you. so remember to be serious but lighthearted. take a brief break and then resume. you can politely ask the "person" to step aside. I know this sounds a little hokey. If you encounter abusive language or are otherwise offended. 184 . even if it is your own subconscious. but spirits interact with us via our auras (you can sometimes feel the presence of the spirit afterward) and this clearing process prevents the spirit from hanging around uninvited.Koda Instant Enlightenment movement was suspended. so there is no sure way to be certain of the source of the information. It is very easy for people to influence the board either deliberately or subconsciously. The attitudes of those operating the board has much to do with the type of personality that comes through. Other than doing this with everyone’s full cooperation. If this doesn't rid you of the "intruder" you will simply have to put the board aside for another time. no one should ever influence the board deliberately.

The table may rise and fall in response to questions. Basically. became wildly popular following the Rochester Rappings incident in 1848 (see “Spiritualism” in the appendix). It is possible to derive more complicated responses from the spirits by speaking letters of the alphabet in sequence. The object is to make contact with a discarnate spirit. and eventually the table may begin to vibrate or shake. which respond to questions in the same way. everyone sits in total darkness and talks normally while simply waiting for something to happen. a séance consists of a group of people sitting in a darkened room (often pitch dark) with their hands on a table. and breaking hand contact breaks the flow of energy. floor or walls. If no one with skills as a medium is present. or “home circles” as they were often called. A typical sequence of events begins with a sudden drop in room temperature. everyone’s fingertips touching in order to form a circle of contact all around the table. This use of energy in order to communicate may be why many participants often report feeling physically tired after a séance. A wooden table works best. It is thought that the spirits draw their energy to communicate from the sitters. with the sound of a rap indicating a particular letter as it is spoken. The table may lift upwards at one end. which is where the term “table tipping” comes from. It is very important not to break hand contact within the circle. Luminous lights may be seen. Once the 185 . Within a few short years millions of Americans were experiencing table tipping and communicating with spirits on a regular basis. bumping against the floor once to indicate “yes” or twice to indicate “no. and sometimes the sitters hold hands rather than place the hands flat on the table.Koda Instant Enlightenment Holding a Séance Séances.” Rapping sounds may be heard coming from the table. Cool breezes are often felt upon the face and hands.

the sound occurring when the selected letter is indicated. so everyone should remain calm and relaxed. or performing automatic writing. An equal number of men and women are desirable and all those participating should be in good health. there were generally one or more persons at a séance who acted as a medium. Some skepticism is OK but the participants must be serious and not flippant. including apports (materializations of small objects from nearby). such as those printed on the Ouija board. direct voice (voices heard coming from the floor or elsewhere). The appendix contains descriptions of many different phenomena reported to occur during séances. or turn on a dim red light. It is important to create an atmosphere of positive anticipation.Koda Instant Enlightenment presence of a spirit has been indicated. it is often easier to light a candle. In the old days. 186 . often going into trance to either speak for the spirit contacted. It might be fun in a party situation to begin with some of the party games just mentioned. and communicate using a Ouija board. If raps are consistently heard. they can indicate letters by running one’s finger along a list of letters. then turn off the lights and form a circle to see what happens. Many individuals first recognize their abilities to act as a medium while participating in these home circles. and anyone who might consider faking paranormal effects “as a joke” should be excluded. Too much fear or seriousness can stop a phenomena from continuing. different smells such as those of perfumes or flowers. and the actual materialization of spirits.

while an awareness that we are spiritual beings in a spiritual (metaphysical) universe enables us to discover opportunities that may otherwise escape our notice. and all of these conditions can be reduced to a single psychological state of being: the experience of value fulfillment.Koda Instant Enlightenment Chapter Twelve: Psychological Wisdom This section of the book deals with what might best be referred to as basic wisdom. As Seth states in The Nature of Personal Reality. 187 . satisfaction. Some of it is purely practical information which may seem to have nothing to do with metaphysics. enlightenment. health. wealth. We strive to experience happiness. Understanding the basics of human nature is essential in understanding oneself. etc. a fundamental purpose of life is the experience of value fulfillment -to place value in the idea of experiencing certain events or conditions. enjoyment. We are single-minded creatures in this regard.. but enlightenment includes dealing effectively with the reality of every day life. love. and then experiencing those events or conditions. always pursuing that which we believe will fulfill our values. contentment.

At 26 he is a candidate for a Moon mission but is not selected. She takes them home and plants them next to her porch. becomes a pilot and volunteers much of his almost non-existent free time to maximize his flying hours so he can qualify for test pilot training. The first is a young man who in grade school makes a firm commitment to become an astronaut and walk on the Moon. At 28 his goal is finally realized. He works and studies fourteen hours a day. He joins the Air Force after graduating high school and enrolls in officer training during college. It is the beginning of springtime after a long winter and she has returned to her habit of taking her morning tea out on the porch to watch the sunrise. and every morning while waiting for the kettle to boil she waters the plants and removes any weeds that may have sprouted. exercises regularly to keep his body fit. One afternoon she goes into the nearby village and buys some strawberry plants from an old friend who runs the garden nursery there. She is a widow. He continues his education taking more than a full time class schedule for years. Because he places so much value upon this potential future experience he makes great sacrifices to achieve the goal. so that by the age of 24 he has his third doctorate degree and is accepted into astronaut training. He steps off the ladder of the lunar lander and feels the dust give way beneath his boot. His heart races with a rush of satisfaction. her children having moved to the city to make their fortunes. When the strawberries begin to bud and grow she washes them gently and 188 .Koda Instant Enlightenment The Strawberry and the Astronaut Imagine two people with very different value systems. He takes science courses and stays home studying while his friends get together to have fun. The blue and white Earth floats above the crater-pitted horizon like a bright jewel in the star strewn blackness. alone. which is a crushing emotional blow. The other person in this story is an old woman who lives in a small. but his determination is unbending. rustic home in a valley between high mountains. He has fulfilled his greatest value and couldn't be happier.

She pulls the berry from it's stem and holds it up to watch the morning sunlight reflect on the glistening due. the reward is the same. One particular strawberry is much larger than the others. In the chill morning she goes outside even before putting on the water for her tea.Koda Instant Enlightenment props them up off the ground with pebbles or small sticks. The tart. In terms of physical life. as children. She knows it will be the first to ripen so she watches it carefully. Initially. We also acquire many values without consciously realizing we are doing so. a world without excessive greed. For example. that particular strawberry will be perfectly ripe. The sunrise is beautifully serene with pastel colors warming the clouds in quiet flame. happiness requires having values which create a sense of harmony and satisfaction with our experience. Values and Beliefs Where you place your values often determines whether you find life rewarding or a hardship. Finally she determines that on the following day. and the point that it doesn't matter how challenging your goals are because if the intensity of the value is the same. injustice. a parent may value a spotless living environment 189 . rich flavor explodes into her mouth. then later in life we encounter other values and begin to pick and choose those we find most desirable. She breaths in the fresh mountain air and takes a huge bite of the strawberry. Our values are a result of our beliefs about ourselves and the world around us. It could be argued that the main reason we are alive is to learn how value-fulfillment operates and which values are most conducive to rewarding experience. If there is a "better world" awaiting us after death. and even those which we deliberately choose often turn out to produce detrimental results. This story illustrates the nature of value fulfillment. Her heart races with a rush of satisfaction. it would be necessary for those who occupy such a world to have attitudes (values) compatible with that existence. She has fulfilled her greatest value and couldn't be happier. hate or violence. we accept the beliefs and values held by our parents.

We are 190 . As it has often been said. placing value on good organization can be highly beneficial. or because we believe changing our behavior would be too unpleasant. Much of the information in this section consists of observations designed to cut through limiting beliefs about yourself and allow you to choose beliefs which empower you to fulfill your deepest values.” Self and Self Esteem The first thing we have to do is free ourselves from limiting beliefs about who we are. My experience tells me that just about all of us are "guilty" of hanging on to beliefs we do not wish to question. often because we do not realize the beliefs cause detrimental effects. we are not our bodies. but if the parent beats a child for making a mess. it appears to us that no easy solution is available. the child may learn instead to value a lack of discipline as an expression of personal power. From the grand cosmic point of view. so changing behavior becomes easy when we change the beliefs associated with the behavior in question. either blaming others for their problems or feeling baffled as to why things always seem to go wrong.Koda Instant Enlightenment and place great emphasis on never creating unnecessary clutter. There are also those who are mentally too lazy to evaluate the quality of their accepted beliefs regarding what has value to them. In itself. nor are we our beliefs about our bodies. Solutions to long term problems require recognizing where our beliefs do not reflect the truth. “the truth will set you free. They stumble through life continually repeating the same mistakes. All of our behavior flows naturally out of our beliefs. That's why so many of us spend our lives striving to sort out the contradictions and discover the values which produce the best results. Our lives are filled with countless experiences which result in a collection of beliefs and values which are often contradictory. but there is. And because we spend so much of our lives feeling unable to get beyond the difficulties we encounter.

etc. happy or sad. We are individual points of consciousness which experience perception and make choices. No one is shy.Koda Instant Enlightenment not shy or confident. you will act accordingly and experience life from that point of view. you are. but all of us constantly decide how much self esteem we have. but rather has a tendency to feel shy under certain 191 . you will no longer be forced to believe that you are the way you may habitually feel about yourself. If you make that separation between who you are and what you perceive. Shyness is a feeling. For example. If you believe you are worthless. we can find ourselves feeling timid or insecure in other situations. The degree of an individual’s positive self esteem is not constant. you must realize that who you are is who you have decided you are. In more practical terms. A normally secure but “financially challenged” individual may feel uncomfortable among a group of sophisticated. While most of us have plenty of positive self esteem when enjoying the company of friends. intelligent or stupid. feel and react. Self esteem is a result of your judgment regarding your quality as a human being. That means you can change your sense of self esteem at anytime. Those who think of themselves as being shy often feel very comfortable around loved ones. For many of us. our level of self esteem fluctuates constantly depending on the situations we encounter at any given time. let’s take a closer look at shyness. If you believe you are confident. The only person capable of determining your self esteem is yourself. then. We are not what we do for a living. Any belief you hold about your individual self will be reflected in how you think. or someone may generally feel just fine about who they are until facing a disapproving parent. That means the quality of your experience is directly related to your beliefs about the “quality” of your person. though many people feel shyness quite regularly. wealthy people. It can change quickly and radically. We are not the things we perceive. As mentioned earlier. Public speaking is an example where many people who normally feel confident can find themselves feeling nervous and insecure. no one is handing out worthiness certificates. deliberately. We are not our emotions. to have oodles of it simply by deciding to do so. We are not our thoughts. Therefore that person is not shy. and at such times the shyness does not exist.

and we can choose how we want to feel without pretending we are changing who we are. silly grin. Please do this now. and still sitting up straight and tall. it is simply allowing yourself to have a feeling. This clearly demonstrates that the person is separate from the emotion. that such characteristics are not constant. the easier it becomes to express such feelings. This is not an exercise in self deception. focus your attention on your hand and again think “Yes!” as you 192 . Pretend you have all those qualities you thought you would need to have to feel that good about yourself. Imagine what it would feel like to have unlimited self esteem.Koda Instant Enlightenment conditions. We are not our emotions. powerful emotion concentrated in your body. Confidence is not a condition of being-ness. attractiveness. positive self esteem. So please give that a try. and therefore what a person feels is not who the person is. sit up straight and tall and for thirty seconds clearly imagine what it feels like to have a wonderful sense of confident. Let go of any “reasons” you might have to feel otherwise and let your heart crack a big. money. to simply ooze happiness just because you feel like doing so. Our emotions change naturally all the time. Imagine you have love. right now. all of that and more. There is a difference between feeling shy and being shy. right now. and it feels great! So please. a wonderful. No one likes to be around such a person. NLP (Neural Linguistic Programming) If you are still feeling great right now. Feel the wonderful. but an emotional attitude. confident feeling. happy. Let yourself have it. On the other hand. it is possible to choose to feel confident without believing it is a lie. There is nothing phony about feeling confident and full of healthy self esteem. It is a feeling. “Yes!” with genuine enthusiasm. tighten your dominate hand into a fist while holding it to your side and mentally say. The more often one expresses a feeling of confidence and complete self acceptance. There is no reason why you can’t feel good like that for just one minute. fame. “Pretend” you have it. “Phony people” are those who honestly believe they are one way while trying to convince others they are some other way.

posture and gestures reflect our emotional state at any given time. even when you may be under stress. A good posture can help you feel confident and self assured. We are all familiar with the idea of “body language. and it feels good. Feels crappy. involves the relationship between emotion and physical body gestures. Relax your back and let your head droop. isn’t it? Associating a specific feeling with a specific physical gesture 193 . Just remember what it feels like when you are bummed out. do it again. or Neural Linguistic Programming. but here comes the cool part.Koda Instant Enlightenment clench your fist. one more fun little experiment. Feel it again. huh? Sorry to take you there. Can’t do it. Please do this now. NLP reverses that process. Now sit up straight and tall with your head held high. remember the details of that feeling and mentally say “Yes!” as you tighten up your fist again. doesn’t it? NLP. Now. “Yes!” Ah. can you? It’s very difficult to feel badly when you have a great posture. allowing us to control our emotional state by controlling our body language. and try to feel bummed out like you just did. Please do this now. that is a nice feeling. Remember how great you felt a moment ago when you were enjoying that wonderful sense of confidence and self esteem? Sit up straight. OK.” how our expressions. If you didn’t realize the value of a good posture before I hope this makes the case for paying attention in the future. While in this position. In this next exercise. Tighten your fist again. allow yourself to feel sad for about 30 seconds. which I hope you will perform now. Please do this now. please sit in a chair with your feet flat on the floor and rest your elbows on your legs near your knees. Feels great. The connection between physical expression and emotion works both ways. If you imagine that you are being suspended from a string attached to the top of your head it’s possible to be fully relaxed without slumping.

If you remember the story about the strawberry and the astronaut. so it may have been a bit difficult to pull back the feeling of profound self esteem. It is simply useless to compare your achievements to the accomplishments of others. but if you spend some time creating a positive feeling like that. or that it has climbed higher in the tree than the other squirrels? Do you look at a squirrel scampering across the rocks and think it has no right to act the way it does. because we are all creatures of the Earth. will most likely produce a feeling of aggression. and if you make those gestures you will see how effectively they operate. These experiments demonstrate how emotions can be changed very quickly. is natural and we do not need to justify our existence to anyone. It is. but to fulfill one’s sense of value. with your arm muscles tight while leaning slightly forward. Seth points out that no one criticizes a squirrel for being what it is. Closing your eyes and putting your hands together as if in prayer will instantly produce a feeling of calmness for most people. The purpose of life is not to win in competition. Can you imagine a squirrel justifying it's existence by bragging that it can carry 31 seeds in its mouth at one time. Justifying One’s Existence Comparing ourselves to others. because you are a constant and your emotions are not. Holding you fist near your shoulder. you will recall that one person's values are just as valid as those held by any other. to be what it is? You and everyone else have as much right to be here as a squirrel does. an act of self defeat to do so. We didn’t spend much time creating that anchor earlier. These are examples of NLP anchors which occur naturally. that its tail is bushier. If you compare yourself to others you are forgetting that you alone are responsible 194 . in fact. can lead to an endless degree of useless suffering. and that you are not your emotions. This can obviously be very useful. or trying to live up to someone else’s standards.Koda Instant Enlightenment is called an “anchor” in NLP terms. right or wrong. Our behavior. and associate it with a physical gesture and mental cue. the subconscious mind will instantly provide that feeling when you make the gesture in the future.

Learn it.where the power can not be used. forget it. or what can be done isn't worth the effort. the power to deal with the situation remains in the past -. When one dwells upon some past event where nothing can be done to change things. When we hold resentment towards such people they continue to have power over the way we feel long after they have left our experience. forget it. You can finally “win” in regards to such people by simply acknowledging that that part of your life is over and releasing your resentment. Right and Wrong vs. Reclaim your power. what good can be accomplished by dwelling upon the issue? It only takes a moment to review a situation like this and ask yourself what can be learned from it. the courage to change the things I can. then drop it. If you don't harm others. it's OK.Koda Instant Enlightenment for choosing the values which determine your happiness." If you can't do anything to fix it. “Hating someone is allowing a tyrant to live in your head rent free” (anonymous). If you ask yourself if there is anything you can do to change a situation and realize nothing can be done. you are OK. "Good and Bad" If it doesn't harm others. You give your power away and feel like a victim. Acknowledge and Release The following "serenity prayer" originated with the Alcoholics Anonymous organization and is very popular among the 12-Step Programs employed by different rehabilitation organizations. "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change. Long ago when I first heard this phrase I realized how stupid it was to continue “giving power” to people I blamed for hurting me in the past. Life is much better when hate is no longer part of your experience. Acknowledge and release. If you can't fix it. 195 . and the wisdom to know the difference. The same situation is involved when you feel that someone else has to change in order for things to be better.

even if we manage to avoid the pain of being attacked in some way. if you don't harm others deliberately you can be assured you are a good person. Something can not be right and wrong at the same time. religion and local society consider “good and bad. More harm than good has been done by moral causes that promote standards of behavior which exceed this basic principle. If harming others is part of our character. It is part of the human experience. To a large extent. Our interactions with others become strained. Squirrels do not have to hold their tails just so to be accepted. and people do not have to conform to socially imposed limits if one's behavior does not force others to participate against their will. We don't trust others. On the other hand. This definition of right and wrong applies to all situations involving others.” In some societies it is “wrong” for a woman to show her face in public or to be alone with a man who is not a relative. we realize that inflicting pain upon others is an inefficient form of value fulfillment because it perpetuates a cycle where those we hurt seek to hurt us in return. to get even for others having hurt us. but what they are actually teaching is morality. All of us at one time or another have deliberately hurt others. The truth doesn’t change as a result of where you happen to be standing on the planet. Right and wrong can be defined as whether or not one's behavior harms others against their will. At some point. we end up being constantly on the defensive. a subjective value system dealing with what the parents. It's that simple. the entertainment 196 . You can respect yourself even with all your glaring imperfections. we feel insecure. always looking over our shoulder or presenting a defensive wall to everyone we meet. We generally do this as a form of reaction. who in turn don't trust who we are because they can tell there is something uneasy about us. commercial advertising. you can immediately free yourself from a ton of unnecessary guilt. Public nudity is “wrong” in some societies and a natural state of being in others.Koda Instant Enlightenment If you can honestly grasp the significance of the two statements above. emotionally and/or physically. Parents spend decades teaching their children what they think of as the difference between right and wrong. however.

Koda Instant Enlightenment media. we have trouble accepting who we are. You might be able to warn people to get out of the way but that is where your responsibility ends because that is the limit of your control. and thus serves no purpose. or if we feel inclined toward personal behavior that does not conform to some artificially defined standard of acceptance. Responsibility Implies Control You can not be held responsible for any situation you can not control. Save yourself some time and money. and look through your past with one question in mind: Did I harm others intentionally? Most of the problems you will discover come from situations where others hurt you. we feel inferior. that something vague but serious is wrong with us. ask if you had control. to emulate. No one is in the car. natural and artificial. government and religion are all responsible for making people crazy. We develop “hang ups.” Modern psychotherapy involves countless hours (and dollars) searching our past experience for the source of our psychological problems. "don't do this. so you are not to blame. All of these institutions continually bombard us with descriptions of expected behavior that few of us squirrels can. If we don't have impressive possessions and a gorgeous body. Be here now. In other situations you may feel guilty for hurting someone else. in the present. many people can spend much of their lives feeling guilty or victimized by sexual abuse experienced as a 197 . You can not do anything to stop it from crashing into other cars parked on the roadway." Artificial guilt occurs after an event when you are powerless to change things. For example. Imagine you are standing on a street corner watching a previously parked car which has slipped out of gear and is rolling rapidly down a hill. Nor can you control anything without taking responsibility for the outcome. or even desire. That brings us to another comment from Seth where he defines two types of guilt. When you look at issues in your past that distress you. All of those issues can simply be tossed out like the trash and forgotten. Acknowledge and release. Natural guilt occurs before a person acts and has the message.

The feeling. For example. As the feeling is experienced the energy of the emotion will exhaust itself and naturally transform into a different feeling. often by making someone laugh or pointing out there isn’t any fun in beating up someone who won’t fight back. Acknowledge and release. the more control one has. momentarily remove yourself from the situation which brought it on. Or should you see a violent situation beginning to erupt you can simply “withdraw your energy” and refuse to participate. but it is very important to take responsibility wherever it already exists. therefore you are in control of them. By taking responsibility for whether or not I was going to fight I was able to 198 . As a youth I realized I could “win” in a situation where I would normally have to fight. Emotions which have been severely repressed may feel beyond your control when they are suddenly expressed. No one but you can control the way you feel if you take responsibility for your feelings. Once the energy has been depleted from the emotion it will no longer feel as if it is overwhelming. then deliberately seek to experience that feeling when you are alone. can simply be acknowledged as something you experienced and then released. Acknowledge the emotion as a perception rather than part of your identity. Let it go. The more responsibility a person is able to take for their present circumstances. Problem finished. Any guilt you may feel is therefore artificial and serves no purpose. by “out thinking” the opponent. Unpleasant social situations which may seem beyond one’s control can often be avoided by taking responsibility for whether you are involved in the first place. Get over it. If you ever find yourself experiencing an emotion which seems uncontrollable. along with any past event which may have produced it. but you can control your reaction to them by allowing them to happen when you choose to do so. You are responsible for your feelings. overwhelming oneself with responsibility will simply result in eventual loss of control. So drop it. it is often possible to avoid violent situations simply by staying away from individuals and places prone to confrontation. Of course. If you did not have control in such a situation you are not responsible for it and can not be held accountable in any way.Koda Instant Enlightenment child.

sooner or later. We get some sense of satisfaction out of it or we wouldn't do it. We dive into self indulgent self pity -. Self pity is a habit. That sense of power and control will not leave you as long as you don't pick up the hammer again. the only cause of unhappiness. in fact. It is. Self pity is totally selfdefeating behavior and is the primary cause of all unhappiness.self inflicted pain. start by putting the hammer back on the table. and you can not control the desires and behavior of others. Indulging in self pity is just as stupid as smacking yourself in the face with a hammer and often hurts just as much. truly powerful insight if you are able to realize how true it is. No self pity equals no unhappiness. Whenever it appears one has no control. the way to gain control is by recognizing where one has responsibility. All of our unhappiness comes from not accepting things as they truly are. even encouraged by others who in turn like to complain about how unfortunate their lives are. But you will pick it up. It robs us of our sense of personal power. patting ourselves on the back like our own best friend and take comfort in feeling victimized. takes away our control and turns us into victims. Stop feeling sorry for yourself for just one minute and you will see how much happier you are. All Unhappiness Requires Self Pity This is another. It is socially acceptable in small doses. helpless and/or victimized. It removes our feeling of responsibility. Let go of it. But 199 . But self pity feels awful when compared to anything like simple contentment. You can not change the past because you can not control it from the present. from wishing and hoping but feeling powerless to fulfill those desires (our chosen values). You will also notice how much more powerful and in control you feel. Self pity is like a shiny sliver hammer that we hold in our hands and smack into our face. We indulge in self pity because it gives us a feeling of "artificial comfort. If you want to be happy. So we feel sorry for ourselves.Koda Instant Enlightenment control such situations well enough to avoid the problem. instantly." We sort of lean on our own shoulder. Self pity hurts.

there is no comparison. to stay out past the time we were supposed to be home. that it requires giving up responsibility for the way we feel. It’s when one can’t fake a smile that the self pity hammer has gone too deep into one’s forehead and depression becomes an issue. Isn’t it obvious that people do things they know to be wrong. People often smoke when they are trying to quit and eat too much when they are on a diet. and although wiggling your toes in it can feel comforting. (Acknowledge and release. etc. instantly -. and it can be just as easy to stay away from self pity if you realize it hurts you in a similar way. If you compare the feeling of simple contentment to the feeling of self pity. try not feeling sorry for yourself for just 30 seconds and you will be amazed at how much better you feel. start wars. it is far too easy to slip in over your head and lose the power to be happy. all the time? Nope. After all. It’s wrong to steal a piece of candy from a sibling. when we knew it was wrong to be doing it. and that we actually exercise our control when we choose to feel like a victim. Thinking like a victim feels miserable. your first impression is probably that I must be wrong about that. Staying away from self pity is a challenge that requires responsibility and awareness. All one needs to do is clearly understand that all unhappiness is self inflicted. No One Does Anything They Truly Know to be Wrong When I say no one does anything they know is wrong. It's easy not to smack yourself in the face with a hammer because you know with absolute certainty how much it will hurt.and even more amazed at how easy it was to suddenly become happy. On a larger scale. right? But say that child has a handgun and is shooting all his 200 .) The next time you are feeling unhappy. people commit violent crimes. particularly as children. you’re still doing OK. and all you need to do to be happy is put the hammer down. etc. It is wrong for an adult to kick a five-year-old child in the face. gooey tar pit. rob banks.Koda Instant Enlightenment self pity is like a warm. I have always said that as long as you can at least fake a smile. we have all done something.


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classmates on the school playground, and the only way for you to stop the shooting is to kick the kid in the face. Would it be wrong to do that? Of course not. The key word here is know. If you know, for certain, beyond any doubt, that something is wrong, you simply can not do it. For example, could you smack yourself in the face with a real hammer? You could, but only if the reason or justification for doing so prevented you from concluding that doing so would be wrong. It is just as impossible for a person on a diet to overeat as it is to cave in your own face with a hammer -- if both activities are perceived with equal clarity as wrong behavior. There are no shades of grey when it comes to whether or not something is wrong. It is either wrong or it is not wrong, and no one, under any circumstances, can do something if they are certain it is wrong to do it. This is one of the most basic instincts built into human consciousness and it can not be overridden. The grey area in this regard is the reasoning involved in determining whether a behavior is wrong or not. If you truly understand that no one can do something they know to be wrong, that awareness makes it possible to understand why people do bad things. It isn’t wrong to them. Such people simply don’t know better. Thieves understand that stealing isn’t a good thing as far as everyone else is concerned, but they justify why it is OK for them to steal. The rest of us “know better” for a number of different reasons. We want to keep what we have worked hard to acquire and know that others feel the same way. We know that if we steal from our friends we will soon have no friends, that if everyone steals from everyone else there would soon be nothing left to steal because no one would make things, and we like to believe that we are capable of getting what we want through our own efforts. For many people the only reason they don’t steal is fear of being caught and punished. Someone who steals, on the other hand, operates with a different set of beliefs. They may feel that the “system” exploits people by paying less than it costs to live even with a full time job, making it impossible to get the things they want without stealing. They may believe everyone is only out to benefit themselves in a dog eat dog world, that the “smart” people simply take what they


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want, regardless of how it affects others. To a person who holds such beliefs, what they do isn’t wrong. It’s justified. It actually seems like the best thing to do. Such criminal behavior will cease to exist when it becomes impossible to find justifications that make it seem OK. Anyone who truly believes it is wrong to harm others simply will not harm others -- unless circumstances change to where they no longer hold that belief.

All Needs Are Based Upon Wants
If you don’t want to live, you don’t need to breathe. That pretty much eliminates any ideas you may have held about being dependent. If you are dependent upon someone or some thing then you choose to be that way. You don’t have any needs unless you choose to have them. The want always comes first. Don’t like your job? You don’t need it. You may have difficulty surviving without it, but you only need to work if you want to survive. Survival is a good thing. There are lots of good things worth wanting, but you should never feel that you have a need which is beyond your control to eliminate. Many people value the idea of being needed by someone in a relationship. The idea of need implies insecurity. People who like being needed by someone often feel insecure themselves and share an equal need. It is far better to have deep appreciation for the other person being in one’s life. Appreciation does not restrict freedom in the same way need does. Appreciation is not suffocating, nor does it imply insecurity. Appreciation implies respect, admiration and gratitude, which are elements of true love. As they say, “if you love something, let it go.” Relationships based upon mutual need (mutual insecurity) often deteriorate in quality over time. If one person feels the other needs them, it becomes easy to take that person for granted, to slip into behaving in ways that demonstrate a lack of fairness and courtesy, a lack of respect, which then causes resentments, break downs in communication, arguments and a deterioration in the quality of the relationship. It’s OK to need someone, in the same way a particular tool is


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needed to do a particular job. We need the person we are involved with to be with us in order to have the relationship we want to have with that person. But if we realize the need is based upon a want, and are secure enough to know we can get by just fine if our want isn’t fulfilled, we are able to experience the relationship as an expression of appreciation rather than need, as an expression of love rather than insecurity.

The Grand Cosmic Joke
It was prom night and you were going to be the envy of all the other girls 'cause the hot football star had asked you to the dance. You were almost finished getting dressed when his mother called to tell you he was going to go with someone else and didn't have the heart to tell you sooner. CRASH! The world collapsed. There you are in tears with your make-up running down your face. You had bragged to all your friends and now they would all laugh at you. You know you will never live it down for the rest of your entire life. It's the end. It's over. You wish you were dead. Ten years later, what does it matter? Zip. Nothing. It is just another example of childhood ignorance and stupid cruelty, long forgotten. The same thing applies to your current experience. You could suddenly find yourself unemployed and on the verge of losing everything you have work for all your life. You may be facing a true crisis and believe there is no way you can come out of it OK. You have survived every crisis you have ever experienced in your entire life, so it is almost beyond doubt that you will survive the next one. If you don't survive the next crisis you will be dead and the crisis won't matter anyway. That's the grand cosmic joke, and the joke is on us -- that we take everything so seriously when in the long run nothing is more important than anything else. Ten years from now whatever is stressing you out today will be long forgotten, so relax. No matter what the situation is you will get through it, just like you always have before.


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True Confidence Occurs When The Question Of Confidence Doesn’t Come Up
By now you should be able to see what it would feel like to be a truly confident person. It doesn't mean you are sure everything you attempt will be successful, it means you won't feel sorry for yourself if you fail, and you won't be embarrassed by failure because you won’t be overly concerned about how others will react. When you find yourself in a situation that requires confidence you can forget all the worry and stress associated with possible failure. You simply succeed or fail - end of story. It adds up to, "Alright!" or, "Whoops!" and that's that. We move on. Of course, we want to succeed, not fail, but success is not a matter of bravery and courage, it's just doing what needs to be done and doing it right. Competence is the criteria that determines success, and competence is an objective reality based upon knowledge and skill. Confidence, on the other hand, is an emotional state which occurs whenever you aren't concerned about the possibility of blowing it.

The Importance of Honesty
While it would be wonderful if we could all be totally honest with everyone, some people will not allow us to be completely honest because they will behave negatively toward us if they disapprove of our behavior. “Honestly officer, it was just a glass of wine with dinner.” To be completely honest at all times with everyone can in fact be detrimental. Explaining that you truly hate the dress your friend is wearing is often unnecessary and can cause bad feelings which could be avoided with a bit of tact. There are limits to how honest a person can and should be with others. But honesty implies recognition and communication of the truth. A relationship is communication, and you can easily assess the quality of your relationships by the degree of honesty each person feels capable of expressing. Your best friends are those you are able to be the most honest with, and as a result they are capable of knowing your true self with the greatest clarity. Such friends deserve


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the benefits of courtesy and tactfulness as well as your honest opinions. Problems arise whenever one feels compelled to be deceptive, particularly when such a condition becomes habitual. It can create confusion in one’s own mind regarding what the truth really is. It also generates a feeling of resentment toward the person you believe to be restricting your freedom, or a sense of guilt can develop if you believe you are actually in the wrong. In every case, the more one feels the need to be deceptive, the greater the loss of self esteem. The inability to be honest with others also implies a lack of honesty within oneself, since if you were truly honest with yourself you would find ways to resolve any situation which causes such problems.

Being Willing To Be Wrong
Realizing you have been wrong is a blessing because the realization means you have changed your mind and are no longer in error. A lot of people act like know-it-alls and refuse to consider other opinions in a serious way. We've all met people like this. They are usually quite intelligent and pride themselves in having thought things out carefully. But their inflated sense of self importance is directly connected to "being right" and the fear of being wrong causes them to avoid any information that might disturb their preconceived conclusions. Religious zealots and social moralists often fall into this group. They fear that if an opinion they hold strongly is seen to be incorrect, then who they are will be seen as inferior. They haven’t separated who they are from the ideas they happen to hold. People who refuse to reconsider the validity of their conclusions cease to learn and end up becoming what they so despise -- stupid. The truth is we are not our opinions. We are individuals who can accept or discard our opinions at will. If our ideas turn out to be wrong, we are not wrong -- the idea is simply incorrect. There is nothing wrong with taking pride in one's knowledge. If you place value in knowing the right answers, then it must be obvious that holding rigidly to a point which may someday prove to


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be incorrect is defeating your purpose. If you are correct, then there is nothing to lose by being willing to reconsider all the evidence, which will only verify the truth you already hold. If a reinvestigation of the facts results in proving your previous conclusion was in error, you win anyway. The object is to be aware of the truth, and the sooner you realize where you have made a mistake the sooner you stop being wrong. You can not be certain you are correct if you are not willing to discover that you may be wrong. Learning that your ideas have been incorrect brings you closer to the truth. It's actually a very good thing when it happens. If you are honest with yourself you will probably agree that we are all wrong about something.

Every Extreme Implies The Opposite
What is behind the attitude of a know-it-all person? Fear of being wrong. What is inside the aggressive person who refuses to show any sign of confusion or weakness? Intense insecurity. Those who are violent fear they are weak. Inside the timid, self effacing person is someone who considers oneself superior, holding back resentment toward those who seem confident and aggressively in control. Wherever you find any sort of extreme in personal behavior, the opposite lurks in the background. This is very useful information to keep in mind because it can quickly provide insight into the character of the people you encounter. Understanding that every extreme implies the opposite also makes it possible to understand your self much more effectively. Any extreme quality you find in yourself points directly to the opposite characteristic, which you have probably been avoiding. Getting a good, solid grip on the issues we avoid within ourselves is the first step in resolving those issues. Ask yourself if you are extremely one way or the other about any particular issue or personality characteristic, and you will probably discover a “hidden” truth about yourself at the opposite end.


When you stop defending yourself you realize nothing needed defending in the first place. always feel as if others are out to deceive them or take undue advantage in some way." isn't true in all circumstances. If you remember that you have survived every crisis you have ever experienced you won't fear not surviving the next one.Koda Instant Enlightenment Nothing About You Needs Defending Some people are hard to communicate with because they have a perpetually defensive attitude. It is wise to fear diving into an empty swimming pool because such a fear can prevent you from doing that and so keep you alive. Are you afraid people will figure out you are sensitive and vulnerable? Anyone who knows that every extreme implies the opposite will figure that out the moment they see your defensiveness. Being defensive isn't a particularly enjoyable way to live. You will respond in whatever way is necessary regardless of whether or not you were defensive beforehand. but the result is about the same. Being defensive won't stop anyone from attacking you. There is nothing wrong in choosing to be that way. ask if your life or 207 . including myself. They always have their guard up. and lifting a heavy shield will exhaust you before any battle begins. Fear is a built-in biological response intended to maximize our alertness in survival situations. So OK. or with dragging a hundred pound shield around with you everywhere you go. Anytime you feel a need to defend yourself. much like artificial guilt. they found out. nothing. The solution is to figure out what it is you are afraid of and realize it doesn't need defending. The phrase. "there is nothing to fear but fear itself. I have never known anyone. who wasn't "guilty" of this at one time or another. But fear occurring in non-survival situations is an artificial fear. for the defensive person or the people who always have to peer around the heavy shield. Both of these artificial conditions invoke deep. instinctive responses which are completely inappropriate in purely psychological situations. always respond as if someone is criticizing them. Now what do you do? Panic? Then what? What happens is.

It is a beautiful. calm feeling. at least not in human experience. It is a very liberating feeling when you realize this simple truth. say something like. About Unconditional Love and Being Judgmental There is an apparent conflict between the concept of unconditional love and the need to be aware that not everyone is worthy of trust. for our children. As for the rest. Anyone who has a problem with being defensive is in denial about some flaw within their self. That shield keeps people from relating to the real you. and how valuable it is not to become defensive in the future. parents. If you agree with the statement. crooked politicians. “oh well. lovers. As long as we don't intentionally harm others we are OK. nothing at all. you will see there is nothing that needs to be defended. When we stop defending ourselves we experience self acceptance . Otherwise we would feel the same degree of love for everyone. and it's very easy and simple to achieve and maintain. Love happens when someone is recognized as being "special" relative to others. but there is a difference between maintaining personal privacy and "hiding" from being recognized. .Koda Instant Enlightenment physical well-being is being threatened. "if it doesn't harm others it's OK. Most of us can find things about ourselves we don't want everyone and their dogs to know about. child molesters and tyrants committing genocide. In the first place there is no unconditional love." that should eliminate any artificial guilt and reduce the number of things you feel defensive about. It simply isn't possible to feel the same love 208 . friends. Just stop defending yourself and you will realize what a waste of energy being defensive has always been. if one takes the time to think about it. It weighs down your experience in life with an artificial heaviness when instead you can feel light and truly free.” and move on. Otherwise they would simply admit the imperfection. all you are doing is holding up a very heavy shield to protect you from . . If it isn't. and prevents you from recognizing others as they really are.true inner peace. how it has harmed the overall quality of your experience in life. if you ask what it is you are defending. We do not have to justify our right to be who we are.

male and female. innocent soul in the eyes of that child when grown to become a heartless criminal. because it is very unlikely that we could criticize any soul if we perceived it with true clarity. We must judge the character of others in order to avoid being harmed by unfair behavior.Koda Instant Enlightenment for your child and the man who rapes and murders that child. then God created what we perceive as evil. Without cold. Sometimes you can see the good soul in the eyes of your lover when you are so angry you aren't speaking to each other. “Bad” 209 . wet. None of us have the right to pass judgment on the soul of any individual. and you don't have to be godlike to do so. sunny days. If we do not make character judgments we trust everyone equally and set ourselves up to be cheated and abused. Perhaps some all-knowing god is capable of truly unconditional love. etc. to reward behavior we appreciate. Not making judgments becomes a personal fault in that case. In spite of this there is a soul inside everyone who is a portion of God. The important distinction here is what we judge. But we are obligated by reason to judge the behavior of those we interact with. The important distinction is that we do not judge people. From an enlightened perspective it is possible to recognize this good soul in anyone. but in real life we must deal not only with a person's good soul. to insure our survival. The closest we can come to true unconditional love as human beings is to look for the good in all those we meet. Without what we consider to be bad we would not appreciate good. A mother can love her newborn and see that same. windy days we would be forever bored with warm. of All There Is. etc. but only their behavior. That soul exists in all of us and in greater terms it is good. Everything in this universe is counter-balanced with an opposite: black and white. So what we consider “bad” often serves a purpose that enables us to value what we consider good. up and down. of the Source. and creates unnecessary suffering. There Is No Force of Evil If God created everything. but also with their behavior.

contribute to the nameless homeless. you would not choose to be kind. Being “unselfish” therefore provides you with the fulfillment of a sense of value. I am a mere mortal. There are no inherently evil souls. so you get something in return for your kindness. We Are All Selfish and Always Will Be When you give a gift to someone. but those who do not place value in providing for their children do not do so. If you did not value being kind. if it did not benefit the one being kind. we are likewise incapable of performing a truly selfless act. We have gone without comforts and freedoms in order to provide for our children. But there is no devil out to destroy all that is good. your kindness is motivated by selfishness. Just as none of us are capable of doing something we know to be wrong. which I did. An example of the truth of this is found in one’s 210 . But if such evil were truly independent and powerful in the way it appears to be. yet we would not give if we did not prefer the reward of giving over the reward of avoiding such loss. you do so because you place value in performing such actions. but in every case we have chosen to fulfill some other value in the process. sometimes believing we are doing so against our will. which at the time appeared to me as more evil experienced all at once than this world has seen in it’s entire history. only individuals who behave in evil ways. so how could I have escaped such evil if it were the powerful. Many of us have sacrificed.Koda Instant Enlightenment things are therefore part of a greater good. In other words. independent force it appears to be? Evil ceases to exist the moment one no longer believes it has power. But kindness would not exist if it did not also fulfill a selfish value. or otherwise do something nice for others. Value fulfillment is a reward. I once encountered “the host of hell” on a bad LSD trip. This does not mean that kindness does not benefit others. We may give to our church or some charity at significant personal loss. by your desire to get the feeling you want. since others are often helped in the process. As mentioned in the section on drug use. it would have been impossible for me to terminate the experience.

Koda Instant Enlightenment response to providing help that is not appreciated. but the intent or idea will exist prior to the experience of the corresponding emotion. Intuition contains more specific information than emotion usually does. and the appreciation is not forthcoming. chances are you would not wish to give in the same way again. Feelings Follow Thought Feelings follow thought First you think And then you feel What kind of thought you’ve got Although it can sometimes appear that your emotions come to you “out of the blue. Intuition can be described as being half way between an emotion and a thought.” feelings always occur in response to thought. simply flushed down the toilet or wrongly appropriated by corporate executives. When a person realizes the “selfishness” involved in being kind. If the desire to be appreciated is part of the motivation to be kind. emotions can be understood as a form of communication from the deeper portions of oneself. Our emotions express the overall “quality” or “correctness” of the thoughts or ideas which proceed them. But emotions also contain information of a broader nature. 211 . kindness is a gift. and has the quality of thought without the word symbolism. Because of this. an “intuitive package” is a feeling which contains large amounts of information which must later be strung out into a series of words to be clearly expressed. Fairness is a requirement. Emotions are a form of mental shorthand. As mentioned in the Psychic Window chapter. one avoids the sense of self righteousness and superiority that can come from “self sacrifice. Anonymous giving does not require recognized appreciation in return. but if you knew that your gift was completely discarded.” Kindness actually feels better when you realize you are giving to yourself as well as to others. The thoughts are not always articulated as mental words. the desire to help goes away.

This implies more than simply acting upon our emotions. inferior. but the feeling is in response to the previous thought. and your issues will be quite clearly perceivable. dishonest. They feel like anchors holding us back from being able to truly enjoy life. once and for all. poor. shy. The difficulties we encounter in particular areas of life are a source of challenge and value fulfillment. though in general women are less aware that their emotions are proceeded by thought. insecure.Koda Instant Enlightenment If you are alert to your emotional responses as you ponder possible decisions.quirks. All you have to do is ask yourself what topics or situations make you feel uncomfortable. indulgent. you would probably experience a feeling telling you that isn’t such a great idea. lazy. Most of our issues are temporary and cease to be a problem once we learn the lessons they are meant to teach us. and by observing our emotions as we ponder potential decisions we can trust them to help guide us. socially boring. hang-ups or attitudes that seem to bother us relentlessly. sexually weird. we all deal with various personal issues over the course of our lives. Women are often more aware of this communication from within than are men. Celebrate Your Issues We’ve all got them -. But our particular issues are there for a reason. uncompromising or what-have-you. ugly. unintelligent. The important point is to realize that this process operates in all of us.” All they need to do is eat. addicted. superior. Cows don’t have “issues. and we would all like to be done with them. drink and mate. the wrong race or gender. The first step in resolving personal issues is realizing they exist. if someone where to suggest that you smack yourself in the face with a hammer. The feeling happens before the words form in your mind. Whether it is being overweight. then concentrating upon them long enough to translate them into words which make sense to our reason. while others remain part of our personality for many years. you will see this communication in action. and they are content to be unconcerned about 212 . It means recognizing the emotions. For example.

particularly as a child. Success is Loving Life To rise from your bed refreshed and energized. just as other new challenges will open up before you. 213 . and resolving those conflicts becomes a challenge that gives meaning to our lives. Without them we would cease to grow and would have no empathy for others whose issues are different.Koda Instant Enlightenment anything else. I get this terrific feeling coming over me. If you feel that good about your life you are successful. but we can do it with joy and enthusiasm knowing how much we will grow in the process. I feel successful. Our particular issues define the nature of our personality and make us who we are as individuals. I can remember moments from earlier in my life. By concentrating on the feeling of loving life. excited to see what wonders another day will bring to your experience -. Celebrate them as key components of what makes you unique in the world. when I was truly loving life at that moment. We choose our values and then try to live up to them. and one of the most important choices we make is determining what sort of person we want to be. the special person that you are. when I felt wonderful. because I am able to recall the feeling from my past. So embrace your issues. But human experience is filled with choices.That is what loving life is like. and imagine what it feels like to be loving life. How could it? That’s success. If I then tell myself. We must strive to resolve our issues just as surely as cows must eat. I am not deceiving myself here. “I do love my life. There is no better definition of personal success than to be loving your life. right now. If I drop my silly justifications for self pity. If we had different issues we would not be who we are. right now. the feeling becomes stronger. It doesn’t get any better than that. Know that when you resolve your current issues new ones are likely to replace them.” I can experience that feeling fully in my present moment. In doing so we learn the pros and cons of our choices. and you don’t have to have a perfect life to be living successfully. Remembering those feelings changes the way I feel now. learn that conflicting beliefs are often involved.

You can’t love your life unless you choose to love it. feeling much more successful than I did a moment earlier. I love my life in this moment because I choose to love it.” and look for supporting evidence. as I write this. the evidence will be there. Evidence means it is the truth. I am able to love my life! What an incredible thrill! I repeat: you don’t have to have a perfect life to be living successfully. “I love my life.Koda Instant Enlightenment I simply say. and because I see the evidence in my immediate environment (all I have to be grateful for) it becomes and is the truth. love your life. and what is the greatest expression of appreciation? Gratitude. Choose to be successful. It is simply impossible not to have gratitude when you love your life. The fact that I love my life changes everything. which is the key to deliberately creating reality. So here I am. When you choose to love your life you can not help but have an attitude of gratitude. and you are. 214 . right now. If you throw away self pity for just a moment. I have changed my emotions deliberately.

easily. but of deciding what you truly want to do. there is no way you could get me up on the side of a thousand-foot cliff climbing toward the top because I have absolutely no desire to do such an insane thing. The process is simple: Turn problems into challenges and only do what you want to do. Sounds pretty easy if it will work. right? It works. Even if you presently believe your only options are undesirable it is possible to think your way out of that predicament.Koda Instant Enlightenment Chapter Thirteen: Getting It Together In this chapter I will explain how you can achieve just about anything you set your mind to accomplish. Getting it together is all about wanting to do what makes your life better. The hard part isn't the doing of something. For example. Getting your "act" together is really a matter of deciding what you want. Anything you truly want to do is a joy. Learn to want to do 215 . What you do is unpleasant only if you don't want to do it. yet there are people who relish the thought of being there and make rock climbing a priority in their lives.

you would at the same time be making a list of behaviors you don't want to change. If you aren't clear about what you truly want all you have to do is look at your present behavior. If you want control over the conditions of your life you have to take control of yourself. If you truly wanted to change a behavior the change would have already been made. That's why you are still doing it. That should be obvious. Another way of looking at it is values dictate behavior. what you honestly want changes 216 ." (Seth) I fought to find a way around that statement for decades. for example. We have no difficulty climbing the hill if we know the view will be spectacular. simply because in the present the value you place upon having a cigarette is greater than your long term value of not smoking. The cause of these conflicts is often a result of the different value we place on immediate conditions as opposed to long term conditions. If the change hasn't been made. Doing what you want to do is easy. but when it comes down to it I have to admit he is right.for whatever reason we do not believe the reward will be worth the effort. but have yet to make those changes. confusion still exists. It all comes down to believing the reward will be worth the effort. At other times we may be so depressed we can't force ourselves out of bed for any reason. The trick is to learn how to do that easily. but be unable to quit. You may want to quit smoking. We would wade through a sewer if we knew there is enough money waiting at the other end. There is a conflict in your value system. and parents make personal sacrifices daily in order to care for their children. Values held in the present always win. When you change the values you hold in the present. There is only one cause of laziness -. Discipline and Self Control "For the lazy I can offer no hope. If you were to make a list of all the behaviors you would like to change.Koda Instant Enlightenment What you need to do To do what you want to do Indulgence. You are doing what you want to do.

It is not just a matter of concluding that things would be "better" if the behavior were changed. The really good news is that none of us have to force ourselves to do anything we don't want to do." Any desired behavioral change can be accomplished effortlessly by tapping into the primal power which prevents us from doing wrong behavior. can enable you to accomplish amazing feats of "self discipline. self torture. The way to stop the torture was to stop the discipline. Anyone who is successful at achieving a disciplined behavioral change actually goes through this process of concluding that for them. something one is forced to endure because of some earlier failure or lack of proper behavior. Self discipline became self punishment. if you are certain that it is wrong for you to smoke you will not be able to smoke another cigarette. to be wrong. On the one hand I wanted to experience all the benefits of disciplined behavior. For example. then there is no reason to alter the previously existing behavior. but on the other I believed life should be enjoyable rather than a means of self sacrifice.Koda Instant Enlightenment and behavioral changes follow automatically. To me the idea of discipline was associated with punishment. it becomes wrong to behave in ways which defeat the achievement of the goal. you may remember times when such changes 217 . If you pause to think about positive behavioral changes you have made in the past. the undesired behavior is wrong. nor will you have any desire whatsoever to do so. That means any behavior can be changed as easily as you can change your mind. Making things "better" may be the initial value. I'm sure most of us have experienced this same sort of conflict. for sure. The trick is to think things out so thoroughly and completely there is no additional information which could later appear and cause a revision of your conclusion. If it is not wrong. but once a goal is accepted as a deliberate decision. The reason for such consistent failure was a set of conflicting beliefs. Knowing that it is impossible to do anything which you know. That is where there real effort is: thinking things out. I spent years trying to force myself to be self disciplined but could never keep things together over the long run.

It is simply acting deliberately. almost effortless. 218 . Don Juan says. indulgent behavior may actually provide more value fulfillment than you would experience by eliminating that behavior. but if you examine your options in enough detail any behavior becomes easy to modify. look closely at the pros and cons involved (in both immediate and long terms). But if your pursuit of immediate gratification creates long term detrimental effects it becomes obvious that such behavior results in less pleasure overall. The way to apply self control to behavior modification is to select one area to work on.quite the opposite in fact. and that includes acknowledging the possibility that any present. It isn't the determination that makes things easier. Changing behavior requires being honest with oneself. then it becomes much easier to modify present values to achieve the most desirable long term results. In many cases the initial effort is very. it is realizing that it would be wrong not to behave in the way you had decided to behave. but if you do your thinking well enough before making a decision there should be little chance the decision will later need to be altered. Self control is not self sacrifice. determine the behavior which produces the most value fulfillment overall. This may seem far too simple to be effective in practice. So you can forget about forcing yourself to make positive changes in the way you do things. very difficult. The whole idea of "force" is in conflict with desire (chosen values) and that's why self discipline can seem like such an undesirable way to do things. Being "spiritual" does not preclude enjoying the pleasures of life -. If one clearly understands that the goal is to experience the maximum amount of satisfaction in life. "A warrior thinks and thinks and thinks.Koda Instant Enlightenment turned out to be much easier than you had imagined they would be." I prefer to think that any decision I make is open to modification if new information is presented. but then the determination finally sets in and from that point on things become easier. then behave accordingly. but once a decision is made he never looks back. The way to achieve deliberate behavioral modification is through intelligent self control.

since using the two together allows one to avoid negative consequences. Be thorough. whether to trust a roommate to pay their end of the bills or if one should marry for financial security. and if you are distracted by questions of basic survival they will take precedence over all other considerations. Discipline implies evaluating how to get the greatest reward overall and using self control to achieve those ends. to be the person you want to be. allow it to be OK if you falter in your commitment now and then -. Think about potential future conditions where your efforts to modify your behavior may become difficult to maintain. such as whether to go to school or what sort of job to get. It means knowing exactly what you truly want and doing what you choose to do to have it. make a list or sit quietly contemplating all the pros and cons. But discipline does not mean self sacrifice. If you decide to change. etc. But realize the reason you want to modify your behavior is to get the most reward possible. and remember that will power is not necessary if you know what you want with enough clarity. Allow yourself not to make the decision to change. You can not concentrate upon expanding awareness and gaining more power over your life if you are constantly distracted by basic survival issues. Do What Needs To Be Done Survival is our first priority. take absolutely everything into consideration you can possibly imagine. Over the course of several days. You may be 219 . including how your decision may affect others and how their reactions may affect you. Disciplined self control turns out to be the best way of maximizing self indulgence.Koda Instant Enlightenment Think about every aspect involved in changing a particular behavior. One might be filled with confusion. Survival is so important that everyone has a very clear idea regarding what they should be doing to insure it happens. Imagine that your will power may not be as great as you would like it to be.if that is what it takes to get you through. even if you deliberately choose to be an indulgent pig. Self control is doing what you deliberately choose to do. Survive is the most fundamental instinct in all living creatures.

when a tidy environment. I don't. and that is a nice feeling to experience day after day. of course. I am applying myself toward doing the smart thing as often as I can generate the inspiration to do so." you know. and responsibility implies control. "Do what needs to be done" should. But you can cut through all that instantly simply by acknowledging that one must survive and choosing to do the obvious. is simply an expression of their neurosis. If I do. The answer is always there. easy. Evidence that some sort of solution is always available is demonstrated by the fact you are still alive. Just do it. etc. An exception is when someone may be obsessive about neatness or how others perceive them. You have always found a way to survive. Is your living space neat and organized. One of the most valuable bits of knowledge I possess is do the smart thing rather than the easy thing. But once survival is no longer an issue everything becomes optional and clear cut decisions are no longer so obvious. the fewer of them one has left to deal with. When I am presented with an opportunity to do the smart thing rather than the easy thing. Pretty soon there are only easy things left to do. I do it.. if used in moderation. Dealing with "nasty chores. the better I feel. the stuff you usually put off as long as possible. Generally 220 . perfect hair. The more smart things I do.Koda Instant Enlightenment unemployed and convinced there simply are no jobs available. be applied to everything in life. You can find more enjoyable solutions later. The more "undesirable chores" one does. or piled with debris? Most of the time. one's personal environment is a direct reflection of the current state of one's inner being. Doing the smart thing is an example of taking responsibility. ideally. is an example of smart vs. but I don't beat myself up if I decide to take it easy for a while. Becoming Organized Take a look at your personal environment and ask yourself if it reflects the person you want to be. Control equals power. I believe it may be the key to maturity. I ask myself if I feel inspired to do the smart thing or not. If not.

It will prove that you have some power over the conditions of your life. Hatha Yoga and Maintaining Physical Health Performing a daily routine of hatha (physical) yoga can definitely improve the quality of one’s life. and control of one's environment is a good place to start. It may seem trivial to deal with such mundane things. however. if your environment is a mess. particularly when your real interest is to make a million dollars or otherwise create an ideal life. but "every journey begins with the first step. mind and emotions into an integrated. get the clothes put away. which releases energy said to be trapped in our joints. it is impossible to be concerned with 221 . Hatha yoga is an Eastern system of meditative stretching exercises. etc. vacuum out the car." and these physical exercises unify our body. organized environment provides a stable "home" for one's self esteem. so is your sense of inner organization. thousands of years old. With one's attention fully focused on the body. smoothly functioning system. The word "yoga" means "union.Koda Instant Enlightenment speaking. If you spend a few minutes each day keeping things tidy you will spare yourself an equal amount of time feeling bad about having a mess to deal with. Do you want more control of your life? Then begin by taking control of the little. easy things you might generally let slide. Then make a point to stay on top of things so you never have a big mess to deal with. I'm not saying that everyone functions better using filing cabinets than with organized piles of paper. and if you are not controlling the space you live in you are unlikely to have effective control of conditions in the larger world around you. Properly performing these yoga exercises involves concentrating attention on what is occurring within the body while holding oneself in various stretching positions. but the issue is gaining control of one's life. A clean. Clean up the mess in the kitchen. Your personal environment is within your power to control." Taking control of your personal environment will reinforce your sense of positive self esteem and enable you to feel like you are more in control of yourself.

with hundreds of photos and step by step instructions. body and emotions creates a stable platform from which other activities can be pursued. The stress associated with those issues disappears. the often "luxurious" feeling of energy. The sense of having discipline. which provides a feeling of confidence and self control. "easy. which is one of the most valuable beliefs one can hold about oneself. Yoga eliminates nervous tension. TwentyEight Day Yoga Exercise Plan by Richard Hittleman is perhaps the best book for beginners. even sensual. Yoga is also easy rather than strenuous. hatha yoga is my recommendation for a good place to start. People often watch TV or read a book while running on a treadmill. Yoga helps in the ability to concentrate upon desired beliefs. so the practice is essentially pleasant. etc. 222 . and improved physical appearance encourage a healthy self esteem.Koda Instant Enlightenment unresolved issues in life. This often ignores the benefits of integrating mind. listen to music while they jog. Yoga exercises do not involve strain and the physical effort is minimal. If you do nothing else to improve the quality of your life. and I really like that word. Beliefs create reality. emotions and body into a smoothly functioning unit. Every time I break down and start doing yoga again my life improves (due to the effects mentioned above)." Taking care of one's mind. so a calm mind results in emotional stability. but with most forms of exercise it doesn't matter what one is doing mentally. develops poise and balance and allows a person's natural beauty to flow outward from within. which produces a sense of confidence and the capacity for greater awareness. There is also a sense of pride in having the discipline required to do the exercises daily. Feelings follow thought. but it certainly isn't necessary to exercise in order to develop psychic abilities or achieve other goals. leaving one both energetic and emotionally calm. And being physically fit dramatically reduces the odds of developing chronic illness. Any form of physical exercise is beneficial. All forms of yoga involve meditation (in this case concentration upon the body) and result in greater mental control. Physical energy increases along with a sense of well being.

Establishing a daily routine. routine fashion. Establishing Routines Don Juan made a big deal about how detrimental it was for Carlos Castaneda to have predictable routines." I avoided routines as much as possible for some time. we can become unhappy and feel like our routines have more control over our lives than we do. In our fast paced world it is often necessary to perform some behaviors repeatedly on a daily basis. get the kids ready for school. dress.” It will remain healthy so long as our beliefs do not interfere with this natural state of being. and dozens of other things repeatedly as we go about our lives. but don't deliberately make time to do such 223 .Koda Instant Enlightenment As Seth says. But it is easier to believe the body is healthy and perfectly fit if you do things which reinforce that belief. For example. we need to shower. "A hunter discovers how to trap his prey by learning to predict their routines. “Health is the natural state of the body. but then realized don Juan's recommendations were those of someone who didn't live in modern society. can enable us to do more in less time. vitamins and a nutritious diet reduce the degree of "magical power" one must believe one possesses in order to maximize physical fitness. It's no fun to be invited for a night out when you have nothing to wear because you haven't done your laundry. and "to heck with it" days. shave. If you want to do yoga or any of the many exercises in this book. weekends. do laundry. Because our beliefs about our body determine how well it functions. it is possible to remain healthy regardless of diet or exercise. We create our routines by recognizing the value of performing certain repetitive behaviors at times when doing them will not interfere with our other activities. with variations for holidays. The ideal balance is found by remembering that we only do what we want to do. The body is capable of synthesizing the nutrients it needs from just about whatever junk you put into it. and it makes sense to do these things in an efficient. Exercise. eat. If the routines are too rigid.

if it isn't too rigid. but if you truly wanted those things you would be working to achieve them. Just make a list for tomorrow and see how it goes. An efficient routine. then routines are seen to have value. Continue experimenting until you have a routine that enables you to do all the things you want to do in the most efficient manner possible. enjoying the knowledge that I am living the life I truly want to live. so don't do them if you don't feel like it.Koda Instant Enlightenment things. but when one sees they are the best way to do what you want to do. One of my most important goals was to avoid having to get up to an alarm clock. and that is feeling motivated and inspired in my work. and enjoying the work. The Reality of Laziness I like to be lazy. But there is something I enjoy even more than being lazy. the whole idea of having to live with time consuming routines sucks. productive day. In general. then modify your list for the next day. I really enjoy being able to lay around indulging in simple pleasures. If you are physically out of shape but wish you had a healthy. So think about making a list of the activities you want to do on a daily and weekly basis and determine a time to do them. and now that is something I hardly ever need to do. Remember all those activities are things you want to do. Find out what works well and what doesn't. then you choose not to have such 224 . It is extremely important to understand that you have been choosing the life you have now all along. to get out of bed looking forward to a happy. you may often find yourself going to bed without having done what you wanted to do. I like being lazy so much I have spent most of my life finding ways to maximize my ability to spend as little time as possible doing things I "have to" do. yet don't bother to exercise. attractive body. You may be able to find a million things you wish were different about your life. You are living the life you want to live. is the best way to exercise control of your self and your immediate environment. But keep in mind that even "nasty chores" are things you want to do because not doing them creates an even less desirable outcome. fit.

etc. If you are depressed. If you are experiencing such conditions then you are simply at the stage in your life where those things are producing value fulfillment. being depressed. and whether it is considered pleasant or unpleasant is a purely subjective interpretation. having addictions. If you are not experiencing the conditions you desire then you are not taking responsibility to insure that those conditions become a part of your life. The same hard working person may equate laziness with boredom and avoid unstructured time at all costs." But if you think you have had enough of not living the life you "wish" you were living. There is nothing wrong with being lazy. It all comes down to where you place your values. that you place no value in feeling that way whatsoever. fulfilling life better than others. Then again. Being so fond of laziness. Any given activity is inherently just an activity." things to avoid at all cost.Koda Instant Enlightenment a body. Responsibility implies control. There are no good or bad values. fulfilling life? In the long run. But if you didn't value the feeling. It is possible to fully enjoy any behavior which you may have previously felt to be something unpleasant. and you will move on to the next stage of your life. No one but you can determine how you should live your life. for example. who says you need to live a happy. but there are some which lead to a happy. and to no longer enjoy what was considered pleasant in the past. you may believe your emotional despair is the last condition on Earth you would choose to experience. frustrated. 225 . But it all comes down to how you interpret such things. "it's all good. Where you place your values is entirely up to you. Those who value "hard work" enjoy what is self torture to the lazy. you would stop feeling it! When you change your values your experience will change accordingly. The same sort of thing applies to essentially every area of your life. I have often thought of effort and discipline as "four letter words. it's time to place more value upon taking responsibility for your conditions in order to control them. Beliefs create reality.

The following information deals with choosing a career and making it happen. it's time to get serious about creating your reality in a direct and effective way. like bowling. Choose a career as God if you want to. organized column. In terms of choosing a career. and 4) do what needs to be done. anything at all. If you are less than happy with some situation in life. crazy out of you mind. eating good food. Do you like music? Write it down. fold papers into airplanes with "astronaut" or "waitress" written on the sides. Scrawl words across the page. 2) find out what must be done to reach these goals. Forget about listing things in a neat. joyously delirious and let your imagination fly. Go nuts. "underwater violin player" on your list. but the same technique can be applied to any area of life where you may be uncertain of your direction. such as being a computer 226 . 3) choose your goal. regardless of whether you believe you can actually accomplish them. having sex. Be totally unrealistic. Write down known occupations that might interest you. being a movie star or the next Christ or Mohammed? Any goal is possible if you believe it is (quack) and you are willing to do what it takes (get out the glue and feathers). the first step requires making a list of all the careers and activities you might possibly enjoy. Four simple steps are involved: 1) Consider all the possible goals you might wish to accomplish.Koda Instant Enlightenment Choosing a Career and Achieving Goals One of the most difficult and important questions we have to answer as human beings in this society is deciding what career to pursue for the majority of our lifetime. Know that deliberate effort will be involved. use a crayon if you'd like. but if you place enough value on achieving a particular goal the process of achieving it becomes a rewarding experience. What do you believe you can achieve with your life? Maybe a decent nine-to-five job with benefits and your own home? True love? What about owning an inter-planetary space vehicle manufacturing plant. Think of any activity you enjoy. At this point in the process the object is to free yourself entirely of any limiting beliefs. What about swimming? Combine the two and put.

Try to list them in order of the most desirable. Have fun with this until you have totally run out of occupations and activities that could possibly interest you. Just list the activities you think you would honestly enjoy. musician. real estate agent. garbage man. Who knows. because these are probably areas where you could experience real joy if you can find a way to achieve success doing them. You will have before you a list that should contain some rather conventional occupations as well as some off the wall. This is your career possibility wish list. Music and photography could be combined into "music video producer. dancer. doctor. not practicality. At this stage in the game we are dealing strictly in the realm of desire." The object is to freely explore every possible activity you think you might remotely be interested in doing. Next. Next. These don't have to be actual jobs. drunk. photographer. go through your lists with the idea in mind that even though the occupations may seem beyond your abilities or means. then reduce them to known or possible occupations. list the five to ten most desirable occupations neatly in a vertical column on a clean sheet of paper. a photographer or magazine photo editor. fun things that could possibly turn into real sources of income. there may be a way to actually end up being successful in anything you truly desire to do. actor. but don't be too concerned with getting it just right at this point.Koda Instant Enlightenment programmer. then combine these on a single sheet of paper. 227 . anything at all you can think of." Writer and scientist might be combined into "technical writer. Narrow your pile of crazy possibilities down to things that would honestly interest you as a career. accountant." or you can combine photography and scientist into "documentary film producer. there may be a resort in the Caribbean where you could actually get paid to entertain the bored and wealthy by playing a violin underwater. You might write "photography" and "music" even though you don't know if you would prefer to be a musician or music critic. Then look for correlations that might be combined. Feel free to go back to your scribbled notes and add any activity that may have seemed too crazy but really seemed like it might be fun. It is very important that you don't simply dismiss the crazy things off hand. writer.

etc. then decide if you wish to keep that occupation on your list. do everything you can to find out what is involved in any particular occupation. for example. political campaigning. Some of the items can be scratched off immediately. By the time you have learned what is involved in preparing for and performing each occupation. Consider ideas such as starting your own business. etc. If you are unsatisfied with your current occupation. 228 . You can call people who do the sort of work you are interested in and ask them about it. butt kissing. Nor would you enjoy that occupation if you don't like mathematics or government bureaucracy. may for some be easily seen as not worth the trouble. There are career information catalogs available at college libraries which contain job descriptions. You can't really know what you want to do until you understand what doing it involves. choosing what to do. Step three is choose your plan (to go to social places. but the effort involved with law school. and step four is simple: do it. Don't scratch something off simply because you don't feel you can do it. you will naturally find that you have narrowed things down to what you really want to do with your life. requirements and current salary ranges. investigate what is involved in achieving success in that occupation. but because you don't really want to do it. then beginning with number one. Basically. place on-line personal ads or whatever) and the last step is simply do what you planned to do. remember that you do not have to limit your options to working for someone else. Then figure out what you need to do (where would you locate such a person and how would you approach them). how to get started.Koda Instant Enlightenment Step two is doing some research to find out what is actually involved in achieving success in these areas. Step one is imagine all the possibilities (define the qualities in the lover you hope to find).. Say. Number your list of possible career choices in order of what you believe to be the most desirable. At this point you have completed step three. You are not likely to just "believe" your way into becoming a nuclear scientist. "President of the United States" is a real possibility for anyone. These same four steps can be applied in pretty much any situation where you want to change your circumstances. you want to find true love.

and any career or other goal you experience in the future is already happening now in the “spacious present. On Raising Children I just wanted to point out a few observations about raising children which can make the job a lot easier. but how would you feel about doing the same work for a thousand dollars each? It’s not what you do that matters as much as feeling that the reward definitely justifies the effort. The only way to be truly happy is to enjoy what you do with your time. meeting regularly in a group can help inspire new ideas and keep the motivation alive. children like to please.. since you can make things happen without becoming bogged down waiting for conditions to change. you can create opportunities where ideas originating in your future are able to influence your decisions now. They will learn that because you give them attention every 229 . In metaphysical terms. place of residence. rather than ignoring them when they are interrupting. you can stop such interruptions and bring more peace into everyone’s lives. low budget projects are often best to start out with. in the same way you listed possible occupations. and they will accept any kind of attention they can get. but what they want most is positive attention. Young children like attention. You can brainstorm for ideas regarding inventions. First. find out what is required to develop the idea and turn it into money. creating a product or service people would pay for. They thrive on praise and positive encouragement. By opening your mind to the idea that the ideal occupation. all time is simultaneous. etc. etc. lover. If you come up with an idea that inspires your motivation.” Your future experience contains knowledge of what you did to get there. You might also consider meeting once a week with a group of friends interested in brainstorming new ideas. already exists in your future.Koda Instant Enlightenment inventing something useful. etc. If you give your attention to your children every time they seek it. Short term. Even if everyone works on completely different projects. You may not enjoy washing cars for one dollar each.

Koda Instant Enlightenment time they seek it. they can get that attention at will. Eventually all it takes in many situations is a disapproving look and children will straighten right out because they know what’s coming next. which means you must not make threats or promises you don’t follow through on. When they interrupt. The long explanation educates the child regarding why the behavior is inappropriate. ignoring you and the lesson you seek to impart. In the beginning this may seem like a great deal of effort. When a child learns that the result of any inappropriate behavior is going to be the long explanation. which is usually a lack of fairness toward others. and this enables the child to predict the outcome of his or her future actions. they will gradually learn that interrupting brings them negative attention. longer and longer explanation. and always respond to negative behavior with calm but serious 230 . The explanation should always be delivered with kindness and understanding so that it is not felt to be a form of punishment. It is important that you can be trusted. in greater and greater detail. and how that isn’t fair to others. Not wanting to endure that they will cease to interrupt in an excessive way. It may take two or three weeks for the kids to see that the pattern never alters. If you reinforce good behavior with enthusiastic praise. until the child realizes that by interrupting all they will get from doing so is a repeat of the same. The long explanation is your most powerful behavioral modification tool. and your job will become immeasurably easier. and will not feel compelled to always be seeking attention. they will seek to avoid that experience. This is done by calmly repeating the same message. With each continued interruption your disapproval of their behavior should be made more clear. It means you must strive to be as fair with your children as you are with your friends. it will be a lot of effort. but once they know the long explanation is coming they will act to avoid it. since if they perceive a double standard they will not believe the long explanation and will instead consider it punishment. well behaved. over and over. The initial effort will result in your children learning to be respectful and fair with others. In fact. Success requires that you are also fair with your children. if you respond with a calm explanation of the fact they are interrupting.

the negative behavior will essentially stop altogether. But you don’t need to scrap the whole plan. So the first thing to do is drop the belief that success is not possible. yet continually find yourself unable to achieve real success in some area or to overcome a particular hurdle. threatening even longer “time out” if they won’t hold still and be quiet.yet. the plan requires acquiring money. It is quite possible that you may need to change your plan. or the right coincidence were to occur. if the right idea popped into your head. Achieving the Seemingly Impossible Regardless of what you set out to achieve in life. since it lead you to an “impossible” situation and as a result appears to be flawed in some way. You can find a way to get around needing the money. while you sit nearby observing. just the part that creates the immediate difficulty. one way or another. Let go of your negative beliefs.Koda Instant Enlightenment disapproval. You simply don’t know the solution -. you may need a certain amount of money to do a particular thing and be convinced there is no way to get the money. it is very likely that you will occasionally encounter obstacles which seem impossible to overcome. or simply change the way you plan to get the money you need. Regardless of how certain you may feel. you could be proven wrong. that is all the “punishment” you will generally need to apply. You may have all the necessary skills and possess endless dedication and determination. In the example above. 231 . But that is only your belief at the moment. focus on the belief that you will find a solution. Next. The long explanation is a truly powerful tool. but once the results of negative behavior are consistently predictable. because that belief is obviously inaccurate. You will be able to recognize conflicting beliefs simply by looking at what seems to be so impossible. It requires patience. In extreme cases you may need to force a small child to sit in a chair and hold still for up to five or ten minutes. The reason for this lack of progress is always conflicting beliefs. For example.

but the inspiration for them often comes from within. Be here now. Anytime you run into a dead end. time consuming waiting. focus. That belief will work for you. just take a look at what seems to be impossible and find some way of changing that belief. Focus on the belief that you will find a solution.” (Seth) Don’t let yourself get caught up in unnecessary. Be completely unconcerned with outside conditions and develop a feeling of certain success inside you. 232 . Then approach the problem in a practical way. focus. Be willing to change your entire approach if necessary. And be willing to do what will obviously work. There is always a solution if you believe there is. Be open to any idea that pops into your experience.Koda Instant Enlightenment One way to find solutions is to ask what you can do to achieve desired results quickly. Real solutions are practical solutions. “The present is the point of power. Focus.

These negative conditions are a natural expression of 233 . starvation. etc. the destruction of rain forests. economic collapse. Even if we personally remain unaffected. while the threat of terrorism. We are watching the quality of life deteriorate for the masses worldwide. as each of us gains more personal enlightenment we realize we can not truly be happy while ignoring the suffering around us.Koda Instant Enlightenment Chapter Fourteen: Social Enlightenment Someday this world will live as one All this ignorance and greed will all be done When someday comes and the old will teach their youth To speak the same language. Someday) It is very difficult to feel content and spiritually enlightened when we look around us and see homeless people in the streets. Individual liberties are constantly eroding. government corruption. disease and other preventable disasters becomes more and more a part of even the most comfortable lives. and seek the same truth (from my song. millions dying from disease. nations at war. global warming. genocide.

employment and good health. in greater terms it is good. many of us live fulfilling. But we would not choose to live in an unenlightened world if we honestly believed we create our own reality. It seems that war is part of human nature. They get enough to eat. along with more wars intended to prevent terrorism. There can be great value in sharing experiences with others who appreciate similar ideas and activities. War has been part of human society as far back as history can take us. The most significant characteristic of an enlightened society is that the same socioeconomic structure would be implemented worldwide. Not because we are kind and understanding individuals. that wars will continue to happen forever. Terrorism will certainly follow. These groups can be nations. war has begun yet again in Iraq. The maintenance of various cultural expressions also provides for a diversity of experience which can be enjoyed by all. Since this is the world we live in. religions or other organizations of individuals with common ideas. selfishly.Koda Instant Enlightenment humanity’s present state of enlightenment. happiness and prosperity to all the people of the world. 234 . peaceful lives. but wars will cease to occur when the conditions which make them possible are eliminated. Nor should we overlook that fact that even with these terrible conditions occurring across the globe. races. As I write this in March. The problems arise when groups of people create artificial separations from the rest of humanity. which will spawn more terrorism and more wars. war requires the division of populations into groups. and because we are on this planet to learn. In all cases. War is a result of individual groups of people insisting that other groups change in some way. want to live in a better world. The ideas presented in this chapter may not appear to be very “spiritual. but because we personally. have shelter.” but they describe basic observations regarding the means for creating an enlightened society in practical terms. 2003. we must apply ourselves to supporting those ideas which can bring greater peace. There is nothing wrong with feeling connected to a particular group of like minded people or cultural heritage. Every day billions of people are not raped or murdered.

At the same time it was perfectly OK to own slaves and murder Native Americans. Reason -. The creation of a single. uniform styles of dress.e. In this country. Opportunity and Freedom. 235 . The means for discerning truth is reason. Wars motivated by greed and ideological differences can be prevented if the operating principles of this single socioeconomic system benefited everyone equally and left no legitimate justification for group conflict. i. they encourage “racism” by holding their group separate from everyone else. which means sharing a common language in addition to any native language we might speak. it has been immoral for a woman to show her bare ankle.to say nothing of burning witches for practicing unpopular spiritual beliefs. everywhere on the planet. worldwide socioeconomic system: Reason. and people have been imprisoned for publicly supporting the idea of free love -. worldwide socioeconomic system. Reason then. some Muslim countries require men to have full beards and women to cover their faces. would eliminate wars between nations because there would be no separate nations. having fair and reasonable principles which apply equally to every human being on the planet.. The danger is greatest when governments enforce artificial and unnecessary cultural/religious restrictions. Conflicts can be resolved before they happen if we can first agree upon a common method of discerning the truth. Real truth is objective. for example..Koda Instant Enlightenment For example. Whole nations enforce “accepted” styles of dress or appearance which separate them from other nations. We must be able to communicate with each other. It is much more difficult to kill someone if both sides can make the other aware of why one is fighting in the first place. etc.is the same for everyone. Beliefs and emotions do not share this common factor. is the only means of reaching agreement. custom handshakes. There are four primary principles which can serve as a basis for an enlightened. when individuals of a particular race actively develop specialized language usage.one plus one -. An enlightened society involves recognizing and reinforcing those things we have in common while simultaneously celebrating the diversity of every individual. Fairness.

We were not born with equal abilities and motivations. Over the years there has been a gradual. is not possible without freedom. but the opportunity belongs mostly to those who are born into it. worldwide socioeconomic system. opportunity and freedom must. If the guy with nine apples were to take home just eight instead. If you imagine ten people going to work somewhere. which are obviously far from being idyllic examples of civilization. Cooperation is not possible if people are “forced to cooperate. but still incomplete transition toward the recognition of the true limits personal freedom. but that no one is forced to have less than someone else. while everyone else is given just one-ninth of one apple.Koda Instant Enlightenment Reason tells us that whenever more than one individual is involved in some situation. you can see how unfair our current economic system is. This is the same as saying one person has nine apples and nine people are left to share one apple. therefore. In the U. So fairness doesn’t mean everyone must have the same things. Nine out of ten people would have 236 . Peace. Some people can run faster or jump higher than others. Greed and control have taken the place of opportunity and freedom. In order for everyone to have the same. and some will want to work harder to achieve more.” Force automatically generates resistance (every extreme implies the opposite). Reason. fair chance. more than ninety percent of the wealth is owned by just ten percent of the population. the only way to keep everyone happy is for things to be fair. therefore. and at the end of the day one person walks away with nine apples. our media constantly tell us we are the land of opportunity and freedom. In the United States. It may at first appear that these principles are incorporated into modern democratic societies. opportunity must be incorporated into an enlightened social system. the standard of living for ninety percent of the population would double.. and the freedom is restricted to behavior sanctioned as acceptable by government. fairness. That limit is reached when one’s personal behavior forces others to participate against their will.S. Fairness does not mean all things are the same for everyone. be the fundamental principles of an enlightened.

energy. or contribute in ways which benefit more people. to each according to their need. education. equally. otherwise no one will want to contribute. clothing. It is necessary to reward people according to their level of contribution.Koda Instant Enlightenment twice their present income. items which are not necessary to “reasonably comfortable” survival should be marketed without price restrictions. Too many of us work only because we have to in order to survive and be comfortable. effort belongs to those with the fewest abilities and the greatest needs. Since everyone needs these items. transportation. it would benefit everyone equally to create a system where they were made available at the lowest possible cost. so the idea that a few individuals should be allowed to make huge profits while others are forced to endure price gouging is unfair. Items of basic necessity are those which are necessary to reasonably comfortable survival. which are part of the Earth and therefore belong to everyone. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all have the things we need and want and get rid of the monetary system altogether? Perhaps some day that may be possible. Would you still do what you do for a living if you didn’t need the money? If the answer is yes. Items of basic necessity include food. Communism fails because it’s fundamental ethos is. while at the same time it is necessary to manage natural resources in ways which protect the environment. it would be possible to live in a world where money was not necessary. On the other hand. then for you. communications. This would extend to natural resources. medical care. The only exception to this is when a person would be 237 . but I can not imagine it happening in the foreseeable future. “From each according to their ability. This can be achieved without allowing greed to dominate by applying reason and fairness. This also means one’s current standard of living could be achieved while working half as many hours. Fairness means that those who work harder. deserve to acquire greater rewards. Ask yourself a question. or for two to work half as many hours per week. housing. enabling one person to support a family. etc. including wildlife.” In such a system the greatest rewards vs. Natural resources should be made available to all manufactures at the lowest possible cost.

No social system can operate without financial resources. but free education means their kids can be educated with less financial hardship than would otherwise be the case.Koda Instant Enlightenment forced to purchase something. Taxation is presently used for both revenue and control. When you combine the benefits of being provided with basic necessities at the lowest possible costs.at least in theory. but the rich would be financing more of the services taken advantage of by the poor. The poor may feel the crunch of losing ten percent of their income more dramatically than the rich would. Price gouging is a form of force. on services rendered. But taking the same amount of money from rich and poor alike is not fair. utilities. phone and internet access. as a way for government to enforce moral choices upon its “free” citizens. the poor would actually enjoy a better standard of living than they would if they were denied these services while not taxed at all. Loopholes enable the rich to avoid paying taxes almost entirely. i. on property. to name just a few.. alcohol. For example. repair parts needed in order to maintain the usefulness of a previously purchased item. and still have more to spend than they would if they were taxed at a higher percentage of income than the poor. everyone should be taxed equally. etc. There are taxes on the sale of any item (sales tax). In a fair society. gasoline. and tax loopholes make the system entirely unfair. Taxation is another area where reason and fairness would change how things are done. The rich would pay the same percentage of their income as the poor would. Fairness would mean taking an equal percentage of income from everyone. Taxes are also levied upon particular items as a way of “hiding” how much taxes a person actually ends up paying. hotels stays. because the rich would hardly notice what would be a devastating loss to the poor. It is impossible to know how much we actually pay in taxes without 238 . “Sin taxes” are placed upon the sale of tobacco. which is currently the case -.e.. the rich can send their kids to any school they choose for higher education and losing ten percent of their income would not be felt as a devastating loss. so taxes are necessary. and force would not be part of an enlightened society for individuals who were not exerting force upon others. The poor may feel the loss more directly.

These additional taxes take a far greater percentage of income from the poor than from the rich. Workers and others would pay the tax when they receive their income and would never have to concern themselves with being taxed again on the same money. Remember that if you are presently paying twenty percent of your paycheck in payroll taxes. Twenty percent of all the money that changes hands every day in this world is a whole lot of money. say. the government can take it away if retired people on fixed incomes become unable to pay the constantly increasing property taxes.” including writing off jet planes. But don’t expect “the authorities” to support such a change in the tax system. which is far more than they have had to pay in the past.” where the receiver pays a fixed percentage of the amount exchanged in any transaction. upon income. The result is seeing. This is particularly true with property taxes.Koda Instant Enlightenment laboriously adding up all one’s receipts. Nor would anyone have to file a tax return. The best way to implement this is an “exchange tax. with no loopholes whatsoever. “hidden” taxes are doubling that. while in fact the majority of us end up paying more like forty percent of our income in various taxes. An exchange tax would also apply to all transactions made by corporations and businesses. Loopholes associated with business taxation policies currently enable multi-million-dollar corporations to pay no taxes whatsoever. not just their employees. When businesses pay an equal percentage of their income in taxes along with everyone else the overall tax rate would drop dramatically. which is entirely unfair. where even after a lifetime of paying for a house. and this confusion regarding how much we are taxed is exactly what the government intended. There would be no deductions for “costs associated with doing business. twenty percent of your income withheld from your pay check. A true tax rate of twenty percent would cut the average worker’s taxes in half. The 239 . houses and automobiles. An exchange tax differs from a sales tax in that it affects transactions other than simply sales. For ten percent of the population the tax rates will sky rocket to the same percentage that everyone else would be paying. The solution is to create a single tax.

because free medical care should be provided to everyone. The greedy will fight hard to keep the system favoring them. however. It’s no surprise that he quit his job and the creditors received nothing. but fair is fair. People need items of basic necessity. Robbers in White Coats 240 . Medical care is one of the basic necessities of life.Koda Instant Enlightenment people with nine apples will forecast doom and gloom for the entire world if they are forced to be fair and have to get by with only eight apples. Welfare and unemployment compensation should be eliminated and replaced with guaranteed employment for anyone who wants it. There should. So long as a person can always find decent paying work there would be less justification for petty crime. Not long ago a man I know found half his weekly paycheck being withheld for child support. and no need for bankruptcy. It is important to understand that no one deserves a free ride. be a reasonable limit on the percentage of income any creditors can forcibly withhold from a person in debt. Everyone. They will point out that you will lose the deduction for interest paid on your home loan. society incurred the debt of providing everyone with the opportunity to support themselves. as illustrated by the following. Then again. hoping you will forget that you will end up paying even more in property taxes and twice as much in “hidden” taxes. other than the totally disabled. it should be understood that when society became so large it took away the right of individuals to live freely off the land. Those few individuals who are totally incapacitated would require medical care in medical institutions. They would not be considered “special cases” exempt from the socioeconomic structure that applies to everyone else. which is unfair to the creditors who incur the loss. is capable of contributing to their own survival in some way. and people can be provided with employment creating those things. Don’t forget that. then the IRS took the other half for back taxes. and for ninety percent of the population things will become far better when things are fair.

S. and the absence of a national health care system which regulates prices has turned medical professionals into millionaire extortionists.Koda Instant Enlightenment Consider the case of an American making minimum wage who has a toothache and discovers he needs a root canal. We are the only industrialized country without a national health care system. where the bridge is often icy and the 241 . may be options you also face. at minimum wage no one can support themselves to begin with. He also lost his job because he could no longer work as a result of the injury. Of course. in this particular case a relative came up with the money for the operation.000 of the $5. Tens of thousands of Americans die each year as a result of not having medical insurance. the average American dentist wants $500 for a root canal plus over $600 for a crown in order to save the tooth. and the procedure will take the dentist about 2 hours. even death. there are forty-four million people without medical insurance.) over 200 hours to earn that much money. At present. One analogy for this situation would be a bridge called Life that spans a bottomless chasm. so such people have no way to pay.000 poorer. or pain and disfigurement. Not long ago someone I know had a heart attack. If you have a job which provides good medical insurance. the doctors refused to reattach the tendon unless $1. but not all of us are so lucky. An acquaintance recently cut through the tendon of his little finger. The same conditions would apply if facing a hoodlum carrying a tire iron in a dark alley -. pray that you don’t end up unemployed in an economy where similar employment is simply unavailable. outpatient operation was paid up front. If this person doesn’t pay the money he will be in severe pain and his appearance will be disfigured. and a few weeks later similar symptoms occurred so he went to the hospital.pay the money or else. To save one tooth it will cost anyone making minimum wage (currently $5. and the cost of medical care here has risen at ten times the rate of inflation for decades. he resigned himself to spending the rest of his life with a maimed hand. In the U. All they did was hook him up to a monitor for an hour then sent him home $1.000 for the two hour.15/hr. Fortunately. Not having the money. Because he has no medical insurance.

If people studying to work in critical professions were actually paid to go to school there would never be a shortage of qualified professionals willing to work for high but reasonable wages. It doesn’t have to be this way. because that is how much they will charge. but to provide quality healing services and make a very good living at it. An enlightened social system would provide free education to anyone who wants it because education is a basic necessity. but walk the length of the bridge carrying a rope they can use to help people back up to safety. Medical people are like robbers in white coats. brightest flowers of the bunch. who did nothing to put us in our precarious position. The motivation of these individuals would not be to make millions of dollars. but presently can not afford the many years of required education. I realized they are not the smartest. with many of them studying medicine only to acquire the wealth and status of being a doctor. Free health care would also enable people to take more preemptive health measures. At the same time the cost of health care to society would drop dramatically. They are just people like everyone else. It’s the same question a robber with a gun would ask. There would be sufficient staff in hospitals so that emergency doctors would not be required to work thirty-six hour shifts and the shortage of nurses would disappear. such as having regular physical and dental exams. perhaps as much as eighty percent once the unbelievable profits built into the cost of pharmaceutical drugs are also removed. cramming for exams between parties simply to pass the tests rather than to retain the information. But before they help you they ask how much your life is worth to you. It is inevitable that all of us will at one time or another be blown off the side of the bridge where we desperately grip the broken railing. would be drawn into the field and the quality of service would actually improve. but the robber only takes what you have on you. From my encounters with pre-med students in college. Those individuals who have a natural desire to work in healing professions. while free education would allow people to take yoga or 242 .Koda Instant Enlightenment wind always blows. while doctors and hospitals will take everything you have spent your entire life earning.

High speed data networks would provide access to virtually unlimited digital entertainment and information. Wind. “Smart dumb-waiters” could deliver groceries and other products directly to your residence. with lots of storage space between adjacent units. so there would be no system-wide power blackouts. The walls. further reducing health care costs. etc. (Fair taxation and access to basic necessities at the lowest possible cost would double your effective income. over-crowded public housing units for the poor.) I am not talking about ugly. without stairs. would result in cost savings that would cut the cost of living in half for those fortunate enough to live in them. wave and other energy sources could supply electricity with no dependence on fossil fuels and their associated pollution. including interactive on-line educational programs (reducing the cost of education). One-Building Cities The construction of one-building cities. escalators. and living in a one-building city would double it again. while everything inside the building can be reached in just a few minutes via traveling walkways. ceilings and floors would be soundproof and each unit can be configured to taste regarding interior wall placement. and no yard to keep up. dining table. This communication system would also enable individual participation in government affairs. housing onehundred-thousand people or more. lounge chairs and hanging gardens. efficient masterpieces of architectural engineering. but spacious. These living spaces would be as large as an average home. and above all. The living spaces could have large. People would be healthier in general as a result. beautiful. The pyramid would appear black because the walls would be covered with solar panels to assist in power generation to individual housing units.Koda Instant Enlightenment other exercise classes and learn more regarding alternative health systems. outdoor patios big enough for a hot tub. The outer walls are lined with (separated) residential and office spaces. which further reduces sound transfer. Imagine a black pyramid a mile across at the base and half a mile high. Since 243 .

Constructing one-building cities is not simply an exercise in community design. electrical and data transmission lines are much shorter. to generate sufficient energy from renewable resources and completely eliminate dependence on oil and coal. Consider the reality of our civilization being so dependent upon automobiles. it is possible. it seems possible that a motor could be constructed which would burn these chemicals (currently used as rocket fuel) while powering a generator that would produce more electricity than needed to separate the hydrogen and oxygen. Surrounding the building the nearby areas would contain parks and both community and private gardens. Office space and light manufacturing would make up much of the interior. Besides the billions of dollars spent every year on roads that scar the environment. and a stadium large enough to seat half the population of the city at one time. The cost of mass producing a private residence as part of such a structure is far lower than that of a free-standing building. eliminate pollution and enhance the quality of life. Plumbing. 244 . would be shops and restaurants. The main reason for them to exist is to improve efficiency. everyone who drives a car has to deal with drunk drivers on the road. Because most of the interior space is not exposed to the outside. speed traps. heating and air conditioning costs would be dramatically reduced. traffic tickets. In other words. right now. with indoor gardens. which is also open and spacious. And most importantly. and a railroad tunnel would run under the building to a transportation hub some distance away. In any case. cars would be eliminated. Using carbon nano-tubes as the primary construction material would enable the building to last a thousand years. natural light.Koda Instant Enlightenment electricity can be used to separate the hydrogen and oxygen in water. There are no roads in site. with farmland beyond. since no one needs a car. as well as inside. there is no roof to build. it seems possible to construct a motor which runs on water and produces harmless water vapor as exhaust. and the main structure can be built with automated machinery designed specifically to “mass produce” that project. Along the outside of the building at ground level. streets do not have to be dug up and resurfaced to make repairs.

“Do not force others to participate against their will.and entire countries are ripped apart by corruption and violence financed by drug profits. Illegal drug distribution makes up eightpercent of the worlds economy -.S. The solution is to grant individuals the freedom they inherently possess as the owners of their own bodies -. rather than flooding the uninformed with 245 . individual choices. Business. cause seventy percent of water pollution. etc. maintenance and insurance costs to double the standard of living for the residents. on the other hand. fuel costs. it could also be a great place to live.” is essentially the only law necessary as far as individuals are concerned. is this the way you would design things to be? Constructing one-building cities and eliminating automobiles would save enough in construction. auto insurance. and about half of our air pollution. automobile repair costs. Many of those injured suffer brain or spinal cord injuries which result in tragic. each year.a larger industry than automobile manufacture worldwide -. needs to be regulated in order to prevent exploitation and maintain public safety. With everything you could want just minutes away. The “war against drugs” is a battle which can never be won because individuals will never accept that government has the right to restrict private. If society made honest information available regarding the pros and cons of using street drugs.Koda Instant Enlightenment dangerous weather conditions.to make them responsible for the consequences of their own decisions. If we were to start all over from scratch. Automobiles result in tens of billions per year in insurance claims. nor can government regulate which substances one chooses to ingest. Forty-thousand deaths and five-million auto related injuries occur in the U. permanent disabilities. True personal freedom means an individual is the owner his or her own body and can do with it as one pleases. Personal freedom means private sexual behavior can not be regulated. Freedom and Justice Laws governing individual behavior should be so simple and easy to understand they can be written on a single piece of paper in large type.

will do a great deal to reduce real crime. but if the laws are fair and real 246 . In other words.over and over if necessary. The first is remembering that no one will do anything which they are certain is wrong.all in the name of “goodness. One out of every thirty-seven adults now alive in the US have been. combined with the opportunity to make huge profits by selling drugs. in prison. This is sort of “the long explanation” given to adults -. society can refuse to be fair in return.” Freedom means doing as you please so long as you do not force others to participate in your behavior. and a society that is fair with its people. There are two main ideas to consider when attempting to decide how to deal with such people. or are. There is no other way to define personal freedom in a fair society.Koda Instant Enlightenment biased propaganda which is largely ignored. Every opportunity should be provided to enable an individual to see the error of his or her ways. individuals would be able to make informed choices. which is minimal. If drugs were not illegal prices would fall closer to the cost of production. one-sixth for marijuana alone. With current wages for unskilled workers being less than the cost of survival. many young people in our inner cities can see no way of succeeding in life through legitimate means.” Freedom does not mean “only those behaviors approved by government. and personal property acquired over a lifetime of hard work to be confiscated -. has the highest percentage of its population in prison of any industrialized nation. there will always be those who refuse to play by the rules and will treat others unfairly. careers to be lost. Of the two-million people in American prisons nearly half are there on non-violent drug charges. The ability to earn a comfortable living with minimal effort will also do a great deal to reduce crime.S. Due to our drug laws the U. This does not include those who have only been in local jails. and there would no longer be huge profits to finance the violence. A basic education regarding the concept of fairness. our present socioeconomic policies and the war on drugs causes gang violence and poverty. The second point regarding fairness is that if an individual refuses to be fair. Government refusal to grant individuals true personal freedom causes children to be torn from families. which would then cease to exist. In terms of real crimes.

hot tubs and big screen TVs on the opposing forces would do more to end the war. When one considers the enormous cost of expendable military hardware such as bombs and cruise missiles. Both sides in a war feel their actions are justified and necessary. they should simply be removed from all interaction with society and its benefits. the leaders of those nations. There is nothing more noble about dropping a bomb on a tank containing several soldiers than having a sniper shoot the leader of an opposing country and preventing the war entirely. it is better for society to pay the financial costs of a lifetime of incarceration than to unjustly kill a single innocent person with capital punishment. to simply kill such people and be done with it. Innocent people are killed. and someone repeatedly refuses to be fair toward others. education and infra structure.e. and at less expense. The consequences of a nuclear war are horrible beyond imagination. Families are ripped apart and the suffering lasts long after the fighting has ceased. with no attempt to provide comforts beyond healthy survival. However. But wars are not created by nations. on supplying the opposing force with a better life. The only thing more insane than a nuclear war is continuing to prepare ourselves to have one. Wars are usually fought by one nation against another.. They are created by individuals. It only serves to reinforce the kind of ideas that got those people into trouble in the first place. maimed or deprived of material possessions as a result of war. wars are caused by 247 . it seems that dropping new cars. it would be equally “fair. When it comes to those who simply refuse to be fair with others after numerous opportunities to learn differently. Eliminating War War is the most unfair of all human acts.” and much cheaper. In other words. solitary confinement. Putting like-minded (criminal) people together where they associate with others who think the same way is truly stupid.Koda Instant Enlightenment opportunity is available. If the money currently spent on military operations were instead spent providing jobs. or by one religion against another. i. wars could be avoided.

We are far from being the only unfair country. let alone toward those in other parts of the world. Open communication between opposing populations would eventually eliminate war because all people are able to recognize reason and fairness when they see it. If one group believes it is wrong for women to have equal rights. The good intent of the American people is so sincere that we allow our young military people to die in defense of “freedom” in other countries. The unfairness often exists.S. The same principle of “moral necessity” we apply to imprison pot smokers is used by others to encourage suicide bombers. Most of us never consider the possibility that it is because the U. but we are the most aggressive in promoting our policies overseas. and for most of us we can not grasp why anyone would want to harm our county in any way. The most effective weapon in any confrontation is communication -.Koda Instant Enlightenment groups promoting different interpretations of right and wrong. for individuals to enjoy financial and social freedoms. War is a result of unfairness. and another group believes the opposite. constantly seeks to manipulate foreign economies in ways which benefit the few at the expense of the masses. On the other hand. If one group believes it is wrong for a few individuals to profit from the exploitation of natural resources while the vast majority suffer. and another group believes the opposite. there will be war. there will be war. and that means both sides agreeing to be fair. on both sides. corruption and repression are so extreme in other parts of the world that many people seek to come here. or good and bad. by it’s leadership. that we actively seek to impose our morality and form of government on other nations. and that we are not fair with our own people. where each side is convinced.getting both sides to see things the same way. or that a particular religion should control government. And there is the problem of religious morality in other nations creating unopposed propaganda which encourages people to take up arms in order to enforce their morality upon all others. It is incomprehensible to the average American why the United States government is hated by so much of the world. that the other side is being unfair. War is not possible where fairness exists. (Though it can take some time to sink in.) Because the Internet 248 .

Another name for democracy is “mob rule. imagine the world has a population of only one-hundred people. In other words.Koda Instant Enlightenment enables free expression between individuals across the globe. True democracy also creates a situation where a completely uninformed person has as much power to affect society as the wisest individual on Earth. consider what has happened to the global monetary system. are not capable of representing everyone. Democracy via an Informed Population True democracy is a situation where each person has one vote and the majority rules. all young men will refuse to go to war. where all those who can demonstrate awareness of the details of a particular case are allowed to vote on the final decisions. as well as vote. Most current “democratic” societies operate by empowering the population to elect individuals who will represent their views in the making of laws. The sooner positions of power are eliminated the sooner this can come about. so once in office they are trusted to use their own judgment.” and angry mobs are not prone to investigating all the facts.” There should be an interactive communication system where anyone willing to study the issue at hand would be able to observe all the facts and contribute opinions. it is the single most valuable tool for peace in the world today. Twenty years later the population has 249 . An alternative is an informed population.” There is nothing fair or reasonable about forcing a man to kill other men. and considered absolute necessities by the population of the world. When enlightened definitions of reason and fairness are communicated worldwide. To make this explanation easier to understand. so drafting people into military service is worse than slavery. however. decisions affecting others would be made by an “informed population. and each of these people have one dollar. Decisions should be made by a consensus of all those citizens who understand the issue at hand. This often leads to corruption and abuse of power. If you don’t believe corruption is a significant problem in every country. These individuals. “War will end when all young men refuse to go to war. As Seth tells us.

When I was young I believed the world was a mess because no one had been smart enough to come up with effective solutions. relative to the cost of living. The monetary system of the entire world has been corrupted. But that is impossible because there should be less money to go around due to the increased population. That means wages and prices would have to drop by half. Those who benefit 250 .S. Government should work toward manufacturing all the products it requires and providing its own services. Corruption is also created when government officials purchase products and services from private manufacturers. Minimum wage. instead of money gaining value as the population increases. or fifty cents each. Inflation causes prices to double over and over again. and high tech jobs are increasingly being shipped overseas as American companies interact with foreign employees via the Internet. So I spent years working towards finding those solutions. Manufacturing is shipped off to third world countries where employees are paid one-tenth as much to work in sweat shop conditions and are denied employee benefits. is a third less than it was in 1973. The result? Millions of Americans with healthcare and mortgages have lost everything. That means there would only be half as much money per person in circulation.S. These contracts often go to those companies who provide favors or bribes to the officials involved. In the U. jobs in the last three-anda-half years alone. rather than outsourcing from private companies. Later I realized that the solutions were fairly obvious to a lot of people. “Free trade” has resulted in the loss of a three-million U. and is now even worse than during the great depression of the 1930s. In our present society. Where did the extra trillions of dollars come from? It was created out of thin air. but they had not been implemented because those in power make deliberate efforts to keep the population in ignorance.Koda Instant Enlightenment doubled to two-hundred people. it loses value. The money would increase in value because there would be less of it to go around. Everyone has to spend twice as much money to buy the same things. the gap between rich and poor has doubled every ten years for the last thirty years.

while those in power acted as they pleased because they had the power to do so. The opposite of right wing political thinking is using the same kind of force in the opposite way. hard working people. because we are all blindly led to believe that there is no better way. True left wing politics does not exist because there is no attempt to force others to participate in left wing thinking. A lifetime of slavery to our never ending debt is the American way. We accept potential unemployment and the loss of all we have worked to acquire as an unfortunate but unavoidable reality. we will be satisfied with one-ninth of an apple.Koda Instant Enlightenment unfairly from the way things are actively use the power of their enormous wealth and political influence to keep things as they are. It would be to force people to have abortions in order to reduce the population problem. For example. This results in a lifetime of servitude working to line the pockets of the already wealthy so we can pay for a home and modest lifestyle. So long as we are convinced we could one day have nine apples. On the right are people who believe it is correct and justified to force others to behave in particular ways. We are constantly told that we have the opportunity to acquire great wealth if we are decent. to use street drugs to gain enlightenment. etc. so when we find ourselves living on the streets we think it’s because we are somehow inferior. What is considered left today is actually dead center. having or performing abortions. to view pornographic materials to get over sexual hang ups. and that is all that ninety-percent of us will ever get. We are relentlessly bombarded with advertising convincing us we need more things. viewing movies with “indecent” sexual content. many millions of people worldwide protested the 2003 war in Iraq prior to it beginning. It is becoming the way of the entire world. In spite of this the propaganda has convinced us that government by representatives is the best 251 . and to make us believe we live in the best society possible. etc. Definitions of political left and right have been distorted in order to make right wing politics seem less repressive than they really are. Examples include imprisoning people for using street drugs. Those who derive profit and power from the existing political systems either ignore or suppress opposing views. The opposite of this is not the liberal left as it is today.

Then the mega stores raise prices because there is no longer any competition. which includes opportunity and freedom. that it inspires innovation and results in lower prices. What I have attempted here is to provide a brief description of some basic concepts involved in making this world the best place we are capable of creating as a society. and capitalist companies pay the advertising costs which are the medias profit. for example? The idea that competition is good. To review the main ideas: There should be a single socioeconomic system worldwide. For example. But still we act as if competition is good. that each of us has an equal voice. has been ground into us from the moment we entered school as children. large corporations with endless financial resources open chains of huge mega stores. but when was the last time you changed a law? There is no voice for opposing positions because the wealthy own the media. but that’s OK because we pay lower prices.Koda Instant Enlightenment political system possible. Like it or not we are a team. The capitalist government controls media licensing. How well can a team work if the members are all competing against each another? Humans are social creatures and we all interact with each other. The fundamental principles of this system should involve the 252 . But competition means survival of the fittest. We believe we live in a democracy. The solution is not competition. It means being fair. The small businesses can’t compete and go out of business. and would be significantly enhanced if the best minds in the world contributed. When is the last time you watched an American television program proclaiming the virtues of socialism. or any other kind of -ism. We lose. The world is a mess because reason is not applied to insure fairness. but cooperation. and we need to stop competing with one another. Cooperation doesn’t mean communism. socialism. buying products at reduced prices due to volume discounts and undercutting prices of all the smaller stores in the area. Fully describing the way an enlightened society would operate could easily fill an entire book.

reduce much of the corruption in drug producing countries.S.S. which does not force others to participate against their will.” This amendment would release nearly a million non-violent people from U. dramatically reduce gang violence on our streets. population. fairness. The construction of one-building cities and the elimination of automobiles would double the average person’s standard of living. There is one thing we can all do politically to begin improving the world -. That is to legalize freedom by supporting the Personal Freedoms Protection Amendment: “Behavior expressed in the pursuit of happiness. prisons. It would save tens of billions of dollars now spent every year on prisons and the doomed-to-failure war on drugs. cut off the financing of most organized crime. with no capital punishment. That money could be used to educate and employ those leaving prison. And I wouldn’t be too concerned about it turning kids into drug addicts – it’s easier for a kid to buy street drugs now than to get 253 . Private enterprise should be allowed to compete in all other areas. There should be a single form of taxation.Koda Instant Enlightenment equal application of reason. and rid us all of much artificial guilt. Criminal rehabilitation should involve education and progressively longer periods of solitary confinement. is an unalienable right of the American people. Positions of power should be replaced by an informed population. opportunity and freedom. with no loopholes and at the same percentage for everyone. Items of basic necessity and natural resources should be made available at the lowest possible cost by eliminating profits associated with private enterprise. This would reduce taxes by half for ninety percent of the U. Education and health care should be free to all.which actually has a chance of succeeding because it doesn’t prevent most of those in political power from exercising their greed. Welfare and unemployment benefits should be eliminated and replaced with guaranteed employment. an “exchange tax” paid by the receiver in every transaction.

fairness. and we could at least begin the process of bringing reason. spiritual development can be nurtured in an atmosphere of peace. Social enlightenment is not simply a matter of bringing spiritual awareness to the masses. To bring enlightenment to the world is to create an environment where our own.Koda Instant Enlightenment alcohol. One man can not change the world alone. A similar law could be implemented in many countries around the world. shared by enough people. The political and economic system we live within must be capable of nourishing individual spiritual development. but one idea. but that doesn’t mean they can’t be accomplished. Be selfish. personal. opportunity and freedom to all humanity. Choose to live in such a world for your own benefit. The necessary changes won’t be easy. and we should all begin by believing there is hope. Our beliefs about the society we live in help to form the society we experience. 254 . will have already changed the world. tolerance and prosperity for all.

Since twilight I have sat as a spirit in a statue studying the fog's spinning. but within it. The sound of hissing behind my back is the campfire sinking further into the snow. The fire warms my naked flesh. into the creeping drift of the dome's fog wall. I think. or perhaps the fire's heat has failed to warm the shadow.Koda Instant Enlightenment Frozen Fog Cold descends shimmering yet unseen. Within this wilderness of listless mist Only the shadows of trees are moving. cross-legged. flickering dome of emptiness inside the dense purity of surrounding grey. the flamelight and smoke a thin tower supporting a pale. the fog has frozen still. After three days of fasting I may be approaching delirium. Crystallized mists 255 . now. spilling from the dark vault of space behind a guise of cascading mist swirling into fog beneath the towering waterfall. halting motion deep within my shadow's breathing. The sputtering light projects my shadow.

But there are no words of illumination. and a dull gleam ebbs and flows across the angular forehead and chin. no signs. I blink slowly. my hand grasping a skyfull of falling snow. and from the deeper dark of the shrouded heart I sense the presence of an ancient warrior. no gestures. I reach out and firelight blazes in the crystal eyes for a moment. 256 . Cautiously. framing the darkness where there would be eyes. afraid the breeze blown by my lashes or the pause in my silence may break the delicate fabric of the frozen form. none of the insight I had come here hoping to find. but I am left alone.Koda Instant Enlightenment hang like spider spun lace within the rigid body of the shadow-form. There is only the living stillness of a warrior's sternness. The shoulders and arms drape like icy rain falling between canyons of cloud.

If we experience anything as physical creatures.Koda Instant Enlightenment Appendix: Overview of Metaphysical. The prefix “para” is the root of “parallel” and means “next to” or “along side. Occult and Paranormal Phenomena and Practices There are a great number of events and conditions which traditional science can not explain in terms of previously accepted scientific conclusions. That which is “not normal” in psychological terms includes some rather unpleasant behavior having nothing to do with enlightenment and greater awareness. or secret.” because. it follows that such experience is physical in nature. for example. But even 257 . But there is a difference between something which is hidden and that which simply isn’t understood. Psychic perception.” Paranormal would refer to that which is not normal but is in some way related to normal.yet goes beyond our normal understanding of physical cause and effect. Many of these involve perceptions or manipulations of a “non-physical” nature and are often referred to as paranormal phenomena.” or “that which is beyond the physical. such phenomena is actually part of physical nature -. and should therefore be the subject of physical science. I have some difficulty with the term “paranormal” largely because it is considered a part of psychology rather than physical science. in my opinion. not revealed. falling within the study of parapsychology. but has yet to be adequately explained in general scientific terms. I prefer the term “metaphysical. It is often used in reference to paranormal or supernatural phenomena. is not hidden. “Occult” means hidden.

and small metal balls or staples placed in the ear lobe are said to assist individuals in losing weight..S. Acupuncture can be used to facilitate anesthesia during operations. It is a form of therapy which involves inserting needles into the body at key locations and leaving them there for various lengths of time. established friendly relations with China and the National Institute of Health sponsored a research conference on the subject. and I can’t say that I always know the difference. one will work as well as another. Items are listed alphabetically. and the needles are used to manipulate this energy as a means of restoring or maintaining the health of the body. An asterisk (*) indicates the phenomena is also described in other sections of this book. These points on the body are said to affect the flow of ch’i energy. etc. 258 . ***** Acupuncture and Acupressure Acupuncture originated in China more than five-thousand years ago. Acupuncture first appeared in the West in France in 1928 but became more popular in the 1970s after the U.” I‘m sure much of this stuff is actually true. not smoking. It would appear that none of these terms are adequate. Whatever you choose to call it. Terms in bold type are described elsewhere in this section. while some of it may not be true. by rubbing the embedded object to reduce cravings. this chapter provides descriptions of strange and/or interesting stuff reported to happen out there in “boofland. Perhaps one day science will eventually discover methods of measuring the coherent structures of “non-physical” phenomena and entirely new terms will be applied. so for the present. The information is provided in order to better describe the potentials of human awareness.Koda Instant Enlightenment “metaphysics” falls short of being an adequate term because it is considered to be a branch of philosophy rather than physics. and may be of some assistance in our efforts to determine fact from fiction.

sometimes in conjunction with massage.Koda Instant Enlightenment Acupressure is similar to acupuncture. and event which has ever occurred is said to be imprinted in an unknown way. the father of modern physics. who used quicksilver (mercury) to separate gold and silver from ore. largely due to the repressive nature of the Catholic Church. Prior to Newton’s time there were essentially no advances in alchemy for nearly 1. but rather than penetrating the skin with needles. Their knowledge originated with the ancient Egyptians. pressure is applied at key points on the body. even Sir Isaac Newton. Alchemists of the time combined both rudimentary science and philosophy in this quest. all human experiences could be perceived directly by psychically tuning in to the events as they occur. where eventually.) Alchemy Modern chemistry evolved from efforts to transmute baser materials into gold and silver during the medieval period in Europe and the Middle East. practiced alchemical research in the 1600s. Rather than the information existing as some sort of record.” the same information would be perceivable if such a record of human experience did not actually exist.000 years. perhaps on some astral plane. Akashic Records Every thought. (If time is in fact simultaneous and all events are happening now in the “spacious present. which would not tolerate any use of magic (witchcraft) or any philosophy which opposed Catholic religious teachings. When the Arabs conquered Egypt in the seventh century this knowledge eventually found its way to Spain and then spread throughout Europe. and associated this process with the power of the god Osiris. where it can be perceived by gifted psychics. This “cosmic warehouse” of information is referred to as the Akashic Records. emotion. The belief was that such a feat could only be accomplished by an 259 . The Gnostic philosophy of the alchemists was intended to perfect the soul in the process of changing lead into gold.

including ferns matching the leaf patterns of drawings she was shown. In many cases they materialize near the ceiling and drop to the table. ASCID (Altered States of Consciousness Induction Device) Developed by Robert Masters and Jean Houston of the Foundation for Mind Research. In one case. Apports Physical objects materialized at séances. Few reports of apports have been investigated since the 1920s. The slightest movement exaggerates the motion of the device producing 260 . Most scholars who accept that gold was ever made in this manner attribute the results to the spiritual abilities of the practitioner. They are usually physical objects from the nearby environment but have been reported to have come from all over the globe. but have also materialized in the cupped hands of the medium. The key ingredient required was the “philosophers stone. In the 1880s. There are only a few reports of alchemists being successful in changing lead into gold. These include everything from jewels and flowers to living animals. There are numerous reports of a Scottish man named Alexander Seton who turned any metal given him into gold using a black powder. It consists of a metal swing the occupant stands in while blindfolded and wearing ear plugs. and even extreme torture did not succeed in making him divulge its secret. a medium successfully materialized two marked objects that had been placed in the coffin of a child buried a few days before. physical medium Elizabeth d’Esperance regularly produced apports of objects requested by the sitters.Koda Instant Enlightenment individual who had transmuted himself into a higher quality being in the same way. Materialized objects include sun flowers over six feet tall and other objects too large to have been fraudulently concealed.” which is usually described as a powder. which corresponds to the belief that the philosophers stone also granted long life.

since the astral body is reportedly perceived as the aura on different planes of the astral world. Astral projection involves the projection of conscious awareness outside of the physical body.) located along the zodiac (the part of the sky crossed by the Sun. Gemini. Taurus. the planets. In Western astrology there are twelve constellations (Aries. Each of these layers of energy correspond to perception and manipulation within seven different planes or spheres within the astral world. The term “astral body” and the “aura” are in some respects manifestations of the same thing. Astrology Astrology is a method of making predictions or observations based upon the positions of the stars. Astral World and Astral Projection According to Theosophical theory. often within twenty minutes. more and more subtle toward the inside. desires and emotions. or Out Of Body Experience. It is said to be the part of us which experiences all passions. Stars have relatively fixed positions and form a background of constellations (groups of stars) across which the planets appear to travel.. after death experience and Out Of Body Experiences (OOBEs). and communicates these to the physical nervous system. The astral body is said to be composed of seven layers of progressively finer energy. The first plane is the Mental level and constitutes an entirely new universe of perception. the astral body is an exact duplicate of the physical body but composed of finer matter. Each constellation (or sign) is associated with various meanings. Astral Body. It is the body used in dreams. The seventh plane is described as the realm of physical desire and the second plane the fulfillment of spiritual ideals. etc. and the angles between them.Koda Instant Enlightenment altered states of consciousness involving hallucinatory visions. The concept of the astral body originated with Hindu mysticism but is also mentioned in early Western literature. as are 261 . Moon and planets).

but it appears to have developed independently in both China and Mesopotamia. but also have some generally accepted characteristics. Auras* This refers to emanations of light around living beings which are perceived via clairvoyance. The angles between the planets also have various meanings. living in what is now Iraq. houses. They are described differently by various schools of thought. 262 . and went in and out of favor in both the Greek and Roman empires. Astrology was used in ancient Egypt. divided into twelve pie-shaped sections called houses. wedding..C. The precise origin of astrology is unknown.” is an abbreviation for “Before Common Era. These colors are associated with personality characteristics.Koda Instant Enlightenment each of the planets. Many different methods of creating and interpreting astrological information have been developed over the centuries in different parts of the world. were able to accurately predict eclipses. planets and angles between the planets.C. Auras are colorful.* the Chaldeans.E. health conditions and emotional states. are derived by combining the various meanings of the signs. but adepts can see them surrounding the entire body. A natal chart is one showing the sky as it appeared at the time and place of an individual’s birth. As early as 600 B. The most common astrology chart consists a circular map of the sky. A horary chart is created for a specific time and place such as the creation of a new business enterprise. *Note: “B.” our current method of dating years which begins with the birth of Jesus Christ. in that the colors are complex and in constant motion. past and future conditions. and the time of the solar year (within twenty-six minutes). They are most often perceived near the head as a sort of halo. the colors being brighter and having more subtleties of shading than physically perceived color. with the Earth in the center.E. Auras are animated. Interpretations regarding personality traits. or the asking of a particular question. etc. current. and was widely used in India from early times.

blue. anger. Automatic Writing This is a process where an individual writes without conscious control. It can be a form of mediumship where the information originates from an non-physical being. depending on the shade. was known to write with both hands on different subjects at the same time. sensuality. from envy and jealousy to sympathy and empathy. dark red. This can be anything from a condition similar to daydreaming. from obsession to intense spirituality.Koda Instant Enlightenment Theosophy describes the following symbolic associations of color and emotional states: Rose. brown. Most often the material is nearly incoherent and very little information is conveyed considering the number of words written. implying a spiritual source since the information could not have come from the subconscious. In some cases it has been reported that “an invisible hand” has grasped the subject’s arm and forced it move while the subject was fully conscious and unable to stop the movement. to a full trance. a young orphaned girl who could only read printed letters. Biofeedback 263 . orange. intellectual activity. In the 1850s Abby Warner. greed. yellow. purple indicates psychic ability and power arising out of knowledge. or simply an exercise in self delusion. selfishness or pride and ambition. Automatic writing is the most common form of mediumship and implies an alteration in consciousness away from the normal waking state. Some individuals have been able to write fluently in languages they were previously unfamiliar with (xenoglossic script) and lost items have been found using automatic writing as a method of accessing forgotten memories. a method of tapping into subconscious information. pure affection. produced automatic writing containing scientific concepts beyond the medium’s understanding. devotion. Chico Xavier (pronounced sheeko shaveer) a famous Brazilian Spiritist and author of over 150 books. green indicates placing oneself in the position of another. bright red.

light meditation and dream states. battery operated tone generators. Biofeedback devices range in price from under twenty dollars for simple. Alpha (8-13 cps) is associated with relaxation.5-3. Biofeedback equipment can enable an individual to monitor brainwave activity while meditating or practicing self hypnosis. Beta (1450 cycles per second) refers to our normal. Biofeedback has been shown to be particularly effective in the relief of migraine headaches. sleep and dreams. Brainwaves are bioelectric impulses which fluctuate in association with a subject’s state of conscious awareness. Delta (0. As the brainwave frequency decreases the tone will descend in pitch or the lights will flash more slowly.Koda Instant Enlightenment EEG is an acronym for “electroencephalographic” devices which measure electromagnetic energy through electrodes attached to the skin. and even the inexpensive devices can be quite effective for those new to meditation and self hypnosis. physical and mental capacity was popularized in the 1970s. This assists in the ability to discern which methods of concentration produce the slowest brainwaves and the associated states of consciousness. everyday state of awareness.5 cps) is associated with deep. In these cases the frequency of the practitioner’s brainwaves are most often displayed as an audible tone and/or flashing light. Biofeedback can be used to monitor such things as skin temperature and heart rate and thus assist in learning to control these otherwise autonomic responses. When placed around the head it is possible to monitor brainwave activity. some of which employ lights and tones which are programmed to gradually slow in order to induce the desired state of awareness. Biorhythms The idea that we experience predictable cycles of emotional. dreamless sleep. to hundreds of dollars for more sophisticated devices. The theory states that we experience peaks and valleys of emotional 264 . These impulses occur in cycles which are slower when sleeping and faster when fully awake and mentally active. Theta (4-7 cps) occurs during deep meditation.

The theory was tested in the 1970s by comparing the performance of athletes with their biorhythm charts. and no such correlations were found. Z. To date there is no significant evidence in support of the biorhythm theories. In some cases it is unclear whether the spiritual personalities being channeled are separate entities or expressions of the channel’s subconscious or higher spiritual self. while channels communicate primarily with certain spiritual entities in order convey information of a philosophical nature. Channeling was made popular by Jane Roberts (1929-1984) who began speaking for the entity Seth in 1963. The peaks are associated with a corresponding low halfway through each cycle. mental abilities peak every 33 days. Alan Vaughan (Li Sung) and J. Jach Pursel (Lazaris). Some individuals can do both. Channeling This is a currently popular term for a process where an individual conveys information from a spirit. some of it claimed to be from psychologists William James and Carl G. The individuals who do this are referred to as “spiritual mediums” or “channels. The subject would be expected to do best in each area when the peaks occurred. Knight (Ramtha). Since the 1980s many new channels have gained popularity.” Those who specialize in putting people in touch with their deceased relatives or friends are generally referred to as mediums. including Esther Hicks (Abraham). and physical energy peaks every 23 days. Some who have consciously created a “fictitious” personality to be channeled have produced paranormal phenomena. She produced a series of some 20 volumes including non-Seth material. It is therefore possible to begin with an individual’s birth date and create a graph of three rising and falling lines over time. Jung. Channeling first appeared in the late 1800s and a variety of spiritualist books have been produced though channels since then. usually while in a state of trance. and to have greater difficulties when any of these factors were at a low point. During the mid-1800s many persons 265 .Koda Instant Enlightenment wellbeing every 28 days.

Ch’i Chinese term for an energy within the body which can be controlled via meditation and breathing exercises. such as reading a letter inside a sealed envelope. John Edward is a medium who began to host his own television show. while others simply become a channel where the non-physical entity is allowed to speak using the 266 . Some mediums communicate with the dead using this type of perception. Clairaudience means “clear hearing” and refers primarily to hearing non-physical voices. The forth type is by its very nature difficult to verify. and (4) seeing spirits or other dimensions of experience. Crossing Over.” It is the term used to describe psychic impressions perceived as visual imagery in the mind of a psychic. (2) seeing things at a distance happening in the present. Clairvoyant perception does not employ use of the physical eyes. It is the most common form of psychic perception other than “direct knowing” or what is commonly referred to as intuition. (3) seeing future events (precognition) or past events. Similar to the Japanese ki and Hindu yoga term prana. In Asian systems of martial arts. Clairvoyance and Clairaudience Clairvoyance means “clear seeing.Koda Instant Enlightenment channeled the spirits of American Indians who spoke in broken English but were unable to communicate in native Indian dialects. (1) seeing physical objects in the direct environment which is otherwise hidden. Ch’i can be manipulated with acupuncture and acupressure. ch’i energy is focused at specific points in the body through the force of will to increase strength. often referred to as remote vision. Clairvoyance can be classified in four different subgroups. in the late 1990s. In some cases the living persons are not aware of the information until it is verified later. and regularly demonstrates knowledge of the personal lives of strangers said to be given to him by their deceased loved ones. and the first three types have been demonstrated to be a reality on countless occasions.

and if caused to vibrate via mechanical stimulation they will produce an electric current. who described this use by the people of Atlantis. For this reason they have been used in the manufacture of timepieces. Psychotic individuals also hear voices. In the late 1970s psychic channel Frank Alper published three volumes of material describing the supposed healing effects of crystals. but the same technique can be applied using glass spheres. Common examples are diamond and quartz.Koda Instant Enlightenment medium’s physical body. but the lack of scientific evidence supporting 267 . Crystal gazing is a form of divination where the practitioner shifts levels of consciousness (through self hypnosis) in order to perceive clairvoyant images in a smoothly polished globe or oval. Some people believe certain crystals have “magical” properties and they have been used in rainmaking ceremonies by Australian aborigines and other cultures. Crystal Gazing and Crystal Healing Crystals are stone objects which have smooth planes as a result of the chemical nature of the minerals composing their structure. computers and lasers. though it is unclear whether these are always products of the patient’s subconscious or if they may on occasion originate with outside entities. Quartz crystals have some unique properties. Historically these globes were made from crystal or precious stone. where they would be thrown at an adversary and “magically” return to the warrior who threw them. The idea of using crystals for healing purposes stems largely from the psychic readings of Edgar Cayce. Carlos Castaneda reported the use of finger-shaped quartz crystals as “power objects” used in warfare by ancient Toltec indians. in that if an electrical current is applied to them they will vibrate at a very consistent rate. The Hindus have employed small pools of black ink in a teacup since early times to produce similar results. This was followed by a number of other books on the subject. a mythical civilization believed by some to have sunk into the ocean. usually about four inches in diameter. The individual molecules have flat sides and these stack up to form smooth planes. Crystals.

Koda Instant Enlightenment the claims has resulted in a decline in popularity of crystal healing methods. astrological personality profile. Nearly all of the students said that it matched their personality quite well. Perhaps it is time to debunk the debunkers. Debunking the Debunkers Much of the cause of a lack of credibility for psychic phenomena by science is due to emotional bias and mental laziness expressed by many debunkers of paranormal phenomena. Déjà vu* 268 . Foremost among these is “The Amazing (James) Randi. How is it possible to disprove a theory when the theory is not applied in the test? A more effective experiment would be to have five of the best astrologers available collectively review 100 different birthdates of mature adults (rather than naive students) to find those most astrologically different.” who routinely claims to have successfully uncovered fraud by rigging experiments which prove nothing. At no point in this demonstration was astrology applied at all. Half of the participants would be provided with their correct profile and half with a profile belonging to someone else. in this one experiment. been shown to have no significance. then from those the astrologers would create personality profiles for twenty different individuals. so it would obviously apply to most individuals. Later it was revealed that all of them had received the same document which was not produced using astrology. Randi then claimed that astrology was a fraud. who in many cases are as irrational as they believe the believers to be. in one of his television programs he presented a group of about twenty high school students with what was supposed to be a document describing their personal. then astrology would have. For example. If those receiving correct profiles did not claim their profile matched more often then those receiving the incorrect profile. The document was a description of common personality characteristics.

soundproof box and the direct voice was then amplified and heard coming from an attached speaker. Sometimes the mouth of the medium would be filled with water to prevent fraud. but sometimes heard in poltergeist situations. In one experiment a sensitive microphone was placed in a sealed. Divination has been practiced in every culture since prehistoric times. The trumpet was often painted with luminous paint and would sometimes be seen floating about the darkened séance room while a spirit spoke through it.” In other cases no previous associations are present (see chapter one). Divination Methods of deriving knowledge of the unknown or future by signs or omens. Déjà vu is sometimes associated with precognition. 269 . The voices range in volume from whispers to overwhelming loudness which can be heard from more than 100 yards away. usually by an elite class of priests or shamans. During the Spiritualist period (1850s-1920s) direct voice phenomena were often produced with the aid of a “trumpet. which psychologists refer to as “postidentifying paramnisia. In some cases this may simply be a result of associating a present event with a similar past experience.Koda Instant Enlightenment This is a French term referring to the feeling that one has previously experienced a currently happening event. the awareness of a future event prior to its occurrence. often with the assistance of consciousness influencing drugs.” a cardboard or thin metal tube larger at one end than the other. usually in the presence of a medium. Direct Voice Spirit voices heard to come from various places in a room with no means of physical production. In more recent times direct voice phenomena have been recorded electronically. There are more than seventy well defined methods of divining the future. It means “already seen” and is sometimes associated with déjà entendu (already heard). Most people report having experienced déjà vu to one extent or another at some point in their lives.

Ouija boards. often in combination with other methods of divination. In a similar way. Writings from early Egypt and Babylon outline steps by which wise men could divine their future from visions experienced during sleep. I personally awoke from a dream where I saw the image of an inertial propulsion device which persisted after waking. Dream Phenomena* Dreams were considered a second life by the ancients. tarot cards. would be first resolved in a dream. Two or more individuals experiencing the same dream at the same time is called double or shared dreaming. Astrology has been used in every part of the world since the time of ancient Egypt. (As mentioned earlier. tea leaves. it is referred to as Out Of Body Experience (OOBE) or astral projection. scientists and others have experienced creative dreaming. Many authors. In this instance it is also possible that telepathic dreaming might be involved. Being fully aware with one’s normal consciousness while in a dream environment is called lucid dreaming. etc. some creative people have experienced waking visions where a creative idea or solution to a problem appears while fully conscious. or could be an example of clairvoyant dreaming if the dreamer had no awareness of the location of the object prior to it being lost. For example. It is remarkable that the many of the same methods of divination were known to all the primitive peoples of the Americas. palmistry. dowsing. If the body is asleep but the “dreamer” is aware of traveling in the physical world. where the text of a novel. where the dreamer may be interpreting impressions from another person in the present. a much more active life since consciousness was not limited by the body. etc.Koda Instant Enlightenment including astrology. predicting events from the flight of birds. Nikola Tesla experienced waking visions where complete details of electrical apparatus were displayed before him. mathematical problem. Finding lost objects by first locating them in a dream could be nothing more than memory recall. This would be an example of precognitive dreaming.) 270 . crystal gazing.

living substance is called ectoplasm. Other drugs used since antiquity. Drug Use Many primitive peoples have used psychedelic drugs as part of religious practices.) This strange. Albert Hoffman. Electronic Voice Phenomena Voices of the dead impressed upon normal tape recordings.C. and opium by the Malays and Chinese. Ectoplasm During the late 1800s and early 1900s there were many credible reports of mediums producing a strange substance from their bodies during séances (A séance usually consists a group of people sitting in a circle in a darkened room while a trance medium communicates with the dead. often for the purpose of divination. usually very faint but discernable within the background noise. LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide 25) was discovered accidentally in 1943 by the Swiss researcher Dr. but these are generally those most currently in use. since they have altered over the centuries. It was popularized in western youth culture by Dr.Koda Instant Enlightenment There is some confusion regarding the terms used to describe these various dream phenomena. Timothy Leary during the late 1960s and early 1970s. hashish by the Arabs. and exudes from the body of the medium in a variety of forms. wispy threads.E. Konstantin Raudive made more than 100.000 recordings before his death in 1974. It can come from the pores in the skin as thin. include soma by the Hindus. The use of cannabis (marijuana) is cited in Chinese literature as early as 2737 B. and the phenomena has been duplicated by a number of other researchers. peyotl (peyote) by ancients in what is now Mexico.E.C. and was used in India before 800 B. exude from the mouth or other body orifices and form into physical materializations such as the body of a 271 .


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disincarnate spirit, a hand, etc. The color is usually grey or white but can also be black, is usually cold to the touch, sometimes sticky and soft, but can also be as firm as a rubber eraser. The body of the medium, who often sits behind a curtain in a special closet, can shrivel in size and entire limbs can disappear, only to regain normal proportions afterward. If the medium is exposed to sudden light while producing the phenomena he or she will generally recoil in pain as the ectoplasm snaps back into their body like a rubber band, often resulting in physical bruises. Measurements indicate that spirit mediums have lost as much as half their weight while secreting ectoplasmic manifestations. During the 1920s many of those reporting to be legitimate mediums were debunked as frauds who were simply performing stage magic. Harry Houdini, a famous stage magician of the time with a serious interest in contacting his dead mother, wrote extensively about those who were faking ectoplasm. Since World War Two there has been little or no evidence supporting the existence of ectoplasm.

Energy Wheels
Items similar to the paper wheel described in the Psychic Party Games section. The phrase “energy wheel” is apparently a registered trademark of Gerald Loe, author of The Gift of Healing. A four spoke wheel is described in the book, Mind Machines You Can Build by G. Harry Stien. The Egely Wheel is a patented commercial product invented Dr. George Egely, formerly an employee of the Atomic Energy Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. It is an electronic device employing a thin metal wheel with dozens of notches along the edge. The electronic components do not influence the movement of the wheel but provide accurate indications of the speed of rotation. Prices vary but are generally well over $100.00. A version of the device is also available which will record the information.



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This term was popularized by psychic researcher J. B. Rhine in his book Extrasensory Perception published in 1934. It refers to all forms of awareness received outside of the physical senses. Dr. Rhine was one of the most influential and pioneering researchers in the field of psychic research and derived conclusive evidence for the existence of telepathy and other forms of psychic awareness. He pioneered the use of “ESP cards” (Zener cards, developed by Karl Zener) a pack of 25 cards, each card showing one of 5 basic symbols used in testing for testing telepathic ability, which are still in use today.

It was theorized in the late 1800s that “something” filled all of space and allowed for the propagation of electromagnetic waves. This “something” was called ether and supposedly had a density 10,000 times greater than water and a pressure of 750 tons per square inch. The theory was disproved by Albert A. Michelson and E.W. Morely near the beginning of the twentieth century, resulting in the First Noble prize to be received by Americans.

Eyeless Sight
The ability of blind persons to distinguish colors or even read printed material through sense perception other than eyesight has been documented and tested since the 1920s. When the perception involves the use of touch it is referred to as dermaloptical perception. Seeing at a distance is called paroptic perception, and can be stimulated using hypnosis to encourage “seeing through the cheeks” or other sensitive skin areas. (The most recent reference to the phenomena I have been able to find is from the 1960s so it is unclear whether eyeless sight can be proven to exist. However, a friend has told me that his nearly blind father is sometimes able to see clearly when first awakening from sleep, only to lose the ability the moment he realizes he is awake.)


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The existence of nature spirits and other beings of a supernatural nature has been reported in the historical literature of all continents. We are most familiar with fairies as described in the folklore of the British Isles and Europe. They are reported to live in an underground world or some other magical dimension. Fairies are said to be beautiful creatures of smaller stature than humans, who are often helpful but can become mischievous when offended. Many poltergeist effects, such as banging doors, pans falling off shelves, rapping sounds, etc., have at times been attributed to fairies. In better moods they have been reported to help plants and flowers to grow, to sweep floors and perform miracles such as curing birth defects. While it is likely that different sorts of beings exist in other dimensions which somehow interact with our own, the existence of fairies as they have been described has yet to be demonstrated as fact.

Fire Walking
The ability to walk barefoot through hot coals without pain or physical damage to the feet has been demonstrated throughout history. In most cases this test is performed in order to prove innocence or spiritual faith. There are two explanations which seem to account for why this is possible. One is that the belief in safety, held in the mind of the participant, produces a condition where the physical effects of the heat are not experienced by the body. It has been reported that the medium D.D. Holmes was able to hold a burning coal in his hands and blow upon it till it was white hot without being burned. The other explanation includes the fact that moisture on the skin creates a vapor barrier which reduces heat transfer, as well as the ash of a burning coal supplying a layer of insulation. Fire walkers move swiftly and only take a few steps through the hot coals, though on occasion people are severely burned. It is most likely that a


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combination of both physical insulation and mental focus are involved in successful fire walking.

Geller, Uri
One of the most famous proponents of ESP phenomena. Geller was born in Israel in 1946 and at a young age demonstrated the ability to stop and start clocks from a distance, as well as demonstrating telepathic ability. In 1972 at the Stanford Research Institute in California, he demonstrated metal bending without applying physical pressure (now often referred to as the “Geller effect”). He also correctly guessed the contents of sealed cans and the numbers on dice shaken in a closed box. When he appeared on U.S. television talk shows in the early 1970s he encouraged viewers at home to try spoon bending and several people reported success. After his television appearance in Japan in 1974, thousands of Japanese children manifested paranormal powers. Twelve of these were investigated by a team of 15 researchers headed by Shigemi Sasaki, a psychology professor at Denki Tsushin University. One twelve-year-old, Jun Sekiguchi, demonstrated amazing ability at spoon bending and could recharge dead batteries by holding them in his hand. In 1983 it was revealed that James Randi had organized accomplices who faked metal bending experiments in order to discredit the parapsychologists investigating the phenomena. When Randi accused Geller of fakery, Geller filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit for defamation, and lost. Illusionists are capable of faking metal bending, but some things Geller can do which they can’t include: Bending metal objects without holding them (the wedding ring of rocket researcher Werher von Braun was bent in his closed hand); break metal without having touched it; create changes in the crystal structure of the metal at the point of the break (this can not be done with any method known to science); cause objects to continue to bend after setting them down; enable others to cause metal objects to bend, and more. At the height of his fame in the mid-seventies, Uri Geller disappeared from public view for ten years. He is said to have


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become a multi-millionaire, largely from royalties received from using his ability to locate oil and mineral deposits by holding his hand over maps and later visiting the sites. As of this writing, from looking at his website (www.uri-geller.com) it appears that he has totally sold out to commercially exploiting his fame.

From the Greek “gnosis” or “to know.” A religion associated with several different groups of the first century who combined Jewish, occult and pagan ideas. They performed magic rituals and fashioned charms and amulets, and were considered heretics by the Catholic Church, which persecuted them. Much of their philosophy died out but was revived by the popularity of Theosophy and later the New Age movement.

Healing, Psychic
Psychic healing comes in a variety of forms, which can generally be thought of as methods whereby a practitioner assists a patient in more efficient use of their own, natural healing processes. Autoscopy is a situation where a hypnotized subject is capable of diagnosing their own disease. A related phenomenon involves the hypnotized subject being asked to provide instructions for the cure of their own illness. These processes were popular among “hypnotists” in the 1800s but are now rarely encountered. Crystal gazing, automatic writing, and psychometry (holding some object belonging to the patient) have also been used to diagnose illness. Medical clairvoyants operate in two general ways. Some see the body as transparent and can locate the specific area of disease. Others perceive the aura and make their assessments due to colors being affected by the illness. The most well know psychic healer was Edgar Cayce, who diagnosed and prescribed treatments for thousands of patients while in a self-induced trance.


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Absent Healing occurs when the patient is at a distance from the healer. These days the most common example of this is group prayer. Reports of spectacular healings come from many sources, including Christian, mystic, occult and metaphysical groups. In some cases destroyed tissue has been perfectly healed. There are also numerous cases throughout history where miraculous cures have been associated with places or artifacts. The growth of plants can be accelerated by gifted persons who do no more than hold containers of water used to water the plants. Ordinary individuals who are in the habit of talking to their houseplants are known to stimulate faster development. Psychic surgery, popular in the Philippines and Brazil, appears in two forms. One is where the practitioner mimes the act of surgery. The other is where the healer appears to perform the real operation using either bare hands or primitive instruments. The later method has become a subject of controversy due to fraud and attempts to discredit any real phenomena by deliberately faking a procedure (the Randi effect). Faking a procedure can not account for the fact that real cures have resulted from such healing methods. Faith healing differs from psychic healing in that faith, the individual’s trusting relationship with God, is seen as the operational component. It is more properly referred to as Divine healing. This is most often performed by “laying on hands” in the name of the Lord. Evangelist healing movements became popular in the United States beginning with tent revivals in the 1920s, until “the Randi effect” was brought to bear on unscrupulous practitioners in the 1970s, discrediting not only the frauds but the actual healers. It has long been acknowledged that the “placebo effect” has resulted in many healings from real illnesses, i.e., someone taking a sugar pill but told it was real medicine has recovered as well as others taking the medicine. (James Randi could use this fact to discredit the entire medical profession.) The placebo effect does not disprove that Devine Intervention is responsible for some cases of spontaneous healing, but it does prove that psychological factors alone can cause healings to occur.

Six of them experienced sixty to one-hundred percent recovery. In 1977 the General Medical Council in England allowed doctors to refer patients to spiritual healers. many of whom had been pronounced incurable. Houdini. folding ruler into the box. He would not allow the séance to occur in red light (which would make movements partially visible) and refused to let the other investigators examine the cage. Harry Famous twentieth-century stage magician and escape artist who made a second career of exposing “fraud” in the Spiritualist community. deafness.Koda Instant Enlightenment Healing by touch or the laying on of hands has been documented in Egyptian sculptures and is scattered throughout the New Testament of the Bible. T. a doctor introduced Mr. During that time he received more than 500. Finbarr Nolan. W. is a healer in Ireland who has cured many thousands of people with his touch. 278 .000 letters of thanks from grateful patients. He died believing hypnosis was a fraud. leprosy and even raise the dead. all in an attempt to discredit the medium. He was also caught slipping a two-foot long. The kings of Europe. born in 1952. In a test conducted in Florida. were known to heal diseases of the throat with a touch of their hand. beginning with Edward the Confessor of England and Phillip 1 of France. he then designed and built a wooden cage to prevent the medium from manipulating objects in the dark. It was found to have a removable ceiling when Houdini was caught trying to climb into it. Unable to explain the phenomena witnessed at the first two sessions. In 1922 he sat on a panel investigating the medium “Margery” for the Scientific American magazine. Saints were known to cure such ailments as blindness. Parish was a spiritual healer for seventeen years before his death in 1946. and only his touch. Nolan only as an observing physician who touched ten patients considered incurable three times a week for two weeks. There is no ritual or faith involved as he also cures animals and infants.

The Skeptical Inquirer has since reported that those individuals conducting the feeding of the monkeys did not observe any such phenomena occurring. Hypnotism* Hypnosis produces an altered state of consciousness which is characterized by a lack of continuous alpha waves. It is obvious that when a large enough group within a population promotes a particular idea. that idea would suddenly be expressed by the majority of people in the world.Koda Instant Enlightenment Hundredth Monkey Effect In his 1979 book. one should not overlook a similar behavior observable in humans -. Lifetide. author Lyall Watson described an interesting phenomena involving the potato washing behavior of monkeys on small Japanese islands in the 1950s. This introduced the idea that whenever an undetermined. the activity instantly spread to monkeys on other isolated islands. and was considered to result from a flow of “magnetic fluid” which could be directed to specific parts of the body in order to produce medical cures. Self hypnosis refers to a subject experiencing this state without the aid of an outside practitioner. Japanese researchers were providing the monkeys with yams. Other characteristics of this state include extreme suggestibility and intense focus upon a single stimulus. that idea often spreads to the masses. While there may be no validation of the hundredth monkey effect. Reportedly.mob rule. Actual magnets were part of the process. where the subject feels at one with the stimulus. such as the need for world peace. Hypnotism was known as “animal magnetism” in the late 1700s. hypnosis has been known throughout history in nearly all parts of the world. In the form of trance-like states of various names. and one after another they learned to wash the sand off the yams before eating them. after the hundredth monkey learned this behavior. critical mass of people accepted a new idea. 279 .

paranormal (psychic) perceptions. The two trigrams combine to form sixty-four possible hexagrams. which he considered a result of the suggestibility involved with the somnambulic (trance-like) state. from whose name the term “mesmerism” was coined. and the creation of stigmata (Christ-like wounds). Psycho-physiological effects include patients developing skin burns when touched with an ice cube after being told it was a hot iron. James Braid coined the term “hypnosis” in 1841.Koda Instant Enlightenment particularly in the work of Frantz Anton Mesmer in France.” Also known as the book of Y-Kim. rapping sounds. ten chapters written in the year 3468 B.E. etc.C. I Ching “The Book of Changes. inducing hallucinations.) were often associated with hypnotic trances. telepathy experiments employing hypnotized subjects have been shown to produce the best overall results. speaking in tongues and poltergeist effects (movement at a distance. During the period of animal magnetism. 280 . These effects include anesthesia. and beginning in the 1950s many practitioners have investigated possible past life experience with this technique. Hypnotism bypasses higher mental functioning and allows the operator to direct many actions of the subject. Until the application of chloroform and ether. hypnosis was used widely as an anesthetic in operations. Alexander Bertrand was the first to propose that magnetic fluid had nothing to do with the cures. fulfillment of posthypnotic suggestions and control of muscles not normally under voluntary control. depending upon how yaro sticks or coins fall when cast. each with a particular divinatory meaning. More recently. Hypnotic regression has been used to recall forgotten memories. where even limbs could be removed without pain. by Chinese Emperor Fo-Hi. In modern times the I Ching is primarily used as a system of fortune telling where two sets of three solid or broken lines (trigrams) are drawn one atop the other.

The Kabala was made popular for a brief time among fans of heavy metal cult bands in the1980s. The popular phrase. It involves a complex explanation of the nature of the universe in Christian terms and was held mostly secret until discovered by serious magicians (not stage performers) of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in the 1900s.Koda Instant Enlightenment Kabala Also spelled Kabbalah or Cabala. In Eastern religious philosophy all of ones actions produce consequences which must eventually be experienced in a succession of lives until the individual can escape from the wheel of reincarnation. Harmful actions produce harmful consequences. The word means “doctrines received from tradition” and is reportedly handed down from the early Hebrews and Jews. The process was developed in 1958 by two Russian scientists.” is an expression of karmic thinking. Semyon Davidovich and his wife. The most public of these magicians was Aleister Crowley. A photographic process where biological objects placed upon an electrically charged photographic plate appear to be emanating an aura. 281 . “what goes around. Valentina Kirlian. Practitioners believe there is an inherent power in specific names and numbers and use elaborate rituals to perform magic of various types. Kirlian Photography Also known as electrophotography. Karma The idea that all actions have consequences. comes around. Interesting effects include producing photos of the outline of a complete leaf in spite of part of the leaf being removed prior to taking the picture. while good actions produce good consequences. and the hands of a yogi showing huge increases in the intensity of the “coronal discharge” around his hands while meditating as opposed to when not meditating. or in other variations.

especially humans. Joseph of Copertino is credited with 70 experiences of levitation. including Jesus walking upon the water. His 282 . This feat is well documented from ancient times as being performed by shamans of primitive cultures. The most famous levitation event in comparatively recent times was performed by spirit medium D. sometimes floating near the tops of trees. Home floated out one window and back in another. Hindu yoga teachings state that anyone capable of awakening the Anahara (heart) charka can “walk in the air. into the air without any visible means. where the energy produces the experience of spiritual illumination. 1868 in London. In his book. St. Levitation The raising of physical objects. eighty feet above the street below. Home and occurred on December 13. breathing exercises and spiritual practice.Koda Instant Enlightenment Close examination revealed a lack of proper controls in early experiments and little has been mentioned about the process since the 1980s.400 Christian saints. 200 experienced this phenomena. Kundalini Described by ancient Hindu religious teachings as a latent force responsible for sexual energy which can be stimulated to rise upward from the groin through six nerve centers (charkas) along the spine to the head. sometimes taking aloft several persons attempting to hold them down. Levitation (1928) Oliver Leroy reports that of 1. The techniques involved include hatha yoga.” In the 1970s Transcendental Meditation centers began teaching a sixmonth course in levitation promoted by Maharishi Masesh Yogi. Nuns and patrons of religious services have been reported to float high above the ground in a sate of religious ecstasy. Three credible witnesses confirmed that Mr. often in front of crowds during religious services. D. Eastern mystics and Christian saints.

Lucid Dreaming* A “lucid” dream is one where the dreamer is aware of the dream with normal consciousness. Often the chairs the people are sitting in rise as well. Time aloft averages less than five minutes. dreaming subject can communicate with the outside world by deliberating signaling with eye movements monitored by polygraph equipment (ocular signaling). including the Enfield Poltergeist case of 1977. Most of those reporting to experience levitation say they feel lighter than air. where one of the children involved was photographed in levitation during the investigation. Hearn at the University of Liverpool has conducted tests where a sleeping. T. The term was coined in 1913 by Frederick van Eeden and made popular by the book Lucid Dreams by Celia E. Green (1968). or “feeling wide awake” while continuing to be immersed in dream experience.” Lucid dreaming differs from Out of Body Experience in that the latter involves awareness of being outside the body but within the physical world (or within the astral planes). Keith M. The tests were designed to investigate possible ESP on the part of the dreamer. Since photographs can be faked they are not always considered reliable evidence. Prior to then this state of awareness was referred to as “dreaming true. There are also photos of mediums levitating prior to the 1950s. though more than two hours have been reported on some occasions. There are many photographs of people levitating. though some report a magnetic-like force pushing upward from below or the sensation of hands lifting them. Magic 283 .Koda Instant Enlightenment followers refused to permit photographs on the grounds that yogis are not allow to take pride in such accomplishments because it could impede further development.

One is the type used by modern stage magicians who are more properly referred to as “illusionists” who simply create the illusion of supernatural powers. with the phenomena first appearing in the United States. magic has been around since prehistory. Hindu mystics believe the world was formed from divine vibration. Harry Houdini was an illusionist who actively sought to debunk all claims of “real magic. flowers. however. There are two types of magic. Materialization There are hundreds.” Many other professional stage magicians in the early nineteen hundreds investigated paranormal phenomena and were convinced such phenomena actually occurred. of documented cases reported by critical observers where spirit mediums have caused the appearance of ghost-like forms during séances. The materializations often appeared as the particular spirit being channeled by the medium. The other type of magic involves manipulation of metaphysical forces and is usually accompanied by ritual. Ritual magic can be divided into two classifications depending upon the practitioner’s belief as to the source of the magical power.Koda Instant Enlightenment Referring to the ability to cause change by mysterious means. Some shamanistic cultures believe a great reservoir of magical force exists in the universe which can be tapped into in order to create magical effects. Others perform their rituals in order to seek the power of disincarnate entities. From cavemen cutting off fingers to ward off disease (seen in hand paintings on cave walls) to a friend showing you a good card trick. Mantra* A mantra is a word or combination of words or syllables which is sometimes repeated as an aid to meditation. objects like 284 . it’s all called magic. and repeating certain sounds can affect mental. though other manifestations include loved ones of the sitters. These occurred mostly between the 1860s and 1920s. perhaps thousands. emotional and physical states of the practitioner.

leads me to believe materialization did in fact occur. freestanding cabinet. usually deceased pets. when nearly all of the most publicized mediums were accused of fraud. and animals of various kinds. Solid iron rings. These materialized shapes generally looked and felt to the touch like the real thing. such as only a head and one arm appearing. Most often the spirits left by dissolving into the floor. Often the materializations were incomplete. carry on intelligent conversations or otherwise engage in normal physical activities such as eating. Home (1833-1886). Spirits could hold the hands of the sitters. In Seth Speaks. If the universe consists of “idea construction” then such phenomena could easily be possible. Very few instances of spiritual materialization have been reported since the 1920s. The dematerialization process usually occurred over a period of several minutes. from there forming into the shape being materialized. In most cases. Robert Butts reports that on one occasion Seth altered the hand of Jane Roberts and turned it into a strange claw-like appendage. which Mr. or the body would not be visible below the waist. A common demonstration involved one person holding both hands of a medium 285 . and wooden rings of different types of wood.Koda Instant Enlightenment cloth. were joined together. D. This process often took ten to fifteen minutes to complete. Matter Moving Through Matter Numerous instances of matter passing through matter were reported during the spiritualist period. The evidence reported prior to that time. Often. fine filaments of ectoplasm would flow out through the skin of the medium. the materializations occurred in darkened rooms where a group of people would sit in a circle while the medium went into trance while sitting inside a curtained. the only exception being D. steel and precious jewels. or thick strands would exude from his or her body openings. and many people reported effects such as a spirit’s hand dissolving as it was being tightly gripped. Butts was able to feel and attest to it’s reality. however. and the materializations would last up to two hours.

sometimes being controlled by a non-physical entity while in a state of trance.” These impressions most often come in the form of images or intuitive feelings. What makes his achievements stand above the rest is that most of the time they took place in the full light of day or in well lighted rooms. Physical mediums are capable of creating physical phenomena such as rapping sounds. “Sensitives” and “psychics” are not controlled in this way. etc. 286 . “actually and unmistakably appear around his neck. materialized up to twelve spirits at one time (as well as many objects) performed levitation.” Meditation* See Chapter Five: Manipulating Awareness Medium A medium is an individual who is able to tune into intelligent. A medium may act as a channel of communication by performing automatic writing or allowing the spirit to speak directly using his or her body. the medium remains fully conscious and simply communicates impressions received from the “other side. In other cases. He is reported to have produced automatic writing in more than 30 languages. They were popular in the late 1800s and early 1900s (the Spiritualist period) but are rare today. etc. non-physical perceptions and act as a channel of communication between the physical and non-physical worlds. thirtytwo people signed an affidavit stating they had witnessed a solid iron ring. seven inches smaller in circumference than the head of a nineteen-year-old medium. In January. but otherwise the terms are in some ways interchangeable. levitation. Perhaps the greatest physical medium was Brazilian born Carlos Mirabelli (1889-1951). producing materializations from ectoplasm.Koda Instant Enlightenment and either iron rings or wooden chairs suddenly being found to be hanging from the arms of the participants. 1868. moving matter through matter.

etc. Piper may have derived her information. thus discovering the state of somnambulism. Transfiguring mediums. which found no evidence of animal magnetism. sometimes by screaming. The philosopher William James and other critical investigators were convinced of survival of the spirit after death after ruling out telepathy as a means by which Mrs. As the idea of magnetic fluid was becoming slowly discarded. It proposed a new physical force affecting the planets and living beings. which often affected a cure. and an abundance of new mediums appeared. magnets and other objects. Mesmer was investigated by a committee headed by Benjamin Franklin. Tardy de Montravel proposed that “transposition of the senses” could be made to occur. vomiting.. a sort of fluid magnetism. crying. Later investigators noted that some patients would fall asleep while being wide awake a moment before. and suggested that the cures were a result of the patient’s imaginations. Mesmerism A system of healing originally referred to as “animal magnetism” developed in 1776 by Austrian born Frantz Anton Mesmer (1733-1815). including accurate medical diagnosis and methods of treatment. Patients would be tied together in a circle around a large tub containing water. were also discovered to occur during such trances. with iron rods protruding from holes in the top. The most useful affect of mesmerism was as an anesthetic during operations. In 1841 James Braid announced his discovery of hypnotism and demonstrated that he could produce all the affects of mesmerism 287 . Touching the iron rods to affected areas in the patients bodies would cause them to react strongly. which are rare.Koda Instant Enlightenment The most famous mental medium of the Spiritualist period was Leonora Piper (1859-1950) who was the subject of intense investigation by the Society for Psychical Research for several decades. are those whose physical features alter during trance to those of the deceased person speaking through him or her. Other forms of psychic awareness. Many of his somnambulic subjects could walk through town with their eyes tightly closed.

and what was left of the divine quest of Platonius became the foundations of ritual magic in the Middle Ages. though mystics can be found in nearly any religion and among those who are not affiliated with any organized spiritual system. Necromancy Divination by means of spirits of the dead. as well as being employed by those in the Spiritualist movement. which was a rare event in the lives of even the most diligent practitioners.Koda Instant Enlightenment without the use of a magnet. Neoplatonism attempted to combine the ancient Greek philosophy of Plato with popular (Gnostic) Roman beliefs of the time. Others had encounters with beings at various levels beneath God. Mystics throughout the ages have reported the experience of being one with the Supreme Being. Many Christian saints were mystics. This philosophy involved the total rejection of human pleasures in order to avoid any distraction from the goal of God consciousness. Newspaper and Book Tests 288 . In Western culture this goal of experiencing a direct encounter with God was established as part of the philosophy of Neoplatonism by Platonius of Alexandria in 233. In later times practitioners of black magic have performed rituals intended to bring demons into the physical realm. such as angles and demons. The Catholic Church used it as a way of encouraging adherence to strict codes of moral behavior. To the Greeks it meant a decent into Hades in order to consult with the dead. Mysticism The practice of seeking a direct spiritual union with God. Over the years this philosophy was modified by two major groups in different ways. The introduction of chloroform and either in 1846-47 resulted in hypnosis losing favor with the medical community and becoming a tool of psychologists like Sigmond Freud and Carl Jung.

including paranormal and supernatural events and processes. Ouija Board* Device used for communicating with spirits. The term is often used in a derogatory manner to indicate unpopular areas of paranormal study. where the numbers are reduced to a single digit in most cases.E. Out of Body Experience (OBE or OOBE) 289 .Koda Instant Enlightenment Newspaper tests attempted to rule out telepathy as a source of information reported to come from the spirit world. in much the same way as astrological Sun signs indicate a general personality type. closed book. A trance medium would be asked to describe the locations of specific words which would appear in the newspaper the following day. which slides across the board to spell out words and phrases from supposed discarnate spirits. The name is derived from the French word “oui” and the German “ja.” both meaning “yes. Refers primarily to phenomena and methods which are hidden from the uninitiated. consisting of a pointing device and a board inscribed with letters and symbols.C. where a medium would describe the content of a specific page in a particular. Occult That which is hidden. Numerology A system of assigning numbers to the letters in a person’s name and/or birth date. The resulting number is associated with personality traits said to reflect the person’s character.” Usually operated by two people who place their hands on the pointing device.” A similar device was reported to be used by Pythagoras around 540 B. Book tests involved a similar process. currently marketed as a “game.

Parapsychology Parapsychology. parapsychology dealt only with those phenomena which could be evaluated statistically. while the lines refer to specific areas of personality and events. Pendulums* 290 . but in these cases the “traveler” is usually awake and conscious in the physical body. Initially.Koda Instant Enlightenment The belief that the normal consciousness of an individual can leave the physical body and return has been documented since the time of the ancient Hindus and Egyptians. and some report being connected to the body by a thin cord which can snap the traveler back in the event of distress. circle. the art of describing character and life events by analyzing the shape and features of the hands.star. The traveler can visit distant places or perceive other dimensions of experience. Rhine at Duke University. while OOBEs occur during sleep or trance states. Palmistry Also known as cheiromancy. a colleague of J. B. was designed by Karl Zener. The familiar pack of twenty-five ESP cards containing five groups of five symbols -. who presented information on the subject to Alexander the Great. but the term has evolved to include most areas of psychical research. The experience is also referred to as astral projection. OOBEs are sometimes confused with what is called remote viewing or traveling clairvoyance. and was popularized in the English speaking world around 1900 by Cheiro. square. cross and waves. B. extrasensory perception (ESP) and psi are terms popularized by researcher J. Rhine at Duke University. The practice was known by the Brahmins of India and to Aristotle. such as telepathy and telekinesis. who sought to bring statistical analysis into the field of paranormal research in the middle of the twentieth century. The shape of the hands and fingers refers to broad character traits. In the middle ages the practice was associated with the gypsies.

“Philip” In 1972 a group of researchers associated with the Toronto Society for Psychical Research in Canada began an experiment in which they created an “artificial ghost” in hopes of testing if the phenomena experienced at séances could be duplicated without the assistance of real spirits. Depending upon the method used by the practitioner.” (See radiesthesia in this section. as well as the Psychic Party Games chapter. and some table levitation.Koda Instant Enlightenment A means of deriving answers to yes or no questions by observing the movement of a pendulum suspended from the hand. freshly cut hay. Plant Consciousness Plants possess an ability to respond to human emotion. For example. devices have been created whereby an operator can cause a door to be unlocked by concentrating on an emotion in the presence of a plant which has been connected to electroencephalograph (EEG) machine. musk. They include the smell of orange blossoms.” In some cases foul odors have been perceived. flowers of various types. The plant triggers the EEG to produce an electrical output which then causes an electrical relay to power an electric locking mechanism. sometimes referred to as the “fragrance of sanctity. After more than a year they finally succeeded in perceiving raps in answer to yes and no questions. and fragrances previously unknown but very pleasing. “yes” can be indicated by a forward and back movement while “no” is indicated by movement from side to side.) Perfumes Various scents and smells have been reported to occur in conjunction with the spiritual activity of mediums. or a clockwise spin can indicate “yes” while counterclockwise indicates “no. In The Secret Life of Plants the author describes 291 . The possibility that these effects were produced by genuine spirits can not be ruled out.

water taps turning on. objects moving or flying through the air.” Phenomena include fragile items being broken. “Poltergeist” is German for “rattling ghost. etc. Unlike other spiritual phenomena which usually occurs at night. Poltergeist Unexplained noises. hands. They are documented as far back as 856 B. Hardy. A spirit placing a hand in this bucket will create a thin layer of wax on the surface of the hand. The hand is then placed in a bucket of cold water which solidifies the wax. movements and other disturbances are referred to as poltergeist effects. Paraffin molds of spirit hands have been created beyond the wrist and even with two hands entwined. “Plastics” Psychically produced imprints or molds of faces. Repeatedly dipping the hand in one bucket then the other will build up a thicker layer of wax.C. doors repeatedly slammed. They are often associated with particular people and will sometimes move to new locations when the target person moves. A thin layer of wax is melted on the surface of a bucket of hot water. rappings. these types of affects often occur during daylight.E. This mold is very delicate and must be filled with plaster of Paris immediately in order to retain its shape. The first casts made with melted paraffin wax were obtained by William Denton in 1875 while working in public halls with the medium Mary M. and occur all over the world. Some 292 . The medium Eusapia Palladino produced imprints of her face and hands in both clay and putty while being physically restrained across the room. chairs being stacked.Koda Instant Enlightenment an experiment where a man pulls one of several plants out of its pot and beats it severely. etc. Molds of human hands can not be created up to the wrist or with fingers bent because the mold will be destroyed upon removing the hand. Later a group of people walk by the other plants and when the perpetrator of the crime walks by the plants trigger a response from the connected EEG machine.

George Bristol operated charitable institutions assisting hundreds of children for more than fifty years while never asking anyone for money or allowing others to ask on his behalf. The Castaneda books refer to don Juan’s description of power places. usually natural formations of circular rock. Prayer is often an instrument of faith healing. where sorcery skills are enhanced. which just happened to be the exact amount Mr. and elsewhere. In most cases prayer involves a request for assistance. areas near Sedona Arizona. Bristol was in need of at that time. gratitude. Stonehenge in England. The donors described feeling an irresistible urge to donate a particular sum of money on a specific date. During that time the children never missed a regularly scheduled meal. Other supposed power spots include the Great Pyramid in Egypt. Prayer In Western cultures prayer is a means of communication between the individual and the divine.Koda Instant Enlightenment poltergeists are friendly and in some cases have been reported to perform domestic chores (see Fairies). The primary components of such prayer are: adoration. and main coordination points of a similar nature which connect all systems of reality. He attributed his success to secret prayers. In non-religious terms prayer can be considered a means of focusing upon a desired belief while feeling certain that the desired results will be created in one’s experience. supplication and sometimes confession of sin and/or intercession on behalf of others. 293 . Power Spots It has been suggested that there are physical locations on the planet where metaphysical energies are focused more strongly and spiritual activities produce better or faster results when performed in these places. Seth describes “coordination points” in the nearby space around us where thoughts are propelled to form as physical matter. A notable demonstration of the power of prayer occurred during the mid-1800s.

such as places or dates. Predictions are impressions of future events which generally contain more specific information. Those who subscribe to a belief in reincarnation obviously accept this concept.Koda Instant Enlightenment Predestination The idea that all future actions are fated to occur and no free will exists. Six weeks before his assassination. (My admittedly biased opinion is that if predestination exists. or even a theory is devised regarding how one might operate. Prediction and Prophecy A premonition is an impression regarding a potential future event. though some premonitions can be of beneficial occurrences. Philosophers have argued both sides of this debate for centuries with no apparent possibility of resolving the issue. A young girl in Greenland told her mother she dreamed of her schoolhouse being covered by something black. P r o p h e c y deals with premonitions or predictions concerning large groups of people or countries. Until such a machine exists. Abraham Lincoln dreamed of a procession of mourners filing through the White House with himself in the casket. Others believe the soul is created during the period between conception and birth. Premonition. and conceive of a between life world from which the soul moves back and forth between lifetimes. generally vague and often experienced as a warning. and later that day the school was destroyed when black rock from a mining operation slid down a hillside. I can see no evidence supporting the idea that all events are predestined. killing the girl and 294 .) Pre-Existence Many people assume that if there is life after death then there may also be a form of existence prior to physical birth. every time. it should be possible to design a machine which can accurately predict where a coin thrown against a rough stone wall will land on the ground.

and “psi-inhibiting” denotes a condition where extreme skepticism can negatively affect efforts to produce paranormal effects. the production of sounds such as rappings and music. Other mediums experience no apparent loss of energy. and many sitters have reported feeling physically drained after a séance. and sometimes a feeling like spider webs touching one’s face. The energy is said to be drawn from the vital energy of each person in the circle. The force is noticed by the sitters in several forms. Psychokinesis 295 . Thousands of accurate premonitions have been documented. “psi-missing” indicates negative results. the sensation of an energy current in the body. Psychic Force Sometimes referred to as “Odic force. “psi-hitting” indicates a positive result in ESP testing. The joining of hands is said to produce a means by which the psychic force circulates through the circle becoming stronger over time.Koda Instant Enlightenment many other children. For example. including a tingling in the palms and tips of the fingers. This force is said to be responsible for actions performed at a distance (telekinesis).” A theoretical explanation attempting to account for the mechanism of many psychic phenomena. and the formation of spiritual materializations. the physical materializations of mediums and sensations of sitters during séances. The mediums often experience extreme contortions of the body at the moment of producing materialization effects and some are left physically exhausted afterward. Psi Psi is the name of a Greek letter used in parapsychology to indicate something related to psychic phenomena. in particular.

” “Psycho” is a prefix referring to “mind. Common items used for this purpose are pieces of jewelry or other objects of significance to a particular person. Psychometry* Term coined by scientist Joseph Rhodes Buchanan in 1842 to describe the phenomenon of a person being able to describe past events associated with a physical object by holding the object in one’s hands. I prefer to use the term telekinesis in reference to the movement of objects at a distance.Koda Instant Enlightenment Term proposed by J.” Psychokinesis. Events of a highly charged emotional nature are most easily perceived by those sensitive to psychometric impressions.. every event is permanently imprinted in some manner so that it is never lost (see Akashic Records) and objects can contain this information in regards to any environment where the objects have been. A charged object is one in which emotional energy or mental images have been deliberately placed.e.” includes all phenomena associated with movement resulting from mental action alone. Two months 296 . This may be related to some cases of poltergeist phenomena associated with haunted houses. meant to replace the earlier term “telekinesis. The phenomena has no doubt been around since ancient times. but sometimes the phenomena follows a particular person to a new location.) Some physical locations may be imprinted in a similar manner by intense emotional experience occurring there.” Since the actual cause of movement without a physical force is not known. or “PK. There are at least two reported cases where crowds of people have witnessed battles being continually recreated by armies of apparitions over a period of several days. plants. (See the Psychic Party Games chapter. Rhine at Duke University in the 1930s in reference to the movement of objects at a distance by mental power. healing. and the behavior of animals. Theoretically. “Tele” refers to “distance” and does not depend upon “a force emanating from the mind. B. falling dice). including its affect upon objects in motion (i. metal bending.

sent a commission to investigate. where over the course of several days many people gathered to watch a battle scene continually replay itself. the diagnosis of disease.Koda Instant Enlightenment after the Battle of Edge Hill. They reported witnessing an aerial reenactment of the battle on two occasions. Ramtha 297 . Radiesthesia A more sophisticated study of dowsing and pendulum effects assuming some sort of radiation is responsible for the movements. A patent for a pyramid razor blade sharpener was taken out by Czech radio engineer Karl Drbal. the king. a French radiesthetist. In the late 1920s. For this reason the location of the Great Pyramid is considered a power spot by those who subscribe to such beliefs. and even locating minerals or water by holding the pendulum over maps. claimed that organic substances such as meat and eggs could be mummified by placing them in a cardboard model of the pyramid. fought in England on October 22. Antoine Bovis. 1664. but to date there has been no detailed scientific investigation into the claims. Charles I. It is interesting that approximately twothirds of the crowd were able to perceive the event while others did not. Pendulums are used to locate missing objects or persons. Many people have experienced a feeling of unrest in certain locations. A similar event occurred in 1686 near Lanark. Pyramid Energy It has been claimed that the shape of the Great Pyramid at Giza acts as a collector of energy similar to that produced through spiritual healing. which may have something to do with this psychic imprinting of emotional energy upon the location. The idea of pyramid energy was very popular in the 1970s.

Ramtha first appeared to her at her home in Tacoma. and everything in between. The vibrations can be felt in the material being affected. they have been reported to occur as early as 858 and reports of raps upon the flesh of investigating scientists are clear evidence for the existence of the phenomenon. Generally the sounds have the character of the surface they are generated upon. Reiki Healing method incorporating the use of a universal life energy called ki. in 1977.Koda Instant Enlightenment Spirit guide or control of J. Raps can also be felt directly on the face and hands. and letters of the alphabet can be communicated by a number of raps corresponding with each letter. created without visible or known means. which is similar if not the same as the Hindu prana and other descriptions of a life force. a “knock” on wood or a “clang” on a metal box. a sheet of paper held in the air can be seen to shake dramatically when a rap occurs upon its surface. Raps or knocking sounds are considered the most primitive form of spirit communication and are often among the first signs of materialization during a séance. Ramtha claims to have found enlightenment thirty-five thousand years ago during the time of Lemuria and has returned to Earth to teach us that we are all gods capable of creating anything we wish. Rapping sounds can be as subtle as pinpoints tapping on glass. The material became very popular during the peak of the New Age movement in the 1980s. i. Washington. as loud as explosions.e. Although it is easily possible to fake the production of most spirit rappings. For example. and in the case of flexible materials the effect can also be seen. Knight. Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment is located on a ranch in rural Washington. Derived from early Buddhist 298 . usually percussive in nature.. Z. Raps Sounds. A pencil can be moved along a series of letters and the letter indicated when a rap occurs. Yes or no questions can be answered with single or double raps.

in the late 1880s. Seth describes reincarnation as a voluntary but necessary process where one returns to Earth experience for enjoyment and personal development. Remote Viewing Term coined in the 1970s by Ingo Swann. Joseph Banks (1895 – 1980) 299 . which were not believed to exist at the time but were scientifically verified in 1979. the idea was postulated by Plato and later denounced by the Catholic church. where an individual is forced to endure countless lifetimes until one escapes from the world of illusion through the practice of good karma and returns to the divine source. Mr. Rhine.E.Koda Instant Enlightenment sutras by Mikao Usui. REM (Rapid Eye Movement) Period during dreaming sleep when closed eyes move rapidly as though watching events taking place with the physical eyes. The concept appeared simultaneously around 600 B. a Christian minister in Japan. 1973. Swann described a ring of asteroids around the planet Jupiter on April 27. to describe the process of describing events taking place at remote locations while fully conscious. In the West. In Hinduism reincarnation was tied to the concept of karma. in India and the Mediterranean basin. which can include animal life. Reincarnation The process where an individual soul is reborn in a repeated succession of physical lives.C. a full time scientific subject and parapsychology researcher for nineteen years.

Coined the phrases “ESP. One rap means “yes. then the medium invokes communication with spiritual entities.” consists of a group of people sitting together with the intention of creating paranormal phenomena or communicating with disincarnate spirits.” two indicate “no. Séance* A séance. It is also possible to request specific types of phenomena. The table or other furniture in the room may move. the group involves a medium and up to eight or nine people who sit in a dimly lit or completely darkened room. or place their hands on a table with the fingertips touching.Koda Instant Enlightenment Preeminent twentieth century researcher in the field of parapsychology who brought scientific and popular attention to the subject with the publication of Extrasensory Perception in 1934. In general.” or some other arrangement can be devised. Questions can be asked.” “parapsychology” and others. The participants hold hands. relaxed atmosphere. but in cases of channeling a trance state usually occurs and the disincarnate spirit speaks using the body of the medium. The first noticeable effect is often a drop in temperature or the feeling of a cool breeze blowing across the face and hands. as well as 300 . Luminous lights may be seen moving about the room. and answers given. or “home circle. Everyone talks casually or sings in order to create a comfortable. The hands must remain connected throughout the séance. Levitation of people and objects can occur. it is possible to derive answers to yes or no questions by the number of raps. If raps are heard. During the Spiritualist period the medium was often seated in a cabinet with a heavy curtain across the front. or the sound of raps may be heard. The medium may or may not go into a trance. Runes carved in stone or ceramics have been used as a form a divination similar to the Chinese system of I Ching. Runes Ancient alphabet used on stone inscriptions found in Scandinavian countries.

Ropes can be knotted or untied. Musical instruments can be played. so items can fall into an outstretched hand. possibly pulled from the etheric aura. Coherent text can be typed by spirits on typewriters. telekinetically. or the sound of music can be heard with no physical means available. differing from a medium or channel in that they do not communicate with the dead. ectoplasm and physical objects such as flowers and jewels. where an individual is enclosed in a soundproof. Many individuals using these tanks report vivid hallucinations and the experience of bizarre fantasies. and clay sculpted. Objects can disappear. have often been associated with telekinetic movement. Seth 301 . Mediums exposed to sudden light often experience pain and sometimes bruising of the body. People can be touched by invisible hands. This includes everything from meditation in a quiet atmosphere with subdued lighting. Sensory Depravation Technique for developing spiritual awareness by reducing perception of the physical world. to sensory depravation tanks.Koda Instant Enlightenment materializations of spirits. and many sitters have reported a sensation like spider webs felt on the face and hands. Drawings and paintings can be created. or slide upwards across a slope. Fine threads. Objects move as if under intelligent control rather than at random. so a red light is sometimes used when a light is necessary. Even heavy pianos have lifted up and floated across the room. Sensitive Individual with psychic ability. then of the entire room. Physical phenomena are often proceeded by vibrations or shaking of the table. and sometimes the hands can be seen. light tight tank filled with salt water heated to body temperature.

They pass their secret knowledge from generation to generation verbally. Subconscious faculties take the place of conscious control. and have been found from ancient times nearly everywhere on the planet. Slate Writing Popular form of direct writing used in séances near the turn of the twentieth century. smell and sensation of pain can be completely blocked. and communication with the dead. A spirit entity writes messages on the slate and signals completion of the message by creating three loud raps. Somnambulism From the Latin “somnus” (sleep) and “ambulare” (to walk). prophecy. including taste. The state is 302 . Refers to various stages of semi-consciousness from sleep walking to deep trance where the subject is consciously unaware of his or her physical environment. A piece of chalk is placed between the table and the slate. mentioned often in this book. and all physical perception. Sex Magic The use of sexual energy in rituals designed to produce magical effects.Koda Instant Enlightenment Trance personality of Jane Roberts. A medium and a sitter position themselves at opposite ends of a small table and hold the corners of a small writing slate under the table. Displays of paranormal phenomena are common among shamans. whose main techniques often include healing rituals. The phenomena has been largely discredited due to the ease with which it can be fraudulently produced. Shaman Spiritual leader or “medicine man” of primitive tribal communities.

primarily for the improvement in the lives of themselves. to place a curse upon an enemy. The state was first discovered by the Marquis Chastenet de Puysegur in 1784 in connection with mesmerism and animal magnetism. their friends and family. The casting of spells has been practiced since ancient Egyptian times and is still in use in non-industrialized societies. It could be said that the universe was created via a spell. to transform oneself into different person. William H. Spells Spells are words or incantations intended to produce magical affects.Koda Instant Enlightenment characterized by the eyes looking upward and inward. Mumler. Around 1930 investigators reported they could not locate any spirit photographs which may not have been produced by fraud and the phenomena was more or less forgotten. Spells are used to protect the practitioner from evil. but the term is no longer in use by psychologists. Spiritualism and Spiritism 303 . etc. practitioners of neo-pagan witchcraft. animal or object. according to the first words in the bible. “In the beginning there was the Word. as in trance states achieved by mediums. and the Word was God. Similar photos were taken by other photographers of the period and were considered by many to be objective proof of survival of personality after death. and can occur spontaneously or be initiated via hypnosis or through deliberate effort of the subject. Mumler took a photograph of a Boston doctor and discovered a second image on the plate which the doctor identified as his cousin who had died twelve years earlier. to cause someone to fall in love. In recent years a few individuals have demonstrated the ability to impress an image directly onto film through psychic means (psychic photography). This was just the first of many spirit photographs taken by Mr. Spirit Photography In 1862.” Spells are used in modern W i c c a.

The main difference is that Spiritism includes mandatory reincarnation as a fundamental principle of human existence. The basic philosophy was derived via spirit communications from discarnate personalities operating through mediums and is in many ways similar to Hindu descriptions of the metaphysical universe. including various planes or spheres of existence. New York. Trance communications. and bleeding from the eyes and 304 . The raps communicated information which was later verified. The religion currently has over four million members in Brazil. not the physical body. Margaretta (15) and Kate (12) in a house in Rochester. display physical wounds resembling the wounds of Christ upon the cross. It is an off-shoot of Spiritualism and began in France as a result of the writings of Allan Kardec. Spiritism evolved from observations of nearly every type of metaphysical phenomena being associated with the somnambulistic state produced via mesmerism and animal magnetism (hypnosis). and believe that only the soul. relying on objective evidence rather than faith in an attempt to unify spiritual reality with scientific thought. any sort of final judgment. table tipping. Spiritualists deny the existence of devils. materializations and other effects occurred as many of those who witnessed the phenomenon realized they had similar abilities. will be resurrected. Stigmata Some individuals. Stigmatic wounds can include punctures of the hands and feet. most often Christian mystics. bruises on the chest and side. Home circles sprung up throughout the Northeast and by 1855 more than two million people had converted to Spiritualism. It was the first “scientific” religion. It was initiated in 1848 when raps were heard to occur in the presence of the Fox sisters.Koda Instant Enlightenment Spiritualism is a social-religious movement of the late 1800s which began in New York and spread into Europe and South America. The fundamental principle of Spiritualism is that the soul survives physical death and can communicate with the living through spiritual mediums.

Koda Instant Enlightenment forehead. For example.. while clergy denounced the activity as demonic. The advantage of table tipping is that it can be performed by any group of people without a medium involved. In many cases these appear on a Friday and disappear on the following Sunday like clockwork for years. The process begins 305 . Psychic (See Healing. tips. After the Rochester Rappings in 1948 table turning became an epidemic in the US and later in Europe. The phenomenon was first reported by Tertullian in the second century. Psychic. etc.) Synchronicity Term proposed by Carl Jung to indicate a condition where events are connected without relationship to cause and effect. Some Christian mystics who displayed these marks were exhumed from the grave after many years and their bodies were found intact without evidence of significant decomposition. Great efforts were undertaken by scientists to indicate that the effects were not a result of spirit communications. A group of people circling a table place their finger tips on the surface and the table rotates. bangs against the floor. astrological positions can indicate certain events without being the cause of such events. Table Turning Also known as table tipping. the oldest known method of establishing communication with spirit entities. in response to questions posed by the group. Letters of the alphabet can be called out and the table will respond to indicate particular letters which result in the spelling of sentences. In modern times it has been shown that hypnosis can produce these same kinds of physical wounds upon the body. Surgery.

E. Taoism Ancient Chinese religion based upon the teaching of Lao Tzu who lived from 605 B.” and the goal is to balance yin and yang. which is intended to ward off evil. The table can then rotate. tilt and levitate completely off the floor.”) A pack of 78 cards used for purposes of divination. Rapping sounds are often perceived in the table and surrounding area.C. Talisman A small object generally worn around the neck with supernatural powers intended to bring power or benefits to the owner.C. Tarot (Pronounced “tare-row.Koda Instant Enlightenment when the sitters in a darkened room place their finger tips upon the table and wait for results. to 505 B.E. The effects generally begin with steadily increasing vibrations or quivering movements of the table. Talismans were common in both ancient Egypt and Babylon. While ascetic forms of yoga expose denial of the things of the world. There is some question whether they originated with the ancient Egyptians or European Gypsies. The 306 . Tantric Yoga A Hindu system of concentrating the sexual energy associated with the female. Tables so massive that all those sitting could not lift them have been known to levitate. tantra uses those things as a tool of spiritual development. as opposed to an amulet. Tao means “the way” or “the right path. to unify the apparent opposites of physical experience. They generally consist of words and symbols engraved upon metal during ritual ceremonies. usually characterized as kundalini energy. which appears to act as a reservoir of energy which grows stronger over time.

B. The bible refers to such situations as Habakkuk being carried from Judea to Babylon to bring food to Daniel in the lions den.Koda Instant Enlightenment cards have been around since the 1300s in Europe but have only been used for fortune telling since the mid-1800s. In laboratory tests conducted by J. The Thoth deck was designed by Aleister Crowley and painted by Freda Harris in 1938 but not published as a deck until 1969. Telepathy has been documented to occur among animals and between animals and humans. science has not wholly accepted telepathy as a reality due to the inability to demonstrate positive results every time. also referred to as psychokinesis or PK. the medium Agnes Guppy-Volckman was transported 3 miles 307 . H.” or a merger of conscious perception. Myers in 1882 and defined as “the transmission of thought independently of the recognized channels of sense. 1871. Telekinesis* The moving of material objects at a distance without observable force.” I believe it might be better described as “simultaneous synchronicity of the subjective perceptions of more than one individual. Telepathy* Term coined by F.) Teleportation There are numerous reports of mediums and others being transported out of sealed rooms and sometimes across great distances. results indicated the positive existence of telepathy. then being carried back to Judea through the air. (The visual telepathy exercise described in this book is capable of producing results every time. over some twenty-thousand trials. Both Waite and Crowley were associated with the secret magical practices of the Order of the Golden Dawn. W. released in 1910 by Arthur Edward Waite and drawn by Pamela Coleman-Smith. Rhine using Zener cards. However. The most popular are the Waite-Smith deck. On June 3.

They are often perceived in hypnotic states.Koda Instant Enlightenment still wearing house clothes and slippers to land on the table at a séance. It was suggested that she 308 . Third Eye A center of concentration during meditation in oriental religious systems. Some thoughtforms of people have been reported to materialize as apparitions. Not to be confused with the teachings of the Theosophical Society established in New York in 1875. Many mediums being transported out of sealed rooms were found nearby. Examples include situations where people momentarily see an object which had been previously removed from the location where it is perceived. Carlos Castaneda reports being transported several miles to a shopping area in Mexico as a result of a forceful push by his mentor don Juan. It has been said that any individual is capable of focusing attention at the center of the forehead between the eyes until a sort of screen appears at the front of the brain. In yoga philosophy it is known as the ajna chakra or “center of command. often asleep or still in trance. Thoughtforms have been projected onto photographic plates. Theosophy Greek term for a philosophical-religious system which claims absolute knowledge of the nature of the deity.” Opening the third eye is usually considered a prerequisite to activation of the other charkas. In 1921 professor Koenig of Berlin hypnotized a peasant woman in a Paris hospital. The July 1930 journal Psychic Research reports how South American medium Carlos Mirabelli was transported ninety kilometers and then called by phone fifteen minutes later with witnesses to verify his location. Thoughtforms Thoughtforms are mental images which become perceivable in the physical world.

Koda Instant Enlightenment perceive a particular image on a plain sheet of paper. or feel very removed and do not remember the events which take place. Individuals in trance are often impervious to pain. Most mediums are completely unconscious during the period of trance. Examples include hypnosis. followed by a tooth extraction in 309 . Speaking in Incoherent vocalizations which sound like language. These range from a noticeable drop in temperature. but are not intelligible. then the sheets were presented to the woman along with five blank sheets added later. including everything from soft touches and kisses to slaps and punches. Touches. Tongues. Also referred to as glossolaria. which is the speaking or understanding of a foreign language one is unfamiliar with. others feel a numbness coming over their mind or a sensation like cold water flowing down their back. This is very different from xenoglossia. automatic writing and trance mediumship. each being associated with a different image and marked discretely on the back. shamanistic practices. The first surgery of a patient in mesmeric trance was a breast cancer operation in France in April. She correctly described the images on all twenty marked sheets but could see no image on the five substitutes. Twenty sheets were used. 1829. Trance An altered state of consciousness similar to sleep but where the subject is aware or capable of acting with intelligence. to all sorts of sensations upon the skin. Mediums describe the process of entering the trance state in a variety of ways. A common experience in Pentecostalism. Some begin with a dreamy feeling flowed by dizziness. Psychic Physical sensations often reported by sitters at séances. resulting from a state of religious frenzy.

Bullock changed into at least fifty different persons over the course of ninety minutes. foo fighters. then unidentified flying objects. ghost rockets. Transfiguration The process by which a medium takes on the physical characteristics of the control personality. The first is that they are physical machines from other planets in the universe. all without any pain being experienced by the patient. Jane Fonda and other celebrities. mass and weight of deceased persons. founder of French Spiritism. Transcendental Meditation (TM) A Hindu meditation technique made popular in the West during the 1960s by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi with public support by the Beatles. the first printed reports of UFOs occurred in the early 1800s. “Mass hallucination” is always a possible explanation for such perceptions. In chronological sequence.” Alan Kardec. described a girl of fifteen who could change into the stature. Depending on who you ask. The technique involves assigning each student a secret mantra (short phrase) which is meditated upon for a short period each day. UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) Although some writers have suggested that UFOs have been around since ancient history. of which there are few reports in modern times. In 1931 William J. Erwood reported that the face of a Mrs. “as if being molded from one form to another by some master worker of plastics. they were first referred to as airships. flying saucers. the 310 . The other is that they originate from a different plane of existence and enter our world by slowing down their rate of molecular vibration. There are two primary explanations regarding the nature of UFOs. In 1842 a leg was amputated above the knee in England.Koda Instant Enlightenment 1836.

and the performance of some miracles. Visions The visual perception of supernatural persons. They were commonplace in primitive societies and in medieval Europe. In spite of thousands of photographs and video recordings no physical evidence of an alien spacecraft is reported to exist. The yogis and fakirs of India induce mystical visions through practices of self denial. 311 .S. psychotics and those using mind altering drugs as vivid hallucinations. has sometimes been described as mass hallucinations. Air Force created Project Blue Book in 1952 to investigate the many sightings reported since 1947. Northwestern University astronomer J. Populations of entire cites have witnessed UFOs appearing in the sky. concluding with the Crandon Report in 1969 that the phenomena was non-existent and further investigation pointless. Since the 1950s thousands of people have reported being abducted by aliens and subjected to medical experiments. and the artist Raphael painted a portrait of the Madonna when she appeared to him in a vision. However. Visions can be either spontaneous or induced.Koda Instant Enlightenment intelligent beings operating these machines are either seeking to destroy the human race or are here to help us in beneficial ways. while Native Americans and other shamanistic cultures pursued “vision quests” through fasting and the use of psychedelic plants. In more recent times artists and inventors have reported the perception of visions. but occurred less frequently in educated cultures such as among the early Greeks and Romans. and are often experienced by alcoholics. Many Christian saints experienced visions frequently. The U. smell and other sense perceptions. Most notably. Allen Hynek pointed out that fully onethird of the cases in the Condon Report were listed as unsolved. taste. sometimes with repeated appearances over a period of days. objects and scenes has been reported throughout history in all cultures. Nikola Tesla saw complete visions of electrical devices he invented. The perception of apparitions by groups of people. Visions can include touch.

witchcraft was simply the practice of pagan beliefs. Some paranormal voices are objective. Some. Paranormal Many individuals throughout history have reported hearing voices which do not originate from a physical being. are of a prophetic nature and predict the outcome of future events. They are nature worshipers. Witchcraft Initially. The idea of Satanic witchcraft was more or less invented by the Catholic Church in the 1200s. Confessions were obtained through torture and those accused of witchcraft were burned at the stake. who sought to gain more control of the population of Europe who were increasingly following the pagan practices of pre-Christian Rome. Wicca professes a belief in the Mother Goddess.Koda Instant Enlightenment Voices. Psychotic individuals often hear voices in the same way they see visions. nature spirits and the casting of spells (usually for one’s own well being or that of one’s friends). Modern witchcraft originated in the 1940s as a result of the work of Gerald Gardner (1884-1964) who created the Wicca movement. But on December 5. They invented the idea that witches worshiped Satan and performed Catholic rituals backwards in direct opposition to the teachings of Catholicism. The religion is totally decentralized and various 312 . newly ordained Pope Innocent VIII made witchcraft an act of heresy by classifying witchcraft as the practice of acts against the church. such as those reported by Joan of Arc. in that they are heard by a number of different people. At first the Inquisition left the pagans (non-believers) alone and concentrated upon heretics (those who argued against church doctrine). This practice continued through the late 1700s. such as in direct voice communications at a séance where voices are heard coming from a “trumpet” made of cardboard or light metal. 1484. Wicca is a neopagan religion only loosely connected with earlier forms of witchcraft. and as such were not non-believers but heretics.

spoken by angels and inherent in all beings. Yoga Yoga is a general term for various spiritual disciplines associated with Hinduism. though many practice in solitary. The Yoga Sutras 313 . One characteristic of this language is that every letter is said to be a descriptive element of each word.Koda Instant Enlightenment branches have developed. Some operate in groups of ten or twenty persons forming a coven headed by a priestess. active forces. Xenoglossy Speaking in a coherent language unknown to the speaker. Since the 1850s many mediums have spoken (or written) in as many as thirty previously unlearned languages. Yin signifies earth and the feminine. The existence of a primeval language. has been reported to exist by numerous mediums. Many reports of xenoglossy have been reported since medieval times. while yang represents heaven and the masculine. passive. yielding forces. though there is no concrete evidence that such a language exists. Yin and yang are basic to the teachings of Taoism. This differs from speaking in tongues. positive. when it was considered an indication of being possessed by a demon. They are represented by the symbol of a circle divided by an “S” with one side light and the other dark. The word can be defined as “union” or the unification of the individual with the divine. including ancient Egyptian and dialects of Chinese known only to a few scholars. who hold meetings in the nude. It is through this universal language that all communication in other dimensions is said to be possible. which is an incoherent form of vocal expression generally associated with Pentecostal religious experience. Yin and Yang The Chinese concept of the dual principles or unified opposites in nature.

science and wisdom.Koda Instant Enlightenment (200 B. breathing exercises. There are a number of different forms of yoga which are all interconnected to the others. saint or some great task in life. “What is the sound of one hand clapping?” 314 . One element of the teachings are the use of koans. with the practitioner emphasizing the method most compatible with one’s temperament. Tantric yoga focuses upon converting sexual energy into kundalini (vital) energy. with the idea that the universe evolved from sound and spiritual awareness can be gained from repeating certain sounds such as OM (or AUM). intended to cumulate in a sudden flash of satori or transcendent enlightenment. physical and emotional. Bhakti Yoga is the path of love and devotion. involving fine discriminations. mental.C. resulting in the development of intuition. and various degrees of superconsciousness. concentration. physical postures. Juana Yoga is the path of knowledge. Karma yoga emphasizes altruistic actions intended to purify the soul by releasing it from petty desires. and there are other yoga practices involving breath and meditation. Hatha yoga is the most popular in the West and consists of different physical stretching positions (asanas) intended to maximize physical health and the unification of mind.E. meditation. where love is centered upon a familiar form of God.) describe a system of special stages: ethical restraints and moral observations. study and reflection. Zen A special branch of Mahayana Buddhism emphasizing intolerable pressure at all levels. sense withdrawal. body and spirit. short statements or questions of an imponderable nature such as. Mantra yoga focuses upon the repetition of sound vibration.

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